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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  September 15, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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manhunt what they just revealed about the moments before and after the shooting. >> days after getting charge with abusing his son minnesota vikings announce adrian peterson can return to the field this sunday. what the star running back had to say for himself today. live from center city in philadelphia philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> tonight philadelphia police are saying they will not give up until they find the shooter who killed a young pregnant woman and her unborn child. >> she was just sitting on a porch in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood when someone started shooting and she was caught in the crossfire. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i i yann page. >> the reward for information leading to an arrest in this case stands at $40,000. let's get right out to fox 29's dave schratwieser life at police head quarter that is night. dave? >> reporter: iain, police have yet to identify the gunman in this case or make any arrests but they are offering that $40,000 reward tonight. at the same time a witness who was sitting right next to the victim when the shooting
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occurred is speaking out. >> you have a young lady, 25 years old, in the prime of her live shot and killed. >> reporter: police now say 25 year old meghan dot tow was simply sitting outside her home with a friend sunday morning when a gunman a block away opened fire at a fleeing car striking the soon to be mother in the head. >> she is a totally innocent victim. >> i don't know how you can sleep tonight. if you had any type of conscious you couldn't live with yourself. you'd have to turn yourself in seriously. >> christopher d'agostino was sitting right next to her who was eight months pregnant. she was hit in the face. he tried everything to save her. >> she didn't deserve a death like that. i can tell you that. she did not deserve a death like that. >> reporter: dotto was raced to the hospital by police where she died. doctors did an emergency c-section trying to save her baby but the baby died a short time ago. >> it's a shame the baby didn't get a chance to even experience life at all. >> reporter: homicide detectives believe the unknown gunman was standing at griscom
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and when he fired 10 or 11 shots at a time white four door car headed orders dad dams avenue when she was sitting. bullet traveled 500 feet before it struck her. >> it is a drug area. so in captain with -- in contact with the captain of that district. >> captain clark says there were plenty of people on the street when the shooting occurred around 10:30 sunday morning. >> we know there were people that were out there. we need those people to give us a call. >> you know somebody saw something. >> reporter: vick him had two other children ages four and six. coming up at 6:00 o'clock more on the 25 year old woman gunned down in the prime of her life. lucy? >> talk to you then, dave. developing right now, a community on edge after a violent attack on a gay couple. it happened this weekend in center city and residents are shocked after a mob of eight to 10 people verbally and physically attacked the two. our thalia perez is live in center city at central detectives. thalia?
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>> reporter: well, lucy the overall sentiment is outrage and neighbors tell us they hope the suspects are nabbed soon. this while police tell us they do have surveillance video from the scene that they're still reviewing. >> the idea of being attacked by that many people is really kind of terrifying. >> reporter: kyla jones is weighing in on the tack of gay couple. allegedly carried out by a group of eight to 10 men and women. it happened on the 1600 block of chancellor street septembe september 11th. and witnesses say the couple was fighting for their lives. as the group beat them and yelled homo tow bic slurs. >> first they verbally attack them and then began to physically assault them and ultimately take one of the complainant's bags which contains a cell phone and money attack left one of the victims seriously injured. his friend sharing with fox 29 this photo and saying that the victim was hospitalized with his jaw shut and had facial surgery today. >> it just kind of is unbelievable that so close to
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where i live and where i have friends of all sexual orientations that something so bad can happen to someone who is not so different from anyone else. >> reporter: police say the attackers may have been intoxicated. and they have not yet labeled this a hate crime. neighbors hope for an arrest very soon. >> having something like this happen to you probably stays with you for long time, feeling vulnerable and helpless, and one of the only things you can do to help people in that situation is is find the person who did it and bring them to justice. >> reporter: the friend that shared with us that photo tells us the couple is still shaken. but they have a strong circle of friends and support including both of their mothers who are nursing them back to good health. iain. >> thalia, thank you. funeral services are planned for a pennsylvania state trooper killed in an ambush near his barrack. corporal byron dixon will be laid to rest on thursday.
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services will be held at a roman catholic cathedral in scranton. dixon and another trooper am lex douglas were shot friday night at the blooming grove barrack. douglas remains in critical condition tonight. governor could be says authorities will not rest until the gunman is found. >> and this is an assault that was not only just on the individual troopers, it's assault on the state police. and as assault on law enforce. assault on society. >> the governor is meeting with family members of the victims today. dixon was a marine corps veteran who join the state police force in 2007. he survived by his wife and two sons. crime stoppers is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> your fox 29 weather authority right now. a live look at center city. showing a very beautiful evening but you might need a jacket if you step out tonight. tomorrow, you might want to bring along an umbrella. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. what's on tap, scott? hi, lucy. certainly a taste of fall this morning and throughout date
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today. take look at the low temperatures this morning across the area. it was 53 in philadelphia. in the 40s for wilmington and trenton. but look at the pocono mountai mountains. we dipped to 38 degrees this morning so it was quite cold there. temperatures right now in the low 70s. humidity still pretty comfortable at 41% and temperatures area wide upper 60s, throw 70s. we are looking at 69 in allentown as well as atlantic city. we're dry but we are looking at some rainfall in the offing. if you're stepping outdoors this evening, you might want to grab that light jacket or even sweater. temperatures will be decreasing into the low 60s by 11:00 with those clouds on the increase. take look at the west. you can see some showers across parts of great lakes and the ohio river valley. the timing of that system coming up. iain and lucy. >> talk to you then, scott. skyfox over an accident in monroe township, new jersey. two cars crashed on sicklerville and green briar drive today right around 11 a.m. crews had to rescue two people who were trapped in that
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wreckage. medics rushed them to the hospital. no word on their conditions. what exactly happened is under investigation. >> a big push today to try to get more money for philadelphia schools in point breeze education advocates, parents, teachers and students held a rally urging state lawmakers to approve a $2 a pack cigarette tax to raise cash for philadelphia schools. today, lawmakers returned from summer break to harrisburg to begin the final weeks of their session. >> governor tom corbett, step up, show some leadership. the state legislator in harrisburg, step up, show some leadership and allow the city of philadelphia to pass the cigarette tax for our children. >> leaders of the house and senate say they are optimistic they'll get the cigarette tax bill done. >> new jersey lawmakers are taking a stand against domestic violence passing six bills unanimously aimed at preventing it. among the measures approved by the assembly today victims dose
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mess tick violence can testify through closed circuit video rather than appearing in the courtroom with the suspected offender. >> happening right now the minnesota vikings have row inn is it ad running back adrian peterson. he faces child abuse charges for using a switch to spank his four year old son. this afternoon peterson issued an apology on the team's website saying he is not a perfect parent but he is without a doubt not a child abuser and he said he did not mean to injure his son when he disciplined him as he was disciplined growing up. last week's indictment by a texas grand jury on a child abuse charge led to the vikings benching peterson yesterday in a game they lost to the new england patriots. the vikings say they take the issue seriously but want the legal process to take its course before making a final decision. peterson will play in this sunday's game against new orleans saints but he also has a court appearance wednesday on the charge. meanwhile, former baltimore ravens running back ray rice is expected to appeal his indefinitely suspension from the
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nfl. the ravens released rice last monday after new video surfaced showing him punching his then fiance' in an elevator at the revel kaseen no. now, according to published reports, rice is expected to claim he told the nfl and the team the truth about the entire incident and they're now punishing him twice. initially faced a two game suspension. rye has until len 55:00 tomorrow night to file that appeal. >> the eagles getting ready for a big game tonight. the birds are taking on the indianapolis colts and one of the top young quarterbacks in the game andrew luck. fox 29's howard eskin life in indianapolis as we countdown to the big game. howard? >> reporter: yes, iain, it's big even though it's possible the second game of the season it's a chance for the eagles to show that they can play against good teams and play on the road and obviously this is not an easy place to play. but obviously it will be important for all the players. one other note here. we beat the weather people. we beat them. because it is raining outside.
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it is raining and we have a dome. but tonight it's all about nick foles because we have to see whether he can come back from a first half and play a complete game. >> i can do better job of stepping up and getting rid of the ball quicker and moving around in the pocket and throwing the ball i was way. it's just the things you learn from week to week, and still developing skills each and every day. you work on getting the ball out quickly and not staying on read too long. if you do those things you'll be able to more secure with the ball and your team will hopefully have more success. >> reporter: we want to see if lesean mccoy obviously plays better than he did last week. now the defense had something to do with that. but we'll talk more about that. it's raining outside, i'm dry inside. so there. (laughter). >> we'll talk mr. about it coming up later in sports. >> the pleasures of a dome, howard eskin. >> don't have to worry about a pop-up shower. >> um-um. >> nass tow problem makes a come
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back in local neighborhood. >> we have already shown you the spot where overgrown weeds and trash were forcing pedestrians off the sidewalk and into fast fast-moving traffic. well our original story got that mess cleaned up pronto but now the situation is worse than ever with illegal dumping added to the mix. we're back on the job. a hollywood actress handcuffed by police after what she says was nothing more than a public display of affection with her boyfriend. why she's accusing the cops of racism. >> he is a flyers legend. part of the ooh connick broad street bullies. tonight, bernie parent is showing a very personal secret. the appearance of female
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♪ >> a new jersey teacher is accused of sexual assault a student. 39 year old nolan johnson a technical theater teacher at hun school in princeton sexually assault add 16 year old girl several times. investigators say the crimes happened between june and july of this year on and off campus. school officials say they've got information about the case and contacted authorities earlier this month. >> police are investigating the electro cushion of a man at valley forge national historical park. happened saturday morning at the kennedy souffle mansion on trooper road. police think 41 year old mark, was trying to steal copper wiring when he died. peco crews were called out to de-energize the area and the man died at the scene. >> jury selection is now underway and set for tomorrow in the trial of a money county man
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accused of killing a baby and her grandmother in a botched kidnapping plot. 27 year old man of upper merion could get the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder. prosecutors say he kidnapped 10 year old baby from her family's king of prussia apartment in october of 2012. they say he killed the baby's grandmother after she tried to protect the child. authorities found the baby girl's body several days later. the man was a family friend and he's now representing himself in the trial. >> a new york city judge is now deciding whether the video taped confession of a man charged with killing a boy who disappeared back in 1979 can be used as evidence in court. a ton pace diss and period in 1979 while walking to school. his body has never been recovered. pedro fernandez was charged with his murder two yours after confessing but his lawyer says that confession was not legal and his client lacks the mental ability to understand his
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rights. prosecutors disagree. a hearing will determine whether the confession is admissible in court. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. the hearing is expected to last self weeks. >> fox 29 gets results again for pedestrians in philadelphia east falls neighborhood. two years ago, we got the streets department to clean up the mess along the 3,000 block of west abbotts ford avenue. trash and over green weeds were forcing walkers to detour into busy traffic. the problem is back and so is our bruce gordon live in our newsroom, bruce, it's worse than ever now. >> reporter: yes, this stretch of sidewalk is an overpass to rail lines and it runs parallel to the roosevelt expressway there's an exit ramp and an entrance ramp within a few hundred yards of eve other and what a mess. heathrow kovac likes walking her young son town aborts forward to the fast foot nearby. it's like navigating an obstacle course. >> this sucks because my son likes to push the stroller. when we get up -- he gets mad
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because i have to carry him because of all the trash and grass and dirt. >> lately illegal dumping has left mounds of trash all over the walkway. there are tires and toys and tvs, construction debris and household waste. even a symbol from a child's drum set. the women who use this sidewalk to get from the bus stop to their workplace down the street are literally afraid to walk through this mess. >> you never know what will come jumping out of the burbs. it's just creepy. >> reporter: illegal dumping is easy to hide because of the tractor trailers parked here during the day. the mess it creates forces some pedestrians into abbotts ford avenue. vehicles leaving or entering roosevelt expressway are too long along at 40 and 50 miles an hour. >> it's dangerous because of the highway right here. a lot of traffic. >> these cars are moving? yeah, real fast. real fast. >> reporter: tamika howard tells me she contacted the city's 311 line for help. without success. >> two weeks before memorial day weekend i was told that someone
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would be out to resolve it in five days, and nothing has happened since. >> reporter: so she reached out to fox 29 last friday. >> and you guys responded. nobody else has responded. >> reporter: there's been a fairly significant a illegal dumping that's been going on now. >> i call the streets department to explain the situation and asked for help. within the hour, a man in a marked city vehicle was on scene taking pictures. and shortly thereafter, i got an e-mail response saying, help was on the way. the sidewalk was already scheduled for cleanup tuesday morning. >> reporter: already scheduled for cleanup tomorrow? that's a heck of a coincidence after months of no action. we don't mind coincidences he is special whole they get dangerous eye source taken care of. the work is scheduled for tomorrow morning. we'll check back to make sure it happens. lucy? >> impeccable timing, bruce. good job as usual. if you have an issue you would like fox 29 to get results on, visit our website, alcoholic news and send us an e-mail. >> children hunting park have a new advocate in the community to
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support their overall well-being. saint christopher's hospital for children host add grand opening celebration for its center for the urban child. the facility will care for 26,000 children. many who live in that neighborhood. the center is a one stop resource giving families access to pediatric medical experts, social workers and nutrition specialists. a big boost for philadelphia educators and students. mayor nutter today announce agnew online science, technology engineering and math resource center. it's part of the usa 2020phm. it helps to aim young people looking for careers in those fields. >> the innovation of economy is growing at an unparalelled rate. many fields are growing so fast that the work force of the world hasn't been able to and at the present time won't be able to keep up. >> the mayor says philadelphia has a deep need for workers in math, engineering and technolo
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technology. >> all right. pope fans you may have to stand down. latest must have gadget from apple isn't even out yet but it's makers say you can't expect delays. why you may have to wait a little longer for that iphone six. >> an actress handcuffed after what she describes as an embrace with her boyfriend. why police thought she was a prostitute. >> a free album from one of the biggest bands in the world. u2. our dad's a plumber.
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a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
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>> world leader it's are holding an emergency meeting in paris pressing for global strategy to combat isis terrorists. president obama is calling for a coalition of western and middle eastern countries so in paris did dozen of countries including iraq signed a statement saying they are committed in the fight to defeat the terrorists before they can gain any more territories. so far the u.s. is the only country carrying out air strikes against the group in iraq. international outrage intensified over the weekend after isis beheaded british aid worker david haines and is now threatening yet another hostage. >> actress and her celebrity chef boyfriend are now talking to lawyers after she was handcuffed and detained by police. danielle what's is talking about the incident. police say they respond to do a complaint of two people involved
5:24 pm
in an indecent exposure in a silver mercedes last thursday in los angeles. what's was handcuffed and thrown not back of a police cruiser because cops thought she was a prostitute and she refused to show identification. she says she didn't know why she needed to because she had done nothing wrong. she and her boyfriend were only making out. her boyfriend believes the issue is over race. >> somewhere like la in the middle of studio city, it baffles my mind that being a black and white couple could be a reason to be profiled. >> i don't think i deserved being in handcuffs. do you think that deserves being in handcuffs fully clothed? >> police are conducting an internal complaint investigation in the matter. how the nfl handled dough mystic violence within its ranks grabbed the nation' attention of the one of the people at the center of the controversy is minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson. a texas grand jury has indicted peterson on a charge of abusing his four year old son and today
5:25 pm
the vikings said he will be playing this coming sunday. fox's tom liden live in minnesota tonight. tom arc lot of reaction over all that is going on right now. >> reporter: there sure s i got to tell you i think the vikings really thought by reactivatracketing him today ang we'll let the legal process kind of go about its own, they thought it would somehow take it off the front page. but i really think it just it right back on the front burner. there are no playbook in the nfl how you handle is a situation when your star player is accused of child a abuse the owners of the vikings making it up as they go along. that really is apparent. they threw their general manager out there today and he sort of fumbled through this press conference. the reporters were kind of borderline hostile to be quite honest and what he said we want due process to play it out. they wanted to know this. they said what are you going to find out in the next year as think plays out that you don't
5:26 pm
know today? keep in mind adrian peterson adds mitts to this. we've all seen the pictures and peterson's defense seems to be this is how i was raised, and i've been very honest from the get go. i didn't intended to this. but i haven't been hiding anything. so you know, you have to keep in mind, he is a marquis player for the minnesota viking one of the top players in the nfl. this is the guy who's face is literally on our new billion dollars stadium under construction. there is a pr aspect to this that can't be ignored and they probably didn't deal with that very well today. guys, back to you. >> there's always a pr as spec. tom, thank you very much. live in minneapolis. it's a milestone every parent remembers. when your baby starts to crawl. >> that's right. how the time of year your baby was born can affect when that milestone happens. and a california girl wearing a shirt paying tribute to the victims of 9/11 gets pushed back from her school. not allowed. the explanation from school
5:27 pm
officials that will have you saying give me a break. >> flyers legend bernie parent shows a different kind of
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>> welcome back with that beautiful shot from bush kills falls. pocono mountains camera. eighths gorgeous day. that's the niagra of pennsylvania right there, my friends. if you spent much time outside like iain you might have need add jack this morning. chief meteorologist scott williams will show us how long this early taste of fall will
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stick around coming up. >> some men are so embarrassed about it, they miss out on fun things in life and go to great lengths to cover up. the appearance of female breas breasts. >> but now flyers legend bernie parent is opening up about it and trying a new option that does not involve surgery. our joyce evans has his story. ♪ >> reporter: we know him as a legend on ice. flyers royalty, twice stanley cup champion. >> the philadelphia flyers have wouldn't! >> reporter: immortalized on film. even in bronze. charitable man, a charmer with fans, confident? please. but there is something we didn't know about the star goalie of the famous heat busting you know what kicking team dubbed the broad street bullies. >> a secret now revealed. >> i didn't spend any time on the beach with my kids.
5:31 pm
haven't been on the beach with my grandkids because we go down the shore a lot. >> reporter: he would never take his shirt off. >> i didn't like how i looked. it affected me. >> reporter: behind the mask, the accolades, and those precious rings, this tough guy was hiding an embarrassing condition that affects many men of all ages. >> gain company mass tee a female appearance on a male chest. >> reporter: excess tiff breast tissue can be hereditary or caused by hormone shiftings at puberty. >> what happens it's almost like an estrogen surge. >> reporter: body building, muscle loss, street drugs, even typical meds, yes, steroids, too, can cause it. all made worse by layers of stubborn fat. at least one in four men in bernie's age group is affected especially former athletes still fit as a fiddle at almost 70.
5:32 pm
>> i got tired of it. >> reporter: he decided to open up about it when plastic surgeon steven davis told him his might be greatly improved without surgery. >> i'm not afraid of showing this to people, because i'm sure i'm not the only one in this world that foles this way. and by sharing this with people, hopefully people will come forward and won't have to wait as long as it did. >> reporter: for this, he had to wait. it's the newest application for the fat freezing cool sculpting treatment. >> if it is somebody that has just a lot of breast tissue, this isn't going to do it. >> let's see. >> because this is really targeting the fatty component that's in the chest area. >> reporter: bernie is willing to try three recommended sessions even if he's not completely flat chested at the end. >> other people make comments you're fine. no, it's important to me.
5:33 pm
not what's important to other people, it's important to me. >> little gel pad that's protecting the skin. >> reporter: let the freezing begin. >> you ready, bernie? >> yeah. >> it will be a good draw. one, two, three. >> you how feeling. >> the suction and the freezing goes on for one hour on each side. >> first three minutes. you feel a little bit of tightness, and then after that it's just you don't even know it's there. >> looks like a frozen stick of butter for hours afterwards and it could be numb and sensitive. then you wait for the melting. >> it does take that three to six weeks, if you will, for the fat to really be metabolized by your system. >> reporter: weeks later -- >> it's working good. and i have generally no pain. like i was said, the next day i was working out. everything was fine. >> so today is a big day bernie
5:34 pm
has had two treatments. will he need a third or is he good to go. >> let's find out. >> just the top. >> not wash board flat but quite an improvement. so bernie passes on the third treatment. >> yes, i love it. >> reporter: dr. davis says he has few more weeks of fat melting and some skin tightening to go, but bernie could use another treatment down the road. >> maybe where the chest wall joins this area but, again, there's really not that much there. at this point it becomes like a skin thing. >> reporter: well, he's loving the skin he's in these days. >> you dream, you dream, you dream, nothing happens and then eventually bingo, it happens. >> about the set sail for the first time shirt less in search of an even tan. >> you know what, this is just as good as when we lived the stanley cup. >> parent and clark with the cup
5:35 pm
hoisted high. >> bernie parent. embarrassed now. the results may vary from person to person depending on your age and how much fat you have in addition to breast tissue and loose skin. dr. davis stresses the freezing only works on the fat. layers that you can't exercise away and he says slow melting my tightetight some skin but you sl have to have surgery to remove any excess breast tissue. iain and lucy. >> remarkable results right there after only two treatments, joyce. >> yeah. >> not bad. >> very significant. joyce, thank you. we've been told to watch the salt to keep our blood pressure in check. >> but something else in your pantry could pose an even greater threat. and they can be hazards on the sidewalk. people teching while walking. well, one city just made a sidewalk lane dedicated to people who do just that. a whole lane for them. however, officials say they don't intend for people to use it. we'll explain this one. >> coming up at 61:00 the
5:36 pm
current new jersey governor who has seen his share of controversy. the other saw his time as governor end in scandal. governors chris case tee and jim mcgreevey came together for something that will make a huge difference in the garden state. >> rain is on the way. the timing of our next system as well as how
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>> apple says pre orders for iphone six and six plus have topped 4 million in the first 24 hours. that exceeded the initial pre order supply. that means a lot of customers will not be getting their new i phones on time. demand is especially high for bigger iphone six plus which is almost like a tablet. apple is making sure to have some available in stores when they go on sail this friday. >> i sure hope so. all right n your health news tonight, why sugar may be worse for your blood pressure than salt. researchers are now saying high sugar levels affected key area of the brain which raises your blood pressure. of course, we have heard for years that salt can increase the risk of stroke and doctors blame stroke for nearly 3 million
5:40 pm
deaths worldwide each year. you will fine this latest research in the american journal of cardiology. you know what, the time of year your baby is born may determine how quickly they start to crawl around. isn't that an interesting thought. babies born in winter start crawling earlier than babies born in the summer. experts say on average babies start crawling between six and nine months old. well the winter babies in the study got moving a few week earlier than the summer babies. why they're really not sure but there is a theory when the winter babies start crawling in summer, there's more daylight so maybe they're active a little bit longer. >> forget waiting until pay day to get access to the money you have learned. there's a new app that fronts fronts you the cash you need when you need it but this is no loan. it's actually your money. the money you've already earned throughout the work week. you just put your hours in and with one click your cash is in your bank account. >> i don't know why we've this two week waiting period on wages.
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>> this has got to be a scam. it looks too good to be true. >> in the a scam. get this. it's free. there are some limits. tonight at 10:00 we'll show you how to unlock your earnings using this app called active hours. >> pay as you go, type of thing. fantastic. >> a free youtube album u2 alb album. >> for you and me there would be no downside whatsoever. millions of music fans are finding reasons to be upset. i don't get it either. why they're not too happy with the free gift. and the california girl told she's to not wear a shirt to school that pays tribute to the victims 9/11. why officials say they made the controversial call and howard at lucas oil feed enjoying the dome. >> thank goodness because it's raining outside or it will rain tonight. what dot eagles need to do tonight. ? obviously they need to win. tonight. ? obviously they need to win. we'll talk
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huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent tonight. ? obviously they need to win. we'll talk or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today!
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>> outrage tonight after a student is told she cannot wear a commemorative 9/11 t-shirt to school and now her family is talking. the sacremento, california family says it was shocked to hear that their daughter was banned from wearing her 9/11 shirt because it didn't meet the school dress code. the student's stepfather is a marine with more than 25 years experience and two tours in ir iraq. >> maybe the doesn't meet the dress code. they could add something on to it for a special day like. >> it's very much an important part of the academic policy. we have to enforce the dress
5:46 pm
code poll seem once you start making exemptions you find it hard to draw the line. >> students are only allowed to wear non uniform clothing on free dress days and september 11 is this not one of those days. >> apple made u2 latest album for free to 500 million i tune use no one seemed to know the album would pop up in their library. who is u2 dumber page is now. some youngsters on the treat echoed the sentiment. i say youngsters. other which is not believe there are people out there who don't know the band. >> i'm not familiar with that kind of music. >> but you've heard of them? >> um-um. >> you never heard of u2? >> no. >> do you know who u2 is? >> nope. >> you never heard of the band? >> no. >> do you know who u2 is? >> i'm not surprised people don't know who u2 is. >> how can you not know who u2
5:47 pm
is. >> people just talk bowing people not knowing what eight tracks are. >> there you go. u2 never had an eight track. reports say apple spent $100 million promoting the band's latest album. >> could this a new trend. there's place to walk and text now in china. it's similar to bike only lane and the street has an area for cell phone users and non users. official say there are a lot of elderly people and children in the area and they're in harms way of people not paying attention to where they're going. you know all about that. similar experiments have didn't right here in philly and in washington, d.c. a four year old delaware county girl diagnosed with brain cancer raising money and awareness for pediatric cans. >> brielle barber and her familiar wl on "good day philadelphia" this morning to talk about the success of their lemon shot challenge now iain i did it. >> it was very tart. and now brielle is challenging some of her favorite athletes. >> you guys want to challenge someone else, right. >> we do. >> who's our challenge today?
5:48 pm
>> the philadelphia eagles. >> oh, there we have it. >> the philadelphia eagles have now been challenged to take the let me money shot challenge g they're in indiana right now. we'll get the message to them for sure. >> good luck tonight. >> good luck! >> yes. >> brielle's family says they've raised more than $20,000 in just the past three weeks for research in the pediatric canc cancer. the lemon shot challenge is most definitely catching on. and brielle is just the shining little ray of sunshine. she is the cutest darn thing. this is for brielle and all the children fighting. >> you know what, some of the flyers took the challenge. i think some of the phillies did. eagles, after the game, big monday night game step up and take the hierarchal. >> that's right. >> absolutely. >> got williams, man, it was a little cool this fall -- this weekend. >> i thought this morning when i took my kids to school i thought i was in the poconos. >> the low in philadelphia was 53 degrees.
5:49 pm
>> okay but it was in the 30s for the poconos. let's talk about those low temperatures. this morning lot of folks had the jackets and sweaters out there the door. you can see low 50s in philadelphia. low 40s in allentown. upper 30s in the pocono mountains. so feeling more like fall this last week of summer. the high temperature in philadelphia today only 72 degrees. that's below the normal for this time of year which is in the upper 70s. but look at the record. in 1927 it was 95 on today's date. i don't think we'll hit the 90s any more this summer. how about that? 63 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. low 70s in philadelphia as well as wilmington. we have 70 in wildwood. upper 60s in atlantic city. so for the remainder of your evening it stays dry. but those clouds, they will be on the increase so not quite as chilly tonight as it was this morning and then tomorrow morning, for that morning commute, we're talking about scattered showers around. on average were you a tenth of an inch of precipitation. then clearing throughout the day and then by tomorrow afternoon,
5:50 pm
a mix of sun and clouds. but temperatures will stay below average. so as we look at the satellite and radar we're dry right now those high clouds moving in. showers right now across parts of the great lakes and the ohio river valley and you can see that system will be headed in our direction. not tonight. but as we roll the clock, you can see here's 10:00 o'clock. we're still dry across the area. but tomorrow morning, at 4:00 a.m. north and west we're watching those showers continue to head toward the area. here's sick am so allow extra travel time tomorrow morning for that commute off to work and school. as we deal with that system that will be moving through. most of the rainfall will be out of here by 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and then we start to see gradual clearing with the return of that sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. heating up in the tropic in the atlantic watching hurricane eduoard moving to the northwest right now. maximum sustained winds 110 miles per hour. it will head back out to sea. and then as we move toward the pacific, we've been monitoring this system here. it's hurricane odile a big deal
5:51 pm
for sections out west you can see cab bow st. louis dealing with that heavy rain, this moisture will move back into the southwest remember couple of weeks ago we were talking about the flooding towards phoenix. well take look at this model. taking most of that moisture right back into sections of arizona. so stay tuned for the latest on flood concerns out west. for us tonight increasing clouds, 54 degrees in the suburbs. 60 in the city. rain gear early tomorrow morning with those showers. high temperatures though 75 degrees by the afternoon with that clearing. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you sunny and mild by wednesday. 74 for the high. 76 on thursday. beautiful weather after tomorrow morning's rain for the remainder of the week. a little cooler on friday. 73 degrees for the high temperature and then as we move toward the up coming weekend, mid 70s on saturday. and then we warm things right back up as the eagles will be at home this upcoming weekend temperatures on sunday in the low 80s. how about that?
5:52 pm
>> very nice. >> i like that. >> i like that, too. >> desean jackson says he still wants to play in that game on sunday. >> really? >> he hurt the shoulder yesterday. he'll do everything possible but first things first guys. a little football game out in indy tonight eagles were two different football teams a week ago. shut out 17-zero in the first half by jacksonville. out scored the jaguars 34-zero in the second half. to night a much tougher test who face the colts who got beat by a touchdown out in denver. howard eskin is live at lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. howard. >> reporter: tom, it is a different game because you're in the road and you're in a dome. nick foles with me now dave spadaro our eagles insider on "game day live". dave, nick foles obviously nee needed to what and how much of a problem is the dome? got to start fast. the dome is a problem not for nick. and really the offensive line shouldn't be a problem because they don't run on a normal cadence system it's a timing social security. so they'll be off the ball. they're not waiting for nick to say, set, hut. they're waiting for the ball to be snapped.
5:53 pm
all eyes on the ball. so from a time standpoint nick needs to start fast. no 30 minutes of struggles against indianapolis colts offense that can score 45 points in the blink of an eye. i expect a lot of high percentage stuff to counter the colts blitz. i would not be surprised to see the colts blitzing a lot tonight. take advantage of the offensive line and make nick foles beat them with precise and quick pass. >> if he doesn't turn the ball over there's no way they lose the game? that's true. lesean mccoy. 77 yards rushing last week. not as much in the i don't have you'd like him to be. jaguars did great job taking away the edges. again i think the colts concentrate on stacking the middle and coming up the middle. >> you think they do the same thing jacksonville to take him out of the game and force nick foles to throw. absolutely that's the formula going forward. you have to pick the lesser of two poisons, lesean mccoy or nick foles. >> you'll take nick foles although and you want him but you don't have enough coverage back there. in theory do you. the colts will play man to man
5:54 pm
and dare jerry maclin and riley cooper and the tight ends to get open. tight ends last week for denver did a great job for the colts. look for another big night tonight. >> eagles defense against andrew luke has to do what. within the bat at the of the line of scrimmage and tackle well. if you see the eagles missing tackles early in this game it will be a line one for the d. >> it's called pressure. it's not in your tires much it's on the football field. it's a very good early season test to see just how good this eagles team is. >> okay. dave spadaro. i'm going to ask you what the score is. i'm not going to ask you who is going to win obviously the eagles i think are the better team. high scoring game. i think 38-34 something like that. eagles win this game. i think there's going to be lot of points scored tonight. i think these two teams can spread the field so well and the quarterbacks can operate with such efficiency it's really really tough assignment for both defenses. >> over under 54 dave says take the over. back to you, tom. >> taking the las vegas. we'll see you back here at
5:55 pm
6:00 o'clock. this game really reminds guys like when you're playing pick up football in the backyard whom has the football last before you go to dinner. who has the ball last will win the football game tonight. let's hope the eagles have the ball last tonight. >> thanks, tom. >> coming up all new at 6:00 the woman charged with stealing thousands of dollars from local cheerleaders and police say she staged another crime to cover her tracks. >> and we're working to get results, again, this spot was buried under waist high weeds forcing pedestrians into heavy traffic. our original story got the mess cleaned up but now it's back with new element added to this dangerous eye sore. our bruce gordon is on the job. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right our bruce gordon is on the job. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right after thit's on?
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> tonight philadelphia police help someone watching right now can help them find the shooter who killed a young mother and her unborn child. >> she was hit by gunfire while sitting on porch in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. tonight there's a big reward for information leading to an arrest. >> good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get straight to fox 29's dave stratt wise sr. with today' developments live at police headquarters right now. dave? >> reporter: lucy, homicide detectives believe that someone living on the block where the shooting occurred knows who the
6:00 pm
gunman is and they're dangling a $40,000 reward out there tonight for information leading to an arrest in the meantime friends of the victim say it's time for someone to step forward. >> if you needed something, she gave you, you know, the shirt off her back. >> reporter: christopher d'agostino sitting right next to 25 year old mother to be meghan dotto sunday morning when she was shot in the face and killed. he hasn't slept since. >> i don't know how you can sleep at night. if you had any type of conscious you couldn't live with yourself. you'd have to turn yourself in seriously. >> reporter: he did all he could to try and save meghan. helping police race her to the hospital where she later died. he had hoped her unborn child would survive but despite valiant attempts to save the baby she didn't make it. >> the baby didn't get a chance to -- to even experience life at all. whether it be love, loss, tragedy, nothing. >> you have a young lady 25 years old in the prime of her live shot and killed report roar