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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  September 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> how our community is remembering those we lost on 9/11. >> bombshell revelation yet again in the ray rice case. you won't believe who asked the fbi to get involved. then, an ipad mystery in burlington county. two schools plagued by ipad thieves, how parents and kids are reacting. >> let's make it official. >> more official. >> no, facebook official. >> oh, troubles headed this guy's way. how he portrays facebook official as a slippery slope. it is coming up in the trends. >> oh, no. >> stick around for that, won't you? 5:00 o'clock.
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>> so glad i started like dating and courting before social media was invented. >> oh, a nightmare. >> what a headache. >> my relationship status is complicated. good day, it is thursday, september 11, 2014. >> ya. let's do the numbers, sue. now, yesterday, you upgraded the number from eight to nine. boy it, earned a nine. what a beautiful day. >> lovely yesterday. we nice breezes, low humidity, well, today, we turn that nine upside down. and we will gave you a six today. there is some sunshine, and certainly does feel like summer out there. but we have strong storms, in store for us later on, it will be quite humid today before those storms hit. so that's your number of the day. we have 69 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, sunrise time is 6:38. 88 degrees is the high temperature, showers, thunderstorms, later on in the day, muggy in the meantime. and in the meantime, southwesterly winds will pick up to about ten to 15 miles an hour. and there it is, your forecast
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for thursday from the weather authority. it will be hot, humid, but your pay off is tomorrow. we will have the seven day forecast coming up. hey, caitlin. >> sue, does look good. not so good for areas of construction out there this morning, we start off 202 northbound between malvern, currently construction one lane blocked. also the new jersey turnpike southbound near 195, we do have construction with two right lanes blocked. all of these not causing too many problems yet, as the morning commute picks up, might slow you down. finally on the new jersey turnpike, southbound near 168, construction that has one lane blocked, well, that's now cleared for the morning, so you are good to go there. kerry? >> caitlin, thanks, 5:02 right now, 13 years after the september 11 terror attacks, president obama making his case for military action against the millitant extremist group, isis. >> also known as isil. others say while speaking from the white house the president details his four part strategy to stop the threat of terror. >> our objective is clear.
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we will degrade and ultimately destroy ii the il through comprehensive sustained strait edge. >> i opening new military front in the middle east, president obama authorized us air strikes inside syria for the first time. last night along with expanded strikes in iraq he made this announcement, obama also deploy more us troops to assist iraqi security forces bringing the number on the ground of american forces sent thereto more than 1500, just since summer. >> moreover, i have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorist who is threaten our country where ever they are. that means, i will not hesitate to takings against isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principal of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> president obama's urging congress to authorize a proem gram to train and arm syrian
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rebels fighting both the islamic state militants and syrian president. a new jersey school district has buns again been the target of thieves who swipe some ipads used to teach students. lauren johnson live outside twin hill elementary school in willingboro for us, lauren, good morning. >> reporter: chris, you know what? kids are the biggest lose letter it comes to something like there is here at twin hills elementary, you know, they have neice snatched out of their hands, makes it harder for students to learn, teachers to do their jobs, right now police in willingboro township doing their job trying to track down the thieves, they were called to the school on tuesday after someone here noticed 12 ipads gone. they believe the tablets were taken over the summer, $4,800 down the drain. this latest hit wasn't nearly as bad as the hit the district took last year. 171 ipads, vanished in 2013. that case still cold, and police didn't know if the ipads were taken from specific
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schools or a district warehouse. in the end, they total near than $75,000. parents, grandparents, students, all have something to say about this. >> you can't spec nothing less from ignorant people. you know what i mean? i do find that it is horrible. we hope that they come one some way to get him back. >> i feel it is not very good to do that, because as us growing up, we need to know how to use technology. so when we get older, we can get a very great job. >> what about -- it will impact the kids. it is for the kids. it is for education. it is for their future. >> so, who did this and why? police are hoping they can finds out. they say right now it is way too early to tell if these two incidents are connects dollars. but if you have any information, you are asked to call the willingboro township police. chris, kerrey, hopefully they can track the ipads down so the student kent get back to learning. >> absolutely, lauren johnson, thanks so much. 5:05, as is mentioned of course today has been 13 years
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since the 9/11 terror attacks, nearly 3,000 lives were lost, when terrorists hijacked four planes. and in just a few hours, the nation will pause to honor the victims of 9/11. >> i think we can all remember exactly where we were 13 years ago today when we heard the news. so, a moment of silence will be held, three times this morning, each to honor the exact moments when the towers of the worlds trade center and the pentagon were struck, meanwhile, private ceremonies will be held for survivors of victims families in new york and at the pentagon. president obama scheduled to attend an event at the pentagon. and in shanksville, the flight 93 national memorial will be open to the public, all day, to honor the victims. in pennsauken, new jersey, 2,997 american flags have been placed at the township 9/11 memorial, the flags honor each life lost in the terrorist attacks. the flags will remain in place for 24 hours. and several remembrance ceremonies being held around the region to honor the victims of 9/11, in philadelphia the mayor and fire commissioner will be in
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attendance at an event at the betsy ross house, that begins at 9:59 this morning n new jersey state attorney general john hoffman will be the keynote speaker at an event in somers point, patriots park. that is her moanly start 8:30 this morning, and in delaware the governor there jack markell will speak at remembrance ceremony at the delaware military academy, event begins at 8:00 this morning. 5:07 right now. the fall out over the ray rice scandal continues this morning. the nfl at this point has hired former fbi director mule tow lead a investigation into how the league handled evidence in this case. this comes on the heals of an associated press report, that claims law enforcement officials sent the video of rice punching his then fiancee in that hotel elevator, to an nfl executive five months ago. commissioner roger goodel says the league didn't see the video though until earlier this week. 5:07. developing right now, delaware county, man in custody after trying to evade police. authorities say the man left his car on the train tracks,
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near the lansdowne train station, and ran off. he was later caught after police set up a perimeter, the suspect is believed to be responsible for robberies in philadelphia. crews battle apartment fire overnight in west philadelphia. the fire broke out north 52nd street around 1:30. one person had to be rescued from the second floor. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire now un investigation. and, also, developing for this morning, at 5:08. police say armed gunman robbed a cash checking company in juniata park. this happened around 1200 block of east hunting park avenue around 8:00 last night. police say the robber got away with nearly $31,000. if you have any information, call police. 5:08. happening now, oscar pistorius is in a south african courtroom where he is wait to go hear the verdicts in his murder trial. >> that could happen as early as today. but, before reading the actual verdict, the judge will summarize and analyze the testimony of each witness. there is pistorius right now, not sure if this is, in fact,
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a live picture, this is not a live picture, as many as 37 people have testified in this case, that pros analyzing the testimony will take place all day, maybe into tomorrow, we're expecting the verdict. this morning, two young siblings are recovering from head injuries, after they were struck by a pick-up truck. >> it happened at academy and byberry row rolled in northeast philadelphia, ten year old girl, her seven year old brother, on their way home from school. two nursing students saw the accident, and jumped into help. police say the driver was making a legal turn, no charges will be filed. deliberations expected to start today in the trial of the woman accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five year old girl in philadelphia. this was last year. you may remember this story. closing arguments, made yesterday, defense lawyer for this woman, christina, focused on unresolved questions surrounding the crime. he urged jurors to acquit her. but, prosecutors say, she acted alone, and insists police chased down hundreds
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cents of leads before the girls memory after talking bird led them to her. >> 5:10 the time. now, let's take a look at world news for you. toronto mayor ford is in the hospital. doctors at the hospital believe he may have a tumor in his abdomen. they say, ford has been suffering from stomach pains for at least three months now. his hospitalization comes a short time after meeting another troubled celebrity. mike tyson, former heavy weight champion, in toronto to promote his one man show. he called ford accentric mayor with history of addictions, the best in toronto history. doctors don't know how long ford will be in the hospital, biopsies expected to be done on that tumor. we'll keep you posted on that. >> he went on a rant on canadian broadcaster who asked him, mike tyson did, about some of the past trials and tribulations. rather interesting video. >> tyson's past trials or ford? >> mike tyson. >> mike tyson went on rant? >> shocking, right?
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>> hey, he is a fighter. >> uh-huh, not a lover, a fighter. >> oh, and a lot of that is captured on videotape and films and all of that. >> indeed it is. >> clouds around this morning. but it is generally dry. we were watching some showers move through the pocono mountains earlier, most of them have moved into northern new jersey, so, now we anticipate the colds front coming through later on. temperatures, as you're walking out the door, you will feel it is a lot muggier out there, it is 70 degrees already in wilmington, and wildwood, 62 in the pocono mountains. sixty-seven in pottstown, and atlantic city this morning, 69 degrees in philadelphia. high of 88 today. even with a lot of clouds, we will get to 88. it will be warm, humid, then the storms hit later on in the day. so if you are going to the phillies game tonight, bring the poncho. you might get rain delay. 78 degrees, is your high tomorrow, once the cold front is through, the humidity goes away, and gorgeous day on friday. saturday, wish we could say the same, but weaker cold front coming through, and that
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will bring a shower or two during the day on saturday. so sunday is your better day for doing something out of doors, because it will be gorgeous, again, with a high of 74, and plenty of sunshine. that takes you through the weekends, and there you see the rest of your seven day forecast. here's caitlin. >> sue, construction on turnpike northeast extension, northbound approaching lansdale, that had the one lane blocked, we told but this last hour. well, the good news is it has now cleared, so you are good to go on the northeast extension. chris? >> caitlin, the gift of life. a priceless treasure, popular teacher and beloved mom gets a second chance. how she is doing this mor male announcer: experience the wonders of maryland, when you hike, bike, drive or paddle
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along our civil war trails driving and walking tours with plenty of stops to enjoy along the way. learn more at land of discovery.
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at and download our new mobile app. maryland. land of history. >> 5:15, remembering 9/11 all morning long on the fox 29 morning news, of course on good day philadelphia, the nation marking 13 years since the terror attacks today we'll have a lot more on this throughout the morning, and how our community is honoring those we lost. chris? >> but first, we training you back to 2012. >> this surveillance video right here, roughed up and dragged, new jersey woman you see here claims bachelorette party at harrah's casino in atlantic city turned into a nightmare. she says security guards beat her up. this happened two years ago, as we said, and now she is suing the casino. it is not the first time the security team at harrah's has been under fire by the way. amy walsh's suit is the latest in a series of similar claims, against that casino. walsh was hosting a vip
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bachelorette party at harrah's pool after dark for her cousin, who legally blind. she claims everything was fine when a minor seating issue with six women became a major problem. >> we told them we had reservations for five. we asked to talk to a manager. next thing i know i was being dragged without my shoes throughout a casino, cut up my feet. >> mrs. arrested walsh. prosecutors eventually dropped criminal charges. her attorney says she's now seeking unspecified damages. spokesperson for harrah's tells fox 29 quote we take the safety and security of all of our guests very seriously, personnel trained to use the least amount of force required to manage any particular incident. while ensuring they take the steps necessary to protect guests, employees, anthem selves. same sex marriage has been added to the agenda of supreme court meeting later this
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month. this conference will be the first time the justices have the issue before them. however, this doesn't mean the court will decide to hear state appeals, lower courts, will have struck down some of the bans on same sex marriage. appeals have been filed from indianna, oak home, a utah, virginia and wisconsin. meanwhile the governor of california signed a bill that mandates paid sick leave. that law means that employers must give full and part-time workers at least three paid sick days a year. this expands sick leave to an additional six and half million in california. the law goes into effect next july. lets guess to missouri for this. dozen of protesters demands justice for shooting victim michael brown. and they try to march on busy interstate. take a look. hundreds of protesters hope to shut down the highway during rush hour. but a wall of officers in riot gear stop them. organizers call it act of civil disobedience, rally in support of slain teen, michael brown, supporters calling for the officer who shot him to be arrested. they also want a special
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prosecutor to take over the case. authorities say south carolina man has confessed to killing his own five kids. police say timothy jones will be charged with five counts of murder, the bodies of the children found wrapped in trash bags, along a rural road in alabama. autopsies are now being performed to determine the causes of death. police say jones was stopped at a traffic check point in mississippi saturday. he was charged with dui. and when investigators ran his plate, they realized that he and his children had been reported missing by their mom. a philadelphia teacher now has a second chance at life thanks in part to her students and her two daughters. >> they got the word out that she desperately needed a new kidney. now recovering after successful transplant. first told but george washington high school teacher, andy sidechick back in april. she had been suffering from chronic kidney disease for about 16 years. she was wait forking transplant. doctors told hershey was very difficult to match.
5:19 am
thankfully, a collegeville couple saul her facebook page, and a husband who was o positive, just like andy, turned out to be perfect living donor. >> this wonderful angel stepped up. and gave me a kidney. i'm going to cry. sorry. i just can't believe it, that someone would do that for me. don't even know me. >> amazing. that donor is 41 year old danno connor, husband, father of two. dan and andi metaphor the first time last week. >> 26 million americans have chronic kidney disease, by the way. teens who smoke marijuana on a daily basis are 62% less likely to graduate from college. the study looks at boys and girls ages 17 and above t found that lighting up had a negative effect on learning and even increase the risk of suicide attempts. grief can be deadly for the elderly. we know. >> this researchers say dying from a broken heart literally is in fact possible, because
5:20 am
grief can weaken their immune system. >> researchers found grieving in the elderly causes stress hormones to become unbalanced. that is what leads to the reduction in immune system cells. but they say prescribed hormonal supplement might help to alleviate the side effect of grief. studies published in the journal immunity and aging. so, a loft folks may think that hot guys have it all. you know, the ladies, the cars, the looks, but maybe not so much. new stud fry team of international researchers say the best looking guys might actually have weaker sperm than ordinary dudes. the study in the journal of evolution area biology found that handsome guys sperm is slightly lower quality than the less attractive guys. chris, where does that leave you? >> viral. >> viral and ugly? >> speak for yourself. >> you can't win in that situation actually if you were a guy. >> right. >> oh, i could tell you a story, but i wouldn't. >> thank you.
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>> no, it is funny as heck. it is about fertility -- never mind. >> oh, come on. >> i'll tell you during the commercial break. >> we have three hours to kill. >> no. we don't want to kill off the viewers. >> (laughing). >> you know what, if you can't share it with the whole class, you shouldn't have brought it up at all. >> oh. broadcasting precludes us so much at times, doesn't it? >> that's true, but somehow we manage. let's take a look at the planner for today. plan on some thunderstorms later on in the day. there was some rain that moved through north of us, but that's pretty much gone, so just plan on a muggy start today, warm, humid, get up to 88 degrees before the storms hit. after the cold front has cleared, things are going to improve nicely. so, this is sort of one of our one-day specials, caitlin, with that 88 degrees, and a lot of humidity tomorrow will be gorgeous. >> oh, well they are getting further and fewer between the hot and humid days.
5:22 am
update on the new jersey turnpike, right near 73, currently, construction that has the left lane blocked, but, the good news is it is supposed to pick up by 6:00 a.m. kerry? >> very good, caitlin, thank you. 5:22 right now. you know, a lot of people go facebook official declaring their relationship obviously on social media. but there is a comedian that says that's not such a great idea. coming up in the
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5:25, in your money, finally break in the losing streak on wall street. apples shares helped push indexes higher. s&p rose to 1895. nasdaq edged up 35 points to close little less than 4600. dow jones gained 55 points, to ends at just little over the 17,000 mark. meanwhile, the treasury department releases the budget deficit for august and july later today. the user names and the passwords of almost 5 million people with google accounts have been exposed on line. hackers allegedly putting the information on a russian bit coin security form, at least 60% of the accounts are active. g mail users are being advised to change their passwords to protect any information. do that today. >> that's important, yes. >> as approved. still weight loss drugs, health officials say it is for people who are obese, or who are overweight, and have weight related health
5:26 am
problems. this works by decreasing a person's appetite. in trials, patients taking the pill lost two to just over 4% more weight than those taking a placebo. how much, doctors say, patients should not rely on drug alone to lose weight. >> workers at chip health old ' in state college walking off the john over what they say are sweat shop conditions. restaurant near penn state's campus closed yesterday after most of the managers and staff quit. a sign on the door said the workers were protesting borderline sweat shop conditions. workers say the place is under staffed. they didn't get any breaks. a spokesman for chipotle says penn state restaurant closed when few employees quit, while majority of others entheusiastic to return to work. no word though on when they'll reopen. 5:26. just like new jersey's credit rating, atlantic city is struggling, but there could be hope for revel hotel casino after closing its doors. we'll tell you about a possible by-out that could help bring that hotel back.
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>> then, remembering those who were lost on 9/11 here on the fox 29 morning news. now, there is good news for one world trade center, when it will finally be back open. >> ♪ hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram!
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we are at the garden of reflection, it is pennsylvania's official 9/11 memorial, and the president, done a year of reflection, about what to do about those terrorists in syria, he now finally has a plan. chris? >> steve, happening right now, oscar pistorius is in a courtroom, as we speak. waiting for his verdict. when he is expected to hear his fate in his murder trial. >> the country remembering the terror attacks on 9/11, now good news on world trade center. >> good morning, it is september 11, 2014. >> remembering back where we were, we would like to you share some of our stories with us, as well, via twit they are morning, using hashtag fox 29 we remember. i think all of us remember exactly where we were when that first plane hit the trade
5:31 am
center sue, wasn't soon after that happened, were you on the air with mike jerrick. steve keeley headed up to new york city for that. brought something across the water in new jersey that day. >> show ends the at 9:00, those days, and i had just finished, i had been doing the weather on location that day at tyler arboretum. it was gorgeous day, as everyone remembers the sky so blue, not a cloud in the sky. so, we new it wasn't weather-related when the first plane hit, then of course the second one hit, we knew it was on purpose. nothing was ever the same. yes, we will be reflecting on that all day long. we won't have similar weather day today. it will be completely different. we've got a lot of humidity out there, a muggy start, bus stop buddy has the just in case umbrella, because later on in the day we could see showers, thunderstorms, keep that in mine. most of the temperatures in the muggy 60s this morning, few in the 70s, and it is a six out of ten, because of the humidity and the strong storms that are in the forecast for later on. right now, 69 degrees, in philadelphia, at philly
5:32 am
international. looking at philly international right now, 87% relative humidity, a breeze out of the south, at 6 miles an hour, and that southerly breeze is why it is so humid. sunrise time not until 6:38 this morning, here you see, some rain moving into northern new jersey, moving toward new york, that's well ahead of the cold front that's coming through later on in the afternoon, for us, here, in philadelphia, we have nothing but mostly cloudy skies, at this point. so, yesterday was wonderful, the weather was great, 82 degrees was the high temperature, little higher than the average of 80. much higher than that today. eighty-eight before the storms hit this afternoon. southwesterly wind, ten to 15 miles an hour, 62 degrees tonight. as we get gradual clearing after the storms are through. that's your foxcast from the weather authority. caitlin roth is here again. >> that's right, good morning to you, sue, good morning to everyone, we start off with the tac-pal. talcony palmyra bridge closed right now due to bridge opening. so that's all the information we have. when it then closes and then
5:33 am
you can access the bridge, we'll let you know. so right now, not go on the tac-pal. malvern, construction area there, got one lane blocked, that's 202 northbound. so, probably going to see some delays start to build as the morning commute picks up. finally 295 northbound, ramp to southbound 13, that ramp closed due to construction, so you can't use it, you will have to go around, take another on or off ramp. kerry? >> caitlin, thank you, 5:33, president obama going on offensive, outlining his strategy to take down isis. during national address from the white house, the prepared prepared the nation for the next phase in defending america against terror threats. fox 29's steve keeley live at the 9/11 memorial in lower makefield, and has more on the president's speech. steve? >> reporter: well, it was plan to put the president on national tv, the night before we all come to spots like this to remember where we all were, what we were all doing, 13 years ago, this morning.
5:34 am
when america was attack, and nervily 3,000 americans killed, including 18 from here, in bucks county. husbands, wives, fathers, mothers sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, ceremonies and moments every silence happen here like this garden of reflection 9/11 memorial all around the country, the president wants america might, determination, to never let this happen ever again, we heard very loudly around the worlds. >> i time we take military action, especially to the servicemen and women who carry out these missions. and i want the american people to understanded how this effort will be different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it will not involve american combat troops, fighting on foreign soil. this counter terrorism campaign will be waged through a study relentless effort to take out icel, where ever they
5:35 am
exist, and partners, forces on the grounds. >> well, us intelligence thinks americans and europeans with us and british passports are among the thousands of people from all around the world, who have joined that terrorist group in syria and iraq, the fear is of course that they are getting trained thereto to come back here easy to carry out terror attacks like we did on this date 13 years ago. the president probably picked the best time to push for more money, more men and women, more air strikes to go after the terrorists in syria and iraq who probably peaked their public persona with the beheadings of the two american reporters just couple of weeks ago. kerrey, chris? >> steve, thank you. 5:35 right now. oh, man, happening now, we are waiting to find out the verdicts in the murder trial of oscar pistorius. >> so this could commas early as today at the latest we hear maybe tomorrow, friday. but the judge right now is
5:36 am
summarizing and analyzing the testimony of each of the 37 witnesses including that of pistorius himself. this is video of pistorius in the courtroom from earlier in the process. and, this process, the verdicts process, may take all day, as we said, into tomorrow, pistorius as you know is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriends reeva steenkamp. he claims he accidentally shot her. >> 5:36 right now. chap stick, banned from schools? why schools are saying kids cannot bring that stuff in. no matter what. >> plus, becoming facebook official. could be a slippery slope for your relationship, what one guy does about it, in a new comedy video, coming up in the
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5:39. we take live look at old city. clear morning this morning. sue will be back in with a check of weather and traffic, as we all remember where we were this day 13 years ago, and a lot on that, of course, as we mark the anniversary of 9/11 today, throughout the rest of the morning. meanwhile, little trouble for new jersey this morning. >> so the s&p 500 downgraded the state's debt rating because of unbalanced budgets, reliance on one-time measures, and pension liability. this is new jersey's eighth downgrade under governor christie. new jersey is now tied with california, as the second lowest rated state following illinois. >> it is still summer here. >> i think the 23rd, we said? >> of september.
5:40 am
kind of depending on where exactly you are. but parts of colorado already seeing snow. >> so, as you look at this summer weather, this is denver, getting snowfall in the mountain area. the area is expecting more than a cold front that's coming, meteorologists say temperatures will fall the next couple of days, bringing mix of rain and snow. once the front passes temperatures are expected to rise back to the 70s. and, let's go to nevada. yes, they're under state of emergency this morning, because of the weather. heavy rain, hit parts of the state, earlier this week, that led to flooding, that wiped out parts of major highway there, officials say that road will stay shutdown for at least another three days, nevada's known as, anyone, anyone, anyone, the silver state. >> oh, because -- >> all of the silver mines help -- >> and nuclear testing state. >> that's true, too. no, all of the silver used to fight in the civil war. >> by the way, it is the
5:41 am
22nd for the autumnal equinox here in our time zone. but the further east you go, once you get, i think, the confusion was with grenitch meantime in glands, and by that time it is going to be the 23rd. for us it is 10:30 at night that he we get that equinox, i know, gives you a headache, don't worry, when it is autumn, we will tell you. meantime a look at the cold front that is coming through a little later on in the day. and it is going to bring changes in our weather, because you will feel very sticky, very summary today, as we just established, it is still summertime, but once this cold front comes through, we get little taste of autumn tomorrow. so ultimate doppler just clouds around. we had some rain up in the pocono mountains, earlier, all of the rain moved into north jersey, so, temperatures throughout the region, 66 degrees, in bethlehem, already 73 in late end, 69 degrees in philadelphia, down chester 67. 65 degrees in doylestown. atlantic city, 67, 72 muggy degrees in cape may.
5:42 am
88 degrees will be our high later on today. remember last saturday when it got to 93? i don't think will be that high today. it will feel summary, with 88, and then, 78 tomorrow. big, big difference once that humidity goes away, then another weaker system comes through with few showers on saturday. shouldn't be a big deal. by sunday it is nice again, with 74 degrees, and monday, as well. next chance of rain after the weekend, on tuesday. caitlin? >> thank you, sue. new jersey turnpike southbound near 195 currently we have construction, it has got the two lanes blocked. so you can only use one to get around there. and do take caution. we'll let you know when that lifts. >> thanks, 5:42, seems like revel's luke had run out. could be some good news for the building that took billions of dollars to build. what revel's being
5:43 am
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>> phillies actually up three-two, fly ball to center. un catchable. ben revere bounces offer the wall. i have no clue what he was thinking. so andrew motorcycle kitchen, who can run, gets inside the park homerun. standing up. that almost never hams. another homerun in that inning. and the pirates go onto win it six to three. and, the eagles will have new starters on the offensive line monday night, dennis kelly fill in for evan mathis.
5:46 am
andrew gartner play for the injured allen bash re. >> i full much more comfortable. now, you know, physically, i feel more comfortable. mentally, you know, toward football. so i'm excited. >> we can't let one guy, you know, distract from what the entire team is trying to accomplish here. i think if you asked anyone every those guys, they would be upset if we were worrying about them, not getting the job done, as well. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. and at 5:46, a live picture from new york city here, as today marks 13 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. you are looking at one world trade center there, nearly 3,000 lives were lost, when the terrorist hijacked four planes. meanwhile, in shenksville, pennsylvania, last night, the national park service opened the doors of the visitor center under construction the flight 93 national memorial. it crashed in a field there, passengers fought back against the hijackers. let's roll observance of the crash there will begin at 9:30
5:47 am
this morning, with reading of the names of flight 93 passengers, and crew. and since the attacks on 9/11, billions of dollars have been spent rebuilding ground zero in new york city. one world trade will finally open later this year. builders say tenants can start moving in, come november, the project has been in the making now for years. >> two of the four world trade center buildings, and office speece already leased, developers believe in the future with world trade center and its shopping mall, in lower manhattan, to have huge tech company growth. marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks being held at all of the memorial sites throughout this morning, we will bring you live coverage all day here on fox 29 morning news show and good day philadelphia. some big news for the struggling atlantic city revel. it says it has got an offer to buy that closed casino. that is florida developer that has offered a $90 million cash bid for the property. of course cost more than $2 billion to build.
5:48 am
casino closed eight days ago, after failing to find a buyer before a schedule auction. bankruptcy judge would have to approve the sale. no word yet who would run the property. meanwhile, atlantic city has been hopping with laid off workers, packed a job fair yesterday, more than a thousand people wait in the line and naff gate dollars crowds, hoping to change their luck in new jersey's once prominent gambling town. the state sponsored job fair filled the atlantic city convention center. included health, polishing resumes, more than 50 companies with job openings were there looking for new employees, but with no guarantee of getting hired, anxiety builds. one man, who worked two jobs, one at the showboat, the other at revel, understandably very worried. >> that was like two jobs, i saved some money, i bought a house, actually eight months ago. >> and now this. >> now how am i going do to pay the mortgage? >> not alone.
5:49 am
thousands of people joining him. competition from neighboring states has crushed atlantic city casinos. officials say job lost in new jersey could top 8,000 by the year's end. 5:49 right now. moving on to the trend, some people think some things are not official until those things are announced on facebook. oftentimes that includes relationships. but, a video trending on line this morning, just shows how -- shows just how tricky this can be. what i am trying to say. >> you know what, if you keep talking like this i'm going to un friends you. >> sorry, ya, that will be devastating for me. >> ouch. all right, so i used to love you. many couples choose to declare their relationship on social media by going official, right? it is facebook official. according to one comedian that's not always a good idea. take a look. >> let's make it official. >> i thought we were off english no, facebook official.
5:50 am
>> oh, my god! look! >> she did! >> this is amazing! >> ♪ >> so what do you think? >> the moral of the story recovering your relationship around facebook, will never lead to healthy relationship. >> really? >> seriously. >> why don't you tweet that. >> it is 5:50. on this thursday, it is also september 11, 2014. and we want to know, where you were 13 years ago today. just tweet us with the hashtag fox 29 we remember, we will scroll your tweets at the bottom of your screen all morning long. >> one of those things you will just never forget. i was at my first tj job, at
5:51 am
home, we were an hour behind there, at central time, and turns on the tv, saw what was going on, like most of just this business we rales dollars into work. >> absolutely, i was off mondays and tuesdays, it was tuesday the attacks were, my wife woke me up, came in and said hey you better get up. something going on. sure enough i went into work, busy long two, three days, that was in portland, oregon. i can't imagine what it was like here, hearing stories around here how steve keeley headed up there, mike jerrick was on the air, sue serio here on fox 29. sue, very, very long day. >> and subsequent days, i ride by the airport on i-95 every day on my way home, and to have no flights going in and out, just so erie. we just didn't know what was -- we felt like the world was ending. such a different feeling. and i guess we've gotten back to normal for most every us. but, on a day like today, we need to remember what it was like back in 2001.
5:52 am
>> let's take a look now at our weather for today. different than it was 13 years ago, when the skies were blue, and it was so beautiful. we've got clouds out there, got some fog. got increasing humidity throughout the morning. soap, that we get close to 90 degrees later on today. it will be hot, humid, before we get the strong thunderstorms. and they will be scattered throughout the area. starting any time after 4:00 p.m. if you're north and west of the city. probably right in the middle of the evening rush hour, for most of us, this afternoon, in the philadelphia area. tomorrow, we have sunshine returning then as that happens the humidity goes away. caitlin, yeah. >> yeah for the humidity to go away. won't be long now. sue, check in with route one northbound, right between devereaux avenue and commonly road. currently just got some road work that came in. so it has got one lane blocked. again this is route one northbound, between devereaux road and commonly road. you have got one lane blocked there. kerry? >> all right, caitlin, thanks.
5:53 am
5:52. chap stick, chap stick banned from schools. why school are saying kits can't bring that stuff in no matter ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ here's a good one seattle... what did geico say the mariner? we could save you a boatload! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ what's seattle's favorite noise? the puget sound! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ all right, never mind doesn't matter. this is a classic. what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly continuously ♪ oh come off it captain! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> good morning, on this day of course we're live right now, all morning long, remembering 9/11 from 13 days ago, the attacks happened right in this area, 13 years ago, also at the pentagon, and flight diverted into the field, in pennsylvania, flight
5:56 am
93, we're looking back right now at the nation marks 13 years since the terrorist attacks, using hashtag fox 29 we remember. >> 5:56. schools have rules for good reason. but fifth grade nerve virginia that says her school's ban on chap stick goes little too far. so what's she doing about it? eleven year old grace is petioning the school board for change. right now, draft elementary categorizes chap stick as medicine, that means, kids absolutely need a doctors note to use t alternative? go to the nurse, who has to apply it to their lips for them. she keeps the chap stick in her person. grace decided to take a stand after learning this, the hard way, one day during recess, teacher told hershey couldn't use it. >> i don't think it is right for kids to take chap stick in class. they think it is medicine. >> it is true. so far grace has collected
5:57 am
more than 300 signatures, for her petition. the school superintendent's office says the chap stick rule actually based on input from local healthcare experts saying if kids share items like that, they could spread germs and disease. >> ipad mystery in burlington county, two schools plagued by ipad thieves. how parents and their kids are reacting.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> our objective is clear, we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> sending strong message to terrorists overseas, plan to combat isis, thousand will be different than war in iraq. >> south jersey school district hit up again for the second time thousands of dollars worth of ipads stolen from a school, in one town, how many the crooks got away with this time, what student events to say about the theft. anarchs bombshell this morning, in the case surrounding ray rice. why the fbi is now getting involved. good day everyone, it is thursday, september 11, 2014. >> a lot to get to this morning. >> our reporters covering your top stories, steve keeley live at the garden of reflection, lower makefield, recapping of course the president's speech on the evening of 9/11, the eve of 9/11 i should should say, lauren johnson in burlington county where one scho


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