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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 16, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> she's like a queen. good day, it is tuesday, september the 16th, 2014. >> we have outrage this morning for local parents. students giving a breathalizer test before heading to their school's football game while local moms and dads say it is simply not fair. all righty. plus, is what the the secret to a long happy marriage? happy wife, happy life. why it is more important to make sure women are happy in relationships, more important that the woman be happy more so than the man. >> we all agree on that don't we. >> no. >> we are having a fashion show this morning how you can make over your wardrobe with fresh looks for fall. >> i just saw a couple of models in the green room. >> um-hmm. >> and the young man we have, i would love to be able to pull off the outfit that he has on. i don't want to pull it off his body but i wanted to wear it effectively.
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>> yes. >> really a great outfit. >> and the the woman, looks like a ballerina. >> yes. >> i want to know if you or you would actually wear that out. >> is that a mini skirt. >> it is frilly. >> it comes down past the knees. >> i'm thinking i might like that. >> she has mouse ears. i'm in the looking. >> oh, boy. >> we will talk all bit. >> what we have learn over the the last, you have been here over two weeks now you have been here, i gave you a power ball ticket, by the way, power ball, nobody won again. a power ball with 150 million-dollar and you said would you give me 10 percent. we have establish you are a cheap skate. >> you cannot give me a gift and expect it back. >> that is true. >> i'm giving you 10 percent, just like an agent or something. it makes sense to me. >> and then on twitter people are saying, so have you been stiffing maidness hotels your whole life. >> let me clear this up.
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we have been talking about this tipping thing. do you tip maids. >> or house keeper my lovely mother, she's watching. she sent me a text. this is a hrouda wakening. she said you haven't heard of tipping maids before because we have always paid. >> yes, sorry to ruin your utopia but you were not involve in the matter. >> before everybody hates me, we have in the been stiffing all of the maids. >> your parents. >> it didn't come out of my pocket. >> now it is coming out of my pocket. >> we have established that you didn't know housekeepers, kind of like to be tipped. i would agree that a lot of people don't know. >> they want to have an envelope out there saying, hey make sure you tip. i think that shows that people aren't doing it, including myself. >> they are not doing it because they didn't know it was a nice gesture to do it. >> this i can understand. >> once you see that envelope you cannot claim ignorance anymore. >> 30 percent of hotel guests for get to leave it for
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housekeepers so they say these envelopes will make it easier for guest toss leave cash in a secure place. >> i never know how much. >> i know what i do though now, a maid told me this is what you do. you leave it, because i have left money on a week stay. i leave it on the the dresser or a table. no, i didn't know to take that because you are supposed to put it the on the pillow. >> on the pillow. >> that is a significant will nal it has been left for you. >> do you do this every time then. >> i do it every night. i do a 20-dollar bill because i will see her again. >> that is true. >> my mother, she's still texting me, hi mom, she says it is real important on a cruise ship too because you will see those people over and over again. >> you want that chocolate on your pillow. >> and towel animals. >> i love that. >> yes. >> you are right on a cruise you will see that person every day and night.
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>> same person usually they are assigned tour room. >> yes. >> do you do this? if you know you never see them again. >> oh, gosh. >> do you just run. >> you run. >> you can check out, automatic check out. >> i don't even go to the desk. >> do you even have a conscious. >> any hotel in the area. >> i don't do that i'm asking do you do that. i with never do that. >> maybe they will come have after you. number four, so what do you think about this, set this up, what happened in phoenixville. >> parents answer want answer as of students were forced to take a breathalizer before even entering the stadium. so the school district says students who attended the game, without parents had to go through a student's only entrance on to the field where administrators was waiting there waiting for an alcohol test. superintendent told fox 29 the chatter from students who were
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planning to attend the game drunk. he says it business prevending underage drinking but many parents feel they were unfairly targeted. >> i think it is good for the goose, it goodies for gander. why aren't we testing everyone. drinking and driving is in the good for kids, it is also not good for the grown ups. >> i think they did give the the explanation. they said there was a rumor going around that kids plan to be drunk and then go to the games. >> that makes the game more interesting. >> i don't know how phoenixville is doing. >> what their record is, in football. >> but it is still bad because it is under able drinking. >> they heard chatter so district says that the administrators are train to give the test and phoenixville police were not even involved. school officials say nobody ended up violating the rules that night, so maybe word got around that the breathalizers were happening. maybe there was a preventive measure. i don't have a problem. >> i don't either, but of course, i don't have a child
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in phoenixville. >> but i had a kid, i mean, they get rowdy enough at games. >> my question is if the student fails it and there is no police officer there then what happens. >> you just don't go to the game. >> how do they get home. >> i don't know, alex. >> i'm just saying, you have a school resource officers there, i don't know. >> then they have to call mom and daddy. >> yes. >> but you you are right, you wouldn't want him to get in the car and drive home, put him in the gym. >> we have heard the saying, forever, happy wife, happy life. so, we go out of our way to keep our women happy. >> you sound so happy bit. >> guess what? >> it is true. >> tell me about this research that says it is true. >> princeton university, they are pretty reputable. >> can't wait to talk about it. >> we believe this is so true. they say that happiness is more crucial than her
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husband's, to keep that wedded happiness. it helps with the overall well-being and health of men. how? when a wife is happy and satisfied, she's likely to do more for her husband and he then maintains a positive attitude while having less health issues. >> i know what this is. >> here we go. >> if the the woman is happy, there is more of a possibility that there will be sex. >> the the gift that keeps on giving. >> it always comes back to that. we know that is pretty much all you guys think about it. >> it is the reason we get up in the morning, there might be a chance, just a chance, there might be some answer, let's start with you, quincy, what do you think of the survey. >> it is totally true, it is either action or silence. i know i won't get grilled about x, y and z. you didn't do this. i'm not happen bye that. so, for me, the action, cool.
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you get action, you have kids. you didn't go in the house and it be quiet and say hello wife how are you doing. hi, i'm doing great. you just hear about her amazing day, you slide through amazing day over dinner and then you can just relax. do whatever you want to do. >> quincy, there will be no action if you leave that hat on. >> i'm at sol high school and i'm trying to get in the fall agricultural theme. >> please remove the hat. >> there will be no action but that is the the truth. >> i don't know how you get action any day. >> really, kerry. >> well, you are just very vocal about your distress, your marital situation and your mother in law. >> well, this is like going to
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a sounding board. >> thinks therapy. >> i use good day as therapy. let the frustration out. >> we have five very unqualified therapists. >> in, there is truth to this. you know the saying if mommy ain't happy ain't nobody happy. that is absolutely true. what is interesting it also goes around would the men f she's happy she makes her husband happy there is no talk about what the husband has to to to make her happy. it all goes back to the probably, getting action, and, if you you guys treat us with a little bit of respect, you take the dishes, unload dishwasher or take the garbage out that type of thing, we store those things deep down inside and we look to give back to you at an appropriate time. >> i totally disagree. i totally disagree. when women are happy they don't make you happy. they make themselves more happy, that is all they do,
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really. they are like listen, i think you will like this shirt. no, it is not like you think you like this shirt. this is the the shirt you want me to wear. it is so true. >> when we are happy we shut up about the the shirt so you are happy. >> women are very selfish and i'm just here to tell you, happy life, happy wife because they won't nag you and bring you down. >> what is your twitter handle so i don't to have receive the tweets. >> what? >> i'm just saying. >> thank you both. >> bye. >> 9:10. popular dating web site reveals something you might have already guessed about many female relationships. >> women prefer men their own age as they get older but men continue to prefer younger women. >> doh. >> even as men age. that is more revelationness a new book written by a founder of ok cupid. >> yes. >> uses databased from
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millions of the web sites users and i guess that explains that. >> that is nothing new. >> well, i think that our generation ages. i think that might change. >> really. >> i think we might want younger men. >> what do you think right now. >> cougars. >> my mother just turn 80. she doesn't date. why. she said i don't want to take care of some old man. >> i have a horrible analogy that will get me a lot of hate mail. >> okay good are you going to say it. >> no. >> thank you for announcing that. >> but if you want you always take home a puppy. that is horrible. >> we have quincy stuff, and now we will get your stuff. >> let's see who we can make mad with this next story. >> more working fathers are feeling conflict when it comes to a work family balance. it is about time they got
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conflict that we have had for years. it is the fathers who are finding it more difficult to deal with the balance have of career and family. nearly half of the dads surveyed thought they didn't spend enough time with their kids compared to just 23 percent of the mothers. the the survey also revealed that working fathers feel guilty because they feel that they have it easier than stay at home moms do. >> well, i'm sure my father never had one moment of guilting abouting off to work and not being with his six kids at home good that is true because the the rolls were clearly define back in those days. >> i bring home the bacon, you take care of the house. >> half of the fathers now. >> wow. >> in their 20's, 30's and 40's. >> yes. >> i think a lot of growing up my dad, i played basketball. he became head coach of the basketball team. he did it so we could spend more time together and practice at my school. then i quit basketball.
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>> yes. >> he was heart broken but we had great time together. >> it was nice. >> now i know why you were starting point guard your dad was the coach. >> no, i have some talent but they realized i was than the growing anymore. i'll run track. >> what was that about seven when you stop growing. >> i haven't grown for a while. >> i talk tour dad about your basketball skills. you can bring the ball down real well and shoot that shot. >> i was on the all-star team in middle school. >> one of the days on the program we will have a demo. >> i. played in a while. >> they said were you track at track. >> i ran track too. >> what was the specialty lolo. >> i was shortness i did four by one, four by two, i was a sprinter. >> i don't know what that means. >> like the 100. >> yes. >> once around the track. >> have you ever watched track before. >> a little bit. >> in the olympic. >> four by one and two is relay. >> four by four is when you go
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around four times. >> one person and then next person passes baton. >> yes. >> that was some good television right there. >> it is 9:14. lets do quick weather and we will have a fashion show and you will see a woman with mouse ears or bunny ears and it is a new fashion trend. >> they look like cat ears. >> a cat. >> get witt we have a great seven day forecast. now that our morning rain is pretty much over we have sunshine, today, tomorrow, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. next chance of rapist not until machine. for eagles game when we play washington, 80 degrees. how about that. it is looking good. >> that is a great sunday, 80 degrees so at game time in the 70's. >> yeah. next two days are a ten because we have a bunch of stuff going on this week. tomorrow night is this big fashion event, the weather is
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going to be perfect. and then on thursday it is the festival at penns landing, it the is great to be that. lets talk about this, it is time to bring out the the fall clothes. we wanted to show you something special in honor of fashion p hast. >> twenty-first anniversary of fashion tp es t to promote fashion, beauty, industry right here in the delaware valley. creator of fashion fest is here to tell us thousand dress responsibly. >> we are responsible for looking wonderful in the fall. >> yes. >> this is sharon waxman, in charge of the big event that is happening. so first tell us about fashion fest. >> okay. well, as you heard, it is 21st anniversary. we are doing dress responsibly is the theme, and fashion fest was create todd she case all of the great retail we have in our own backyard here in
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philadelphia it is something we can see tomorrow night on the runway. they can go out and purchase in their own backyards the next day. readily available for us. >> yes. >> lets see some fashions. >> terrific. >> we will start with alex. >> alex, hi alex. >> and she's showing us a young, fun look. we have 11 retail their participate in fashion fest with seven salons. >> can you explain the ears. >> it is a fun, accessory, instead of the head ban mike, we thought you would love the the cat ears. this is just a little fun, funky outfit, jewelry, accessories, all very young and hip. we have everything at fashion fest from something like alex is wearing right here in olde city from snack parlor to what i'm wearing which is a more sophisticated look from irenea silver, or segal dress maker. >> i am loving the boots, you have the nice dress and boots. >> more playful.
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>> yes. >> more playful. we added leather jacket. and snack parlor has a fashion truck that would enter tomorrow night and they will be able to shop the the boutique, as they exit. >> even her jewelry so delicate looking. it is playful with what you do here. >> yep. >> okay. and then we cannot ignore men. >> we love charles look. he is showing us a look from les richard and lr2 in liberty place. a lot of men are intimidated by color. charles wears this very well. >> he does. >> separates, mixed and matched and we love the bright violet to add some color pop. >> yes. >> do people still do that. >> yes. >> we are seeing pattern mixing this season and as i said you'll see everything in the runway tomorrow night from young and hip to more sophisticated to cocktail wear. >> yes. >> i see a lot of guys doing
9:18 am
this where you have to have it happening for men. >> now sometimes, they take it far and they can show ankles, is that too far. >> no, it is fun. you will see formal wear tomorrow night where there are bear feet and form willal slippers and ankles showing for men. >> wow. >> okay. >> you have to wear sock. >> sometimes. >> it is a sock that has to be flashy and match bow tie. >> make sure you lotion up. >> tell us what time it starts. >> 7:00 o'clock at liberty place with the cocktail reception. we have student designers, fabulous silent auction, beauty bar with our seven salons each doing beauty tips for our guest as they are enjoying their cocktail, and food by catering. so is there something for everyone and i hope to see you, tomorrow night at 7:00. >> just might be there. >> nice meeting you. >> thank you for the models,
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they look lovely mike and sue. >> oh, yes. >> we will see you tomorrow night. >> thanks, mike. >> alex, i have a ticket for you. >> to you want to go. >> did you realize barbara streisand has not been on the tonight show in 50 years. she went on last night. >> she and jimmy fallon did a due it parity with fallon pretending to be elvis. >> it was cool. >> ♪ >> thank you very much.
9:20 am
>> that is a good get, jimmy. >> um-hmm. >> i love barbara streisand. >> she's such a good get she was only guest the whole night. >> he insisted that she sit in the host show. the whole thing is she has a new album out, most of the people she sings with are alive except for elvis. >> not the jimmy fallon elvis. >> she sang with live people. >> she sang with live people and she matched her voice to that song, exactly, apparently. >> one of the best singers ever. >> memories. >> yes. >> all right. >> we have to get to another singer, kanye, he is striking back. >> here we go. >> we first showed you video
9:21 am
yesterday of this wheelchair controversy but last night he went on another rant, his big problems with us, the media, reporting on this, man did he lash out. we will play it for you. >> it is always our fault.
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas.
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but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. hi everybody. so, the area, the the picture i took of hour eskin, considered one of philadelphia's icons. >> i love this. >> so, what we're going to do is on this saturday is our premiere show of the weekend show, you know. >> hash tag fox 29 weekend. >> yes, fox 29 weekend. >> we want to you tweet with us. >> it starts at 8:00 o'clock. this might get a little bit of action, i hope howard doesn't hate me, it is not my idea but start senting in videos, instagram video and put it on
9:25 am
twitter. >> good way to put on tv. >> a 202nd video together, is what your biggest complaint about howard eskin. >> it is a roast. >> send videos to our you report section on my fox is there a tab there that says you report, click on that. >> yes, are you going to reopen that door. >> this is not our idea. >> no. >> we're not guilty. >> crazy weekend people. >> so, season premiere of the mindy project, that will be tonight at 9:30. >> okay. you know why i like the show. >> why. >> it is the little moments and it gets a little naughty or a lot naughty. >> yes, a lot naughty, how about this. >> unaudible. >> i am not ensure what that means. >> karen is naughty, is that why they are implying there.
9:26 am
>> what is most naughty thing, that you have to do. >> don't even start that. >> i have a list. >> karen hepp was in los angeles with two stars that play nurses. that is getting naughty. we know -- we're in for -- another awkward steamy season with mindy and danny but there is a lot more to that than the the characters. here's the scoop, nurse beverly may have a sorted past. >> it was all a bonded now really crazy dysfunctional family. >> yes. >> we have a good time. you might find more about the possibility of beverly having been in prison, because police officer and inmate have referred to her as susan robinson, as someone who was incarcerated. we might find out about that. >> yes, we have more about everyone, just getting deeper in to everyone's characters relationships, folks, it is awesome. it will be so good. fans will love it.
9:27 am
i cannot wait. >> why is everybody at work. >> i will give you hundred dollars if you you say that actress's name that was just talking. >> unaudible. >> right, what you said. >> mindy project premiere is tonight at 9:30. i love that show, that mindy kailing. >> good combination because it is new you born, mindy project right after it. >> i just get... >> don't get naughty here. >> i get a box of truffles out and i watch the new girl right into mindy project. >> that is what is good about the fall, tv, up grid from you watching in your underwear, at least you have a robe on for me. >> there is a man riding a horse or is it a child, there is a man petting a horse. >> it is a child. we are here at sol, everyone is having fun.
9:28 am
>> wow. >> next they want me to ride this horse. that is e
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our quincy harris has been busy this morning, hit the farm he is head on, went out, miami being some coast, spending a lot of time there. >> yes, all high school. right there, off henry avenue, it is so pastoral looking there, and it is amazing institution, largest agricultural high school in the country, q? >> now he needs a helmet on. >> do you see how regal i look right now? >> you're classy.
9:32 am
>> ooh combine science. >> equine science, the science of horses. >> pretty simple. now, what's this guy doing here? >> doing test to see if he can ride goes through walk, trot and kantor. >> that's a lot. how long does very to do that for? >> until he passed. >> how are you doing, what's your name? >> ajanaa. >> what do you learn here? >> i learned a lot. just sort of -- you just do a love hands on stuff, learn how to clean them, groom them, treat an animal. >> what's your major? >> animal science, large animal. >> have you passed this? >> not yet, no. >> so now, what i am about to do, i'm going to attempt to get on this horse. >> yes. >> now the horse is pregnant. is she knock. >> yes, two months pregnant, she will go 11 months, and she can be ridden within days of her birth.
9:33 am
>> okay. >> giving birth. >> all right, so, i'm about to hop on this horse right now. >> that's okay. >> do i step right here? >> yep. >> oh, boy. what's the test again? >> do you have stay on the horse, hold on, without using your hands, while she moves. >> walk her over? >> let him do it. >> okay. >> now. >> slow. >> go as far as you can. nice and straight, off with your hands. >> let go. >> yes, absolutely. >> oh, okay. >> roll with the horse. sit up nice and straight. >> this is good? >> it is great. >> do i pass yet? >> , no not even close.
9:34 am
>> looks like i passed. >> i feel like i'm doing good. >> are you ready to go faster? >> can we go little? >> no, no, no, no. okay, all right. that's enough. all right, that's enough. okay, shout out to zane. it is school. i passed. i passed. thank you, guys in the studio. >> does that meanest's done? >> back this way. looking at the other end of the horse, now we want to look at the head. >> just holding on, zane passed. >> problem solved. >> let's roll. >> my gosh. spot on there. >> okay, all right.
9:35 am
>> i passed. >> what a patient horse. >> really. >> all right, well next fry asking you to join us in saluting our troops. shutting down market street again to honor the brave men and women, in uniform. >> yep, another fox 29 salutes the military day there is one is a week from this friday, september 26, right outside the studio here, we shutdown market street, between third and fourth, and it is amazing, alex, wait until you see, we have music, we have food. and so many men and women who serve in our military. we have representatives from each branch of the military, and you get to really understands what they do. and we can say, in person, thank you for your service. >> that's right, because we support you. >> yes. >> and still ahead, what do americans dream about the most? is it money or one of our relationships? the surprising thing most of us have on our minds, when we sleep.
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9:39. so this is history. what do you think americans dream about the most as you sleep overnight? >> well, some may guess relationship or money, the answer is, we dream about babies more than anything? is this mostly women doing this? >> i guess. well, the american dreams cloud index, whatever that is, found that 24% of people in the united states dream about babies or pregnancy. >> as people, not just women, other popular dreams include schools. >> i had one of those last night. even at my age, i still dream about being in college, and not making it to class, and i haven't studied all year and
9:40 am
i'm going to that final exam. >> the worse. >> and many times i'm walking around campus, nude. >> what? >> the make thing i think is very common. also, water. >> i dream about water. >> and my recurring dream is being in a car and going over the return turns, but my car keeps turning, but i never crash in the dream. >> that's weird. >> meanwhile, little over 8% of people admitted to having sex dreams. but researchers say, literally, lie bakeries, dreaming about babies doesn't mean outwent have a barber or anything. represent a different thing in your life, like maybe new beginning. >> okay, i have a couple of co-workers here. >> caitlin roth, she told me about a dream that she had over the weekend. >> she did. >> i can't get into that one.
9:41 am
>> you are in it. >> i prepared dinner for her at my apartment. >> that was nice of you. >> then there was dessert. >> (laughter). >> she's not here to defend herself. >> it was great. >> just a dream. >> just a dream. >> then alarming piece of information came my way this morning, one of our directors, darren, and there he is. >> hey, darr glenn night wing. >> dreamed last night that he and bring in a bathtub together with a louvre lufa spunk. bill o'reilly moment. how was it? >> it was fantastic. >> casino every like the commercials where, we were in separate -- >> no, no. >> same tub? >> is he a good scrubber? >> have you ever had a dream like that before? >> no. >> why are you standing in the
9:42 am
corner right now behind me? >> i'm not sure. >> he is so smooth. >> are you seeks it dollars to go to sleep tonight? >> no, in fact, tonight, it is going to be a good night. >> might have to get a quick nap. >> ever had a good dream that you want to go back to sleep to finish it? >> i forget my dreams, i wake up, then i remember it, the first couple every minutes, i node i had a good dream, oh, what was it about? not sure. >> you should keep note pad by your dead and write it down. >> yes, i've done that before. >> my grandmother likes to interpret dreams. >> ♪ you'll never find ♪ another love like mine ♪ (laughter err. >> can i say this? the man is married. >> still ahead, we are cooking up a storm here on "good day".
9:43 am
man, two of the top chefs in our city are outside right now, fourth and market. i think one of the best food events of the year. starting tonight. we'll tell you where that is, thousands of people will show up.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> ♪ >> we're having a party. >> we are. >> and having a party because some of the areas best chefs are coming together, to cook up a feast, takes place this thursday. >> what casino of food you got out there? >> we got fancy food. talk about it, right, guys? okay, michael and peter been with us before. and name the restaurants. how many do you have? >> ... >> what's it? >> okay. by the way, your ride's here. (sirens blaring). >> run for your lives. >> calling the fire department. what were your places in. >> sixth street and latang in the french theater. >> oh, la peg. just last week was named one of the most romantic new restaurants in the city of philadelphia. congratulations. >> my wife's nickname.
9:47 am
>> you think you get points for it, but apparent more point for clearing the table. >> is she a pirate? >> no, no, french woman named peg. >> i cool. and also, a fisher was named romantic restaurant. >> i don't think as romantic as peter's. >> one every our director, darren and i are going there later this evening. >> awesome. >> so what are you planning here? >> we got greek leaves stuffed with lamb, pistachios, corn, rice. >> sounds very greek. >> it is sort of greek. i mean, using sicilian it is tash yost, found all over the balkins, middle east. we do those, we roll them up like cigars, steam them, then we actually sewer them, actually very vietnamese. try one now? >> okay being. >> you want spicy or no? >> no.
9:48 am
>> today we are a pork terrine, made with black trumpet mushrooms, chicken lives, fat back right in the middle. >> what's back fat? >> from pork, fantastic stuff. >> fat off a pig's back. >> exactly. >> we serve with pickled carrots. >> it is fabulous. >> now, how do you get into that compact shake? >> cooked in terrine mold, low temperature for long time, then we compact it, press it when it comes out. >> all right, let's talk about feasible, one of the best food events in the country. close to a thousand people are expected to be there. this is thursday night. >> it is, year five, which has phenominal. about 80 different restaurants, got a thousand people. we have dozens of acts only found here on penn's landing,
9:49 am
it will be amazing. >> all tinted up. i've been to this event before. >> all tents, i believe, designed by the same guy who design la peg restaurant, did the spruce street harbor. >> i love that. >> it will be fantastic looking place. >> without a question after doubt. >> what time should we get there? 7:00 for vip. >> 7:00 for the regular. >> i believe tickets 250, for vip, 350. >> we'll try to make money. >> making money for the fringe arts, you know, they are the company that's bringing all of the great live arts to philadelphia. >> we love them. >> fantastic. >> a thousand people are spending $250 apiece. congratulations, see you over there. >> thank you. >> thursday night for sure. you guys have her eating beanie weenies? you have, you're a chef. >> well, you know, i like cereal, popcorn, hotdogs.
9:50 am
>> i'm a big fan. beanie weeny. >> to be hon owes he is the first time i'm heard of the beanie weeny. >> well hang on. our new friend alex has never had beanie weenies. so we might experience this before 10:00 o'clock. so hang around. >> oh, goodness. >> still ahead, kanye strikes back, first, this video yesterday, the wheelchair controversy, the last night he went on yet another rant. big problem with this this morning, we'll explain in just a bit. >> guess what? we've got more media coming up. i a new new show premiering called fox 29 weekend. it is interactive, your stories, your news, and you joining the conversation. so facebook, twitter, instagram, big part of the show saturday 8:00 a.m. right
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get a free quote at >> oh, the mood when the eagles win. a lot of people are saying you could be a lucky charm here, we're two and zero. >> i don't know. that's a big responsibility. >> got this tweet. look at this. >> is that like a shamrock? >> bye but see, what's that mean for me? >> that you stink. >> i don't know if i want to be the good luck charm. >> just keep doing everything we've been doing, every friday, the or before the game, we play your fight song. >> me marching, doing the song. >> yes. >> we play it before the game, before the second game. >> whatever it takes so the eagles are win, i'm down. please don't hate me if they lose. >> yesterday we showed you kanye west, very embarrassing
9:55 am
moment, he demanded everybody in the crowd in australia stand up or he won't continue the song. >> so there he is, admonish g the crowd stand up, i'm not going to sing unless you all treat me like a king and stand. so there are two team who wouldn't stands up. he said i'm not going on. the crowd turns on these two, until one of them finally gets the message to him by taking off his prosthetic leg, and lifting it up, look, kanye, i can't get up. neither can my friend because we're in wheelchairs. so kanye goes oh, well, just listen to it. >> i'm a married christian man. (cheers). >> i make sure everybody has cents a good time as possible. >> so here he is, what really happens, didn't you realize these two guys were in
9:56 am
wheelchairs? why would you make them stand up. well, i do agree, i don't think he knew, that they were in wheelchairs. >> how could you know that? big concert crowd. >> so he went on, sang, but never apologized for t instead, he lashed outright there, at national media saying they blew this out of proportion. >> that's what kanye does, known for his rants, if you go to concert he probably feels like i have to rant. because people expect the rant. >> he rant dollars here. >> and he rants to the media, if we stop paying attention to him, oh. >> and everybody has cents to stand like he's the king. so what did kim have to say about it? >> she is standing by herman, defended him on instagram writing it is frustrate that something, sorry, it is frustrating something so awesome can be clouded by lies in the media. >> that's a pretty good impression.
9:57 am
>> so earlier i said, every now and then i'll go to walk walk -- wawa, 7-eleven, get a can of beanie weenies, crank it open, don't even warm it up, and just eat them. and -- >> oh, here they are, elegant gold trimmed plate. >> i could have found a hotdog to cut it up in there, but i didn't think about it. >> so do you have any ritual? >> no, just -- >> just shove it in. not warmed up. >> not bad. >> here is another technique. put it in the frig for about an hour, take it out, it is cold beans. >> flavor just blends in the frig. >> this makes you kneel better, right? we're feeling better right now? >> specially the fat it is sitting in coagulates. >> congeals? >> oh, goodness, the things dow to keep up with mike.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city it's season six of the wendy williams show. drugs and alcohol, robin thik thicke. and wendy is talking more hot topics with sexy silver fox, anderson cooper. and we have all of the fashion trends for the fall. >> wendy: cool weather, hot look. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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