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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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gunman is and they're dangling a $40,000 reward out there tonight for information leading to an arrest in the meantime friends of the victim say it's time for someone to step forward. >> if you needed something, she gave you, you know, the shirt off her back. >> reporter: christopher d'agostino sitting right next to 25 year old mother to be meghan dotto sunday morning when she was shot in the face and killed. he hasn't slept since. >> i don't know how you can sleep at night. if you had any type of conscious you couldn't live with yourself. you'd have to turn yourself in seriously. >> reporter: he did all he could to try and save meghan. helping police race her to the hospital where she later died. he had hoped her unborn child would survive but despite valiant attempts to save the baby she didn't make it. >> the baby didn't get a chance to -- to even experience life at all. whether it be love, loss, tragedy, nothing. >> you have a young lady 25 years old in the prime of her live shot and killed report roar police now say dotto was sitting
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outside her home when gunman block it way opened fire at a fleeing car. striking the soon to be mother in the head. >> she didn't deserve a death like that. i can tell you that. she did not deserve a death like that. >> reporter: detectives believe the gunman was standing at griscom when he fired 10 or 11 shots at a white four door car heading towards adam avenue where she was sitting. >> it is a drug area. so i'm in contact with the captain of that district and we'll get a lot of names of some of the players in that area. >> reporter: captain clark says there were plenty of people on the street when the shooting occurred. >> we know that there were people that were out there. we need those people to give us a call. >> she a bubbly personality. you couldn't hate her if you tried. >> reporter: now, police looking for surveillance video in the area hoping to identify the car that was being shot out and the gunman. if you have any information at all, you should call the homicide unit. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. new information tonight about the shoot or shooters who ambushed and killed a
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pennsylvania state trooper and left another in critical condition. corporal brian dixon's family is laying him to rest on thursday. the service is at roman cath cathedral in scranton. dixon and another trooper alex douglas were shot friday night at the blooming grove barrack. is a short timing a authorities said two troopers may have been targeted. >> we believe that the perpetrators may have an on-going issue with law enforcement or the government, and this attack could be directly related to an incident that was investigated by the pennsylvania state police at blooming grove. >> authorities believe the gunmen may have formal training with firearms in the military or law enforcement. they believe that he may be a hunter who may practice at a shooting range in the area. they also think the person or persons may have visited the barracks to become familiar with it. dixon was a marine corps veteran who joined the state police force in 2007. crime stoppers is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to arrest.
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police received hundreds of tips so far. >> turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. the sun is setting a little bit earlier now. the temperatures a little bit cooler. it's feeling like fall out there and soon some rain will be here as well. here's chief meteorologist scott williamchoi to tell us what wen. that's right, iain. beautiful conditions on this monday. a taste of fall across the area. we're dry and quiet right now, but take look at the satellite and radar. high clouds moving into our area right now. but take look to the west. thicker clouds as well as some scattered showers. so this system right now around the great lakes it's headed in our direction to impact a part of your tuesday. but it was a chilly start across our area. low 50s in philadelphia. 40s in wilmington. trenton 47 degrees this morning. look at the low for the pocono mountains. only 38 degrees. so if you're stepping outdoors this evening, you might want to grab that light jacket or sweater. temperatures already in the low 60s for the poconos. 70 in wilmington. 66 degrees right now in atlantic city. so dry and quiet as we go hour
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by hour. you can see those clouds will be increasing late tonight. 11:00 o'clock we're looking at temperatures in the low 60s. still be dry tonight as well. but that rainfall it will impact your tuesday morning rush. we'll have the latest on the timing as well as how much rainfall to expect tomorrow as well as how long this pleasant case of fall will continue for this last week of summer. >> talk to you in a few, scott. to a developing story. the search for attackers in a brutal assault on gay couple in center city. police say about 10 men and women attacked the two last thursday. our thalia perez is live at central detectives tonight. thalia, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, lucy, as you can imagine a terrifying ordeal for this couple. police tell us they are still reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses. as you can imagine neighbors we spoke to today tell us they just hope that their investigation leads to an arrest very soon. >> this is something that's pointless in this day and age we
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live in there's no reason any individual or individuals should be targeted because of any of their beliefs or what they, you know, choose to do. >> police say it was an tack on a gay couple by a group of eight to 10 men and women. as they walked home after dinner on the 1600 block of chancellor street. >> first they verbally attack them and then they begin to physically assault them and ultimately tea take one of the complain nans bag. >> the attackers yelled homophobic slurs at the couple and left them for dead before fleeing the scene. >> it just kind of is unbelievable that so close to where i live even have friends of all sexual orientations, um, that something so bad can happen to someone who is not so different from anyone else. >> reporter: a friend of the couple shared this photo with fox 29 of one of the victims and says he had his jaw wired shut and facial surgery today. this while neighbors say their hoping police nab the suspects soon. >> having something like this
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happen to you probably stays with you for a long time. feeling, um, vulnerable and helpless, and one of the only things you can do to help people in that situation is to find the person who did it and bring them to justice. >> reporter: the friend that shared with us the photo also tells us that while the couple is still shaken they do have a strong circle of support including their mothers that are nursing them back to health. >> lucy. >> that is a good thing thatching thalia. >> a violent home invasion and the robber choked a mother in her delaware home. it happened on the 100 block of flint drive in magnolia just past 1:30 this morning. police say the 27 year old woman was sleeping in the same bedroom as her daughter when a man crept in and started choking her. investigators say the woman struggled with the man and that's when her five year old woke up. police think the child may have scared him off. the woman was treated and released from local hospital. >> happening now in burlington county, new jersey, a woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a youth cheerleader
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association means say she staged another crime to cover her tracks. fox 25 twine's jennifer joyce is live in marlton, inform torque where the cheerleaders are holding much needed fundraiser. jenn for. >> reporter: that's right. fundraise sr. here outside a rita's water ice in marlton was pre scheduled but it's that much more important. they have no money to work with to pay for gym space or competition. you can come out here here on maple avenue until 7:00 o'clock tonight and a portion of the sails will benefit this squad. police say it's because of 44 year old janine hamilton of mt. laurel charged with the theft of the squad's $9,000. police say hamilton was a board member who helped launch the team one your ago and investigators alleged that hamilton stole the money over the last several months and used it to pay her own bills. according to mt. laurel police hamilton reported that the teens money was stolen when her purse was snatched from this mt. laurel shopping center.
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according to police, she later confessed she did not have the cheer squad's money in her stolen purse but told police she did to cover up her own theft. >> it's slewly terrible somebody trusted to deal with the money for a youth association like this would be tray the trust placed in them and then use the money and, you know, maybe devastate the whole organization. we hope that they're able to recover from this. >> we have some technical difficulties. but for that full story go to and you will find it under the news tab. new new jersey lawmakers are taking a stand against domestic violence today they passed six bills unanimously aimed at preventing it. among the measures approve beside the assembly victims of domestic violence can testify through closed circuit video rather than appearing in the courtroom with the suspected offender. >> students, teachers and
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parents are making a big push tonight for funding for philadelphia schools. together with education add 53 indicates they held a rally in point breeze. they are urging state lawmakers to approve a $2 a pack cigarette tax. to raise cash for the trouble district. and today lawmakers returned from summer break to harrisburg to begin the final weeks of their session. leaders of both the house and senate are optimistic they'll get the cigarette tax deal done. >> a nasty problem makes a come back in a local neighborhood. >> yeah, this stretch of a philly sidewalk was a dangerous eye sore over green weeds had people walking in the street. our reporting got mess cleaned up but now it's back and worse than ever. illegal dumpers are at it again. so is our bruce gordon, though, working to get results. >> all right. one is the current new jersey governor whose seen his share of controversy. the other saw his time of governor end in scandal. today governors chris christie and jim mcgreevey came together for something they say will make a huge difference in the garden state. howard? >> and look at the eagles colts
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game tonight from a national perspective. alex marvers of fox sports want he thinks about the adrian peterson situation. that's coming up in sports. >> and a middle schooler forced to change her shirt because of the writing but look what it says. it says virginity rocks. tonight at 10:00 why the school says the shirt was too controversial for class. says the shirt was too controversial for class. ♪
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>> two new jersey politicians you might not expect to see together are uniting to give offender as second chance. governor chris christie and former governor jim mcgreevey were on hand in jersey city for the ground breaking of martins place. named after martin luther king, jr. it's a state of artery integration center helping rei
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offenders re-enter society. it provides on site addiction treatment, job training and transitional housing. although both men represent different parties, christie says this is a project they both agree on. >> i want all of to you see that no matter what disagreements we may have on other issues, when we agree on something, we're going to work together to try to make it happen and force because we've been leaders in the highest office in this state and force the people underneath us the legislators, the mares, the council people, the freeholders, the county executives, to not allow the partisan barriers to get up between them and prevent progress because if we can do it, then everybody else beneath us in terms of office status should be able to do it too. his invitation today was really welcomed and i appreciate it. >> before the governor leave leaves --ing. >> this is a first of its kind program. you might recall governor mcgreevey resigned after two to us four over controversy when his love life when he announced
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he was gay american. >> fox 29 getting results again. we pressed the philadelphia street department to hash down the over green weeds making live dangerous for pedestrians. now it's on the 3,000 block of west abbotsford avenue in the city's east falls section. well now that mess is back and more dangerous than ever. in fact, the woman who called us back then reached out again. so our bruce gordon is back on the job. what do you think, bruce? is this a classic case of short dumping? it's absolutely that. all kinds of junk um dumped when no one a lookly. dumpers are back but so are we. heather kovac walks this stretch of abbotsford at least twice week taking her young son to the fast food joint down the industry. recently some new obstacles were placed in her path. >> that pile of trash wasn't there about last week. someone came and dumped that. so -- >> reporter: what do you think about somebody would do that. >> i think it's awful. i think there's other ways they can get rid of their trash. >> reporter: two separate
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piles of junk blocked the way for pedestrians. there's construction debris and household waste. clothing and old tv's. toys and tires. all of it dumped under cloak of darkness. the women who walk this stretch from the bus stop to their workplace are fed up. >> it's like a little bit and then i guess people see it, they say okay we can dumb our stuff here and then it's like each day it accumulates. >> people have to actually put stuff in their cars to bring it here. it's like, why? >> reporter: one of women told me she called the city's 311 line back in may to get the mess cleaned up. >> i was told that someone would be out to resolve it in five days and nothing has happened since. >> reporter: that was memorial day? >> yes. >> reporter: there's been fair amount of illegal dumping going on here that's all over the sidewalk and on to the street. >> when the women reached out to me, i reached out to the streets department and in no time at all, a man and marked city truck was on scene taking pictures. right after that, came an. mail response from the city help
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is on the way "this had already been scheduled for cleanup tuesday morning". the ladies can't wait. >> it's scary for number one you don't know what's going to happen hospital out of there. you got to jump over stuff. you don't know what's in there. that's all i'm saying. >> reporter: already scheduled for cleanup? that is quite a coincidence just a few hours after we called. but, it hey, that's okay. coincidence or no, sanitation crews are due out on abbotsford tomorrow morning. we'll check back to make sure the air area is clean and safe. lucy. >> bruce gordon getting result. thank you very much, bruce. if you have an issue you'd like fox 29 to help you with, visit our website alcoholic news and send us an e-mail. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. a beautiful sunday and today was nice but it was chilly early this morning. >> yeah. it was. i needed a jacket. i will admit it. >> exactly. >> yeah. you know this morning it certainly was jacket worthy. we're talking about temperatures in the low 50s for philadelphia.
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even in the upper 30s for the pocono mountains. temperatures right now still pretty mild at 71 degrees. humidity not that bad at 42%. and we have some hazy sunshine out there but high clouds have already begun to stream in out ahead of our next weather maker that will impact the morning rush tomorrow. 72 that was the for the high today. the normal this time of year 78 and look at that record high for today's date. 95 degrees. no 90's in the forecast for this last week of summer. the sun sets this evening at 7:10 and as we look at those temperatures right now, upper 60s to right around 70 degrees for most locations. it's 70 in trenton as well as wilmington. 70 in millville and dover. 66 in wildwood as well as atlantic city. so for tonight, clouds continue to increase and because of that cloud cover acting like blanket not quite as chilly as it was last night. tomorrow morning, those showers around for the morning rush. anywhere from about 4am until about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow on
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average about a tenth of an inch of rain so allow extra travel time for that morning commute tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. it will stay below average with temperatures right around 75 degrees for the philadelphia area. the satellite and radar showing you that we're dry right now across the area but to the west you can see a little disturbance right now bringing showers two parts of the great lakes that. system is headed in our direction. not so much tonight, though, as we roll the clock you can see we stay dry. here 10:00 o'clock, 11:00 o'clock after midnight pretty quiet but by 4:00 a.m. we're watching those showers move into the north and west and then continuing to progress toward the philadelphia area right around rush hour. so just keep that in mine. as we roll the clock you can see by 8:00 o'clock, we're looking at those showers across the area continuing to but they start to diminish as they move down the shore after about 10:00 o'clock and then we're left with clouds, decreasing throughout the day and those temperatures moderating to the mid 70s. the tropics still heating up.
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it's still hurricane season until the end of november. by the way we have hurricane eduoard 110 miles an hour storm moving to the northwest right now but it will eventually head back out to sea and just be a fish storm. in the meantime you can see around the baja peninsula, cab bows saint lucas tourist wrists and residents moving to higher ground because of the torrential rainfall. it's name is odile it will be bringing heavy rainfall into sections of the southwest so stay tuned we'll be hearing about more flood concerns potentially for the phoenix area. temperatures tonight, though, 50s to right around 60 degrees and that rain tomorrow morning is out of here after about 10:00 a.m. and then we're left with beautiful conditions for the remainder of the week. temperatures low to mid 70s. then we warm a little bit second half of the weekend back into the low 80s. >> sounds peck infect. thanks, scott. >> what's up in sports, how war. >> a look at the eagles from a national perspective with alec
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>> monday morning quarterback sponsored by xfinity your home for the most live sports. >> monday night football tonight the eagles about two hours away from kickoff with the colts out in indianapolis. tonight the colts a slight favorite after that season opening loss to the broncos in denver last sunday night.
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getting ready for kickoff our howard eskin inside lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. >> reporter: thanks, tom. we're here at lucas oil stadium. eagles and the colts tonight. alex marves of fox sports and let's talk about the game first, because obviously there's other things going on in the nfl. how do you look at these teams the colts after a loss and the eagles after a win which they played well only in one half. but it was the second half that's really the half that matters. it's resting the colts under andrew luck and chuck pa gone know have not lost two straight games. always found way to rebound but i just think their work is cut out for them tonight. i think the eagles offense really start to do click. i was talking to source of mine he said the biggest thing they want nick foles to do is just relax. stop trying to force things down field. let the game come to him. >> okay. maybe the biggest story in the nfl obviously a monday night game. adrian peterson, greg hardy, ray mcdonald, ray rice. give me adrian peterson.
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do you agree with the minnesota vikings now saying they'll play him next week? do i agree with it? i'm not too cool about it but i understand why they're doing it they can say due process but this is the same team that cut aj jefferson last year following a domestic violence arrest. suspended chris cook for 10 games following a felony domestic violence. >> my point why do you have to wait for due process? the hearing won't be until after the season. i'm with you on this. >> when you have evidence -- i understand that. that's what i'm saying. that's why it makes me so squeamish. do i understand why they did it absolutely. they're one-one. they want to win football games. if fair to 52 other on the guys in the locker room. >> one word answer should roger goodell stay or go. stay. >> i agree. alex marves. back to you. >> i agree roger goodell stays. desean jackson supposed to come back sunday. he'll do everything in his power to play against the hold teammates. i think he'll be here sunday. >> he'll definitely be here.
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>> circle on the calendar. >> that's does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition
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♪[ music ] we're losing engine power. >> miracle on the highway. >> mayday, mayday. >> the engine dead. >> i don't know if i can make it. >> exclusive, emergency landing on one of the busiest highways in america. the never before seen video. and you'll never believe who was in the plane with him. >> did your wife know? >> and, unchain me. she played a slave in django unchained. >> she said all she did was make out with her boyfriend. >> but is there more to the