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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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draw dropping video a woman scene shoving her husband out of his wheelchair and it doesn't stop there. >> and you'll want to do laundry aft hearing this. the alarming reason you should >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> incredible video shows a teen climbing off a moving septa train. what he did moments before that had police hot on his trail.
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>> and a local boy in a wheelchair just trying to earn his boy scout badge viciously attacked and robbed and it's not the first time. >> you got to just leave us alone and just get help. >> tonight his message to the young bullies who keep targeting him. >> developing right now. the search for those bullies. delaware police say they keep target ago 12 year old boy in a wheelchair beating him up and robbing him. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. fox 29s chris o'connell has been talking with that boy and his familiar. he's live in new castle tonight. leaves us shaking our heads, chris. >> reporter: it sure does, lucy. heartbreaking to hear this child tell this story. extreme case of bullying tonight has now turned criminal. the victim a 12 year old boy in a wheelchair. the suspects may not even be teenagers themselves. tonight, the family is speaking out in hopes of catching those attackers.
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>> come on, daddy. i want to go see those kids now. >> like most 12 year olds la quon mackey is always on the go. but monday afternoon, the newark, delaware, boy with cerebral palsy was stopped in his track. >> they kept punching me right here on my face like right there and still hurts. >> reporter: mackey describes the beating he got from two kids just outside his buchanan circle home. >> trying to go as fast as i could. >> he was on his street exercising trying to earn his boy scout merit badge for physical fitness. that's when the boys pushed his wheelchair got into sewer grate. it got stuck much that's when they started punching him repeatedly in the face. why do you think they're picking on you? i have no climb i think they want me out of the neighborhood. i don't know why. i don't know what i did wrong. >> reporter: news castle county police say this is the second time la quon was attacked by the same kids. days earlier they approached him as he was getting the mail.
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he says the bullies slammed his hand into the mailbox. his father can only guess why his son is being targeted. >> his parents are white. he's black and that upsets some people. they could not like disable people. two out of three us in this house are disable. >> reporter: what do you think about these kids? >> idiots. >> reporter: la quon isn't holding back. he's having nightmares and constantly looking over his shoulder. he's speaking out against the two bullies and has this message for them. >> i think you're complete sick companies to do this to anybody and, um, they can't go around hurting people. >> reporter: these are the descriptions police have given us. african-american male, 12 to 14 years old, 4-foot eight, thin build with short black hair. the second a white male, 12 to 14 years old, 4-foot eight with regular build, blond hair and this boy they want to point out
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has a small birthmark on his hand. now, police think these boys may live in that neighborhood. if you know these boys, you know any information, call the new castle county police. this kid may be 12 and in wheelchair but, lucy, he's pretty tough. >> he sure is. hopefully those boys can get caught right away. thank you, chris. new video tonight septa police say a fair jumper risked his own life just to avoid paying for his ride. it happened at the erie torresdale station on the market frankford el right after children got out of school. septa says after fighting with cashier and police the student made it to the platform without paying the fair. he then climbed on top of one subway train, then jumped to another to avoid police. the cameras caught the all. he eventually jumped back on to the platform and ran before police caught up to him. septa officials call his reckless, dangerous behavior that could have had tragic consequences. >> this is a bizarre incident. it's actually criminal because he could have -- he could have got somebody hurt as well hurt
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himself. this is just bizarre. i never seen lying like this before. >> no one was hurt except for couple of bumps and scrapes. the officers suffered in the initial confrontation with the student. >> there's more fallout tonight over newly released video tmz sports of banned nfl star ray rice and tonight nfl commissioner roger goodell is talking. rice issuing a statement to espn saying i have to be strong for my wife. janay is so strong. we are in good spirits. janay had this to say. she ripped the media over the ordeal on instagram today. posting "no one knows the pain that the media and unwanted options from the public has caused my family. to make us relive a moment in our lives we regret every day is a horrible thing "the couple sent their love to baltimore ravens fans but many of them are actually burning their ray rice jerseys or returning them for refunds. several sporting goods stores say they have decided to remove his jersey from their racks altogether. rice has been released from the team and suspended indefinitely
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by the nfl. nike saying today it's also severing business ties to him. nfl commissioner goodell feeling the heat over his two day suspension in it light of this newly released question video. some questioning whether they knew the video exis existed. goodell responds. >> did you know a second tape exist. >> we had not seen any video tape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed there was a video. we asked for video. we asked for anything that was pertinent. but we were never granted that opportunity. >> goodell goes on to say he takes accountability for not getting it right when he initially suspended rice for just two games. the incident happened in an elevator at revel casino in atlantic city back in february. rice had been charged with felony aggravated assault in the case but he was september flood a pretrial intervention program which allowed him to avoid jail time. chief meteorologist scott
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williams is tracking a coastal flood advisory right now. scott, how is it looking? >> right now, lucy, we're talking about minor coastal flooding and then again tomorrow morning with the next high tide cycle. that will be from 8:30 until 10:30 tomorrow morning. not anticipating major problems and mainly due to the full moon tide as well as that fetch coming in off of the ocean. high pressure well to the north an area of low pressure to the south and we continue to find mostly cloudy skies across the area. so over the next 12 hours, you can see temperatures hold pretty steady. we're only talking upper 60s as we start tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and then 70 degrees by 10:00 a.m. but coming up we have the timing of our next storm system as well as when to expect temperatures near, yes, 90 degrees. but wake up weather tomorrow morning will be a little chilly so grab toes jackets and sweaters. we'll talk much more about the changes ahead iain and lucy with that complete seven day foreca forecast. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. happening now, the search for the gunman who killed a local teenager.
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philadelphia police say one or more gunmen opened fire on 17 year old murray as he proved his home on huntington street. neighbors say between 15 and 20 shots rang out. police found a gun on murray's steps. our bruce gordon has been talking with a woman who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years. >> pow, pow, pow and i -- >> reporter: you ran inside? >> that's right. inside the house. >> reporter: a little nervous i'm guessing. >> nervous? i was scared to death. >> murray's family was an aspiring rap artist with several videos on youtube. >> two people under arrest tonight accused of robbing and assaulting a 75 year old woman in evesham. now the happened last month at the promenade shopping center on route 73. prosecutors have charged joshua mcfarland and misty riddle with robbery and aggravated assault. investigators say the 75 year old woman fell to the ground and the robbers dragged her along the concrete as they snatched her purse.
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she broke her arm, she broke her hip and she was bleeding internally. police say she is still in the hospital tonight. >> another major blow to atlantic city tonight. the taj mahal casino files for bankruptcy. trump entertainment resorts filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in wilmington, delaware. the trump plaza hotel and casino is slated to close next week. concern now turns to the trump taj mahal and 1200 unionized workers. governor christie addressing the legal move while at a camden school today. >> trump taj mahal is not closing. there won't be any unemployment that's surrounding the trump reorganization. what they're doing, they're using the bankruptcy code to reorganize. >> wall street journal is reporting the taj mahal will shut its doors in november. if it cannot get concessions from its unions if the taj closes it would be the fifth loss for the resort town this year. >> philadelphia is about to become the largest city in the u.s. to decriminalize small amounts of pot. a bill that mayor nutter says
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he'll sign off would let you carry 30 grams or about an ounce of marijuana. if caught you would get slapped with a $25 fine. but you wouldn't go to jail or have an arrest record. however, the new plan would charge anyone caught smoking marijuana in public with a non-criminal offense. they could get fined 100 bucks or do nine hours of community service. the city council is expected to take up the bill thursday. it could be law by mid october. day two of classes for philadelphia public school students brings another round of protests. >> save our schools! >> education activists rallied outside central high in olney to protest budget cuts. they are upset that children are heading back to school with a huge budget gap and fury sourc sources. >> it's very clear that the parents and the educators are really very tired of these cuts that the schools and the
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students are handling each year we're having more and more cuts and it's just unacceptable. >> activists are planning other protests tomorrow. thursday and friday. >> a fourth american infected with ebola is now being treated in the u.s. the aid worker arrived at emory university hospital in atlanta this morning. the patient's identity is not being released but the world health organization has confirmed the doctor was working in ebola treatment center in sierra leone. two other americans who were treated at emory university hospital recovered and have been released. the president called leaders from capitol hill into the oval office today. he wants to gain support on his strategy to fight back against the terrorist group isis. the president says he has the authorization needed to expand u.s. air strikes on the insurgents strong holds from iraq into syria. but he wants it to be an international effort. secretary of state john kerry is now head to go the middle east to meet with key allies, and tomorrow night the president will address the nation from the white house. you can watch it right here on
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fox 29 around 9:00 p.m. the president says he'll outline his strategy against isis and its growing terrorist threat. >> this is primary election day in delaware with two closely watched races. kevin wade has won the republican nomination to challenge democratic incumbent senator chris coons in november. simpler is on his way to winning the gop primary to run for state treasurer in the fall. >> a neighbor catches a nasty fight between a wife and her husband. the woman scene shoving him right out of his wheelchair. it gets worse. what she does when she gets back inside her truck that will make your jaw drop. >> watch out. sounds like local police on the phone threatening to throw you in jail and unless you pay but it's a scam. the new trick these crooks are using that's already fooling people. >> plus alligator attack. a 12 year old found himself fighting for his life in the water. >> he said, it's got me, it's got me! >> what he did to get the gator to let go. >> and they keep you dry when
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you exercise but your workout clothes could be working overtime in your hamper. what your clothes could be overtime in your hamper. what your clothes could be growing tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. ♪ >> take a good look at that sketch right there. police say they're after this guy for robbing a chadds ford township friendly's restaurant. it happened yesterday morning on painters crossing. witnesses say the man walked in, flashed silvery solver rob the place, then took off. if you have any information on what happened, call authorities. >> it's a phone call that would scare anyone. pay up or you're under arrest tonight sheriffs deputees in
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montgomery cun tee are warning you to be aware scammers are out there trying to cash in. >> sabina kuriakose is live to fill us in. >> lucy, one couple drove all the way from out of state. they were so worried the montgomery cun tee sheriffs had a warrant out for their arrest. authorities are calling these scare tactics sinister. >> it's a phone message the montgomery county sheriffs office wants you to hear. authorities recorded the voicemail message of scammers posing as deputees. listen to how real it sounds. >> you've received the montgomery county warrants and records office located downtown at two east airy street. if this is an emergency please hang up now and dial 911. >> sounds official, right? when the imposters first call you, you don't answer and then decide to call them back. that's the phony voicemail montgomery county sheriffs deputees say you'd hear. the sheriff says the calls have ramped up recently. he says the crooks demand cash threatening arrest if vick items
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don't comply. >> we've received calls from residents as far away as texas. >> montgomery county couple lost 600 bucks and deputees say the scammers are sophisticated. spoofing caller ids so it looks they're calling from the sheriffs office warrant division. the callers specifically tell worried victims to buy green dot money become prepaid cards like this one. their struck to do put up to $1,500 in cash on the cards and provide the numbers to the scammers. >> once the victim gives their number on those cards then they are truly victims and they've been examined. >> definitely horrible. making people think they might go to jail if they don't pay any money when really there's no problem whatsoever. >> james works a drugstore where the cards are sold. he's seen customers fall for similar schemes. >> never give money to anybody you don't know personally. >> investigators are trying to track the call but that phone number already a dead end. this connected. >> for legitimate law enforcement purposes when we
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need to call someone, they'll think it's a scam. >> reporter: and on its website green pot warns customers to only give their money pack numbers out to approved businesses. lucy? >> thank you sabina. delaware man at a traffic stop stands accused of eating marijuana during the whole thing. he's under arrest. 40 year old vernon smith charged with dui. police say they spotted a plastic bag of marijuana on the seat when they stopped smith for a traffic violation. the officer went off to run his license and when he returned he caught smith eating the marijuana to try and get rid of it. by the way, he also had a suspended license. >> big news for big pat. new photos showing the draft horse in his new retirement home near battle creek, michigan. take look. pat was dumped at a lancaster county auction by a local farm farmer. he was blind, broken down and headed for slaughter when the folks from chester county large animal protection society and penn vets rescued him and restored sight to one of his eyes. veterinarian lisa halbert adopted him and outfitted him
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with eye screens to protect him from flys and excessive sunlig sunlight. halbert says big pat seems to be enjoying his well earned retirement. >> after months of waiting and rumors the iphone 96 is finally revealed along with other much anticipated devices. apple is hoping these are game changers. today's big announcement following tradition, you know, shrowded in secrecy ahead of time. lots of rumors flying around all about creating that buzz. they do that well. during the event broadcast life tweeted life, fans and critics were sounding off even before the whole show ended. so did it live up to all the hype. >> blockbuster crowd gathered outside and pack the house inside the event near apple's california headquarters with programmer, curious customers and journalists filling the seats. inside, an old school apple product launch. a slick yet simple event. much like the slick yet simple products apple is known for. >> these are the new iphones. the iphone six and the iphone
10:19 pm
six plus. >> the company promising two models one with a bigger displ display. will have better battery life and stronger displays. to current users frustrated by contracted glass screens and unreliable power. apple says they want to replace your wallet with apple pay. a system that would a users to ditch their wallets using the device to act like a virtual credit card. >> we have one more thing. >> but today's big star a brand new product. the highly anticipated apple watch. the company hopes this device will revolutionize help tracking technology. keeping tabs on your heart rate, step counts, sleep and giving you access to fitness and connectivity apps even when you're on the go. expect to start seeing it on wrists around the world starting early next year. >> the iphone six includes an improved camera that could shoot slow motion and also take suped up selfies in case you want to post those on social media. >> you can pre order it for 199 bucks with a two-year contract.
10:20 pm
it will start shipping on september 19th. now the iphone six plus the one you were talking about the bigger one that's going to cost you 299. but if you want to go for the big guns which is the 128 gigabyte it's more money 499. >> a lot of storage. >> a lot of photos. >> i know. my goodness. it hasn't been picture perfect outside lately. days of clouds making it feel like fall. i like it scott williams. some folks do like the fall like feel even though it still is officially summer but the satellite and radar still showing you that storm system to the south it will be pulling away we have the cloud cover really just locked in place. so tomorrow morning, we're looking at temperatures generally in the 60s as we look at that bus stop weather. so you might want to wear a light jacket or sweater. i think we'll be dry but the humidity will still be low and then as we look at the temperatures area wide right now, look at the pocono mountains. only in the low 60s upper 60s in allentown. currently hanging on to 70 degrees in the philadelphia area. doylestown 66. upper 60s right now in atlantic
10:21 pm
city. and hammonton checking in at 70. so coming up we'll talk a little bit about the weather changes ahead included in that when we see the sunshine. so recapping tomorrow morning, cloudy, cool temperatures in the 60s and then the sun, yes, it will come out tomorrow. we're talking temperatures near 80 degrees. but that's not just the warmest that it gets. we're talking 90-degree heat in that seven day forecast as well as a chance for showers and storms. all of that and more coming up. >> scott, thank you. using an american flag as what? the pictures sparking outrage tonight. where this flag was supposed to go before it ended up as a rag. >> and you can't hide. crazy video showing crook in the middle of a crime. it's helping get dangerous guys off our streets. what it takes to make sure you see these images. and be careful what you touch at work. we can tell you exactly how fast germs spread after one sick pers
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♪ >> flash flood warnings remain in effect tonight around phoenix. hurricane norbert left parts of the region underwater. we've shown you how bad the highways have been and look how it impacted residents in this arizona apartment complex. rushing water forced people out of their homes. some say they were dealing with 2 feet of it. two people have died in these floods and forecasters say the area should start drying out later this week. >> dutch investigators they now know what caused malaysian airlines flight mh17 to crash in
10:25 pm
eastern ukraine this summer. the crash killed all 298 on board. most of them dutch. investigators from the netherlands say that the plane was hit by a number of high energy objects likely from the ground. but their reports stopped short of saying the plane was hit by a missile. russian denies pro russian rebels shot down the plane. the report rules out mechanical or technical problems. >> louisiana boy takes on an alligator to stay alive. >> he survived and he's sharing his epic battle. 12 year old matthew kelly was spear fishing with his father saturday. his dad was about 20 feet away when he heard his son start screaming out. matthew says he felt something clamp down on his leg. he says, it was an alligator with a head that was about 16-inches across all those teeth had sunny him. that's when matthew says his instincts to survive kicked in. >> what i did was just panicked a little but i just opened the gator's mouth and tried to fig
10:26 pm
fight. >> what did the gator do when did you that? i guess he either just opened up and i got out. >> he got out all right. went straight to the hospital. the gator left huge gashes in his leg. matthew is on the mend but he's got a lot of healing to do before he heads back to school. a neighbor catches a crazy fight between a husband and his wife. she's pushing her husband out of the wheelchair. you saw that. running it over with her truck. it's not over yet. what she does next. >> and the rare elements now sending hundreds of kids to the hospital. it's only getting worse. one thing you need to tell your kids before they go to school in the morning. >> plus she's in the fight of her life. the one thing this little girl wants to see is a unicorn. incredible effort to make this six year old's wish come true.
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♪ >> crazy videos you see here on
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fox 29 that help get dangerous criminals off the street. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser takes us inside philadelphia's program that's putting thee criminals behind bars. >> whatever ya'll seen please come forward. >> reporter: it's a plea heard all too often when police put out surveillance video of a crime like this shooting last week that left a 49 year old wynnefield man paralyzed from the waist down. >> just help me catch whoever did this to my son. >> reporter: as victims families plead for the public's help detectives scramble to find video to identify the suspects. in the case of edward lynn, shot six times out front of a west philadelphia deli, officers found plenty to work with. video of the man inside the store before the shooting, the actual confrontation and the shooting itself. >> random act of violence in the city. >> reporter: those random acts have led to an explosion of surveillance video pumped out to the public by the philadelphia
10:31 pm
police department under its nationally recognized divert program. that stands for digital imaging video retrieval teams. they gather videos from crime scenes, review and edit, then send them to tv and social med media. >> we've put out close to 1200 videos overall. we've had i would say a little over 300 arrests have been made. >> reporter: they call detective curt wilson the minister of information at southwest detectives. he hits the streets every day retrieving videos of crimes. if wilson can find it, he can download it. >> in one case he was actually in the store downloading video and he looks in the video as he's downloading from the day before and he sees the actual offender walk into the business. >> reporter: back to southwest detective head quarter where is wilson calls through the videos sometimes reducing hours of footage to just couple of valuable minutes. >> not is it building or case but great in the fact it prevents people from being wrongly accused. of course we're going to remove
10:32 pm
any of the victims faces. >> reporter: wilson pushes video to drop bock at headquarters and into the skilled hands of police officer gary mccann tee. he reviews the video with lieutenant john stanford, then they make it public. >> just this year alone we've put about 371 videos. we've had about 75 arrests but we've cleared 175 investigations. >> reporter: deciding exactly what video gets released and when it gets released sometimes sparks a spirited debate. >> you want viewers to be able to see what is taking place but you don't want it too graphic. >> reporter: the police department has over 80 detectives and officers trained to retrieve and edit video. they're part of a program funded by the fbi. special agent jim tougher rays ask a heads the fbi violence crimes task force. >> the arrest rate and identification rate is subject sky rocketed. >> reporter: the program to speed surveillance video to the public started years ago. following the murder of police sergeant chuck cassidy at this dunkin' donuts. >> this individual was stopped a
10:33 pm
number of times throughout that investigation while police were responding to that location. but because we didn't have the capabilities we didn't have video fast enough getting it back out we didn't have the flash information. >> reporter: so lewis managed to flee philadelphia. fortunately he was nabbed days later in miami. agent tougher as today says philadelphia's divert program is now a model for the rest of the country. >> sometimes a video will be edited and put out in the media within the next 30 minutes. we'll get a call saying, i know exact who'll that is. >> reporter: those working on the program say there's nothing morey warding than seeing their work lead to valuable bit of information that helps id the suspect. >> we have couple of come in the morning after puttin putting oue video the day before. there's the -- i've been watching the video for five, six hours and there ocean waiting for me. >> it's the best tool we have at this point. >> i'm happy to do it. >> bar owner john agrees.
10:34 pm
he's been robbed half dozen times. recently his video not only helped detectives nab the guy who robbed his bar, that same guy is now charged in nine robberies across the area. >> together with my cameras they put it altogether. >> reporter: with 15 to 30 new videos coming in each week, authorities say they can make even more arrests and solve even more crimes. and with zyrtech following, improving all the time, that can only mean bad news for the bad guys. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> they're always watching c mike is focusing on a rare virus making a lot of headlines right now with more and more children sick. hundreds of children and more than 10 states contracted the enterovirus 68. most of them live in the midwest. now the virus causes mild cold like symptoms as well as diarrhea. but can hit children with asthma very hard. dr. mike tells us it spreads just like the flu and although cases haven't been reported here parents need to be cautious.
10:35 pm
>> we don't know currently if there are any cases in pennsylvania, but the thing is, this is such a new thing there may have been, and they didn't know it. so like everything else on the planet, this virus is alive and it will spread. >> dr. mike suggests parents encourage their children to wash their hands with soap and water for no less than 20 seconds that same old rule and use alcohol based wipes to clean their desks. >> this story is causing a big stir. a public works director in florida uses an american flag as a drop cloth. one of his employees was walking by and snapped this photo. the mayor has suspended the public works chief ordered him to attend a flag etiquette class and wants him to make an apology which he has not done. the flag had been taken down from city hall to be retired but it ended up in the public works barn. >> shocking video out of california tonight showing a woman attacking her common law husband bound to a wheelchair. >> a neighbor sick of them
10:36 pm
fighting all the time recorded the whole thing. >> get out! >> help! >> all right. look what happens neck. the woman gets into her truck, backs over the scooter she does it twice. no word if the man was injured. though he almost got hit. police arrested the woman she's now charged with assault with a deadly weapon the video itself has more than 800,000 views on youtube. >> big change coming from mcdonald's new choices you'll have when you walk through those golden arches. >> after you hit the gym you jump in the shower but what do you do with all of those sweaty clothes? what could be happening in your hamper that might make you want to go do your laundry right about now. >> plus oreo comes out with a new flavor you'll be very familiar with. bu
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10:38 pm
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>> in your non night drastic changes happening at a fast food giant. mcdonald' social security going to let you build your own burger topping it with things like guacamole, bacon, tortilla chips. it's also offering a mc wrap that is stuffed with chicken, veggies or cheese as a healthier option to the menu. the company says it's all to appeal to a younger crowd.
10:40 pm
you're gonna soon find a new oreo cookie on store shelves for the fall. oreo tweet thed out this new photo announcing its new pumpkin spice cookies will be available starting september 24th 6 to 8 weeks or until supply lasts probably not that long. the cookies will feature as you can see the vanilla cookies with a layer of pumpkin spice cream in the middle. >> i like how you describe this. >> thank you. i'm not even done yet. >> okay. >> taste of cinnamon and nutmeg. early reviews, say they are pretty good. >> that sound -- do you eat your oreos apart works cookies in one or the whole thing. solid. >> most guys do. i like to break it apart two cookies in one. bookies are having a heyday as royal are waiting for baby number two. royal watchers are taking bets on everything including the child's gender, the birthday, the name leading name so far you ask? >> elizabeth, james, victoria
10:41 pm
and alexandria. april is the favorite birth month so far. >> happy news for the royals. we've got even more happy news for you right now. >> we are taking you to a garden filled with 50 years of love from one dedicated gardner. 85 year old elaine, helps beautify her street on the 5200 block of jackson street. that's in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood and one of the main attractions these huge sun flowers and peyton says gardening is her hobby. she does it from sun up to sundown but she tells us she gets a little help in making sure her garden returns every year. >> it pays me back. you see, what the birds do. i feed the birds and i don't have to plant any seeds. the birds do it all. >> peyton says they planned the sunflower seeds about three years ago and they come back every year tallest in her garden is about 13 feet. >> a hunt to make a six year old wish come true. she's battling leukemia but was able to forget it for one incredible afternoon. her reaction that you do not
10:42 pm
want to miss. >> how many times did you wash your hands today? we'll show you exactly how fast germs can spread from one touch of a door handle. scott. >> the cloud cover was pretty tough today. find out about our next storm system. it will bring showers and
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>> six year old girl gets magical make a wish moment. allison asked for a unicorn. she got one. the make a wish foundation says it's the most unique wish they ever received. to at did you son this was dream come true. >> it was the presents and the unicorn i got today and fairy tale and i got to sit on the unicorn at the end and it was happily ever after. >> to love the happily ever after. addison found her unicorn in hawaii. yup her family flew there and why hawaii you ask? because addison believes union accordance live in the rainforest. she has been battling leukemia for more than two years. doctors say addison is now in remission. >> does that smell seem to
10:46 pm
linger after you work out. >> i was just asking it may be your clothes. >> okay. >> but study says that those popular polyester workout clothes made to keep you cool well they might be harboring the funk. scientists say that odor causing bacteria actually grows better on polyester than on cotton. researchers collected t-shirts from 26 people after a workout. they found the polyester clothes stung more. a dry cleaner says there are some things they can do to help. >> polyester clothing we have to maybe sometimes wash it twice or put more chemicals in there to get it clean. >> a lot of people do request that we add softeners or extra soap or wash it in hot water anything to get the sting out. >> get that if you know out of there. if you can't afford to get all your clothes cleaned the dry cleaner suggest using a protein fighting debtor jent, hot water and maybe even a little bleach. >> i think that's a song. that's right. >> you got the funk.
10:47 pm
>> he break out in song. >> love that. all right. thank you. >> well now listen to thumbs you better guard your sick days. >> speaking of listen to this. british researchers found. infections can spread from office door handle to half the work force in just two itty bitty hours. researchers found bushing elevators and touching phones spread infections the quickest. disinfectant wipes and regularly washing hands are the best way to kill germs. so there you go. how did researchers come up with the fineings. they planted a harmless bug with similar properties to the norovirus on doorknob at the beginning of the work day. >> they took the samples of surface every two hours. that's what they found out. >> we just might need to like completely sanitize ourselves constantly all the time from the funk and from that thing. >> and use gel. >> i know. >> scott loves a good hand sanitizer. >> i'm going to have to watch my cash -- wash my hands.
10:48 pm
the weather has been kind of funky today. a lot of clouds across the area. even a few sprinkles especially down the shore. but let's talk about the changes in the offing for tomorrow. it will start off cloudy and cool. temperatures in the 60s, but the sunshine that will return tomorrow afternoon. we're talking high temperatures right around 80 degrees. the high today made it up to 76 degrees and then look at thursday. this is iain weather we're talking hot and humid temperatures near 90 degrees. but also we're watching out for late day gusty thunderstorm. the low this morning in philadelphia 67 degrees. below average only 76 was the high. the normal should be in the low 80s for this time of year. we're looking at low 60s right now in the pocono mountains pretty chilly there. 70 in philadelphia as well as wilmington. upper 60s right now in atlantic city. so let's talk about the big temperature divide out to the west. upper 80s right now in wichita but only in the 40s as we move toward the northern tear
10:49 pm
billings 45. 47 in business mark some of that cooler air is headed in our direction as we move into the upcoming weekend but it will modify. we still have the coastal flood advisories right now and then the next high tide tomorrow morning from 8:30 until 10:30. minor problems maybe a water rise of one to 2 feet but we're not looking at rainfall. it's primarily because of that fetch as well as the full moon tide. high pressure, well to the north and east of us. we have that low pressure off to the south. so still getting that flow coming in off of the ocean and that's locking in the clouds. we'll advance the clock to our next weather maker. that will be moving in thursday afternoon and evening. look north and west. a line of showers and storms. some of the storms could be a little gusty maybe some strong winds. some heavy rainfall and you can see the clock here dinner right around thursday as we move toward the philadelphia area. then by 10:00 o'clock, clouds, showers and storms moving into south jersey as well as delawa delaware. but behind this, we're talking less humid air and also a drop
10:50 pm
in the temperatures. once again for tonight, low 60s in the suburbs. mid to upper 60s in the city. it stays breezy. and then tomorrow, yeah, the sunshine. it comes back out during the day. also, a little warmer high temperatures tomorrow around 80 degrees. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you those temperatures sky rocket. look at thursday. 88 degrees. then we watch that frontal boundary toward the latter part of the day drop us 10 degrees into friday with highs only in the upper 70s. len look at saturday. temperatures only in the low 7 70s. so saturday the upcoming weekend is going to feel a little more like fall. if you like summer you'll have to wait until thursday because it really makes a big come back. >> fantastic. something for everybody. and we love it. >> exactly. howard? >> we don't have snow. that's for somebody. >> we don't want that. >> somewhere in the world right now it is snowing. >> i know. it's somewhere it's 11:00 o'clock. >> the eagles may have won the
10:51 pm
first game but suffered season ending injuries. and the nfl commissioner finally speaks but in doing so takes the easy way out and i don't think he's telling us the truth and nothing but the truth. that's coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> the situation with ray rice is so wrong on so many levels. the level now nfl commissioner roger goodell. commissioner spoke tonight but did not do so at what should have been a news conference with reporters but instead roger goodell did it the easy way with cbs which was clearly a controlled interview from one person. it protects him from the real questions. now, here's an excerpt from what he said. >> we had not seen any video tape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed that there was a video. we asked for video. we asked for anything that was pertinent but we were never granted that opportunity. >> he assumed is lost.
10:55 pm
i don't believe the commissioner is telling us the full truth. now, you knew something happened and he's trying to tell us his people could not find out. the nfl has some of the top security people in the country. former nbi people. i'm told by nfl people they get what they want when they investigate. they have their ways. many other people have the video but roger goodell says he couldn't get it or see it? i'm also told by nfl people that people in the commissioner's office saw that tape. i got word from an executive at revel that they cooperated with the nfl and the ravens. they gave the video of the punch to ray rice's attorney and told the nfl and the ravens with rice as an employee his attorney was required to give the ravens and the nfl the tape. i always believe the truth will set you free. but in the case of the nfl, i think they will lie and try to make it the truth. >> all right. the eagles confirmed their injury problems today on the offensive line evan mathis ought for at least eight weeks with an
10:56 pm
mcl sprain he suffered on sund sunday. and out for the season are the right tackle allen barbre. lane johnson back not for three weeks with high ankle sprain and linebacker naji good. they signed pro bowl offensive lineman wade smith formerly with seattle. phillies trying to play the role of spoiler gets pittsburgh. pirates in last play off spot. let's go to the ballpark. spoiler is not a fun time for the fans. but it may be for the phillies. that's freddie galvis playing short stop for the injured jimmy rollins. three hits tonight including this homerun which tied it up in the fifth at three-three. after galvis stole a base, miguel franco playing third base gives the phils the lead. they win it and the score there four to three. i will say this. i don't think people in america believe roger goodell is telling the truth and also there are more tapes i'm told that will come out. the truth is going to kill him. in the end it truth is going to kill him. >> the police report actually says that there was punch and
10:57 pm
she was rendered unconscious. that was in the police report. >> so --ing. >> i knew this. i know people that saw the tape and he can't see the tape. the reality is he did see the tape. the inform fl did see the tape and ravens owner who issued a letter to his season ticket holders did see the tape as well. that's what i'm told. i'm standing by that. >> thank you, howard. >> all right. >> thanks for watchin watch (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes.
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- >> something fishy with the nfl. they did not even bother to request the surveillance video of ray rice. >> what do they think happened in the elevator when they saw her dragged out unconscious? >> was this an oversight or by design? >> if they thought the videotape might be explosive, why didn't they come in and get somebody to do something -- >> to clean it up? >> ray donovan? >> that's what they should have done. >> rich homie quan, someone tried to snatch his chain. you see rich homie quan give it to the dude. >> if you take his chain, you take his whole identity. >> this is crazy. so people get killed over chains. >> and shoes. >> are shoes part of this? >> shoes are not part of it but they kill you for your shoes because they like