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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 13, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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by your teammates after the game. ho how are you feeling right now? >> it's a dream come true. i was born at ucla and to be a ucla quarterback means the world to me and i was dream about this mom and wasn't expecting it to come as a backup in jerry's wor world. >> molly: how did they help you through this on the sidelines? >> they had me calm. it's hard not to be nervous when you're a backup quarterback coming into a situation like this but they had the confidence in the world which meant the world to me. i can't describe it. this is an unbelievable feeling. >> molly: congratulations. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> gus: gus johnson and charles davis. what is better than sports? >> charles: we are not in a position we are supposed to root for anyone but how can you not be affected by what you saw by jerry neuheiseneuheisel. a backup and not supposed to be in the game but he elevated his game. as molly mcgrath, he didn't miss
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a beat when he came into the game. i thought the rest of the team elevated their game around him to help him out. that pass to jordan payton was on the money on the pump fake. the pass to nate iese into the end zone, right on the money. their toughness carried them home and texas was awfully tough today themselves. >> gus: there are no moral victories but this is one. >> charles: texas was dragged out of their own stadium to byu the second year in a row and their quarterback was still running. this is the way texas responded in the way they did. i think good days ahead for the texas longhorns but tonight belonged to the ucla bruins. >> gus: great job, partner. >> charles: you're the one who called it. >> gus: ucla bruins remain undefeated. we kick things off next week.
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know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> breaking news right now on fox 29. a video emerges to night that shows isis militants beheading british aid worker david haines
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much haines was abducted in syria last year. british prime minister david cameron confirmed his death calling it an act of pure evil. the video was similar to the videos that showed the executionexecutions of american journalists james foley and also steven sotloff. his parents are speaking publicly about this unimagable ordeal. you'll hear from them later in our newscast. >> to a developing story now. the murder of a pennsylvania state trooper. two troopers were ambushed late last night outside of state police barracks in pike county. corporal brian dixon was shot and killed. trooper alex douglas was critically wounded. tonight law enforcement agencies from all around the country are involved in the search for the shooter. >> pennsylvania state police commissioner is calling this crime a cowardly attack against society. dave kinchen is live in the newsroom. dave? >> reporter: joyce, karen, corporal dixon was is a edge year veteran of the pennsylvania state police. he's leaving behind a wife and two young sons. we also learned that he work in
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the philadelphia area just a few months ago before transferring to pike county. his former colleagues say he was one of the nicest guys around. the question now, who was responsible for this diss grateful act? >> helicopters part of the a massive manhunt in northeastern pennsylvania. >> we have can vans haved the wooded areas, neighborhoods, we are convinced that this individual is no longer in that immediate area. >> reporter: search for the person who killed corporal brian dixon and injured another trooper in pike county 90 minutes north of philadelphia. both ambushed before a late friday night shift change at their barracks in blooming drove township. >> the law enforcement in this state in the country the fbi, the d. ea, at tf are all focused on this case. >> reporter: corporal dixon a father of two recently transferred from the psp philadelphia barracks on belmont avenue. staff telling fox 29 off camera the former patrol supervisor was great guy. investigators believe the
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attacker wanted to make a statement. >> by the nature of this act, it seemed to be directed towards government. and in particular the pennsylvania state police. >> reporter: meanwhile thousands paying tribute on this facebook page pledging to keep a porch light on in honor of the fallen trooper. governor tom corbett offering words of support to the victim's families. >> i just hope the people of pennsylvania will take time to pray for those two individuals but also to be vigilant out there particularly in the area of northeast pennsylvania. >> reporter: meantime police questioned a person of interest but they are still looking for a suspect. authorities from new york and new jersey are assisting in the search and investigation. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information that locates a suspect. karen? >> all right, thank you today of. fox 29 weather authority now. pretty dreary start to our weekend. meteorologist domenica davis is here.
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the second half is looking good. we are getting rid of the rain. it's exited off to the coast and we're seeing drying conditions. but we did have pretty decent amount of rainfall. 3,600th of an inch here in the city. close to half an inch the further north you go. so mount pocono allentown getting close half and inch and then some pretty impressive amounts in atlantic city, too. 43 hundredths of an inch. so we did get quite a bit of rain. a good amount of rain and we certainly do need it. the wake up forecast, though, is looking pretty good for tomorr tomorrow. we are drying out. clearing skies overnight which means we'll wake up to sunny conditions and it will ab little cool. 55 in the city. 52 in the suburbs. this fall like weather continues through much of the week. we'll have a look at your seven day forecast coming up in a little bit. >> all right. domenica, thank you so much. 16 story building in germantown as big as a full city block is no more. (implosion).
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>> and she's gone. the old public housing building on queen lane came down in less than 102nd this morning. it had been built on top weren't 18th century african-american burial ground. just before the implosion a ceremony was held to honor those buried l what's next? a $22 million, 55 unit housing project will be built there. but things will be very different this time. advocates persuaded the philadelphia housing authority to respect the sacred ground at the site. the pha plans to build the two and three-story housing units around instead of on top of the burial ground. it hopes the project will spur economic development in the area while offering new and better affordable housing for dozens of families. >> albright college sophomore has died following an early morning house fire.
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two other students are recovering right now. they have minor injuries. police say the 19 your old matt rein was dying at the scene. the fire broke out inside the basement of a house about 5:00 o'clock this morning. the victim and two others were found on the first floor. the names and the conditions of those other students have not been released yet. rein was was a record holder for swimming. no word on what caused that fire. >> also in delaware man sitting behind bars this evening accused of raping a 14 year old girl. investigators say they picked up 22 year old tyrone turcoat in delaware. the 14 year old girl told her mother that the suspect has been molesting since june. he's already listed as medium risk sex offender. he's charged with rape and seven counts of unlawful sexual contact. >> a texas prosecutor speaking out about the child abuse case against nfl running back adrian peterson. he says, the grand jury felt the football star went way too far disciplining his son.
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fox's dominic dinatale explains what's next for peterson. >> reporter: images released online of the wounds to the boy's back, legs and ankles showing the cuts and bruises apparently resulting from the beating the four year old boy was given by peterson back in may. montgomery county's district attorney office says the indictment against him is a statute felony. that punishable by up to two years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine. >> there is a defense to injury to child, and that is, reasonable discipline. obviously, parents are entitled to discipline their children as they see fit, except for when that discipline exceeds what the community would say is reasonable. >> reporter: peterson was released on $15,000 bail a statement tried to explain his actions saying, "peterson used the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in east tex texas. adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the
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unintentional injury ". >> it creates fresh pressure on nfl commissioner roger goodell as being scathing criticism of his handling of the ray rice domestic beating video. last month he introduced a player that would ban players after a year for second violence defense. greg hardy and 49ers ray mcdonald both of them will be subjected to the new regulations and it looks like the nfl will review the peterson case before passing judgment. in los angeles, dominic dinatale fox news. >> new jersey state police have bust 42 people in and accused them of being involved in a massive drug ring. acting state general says the ring was led by 40 year old omar urbina, sr. of philadelphia and his brother 38 year old edwin and 35 year old edward. they're from camden. authorities say the three controlled open air drug markets in camden for several years.
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these brothers are charged with leading a narcotics trafficking network and also could face life in prison if they are convicted. >> a man is electrocuted at the valley forge national historical park and police believe it happened when he was trying to steel cohn copper. police say the man was shock to do death around 4:00 this morning. they say the victim's friend called 91 weren't. investigators say the man who died is 41 years old and he's from norristown, but they're still not releasin releasing hit this time. no word if the friend may be facing any charges. >> in philadelphia police are looking for the driver who hit a man and left him for dead. it happened on the 2500 block of allegheny avenue around midnig midnight. cops say the man in his 60s died at the scene. no word on his identity. police found the vehicle involved dumped on the 3100 block of bamberry street. >> we told you at the top this newscast video now emerged this evening it shows an isis
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terrorist beheading a british aid worker. in recent weeks isis has murdered two american journalists steven sotloff and james foley. foley's parents are now talking about how helpless they felt when they were trying to free their son. fox's legal land vitter rhett has the interview shedding light on what they endured during this son's captivity. >> reporter: foley's parents say they were threatened with prosecution by the us government for trying to secure their son's release from isis. a number of european countries reportedly paid millions of dollars to get their citizens back but it has been long standing u.s. policy not to pay ransom for hostages. according to the foleys there were some communiques from those holding james saying they were open to negotiations. >> i'd rather be in a prison here than my season being in a prison over there. nobody has ever been prosecuted for doing that. we were aunt great deal of duress. and, um, at that point we really had no -- no misgivings.
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>> it's part of our job to help families in these horrible situations understand america's laws about paying ransoms to terrorists. that's part of our job unfortunately and those lives are not going to change. >> when it's your own son, um, and you've not been told that other activities were going on that might mitigate the situation, what do we as families have left? we had no other alternative and we began to raise ransom. >> reporter: foleys interview was shining light on the pentagon's public disclosure of its failed rescue attempt in july to free foley. sources tell fox 29 news the disclosure, isis has changed its tactics and split up its hostages. the pentagon says it regrets having to disclose the information but circumstances dictated at the time that they do so. in washington, leland vittert, fox news. >> a 21 year old man paralyzed
11:47 pm
from the chest down in determined to walk again. how one of philadelphia's most famous restaurants is helping him take on the huge challenge to defy the odds. >> this is pretty heartbreaking. dozens of large dogs rescued from pretty deplorable conditions. where they were found and what these animals are facing now where they were found and what these it makes me happy toow go on the computer.
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comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. ♪ >> he was only 21 years old, a
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man from new york paralyzed from the chest down in a car crash back in 2012. >> now he calls philadelphia home and one of philadelphia's most iconic cheesesteak restaurants is stepping up to help change his life. our sabina kuriakose tells us how this could be the start of a brand new future for a man with so much ambition. >> reporter: it was a celebration only south philly could put on, a fundraiser at geno's for a pam familiarly. >> i look at him like my little brother. >> just crazy. i'm not used to being the center of attention at all. it's really amazing. >> reporter: curt crandall was just 21 when a car accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. >> my live changed. he has fought for two years to defy the odds. >> they said i would never move this arm. >> we had so many things they told us curt could not achieve and he just continues to knock those out. >> reporter: now he's ready. >> i can get out of this chair. even to get where i can live on my own again. >> reporter: he and his mom
11:51 pm
are heading michigan placing home in a new injury recovery hab center. >> he's gotten three other quadriplegic up and walking. >> reporter: rehab costs 50 to us grand a year. >> that's where geno's stepped inform the bond nauseamed. >> check for $53,107. >> whoo! (applause). >> hard to put into words. it's hope. it's a possibility. it's hard to -- it's a mazing. >> he promised me that he's going to walk by the end of the year. >> curt and his mom head to michigan on monday. we wish them well. if you'd like to donate head to for more information. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> great story. a driver who has led police on wild high speed chase this happened in california on friday evening. authorities say there was a male driver and several passengers
11:52 pm
all involved in this one so the driver was originally wanted for speeding. cops say he takes off. officers are led through all different cities in southern california including los angel angeles. the chase finally comes to an end about 10:15 last night on the eastbound 91 freeway. >> horrible case of animal hoarding out of texas tonight. more than 100 animals found living in filthy case cass. spca says most of the animals were large breed dogs. the house is located just outside houston. officers found 73 irish wolf hounds and a few smaller dogs living in deplorable conditions. they also found some birds, snakes and some turtles. >> a lot of dogs that tick inn fess teagues. the kennels are pretty wet right now obviously, and then they're not in the best shape. so we'll get them back to the shelter and ascertain their condition and get them some he help. >> it's not clear what, if any, charges that own are in might
11:53 pm
face. it may be september but beautiful holiday mewing is heard in center city tonight. >> sure was. it will make you wish it was december. just listen to this. ♪ >> the joy bells of mel mark and the philadelphia chamber orchestra came together tonight to put their own spin on holiday favorites. they performed at trinity center for urban life. the groups are collaborating on a holiday cd and some that was recorded tonight. the joy bells and the orchestra will also perform two freehold day concerts in december. certainly very dreary day today. take look at the weather. domenica i felt so bad for all those people doing the three day walk getting rained on as their tromm pinning ago. we did the rain today and it real really was not the best half of of the weekend. still another day to go and it
11:54 pm
get much better. overnight we're looking at clearing skies. here's what you can expect tomorrow. nothing but sunshine. so a nice rebound salvage to the rest of the weekend. temperatures will be a little bit cool. that will be the theme right through the next seven days. temperatures are going to be below average. so a little bit of a fuel like feel as we head through the work week. there's a look at the satellite and radar the past six hours. you can see those showers have now split off to the coast. high pressure moving in. and the clouds are already starting to clear. so we're still hanging on to some showers right around the shore through atlantic city, toms river, down through cape may. there's still seeing some clouds rather. but much of that now is cleared out and tomorrow morning it will be just sunny to start all the way to finish. here's a look at the satellite/radar wider view. high pressure moves inform it's quiet. nothing going on and that means fox future cast is showing a pretty quiet picture. we'll start it out here
11:55 pm
6:00 o'clock in the morning. roll you right through the afternoon into the early evening and we are okay. only a few high to mid level clouds that will come into the picture. other than that, it's a really beautiful day. temperatures still running though a couple of degrees below normal. so if you headed to the phillies game, 1:35 start. you will have sunshine. you will need the sunscreen but we're only looking at 67 by the start of the game. by the end of the game, temperatures should be in the low 70s. winds will be coming out of the north at 6 miles per hour. not breezy but enough to keep a little bit of a crisp in the air. temperatures right now at 61. we only made it up to the mid 70s in the city today. in the 60s up through poconos. so temperatures have been really on the cooler side today. and again about 5 degrees below normal. that will be the trend that we'll have for the neck several days. so 50s to our north. 60s in the city and that means overnight item which ares are going to fall down into the low 50s in the city and upper 40s
11:56 pm
imagine that out through the suburbs, and even out through the poconos. 72 tomorrow. it's sunny and dry. temperatures again below normal. so a little bit of a fall like feel. seven day forecast shows temperatures staying in the low to mid 70s through much of the week. next chance of rain comes monday overnight. tuesday though looks like the better chance for some showers to be back in the forecast. pretty quiet forecast ahead which is good. but definitely signs -- all signs are pointing to fall. we can't escape it. >> that's g if it's as good as summer i'm okay with that. thanks domenica. >> keith russell standing by. we're ready for some football. so am i, ladies. for one eagle monday night is all about redemption. we're not talking about nick foles. wait until you see the fairy foles. wait until you see the fairy tale e
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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♪ >> you know the great thing about monday night the whole country gets to see how good the eagles are. the bad thing about monday night you want the game to get here already please. you might not think defensive back cary williams in a hurry to get back on the field aft he got beat by for two scores last sunday. he has a super bowl ring you don't get that if you can't shake off a bad performance. >> it's in the back of my mind. you know, i already know what teams going to do. they going try to come at you with things you presented on tape in the last performance. i understand that. that's the great thing about
12:00 am
being a veteran in this league. you also can get a leg up on certain things and you understand your mistake. >> now a couple things should help nick foles avoid another shaky start like last sunday. colts leading tackler gerald free man the last two seasons will not play monday night. nfl sack leader mathis was out for the game. foles knows whoever they put on the field they're going to bring it. >> they'll mick it up. they'll mick it up and run their defense, their man zone. they'll run their defense. they're not gonna go out and change everything they always worked on. they're going to run their defense and do what you do and try to out execute us. we have to go out there and do our best to out execute them. >> don't miss "game day live" tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. this morning at 11 a.m. howard, dave spadaro, darrin walker and yours truly at noon. fox 29 news at 10:00.