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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  September 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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death. >> plus governor chris christie says let the sports betting begin in atlantic city. it's what the casinos have been waiting for but it's causing an unroar. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> we begin tonight with breaking news. the baltimore ravens cut ray rice after this video surfaces. it shows the running back punching his then fiance' in an elevator at the revel casino back in february. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. rice had work out a plea deal on less sr. charges program for first offenders to resolve the criminal case. he was suspended by two games by the nfl in july. the league and ravens did not see the video of of the actual attack until today. >> let's go to howard eskin. howard you are not buying this. >> not that much. i guess i can't say the word lie so i'll say they deceased. baltimore ravens did the only thing they could have done today.
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they released ray rice. i'm sure discussions with the nfl and commissioner roger goodell after she in my opinion really tried to cover up this entire situation and then had that weak penalty two game suspension. all of a sudden that changed with the new video that came out and then they had no choice. now, this video came out today with ray rice punching his then fiance' and now wife in the elevator of revel casino hotel in atlantic city. the only video we had seen previously was rice dragging janae palmer out of the alleviated. this video shows all of us what really happened. it was beyond violent. now the ravens did really only thing they could. in a short statement and this is unbelievable how short this was the baltimore ravens terminated the contract of running back ray rice this afternoon. that was it. i knew about the incident and reported it back in february when it happened. i find it hard to believe that the nfl commissioner with the investigative people they have didn't know what happened and
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then stated that in fact in a statement. i believe the baltimore ravens knew as well. if i knew he knocked her out with a punch, then new as well. here's the irony of all of this. if revel had not gone out of business, we would have never seen this video. no security people could have been fired when they were already laid off. back to you guys. >> howard, thank you. of course the story in today's' developments got a throw lot of people talking on social media and around the water cooler. bruce gordon sampled some reaction and joins us live in the newsroom tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, as howard has suggested this is another humiliation for the national football league. more well deserved shame for ray rice, and quite frankly a great example of the power of pictur pictures. the video is silent. it is grainy and it is jumpy. but that does not lessen its impact. pro football star ray rice knocking his then fiance' now wife janae palmer to the floor of an atlantic city casino
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elevator with a punch to the face. domestic abuse experts say the newly released footage shows the reality of violence against women that no verbal description can match. >> i hope people understand the horror of domestic violence and the brutality of it and that we have children who are witnessing this. >> reporter: lunch time crowd in center city was appalled when we showed them the tmz video. >> i think it's wrong. first of all, male shouldn't be man handling a woman like that. so it's wrong. >> that's disgusting. that's totally disgusting. that's why i don't like sports people. i mean football players and stuff. they make too much money and they do this crap. >> reporter: you actually see it what goes through your mind? >> as man, shouldn't be hitting a woman. regardless of the situation. >> that's in the me. my acts are inexcusable. >> back in july he publicly apologized for the incident while refusing to say what exact hal happened behind that closed
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elevator door. now we know. >> pictures paint a thousand words and that's what we're talking about here. roar report public relations executive kevin feeley says the video does not come as surprise. most folks assumed rice had struck palmer. that's why she was unconscious when the doors opened. still, seeing it for our own eyes, that changes everything. >> the explanations, the press conferences, being contrite, being, you know, showing contrition for his actions, everything else at least in my view from a communications stand point everything else goes away. there's only the video. >> you may recall rice was charged with felony aggravated assault in this case. but as lucy mentioned he enter add pretrial intervention program that allowed them to avoid jail time and could lead to the charges being cleared from his record. of course, rice and palmer have since married. lucy? >> all right. thatching bruce. our dave kinchen is on his way to baltimore right now. he'll bring you the latest developments tonight at 6:00. >> more breaking news now. ncaa says penn state football will be eligible to play in a
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bowl game this season. the university will get all football scholarships back next year. college sports governing body said it's willing to let pennsylvania control the $60 million fine penn state is paying over its handling of jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. >> what does the future hold for atlantic city? today governor christie convened a summit on that very subject and when this year comes to a close, four of ac12 casinos will have shut down. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in atlantic city and, chris, you've reported on what enormous impact these closings have on so many people. >> reporter: some of those people lucy out here today. what today happened was amounts to major policy shift on the part of governor chris christie. yes, sports betting will soon become reality here in new jersey. that news coming down from a directive sent out to all new jersey law enforcement that basically says, sports betting is legal in the state of new jersey.
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now, it all came here when a summit was going down on the future of atlantic city. a lot of people showed up in protest of this summit angry protesters mainly employees who have lost their jobs this year. atlantic city has lost three of 12 casinos. 8,000 people now out of work. the new directive basically allows casinos and racetracks to immediately open up sports be betting books christie says after reviewing federal law nothing is preventing casino operators from suffering sports betting but just how fast these casinos will do it still remains to be seen. governor christie however says gambling is not the future of atlantic city. they -- he's here today hoping to help the city reinvent itse itself. >> over 40 states have gaming and this was inevitable thing to occur. and so while there are lots of people out there who are declaring the did he mice of the city, that is far from true. you have a $2.5 billion gaming
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industry here. i think there's almost any state in america who would come and be happy to take that $2.5 billion asset. >> reporter: now there are a couple provisions with the sports betting rules. you cannot bet on any college games nor can you bet on any events going on in the state of new jersey. just how fast casinos will catch on remains to be seen. none of them telling me tonight they have immediate plans to switch to sports betting. as for what is next for atlantic city, we'll have more from governor christie coming up at 6:00 o'clock. iain. >> all right, chris, thank you. see you at 6:00. >> well now on to for fox 29 weather authority. the starting to feel like fall. scott when i took my boys to school today you know -- you were bundled. >> i had a light jacket. dressed in layers. yeah, it certainly feels a little more like fall stepping outdoors, iain. we're looking at temperatures right now in the low 70s as we take a live look right now at center city. you can see the overcast skies. look at the wind out of the east at 16 miles per hour.
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ultimate doppler showing you that as we move into southern sections of delaware, also, extreme south jersey right now, cape may county that's where we have the bulk of the rainfall occurring. most of us are just dry and chowed cloudy but quite also breeze is he take a look at those winds coming in off the ocean. anywhere from 10 to almost 20 miles per hour and that will be the trend also, down the shore we'll watch out for minor flooding at the time of high tide. you can see the cycles south jersey, seven to 9:00 down the shore as we move into the back bays the delaware bay area, high tied from 9:00 until 11:00. coming up we'll talk about how the system will impact the forecast tonight and also why location will be key as to how much rainfall you see and when temperatures will warm upcoming up. iain and lucy. >> talk to you then, scott. the widow of a plymouth township police officer is now taking on a gun store. she's suing montgomery county store. a man named andrew thomas shot and killed officer brad fox in 2012. thomas then killed himself. he was a convicted felon and
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therefore could not legally buy a gun but he got one from a man named michael henry. the lawsuit claims henry bought it at insight firearms in norristown. and it says the store's owner had reason to believe henry was straw purchaser. the lawsuit says he bought nine guns in 14 weeks and six of them were purchased at insight firearms. >> the other eight guns have never been recovered and i can't bear to think about what those guns are being used for and the other families that may suffer like mine. >> henry is now serving a 20 to 66 year sentence for the straw purchases. insight firearms isn't commenting except to say it has yet to see the lawsuit. >> most philadelphia public students have day one in the books as they head back to school. mayor nutter escorting kids to class at a pair of charter schools. he also toured a couple of high schools. more than 130,000 students returned to class citywide tod
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today. kindergarteners will get their first day on monday. many schools and parents are upset kids are getting back with a huge budget gap and even fury sources. >> fund our schools! fund our schools! >> education activists began the new school year with a protest against governor corbett's budget cuts. they held a demonstration outside ben franklin high on spring garden. they plan a series of other events through the rest of the week. >> the latest oh and danger in the middle east. president obama will meet with top congressional lawmakers tomorrow at the white house to discuss plans for dealing with isis terrorists. on wednesday, the president will address the nation and right now defense secretary chuck hagle is in turkey. he's meeting with government officials about turkey's involvement in u.s. led coalition to fight isis. the u.s. is carried out more than 140 air strikes against isis in iraq during the past month. >> bare foot and nearly naked. a prowler is keeping one local community up at night.
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this guy is creepy behavior wine police fear someone could get hurt. we got a live report coming up. >> and teens brutality actually -- brutally beat a locally mentally challenged man and video of that attack is going viral. where police stand of tracking down the four teens they believe beat this man for fun. and did a city cop punch this driver they pull over a few months back or did the driver take off and injure the cop? fox 29 investigators has the video. jeff cole reports coming up. scott. >> iain, coming up the timing of a system brewing to our south and how it will impact our area our dad's a plumber.
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a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
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♪ >> take a good look at the surveillance video. philadelphia police say they need your help finding the man you see here robbing a computer store. it happened last tuesday at this computer store in the 3500 block of cottman avenue in mayfair. police say this guy smash the front window of the store, stole several items and then took off. more arrests may be coming in the horrific beating of a mentally challenged delaware man caught on camera. so far two teens have been charged. a 13 and 14 year old boy face several charges. video of the crime went viral showing up on instagram and youtube. it is disturbing and it shows the teens punching the man and even body slamming him to the ground. the attack happened outside an apartment complex and in a wooded area in newark. the teens were released on bond. >> a peeper got residents on edge in one delaware county community. authorities are beefing up
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patrols trying to catch the guy scene creeping around an apartment complex. our sabina kuriakose is live outside upper darby police headquarters tonight. sabina. >> reporter: what's perhaps most disturbing about this the alleged peeping tom may live in the apartment complex he's accused of terrorizing. >> these guys are all creeps. imagine looking in a woman to see if she's dressing, sleeping, whatever she's doing. >> he must watch everybody. >> reporter: people who live in this upper darby apartment complex are on high alert after police raise autoalarm about a peeping tom targeting women home alone. usually late at night. >> my major concern is when you deal with these types of individuals, how does he escalate his behavior? does he break in? does he sexually assault women? report roar police superintendent michael chitwood says the man caught on these surveillance photos has been targeting women at the laurel manor apartment complex since july. he's describe as 5-foot five to 5-foot seven and in his 20s and theirtheirs.
5:16 pm
chitwood warns the man may live in the area victimizing his own neighbors. >> do you think you'd recognize him if you saw him? i probable woman. >> reporter: chitwood shed the suspect struck four times. three of those incidents happened last week alone. the latest just friday. he's doing more than looking. one victim reported to investigators she caught the guy fondling himself outside her window last wednesday. >> that scares me. i won't keep my windows open now. >> reporter: joanne lived in the complex for a decade. she says her sense of safety and privacy has been violated with news of the alleged peeper. women in the complex say they're keeping their blinds shut until this man is in cuffs. >> i certainly won't walk around here any more. >> reporter: and again, police want to catch this guy before he gets even bolder. if you recognize the man in that surveillance footage call upper darby police. lucy, back to you. >> thank you, sabina. why four people were murdered in tampa florida remains a mystery tonight. three of the victims have ties to our area. amber alert here led authorities
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to a missing boy and the bodies there. on friday police arrested adam mattos who says he is the child's father. police say mattos killed the boy's mother, meghan brown, her parents and her boyfriend nicholas leonard. leonard's family is now thanking the public and police for their support. >> nick always went above and beyond for any friend in need. he was a kind hearted soul always made people laugh. >> meghan brown and her parents are from lehigh county mattos is behind bars with charges pendi pending. philadelphia police say 23 year old allen stokes is under arrest accused of leaving another man paralyzed from the waist down all because of a bu bump. 49 year old edward lynn was gunned down more than a week ago outside a west philly deli. lynn remains in the hospital and may not walk again. stokes is now facing attempted murder charges. police say he has five prior arrests for the same offense. >> philadelphia police are looking for two people in car they say tried to run over one of their own.
5:18 pm
it happened last night on tulip street in the wissonoming section. an officer tried to pull over a car, he was walking up to it when suddenly the driver floored it. so the officer fired hitting one of the people in the car. police later found that person in the hospital. then they found the get a way car in the 6500 block of van dyke street. they're still looking for two others they believe are involved. >> shot and involved in a crash on the way to the hospital. someone shot a 24 year old in the back on the 5600 block of catherine street just after mid night. he was being rushed to the hospital in a private car when that driver crashed. no one is seriously hurt. but he is in critical condition. police are still after the person who shot him. >> in new jersey, police say they have the man who tried to rob a family dollar store in willingboro. jeremy sore dough ski arrest dad and charged for the attempted robbery of the family dollar store on route 30 back on augu august 29th. willingboro police nabbed him after comparing video with another robbery he's accused of
5:19 pm
that same day in edgewater park. his bail is now set at $50,000. >> new jersey relief fund preparing for its final round of grants to super storm sandy victims the fund will award $3.5 million by the end of october. two years after the storm battered the jersey shore. the money will go toward housing assistance, mental health support and other needs. applications will be excepted until september 30th. the fund is distributed more than $37 million. >> to your fox 29 weather authority and a taste of fall. i'm liking it. let's go to fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. lucy, after a hot weekend on saturday, temperatures were in the low 90s. sunday temperatures were in the low 80s. today, we're looking at numbers right now in the low 70s. also, ultimate doppler showing some rainfall in sussex county and cape may county you can see there's a sharp cut off between the rain and no rain. satellite and radar showing i was southern system brewing off the coast of the carolinas. we have area of low pressure to
5:20 pm
the north high pressure so a bit of a squeeze play those winds are coming in off of the ocean. breezy conditions sustained winds right now out of the east in philadelphia at 16 miles per hour. 18 miles per hour winds right now down the shore. temperatures low 70s right now in bethlehem as we go county by county. upper 60s in doylestown. low 70s in bensalem as well as chester and down the shore temperatures right now in ocean city and atlantic city in the low 70s. so if you're stepping outdoors for baseball tonight, grab a jacket or a sweater. temperatures by first pitch low 70s. we'll talk about this forecast and what it means area wide coming up after the break. iain and lucy. >> all right, scott. thank you. army vet raising money for his fellow veterans is caught off guard and before he knows it someone took advantage of his kindness. what happened outside a supermarket that will make you mad. >> a rare virus is striking children and it's spreading in the united states. what doctors say you need to do to keep your children from catching it at school.
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>> plus a terrifying mountain lion tack. a wild animal treats a six year old boy the usual?
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not tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the smoky double bacon sirloin. the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. >> take a look at the scene in lecking ton kentucky. now this happened after a car crashed into a hotel setting off
5:24 pm
a huge explosion. amazingly no one was hurt. firefighters and police got everybody out before that explosion ripped through the walls. police are still investigating exactly what went wrong. >> four children die in an early morning fire in chicago's south side. massive flames trapped the kids ages five to 15 in their bedrooms. a fire official says an older girl was found on top of a younger one as if she had been trying to protect the little girl. their mother and her boyfriend were forced to jump from a third story window. officials say the flames quickly raced up the stairs of the 18 unit apartment building. >> my smoke alarm didn't go off one time. >> mine either. >> we've been telling them about this building. 500 violations in the sir court. they won't do nothing. >> several others were injured. city records say the building failed almost two dozen inspections in the past nine years. including citations for smoke detectors that did not work. >> the search is on for a mountain lion attack add six
5:25 pm
year old boy as he hiked with his family near a northern california winery. it the boy is expected to recover from his injuries. his father and another man actually fought off the lion it's a very strange thing since any attack is extremely rare and cougars only tendon attack people by themselves. for now the trails in the area are closed. the founder of chick-fil-a has passed away. true wet cap pee died this morning at 93. the family owned and operated chain is known for closing on sunday to gives employees a day of rest. the company came under fire in 2012 for controversial comments made by his son opposing same sex marriage. >> a man raising money for disabled veterans has his jar of cash stolen right in front of a massachusetts supermarket. david lee a u.s. veteran who served 41 years in the army now serves his fellow vets collecting cash for the disabl disabled. but a kid swiped his bucket with a thousand dollars in donations on saturday and just when lee
5:26 pm
started to lose hope a man who heard what happened walked up to him with great news. >> are you mr. lee? i said yeah. he said i got a check. i said oh, my god. i broke out. he said this should cover your loss. >> the man that donated the money is david russell. russell said it's the least he can do for the veterans who serve us. still ahead tonight on fox 29 news at fee, fox 29 investigates. >> now this man says he was a victim of police brutality during a traffic stop. police tell a far different story. video our jeff cole has it next. >> and it's the kind of toy story you just can't keep your kid out of but this popular shop is closing even though business is still good. is closing even though business is still good. why the
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♪ >> here's a live look at jim thorp from our life pocono mountains camera. it doesn't look like fall yet. but it's starting to feel like it. so when will it warm up in your seven day forecast? that's coming up. >> what starts out as a traffic stop on a busy city street ends with criminal charges and claims of police brutality. >> jeff cole and fox 29 investigates tell us an internal police probe is likely as is a lawsuit against the city. and it may all hinge on 92nds of video. >> reporter: it's about 7:00 in the morning on friday, may second, tempt 14 along kelly drive in philly. terrence samson is at the wheel of his black range rover driving his wife to work.
5:30 pm
their up fan son with them. a police car is up ahead. >> one car went past him and then i went around him. whoa went around him, he pulled me over and said i was driving angry. >> reporter: police reports state samson was driving in an aggressive manner weaving through traffic. but what starts as a routine traffic stop doesn't end that way. >> babe, babe, don't worry about it. babe, babe, don't worry about it. get in the car. >> reporter: when the dust clears samson is under arrest for aggravated assault and police officer with a dangerous weapon his suv. dui and other charges. while he claims he was brutalized by police. >> you did not see it coming? no. i never thought a cop would punch me. >> reporter: why did dough it? >> i have no clue. >> reporter: did he warn you he was going to do it. >> no. >> reporter: you heard right. samson says he was punched in the face by vet an officer joseph simpson of the department's homeland security unit. >> officer, did you punch him?
5:31 pm
>> i just seen you trying to -- >> samson says this video shot by his wife on her cell phone from the back seat proves it. take a good look. as the officer clad in black wearing a bullet proof vest appears to punch samson sitting in the driver's seat. >> i swear to god, man -- hey, hey, hey. >> that video is telltale. >> nino in a tarry is samson's attorney. >> that striking of a and individual in that fashion cold cocking him just creates a feeling of what would anyone do and why would anyone do it and what's the reason for doing it and we have no explanation. >> reporter: why were a police officer especiall especially une counter terrorism unit appear to punch a 30 year old city resident? we dug for answers but first that video -- >> move your hand. >> move his hasn't. >> move your hasn't.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: it's about 90 seconds long and shows samson and his wife agitated with police. listen as samson is trying to get back into his suv but thinks the officer's hand is in the way of the door. >> listen, move your hand, man. move your hand out the way. >> reporter: why you not moving your hasn't. can you move your hand you? don't want it to be smashed. >> reporter: moments later samson calls the cops crooked while his wife is asked for a police supervisor to come to the scene. >> listen, man, ya'll crooked bleep, man. it's cool, okay, listen -- get in the car. >> i am, i am. all right, i am. >> open the door. >> open the door. >> reporter: call the man back tell him i called for the supervisor. >> he then refuses to hand over his keys. >> give me the keys. n, i'm not giving you nothing. >> moments later, what looks like a punch is thrown. >> get out of the wagon -- i swear to god, man. hey, hey, hey. >> does he hit you yes y. >> where does he hit you. like the corner part of my eye and the would the tom of my cheek. >> let me talk to you a minute.
5:33 pm
i'm jeff cole from fox. we tried to get answers from officer joseph simpson. he's an 11-year veteran of the force who according to city payroll records earned about 90 grand last year with overtime. >> what it look like is that you through a right hand up at his head. >> you can talk to my supervis supervisors. thank you. >> i am -- i need to talk to you. did you throw a right hand up to his face? >> officer, did you know there was video tape of it? >> yes. >> reporter: did you see it? >> fox 29 investigates has obtained the police department's report on the arrest. including officer statements and the results of samson's blood tests for dui. the officers make no mention of a punch in their report. officer simpson claims he reached in to the vehicle to turn the key off with my right arm. but he claims as samson fled the scene he was hit by the pillar separating the front and rear door of the vehicle it spun me out of the car. his partner officer christopher
5:34 pm
bins backs simpson's account nearly word for word. bins has not responded to our request for comment. police describe samson as acting aggressive, swearing and appearing under the influence. they say he resisted when arrested at the ninth police district where samson says he drove to report the punch. as for the criminal charges -- >> you have a hearing and a lot of that goes away? a lot of it goes away. the felony goes away. >> reporter: that's the aggravated assault against police. it's been dropped. the dui remains. but samson's blood test has come back clean. he still face as charge for fleeing. >> man get the -- bleep, bleep. >> hey, hey. >> the police department spokesperson says the incident will be investigated as soon as internal affairs obtains the video. in the meantime, samson wants action. >> the things they did to me they shall not ab loud to do anybody else or have the opportunity to do to do to
5:35 pm
anybody else ever again. >> reporter: according to the pennsylvania department of corrections, terrence samson served several years in prison for aggravated assault. as for the video, samson and his lawyers say it accurately reflects what happened. they say samson's wife stopped recording only after he was allegedly hit and drove away. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> school bullies are a big concern for parents sending their kids off to class. >> is he sr. cher say the could be the bully in your home you flood to worry about. twitter is free for now. how the wildly popular social media website plans to change the way that you shop. >> plus baltimore ravens cut running back ray rice after this video surfaces. coming up at sick we're live in baltimore on the elevator punch sending shock waves across the country. scott? >> iain, right now it's cloudy, cool and breezy. temperatures only in the low 70s. coming up we have the typing of showers for some as well as more
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♪ >> hundreds of apple addicts are already camping out in front of the company's new york city store. they're lining up for the new iphone six. it's unveiling. it's tomorrow in california. those in the know predict a new phone will be larger than the predecessor and cost right around $100 more than the iphone 5s. >> taking a look at your health now. just as kids head back to school, a virus is hitting a lot of children across the country. doctors say the virus 68 is rare but it's stepping kids across the country to the hospital mostly in the midwest. officials say parents need to keep bleach, wipes and hand sanitizer on hand to kill germs on shared surfaces. they also need to be aware of the symptoms. >> definitely if your child is having trouble breathing if you're hearing a lot of wheezing, if they turn blue or having a lot of severe coughing, those are reasons to get checked out. >> doctors aren't sure why the virus is spreading so quickly but it appears to be attacking kids with a history of asthma.
5:40 pm
right now, there is no vaccine. >> atlanta hospital announced minutes ago that a fourth patient infected with the ebola virus in africa is now coming to the united states for treatment. now, they aren't saying where this person is from. two health care workers were treated in atlanta and recently released from the hospital. a third person is in a hospital in nebraska right now. meanwhile, the first human study of the ebola vaccine is currently underway. researchers say monkey studies show the experimental drugs do offer protection from the virus but that does not last unless they get a special booster shot. officials from the national institutes of health believe it's still promising one single dose of the vaccine still protecprotected four mon companr five week. human test subjects are rolling up their sleeves at national institutes of health. bullies on the playground aren't the only threat to your child. >> according to new study the most damaging bullies may be your child's siblings. researchers looked at more than
5:41 pm
2,000 children around the age of 12 and they found that kids bullied by their siblings were more than twice as likely at age 18 to report that they are depressed or admit they had some self harming behavior also twice as likely to report anxiety as adults. researchers say intervention should help reduce sibling bullying and improve a child's health in the long term. >> a lot of parents depend on it for last minute birthday gifts. a popular local toy store is closing up shop. why they're calling it quits. >> and speak for yourself. that is a message from some customers angry over a shop owner's controversial sign. why these five words are splitting up a small town. >> and from the looks of the score yesterday, you would think the game against jacksonville was easy. just like this play. that was not the case in the first half. that was not the case in the first half. we'll take a look at some of the
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>> texas sub shop owner got new sign outside his restaurant and he says it speaks for everyone. >> but his customers are not pleased with his message. quiz knows franchise owner bradley mullens used a big sign to express his anger over the state of america. right under the big lighted restaurant logo at his richardson texas restaurant. it reads we the people are angry. you saw it there. many of his customers say, hey, we did not agree. >> kind of the state of this country. it's a great country and i'm seeing it what i feel any way that it's losing that greatness. >> it seems like he's saying he's speaking for us and i don't
5:46 pm
agree. >> mull lense menu of grievances include the direction of the federal government, politics, the economy and american culture. speaking of american culture, online shoppers are taking it to the next level turning to twitter to make purchases even more convenient. the social media site is testing out a new program today as in right now. a small percentage of people are getting tweets today that feature the buy button it let's you make a purchase or donate to cause. twitter sends that information to the mer chan. yes, they're watching you. no word when or when the company will i policemen the buy features for all twitter use. >> a long standing business in philadelphia is closing its doors. oh doodle's toy store has been around for a long time. dave kinchen paid a visit and finds out what's next for the business owner. >> reporter: for decades trains have run on the tracks up high while on the ground the balls have rolled around as action figures and stuffed animals wait patiently for a new openers to scoop them up.
5:47 pm
oh doodles toy store in chestnut hill has been a stable but the kids are now closing. >> the kids will miss it. >> owner fran o'donnell is putting an end to a toy story that started 60 years ago when his father opened what was then a neighborhood business selling stationary. they moved the locations and switched into the toy business after seeing the super stores come in. >> we bobbed and weaved for a period of i guess it was a good five years before we went from o'donnells stationary to owe doodle's toy store. >> familiars of young and pets find the old school games we've always known. >> if you want a toy you can get come here. >> charlotte just got a caged critter. >> it has a lot of toys and you can just go on the street. >> her mom has done that often. >> it's just great place to run in, last minute birthday party. >> the toys here are the kids come back to over and over again to play with. >> fran o'donnell says things are different now. >> everybody needs electron tron
5:48 pm
nick game. my push has always been unplug fun. things are buying things online. it's easier and more convenient sometimes they're throwing in free shipping and it's very competitive. >> friends going to doll houses to real houses putting his real state license to good use selling homes and commercial properties throughout the city. >> did the math and it looked like i could make a lot more money selling real estate than the toys now. >> call it a change of seasons but don't call eight goodbye. >> i'll still be around. i just be around more just in the neighborhoods. >> oh doodles will be closing at the end of the month if you need a frisbee or magic wand, they'll be gone soon. in chestnut hill, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> i didn't know that dave was a magician. that is nice stuff. i'm very sad about owe doodles closing. >> i know. everyone has the gadgets now. world is changing. >> good news for prince william and his wife kate middleton. >> that is right. they announced another, another royal baby is on the way. how old is the little guy right now like a year. >> a year maybe. >> the duke of cambridge spoke
5:49 pm
to reporters today confirming another heir to the thrown is on the way also talked about the duchess of cambridge's health she's again dealing with severe morning sickness. >> she's feeling okay. we're immensely thrilled. great news. we're hoping things settle down and she feels better. >> she didn't have to go to the hospital this time which is good. last time she had to go to the hospital. going to keep all the hydration she needed going. new baby boy or girl will be fourth in line at the thrown pushing prince harry all the way to fifth. >> you know what, scott willia williams, you are number one in my book. it is great outside. >> thanks. iain, dressed in sweaters, dressing in layers because -- >> he's got thermals on underneath his suit. temperatures below average it feels more like fall stepping out. we have some drastic changes ahead this week. let's talk a little bit about what to expect. you can see overcast conditions as we take a live look right now
5:50 pm
at center city. we'll continue to fine the cloud cover around and scattered showers especially south and east. so if your down the shore, watching out for not only the rain, but the wind. there's a coastal flood advisory during a time of high tide. also we have the full moon tide so watching out for some water arrived minor flooding expected there. for your tuesday, we'll keep the clouds around, breezy conditions, scattered showers. better chances south and east. by the middle of the week, gradual clearing. but temperatures stay below average. in fact the high today only 75 degrees. the normal this time of year in the low 80s the sun will set this evening at 7:21. so as we look at those temperatures pretty uniform right now. low 70s atlantic city. as well as millville. low 70s in wilmington. we have 67 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. but look how breezy it is. sustained winds right now out of the east that water coming in and you can see winds right now 18 miles per hour in atlantic city. so that will exacerbate some of the minor flooding at the time of high tide.
5:51 pm
ultimate doppler showing you that most of the rainfall right now is in cape may county. around wildwood, cape may, moving into sussex county right now. so very wet right now in lewes and robo helping beach, delaware. move of us are dry, however, high pressure to the north. but here's the storm system to the south. so we have that fetch coming in off the ocean. and that has prompted that coastal flood advisory down the shore and also as we move into the back bays of the delaware bay area so just watch out for that. but the rainfall chances tomorrow really location is going to be key. north and west of philadelphia, low chances for rainfall. we may stay dry. moderate chances along i-95 but higher chances down the shore. also, rip currents and winds could gust over 35 miles per hour down the shore with this system so as we time everything out. you can see the clock by midnight, light showers down the shore. tomorrow morning, most of the rain stays down the shore. a few sprinkles though north and west of philadelphia. but the bottom line, the farther south and east you head with
5:52 pm
this system the better chances you are of seeing some rain. speaking of rain record rain believe it or not for arizona over 3-inches in phoenix. the most rain in a day and over 100 years. so 60 in the suburb tonight for us. mid 60s in the city. and then tomorrow, 73 degrees. that's it. cloudy, breezy, showers around. especially down the shore. we stay below average wednesday, 78 degrees. then we warm things up it turns humid thursday. scattered showers and storms in the evening. 86 for the high. then gradual clearing turning a little cooler friday. another front moves through saturday with a better chance for shower but look at those temperatures by the weekend. only in the low 70s for highs. >> all right. thanks, scott. >> tricky first half at the linc yesterday. >> really. >> a few tv's in philadelphia in the area busted. >> bricks. all right. eagles had the fans little worried after a really poor first half yesterday against jacksonville. and worried is an
5:53 pm
understatement. the first half was ugly. it's not all on the quarterback but it does start with nick foles. let's go to the linc. the two fumbles he had, he only had four turnovers all last year fumbles and interceptions. he held the ball too long. there's a clock that goes off in quarterback's head he's not that kind of quarterback. i know he's better. this is first and goal from the five. you've got to throw it away if the guy is not open. he knows that. and what he was always good at is being accurate. and he wasn't in the first half. now people think coaches below up at the players at half when this kind of happens. not the case yesterday. >> when we went into half time just a matter of we got to take deep breath and settle down and this is what we'll feature when we come out in the second half. a lot what we had in the play off we have we were just a play off a guy off a step here. give the quarterback more time. make sure we get through the progressions quicker and then let's see if we can get back in it but i didn't -- i didn't think or feel i think even in the game that we were like god, we're getting our tales blown
5:54 pm
off here and we don't have a shot at this thing. >> eagles play indy next monday. baltimore ravens should be congratulated for doing the right thing with running back ray rice. he was released. however, this is after the nfl and the ravens i believe covered up what ray rice did to this fiance' and now wife janee palmer. we had only seen him drag her out of an elevator in revel in atlantic city. this video came out with ray rice punching then fiance' now his wife in the elevator of the revel casino hotel in atlantic city. the only video we had seen was -- the video that really didn't tell the story of janae palmer. so it shows him punching her. it was beyond violent. and disgraceful. now these players tweeted today when they saw the video. london fletcher says nfl commission to say you got that wrong is an understatement. very disappointed in you. wow! unbelievable. >> terrence night ton says that man should be thrown out of the nfl and thrown in to jail.
5:55 pm
i agree. shame on those deciding his punish many many. it was unbelievable. this is sad and did you say gust on so many levels. i ported back in february when it happened there was video ray rice punched his video in the face and knocked her out. i believe the nfl commissioner roger goodell covered this up as did the ravens. it made it worse when originally it was only a two game suspension with the nfl saying they saw no other evidence or video. that's a joke. they salute dollar see that video. it's about tv. it's about the money in the nfl and the ravens are not as good a team without ray rice. now, there are a couple of iron niece here in this whole thing. ray and his fiance' gentleman may palmer got a marriage license two days after she got knocked unconscious. married 26 days later. now, understand this. a spouse does not have to testify against her husband in new jersey. doesn't say much for both of them if revel had not gone out of this the security person would not have come forward with this video. this is bad so many ways and any
5:56 pm
player hitting a woman should never ever again play in the n nfl. ever. it's doctors gusting and disgraceful. >> i thank you, howard. >> thanks. >> we've got another half hour full of news straight ahead. coming up at 6:00 sports bet can start any time in atlantic city casinos. could it be the boost the struggling town needs? why governor christie says don't bet on it. >> alumni of a philadelphia high school are outraged over this. why they say what was done to their beloved school should be a crime. our dad's a plumber. a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate.
5:57 pm
dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
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i'm john kane introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the smoky double bacon sirloin. the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> we begin tonight with a developing story. sports betting in atlantic city. governor christie says it's a go and there are high hopes it will breathe live into the struggling casino business. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. casino and racetracks will offer sports betting as soon as they are ready. chris o'connell is live in atlantic city and, chris, it's now a reality but the governor still doesn't believe this is the answer to the citi' troubles. does he? >> reporter: that was just one of several big announcements coming out of meeting today. governor christie leaving atlantic city about an hour ago. he spent about two hours with the casino redevelopment authority. basically laying the ground work on how to reinvent this troubled town. christie came for a summit with cass zen know redevelopment authorities in several high ranking state and local officials. he says this is just the beginning of what will be a long