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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  September 11, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> thirteen years ago the country was shaken. how our community is remembering those we loved. sue serio tracking thursday thunderstorms. knew. >> yes, there could be a noisy ride home today with a cold front coming through. before that happens, you're going to perspire a little bit today. we'll spell it all out for you in your weather authority forecasts. >> sue, then bombshell revelation in the ray rice case. why the fbi is now getting involved. good day everybody, it is thursday, september 11, 2014, thanks for being with us, at
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4:00 in the morning. >> good morning, whatever you say september 11, though, boy, it still resonates, 13 years late, not to be a downer, but just that date. anyway, lets guess to sue serio at 4:01, weather on the one's. such a downer, glue it needs to be mentioned, we all are going to spend the day remembering what we were doing on 2001's september 11. we'll talk about it all morning long, you know, you don't want to forget. let's take a look at the weather for today. i'll next the hair coming up. believe me. some mornings. it was back to school night last night, there is my excuse, and i'm sticking to it. it ended late, and i was glad to be there. 69 degrees in philadelphia right now, winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour, relative humidity at 84%. your sunrise time is at 6:38 this morning, so there is a look at some of the rain ahead of the cold front, already spreading into the northern parts of our viewing area.
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we zoom in closer, see up near allentown, and bush kill, pocono mountains, seeing little bit of rain this morning, moving from west to east, no rain yet in philadelphia, we're saving that for a little later on, a a look at the future cast coming up. 69 degrees in philadelphia, wilmington, 70 in wildwood, and 68 degrees in lancaster, you can feel it is as little more humid. just little bit warmer than it was yesterday at this time. dew points have inched above the six off degrees mark, so this will be a sticky casino of day. but wasn't it a wonderful wednesday, with 82 degrees, and lower humidity yesterday. cloudy and muggy today, showers, thunderstorms, actually high of around 88 degrees, before those thunderstorms hit. that's your weather authority forecast, it is time to catch some traffic if we have any this morning. >> not really. but, you know, right idea. thank you, sue. weep start out on the blue route. some construction, there northbound broomall, upper darby exit, saint david's
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ville node a -- nova exit. that area there, one lane blocked. also, 959 northbound, this is approaching cottman avenue, construction that has one lane blocked, too. finally on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, near 195, area of construction that's two right lanes blocked, only until 5:00 a.m. this morning. >> to breaking news at 4:03, man in custody this morning after trying to run from police in delaware county. suspect is believed to be responsible for robberies in philadelphia. authorities say the man left his car on the train tracks near the lansdowne train station, then ran off. he was later caught after police set up a perimeter. krause battle an apartment fire overnight in west philadelphia, the fire broke out on north 52nd street around 1:30, one person had to be rescued from the second floor. no one was hurt, the cause of the fire now under investigation. also, at 4:03, developing this morning, police say arm gunman robbed a check cashing company in juniata park. it happened on the 1200 block of east hunting park avenue
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around 8:00 last night. police say the robber got away with nearly $31,000. if you have any tips, give police a call. >> president obama making his case for military action against military group isis. >> speaking from the white house the president detailed his four part strategy to defeat this terrorist threat. >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil through a contained strait edge. >> i opening new military front in the middle east, president barack obama authorized us air strikes inside of syria for the first time last night. along with expanded strikes in iraq. obama also deploying nearly 500 additional us troops to advise and assist. the iraqi security forces bringing the total number of american drops sent there this summer to more than 1500.
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>> i've made it clear, we will hunt down terrorists where ever they are. that means i will not hesitate to takings against isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principal of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find no safe half he end. >> president obama urging to train armed syrian rebels fighting both the islamic state and syrian president. meanwhile, in just couple of hours, the nation will pause to honor the victims of 9/11. >> moment of silence will be held three times this morning, each to honor the exact moments when the towers of the world trade center and the pentagon were struck. meanwhile, private ceremonies will be held for survivors of victims families in new york and at the pentagon. president obama scheduled to attend an event at the pentagon. meanwhile in shenksville the flight 93 national memorial open to the public all day, to honor the victims. and in pennsauken, new
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jersey, 2997 american flags have been placed at the township's 9/11 memorial. those flags honor each life lost in those terror attacks. the flags will remain in place for 24 hours. several remembrance ceremonies are being being held around the region to honor the victims of 9/11, the mayor and the fire commissioner will be in attendance at the an event at the betsy ross house. that will ceremony begins at 9:59 this morning. in new jersey, state attorney general, john hoffman, will be the keynote speaker at an event in somers point, pay tree the's park, that ceremony begins at 8:30, then in delaware, governor jack markell will speak at remember renz ceremony at the delaware military academy. that event begins at 8:00. >> more fall out this morning tide to the ray rice scandal and that video of him knocking his then fiancee. nfl say they hired robert muller to lead a investigation into how the league handled the case. comes asomugha owes $8 press reports the nfl received copy
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of the elevator video back in april. nfl commissioner roger goodel says no one saw the tape prior to monday when row reese leased meanwhile the us house judiciary committee sent letter full explanation of what the league new and when. >> 4:07. oscar pistorius could learn averred in his murder trial as early as today. don't expect acinal guilty or not guilt. >> i looking now live at a camera that has been positioned in johannesburg in the courtroom right there the african-american in the middle there, i should say, african woman in the middle there, is the judge here. then she has two other sort of co-counsel judges to each side of her, that judge in the middle will go through the long process of summarizing the testimony of each witness. i believe there are as many as 37 witnesses including pistorius himself, who testified then. she will give her assessment of each witness, and what was
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accepted or rejected to form their testimony. now, this process may take all day. in fact, kerrey, we hear it might even go into tomorrow. pistorius of course accused of shooting and killing his girlfriends reeva steenkamp. he claims he accidentally shot her. >> brother and sister just walking home from school end up in the hospital. luckily witnesses were standing by when the kids were hit by a car. how they new just what to do. and lauren johnson live this morning, after thieves stole ipads from a school. lauren? >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, kerrey, that's right, dozen ipads, snatched from an elementary school here in willingboro. we will tell you how parents and students are rea
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we have ultimate doppler, no precipitation in the philadelphia area at the moment, but you go up to our north, some rain just moved out of allentown into northern new jersey. up toward pocono mountain seeing some rain, as well, once that's out of here, most of us probably won't get anything else until later on in the day when the rest of the cold front comes through. so timing it out in the future cast, looks like we will see enough sunshine to get us up into the upper 80s, that we've been talking about, it will be humid today. then after 3:00, 4:00. we see the showers popping up. they go through the area for the evening rush hour which
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could be little mess any some places if you get heavy downpour, then if foo they fire up around 8:00 at the jersey shore, southern delaware, as well. lingering through midnight, that should it be for that cold front. 69 degrees in philadelphia right now and in wilmington, 07 in wildwood, 62 degrees mount pocono. head today high of 88 today, cloudy, muggy, maybe little sunshine, afternoon storms popping up. some could be little loud tonight down into the 60s, once again, and we will see some thunderstorms lingering into the evening, but graduate clearing overnight. it will get just little cooler lovely change for tomorrow, we'll talk about that when we bring you the seven day forecast, traffic time, good morning again. >> thanks, sue, your hair looks great. thank goodness for commercial breaks. construction 202 northbound, we start out between 401 and 29.
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that's in malvern, currently construction that has one lane blocked on 202, so you need to detour around that. also, the blue route southbound between schuylkill and saint david's villanova, another construction area there, told you about 110 minutes ago between the broomall exit and saint david's, now one between the schuylkill and saint david's, finally, northeast extension, approaching lansdale, construction one lane blocked there. 4:13, new jersey school district once again the target of thieves who swiped some ipads used to teach students. fox 29's lauren johnson live outside twin hill he elementary school in willingboro this morning. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: seems like the epitomy of evil, to steel from young children, but that's what's happening here in willingboro township. this school the latest to be hit. seemingly someone is getting a i weigh it this isn't the first time something like this has happened. tuesday police in the township were called to twin hill elementary school for report after theft. officers learned 12 ipads were
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stolen, they believe the tab et cetera were swiped at some point during the summer break. apple ipads aren't cheap, so talking 4,800-dollar lost for this particular school. last year the willingboro school district reported the same theft but in much bigger numbers. it was 150 devices at that time. but the district wasn't sure if the ipads were snatched from schools or from a district warehouse. either way, with each one costing roughly $400, that hit cost taxpayers 68,000 bucks. parents are outraged, students too young to make sense of it. >> i do find that it is horrible that you are stealing from, you know, kids futures, basically, you know what i mean? >> i feel it is not very good to do that, because as us growing up, we need to know thousand use technology. so when we get older we can get a very great job and probably technology and know how to work it, use it, how to
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take care of it, how to use it correctly. >> police spokesperson says here at this elementary school, two too early to know if the incidents are connected. if you have information about either theft, you are asked to call the willingboro police. >> absolutely, let's hope they catch these people who did it, lauren johnson, thank you very much. two children covering this morning after being hit by a car in northeast philadelphia. >> okay, so the children, a ten year old girl, her seven year old brother, were walking home from school when they were hit by a 2003 dodge ram. >> this happened at the intersection of academy and byberry roads. two nursing students witnessed the accident. and immediately jumped into help. >> we went in another direction, we wouldn't have been here. we are here for a rone. >> children rushed to the hospital with severe head
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injuries. police say the driver, 20 year old woman, was making a legal turn and appears to be unfortunate accident. no charges have been filed. >> roughed up and dragged. new jersey woman claims that a bachelorette party at harrah's casino in atlantic city turned into nightmare. she says a security guard there beat her up. it happened two years ago, but now she is suing the casino. it is not the first time this security team at harrah's has been under fired. amy walsh suit the latest in series of similar claims against the casino. walsh was hosting a vip bachelorette party at harrah's pool after dark for her cousin who is legally blind. she claims that everything was fine when a minor seating issue with six of the woman became a major problem. >> we had a reservation for five, we said we had one for six. we asked to speak to the manager. next thing you know i was
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being moved through the casino -- >> police arrested walsh but prosecutors eventually dropped the criminal charges. her attorneys say she is now seeking unspecified damages. a spokesperson for harrah's tells fox 29 we take the safety and security of all of our guests and our employees very seriously, our security personnel are trained to use the least amount of force required to manage any particular incident while ensuring they take the steps necessary to protect the guests, employees, anthem selves. >> deliberations expected to start today in the trial of the woman accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five year old girl in philadelphia last year. closing arguments were made yesterday, defense lawyer for christina focused on unresolved questions surrounding the crime. he urged jurors to acquit her. prosecutors say she acted alone, and insist police chased down hundreds cents of leads before the girls memory of a talking bird led them to her. 4:17. taking a look at some of the
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stories making headlines around the world, figi saying thursday its 45 united nations cents peace keepers being held captive are shown in a video posted on youtube. the 15 minute video shows two men speaking in arabic with troops from figi sitting if the background. near the end of the video, one of the soldiers speaks in english calling it a happy day because the peace keepers were getting released. at this point though that still hasn't happened. meanwhile, tore toronto mayor rb ford in the hospital, doctors at the hospital believe he may have tumor in his abdomen. they say ford's been suffering from stomach pains for at least three months, but it became unbearable yesterday. his hospitalization comes a short time after meeting another troubled celebrity, mike tyson. former heavy weight champion is in toronto to promote his one man show. he calls ford an accentric mayor with a history addictions. the best in toronto's history, while ford said he idolized
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tyson for years. doctors don't know how long ford will be in the hospital a biopsy is expected to be done. 4:19. in missouri now dozen of protesters demanding justice for shooting victim michael brown tried to march on a busy interstate. hundreds of protesters hoping to shut down the highway during rush hour, but a wall of officers in riot gear stopped them. organizers of the event call it an act of civil disobedience. the rally was in support of slain teen, michael brown. supporters are calling for the office here shot brown to be arrested. it also like special prosecutor to take that case over. authorities say a south carolina man has confessed to killing his own five children. timothy jones will be charged with five counts of murder. their bodies found wrapped in trash bags along a rural road in alabama. an autopsy is being conducted to determine exact calls of death. >> was stopped at a check point saturday, charged with dui. when investigators ran the
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license plate they realized he and his kids had been reported missing by their mother. the supreme court added gay marriage cases to the agenda of meeting later this month. the first time the justices have the issue before them. how much there is does not mean the court will decide to hear state appeals of lower courts who have struck down bands on same sex marriage. appeals have been filed in indianna, oklahoma, utah, virginia, as win cost sin. governor of california has signed a bill that mandates paid sick leave. now the law means employers must give full and part-time workers at least three paid sick days a year. now, this expands a leave to additional six and a half million california workers, the law goes into effect next july. >> all right, it is just about 4:20. joining us for check of almost weather on the one's, your hair is neatly placed. we were thinking little something about a merry moment were you having, but looks fabulous in you. >> well, actually, i needed
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product. so it was the opposite of something about mary. anyway, yes, the perils of working this early in the morning, sometimes you have to witness us, works in progress. >> you look beautiful. >> let's face it, it is the deal. can we go look at the graphic now? here is 88 degrees for high temperature today. actually i think we will reach the 88 early before the storms hit. off to muggy start this morning, at least breezy out there, not too oppressive. it will feel like summer. still is summer until the 22nd of september. so, with that, 88 degrees high temperature, when the colds front hits it, will touch off few pop up thunderstorms, some of them could be pretty strong, with gusty winds, heavy rain. our sunset time 7:16. but what this really means, caitlin, is that the drive home today could be a bit dramatic. >> oh, yes, well, you know, you can't go a week without some weather-related drama traffic related drama drive home later today. weather will impact you.
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hard to say waist going to impact you just quite yet. for now construction, new jersey turnpike, this is southbound, near 168, the black horse pike, currently got an area of construction there, has right lane block. other areas of construction we'll update you. >> chipotle near penn state university shutdown. hear what the managers have quit and walk out had to say about the conditions they were working in.
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teams that win in the ffl have to overcome injury. eagles will find if they can overcome those injuries on the offensive line. two new starters on that line monday night. dennis kelly fill in for evan mathis, andrew gardner will play for the injured allen barbara. >> i feel much more comfortable, now, you know, physically, i feel more comfortablement mentally toward football, so i am excited. >> we can't let one guy distract what the entire team is trying to accomplish here. if you ask anyone of those guys they would be upset if we
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were worrying about them, not getting the job done, as well. >> not good finish for the phillies last night. to the ballpark, up three-two, andrew, watch ben revere. what was he jumping that? that ball so far out of his head, he could be 12 feet, 15 feet tall. falls. inside the park homerun. pirates tie it at later in the inning. they go onto win it six-three against the phillies, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. something big in store for the philadelphia waiter who admitted to fox 29 eagles star lesean mccoy did not have the best service at his northern liberties restaurant, actor charlie sheen tweeted he's giving the wait area thousand dollars. shady mccoy left a 20 cents tip on a 60-dollar bill, pyt monday, burger joint anbar put the check on their facebook page, or i should say the receipt. we still haven't heard a peep from lesean mccoy. >> we have not. meanwhile workers at a chipotle at state college
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walking off the job they call sweat shop conditions t closed yesterday after most of the managers and the staff quit. the sign on the door said the workers were protesting borderline sweat shop conditions. workers say the place was under staffed, they got no breaks. a spokesman for chipotle said our penn state restaurant were closed, when a few quit, while others were entheusiastic return to work. no word when it will reopen. >> one dad is told he can't visit his daughter at school. why he says the school stopped him because of his uniform. >> a day we will feel like history. the memory that far morning is fresh. so is the
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>> combating terrorism. president obama makes bold moves, what he is calling for to fight terrorists cents cents overseas. don't let the terrorists take this day from us. >> then the country's remembering the terrorist attacks on 9/11, now there is good news for one world trade center, when it will finally be back open. and the cards may be back in the revel hotel casino's favor. an offer may be on the table. who wants that hotel and how much they are willing to fork
4:31 am
over for the now closed building. steve keeley's credit, as been covering this story for a long time, he said this build something too into, too nice, and will be getting at some a bargain price, someone will step in. good day everyone it, cents thursday, september 11, 2014. >> it is indeed. 4:31, time for weather on the one's, good morning. >> we look out at the airport, one of the most illuminated places this early in the morning, besides center city of course, 69 degrees, as we take a look at what's going on there. things activity will be picking up soon. we've got southerly wind at 6 miles an hour, 84% relative humidity. you can feel how sticky it is out there. luckily there is a little breeze, sunrise time 6:38 this morning. here's a look at some showers that are well ahead of the cold front, which is still back in ohio, right now, so later on, we will get everybody a taste of the thunderstorms, but for this morning, most of the rain is moving out of the pocono mountains. and into northern new jersey,
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for us, just some cloud cover around, and it should remain dry throughout the early part of the day. we have 69 in the city. 70 degrees in wildwood, point pocono, 62, these temperatures are not that much different than yesterdayment the difference is the humidity, and the dew points in the mid 60s. but it was indeed a wonderful wednesday. at least weather wise, hope it was for you, with 82 degrees, as our high. today it is 88, we will have clouds, some sun, but it is muggy out there, with late day showers, and thunderstorms. that's your forecast for thursday. from the weather authority, taking a look now, at traffic, here's caitlin. >> good morning to you all. just joining us, only some construction we're concerned about outside. one area, new jersey turnpike, northbound, near 73, popular area. currently construction that has the left lane block until 5:00 a.m. this morning, so we
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have another 30 minutes to go, then you should be fine. also, 295 northbound, the ramp to southbound 13, the ramp is actually closed, to construction, so can you not access it, you will have to find an alternate to get around. finally construction on 95 northbound, approaching cottman avenue. it has one lane block earlier. it has now cleared for the day. you are good to go on 95 there. kerrey, caitlin? >> 4:33, right now, 13 years after the september 11 terror attacks, president obama making his case for military action against the militants extremist group, isis, speaking from the white house, the president detailed his four part strategy to root out that growing rain of terror. fox 29's steve keeley live in bucks count which more on the president's speech. steve? >> reporter: the official pennsylvania memorial to the september 11 attacks, boy, you get that solemn feeling, i
4:34 am
have been here since the day opened. you can see 24/7, look at that lit fountain, and that gives you a sense of the feeling here, to honor the people who commuted every day from this area, bucks county to manhattan, and were killed in those attacks with all of those other 3,000 americans, well the president likely won't have any better dayton the calendar than this one to have public support for want to go take out terrorists before they can come here ever again, and do anything like they did on this date. now known simply by those two numbers, 9/11. after a year of constant criticism being called weak, wish i wash i and without a strategy for going after the group, that be headed those american reporters they kidnapped, a strategy now set, air strikes in syria for the first time, even more missiles into iraq to go after, get, and killed the terror group's leadership, training places and plane hide outs. >> we will hunt down terrorists cents who tour our country where ever they are. that means, i will not hesitate to takings against
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isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principal of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. i'm told this community believes thousands of foreigners including europeans, and some americans, have joined them in syria and iraq. trained and battle hard ends, these could try to return to their home countries and carry out deadly attacks. >> well, to get congress on record to back what many may see as new war plans, and another war front, the president is asking congress to vote next week to okay spending, half billion us tax dollars, to buy weapons for syrians, and train them how to use them. plus, he's ordering another 500 advisors into iraq, and increasing the total, there now, to 1600, but stressing those shoulders will not engage in combat but just being there as we know puts them in danger. kerrey, chris? >> yep, it does, steve, we
4:36 am
appreciate everything that they do every day. thank if you. of course with that as a backdrop, today of course marks the 13 years since september 11, the terrorist attacks in 2001, in shenksville pennsylvania last night. national park service opened the doors of the visitor center under construction at the flight 93 national memorial. united airlines flight crashed in field there as passengers fought back against the hijackers, the center expected to open next year. and, since those attacks on 9/11, billions of dollars have been spent rebuilding ground zero in new york city. one world will finally open later this year. builders say tenants can start moving in, come november, the project has been in the making for years now, two of the four world trade center buildings have been completed 5 million square foot has been lease the, developers believe in the future with the world trade center and shopping mall as an anchor, lower manhattan will explode with tech growth, ceremonies marking the
4:37 am
anniversary, and memorial sites, we'll bring you live coverage all morning and good day philadelphia which runs from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> 4:37. happening now, court proceedings are underway in south africa, where oscar pistorius is wait to go hear the verdict in his murder trial. >> so this could happen as early as today. but, first, a judge is going to go through the long process of reviewing and analyzing the testimony of each witness. you are looking now live, inside the courtroom, they may take all day, maybe tomorrow, this will be announced, the verdicts, pistorius accused of murdering then girlfriend reeva steenkamp, he claims he accidentally shot her. you may not believe this. but there is snow on the grounds already, and yet, this is right here in the us. we'll tell you who is suffering the winter blues already. >> yep. then, one school is banning chap stick. why the kids are being told that they can't use it at all.
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>> parts of colorado already seeing snow. >> we believe the autumn believes the 22nd or 23rd, depending where you liver, so denver in this getting snowfall. area expecting more as cold
4:41 am
front is coming in and temperatures will fall the next couple of of days, bringing mix every rain and snow. temperatures are expected to rise yet again back to the 70s. >> not entirely unheard of. i know we used to get snow a lot in august up in the mountains in utah. >> yes. >> hang around until july, get couple of weeks, minus snow, then back to the grind. suebe? >> well, i found some on ultimate doppler radar. >> where? here? >> not here, don't get excited, out west, in the area of the rocky mountains. let's take a look. there you see even around rapid city, south dakota looks like there is frontal system there, with cold air, where the snow is, then some thunderstorms ahead of it. billings, montana, great falls, up there in montana, some snowfall, this morning, so, ya, i guess here we go with our change of season. but for us, it is the complete
4:42 am
opposite we get ready for summary type of day. could be fog around this morning. by this afternoon, it is hot, humid, some high temperatures near nine the degrees, and scattered strong thunderstorms, for the evening drive time. but the sunshine returns tomorrow, and as the sun returns, caitlin, the humidity goes away. >> thankful for that, thanks, suement princeton, lawrenceville road, 206, between providence line and carter road, the area we're looking at new jersey, currently area of construction, has this road closed until 6:00 a.m. this morning, again, lawrenceville road route 206. so can you not access it until 6:00 a.m. take the alternate, brunswick pike. >> caitlin, thanks. 4:42, ac gets little good news, new jersey getting more bad news. how many times the state's credit rating has been
4:43 am
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>> vice president joe biden remembering 9/11, as we are all morning long on our news show and good day philadelphia. it marks the terrorist attacks, much more, and how the community is honoring those we lost. >> why would a high school tell a father he can't enter the building? that father is united states lieutenant colonel. the school didn't want him wearing his uniform on campus. lieutenant colonel sherwood
4:46 am
baker simply trying to help his daughter find her new way around her new school. when he tried to enter the builds to go speak with her counselors, not one but four guards turned him away. >> before he was allowed in, the security guard stopped him and said, sorry, you're not allowed in the school. the security guard told him that never and women in uniform aren't allowed because it might offend another student. >> the district superintendent, who is a veteran himself, has apologized to the family, but no word on whether he is going to be actually allowed in the building in uniform. 4:46 right now. new jersey's debt rate something slipping. the s&p downgrading the state's rating because of unbalanced budgets, one time measures and pension liability. oh, we have heard that before. this is new jersey's eighth downgrade under governor christie. new jersey's now tied with california, as the second lowest rated state, following illinois. big news for the struggling atlantic city
4:47 am
revel. it says it has an offer to buy the closed casino. this would be big, and very good news. florida developer has offered a $90 million cash bid for the property. now it cost more than 2 billion to build the revel. the casino closed eight days ago after failing to find a buyer before scheduled auction. bankruptcy judge would have to approve that sale. no word yet on who would run the property. meanwhile atlantic city has been hopping with laid off workers, they packed a job fair yesterday, more than 1,000 people wait in the line to navigated crowds, hoping to change their luck in new jersey's once prominent gambling city, the state's sponsored job fair filled the atlantic city convention center as you can see from the video, included help and polishing resumes, more than 50 companies with job openings, where they are looking for new employees. but with no guarantee of getting hired, anxiety really building. one man who work two jobs, at one showboat casino, and the other at revel, is understandably very worried.
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>> i was happy, two jobs, i saved some money, bought a house, actually eight months ago. >> and now this? >> now it is like how am i going do to pay the mortgage? >> competition from neighboring states crushed atlantic city casinos, officials say job lost in new jersey could top 8,000 by years end. 4:48 right now n your entertainment news, a 17 magazine cover is just another sign of the influence on on line media. youtube personality bethany moda is featured on the october cover. she is a 18 year old that has 7 million subscribe tears her youtube channel. mostly makes style and beauty-related videos. sarah buff pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for stunt at broadway stunt back in june. one of several episodes, very bizarre behavior for the former transformer star. he's got couple of these in recent years. his plea involves no jail time or probation. rems for the actor say the
4:49 am
star has gotten treatment for an alcohol problem, if he stays in treatment, for at least three months, and out of trouble for six, he will be allowed to withdraw the guilty plea and the case will be dismissed. actor richard keel, known for his size and playing villains in james bond films, has died. keel died yesterday in california at the hospital he was 75 years old, you can see there, with the silver teeth. he was known as jaws, james bond film, the actor had broken his leg earlier in the week, but it is not clear if that event actually is tied to his death. he had roles in the spy who loved me, moonraker, also appeared in happy gilmore. >> he did. >> 4:49. schools still filled with rules usually for good reason. one virginia ghoul says her school is going too far, petioning the school board for change. right now draft elementary categorized as chap stick as medicine. that means kids actually need a doctors note to use it.
4:50 am
the alternative? go to the nurse, who then has to apply it to their lips for them. >> grace decided to take a stand after learning this the hard way. one day during recess, teacher said she couldn't actually apply chap stick to herself. >> i don't think it is right for kids in class, they can get the medicine, and just as -- >> ridiculous, so far grace has collected more than 300 signatures for her petition, the school superintendent's office said the chap stick rule is based on input from local healthcare experts saying if children share such items, they could spread germs and disease. women, that's true. but the school board says it will be in touch with grace whether it makes a decision. it can share lots of stuff. >> yes. >> they should ban everything. >> yes, that's true. >> ban pencils, ban paper? >> you look at this, though, reminded, all i am getting, i remember the susi chap stick
4:51 am
ads, right? >> i do, too, of course, her name is susi. her name was susi chaffy. and she was a skier, olympic skier, she would shush down a hill, hi, i'm susi chap stick. >> she was quite attractive. did she do commercials, also? i'm gooing tell. >> just susi chap stick. ya. >> we digress. >> funny. about 100 years ago. >> ultimate doppler radar picture, with a lot of cloud cover, please tweet us if you remember, so we are not the only one, we have a look at the rain that's moving through the pocono mountains right now, once that is out of here, i think we will get a break in the action until the actual cold front comes through. later on this afternoon, most of that cold front is in ohio, at the moment, so it will take all day to march across the state. and the first rain will probably arrive around 3:00,
4:52 am
4:00 in the western part of the state, could get kind of stormy and rainy for the drive home this afternoon. soap, let's take a look at that seven day forecast. we have those late day storms today, before that happens, 88 degrees, but then we lose 10 degrees tomorrow, and we get a ten with lower humidity and high of 78, and we do have the possibility after shower on saturday, some sunshine, as well, but it is cooler with high of 72. sunday looks ideal, with high of 74 degrees. excellent weather on monday, as well. chance of some more rain rolling through on tuesday of next week. and that is your weather authority seven day forecast. time to take a look at traffic now, date lynn, got construction out there. >> yes, really basically it, quiet start to the morning, it is just before 5:00 a.m. mainly construction to tell but, to start you off. we begin on the blue route, 476 northbound, between broomall, upper darby, that exit and saint david's villanova, we have one lane block due to construction, and actually just been cleared. so you're good to go headed out on the blue route, chris?
4:53 am
>> caitlin there is girl is just sitting on a bench taking some selfies, or is she? what police say was actually going on here, that has them on the hunt for her now.
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> 4:55 right now, live look at old city, streets still quiet this morning. but thank you for being with us. in spirit anyway with fox 29. take a lock at this video.
4:56 am
takes selfies to end firely new level. this is surveillance video of eventually two women, and three men, who most of those are not on camera, but burglarizing a home in bellaire. what is absolutely shocking, though, is how one. burglars, that's the one you are looking at here; casually sitting on a bench, outside of the home, there is one of them, playing her hair, and looks like she is taking a whole bunch of selfies as this burglary is going down. the suspects got away with mine, electronics, and passports. >> bizarre. >> what's more offensive, how -- never mine. i won't stay. >> you don't care to opine? you can't to but you won't? >> i won't. >> ya. >> better left unsatisfied. >> 4:56. making history in the manufacturing industry. >> so guiness world record broken. all while raising awareness in chicago. so this is time lapse video of the making the worlds' largest coin mosaic. engineers put this together during the international manufacturing technology show. event raises awareness for the vital role, manufacturing
4:57 am
industry place in the u.s. economy. now the money used in this creation of this mosaic will be donated to the manufacturing institute. donation helps students take advantage of stem education, and helps funds its summer camps. >> awesome. >> that's neat. >> straight ahead, beloved teacher and a mom's fight for her life. just got a lot easier watch complete stranger offered her that is truely priceless. >> i think come a long way, and i think the country, we still have a lot to work
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> how our community is remembering those we lost on 9/11. >> bombshell revelation yet again in the ray rice case. you won't believe who asked the fbi to get involved. then, an ipad mystery in burlington county. two schools plagued by ipad thieves, how parents and kids are reacting. >> let's make it official. >> more official. >> no, facebook official. >> oh, troubles headed this guy's way. how he portrays facebook official as a slippery slope. it is coming up in the trends. >> oh, no. >> stick around for that, won't you?


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