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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 17, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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able to buy them. >> i don't think that has anything to do with the temperature of the dress, does it? >> they're not receiving the dress. >> we'll have to see it to believe it. news of kate middleton second pregnancy has us wondering what's the ideal age gap between siblings, how long should you wait to have another child? because, of course, bridges george, just turned one, in july. >> is that enough? i would bet the standards two, three years apart, we shall see. let's go back to the flight squad now, we do have camera out there. well, hi, kate. so yes, careful. if you're at fourth and market, men flying through the sky. >> oh, they are warming up. they're running away. >> mini tram snap. >> whew! >> i do mean trampoline, tramp. >> oh! >> if you think you can do that, come by, talk to them about the audition, we'll give you the information in just a little bit.
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okay? >> so alex, you'll be flipping around on the tamp? >> they will be. they'll flip over me. >> oh? >> hopefully. i'll change -- >> lucky you're wearing an excuse, no flip flip. >> i'm stick it g to it. >> i think i can jump over you. >> with a trampoline. >> specially in flats. >> well, we will see. we will see. what's the phrase, wonderful things come in small packages what is it? >> fun size. >> i'm not saying any more. >> please don't. >> choosing a wedding date is becoming a big dill aim for brides and grooms, especially in the south, where they have such great football teams in college, the sec considers the best. >> absolutely, yes. >> serious there. >> ask mazoo. >> yes, we are. >> college football almost a religion, few fans will pick urie big day over the game. so you get married on a saturday, when friends and relatives might pick football over the ceremony or just
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watch the game. that's kind of a big deal. you want people to come. >> ya. >> so now couples are avoiding saturday nuptials altogether. >> good. >> to ensure friends and relatives will attend rather than just skip out for the game. >> why don't you just not get married during football season? >> or how about have an evening wedding? games are at night now, too. >> this is only from the start of the sees none late august until early december when conference championships are played. and the wedding business takes back seat to college football. >> okay. >> then nfl games also big deal for sunday weddings. so there is a lot to compete with there. a lot of weddings happen on the weekend. >> of course, normally saturday, friday night, that's not just -- we all deal with it in the delaware valley here, too, because we love to watch football. pro or college. >> don't have it during eagles games. >> and jen and quincy, i'll tell this, i remember going to our executive producer wedding, mary ann vaughn, and it happened to be during march madness.
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>> right. >> , who was it, st. joe's in it, huge game during the wedding reception at mary ann's wedding half of us were in the bar. >> i don't think i even saw the remember exception. >> oh, no. >> you came back and check in every once in a while. >> commercial break? >> still married. >> jen, we start with you. would you factor this in, picking a wedding date? >> he did factor in. i got married october 17th, because i wanted to not have to invite so many people. because i'm so mean. low and be healed, i married guy from new york, they were watching the yankees in the playoffs. in the kitchen. >> so the short solution to all of this, get married in the spring, in april. when there is not too many playoffs going on, but, i did get married in the fall, to avoid the riff-raff, from all my sorority sisters.
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>> i would definitely, i got married august, august 16, i'm an eagles fan, huge eagles fan. >> i would never, i would never, ever do that to any of my friends. torture, like you're -- if you're an eagles fan, you know that with the games going on, then getting married, then losing, then reception, just inconsiderate. do you have know better. >> thing called sling box, you have it, i can watch it. >> v on my phone. >> right. >> you have to be careful, though, if you are in a church. and your team scores, you go ah. people look and at you. >> real excited, though. coming together. >> i think i would be afraid if my friends had to choose between me and football. i think i would lose, my feelings would be hurt. dance floor would be empty. >> don't put that out there. don't give them a chance. jen? >> easily, easy, eagles over
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everything. that's just my opinion. >> the worse time to get married if you care about that stuff, there is baseball, hockey barks kel ball, so many games. >> married in the spring. what if the flyers are in the playoff -- >> 6ers, sixers may make it. >> could happen. >> what you hear in the background there, is jen's location. >> now, it is not. >> gas issues. >> she had breakfast burito, i heard. >> so talking about the wedding date. now do you have worry about the wedding dress. so the block buster movie inspiring wedding fashions. from so, what the dresses look like -- >> we'll look at it. >> it is not really cold.
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that's real life version of dress, character, elsa wears if the film. gown was created bee designer alfred angelo, and rumors are that an honor theme gown is also in the works. >> so be getting married in blue, in blue, because elsa had blue dress. frozen blue. >> never been to wedding where the bride wore blue. >> well, there you go. >> it works. >> when do you think this frozen thing will die snout. >> going to be a while, yes. keeps going. >> 9:06. prince george, georgie boy, and his new sibling to be, a year apart in age, but exactly how long should you wait to have another child so sibling age gap? what we are talking about. >> got to have something. experts recommend women wait a year after giving birth to become pregnant again. so improve the chances of having healthy baby. they say two years is probably
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perfect, since it gives a woman's body enough time to recover. plus, siblings close in age are said to have stronger relationships. but, anything over three years may be too long, because it can cause sibling rivalry. so let's bring in kerrey bar tote chat about this. what do you think? you agree? >> here is the deal. sibling rivalry occurs at all ages, i think, regardless of whether your kids are a year apart, four years apart, five years apart or more. so, janie, my kids, few years apart, give or take few months, wasn't how we planned it, we thought two years or two and a half years after avery. so when i look back on what i think the benefits are, having them spaced this far apart, avenue have i potty trained. i don't have two kids in diapers. she is a little more independent. she can feed herself. she can go upstairs and get changed or get dress philadelphia she needs to. she transitioned into her big girl bed. so we could reuse the crib. >> yes. >> by the way there is a picture of the two of them i
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snapped over the weaken. she in love with him. >> and she can help up with the baby, right? >> that's the thing, they are in the back seat of the car and he's upset or fussy, she starts talking to him and making silly faces, and holding his hand, mommy, he dropped his pacifier, she's so in -- >> what's? >> should start paying her. >> right? >> a nanny. >> well, i already do casino of pay her, how much they cost. but like i also feel i got a lot of one-on-one snuggle time with her, the down side of having them so far apart is that i feel like i really can't give j as much attention as i was able it give her, because she is going around to all of these activities, got her horseback riding and soccer and swimming and dance, and blah blah, and school now. so one of the other things is that you're kind of carting jay along, and his nap time isn't as structured as hers was. to make long story short, i don't think perfect age difference. but googled it, i found article, 25 pages long on the internet of all of the
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different pros and cons from a year to four years apart. and really, i mean, i think it is all up to you. you know? >> i had five sir links, my brother ten years old, i don't have a relationship with him. never did though. >> was that because of the age difference? >> he went off to school at 17. i was cents six, seven years old. >> yes. >> but so my closest siblings are my two sisters closest in age to me. did worked out for my daughters jessica and jill. they're almost exactly two years apart. >> you know, two to four years is the most common. three, they say, like, you know, mother nature's perfect age difference, but two and four seems to be dined of the sweet spot. >> okay. >> i agree, my sister beverly and i, almost exactly two years apart. >> love each other. >> best friends to this day. >> this is interesting. i did note, they say that girls that are farther apart in age are more -- have more intellectual benefits, but works the opposite for boys. >> oh? >> isn't that interesting? they didn't know why.
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but i found that little tid-bit looking stuff up. >> let me just back that up. that reference you just made, my brother tom, two years older, nuclear physicist. and then there is me. >> and then there is you. >> ya. >> exhibit a. big difference there. >> well, say that 25 page study, i would like to read that right after the show. >> you would not. >> 9:10, last night, alex and i last night had so much fun. hosed something called the fashion touchdown event at boyde's clothing store, over on chestnut street. >> eagles player suited up to walk the runway. jeremy maclin and mark sanchez were there, as well as mike quick and vince papale. event raised money for big brothers, big sisters. >> you can tell by the jerseys, marcus smith, number one draft pick there, as well. so, why we were there, it was so cute alex opens her clutch, giant bottle of lemon juice in there, and shot glasses.
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>> i had been caring it all the whole event. kind of heavy. >> do you always car think around? then i realized what you were to up. >> yes, i wanted to do this favor for our friend pre he will, you might know her story, four year old girl from delaware county diagnosissed when brain cancer. and her family started the lemon shot challenge to raise money for pediatric cancer research. and when she visited our set on monday, you remember this, she issued this challenge. >> and you guys want to challenge someone, right, pre he will? who is our challenge today? >> the philadelphia eagles. >> oh, the philadelphia eagles have now been challenged to take the lemon challenge test. >> so cute. so, last night, we got the eagles to do the lemon shot challenge, take a look. >> watch their faces. >> all right, pre he will, this is for you. >> we have all the eagles players, well, a lot of eagles player here, doing this because we are all bleigh he will's buddies. so cheers.
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>> this is for you. >> didn't think much of it, in the blue. >> and they all waived. they all say hi to pre ethel. actually her family has already seen. >> this they tweeted us said thank you, but we're too long do anything for her. >> there was some prep time. the guys were getting their outfits on, basically, behind where the camera is here. alex was cents setting up the shot glass. >> i wanted to make it look nice, i wanted i wanted to have everything ready, we had an event, we had to hurry, so i lined up all of the glasses cents, i put lemon slices in it, mike is what are you doing? they'll choke. i'm right you're right, i had to take it out. >> lemon? >> they had some there. i just put some in there. i was cents trying to be cute. put little decoration. >> you were cute. >> this dress, i wish we had wide shot of it, well, there
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it is. isn't that great? >> beautiful. >> she had purple shoes on. >> purple for big brothers big sisters. i was going with the theme there. >> yes, that's clear color, big brothers, big sisters. >> that was the benefit last night at boyde's. >> they made a lot of money, too. the football jerseys, signed them, took pictures with people. >> good time. >> speaking of football. this sunday at the linc, when we play washington, it is going to be the hottest day of the seven day forecast. >> is this good or bad for the players? >> i don't know, not that hot. mid 80s, in the middle of the game. so that happens to be the lasts full day of summer, so, rather fitting, i would say. as we take a look at the seven day forecast, now, saturday at the linc, it is temple versus the delaware state hornets. hornets, 1:00. and they'll have a lovely day, 79 degrees, so great weekend for being out of doors, what ever you're doing, now, leading up to the weekend, we've got some cool, comfortable weather, today's high, 75 degrees. and even with some clouds
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tomorrow, i still gave it a ten, giving you another one with cooler temperatures on friday. >> so pretty nice in the seven day. >> just made a decision, i think i will ' go to the game sunday. >> oh, it will be great. >> my buddy jim bell over at shari's tickets just teeth dollars me. he said you better get them now. they're going fast, here is ticket, is shari's tickets, almost gone. >> plus, desean. >> oh, and we've already won two in a row. >> desean back, oh, please win that game. eagles. performers know that the show must go on no matter what happens on the stage. >> well, one flat flawless performance, unexpected visitor tried to steel the spotlight. take a look.
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>> what in the heck is that? >> make denmark, big big competition. she wasn't going to going to let this little butterfly mess her up. the butterfly trying to distract her, look at that, the show went on, butterfly didn't go anywhere. winner of the competition will be announced saturday, but she really de is her halves grace under pressure prize. look at that, perched right on her eyebrow. >> what's going on here? almost seems like it is part of the act. >> you're right, like go land on her face. she didn't even flinch. if i had a butterfly on my face i would put down my flutes. >> and swat it away. >> that's weird. >> she is probably thinking will you get off of me. >> speaking of that, in my apartment, how long do flies live? >> couple days? >> i've had one fly in my
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apartment and it lovers my face. no matter where i am. i could be in the bathroom, bed -- >> animals love to be around you. i don't know why. >> i don't know, well get on twitter and tell me how long do i have to put up with this thing. >> how long has it been there? >> been there over five days. i want to know do they live. >> sixers at the home games we get to see the fly squad, do all of their flames, trampoline, dump the basketball. apparently you can join their team. >> that's right. al sex with the the existing members of the team to see what's going on. hey there, guys, yes i'm with the sixers flight squad, here with the -- >> hey, excited about today. how are you? >> excited, too, but i'm nervous, worried, because we're just not going to do any practice here, so do you have fly. with me, i'm scared. >> stay still. these guys will fly well over you. you'll be okay. >> well over? >> yes. >> i put on, i don't know if you can see there is i put on
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my flats because i was wearing heals. >> i was hoping would you put the sneakers on so could you come out here and try it. >> no, they don't want to see. that will so also told me closer to the mat, right? >> okay, well, here we go. we will call them. come on, guys. then dot interview at the same time. let's just get one over. my gosh. >> see? >> all right, cleared one. my gosh, okay. >> so let's talk about the fact about this squad here. tell us about it. >> so for those who don't know the sixers flight squad is inch tech active dunk team performs at every sixers game, see what these guys are doing, base throw that with the ball in their hand, they slam-dunk. >> anybody could come? >> anybody can come. eighteen or older by october 1st, this year. >> want high energy people just rid toy have a good time, promote the sixer. >> how much training does it take to be able to do this? they do all kind of tricks and
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dunks. >> yes, we have practices every week. we have about one, two practices a week. and we train people. so those two don't have the backgrounds in jail as innings or acrobatics, we train them. a loft fun. >> is it like several months? i mean, if someone is sitting on their couch, oh, i want to do that, do you have to make them over? >> you know, i wouldn't call it a make over. we let people do what they are good at doing. i don't ever put anyone in a position where they're doing something they can't do. but there is a lot of training. usually people pick it up real well. as long as you have athletic ability, maybe you dance, maybe just shake it hi, shake it low, whatever you can do. >> now be honest, has anyone gotten hurt doing this? >> i have actually. >> you, and you're the coach. what? >> you got to go for the big tricks, but nothing major, all good here. all in practice, right? >> yes, yes, never happened at a game, never, never. >> auditions tonight, afc
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fitness, bala cynwyd, looking for as many people as possible to show up, 6:00 to 9:00 tonight. you guys better be there, look at me. >> you better be there, look at him, look at us. need to bring anything? >> bring yourselves, bring your energy, bring little light snack, so you're good to go. wear shorts, sneakers, and come and try out. you snow. >> thank you so much. thanks to the flight squad. so scared. take it to you guys. >> yes, now get out of there. you're pressing your luck. >> asking you all to join us as we salute our troops. week from the day after tomorrow. week from friday. you know what we do, we shutdown market street basically from third to fourth street. from, you know, probably 5:00 a.m. until 10:00. >> until 10:00. and what i love about it, you get to see what they actually do. they bring some of their equipment in, different things they use, in the field, and we get to really appreciate what they do and how difficult -- >> bringing something new this year, vomit machine. i'll slain that, so september 26 outside of our
9:20 am
studios, see you there. >> it will be great. still ahead, you know finally here. this is the one show that i have seen couple of times, i've watched this thing twice, red bands society. it is tonight. so karen hepp found out some secrets how the show made t basically is saint christopher's hospital for children, or chop, here in philadelphia. what really goes on behind the scenes with these kids dealing with cancer.
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>> see this red bands, this hospital band, that's what it is. >> for the red band society. so how do you make a show about kids in a cancer ward, and make it interesting? >> and they actually do it, you laugh, you cry, about friends, and a group hospital. >> it is good, too. we both have seen it. it is good. and we've urge to to watch it tonight. karen? >> first, it is a lot of
9:24 am
different things, you think of like big heavy topic, not humor, really fun. >> not sad. >> same thing in this one, show that looks really good. really funny, it is sweet, and it is funny, and some of the stars describe it as the breakfast club, my so-called life. remember that show? of course grays anatomy because of the hospital setting. so take a look at this one, i like it because it is something you can watch with your whole family. >> eating disorder keeps getting in the way. >> and what did you win first prize for today? >> oh, i actually received a major award, but you missed it because were you late. >> first got here -- >> kids in a hospital, but still kids. >> they're still living their lives, and trying to be normal teenagers, and falling in love. and seems that -- scenes that everyone can relate tonight the steaks are higher because they are dealing with illnesses. >> i have like a 24 hour shift. >> rebecca rittenhouse, wilson cruz, play nurses. >> i've been wearing these for
9:25 am
a long time, time to let them go. >> the red hospital bands are what band the kids through circumstance, they become bonded by choice, unlikely friends, tal link life challenges. >> it is about the fact that our lives are not about death. our lives are about the relationship we have to each other, and the love that we give to each other, and that's what the show is about. >> i want you to wear it. >> the friendships, the relationships, and it the nos cents about, you know, whatever circumstances we happen to find ourselves in. >> it is not bad. >> no, it is not. first after you will, that mist job on the show. i plan on keeping you in stitches, my goal. >> row he can a rittenhouse, that beautiful nurse, actually has a lot of philly connections rittenhouse, we know, that rittenhouse square, rid end how streets. david rittenhouse, original philadelphia connection, and also, she went to the university of pennsylvania. >> oh,. >> another reason to watch. >> so pretty neat. so it will debut tonight of
9:26 am
course, 9:00, up to all new episode of hell's kitchen. but looks like it will be great show. something, some of the topics are you don't want to watch it with your five year old, certainly i would say your ten year old and up. >> oh, and teenagers are going to love. >> this people in their two's, because the romance that goes on. >> just the interactions, totally relate to it,. >> it is like being at chop, one of the best children's hospital in the world, or first hospital for children. >> you always go do the prom events. >> inter active, gets what's happening this weekend? >> oh,. >> see the eagles are playing sunday. >> oh, fox 29 weekend. >> so, anything of interest to you on good day, interested? sends us little message, tweet us, facebook us, send anyway that would you like. >> 8:00 in the. >> 8:00 saturday, sunday, and sunday. >> lauren johnson?
9:27 am
>> great together. >> it will be great show. saturday morning, 8:00. quincy, is it cycle time? >> cops are here, have fun. philadelphia highway patrol, i'll talk to them next. philadelphia highway patrol, i'll talk to them next. ♪
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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welcome back at 9:30. quincy harris is talking to some of the philly's fine these morning. >> yes, we've light highway patrol unit. they are getting ready for
9:31 am
hero thrill show. this is fabulous, quincy. >> yes, it is, i have an officer jeff trainer here. how are you doing. >> great, how are you. >> sat the day hero thrill show, wells fargo center. >> correct. >> some of your guys are here to do some tricks. what can we expect help they come out. >> you will see a great show. you'll have team riding, we have a series of stunt riding which is really exciting for the crowd. other show last, met met or cycle show about 35 minutes. >> great show. >> and exactly what time will it start. >> the first motorcycle show will go on about 12:45 and then we will have a second show at 3:00 p.m. >> this looks like extensive tricks you guys are doing. you guys train all year long. >> we get a certain amount of time to train prior to the show, in fact, when you startedded coming up last week training with us, you did an excellent job, and i'm sure the viewers with love to see how you made out and what
9:32 am
trick we have designed for you. >> well, the thing is, it was a surprise. people haven't noticed or known i have been doing these tricks with you guys. can i show them what i have learned. >> you have to show them, yes, absolutely. >> will we do the 1/2 step. >> yes. >> absolutely, sure. >> i'm getting ready right now. guys, i will attempt to be part of the highway patrol drill team. >> do not try this at home please. this is only important experts. >> i'm willing on. >> hold on. >> okay, all right. i'm ready, go. >> he practiced ahead of time. >> he said he is an expert. >> oh, no. >> my gosh. >> is that the trick. >> we want more. >> this is amazing, i could never do that. >> this is very cool.
9:33 am
>> he is turning. >> okay. >> he is come back to us. >> look at you. >> yes. balance. balance. >> wow. >> did he do yoga to prep for this. >> now he is shaking, getting comfortable doing a little dance. >> that is just wonderful. >> yeah. >> you taught me well, sir. >> very well done. >> outstanding. >> you will see more of that on at day, at the thrill show, wells fargo senter from 12:00 to 5:00. >> thanks very much. >> appreciate it. >> in problem. >> that was just a tease. sue, you know how i like to tease you. >> and he enjoy it. >> um-hmm. >> thanks, q. >> it is, a national constitution day so we will treat the piece of trivia going this morning. >> ready for this. >> i'm ready. >> abraham baldwin from georgia was the the last person to sign the constitution of these united states. >> okay.
9:34 am
>> but who was the first person to sign it? and it wasn't john hon cock that was declaration of independent. >> a lot of people get cop fused with that. >> we are real involved with this trivia. of course, we have the passage here. >> we will model them here. >> we have to answer it with the hat on. >> yes. >> without the the hats. >> yes. blank. but first, these local cooks will put their culinary skills to the test here. we will have a bake off, that is coming up next. >> yummy.
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is there it is 9:38. how fitting, look at that, our american flag just blowing in the wind. very patriotic. >> i have work here so many years, right here and every once in a while it just hits me, this is where our country began, the birthplace, right in our neighborhood. it is crazy. before we went to break we asked who was the first person to sign the constitution of the united states? >> and so we're going to get to the answer. of course, we have our flags out. we have these lovely hats. >> um-hmm. >> we're ready for the answer.
9:39 am
>> the the first person was, our first president, george washington. >> lovely. >> i'm learning so much. let me put on my hat here. >> yes. now if you go to the constitution center and i know you will, they have signers hall, all of the brass statues of those who sign the constitution and george washington is standing up in front of the constitution. >> wow. >> he was very tall. >> yes, a lot taller than me. >> listen up, so local home cooks will be putting their culinary skills to the test for a chance to win one million-dollar. >> six philadelphia area ladies will head to nashville to compete in the forty-seventh pillsbury bake off. what are they baking, mike. >> one of these women may become a millionaire, very soon. the pillsbury bake off. this is a big deal. a woman from our area won this two years ago. she won a million. where does it take place.
9:40 am
>> nashville. >> nashville, are you sure about that. >> yes. >> i don't want to you get lost and have it be in memphis. >> nashville. >> when. >> november between the second. >> okay. >> to the fourth. >> now, are these items thaw will present to the judges. >> yes. >> lets see what they look like. who are you. >> christine bill son from sellersville. >> okay. >> you made little nipple cakes. >> it is golden rolls and then we have orange honey butt tore serve with them. >> well, put some honey butter on there. >> yes. >> what is inside of this. >> thinks apricot, dried apricot and golden raisins. >> yes. >> your family likes this. >> they love this. >> are they married. >> i am married. >> as a matter of fact her husband is right over there, bill. you look lovely with that purse, the purse is really accents your eye. fantastic.
9:41 am
>> yes, please. >> fantastic. >> that needs to be warmed up. >> i love that a lot. he is a lucky man, good luck to you. >> rebecca,. >> what did he make. >> sausage pancake muffin. >> there is sausage in there. >> and cookie dough, sugar cookie dough. >> that is decadent. >> thank you. >> how many calories in that. >> there is only 230. >> it is no the bad, it is just about diet food. >> good luck to you. >> hi there. >> who are you. >> lynn, from downingtown, pennsylvania. >> i have been there. what is that big thing of goo. >> that is chocolate hazel nut bread pudding with candied bacon. >> oh, my momma. >> what is that. >> that is whipped cream. >> you take a little bit of this, dip that on that area. >> yes, scoop that out. >> please excuse me. >> go right a head.
9:42 am
>> that is deck dent. i love bread pudding of any kind. thank you very much. >> now i need something saferry. >> who are you. >> i'm victoria pots. >> you seem saferry where do you live. >> bellmawr, pennsylvania. >> you are all married. >> yes. >> dang. >> here we go. >> what is it. >> this is my new orleans shrimp pizza. >> what is on there. >> sausage, shrimp, red bell pupper and mozerella cheese and egg land. >> should i eat it right now. >> do it. >> oh, man that is really good. do you know how this will change your lives if you win a million, have you thought bit. >> i did. >> are you nervous. >> absolutely nervous. >> bundle of nerves. >> crazy. >> yes. >> crazy. >> it is wild. >> have you thought about spending the millions. >> yes. >> of course, you have. >> yes. >> it is spent. >> you better win.
9:43 am
good luck to all of. let us know how it works. and the results are. >> good luck to all have off. >> all right. >> i think i know how jen fred would spend her millions. >> she's fashionable, this morning, hi jen. >> hi guys, we have talk about the fashion incubator, lee a is a product of it and so are these amazing cooks. give the wave, hello, we will have a fashion show when we come back. talking about some great
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
all right. the let's fly over to jen's segment. >> yes. >> she's in macy's. i'm in that store all time. >> is what the incubator. >> that is where you put the baby. >> okay. here's what it is, fashion incubator is basically upstairs here at macy's, and they teach you how to be a fashion designer, right, kind of. >> it is an m.b.a. program for people want to build their own brand in philadelphia. >> i asked lea from pretty rebel what is the one thing that you learn. >> one thing i learn, was who i was as a designer. i used to design women's wear where i interned with betsy johnson. i came out of the program. i realized i tea signed for an eight year-old, and i'm a 28 year-old. >> ladies and gentlemen, tab
9:47 am
that get on out here, show us your stuff. >> this is my stuff. this is a denim jumper. >> wait a minute, backup, red light. >> this is a denim jumper, and parkay pockets with wild t-shirts to show every girl is a wild child. >> way to rock it. >> go to the other side, girl friend. >> next one adriana. >> this is my signature stars and bold toto dress. i design this print, off of illustrator and got it printed out. i love the whole flowyness of the bottom and how soft but it is will fun to wear and school and birthday party. >> i love how it goes to the high tops. one of her best friend from new jersey, mia. >> yes. >> lets see it, mia. >> this is my baby doll dress. it is pink. comes with black and pink bow as well. very cute, fashion forward, also very easy to wear to school. to a birthday party a and different occasions. >> come here, mia.
9:48 am
earlier you worked on your rock star smile. isn't she adorable. >> next one we have is page. >> this is a, my star toto dress, another one, i love toto's and she's rocking it so hard. what i love is the application on the elbows. i love that. mixture of prints that i did here which is cool and stripes. it is illustrator i got that printed myself and black here. this comes in a pink like a black star. >> page, go back there and tell them all to come backup so we can see them all at once. go get your friend. >> one of the things you're doing you are making this in philadelphia you are working with philadelphia people. >> everything is philadelphia made,. >> everything is creatively produced here. i emphasize on that, philadelphia was a big manufacturing place, so now i want to bring that back to philadelphia. >> other thing you said when it comes to girls clothes, they are edgey and fashion forward but not offensive. they are cool. >> they are cool, very fashion
9:49 am
forward. i wanted todd emphasize that because kid love fashion. it is most feminine fun that you can be, and in your life when you are dressed. i wanted to show that girls can be punk rock princesses that they want to be but very fashion forward. >> i love that. you guys did great. >> way to go, way to go. >> you guys are awesome. >> by the way did you hear my music. i know you could not hear it but thank you, you are a rock star dj. >> thank you very much. >> there is a big fashion show later today at macy's you guys did awesome, okay. bought full. guys, isn't it cute. >> are you are you by the big eagle statue is that where you are set up? >> exactly, yes. >> i know where you are, ground floor right there. >> right there. >> right by the shoe department. >> yes, when i walk through there, hey, ladies, by the way shopping for shoes could you put them back to the shelf. do you ever walk through macy's and there are shoes all
9:50 am
over the floors. >> why are you walking through women's section. >> i have a thing. >> women's shoes. >> yes. >> okay. that was creepy. >> yes, it was. >> alex, i think you have my number now. >> yes, i do have your number, now mike. >> how clever. >> in this day and age it is called a hash tag. this is the logo for our new show, starting saturday. it will be on saturday and sunday at 8:00. it is called hash tag fox 29 weekend. so what we want you to do is take selfies, it is call saturday selfie, send them to the show and we will run as many as we cannon saturday and sunday. >> we were saying fox 29 morning news. >> might be better to take yourselfe friday night before you go out rather than saturday morning after you have been out. >> you don't want to miss it. >> you don't want to look billion air census bad. >> we want a fresh face. >> squeeze in there we will do a self we'll.
9:51 am
>> my gosh. >> okay. >> all right. you squeeze over here. >> hopefully it will be easier for to you take yourselfe. >> do whatever you want. >> saturday selfie fox 29 weekend. both saturday and sunday at 8:00. join lauren johnson, karen hepp and you join on the the show, and weekend. >> i'm waiting for to you stop talking. >> we will never stop talking. >> we are waiting on you because you have to be quiet when you take a picture, which i never understood. >> how is this a selfie. >> but my armies not long enough. >> okay, got it. >> we will put it on air whenever you tweet us with hash tag fox 29 weekend. >> thanks, mike.
9:52 am
>> yes. >> still a head another trivia question. >> i got this. >> there 39 names of the constitution, and on the constitution, but only 38 men signed it. so which delaware representative could not attend the signing? i know this. >> we will have the answer, we want everybody else to figure it out too, we will give you a answer next. >> is it a trick request or a
9:53 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at alex, we are giving you a constitution quiz because it is national the constitution day. >> before the the the break we asked you there are 39 names on the constitution, but only
9:56 am
38 men signed it. so which delaware representative could not attend the signing? >> caesar rodney. >> no, that was the the declaration of independence. >> the answer. >> by the way, is this a kids hat. >> it doesn't fit. >> it doesn't fit. >> this looks so much better. >> so hand come. >> what is the answer. >> the answer is, john dickinson. >> of course. >> i love john dickinson. >> ring the bell. >> thank you. >> we have a nicer bell. >> john dickinson. >> all you need is a powdered wig. >> i have one at home. >> here's the thing, the constitution was signed on this date in 1787. >> yes. >> a lot of things we are learning. >> here's the thing you should have never taken me to dell frisco's last night after the event. >> i told you it was a bad idea. >> i'm losing energy. >> we're all losing energy. >> rihanna, i love her, had
9:57 am
some harsh word for the network we call the columbia broadcasting system, cbs. >> that is because they pulled her song from thursday night's football and she didn't like it. they plan to use the the song but it was dropped amid network coverage of the ray rice scandal. cbs says her history as a domestic violence victim was part of the reason they dropped it. >> rihanna slam network on twitter saying cbs is sat for penalizing her. jay-z live nation which manages rihanna said it will not give permission saying cbs mislead by giving impression rihanna recorded specific music for this project. >> she wasn't even mad about the other thing. >> i thought it was other thing because on twitter she had strong words for cbs because they tried to pull out and they wanted to slide her back in. she's like no i'm in the playing that. >> first get over yourself. but then i thought she was victim of domestic violence. maybe she's not the one who should be punish. >> they had a song that she
9:58 am
did. >> i get their point. >> best to avoid it all
9:59 am
10:00 am
announcer: live from new york city, it's season six of "the wendy williams show." today, rihanna, find out why she's so furious. and depends from arianna grande. and "the view's" sherri shepherd is here. from starring on broadway to her personal iew." now, here's wendy! ♪ [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪