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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 14, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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>> new details in a brutal beatinbeating in center city bed to be a hate crime. what police want you to do. >> and flyers legend shows us a different kind of courage. what he did about the appearance of femal fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. >> the search is on tonight for
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the person who shot and killed a pregnant woman. her baby is in critical condition. it happened in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. good evening, everybody, i'm joyce evans. >> i'm karen hepp. police say the victim was just sitting inside her own home when all of a sudden she was struck by a bullet. sabina kuriakose has the story. >> she's a good girl, you know. all she does come outside, sit on her stoop and goes back inside the house. >> north philly reasonables in shock after their pregnant neighbor is shot dead outside her home along the 1500 block of adam lee police say the 26 year old was full term when someone shot her in the face with a 40 caliber semi-automatic weapon just before noon. >> i can't believe somebody would shoot a pregnant woman in broad daylight. how can you not see that? >> travel down the street hundreds of yards and struck the female who was sitting in chair out front of her apartment here.
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>> reporter: police say the young woman was caught that the crossfire when somebody opened fire a block and a half away. crime scene investigators marking a dozen spent rounds littering the grounds. police believe the intended target may ab neighbor and was running down the stretta what is from the gunfire. he tended the victim and being questioned by police. her live in boyfriend who was not home at the time also spea speaking to detective. >> real bad a lot of blood. >> bang, bang, bang that's it. >> officers rushed the young mother to temple where she was announced bed. doctors delivered the baby through a motherless c second. the motherless fighting for its life. the vick testimony was watching a neighbor's seven year old at the time. the girl was by her babysitters side when the attack happened. >> very fortunate the that child wasn't hit. >> we got kids out who are. people live here. go to, would. so whatever chaos is going on in the neighborhood, know who you after. a young woman who was pregnant sitting on her stoop sun today
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morning, come on, man. you know. respect. come on. >> sabina kuriakose, fox 29 ne news. >> now police say the shooter got away in an older model white chevy impala. the baby is a girl. we'll keep you updated on think. >> ly following a developing story this comes to us from wilmington, delaware this evening where two teens are in critical condition after police say they were hit by a driver who took off from the scene. this all happened this afternoon at a and townsend streets. these teens brothers were riding a dirt bike type motorcycle when police say they collided with a black or dark blue suv. that vehicle left the scene. the victims names and ages have not been release. happening now, in northeastern pennsylvania, we've got a massive manhunt. police are looking for the shooter or possibly shooters had ambushed a pair of troopers right outside their state police barrack. one trooper was killed. the other critically wounded. our dave kinchen spent the day in pike county where the desperate search continues at
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this hour. >> reporter: the brooming grove state police barracks here in pike county the scene of a coordinated law enforcement effort to find the person who shot and killed a state trooper and injured another one during a shift change friday night. >> under fire! >> reporter: sound of distress on emergency radio call at the brooming grove state barracks where corporal brian dixon was shot and killed. another trooper critically wounded during an ambush before 11:00 p.m. friday. >> reporter: fox 29 cameras captured a convoy of conservation officers working with investigators to search the woods around the barracks. corporal dixon the fallen trooper a seven year veteran and former patrol supervisor of the philadelphia barracks before transferring up to pike county where he died. >> lackawanna swat team was up here searching for the people. they had people in the woods on foot and they had helicopters in the sky. >> reporter: witnesses to the
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aftermath say the danger makes them think twice about where they go. >> i think everyone should like keep their doors locked and stuff because he could be anywhere. >> reporter: governor corbett even reportedly told to stay away from the area due to the danger while crime stoppers post add five tee thousand dollars reward for information leading to the killer. >> he's armed and dangerously obviously. if he'll kill cops obviously he'll kill anyone. police agencies from new york and new jersey have been assisting in this investigation. in pike county, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> state police trooper was hurt in an early morning crash on the schuylkill expressway. the cruiser was hit from behind by a car near montgomery drive. investigators have filed dui charges against that driver. the trooper and the driver were both treated fo for minor injurs at the hahnemann. >> if you know something, say something. tonight philadelphia police hope somebody watching right now has information that could be a key to cracking a case that has all
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the markings of a hate crime. >> investigators say there was a gay couple walking in center tee when they were stopped by group of people and brutally beaten. both of those victims are recovering from some pretty nasty injuries. the attackers are still on the loose tonight. let's get out to chris o'connell live in center city with a new information on this story g evening, chris. >> reporter: good evening, karen. these two men were just walking through center city on thursday night when they were the victims of a brutal attack and it happened right here on the corner of 16th and chancellor. friends and witnesses we spoke with say there is no question these two men were targeted because they're gay. >> shattered his cheek bones on both sides, his jaw. >> reporter: karen, describing the injuries to her two dear friends who we are not identifying. but she wanted you to see this picture of the injuries. the couple has been together for 10 years. they were on that are way home from dinner in center city
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thursday night when they pass add group of eight to 10 men and women walking across 16th street. that's when things got ugly. >> the group, um, turned around and said, what is that, your i ifing boyfriend. victim a turned around and said yes, i that is my boyfriend and is that an issue just like the whole group just rushed them and started pounding their faces in, boys and girls. >> report roar police say several men began beating the victims 27 and 28 years old in the face, head and chest. >> two guys just honestly trying fight for their lives to get away. >> reporter: at least three witnesses tell fox 29 they heard repeated homophobic slurs being screamed during the beating. one of the victims wallet and cell phone were also taken. >> honestly, i was almost in tears. like my stomach, he was not -- he was not moving. >> reporter: two friends took these picture as they watched the attack unfold from a third story apartment. >> he wasn't moving for a good
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couple of minutes until the police got there and started trying to wake him up and strangers came and tried to help him. >> reporter: their friend tells us one of the victims had their jaw wired shut. but both have been released from the hospital as of today. meanwhile, the center city community is left shaken and angry. >> someone to be able to hurt someone that badly and it didn't seem like it was something that was provoked is really upsetti upsetting. >> reporter: now, both victims will be visiting the district attorney tomorrow to give their official statements. we also expect new surveillance photos to be released from this crime. but police are asking anyone if they were in this area about 11:00 o'clock thursday night and saw something to contact them. one other thing, karen, just got a text message forwarded to me from one of victims. it says "i'm so mad. i want these people brought to justice. not just for us but to keep this from happening again ". karen. >> makes everybody mad. all right, chris, thank you.
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young boy suffered a mild concussion after he was hit by debris from a collapsing home. it happened in north philadelphia. part of a house on the 1500 block of 26th street came tumbling down this afternoon. now, cynthia garrett says this is her son who was just out walking the family dog when all of a sudden he was struck by the falling bricks. she says neighbors had been complaining for years about this house. she this the problem was caused when answered joining house was torn down. >> things shouldn't take this much in order for us to get the support we need. basically when somebody else came and tore our properties down the city well aware of of the situation. we have called numerous times and i just think it should not take the fact one of my children get hurt. >> emergency crews say they will fix this problem. the red cross is helping 10 people affected by the collapse. and no word yet on that cause of a fire that killed a student at albright college.
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matt rein of new jersey was 19 year old a sophomore studying environmental science at that school in reading. the fire happened at a private home right off campus early on saturday morning. two other students were hurt. we don't have any word on their conditions at this hour. >> people in one part of chester county should boil their water. there was a water main break on the 200 block of east south street. that's in kennett square. it happened last night. officials say it does not appear that the water is contaminated but they are still asking people in that area to boil their water just to be safe. the borough is waiting for two days of clean water testing results before giving the all clear. pennsylvania state lawmakers reconvene tomorrow and philadelphia officials are hoping they get right to work and a proposed cigarette tax to help fund city schools. the $2 a pack tax would generate $83 million for the financially struggling district. classes started last week but the district was forced to make
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big cuts. a special voting session on the tax was canceled back in july. >> there's a power outage at a new jersey amusement park. left thrill seekers stuck today. crowded ticket booth up at sick flags great adventure in jackson township. all the guests on the rides when nervous this outage occurred were sale unloaded win about 20 minutes. power was restored to portions of the park just a short time later. after they had a safety check, some of the rides started rolling again. officials are blaming a blown transformer on this. nobody was hurt. >> the world reacting to night to another video taped murder by islamic militants. the new support the us is now getting that continues to pound on terrorists with air strike. >> plus also, six years of hard labor. that's what an american man could be facing in north korea. why he was just zen didn't to do hard time.
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>> he's a flyers legend. part of the iconic broad street bullies. tonight bernie parent is sharing a very personal secret. the appearance of female breasts and how he fixed the problem. domenica. >> you may need extra blankets tonight, and perhaps a jacket in the morning. clear skies overnight. keep temperatures cool in the morning. keep temperatures cool in the morning. your wake up forecast ion my jo,
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i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ >> welcome back. this stretch of highway honors a fallen bucks county police officer. they had a dedication ceremony this morning in warminster to rename part of route 263 for
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officer bradley fox. he lost his life in the line of duty two years ago yesterday. family and friends were on hand to pay tribute to fox who would have turned 37 today. >> happening now, the beheading of a british aid worker is pu putting sharper focus on president obama's strategy for dealing with isis. it's raising new questions about whether that strategy will be enough. this morning the white house chief of staff hit almost every sunday talk show to defend the president's approach. fox's elizabeth prann has details. >> reporter: white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough making his rounds on sunday political talk shows. condemning the release of a third beheading video by isis showing the brutal murder of a british aid worker david heinz. mcdonough reiterating president's strategy to combat isis does not involve boots on the ground. their goal however remains to destroy the terror group. >> i think we've been pretty clear on this and we'll continue to be clear about exactly what we're going to do and how we're
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going to do it and the disciplined nation which we'll carry it out to ensure that we degrade and ultimately destroy this menacing organization called isol. >> white house also releasing a statement saturday condemning the murder saying quote the united states stands shoulder to shoulder tonight with our close friend and ally in greece and resolve. we will work witness united kingdom in broad coalition of nations from the region and around the world to bring the perpetrators of this outrageous act to justice ". >> lawmakers say the white house needs to be doing more without organizing boots on the ground they say the u.s. remains vulnerable. >> it's going to take an army to beat an army, and this idea will never have any boots on the ground to defeat them in syria is fantasy and all this has come home to roost over the last three years of incompetent decisions. >> last week the president addressing the nation ordering additional air strikes in iraq and syria and pledging hundreds more military advisers. >> in washington, elizabeth
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prann, fox news. >> back in the u.s., wildfires are tough enough for any fire crew to handle. throw in rough terrain and the scorching southern california heat, and rescue workers this weekend faced an even tougher battle. the fire broke out friday in the mountains of the cleveland national forest and has swept across 2.5 square miles. temperatures are topping out around 100 degrees. and several rescues workers have been treated for heat exhausti exhaustion. the wheat heat wave in southern california is expected to run through tuesday. so far no major injuries have been reported. >> tough punishment tonight for young california man sent to prison by north korea's supreme court. 24 year old matthew miller will serve six years of hard labor after being accused of entering north korea illegally and then trying to commit espionage. north korean officials say he tore up his visa during an outburst after he arrived in the country. just six week ago north korea
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didn't a us interview to medi media -- media to interview him. >> i'm requesting help from the u.s. government, the citterns of the america and the rei world to release me from this situation. >> miller is believed to have chosen north korea as a shelter wanting to experience jail there in order to report on human abuses. u.s. state department is repeating its strong recommendations that american citizens state out of north korea. >> old city known for history and today a permanent stamp was made right next to our fox 29 studios. it was unveiling of the historical marker for matthew kerry. an irish immigrant who helped other country men coming to america. kerry was a civic leader, printer and punily cher. his business was located right next to our building here at fourth and mark.
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>> his greatest accomplishment was the founding of the society of hibernians which provided relief and assistance to irish immigrants and for that, and all the rest of his good works, this marker shall forever stand. >> it has become one of more than 2,000 historical markers set up across pennsylvania. three days, 60 miles, today marked the end of the journey for the susan g. komen three-day walk. the event raised $3.8 million for breast cancer research. fox 29 cameras as you can see were there at the navy yard as the walkers finished their inspiring weekend this afterno afternoon. >> certainly beautiful day today. a little rough yesterday. meteorologist domenica davis is back now with a look at our wake up weather. >> so nice that they got that walk in today with some beautiful weather. and it was nice. temperatures on the cool side. 68 was our high.
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and it's going to stay cold really through much of the week. i shouldn't say cold. but cooler than normal. satellite/radar showing the clouds we did have earlier this evening. they've cleared out. so clear skies tonight. light winds. that's going to help cater to some falling temperatures. so here's what you're looking at about 7:00 o'clock in the morning. temperatures in the city for the most part are in the low to mid 50s in the suburbs, 40s and low 50s, extreme northwest will see the 40s. so it will be sunny and crisp in this fall like weather continues. a look at the seven day in just little bit. >> thank you so much, domenica. this weekend americans are celebrating the 200th anniversary of our star spangled banner. the tune was about drinking and sex? we'll explain. >> and some of us march to the beast our own drum and now a lot of people are dancing to the music only they can hear. but they're not doing it alone. music only they can hear. but they're not doing it alone. the new silent disco
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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♪ >> it was a day so many remembered those who lost their lives during the tragic events of september 11th. about 230 runners and walkers hit the pavement to raise some money. this was the third annual 9/11 memorial 5k run and family walk and this took place in king of prussia this morning. part of the proceeds will help those the up keep and improvements that 9/11 memorial
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right next to the volunteer fire company located over there. >> a celebration in honor of our national anthem. it's been 200 years since francis scott key penned the words to the star spangled banner. last night in baltimore there was a huge fireworks show for the celebration. key wrote the anthem after noticing our flag still waving over fort mc henry even after the british bombarded the site for 25 hours. vice-president joe biden was in maryland and he talked about how those words still ring true today. >> star spangled banner yet wave or the land of the free and the home of the brave, to state the obvious the resounding answer is yes. >> key's words became a poem later set to music. guess this. he borrowed the melody from an old song that was actually about drinking and sex.
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>> well, a new dance craze is sweeping new york city. >> this is one of these things you can dance the night away to only music you hear. it's not just in your head. what happened at this silent disco. the party goers rocked it out wearing wireless headphones. you don't have the other guys music you don't like. you have them on your ears, of course, you shake your hips to the music. but you know other people don't see what you're doing or what you're listening to. party goers seem to enjoy new way to groove. some receiver not to hurt themselves or anybody else. >> let's just my dance ability is not one of them. >> it's all about the hips. they told me this when i was younger. >> all right. it appears the trend is expanding. it's already been a silent disco in las vegas. >> can look a little crazy. flyers legend bernie parent shows a different kind of courage. what did he about the appearance of female breasts on his chest. domenica. >> a sign that fall is on the
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way. we have frost advisors not for us but to our north and west. how low will we go? we'll have
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>> some men are oh embarrassed out they miss out on fun things in length and they go to great lengths to cover themselves up. flyers legend bernie parent is opening up about it and trying to new option that does not require him to go under the knife. ♪ >> we know him as legend on ice. flyers royalty twice a stanley cup champ. >> the philadelphia flyers have wouldn't! immortalized on film even in bronze. the charitable man, a charmer with fans, confident, please. but there is something we didn't know about the star goalie of the famous heat busting you know what kicking team dub the broad street bullies.
10:29 pm
>> for 40 years. >> a secret now revealed. >> i didn't spend any time on the beach with my kids. haven't been on the beach with my grandkids because we go down the charlotte. >> he would never take his shirt off. >> i didn't like how i looked. it affected me. >> behind the mask, the act company lading and those precious rings, this tough guy was hiding an embarrassing condition that affects many men of all ages. >> gain company mass tee. it's a female appearance on a male chest. excess tiff breast tissue can be hereditary or caused by hormones shifting by puberty. >> it's am like an estrogen surge. body building, muscle loss, street drugs even typical meds, yes, steroids, too, can cause it. all made worse by layers of stubborn fat.
10:30 pm
at least one in four men in bernie's age group is affected especially former athletes. still fit as a fiddle at almost 70. >> i got tired of it. >> he decide the to open up about it when plastic southern steven davis told him his might be greatly improved without surgery. >> i'm not afraid of sharing this with people, because i'm sure i'm not the only one in this world that feels this way. and by sharing this with people, hopefully people will come forward and won't have to wait as long as i did. >> for this he had to wait. it's the newest application for the fat freezing cool sculpting treatment. >> if it is somebody that has just a lot of breast tissue this isn't going to do it. because this is really targeting fatty component that's in the chest area. >> bernie is willing to try three recommended sessions even if he's not completely flat
10:31 pm
chested at the end. >> people may come and say, you're fine -- no. it's important to me. not what's important to other people. it's important to me. >> little gel pad so that's protecting the skin. let the freezing begin. >> you ready, bernie? yeah. >> it will be a good draw. >> one, two, three. how do you go. >> the suction and freezing goes on for one hour on each side. >> first three minutes you feel a little bit of tightness. and then after that, it's just you don't even know it's there. >> looks like a frozen stick of butter for hours afterwards and it could be numb and sensitive. then you wait for the melting. >> it does take that three to six weeks if you will for the fat to really be me tab believed by your system. >> weeks later, it's working good. i have -- i have no pain.
10:32 pm
like i said the next day i was working out. everything was fine. >> so did is a big day. bernie had two treatments. will he need a third or is he good to go let's find out. >> just the top. yeah. >> not wash board flat but quite an improvement. so bernie passes on the third treatment. >> yes, i love it. >> dr. davis says he has a few more weeks of fat melting and some skin tightening to go but bernie could use another treatment down the road. >> maybe where the chest wall joins this area but again there's really not much there. at this point it becomes like a skin thing. >> well, he's loving the skin he's in these days. >> you dream, you dream, you dream, nothing happens and then eventually bingo it happens. >> about to set sale for the first time shirt less in search of an even tan.
10:33 pm
>> you know, this is just as good as when we lived the stanley cup. >> parent and clark with the cup hoisted up. >> got to love bernie pan. results will vary from person to person depending on your age and how much fat you have versus a lot of breast tissue and loose skin that. matters too. dr. davis stresses the freezing only works on those fat cells that you can't exercise a way and he says slow melting may tighten some of the skin but not all of it. but he says you still have to get the surgery to remove any excess breast tissue. >> pretty impressive. before and after pictures are wonderful, joyce. yes. >> amazing. >> let's take a look at our full forecast domenica. >> fall like. we have week to go. september 22nd. about a week to go but definitely the signs are there. so i would say now is the time to start getting the coats rea ready.
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>> oh, no. >> all those things that we need. all right. let's go ahead start out with the headlines, and here's what you can expect the weather changes ahead. temperatures have been running on the cool side and that continues through the week. so we're looking at a period of cool mornings and mild afternoons. so you'll need the jackets in the morning and then sweaters by the afternoon. also looking at our next chance of rain on tuesday. this is really our only chance of rain we'll have through the next seven days a pretty quiet weekend temperatures start to warm up by next weekend. we will be looking at the upper 70s once again. temperatures right now are in the low 60s in the city. we only made it to a high of 68 degrees today. so it was cool. running 10 degrees below normal. 50's are sitting up to our north you can see it's 45 right now in mount pocono. we do have clear skies around and that means out through the poconos temperatures are going to dip down into the low 40s and we're looking at low 50s here in the city.
10:35 pm
so it is going to be a chilly start. here's a look at the satellite and radar nothing is going on. we have the clouds earlier. those are moving out. so war just looking at clear skies and light winds and that is really going to help drive those temperatures down through the overnight. here's a look at fox future cast. note the time. 7:00 o'clock. temperatures arrive right around 56 in philadelphia. it's 49 up in the poconos. so we will have some chilly air to start and then it warms up some. we'll get into the low 70s. but future cast is showing the front coming through on tuesday. now this is a quick moving front that will bring us a chance of rain mainly in the morning. so 5:00 o'clock we'll look at scattered showers around and then it's out of here by about, seven, eight. this is a quick hitter basically through the early part of the morning commute. once it leaves us we're dry for the rest of the week of the 45 to about 50 in the suburb. top we'll makuta up to 75 still running below normal that's the theme for the sex seven days
10:36 pm
much it's a beautiful seven day forecast not whole lot going on some nice cool crisp weather more importantly plenty of sunshine. >> stuck in the 70s. all right. >> thanks domenica. that's going to do it for us tonight the fox 29 news at 10. >> keep it right here for sports sunday. ♪ >> i'm keith russ system with sports sunday. that was off the hook. the eagles are ready to show the nation what they're made of night and aj feel system in the building to help brickies down. while desean jack may not happen after all. we'll