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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  September 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> our objective is clear, we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> sending strong message to terrorists overseas, plan to combat isis, thousand will be different than war in iraq. >> south jersey school district hit up again for the second time thousands of dollars worth of ipads stolen from a school, in one town, how many the crooks got away with this time, what student events to say about the theft. anarchs bombshell this morning, in the case surrounding ray rice. why the fbi is now getting involved. good day everyone, it is thursday, september 11, 2014. >> a lot to get to this morning. >> our reporters covering your top stories, steve keeley live at the garden of reflection, lower makefield, recapping of course the president's speech on the evening of 9/11, the eve of 9/11 i should should say, lauren johnson in burlington county where one school district's ipad keep
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disappearing, all of those in just a moment. first sue serio with weather on the one's. >> we start off with number of the day, every day we select number between one and ten, to sort of help you out, try to simplify things. this early in the morning, figure out what the day will bring. so we had a nine yesterday. we turn it upside down. today is a six. some sunshine it, will feel like summer today which means it will be quite humid, uncomfortable out there, as we get to the upper 80s, strong thunderstorms in the forecast for later on. so there is a look at the future, with bus stop buddy, now, at the bus zero bus stop this morning you should be fine. thunderstorms aren't until later on as we said temperatures in the 60s, but have that rain gear with you for later, just in case. 69 degrees, in philadelphia right now, 87% relative humidity. sunrise happens at 6:38. , and ultimate doppler no rain any more. we had some moving through the northern part of our viewing area, but for us, it is just some clouds, and we will see some sunshine, as well, but not as pretty as yesterday
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was, high of 82 agree, just little above average. today we go well above that 80 degrees average with 88, cloudy, muggy, chance of afternoon thunderstorms. and tonight, as the storms move away, we will see gradual clearing overnight, low of 61 degrees. and that takes care of thursday from the weather authority. let's see what's going on in traffic. hey, caitlin? >> hey, sue, good morning to you. good morning everyone, just after 6:00 a.m. no real accidents, any big issues to report. but the talcony palmyra bridge, opening right now, as i speak, a ship crossing the river. so, when a bridge opens, it means it is closed for vehicle access. you cannot get on the talcony palmyra bridge right now. we will let you know as soon as you can resume. plymouth wrote at irwin lane, first accident of the morning, i spoke too soon. again in plymouth meeting. a vehicle struck a pole. so could take a while to clean up. could be a lot of activity in the area. try to avoid it if you k finally the new jersey turnpike near 195, we've got
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construction we've been talking about all morning, still, there and it has two lanes blocked. chris? >> caitlin, thank you. president obama goes on offensive outlining his strategy to take down isis. he refers to isis as isil. >> the president prepared the nation for the next phase in defending america against terror threats. fox 29's steve keeley live at the 9/11 memorial in lower makefield, with more on the president's speech. steve? >> reporter: well, just reflecting myself, on how ugly the day was, 13 years ago, that really ruins the beauty of this great place. and you sit here, and you are just astounded by everything around you. you can see, family members showing up, putting pictures and flowers by the glass names of the 18 victims from bucks county, killed in the 9/11 attacks. and you see the two big fountains that remind you so much of the two big towers that we always saw first thing
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coming up from new jersey, the southern tip of manhattan, no longer there. meantime, you realizing that the president picked the perfect time to go after the terrorists of today, the eve of 9/11, and so, he won't have any better date than the calendar than this one to have public support for want to go take out terrorists cents before they can ever come here again, in this country, and do anything like they did on this date now simply known by those two numbers 9/11. >> we will hunt counter or is -- terrorists in our country. that will means i will not hesitate to takings in iceil as well as iraq. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. this community believes thousands of foreigners, including europeans, and some americans, joined them in syria and iraq.
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trained and battle hardened, these fighters could try to return to their home countries and carry out deadly attacks. >> congress on the record to back what he sees as probably going against his election plans to end and wind down all wars, the president's asking congress to vote next week to okay spending, a half billion us tax dollars, to buy weapons for syrians, and then train them how to use them. chris, kerrey? >> steve, thank you. it is 6:00 # five right now. there are a lot of memorials taking place of course throughout the day, in pennsauken, new jersey, 20997 american flags are being plagued at the township 9/11 memorial. those flags honoring each life lost in the terror attacks. will remain in place for 24 hours. there are a number of other memorials that are taking place across the delaware valley. we will be listing those on our website time now 6:06.
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there is more fall out this morning tide to the ray rice scandal. nfl has hired former fbi director muller to lead a investigation into how the league handled evidence. associate the press report that claims law enforcement officials sent the video of rice punching his then fee and a in a hotel elevator to nfl executive five months ago. commissioner roger goodel says the league didn't see that video until this week. >> 6:06 right now. hang now, oscar pistorius is in a south african courtroom where he is wait to go hear the verdict in his murder trial that could happen as early as today, but, the way it is going, we're thinking it may happen tomorrow. before reading the actual verdict, the judge has to summarize and analyze the testimony of each witness. there are 37 of them. she's doing that right now. that's pros that's may take all day possibly into
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tomorrow. pistorius accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he claims that he accidentally shot her. fox 29 legal analyst, ken rotweiler will join us little later this morning to talk about this case, which way he thinks the judge may be leaning based on some of the comments she's been made, watching her review of the testimony and why exactly it takes so long. >> right. again, that verdict could commas late as tomorrow. 6:07 right now. a he will henry school in new jersey starting the new school year without a bunch of ipads. the school says somebody stole them. >> this is the second time something like this has happened in this willingboro school district. fox 29's lauren johnson live now outside twin hill elementary school this morning, lauren, happened again? >> reporter: i know, chris, you know what, it seems like the epitomy evil, down right ugly, to steel from school children. that's what's happening here in the willingboro township. apparently someone is getting away with it for now. this is not the first time something like this has
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happenedment on tuesday, police in the township were called to twin hill elementary school for a report of a theft. officers learned 12 ipads were stolen, they believe the tablets were swiped at some point during the summer break. apple ipads are not cheap talking a lost, last year the willingboro school district reported the same theft but much bigger numbers, 150 devices at that time. but the district wasn't sure if the ipads were snatched from a school, or from a district warehouse. either way with each one costing roughly $400, that hit cost tax pairing $68,000. they were not happy. so, police spokesman says it is too early to tell if this latest incident is connected to the incident last year, but if you have any information about these ipads, that's of course, you're asked to call the willingboro township police, kerrey, chris? >> lauren, thank up. 6:08. taking a look back on this day of remembrance. >> thirteen years ago today, new yorkers were determined to
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bounce back from that horrific day. >> don't let the terrorists day. >> don't let the terrorists take this day from
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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>> later this afternoon, we'll see thunderstorms popping up. right now, showing clouds. had been watching showers up in the pocono mountains, most of them have moved into northern new jersey, and the new york area. but these are your temperatures. it is 70 degrees in wilmington, in lancaster, nan wildwood, already, 70 there. close to it, in philadelphia, with 69. 63 degrees in mount pocono, and 68 degrees in dover. these are not too different from yesterday. but the dew points have risen, and that means, the humidity on the rise, of course, anything above 60 degrees dew points, means, it is sticky out there. and we're well above that just about everywhere. here is your seven day forecast. we've got the thunderstorms scheduled for later on in the day. 88 degrees, before that happens, but then, less humid, gorgeous tomorrow, we will make it a ten on friday, with high of 78. now, the shower chance gives us a seven on saturday. but by sunday, i think, back up to ten, high of 74.
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and it is looking good for monday, as well. chance of rain on tuesday, clearing out wednesday. so there is your seven day forecast, starting to feel the change of season, caitlin? >> did earlier this week, yes, that crispness in the air. thank you, sue. we give you update in plymouth meeting. only accident of the morning so far. it is plymouth road at irwin road, we had reports of about ten minutes ago, an accident in which a vehicle struck a pole. no other details besides, that maybe if you can avoid the area, that would be best. we will keep you updated going through the rest of the morning, kerry? >> thanks, 6:13. thirteen years ago today we saw the worse attack on us soil, a terror attack, we'll take you live to new york
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>> a wall of officers in riot gear stopped them. organizers of the event call it act of civil disobedience. calling for the office here shot brown to be arrested. also special prosecutor to take over the case. authorities in south carolina, say, man confess today killing his own five children. police say timothy jones will be charged with five counts of murder, their bodies were found wrapped in trash bags, along rural road in alabama. autopsies being perform on all five to determine the causes of death. police say jones was stopped by a traffic check point in mississippi saturday. he was charged with dui, and investigators ran this license plate of his, they realized, he had and his kids had been reported missing by their mother. 6:16 right now. same sex marriage has been added to the agenda of supreme court meeting later this
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month. this conference will be the first time the justices have that issue before them. how much it, doesn't mean the court will decide to hear state appeals of lower courts who have struck down bands on same sex marriage, ' peels filed. no arrests, no jail time, no criminal record. new legislation decriminalize g marijuana possession in the city of brotherly love to be clear the bill doesn't actually legalize pot, but if police catch someone with ounce or less the penalties will be civil penalty which can be expunged. for those who worry about the children and when this says to them, philadelphia mayor michael nut her this to say. >> i expect par lengths continue to say their kids stay away from drugs, stay away from narcotics. and i will continue to send that message, i think that making sure that kids get, whether in school, or in some other setting, more
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information about why drugs are bad for you, and all of those kind of things, or other parts of more holic i can approach. communicate, stay in touch, as we know, mayor nutter is a parent himself. the law by the way would take effect october 20th. a new jersey woman claims that a bachelorette party at hair's casino in atlantic city turned into a nightmare. >> so she says security guards beat her up two years ago, now, she is suing that casino. same i's walsh's suit similar claims against the casino. walsh was hosting vip bachelorette party at harrah's pool after dark for her cousin, who is legally blind. she claims everything was fine, when a minor seating issue with six women became a major problem. >> so for five, we toll them we made reservations for six, we asked to speak to a manager. the situation escalated. next thing i knew i was being dragged without my shoes through the casino, cutting up
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my feet. police arrested walsh but prosecutors eventually dropped criminal charges. a spokesperson for harrah's tells fox 29, quote, we take the safety and security of all of our guests and employees very seriously, our security personnel are trained to use the least amount of force required to manage any particular innings dent while ensuring take steps necessary to protect guests, employees, themselves. >> big news for the struggling atlantic city revel casino. it says it hasn't offered -- has an offer to buy the casino. florida developer has offered $90 million cash bid for the property. of course it cost more than 2 billion to build. the casino closed eight days ago, after failing to find abu err before scheduled auction. a bankruptcy judge would have to approve the sale. no word yet on who would run that property. at 6:19. we are stopping to remember the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. >> thirteen years since the attacks, focus on this day, has changed, with day now
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being used as day of service for many. >> feel across the region, remembering 9/11, what it is all about. >> meanwhile, of course, for the first time since the attacks, the worlds trade center memorial and museum, both are open, after very long, trend you use process. >> joining us live from new york city this morning, robert, good morning to you. kerrey, chris, good morning to you. every year i found myself down here. than year it, feels a whole lot less like a construction site and more like a rebuilt park of lower manhattan. but today, really is the day for reflection, family members will be reading the 2983 names of those who died on 9/11, and those who died in the 1993 bombing here at the world trade center. each year those names are a reminder of the horrible acts that necessitated this entire rebuilding effort.
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although emotional wounds from 9/11 are still raw, the physical wounds are healing. and there is tangible proof of that. for the first time on a september 11, the world trade center museum is open. one world trade center opens later this year. four world trade center opened in november. more than 5 million square feet of office space has been leased in one, four, and seven world trade. >> today no long area plan for the future, it is a real place, not just in new york but in the worlds. and i have to say that personally i'm both humbled and inspired by the process? but a process that has been plagued by delays, haggling, cost overruns, for example, the distinctive world trade center transportation hub, which the authority says will serve more than 200,000 commuters each day, isn't supposed to open until next year. that's eight years behind schedule, and $2 billion over budget. the port authority's advice chairman acknowledged that,
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yes it, could have been built for less. >> i'm not sure i would have come out and had spent that much along the way, i think we could have probably found a way to have done that and achieved the same type of impact. >> but today is a day when all of the planning and prognosticating pauses and we reflect on the past. at the end of this day, in lower manhattan, the tribute in light will ill loom night the sky. those are the twin beams of light that are stunning and stands in the place of where two buildings once stood. the beams will remain lit until sunrise tomorrow morning. that is the latest, live from battery park city this morning, back to you. okay, thank you. 6:22, and as we take a break, we will leave you with a live look at the reflection pools from the world trade center. we will be back.
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>> kelly fit in formates, guards nerve will play for the injured allen barbre. >> i feel much more comfortable now, you know, mentally, you know, toward football. so i'm excited. >> we can't let one guy, you know, distract from what the entire team's trying to accomplish here. you know, i think if you ask anyone every those guys, they would be upset if we were worrying about them, not getting the job done, as well. all right, not good finish for the phillies, to the ballpark, up three-two in the fifth, andrew, watch ben revere. what was he jump that? that ball so far out of his head, he could be 12 feet, 15 feet tall. fast, he gets an inside the park homerun. the pirates tie it up, homerun later in the evening, and they go onto win it six-three against the phillies, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 6:26. leave the lip balance many at home. that's the message from one school, why they're requiring a doctor's note for chap
6:27 am
stick? and lauren johnson in south jersey where one school district was robbed twice for their ipads, and lauren, these aren't cheap. >> i know, $400 a pop. twelve of them gone from twin hills elementary school here in jersey. we'll hear from students, hear from parents, and taxpayers, we'll hear from students, hear from parents, and taxpayers, al
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i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. we'll hear from students, hear from parents, and taxpayers, al there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone
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>> we will hunt down terrorists in our country where ever they are. >> president obama outlining his plan to come bust isis terrorists in iraq and syria. his speech given the night before the anniversary of the worse attack, on us soil. how he says this will be different than the war in iraq. and this school year off to a rough start for students in one south jersey town. the district that had their ipads stolen again. >> and a father stopped from visiting his daughter's school. why lieutenant colonel was turned away for wearing his uniform. >> yes, that is interesting. good day everybody, it is thursday, september 11th, 2014. >> we all remember where we were on that day. mike jerrick, of course, was live for many hours, steve keeley headed up to new jersey, 13 years ago today, of course we'll have remembrance throughout this newscast, and of course, on good day from 7:00 to 10:00. meantime we go to sue serio, you remember that day just being beautiful weather wise? >> it really was. that's why, when you think when the first plane hit,
6:31 am
could have been bad weather, got off course, didn't know until the second one happened. then we did. now, we have a look at bus stop buddy. he's here to show you that there may n some thunderstorms a little later on, off to muggy start this morning with temperatures in the 60s, umbrella for late day thunderstorms possible for most of us, six out every ten, your number today. it will feel like summer. but quite humid. and it means thunderstorms later on in the day. 69 degrees, with sunrise at 6:38. southerly winds 7 miles an hour, relative humidity up there. at 87%. cold front on the way but most of the rain from it, at this point, although we had some rain to the north little earlier, in the western part of the state around pittsburgh. phillies game tonight, one more with the pirates. not really the rubber match like i said yesterday. now we can tie up the series at least if we win tonight. but there will be the possibilities of pop up thunderstorms, 83 degrees when the game begins at 7:05. at citizens bank park.
6:32 am
and there will be a salute to firefighters and police officers, before the game, as well, on this september 11. eighty-eight is the high today. cloudy, muggy, afternoon storms, then tonight we will see gradual clearing, low of 61. that's your foxcast for thursday. >> good morning, everyone, still dealing with talcony palmyra bridge opening, so open, for ship to cross the river, which means, it is close to vehicle access. you can't get through there. cannot use the talcony palmyra have to use the betsy ross, ben franklin, any of the other bridges. route one we have devereaux and commonly avenue, construction still there. it has got one lane blocked. route one northbound. finally still in plymouth meeting, our only accident of the morning. but, it is an accident in which a vehicle struck a pole. this is plymouth road at irwin lane. take caution in this area, not seeing too many delays building but still have the accident on the scene. kerry? >> of course. caitlin, thank you. 6:32, right now, happening
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right now, the judge in the murder trial of oscar pistorius says prosecutors have not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty of premeditated murder. this >> this as we take live look in the courtroom. listen to the judge as she begins to review the evidence of the 37 different witnesses that testified. she has yet to deliver her verdict, though, she said there were not enough facts to support the charge in the shooting death of pistorius' girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, just comments she is looking, and we're listening in. fox 29 legal analyst ken rotweiler will be joining us in a few minutes, that is been studding this and listening very closely, he will talk about this in just a little while. meanwhile, at 6:33, it has been 13 years since the september 11 terror attacks, and president obama now making his case for military action against isis. >> speaking, the president detailed his fourth part strategy to stop the threat of terror. fox 29's steve keeley now live
6:34 am
at the 9/11 memorial, lower makefield, has more on the president's speech. steve, perhaps, even more importantly, the timing of the speech. >> yes, that was no accident. the eve of 9/11, and ever since that date, 13 years ago, in has been a common site. bomb sniffing dogs, even here, even this early in the morning, before any ceremony takes place, this belgium, and his trainer, just sniffed our truck, and of course, popular tv show, terrorists posing as a tv report her a bomb laden tv news truck. so, of course, now we are getting an extra look at because we know terrorists sometimes learn things from television. so there we are, there is a sign of life, and how it has changed in the 13 years since 9/11. as we spin around here at the garden of reflection, the sunrise now, sunrise so different for all of those families, who lost people, 13 years ago, on this date.
6:35 am
and that is why this beautiful park, and beautiful memorial, are here now. and it will be one of the many places around the world today, where there will be those moments of silence, and those thoughts, and those memories, and those awful memories for so many of us, of where we were, what we were doing on this date. that's why the president likely will have no greater date to get support for what he called for last night from the white house to go after more terrorists and do it with american might and power. >> it will take time to irradicate a cancer like isis. any time we take military action, there are risks involved specially to the servicemen and women who carry out these missions. but i want the american people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. there to will not involve american combat troops, fighting on foreign soil. this counter terrorism campaign will be waged to steady relentless effort to
6:36 am
take out isil where ever they are using our air power and our support for partners, forces on the grounds. >> so whether it was worry for american lives, possible terror attacks here in america or simply worrying about his legacy, the president really forced to do an about-face complete reversal in his actions and words back when running for president promising to wind down and end wars and bring all us soldiers home, then this summer calling the terrorist and syrian iraq minor players, the junior varsity, as late as two weeks ago, getting so much criticism for just looking, when we don't have a strategy jet for the terrorist thinks syria of the two american reporters were beheaded. last night he made it clear, we now do have a strategy and we are going after them. chris, kerry? >> also now 1500 americans on the ground in iraq, yet again. all right, steve keeley, live for us, thank you. 6:36. new jersey school district once again the thief -- the target of thieves who swiped
6:37 am
some ipads that were used to teach students. >> fox 29's lauren johnson live outside twin hill elementary school willingboro with this story. truck at that, lauren. >> chris, kids are the bick he is losers when something like this happens, when those ipads were snatched out of the classrooms here at this school. it makes it harder for students to learn, and harder for teachers to do their jobs. so, right now, police here in willingboro township are doing their job in trying to track down the thief. they were called to the twin hills elementary school tuesday after someone here noticed 12 ipads were gone. they believe the tablets were taken over the summer, $4,800 down the drain. this latest hit, wasn't nearly as bad as the hit the district took last year, 171 ipads, vanished in 2013. that case still cold and police didn't know if the ipads were taken from specific schools or warehouse. anyway apple devices cents cost pretty penny in the end the thefts totaled nearly
6:38 am
$75,000, parents, grandparents student, taxpayers, all have something to say about this. >> up we can do is pray that things change for the better. but, i do find that it is horrible that you are stealing from, you know, kids futures. >> i feel like it is taken away from them. we work hard. we pay our taxes. we try to provide better for our children. >> that's my taxpayer money, especially here in willingboro, we pay quite a bit. >> my taxes, i don't want to see them go like that. >> the kids are the ones that ends up losing in the longrun. so these taxpayers want answers. who did this and why. police hope to find out. right now, they aren't saying if they think the two are connected, too early to tell. but if i happen to have any information in about the ipad thefts, you are urged to call police right away. >> lauren live for just new jersey, thank you. 6:38 watch do you think about this?
6:39 am
ban on lip bamm. why student events to bring in doctor's note if they would like to use it. >> or kiss it good-bye. looks like kid just taking a selfie, right? what was going on around her at the time that will have awe little hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity.
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>> transition day, we start off with a pattern that's humid and hot. sun starting to come up now. and we see some clouds, but
6:42 am
we'll also see enough sunshine to take us to the up ever 80s, no rain any more to the north, not much anyway, but little bit of pre-cold front rain coming through. here's your future cast, take you through the rest of the day, and, yes, there will be clouds ahead of the cold front. we will see our times every sunday shine and everything moves through north to southeast, starting 4:00 in the afternoon, norman west of the city see pop up showers, thunderstorms, then on and off throughout the rest of the evening rush hour. and everything should be out of here by about midnight tonight. there is chance of strong thunderstorms later on. right now it is 68 degrees, allentown, and 63 up in mount pocono, here in doylestown, 65. 68 degrees in chester. 70 degrees in bensalem. down in new jersey, 70 degrees in hammonton, 69 in millville. and in ocean city, new jersey, it is 73 degrees. and it feels sticky out there, casino every muggy, muggier
6:43 am
than yesterday, when we got to 82 degrees on wonderful wednesday. eighty is the average high. we are well above that today. as you look at the seven day forecast, more weather changes ahead. so we've got the late day thunderstorms today. then less humidity tomorrow after the cold front clears us. and then, weaker systems comes through with chance of some showers on saturday. so less than perfect day on saturday, but i think we're back to up a ten on sunday, with a high of 74 degrees, so it will feel delightful. sunny, mild monday, another chance of showers on tuesday. there is your seven day forecast, caitlin, what you got? >> sue, still following construction areas, 202 northbound between 401 and 29 in malvern, construction has one lane block, so expect those slow downs as the morning commute picks up. now headed toward 6:45 a.m. back to route one northbound between devereaux avenue and commonly road. road work has one lane block there. so you might see some delays. finally the talcony palmyra bridge, it is opening now, due to ship crossing the river, so
6:44 am
road closed to traffic. keep you posted when you can use the talcony palmyra again, chris? >> 44:00, 12:44 in vaux hannes berg, wait to go hear from judge to get averred in the murder trial of oscar pistorius. >> yes, fox 29 legal analyst, little bit of the latest from the courtroom, you've been listening in, the judge hasn't issued verdict yet. why exactly does this take so long? >> well, their process over there, when a judge decides the case, she will go over every single witness and talk about her assessment of all of the witness' testimony. there are 37 witnesses in this case. >> this could take a long, long time. she has given some hints so far where she going, but may than we don't even get verdict today. could be tomorrow. >> so the hint is that she may be leaning again ever against ruling it was premeditated mushedder? >> shy said just not enough facts.
6:45 am
so i think premeditated murder off the table. i've been saying this for machines anyhow, i didn't think, i followed this trial very closely, i didn't there was enough evidence for premeditated murder. looks like the judge has found that there is not enough evidence for premeditated murder. now still lesser charges that he could be convicted of, one is murder, not premeditated murder, but murder, the other culpable homicide. murder would be a sentence of up to 15 years, and cull recall homicide up to 15 years, so he could still spends a lot of time in jail if convicted of either one of those. >> steering away from premeditated murder because what she said in the courtroom today about where those screens may have eminated from, what other witness hads said about the screams? >> that's right. she felt that the screams, that the testimony of the witnesses said that the screams were from a woman, and that would be ms. steenkamp. she said that testimony was unreliable. she actually believes that the screams themselves came from oscar pistorius. now, that absolutely helps the
6:46 am
defense. but then the question is, why was he screaming? was he screaming because they were having this, you know, loud argument, or was he screaming because he realized he did something that he didn't want to do and he was screaming because he wanted help. so she still hasn't got tone that part yet. >> right. so you're saying it may be until tomorrow until we hear of averred, if that's the case, how long does it take for them to sentence him? >> well, it will be a separate proceeding. it will be sometime, obviously, after she renders the verdicts. could be a week, could be two weeks. i think she will do it rather quickly, but won't be during this process. we won't know by the weekend what the sentence is, that will come at later time. >> pistorius himself in the courtroom to hear this. has he shown any sign of emotion? we've been dipping in and out of the live picture. >> yes, he has shown some emotion, he is crying, he's been crying through this whole trial. this is nothing new for him. but he's sitting there, and there are tears, there have been reports that he's been very emotional during this whole process. >> ken rot while letter stay here and keep an eye on this
6:47 am
as it develops in johannesburg, good seeing you, sir. 6:46. so why would a high school tell a dad that he can't come through the smores that farther is a united states lieutenant colonel. the school didn't want him wearing his uniform on campus. lieutenant colonel sherwood baker simply trying to help his daughter finds her way around the new school. when he tried to enter the build to go talk with her count, not one but four guards turned him away. >> before he was allowed, in the security guard stopped him, and said sorry you're not allowed in the school. security guard told him that men and women in uniform weren't allowed because it may offends another student. >> the district superintendent, who is a veteran himself has apologized to the family. >> schools have all kinds of rules, oh, some no good reason, but one virginia, says the ban on chap stick goes little too far. what's going on? eleven year old grace is petioning the school board for change. right now, draft elementary
6:48 am
categorizes chap stick as medicine. so that means, children actually need a doctors note to use chap stick. the alternative, go to the nurse, who then applies it to their lips. well, grace decided to take a stand, after learning this, the hard way, one day during recess, teacher toll hershey couldn't put any on her lips. >> i don't think it is right for kids to wear the chap stick -- >> she abutting activist. so far, grace has collected more than 300 signatures for her petition. the school superintendent's office says the chap stick rule is based on input from local healthcare experts, however, who say that kids sharing items are bad because they spread germs and potentially diseases. well, a school board says it will be in touch with grace when it makes a decision. >> nature offing in school. you share all kind of stuff.
6:49 am
pencils, pens, paper. >> hey, we hadn't seen this actor for a long time. but he's gone. actor richard keel, known for his size in playing villains in james bond films, has died. >> he died yesterday matter of fact in a california hospital. he was 75 years old, he had broken his leg little earlier in the week. not sure if that's tied to his death, though. he had roles in the spy who loves me, and moon wrecker and also appeared in happy gilmore. >> he's known as jaws. shiela buff pleaded guilty yesterday to disorderly conduct for his stunt at broadway show back in june. it was one of several episodes of bizarre behavior from the former transformer star, displayed in recent years. now, his plea involves no jail time for probation, reps for the actor say the star's undergoing treatment for alcohol. if he stays in treatment for at least three months, out of trouble for six months, he will be allowed to withdraw the guilty plea, and the case will be dismissed. >> kanye west returned to the hospital because he had a
6:50 am
migraine. on tour in australia when he got a headache just hours before his concert in mel down. taken to nearby hospital for an emergency mri. another patient getting a mri reportedly taken out of the area when he got there. so i'm sorry you will have to wait for mr. west. apparently not big healthcare, just a precaution. good day philadelphia starts in just ten minutes, coming up we have very special guest on the show. >> we do, comedian gilbert gottfried will be here, performing at the helium comply club through saturday, actually stopping by our set first. so stick around for. that will also, the fbi now looking into how the nfl handled the ray rice investigation, this has been a lot of back and forth on this. who saw what, when did they see it, what did they ask for, whether league officials say the tape at all. some are even calling for the commissioner roger gidel -- goodel to step down. we'll look at some of the legal ramifications, as well. let's turn our attention
6:51 am
to sewer yo, doing weather on the one's this thursday, hi, sue. >> right, at 65:00; seeing a loft cloud cover out there. but eventually enough sunshine to get us pretty warm today. talk about the weather changes coming over the next day or so. we start off with this look at old city. and we've got clouds, some fog, some spots this morning, increasing humidity, as well. you will notice a difference when you walk out the door. then, this afternoon, hot, humid, highs approaching 90 degrees. scattered strong thunderstorms, when a cold front comes through later on in the day. tomorrow, the sunshine will return. as that happens, the humidity leaves us. so, you will enjoy hopefully the weather on friday. and that's a look at some of the changes coming un from the weather authority. see if anything changed out on the roadways with caitlin. >> little bit. good morning, sue, seeing an accident, we've been following in plymouth meeting that's cleared. so plymouth meeting again this is plymouth row road at irwin road. earlier an accident in which a vehicle struck a pole, now cleared, so good to go there. also the construction on route
6:52 am
one northbound between devereaux avenue and commonly road. that's also cleared. no problems there. finally, the talcony palmyra bridge now open to traffic. so all good to go, have update coming right a
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> it is overcast, i hear the
6:55 am
fish are more apartment to bite. woman takes selfie to whole new level. police in los angeles say this is surveillance video of two women, three men, not seen on camera. the three men. burglarizing a home in bellaire. so as you take a look at this, check out what she is doingment kind of sitting there on the ben: she plays with her hair. appears to take multiple selfies, during the burglary. the suspects got away with mine, look tron innings and passports. how about this? staying in southern california, a baby bear found wandering the streets of bakersfield, the bear walking the streets, for nearly nine hours, deputies say residents started chasing the bear before it ended up in a nearby pass i have i can gas and electric facility. authorities eventually forced to shoot the bear with a tranquilizer gun three times in order to capture it. the california department of fish and wildlife says the bear was most likely searching for what else water when it ended up in that area. did nfl commissioner roger goodel see the ray rice tape
6:56 am
from inside the elevator? now the fbi wants to know, what this could moan for the league itself. taking a look back at the terror attacks from 9/11, how far we've come since the horrific day. live to new york city as we our dad's a plumber.
6:57 am
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