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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 11, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> breaking news. president obama addresses the nation about taking on isis terrorists on the eve of 9/11 the president outlining a broad expansion of the us military role and combating terrorists in iraq and syria. the president also called forearming syrian opposition forces an authorized air strikes inside syria for the first time. this comes on the heels of the beheading of two american journalists by isis. >> i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. on prime time television about an hour ago the president unveiled his plan to as he says destroy isis. >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isol to a comprehensive
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and sustained counter terrorism strategy. >> i want the american people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> it will not involve american combat troops fighting on foreign soil. >> the president is now calling on congress to authorize the training and arming of rebels in syria who are fighting boning isis and president as sad one of the problems to sort through the many rebel groups and various allegiances. you her the president. he is promising no matter what, no american combat boots will hit the ground in this new battle to completely defeat is isis. it is a busy night also developing right now. bombshell accusations against the nfl. a law enforcement official says the league did threat guess video of ray rice punching his then fiance', and the official says, the nfl got it five months ago. >> this comes less than day after the commissioner claimed the league never saw it. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in the newsroom tonight.
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chris? >> you guys got it right. another bombshell dropped on the ray rice scandal. now the nfl is under the microscope after report today disputing how much the league new about that controversial video. >> it's the video that's rocked the national football league. just released recording of baltimore ravens star ray rice punching his then fiance' inside the now closed revel casino elevator in atlantic city back in february. nfl commissioner oh? goodell told cbs this morning, monday was the first time league officials watched the full recording. >> we had not seen any video tape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed that there was a video. we asked for video. we asked for of for anything that was pertinent. but we were never granted that opportunity. >> reporter: but the associat associated press reports a law enforcement official had in fact sent a dvd of the surveillance video to nfl offices back in april.
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there was even a voicemail confirmation from someone within the nfl confirming they received the recording. that voicemail reportedly said "you're right, it's terrible". >> mr. goodell certainly looks like he wasn't telling the truth to the public. if that's true i think mr. goodell will not be the nfl commissioner very long. >> ken rothweiler says the new recording should not have any legal implications for rice since he's already plead guilty in criminal court. he thinks it's more of a public relations nightmare for the nfl. for not being tough enough on domestic violence. >> nfl tries to sweep this under the carpet and if they try not to do any change in terms of ranks in policing their ranks i think it could make very costly difference to the nfl in terms of their viewer ship and the amount of dollars that comes into the nfl. >> reporter: now, a league spokesman says it is looking into this latest report. meanwhile, congress now wants answeanswers. it sent a letter to goodell tonight asking for a full
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explanation of what the league new and when. lucy. >> and the story develops, thank you very much, chris. happening right now, a suspect turned himself in to police for a deadly hit-and-run that happened last month. police say 29 year old juan cruz garcia hit and killed armando lopez while he was crossing landis avenue in vineland, new jersey, he took off in his dodge pickup. that pickup was caught on camera and helped police identify cruz as the driver. he is charged with vehicular homicide. >> also new tonight, police say an armed gunman robbed the check cashing company in juniata park. it happened on the 1200 block of east hunting park avenue around 8:00 p.m. police say the robber got away with nearly $31,000. if you've got any information, give police a call. >> roughed up and dragged. new jersey woman claims bachelorette party at harrah's cass zen know in atlantic city turned into a nightmare. she says security guards beat her up. now this happened two years ago ton night she's suing the casi
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casino. it's not the first time the security team at harrah's has been under fire. amy walsh's suit is the latest in similar claims again the casino. he was hosting a bachelorette party at harrah's pool after dark for her cousin who's legally blind. she claims everything was fine when a minor seating issue with six women became a major probl problem. >> said this table is only for five. we told them we made reservations for six. we asked to speak to manager. the situation escalated. the next thing i knew i was being dragged without my shoes through the kaseen no. cut up my feet. >> you see the video right there. police actually arrested walsh but prosecutors dropped criminal charges. her attorney says she is now seeking unspecified damages. now as we said, this is not the first claim of brutality against harrah's security. days before this latest incident a florida family claimed they were assaulted in a gang like attack during their stay. and in 2011, cab driver gene
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smith said guards grabbed him by the throat and kicked him while he was down in an argument over a parking space. now a spokesperson for harrah's tells fox 29 we take the safety and security of all of our guests and employees very seriously. our security personnel are trained to use the least amount of force required to manage any particular incident. while ensuring they take the steps necessary to protect guests, employees and themselv themselves. >> a terrible accident sends a brother and sister walking home from school to the hospital. they were hit by a car while crossing a busy intersection in northeast philadelphia. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose is live at saint christopher's hospital for children where the pair was taken. sabina, how are they doing? >> reporter: great news, iain. they are expected to be okay despite serious injuries. tonight we spoke with two people who saw what happened and rushed to help. >> little girl kind of got thrown and the boy got drug underneath the truck, and ended up getting his leg run over by
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the back -- back wheel. >> reporter: witness stephanie describes the horrific scene as she watched two young siblings get run down. police say by this 2003 dodge ram pickup truck. >> the thing that stands out in my mind the most is the sound of the car hitting the two little kids. >> it happened just after 3:00 in the afternoon as the seven year old boy and his 10 year old big sister were walking home from decatur school. witnesses say the pair held hands as they crossed the intersection of byberry and academy roads. police say the truck driven by a 20 year old woman was making a left on to academy when it plowed through the grade schoolers. >> she was saying once we were down on the ground with the two little kids, um, are they okay? i didn't even see them. i didn't even see them. >> iran to the little girl, stephanie ran to the little boy. >> leonard mcgrath was in the car with stephanie when they saw the accident happen. the two lincoln tech nursing students rushed to administer first aid. the little girl, she wanted to
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know if she was still writ team leonard said, you're the most beautiful thing i ever saw. >> the children suffered severe head trauma but are expected to survive. police say the driver had the light and so did the kids in the crosswalk. they're calling this a tragic accident. stephanie and leonard believe they were at the right place at the right time. >> we debated about which way we should go. so would have went the other direction, we wouldn't have been here. so i feel like we was here for reason. >> reporter: a reason indeed. now the girl is doing much better. the little boy suffering from a fractured skull but both expected to make it. no charges have been filed. iain. >> sabina, thank you. closing arguments are made today in the trial of the woman accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five year old girl in philadelphia last year. defense lawyer for christina regusters focused on unresolved questions surrounding the crime. he urged jurors to quit her. the prosecutor said she acted
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alone and police chased down hundreds of leads before the girl's memory of a talking bird led them to regusters. deliberation is expected to begin tomorrow. >> big news for the struggling atlantic city tonight. revel says it has an offer to buy the closed casino. a florida developer has offered a $90 million cash bid for the property. it costs more than $2 billion to build revel. the kaseen no closed eight days ago after failing to find a buyer before a scheduled aucti auction. a bankruptcy judge would have to approve the sale and no word yet on who would run that property. >> meanwhile, atlantic city has been hopping with laid off worker. today they packed a job fair. more than 1,000 people waited in line and navigated crowded areas to change their luck in new jersey's once prominent gambling city. the state sponsored job fair filled the atlantic city convention center. it included help in polishing resumes and more than 50 companies with job openings were there looking for brand new
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employees but with no guarantee of getting hired. one man who worked two jobs one at showboat the other at revel is understandably very worried. >> i was like happy. i got two jobs. i saved some money. i bought a house actually like eight months ago. >> reporter: now this. >> and now this. how am i going to do to pay the mortgage? >> competition from neighboring states has crushed atlantic city casinos and officials say job loss in new jersey could top 8,000 by year's end. >> toronto mayor rob ford is in the hospital tonight. doctors believe he may have tumor in his abdomen. they say ford has been suffering from stomach pains for at least three months but the pain became unbearable today. his hospitalization comes just a short time after meeting another troubled celebrity mike tyson. the former heavy weight ham is that in toronto to promote his one-man show. he calls ford an eccentric mayor
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with the history of addictions the best in toronto's history. ford said owe idolized tysons for years. doctors known know how long he'll be in the hospital. a bio see is expected to be done on the tumor. >> cops say these girls are all part of an elaborate crime. what their buddies are accused of doing at the same time. and -- >> hi, how how are you? >> one of the hottest trends right now. uber and uber x you pay random rangers to pick you up. what happened when we went undercover. >> and a beloved teacher and mom in the fight of her life until a complete stranger offered something priceless. >> he lost his parents early and he didn't want these girls to lose their mom. >> the life long bond thanks to a share on facebook. >> plus, leave the chap stick at home. students banned from using it at school.
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why it will require a doctor's note. >> scott. >> lucy coming up your weather authority has the timing on poe at the present time cold front that will
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>> grabbing a ride with a few swipes on your smart phone. ride sharing apps like uber x are latest way to get around but also controversial. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose takes us undercover to find out what it's really like to climb in the back seat and as you're about to see, it's not always predictable. >> that's an uber x driver threatening our fox 29 crew.
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after he realized we were recording our ride and his driving undercover. >> this was the last ride of the night for us using uber x the latest trendy yesterday way to get around the jersey shore. >> hi, how are you? >> grabbing a ride in an unmarked mini van sounds unusual. feels a little strange. as we found out, can be at times unpredictable. more on that later. >> you're my i can brrr. >> uber x is the budget friendly version of black shared riding app uber. users hail the ride using their smart phones. >> i get to serve some very nice people. >> uber x launched at the shore around memorial day weekend. >> from avalon to ocean city or avalon to atlantic city. >> according to the company, and one of our drivers, it's been a huge hit. >> everyone that would have a
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drink, they know that it's safer to order a service like this. >> but the road to success is bumpy. some regulat regulates and comps point out uber x drivers are not commercially licensed professionals. according to the website anyone over 21 who has a driver's license, a newer model vehicle and personal insurance can apply. uber insists it conducts rigorous background screenings that cover criminal and driving history. >> one minute away. >> spokesman says uber technology keeps track of every driver every ride. several cities have thrown up road blocks to uber x operations. >> a lot of people don't want to upset the status quo. >> reporter: fox school of business professor says uber x has got it right. meeting consume mr. demand with prices competitive with tax cab. uber's rating system in which drivers and passengers rate their experiences is sort of self regulation. >> the regulation should not be to kill the service.
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i think it's a matter of time before we see more and more cities approving such services. >> reporter: users should read the fine print. he says uber terms limit the company's liability if you get hurt during an uber ride. uber x has yet to make it's way to philly. when it does it will have to persuade skeptical parking authority it should be loud to do business. it hasn't yet applied. back to our test ride. first uber x experience. >> camden city hall to moorestown mall. started with an hour long wait. and ended with ride that took twice the time uber estimated it would take. on its own app. the driver did offer to stop meter after taking a wrong turn. >> this was the first time we tried it. we thought we'll give it another shot. >> wipes, gum. >> our best ride worthy of that five star rating with uber x driver whose been working the injuries seashore beat.
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>> later when we revealed we were undercover he agreed to talk to us about his experience. >> everyone that doesn't know about it should get to use it to see the benefit, the convenience. >> he hopes i can brrr x skeptics -- >> complete stranger. i don't know. >> will come around. >> gets you where you're going. >> back at the last ride in atlantic city. which ended abruptly. >> the driver whose face we decided not to show since he was so upset demanded we erase the footage taken inside his car. we said no and we weren't obligated to since it was well within our legal rights in new jersey to shoot it. fortunately the night ended peacefully. >> new jersey transit police department. >> we never did get to our destination. check it out. we were still charged for the trip. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> we have reached out to uber repeatedly for comment about our experience. the company promised to send us a statement. we have yet to receive it. we will keep you posted with
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what uber has to say. so no arrests, no jail time and no criminal record. new legislation is decriminalizing marijuana possession in the city of brotherly love. now to be clear, the bill does not actually legalize pot, but if police catch someone with an ounce or less, the result will be a civil penalty which can be ex punched from that person's record. now for those who worry about the message this sends to our children, philadelphia mayor michael nutter has this to say. >> i expect parents will continue to tell their kids stay away from drugs. stay away from narcotics, and i will continue to stepped that message. i think that making sure that kids get whether in school or in some other setting more information about why drugs are bad for you and all of those kinds of things are other parts of a more holistic approach. >> if the bill becomes law it would take effect on october 20th. developing tonight, new revelations about what may have
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led to the death of joan rivers. the new york daily news reports that rivers had an unplanned biopsy on her vocal cords causing them to seize and that cut off her air supply. rivers went to yorkville endoscopy pour a routine procedure back on august 28th. according to the daily news, a doctor with her entourage performed the biopsy without her written consent. medical experts say the procedure should have have been done in a hospital. rivers death is now being investigated by the state health department and the medical examiner. >> tensions are still running high in ferguson, missouri. dozens of protesters demanding justice for brown. rallied on interstate 70. they want authorities to arrest darrin wilson the officer who shot brown during a confrontation. protesters also want a special prosecutor to take over the ca case. the distrust and racial tensions between residents and police also reared up at a city council
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meeting. first council meeting since the shooting a line of speakers vented their frustration. they demanded officer wilson's immediate arrest. one speaker even promised more protests if they don't get what they want. >> authorities say a south carolina man has confessed to killing his own five children. police say timothy jones will be charged with five counts of murder. the children's bodies were found wrapped in trash bags along a rural road in alabama. autopsies are now being performed to determine the cause of death. jones and the children who were one to eight years old have been reported missing by their mother last week. a bizarre and dangerous new game has teenagers across the country running for their lives. it's called fugitive dangerous vare indication of tag but this game involves teen drivers. one teen weaves in and out of traffic on foot to escape a group of cars trying to catch hip. the mother of a girl hit by car playing the game is begging parents to put an end to it.
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>> this is very dangerous. very dangerous. and unfortunately my daughter is the prime example of that game. >> her daughter is in the hospital but is recovering. the 26 year old driver who hit her was not part of the game and will not face any charges. >> elementary school in new jersey is starting a new school year without a bunch of i pads. the school says someone stole them as jennifer joyce reports thieves have targe targeted this particular school district and its i pads more than once. >> it's horrible. it's messed up. >> reporter: just one week into the new school year willingboro parents are upset. >> i do find that it is horrible that you're stealing from, you know, kids futures basically, you know weighmen. >> reporter: willingboro township police say twin hill elementary school reported about a dozen i-pads stolen. it's believed they disappeared over summer break. this news comes just one month after fox 29 reported about more
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than 170i pads that went missing sometime last year within the same school district. the total damage from both reports is up to nearly $75,000. but it's a priceless loss to the students. >> they used to give us a list of questions, and we used to have to research them and answer them. growing up we need to know how to use technology. they should get more security in a school. >> i would say don't take the stuff. it's our property. >> reporter: if you have any information on these missing i pads you're urged to contact the willingboro township police department. in willingboro, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> tonight in shanksville, pennsylvania, the national park service opens the door of the visitor center under construction at the flight 93 national memorial. tomorrow marks 13 years sin the september 11th terrorist tax. united airlines flight 23 crashed in field there as passengers fought back against
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highjackers. the center is expected to open next year. since the attacks on 9/11 billions of dollars have been spent rebuilding ground zero in new york. one world trade will finally open later this year. builders say tenants can start moving in come november. the project has been years in the making. two of the four world trade center buildings have been completed and 5 million square feet of office space has already been leased as well. developers believe in the future with the world trade center and its shopping malls as an anchor lower manhattan will explode with tech and advertising companies. ceremonies marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks will be held at the memorial site tomorrow. >> something big is in store for that waiter who says he got stiffed. >> stiffed by a philadelphia eagles star. the waiter admitted to fox 29 that lesean mccoy did not have the best service at his northern liberties restaurant but today actor charlie sheen tweeted he's giving the waiter $1,000. mccoy left a 20-cent tip on a bill topping 60 bucks. the burger joint and bar put the
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receipt on their facebook page and we still haven't heard anything from lesean mccoy. >> one student's fight to use her chap stick in school. >> i don't think it's right for kids to leave it in class. >> why is it banned in the first place? well we found out. and the fight for andy. a beloved teacher and mom is desperate need of a kidney one stranger's act of kindness that will touch your heart. scott? >> iain, 90-degree heat is on the way for tomorrow. but also we have the threat of severe weather. coming up the timing of when we could see gusty winds and brief downpours.
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>> this is incredible this video take selfies to a whole new level. police in los angeles say this is surveillance video of two women and three men whom are not on camera burglarizing a home in bell air. what is shocking how one of the burglars sits on bench outside the home, plays with her hair and appears to take multiple selfies during the burglary. the suspects got away with money, electronics and passports. >> schools are filled with rules and for good reason. but one virginia fifth grader says her schools ban on chap stick that goes a little too far. so what is she doing about it. >> 11 year old grace, is petitioning the school board for
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a change. right now draft elementary cat gore rises chap stick as medicine and that means children actually need a doctor's note to use it. the alternative is going to the nurse' office who then has to apply it to their lips. the nurse had to do it. grace decided i'm taking a stand after learning this the hard one day during recess. teacher told her you can't put that on your lips. >> i don't think it's right for kids to have leave it in class. it's just a stick of vaseline. >> so far grace has collected more than 300 signatures for her petition. the school superintendent's officer says that chap stick rule is based on input from local health care experts saying if children share these types of things she could spread germs and diseases. the school board says it will be in touch with grace when it finally makes a decision. popular philadelphia teacher is all smiles tonight feeling grateful to be alive after successful transplant surgery. her students contacted fox 29
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back in april about her search for a kidney donor. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney tells us how compassionate and courageous people and the power of social media have her on the road to recovery. >> i'm just like so happy. >> reporter: andy has plenty of reason to be happy. after battling chronic kidney disease for almost 16 years, taking a terrible turn for the worst late last year, she finally has a new kidney. andy is recovering after under going successful transplant surgery at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. >> it's an mazing feeling. i got on the list two years ago, and at the time they told me that i was going to be a really hard match. >> reporter: doctors said it could take five years or more for a match but the popular teacher students at philadelphia's george washington high school knew she won wait that long. they launch add heartfelt campaign to get the word out any way they could. her two daughters lexi and madison create add facebook page called fight for andy.
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>> it worked. it's wonderful angel stepped up and gave me a kidney. i just can't believe that someone would do that for me, someone that doesn't even know me. >> such an incredible feeling to have my mom back. i never imagined it would happen this kick quickly. >> reporter: lori o'connor learned about andy's polite. she mentioned it to her husband dan who she knew had the same blood type o positive. the father of two didn't think twice and turned out to be a perfect living donor match. >> he, um, he lost his parents early and he said i want -- don't want these girls to lose their mom. >> andy met dan for the first time last week. >> dan who doctors say can function per factually with one kidney is in a lot of pain right now. also, recovering from the surgery. >> i think he would say the same thing this is nothing. i'll be fine in a week and she'll be fine forever. so it's all worth it.
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>> i can't ever thank him enough or repay him for the gift he's given me, because without him, i would still be on dialysis and just getting sicker and sicker. and he saved my life. >> i keep thinking about hour courageous that man and his family, all right, his wife, all right, honey, go ahead and donate your kidney. the man didn't even know the woman. didn't hesitate. >> yeah. great story. >> we wish them all the very best. >> both of them. >> andy's doctors says her recovery should take six oh eight weeks. she's looking great already. >> she is. >> dan about six weeks. >> andy hopes to be back in the classroom teaching by the first of the year and her students have been texting her all day with well wishes. >> all right. mr. scott williams. let's bring everybody nice weather. all right. nice weather if you like the heat because it's going to feel like summer as we move into tomorrow afternoon. feels like temperatures will be in the low 90s.
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for tonight, though, it's mostly cloudy and mild. that humidity will start to increase and you'll notice it tomorrow morning. patchy fog is also possible. it's going to be a muggy start across our area. and then you can see hazy, hot, humid. high temperatures approaching 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. then scattered showers even some gusty thunderstorms arriving by the afternoon. as we look at the satellite and radar you can see it's dry and quiet right now across our area. but a nasty line of showers and thunderstorms has been impacting sections of the ohio river valley. also, behind that system we're talking snowfall. look at the snow occurring through sections of montana. now that air mass will modify as it et cetera he heads in our direction but nonetheless we're looking at roller coaster temperatures over the next several days. but look at this nasty line of showers and storms impacting st. louis, indianapolis as well as parts of ohio, reports of funnel clouds, tornadoes and some damage in northern and eastern sections of ohio. for us, tomorrow afternoon,
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especially after about 3:00 o'clock we're looking at the threat for some severe weather. we're talking brief downpours/gusty winds as well as some lightning with any of the activity that develops in your backyard. a dry start. muggy tomorrow morning, but watch the clock. by 3:00 we're watching some scattered showers and storms. it's not going to be a squall line or a solid line of showers and thunderstorms. we're looking at a broken line. but if you're underneath that activity you're looking at some gusty winds, downpours as well as lightning that system will move into south jersey after 7:00. eight, 9:00 o'clock and linger just for few hours down the shore but behind it, we're going to look at a pretty nice friday ahead. the high temperature today in philadelphia made it up to 82 degrees. that's 2 degrees above the normal which is down to 80 for this time of year. temperatures right now dropping into the low 60s for the poke neck mountains we're looking at mid 60s in millville as well as atlantic city. upper 60s currently in the philadelphia area. but look at the sharp temperature contrast.
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it's 93 right now in dallas. 60s in wichita and we're looking at 40 in rapid city. upper 30s right now in billings montana so fall almost winter like weather for parts of the lower 48. for us we're looking at 70 degrees in the city for tonight. 64 in the suburbs and then tomorrow, it's going to feel like summer. 88 degrees keep an eye to the sky north and west during the afternoon after about 3:00 o'clock for those scattered showers and thunderstorms. that seven day forecast showing you 88 for the high on thursday. then we drop 10 degrees. less humid friday. 78 for the high and then even cooler by the upcoming weekend. highs on saturday only in the low 70s, mid 70s by sunday. looking pretty good for most of the weekend but there could be a shower on saturday. howard? >> the eagles monday night prepare for that football game with a revamped offensive line and an inside the park homerun was the difference in tonight's phillies game. that will be coming up in
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eagles back at practice today in preparation for that monday night game in indianapolis. they are 2.5 underdog. different prep than the first week. offense looked a little different because the offensive line has two major injuries. there are two starters. new ones on the offensive line because of those injuries. dennis kelly will start at left guard place of evan mathis and andrew gardner at right tackle the fact these players have been with the eagles last year and throughout camp make it easier to jump in with the center making the line calls. does it change things? you just up the communication and most of that has to be done this week in practice. you know, it's hard to change the way you do things and to up your thinking during the game it affects your play too much. in practice takes a lot closer attention to detail. >> there might be a couple of things that i make communication
3:43 am
a little clearer with gardner, but, um, you know, he knows his stuff and he knows what we got to do. >> the more you play the more comfortable you are and another week of practice at right tackle do nothing but increase my comfort level. >> full preview of eagles and colts coming up this sunday morning at 11:00 on "game day live". and fox nfl sunday at 12 noon. followed by the cardinals -- 12 noon. 12 noon. okay. cardinals and giants at 1:00. wrap up week two of the nfl season on fox 29 news at 10. >> according to ben revere the phillies have play off ambitions. we'll see how they made out
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♪ >> ben revere may think the phillies can make the playoffs but less than 20,000 fans were at the game. i guess they don't think so and many of those pirates fans. let's go at the ballpark. watch this. fifth inning phillies up three
3:47 am
three-two against jerome williams much that's andrew mccutcheon. what is ben revere doing? that ball is so far above his head it's ridiculous. he's got baseball iq about two below plant live when he plays this game. >> unbelievable. >> andrew mccutcheon scores ea easily ties the game up at three. all right. now two batters later it just kept oncoming. russell martin with the homerun. the pirates win it six to three. oh, my gosh. come on, ben. here's your chance to take a shot at me. you can take one now at me. whatever. >> two below plant life. >> it's called knocking the ki king. shoot your sid video go to click on the ureport tab to unload it. we'll play the best o
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♪ >> just a year after getting out of jail former state senator and philadelphia power broker vince fumo is now working as a consultant. the inquirer reports he's already got two clients. fumo served four years in prison for corruption. >> fox 29'ss fans got a special preview of red band society. >> it looks pretty good, doesn't it? >> um-hmm.
3:52 am
>> they got to meet good day's mike jerrick and alex holly as well before watching it. mike and alex introduced the show at dave and buster's in northern liberties. they signed autographs and gave a way a few prices as well. mike and alex will share it all tomorrow on good day. red band society is about a group of patients at a children's hospital unlikely friends who share an unbreakable bond. red band society debuts september 17th, mark it on your calendar. you can watch it right here on fox 29 at 9:00 p.m. then, of course, it's us. the fox 29 news at
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♪ >> thanks for septembering your night with us much the fox 29 morning news begins at 4:00 a.m. you don't want to miss that. make sure you tune in for that. >> you want the quote of the d day. iq of -- >> two below plant life. >> that was howard's. >> baseball. baseball iq. >> never heard of that. that's fabulous. coming up two hours of news infotainment all starts with tmz followed by inside edition, dish nation and, of course, chasing new jersey. have a great night. ♪
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>> thirteen years ago the country was shaken. how our community is remembering those we loved. sue serio tracking thursday thunderstorms. knew. >> yes, there could be a noisy ride home today with a cold front coming through. before that happens, you're going to perspire a little bit today. we'll spell it all out for you in your weather authority forecasts. >> sue, then bombshell revelation in the ray rice case. why the fbi is now getting involved. good day everybody, it is thursday, september 11, 2014, thanks for being with us,


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