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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 19, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> i have to say something, you grew up in this area. >> that is my neck of the woods by malibu, pennsylvania. beautiful country. what is great about these groups these are non-cancer survivors. these people get diagnosed very early and, they are coming back and they are on this, great ride, yes. it is just a matter of seconds >> yes. >> they look ready to go though. >> i know they walk the 60 miles last weekend. >> we have been talking with california chrome. >> yes. >> as soon as we get off, then it will get started. >> it is kind of like a wedding they never start
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exactly when they are supposed to. >> it is 65 miles. >> today. >> yes. >> over three days. >> yes. >> just like the walk. >> here we go. >> they are getting ready. >> i know, wait for it, wa.t for it, here we go. >> and they're off. >> good luck, ladies. >> 200 miles over three days. >> they are starting the first leg. >> longer than some of the other once, 75 miles, 150 miles, amazing so 56 today and then 200 miles over three days good day it is friday september 19th, yes, it is an eagles weekend. >> yes. >> sporting it, um-hmm. of course, i have midnight green on. >> yes.
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>> i have a throw back. >> by the way you look good, karen. >> good morning. >> big premiere tomorrow we will talk about in a minute. >> going to extreme for fall fashions, some women are choosing to go under the knife just to look good but it is different this procedure that some people are signing up for is just to fit into their boots. >> what are they cutting off that is the question. >> yesy just talk to her in the green room. she's a philly girl, stay in philly. but she won, there must have been what 30 contestants and she beat them all. she's the master chef. courtney is here and she is cooking for us. >> and ladies, if your children are bad at math they are blaming the mothers once again, why our kids can point the fingers right back at us if they are failing the math tests. >> okay, all right. >> what is the quality parents want most to teach their children, as their children are growing up. i found this research by pew.
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a pew research study finds that responsibility is top of the list. we want our kids to be responsible parents, first and information months, they have kids who can be relied on. other values, parents find important, include what? >> hard work, helping others, good manners and independence. >> one thing i wanted for my two daughters is that they be kind to other people and they both turnout to be just that. that was a real high thing on my quality list. >> it comes downey say to my kids it is about character. it is what their character is, how you build that and grit to get through things when you are boring and then get through the work when more grit is effort that i add fire meyer. someone else that shares the same philosophy is jen fred. really nice kids, jen. >> they have put on quite a show for you, as you can tell. >> maclin is sweet.
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>> well... >> i'm distract. but here's the thing how embarrassing is it as americans that the number one thank we want from our kids is to be responsible, shouldn't every human, and so, help for my kids. i expect it in my kids. i like it when my children are kind and nice, and every single day, i were those little silly notes to my kids in the morning before they go to school. even today i said, try to sit on the bus with another kid, you know, it is still first month of school. try to be nice to a new kid. try to think about others. there is like a color coded inning landry kindergarten class where if you are nice and think about others you keep going up. every single day i say have you gone up. >> no, i forgot to think about others. that is me. i want my kids to be nice. >> my parents were the same way, responsibility,
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oppositety but one thing my mother used to all tells me. you talk about notes. every single in morning before she would leave she said don't let anyone take your joy. >> that is cool. >> this is your day, you take it, you own it and don't let anybody take that a away from you. >> that is especially important in girls. little girls, i always tell my daughter be the best you. sue serio set a good precedence for me personally. there is no better sue serio than sue serio. even you, ladies as well. mike, you have something to say about the the horses. >> no. >> they aim at the rail. i'm in the sure why they do that. >> they go sideways. >> look at that. >> maybe they are looking at you, jen. >> real quick i have another tid bid, do you know that we raced the opposite of how they race in england. here they are looking at the rail. >> it is like they drive on the other side of the road. >> yeah.
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>> ask your expert that. >> three-year old horse is an 18 year-old, you know, in human years. >> yeah. >> the reason why she's there is california chrome if you are just joining us a kentucky derby winner and preakness winner running this weekend in the pennsylvania derby. >> we have the the owner, the the trainer. >> you are breaking up, we got to go. can you just tell a story you told me once. >> what is that. >> i want to hear power point story about your parents. >> growing up, i went to a private catholic school. i was really wanting to get out of it. it was a great school. but my parents, they were leery bit. what i had to do is i wanted to go to publish school, so bad. my parents had me do a power point presentation on why i believed i should transfer from a private catholic school to a public school and also talk about how this will affect my future and how i think this would be i good idea. >> you presented it to them. >> at our kitchen table, power
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point, i went through the points and everything. i explain. they asked questioned. i had hand outs. >> that was like, you know. >> it taught me a lesson. >> i said come on but after i did it, okay, this is a i good thing. i wanted them to be comfortable. if they didn't like where i was going it would mean more trouble for me. >> they really cuddled you. >> but they raised you very well. >> i would like to think so. you know they are watching, be careful. >> do you think your mother would tell the story about why you are so special. >> she wouldn't mind. >> i don't think so. >> her parents tried over and over to have a child and seven miscarriages. >> yes. >> and then you kind of finally took. >> that is right. >> you are the only child. >> that is a special story. >> i'm a miracle baby is what they tell me. >> i'm glad it work out. >> that is very sweet. >> i'm glad they kept trying i'm sure it was is a lieutenant have of work.
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>> real fun. >> fun work. >> a little while ago i asked alex though, she said how far is marathon. it is 26.2 miles. i go yeah. well then what would a half marathon be. >> i wanted to be sure when it comes to math i don't even try, i'm just like i use calculators at all times. i'm not good at man. >> writing it out. >> yes. >> tell nice stories about the parents before you bash them. >> yes. >> wasn't that the dale carnegie method. >> yes, that dress is beautiful karen but what about your hair. >> soften the the blow. >> alex's mom, this is for you this new study may explain why she is not great at math. >> and i'm so sorry. researchers link a woman's hormone levels in pregnancy to a child's ability to do man. children whose mothers have low levels of, the chemical are more likely to be bad at it. it is passed from mother to
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baby in the womb and doctors say it is crucial for brain development. but some moms just have have too little of it. they suggest, testing a harmone earl any pregnancy and taking supplements to fix the problem. >> that was going to be my question can you get more harmone, apparently you cannot through supplements. >> it is amazing. if you have problems with this take folic acid. if we have problems with math, take this one. >> is there so many things you have to watch out for and make sure you are up on. >> in utero. >> i don't know how you keep up, when you are pregnant. >> jesse, in the control room, later on will we show that sonogram. >> yes. >> wait until you see sonogram that my daughter jill sent me via text. technology today. some call it 4-d sonogram. >> it looks like the kid ace live. >> well, it kind office. >> well, it is alive. >> it is. >> look at that. >> yes. >> it is a boy. >> it is a boy. >> he looks like a boy.
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>> you can tell. >> look at those features. >> video too that goes witt, i forgot to send it but we will show it tomorrow. >> isn't that amazing. >> it is amazing. >> look at the nose, lips, cheeks, so cute. >> perfect ears, you can already see them. my kids, saying we see a beautiful child. that is a beautiful grand child. >> i'm ready. >> but it is so vivid, we used to get grain i sonogram pictures. >> you can reach out and touch. >> yes. >> reach out and touch somebody's hand make this world a better place. >> it is finally that time of the year in when women trade in their summer sandals for fall boots you are a big boot person. >> it is fun. the lucy noland wears fabulous boots. >> hello. >> purple ones and hot pink ones. >> but she also happens to have a body where she has these perfect skinny legs that
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a boot, she has legs that go all the way up to her chin. she has perfect calves. >> sometime they have to be pulled up and you cannot really adjust, where you have bigger calves you can make it bigger and smaller, you don't do it. >> why don't you take a knife and trim down your calves. >> they are turning to a cosmetic procedure just to look good in their shoes. would member whose calves are too big to fit in boots like i'm talking about are getting calf reductions surgery. doctors perform liposuction from the knee down to make your calves thinner. woman gets the procedure done right now won't be in a boot until next year. recovery can take ten months so the average is just four or five. >> that is stupid. >> you know sometimes, i have been in the store and seen a boot but this is perfect, i love it. i put it on and it doesn't fit my leg. it is too big or too tight. i'm devastated. it is in the now have make knee go than the knife.
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>> you have well developed calves. >> watch it now. >> she has nice legs. >> because you were a runner. >> i ran track. >> they are decent size. >> but sometimes boots i cannot when i'm pulling them up. >> i know this plastic surgeon in town he can trim those calves. >> i will keep my calves, that is fine. >> but first it is appalling. whatever it that is makes you feel better. maybe you have a thick leg. people get enlargements and reductions f that is important to you. do you remember that doctor, speak of plastic surgeons, we were out there in new jersey. i was over there. he was helping women getting ready for their wedding, and engagement, and they wanted to have nice hands to put their rings on. so they were getting, and is there video, fillers into their hand to make their hand fillers. >> you have to take that picture when you get a ring. you have to put a ring on it. >> everybody takes a tight shot, selfie engagement ring shot. >> yes. >> you put the fill inner there and your hands would take some of the brink also
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away. >> makes them look really thin. less boney. >> it doesn't sound as serious as calf surgery. can you walk? you cannot lay around. >> for at least a month. >> you have have crutches. >> it is just liposuction. i think you put on one of of those darky compression socks that athletes wear, and something like that. >> tommy copper isn't that a name of the sports league. >> i have no idea. >> what is his face with the, with the talk show. >> montell williams. >> yes. >> boy we need a day off. >> last night alex drug me to this event. it was fantastic. it is called festival. there were 80 top chefs there over at penns landing in this giant white tent. >> beautiful night. will we are. mike, you met mercedes, right. >> yes, that was the women in
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the in mid of that picture. her name was mercedes. >> i think we are going fast here. >> hold on. >> is that, the soccer player for the philadelphia union that you like on the air. >> yes, this is ethan white. reason why, we met him last night. he was on the show what was it last week. >> yes. >> we were talking about the philadelphia union. >> yes. >> we shook hands. >> he said if i gave him a shout out, and i think he is watching now this morning on tv, he because they are having a game on saturday will wear my name on his chest. >> that is like high school. >> he is cute. >> that is a cute picture. >> i hope this is sufficient enough shout out but the problem is i don't necessity how i see it. is the stadium shut through. >> i don't know. >> hey, jessica, can you find a picture of ethan white, in his uniform because i think he has your name on his chest.
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>> it is a joke. >> i know it is a joke. >> wait until you pull this up because you made this joke last night. >> sue, we will get it have after the weather. >> listen to this is he they start chatting and i didn't see them for an hour. >> my gosh. >> he is really cute. >> yes, there was. >> isn't it like in high school when a girl with would wear a varsity sweater. >> even athlete each week he features a girl on his chest. >> no, there he is. >> oh, my god you are terrible. >> really, really. >> no, that is bimb o. is it a mexican bakery. >> i saw the bread in the store, bimbo. >> they sell bread, baked
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breads in philadelphia. >> okay, all right. >> other events going on this weekend, of the sporting variety, we have the temple game on saturday against delaware state at the link and it looks like it will be 74 degrees with plenty of sunshine for. that eagles game on sunday. eagles play washington at 1:00. it will be 80 degrees at kick off. could see a shower before the game is through. shouldn't be a big deal. we have a half marathon on sunday rock and roll marathon 8:00 o'clock sunday morning on the parkway 68 degrees for that and then sunshine to start the day on sunday. there is your seven day forecast, warming trend over the weekend by sunday we are up to 83 degrees. fall arrives at 10:30 at night on monday so the full first day of of fall is tuesday and it will feel like temperatures in the 70's. we have a prettily good looking, look at this all ready. >> quick update before we
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introduce to you lauren johnson here is this soccer guy. >> yes. >> he will never talk to me again. >> no, he just did the one where you are laughing so hard you are crying, he is doing that right now. he is at the the stadium getting ready for practice they are probably teasing. you asked for it. now i want my ticket to the game because i want to see pink letters. i'm kidding. he can do whatever he wants. >> we want proof. he wanted proof that we did this morning. i want proof that you put my name on your chest. >> tattoo it on there. >> big sharpie. >> yes. >> all right. the lets get into this. i will be watching tomorrow morning. >> are you sure you will be awake. >> i will set my alarm. i'm not kidding. i have been watching the prep for this new show, fox 29 weekend tomorrow morning. it is a completely different show that i have seen in philadelphia. >> it is ain't active. it is like your news.
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>> hosted by one karen l hepp and lauren johnson. >> hi lauren. >> are you excited. >> yes. >> tell me more bit. >> i can't tell you too much because i need to you watch, but it is fun, it is high energy, it is karen hepp, it is lauren johnson, and it is caitlin. >> cow need more. >> we are standing, we're talking. >> you know how you and alex have trouble with the chairs that roll over the studio we are standing the whole time. >> give us a taste. >> lets take a look. >> your news your neighborhood, live and interactive, this is fox 29 weekend. >> this is what you need to know. this is totally interactive local newscast unlike anything you have ever seen before. from the beginning to the end, we want to know what you are thinking, what is most important to you. and what matters to you. so guests will join us on skype and viewers can join in on the conversation with the
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biggest talkers of the week. we will go through your instant feedback have of what you have to say. >> as soon as everything comes in we will get it on our screen and get it on the air for you immediately. >> we also have a unique look at everything from dumb criminals. >> they are under arrest. >> to the dyr project you are determined to tackle each weekend. >> we will give you a chance to income our own howard eskin. >> knocking the king. >> weather will be interactive experience for you too, 82 right now. more you reach out more customize had your forecast will be. say you will be at the ballpark or family picnic sunday tweet me or send meehan instagram i will tell you what to expect. >> grab your phone, lap top and join us for fox 29 weekend. >> interact with us saturday and sunday mornings at 8:00. >> that i love the look at the set. >> we need your participation, tweet us, facebook, instant gram, saturday selfie.
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we can do one right now. >> one, two, three. it will go on the show tomorrow. >> also, juke box whatever songs you want to hear tweet us songs would you like to hear, buy beyonce. >> yes. >> tomorrow, wake up and see us. >> at fox 29 weekend. >> i will take a look tomorrow. >> so rock and roll america why do they call it. it is a half marathon isn't it. >> it is. >> there is a former olympian out there. let's go talk to her. right after this.
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that is what it sounded like at last years marathon. >> get out your towels and noise, mike is standing outside with the people that know a thing or to about the the marathon.
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>> wet are was great last week. it looks like it will be great this weekend as well. so we have a couple runners here, some have of you have seen on tv, dina caser, you were a bronze in 2004. >> yes. >> that was atens. >> atens olympic. >> what was the event. >> the marathon, in a historic place, we started in the town of marathon and ran into atens. >> that was so cool, that is where olympics started and first mar then was run there. >> do you remember your time. >> i don't remember my time. it was a slow day. one of my fastest marathons was on the streets of philadelphia nine years ago and i'm back to try to go for a different type of record this time around. >> hi john how are you. >> good to see you. >> john the the penguin, bingham. >> the reason they call you the penguin. you used to run like this, quack, quack, just like that, right. >> exactly, yes. >> that is exactly how it goes. >> because you were overweight. >> yes, yes. >> i was very heavy.
9:25 am
i was a big time drinker, smoker. i represented the second running boom right now which is people that just want to enjoy it. you have fabulous talent like dina and great thing about rock and rel role events they will celebrate the people in the front and the people in the back. >> when did you start running. >> i started running almost 20 years ago now. >> yes. >> i lost about a hundred pounds before it was all over. running is not really the right word. she runs, i really do just wadell. >> it is a half marathon, 13.1 miles. >> yes. >> where do we start. >> we will start right near the art museum, and steps that rocky ran up. we will finish also, the 5k, there will be a 5k on saturday and then sunday the half marathon. >> what time is 5k tomorrow, at 8:00 o'clock? >> yes. >> can we still get in. >> we can still register. >> we are not letting anyone else off the hook there. whether they are running streets or cheering on the
9:26 am
sidelines so get out the there and be part of the wonderful event. >> why do you like running in philadelphia. >> it is an awesome city. rock and roll series, great races all around the country. philadelphia is one of the best. they are a great events because they bring so many walks of the life in the community. >> beautiful community average long the river. >> why do we call it rock and roll. >> we like to party. >> yes. >> oh, man. >> running and rock and roll what a awesome combination. you see people with their headphones running but we have entertainment for you here. >> great to me you. >> you too. >> see you john. >> back to you inside there. >> thanks, mike. still ahead she's a master chef and this philly girl is on our show this morning. the she's going to show off her culinary skills cooking the she's going to show off her culinary skills cooking one of her favorite dishes
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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>> congratulations. ♪ ah! >> drive a truck -- >> and courtney here, of course. >> yes, she is. >> what were you feeling at that moment? >> oh, my gosh. i was just feeling so much shock and so much excitement. i couldn't face it. i was so excited. >> how long was that pause? how long did it feel to you? >> eternity, felts like eternity. that will was not fair how long -- >> do you think oh, my gosh my
9:31 am
life just changed? >> yes, my life completely changed, flipped itself over, and i'm real excited now to begin writing my cook book, and to continue to be the student of food. i'm so thrilled. >> can we remind everybody where you're from? >> i grew up in geneva, new york, moved here to philly to go to school for dance at the university of the arts, and, i never left, and i'm still here. >> so you consider yourself a philly girl? >> i would consider myself a philly girl now, seven years is long enough, yes. >> very proud of you. what are you doing here today? >> making my honey cake, which was what won the first mystery box, and what broad me into the master chef competition. >> you know, they called me honey cake in high school. >> did they? >> ya, ya. >> so some baking powder, solt salt, some flour, creamed some sugar, butter, we'll add two eggs to it, and we'll have some butter milk. we'll stir that up a little
9:32 am
bit. >> baking outside is so much fun. so we cream all of that. we add our honey. >> oh, that's honey. >> yes, this is wild flour honey. you can change the flavor of the cake based on which honey you want to use. >> oh, it makes that much after difference? >> it does, so if you want really clover honey, if want to have it, buckwheat honey, adds our flour to it. >> and we are are just going to incorporate all of this, it will get become a thick batter, which we put into 9-inch round pan. >> i want to watch 15 shows. >> exactly, you don't want to over mix t then it won't rise. >> oh,. >> it will be really -- >> sews seriously kind of -- >> you scrape around the edge of the bowl, bring it into the middle, and two incorporation cents beginning and ending
9:33 am
with the flaw err. >> so appetizing. >> honey cake. >> it does. >> mix that up really well, we put it into the 9-inch pan, bake it at 375 for 45 to 50 minutes. and then we top it with some toasted pecans, nice, another drizzle of honey. >> now, do you do it so where you can't see the flour at all any more? >> exactly, because you don't want to eat raw flour. >> is it okay if it is still almosty? >> , no i would recommend this as a stand mixer, making sure there are no lumps in it. >> now, how long do we put it in the oven? >> forty-five to 50 minutes. >> it comes out looking like this. >> mike, are you going to try it? go ahead, try it. the first one, but now look at this, look at this beautiful
9:34 am
trophy. where are you going to put it? >> i just think i might car at this around with me for little while. i don't want to leave it anywhere. >> i understand. that will but i understand you'll be working at a restaurant? >> yes, at the new la cologne. >> you? >> and where is that? exactly? >> frankford and girard. >> okay. >> oh, they're putting one in there? this is new one? >> i'm very excited to jump start my culinary career. >> how much money did you make? >> mike! >> even though you won this competition, you're staying here in philly. some go off to la, on oprah. are you going to stay here? >> i'm going to stay here for little while. i want to do this in my hometown, stay close to my roots. >> do you have a boyfriends? >> of course mike asks this. >> of course do you? >> oh, no, of course mike asks those questions. >> so you still haven't answered. do you? >> i don't like to disclose. >> oh, i think that's a yes,
9:35 am
mike. >> so tell me, how much do you way? >> thank you so much for coming here. by the way, you're such a good lie err. she was on the show back in may, i asked well did you win the whole thing, they taped it back in march, she was like i can't say. >> that's not lying technically. >> no, but i could see it in your eyes. >> how how hard was it to keep that secret? , especially him in your face? >> definitely a hard secret to keep. i'm so happy now to shout it from the rooftops. >> oh, we're proud of you. congratulations cents cents. hey, here's the thing, coming up next, i'm so sad, eventually, not far from now, they're going to take do you remember the building where philadelphia international? >> oh, no. >> yes, big fire. >> yes? >> oh, my god. the history, the music history in that building, man has written a book about it, we'll talk to him after the break.
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>> i drew up on this music, i love it. 9:39. so sad. remember the fire at philadelphia international records over on broad street, my goodness, so many greats. i think in my top five stories, being in philadelphia, kenny gamble, zero or gamble and huff, a tour, and i got it touch the carpeting, sound proving. >> my dad whether i came here to philly, first thing he wanted to do, take me to philadelphia international records. i want to see it. because so many greats. >> so sad about it, because the building burned, and they're going to have to tear it down, i guess put up some
9:40 am
big hotel or something. so, anyway, i took a trip over to broad street, south broad, to meet a man who has written a book about his time. he spent so much time in the building met all these stars, period. >> ♪ >> broad street right across from the kimmel center, there it is, philadelphia international records. when the fire gutted the building the decision was made, to tear it down, it will be replaced by beautiful condo building, but it is so sad. i mean, i grew up on the sounds of philadelphia, and you did, too, i'm sure. think of all of the wonderful, beautiful music that was made in that building. and, one of the men who helped make that great music, bruce a hawes, he joins us now, written this great book, growing up in the sounds of philadelphia from inside out. and you were on the inside. >> yes, i was making all of that music coming out. >> let's just start naming off some of the people who have been in that building. from michael jackson. >> michael jackson, the
9:41 am
jackson's, teddy pendergress. >> ♪ >> of course, the old days, the spinners. >> ♪ >> do you want to hear my johnny mathis interpretation? >> yes. >> ♪ >> gentlemen, produced gladys knight and the pips. gratous was one of the greatest vocalists i've ever been. >> i'm surprised not historic landmark, aren't you? >> well, yes, not only is it sad to see it go, but, all of
9:42 am
the memories that are there. >> all of the comradery, what makes philadelphia great. >> loss of power, as the industry goes, learn a little bit of the secrets about where, where the money is. >> congratulations, man. >> tomorrow, joint book signing, with jerry blavat. starts at 2:00 p.m. and some philadelphia international records artists cents will be there, as well. instant funk, double exposure, i bet kenny gamble and his wife watch this show every morning. good morning to the two of you. >> i actually met one of rasorial tifs, zoom breakfast spot, was telling me about this book signing. >> oh,. >> very nice. >> congratulations cents, good book. 9:42.
9:43 am
jen? >> here's the thing. we are going to interview mr. coburn. steve coburn, one of the co-owners of california chrome right after. >> this hold on to your hat, folks, because it will be fun. >> ♪
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what is this, al next. >> i have to keep this going. all right, women, apparently he said dollars -- >> who is he? >> eat and write, the philadelphia sock sore player with philadelphia union, at the stadium at practice when we talked about him, gave him shout out. so he took a selfie with us, talking about him, here, on the news. >> i like him. >> he like him, too. >> fun, cute, on the ball. >> ya. >> soccer ball. >> i think hey we may be doing more harm than good. >> probably scared him away. >> it was fun. >> i feel something. >> let me gasp. >> you ate a lot. >> i did, wow. it is 9:46. singles,. >> are you still? >> yes, i'm still single. >> using dating sites to find love matches. if, okay, you want to ditch the selfies, that was a good one, but some selfies are not good for your profile.
9:47 am
so, how about getting professional head shot to use on a dating site? >> some people say the head shots are the way to attract the perfect match, according to the new york post article, especially if you're using tinder. the service relies heavily on photos to attract others, new york photographer, even made huge profits, by focusing on taking head shots, just to be up load today tinder. experts say, when first impressions count, having a professional shot can mean all the difference when looking for a match. i casino of -- i think it is as little much, but i agree. i don't ever agree on selfies, face is too big, no one is ever looking at the camera. you see some people looking this way, some people looking this way. >> selfies not good for profile pick. >> those are good examples, show you. >> but to pay for someone to like -- that's a bill much. >> yes, i want -- >> you want to meet the right one, you got to get the right photo. >> i think the whole thing should be air brushed. >> put george clooney on there. >> i don't care.
9:48 am
>> this will be really cool. i don't think in the history of the kentucky derby, has ever run. this is huge tomorrow, and jen's out there in bensalem. >> aren't you? >> kentucky derby winner has never run. they run three year olds, we run three year olds, we should be candid. steve coburn the co-owner of california crumb. and we thought woe join us, so if we can shake him out of where he is now, we will get him. because, it is just such a big day for pennsylvania racing, tomorrow. >> it is the biggest day, in the history, as i said awhile ago, biggest racing day in history of pennsylvania. one. things so neat about california chrome. >> how many mims of dollars are spent breeding these tremendous animals that we watch compete all the time, and of course, watch compete in the derby but they bread this horse for $10,000. >> they did the research between the mayor they used
9:49 am
the stallian they use and they bread him for the sum of $10,000. and they produced kentucky derby and preakness champion, and nearly win the triple crown. >> amazing, and so, the other thing that's really cool about this, we talked to art the trainer earlier this morning, at 7:45 he was the exercise ride nerve 1955 on derby winner. so, the derby history, and the way that horse racing has really embraced this whole like california chrome family, and enterprize, pretty cool, too. >> the story about art, fantastic, 1955, seems like it is almost like near the war of 1812 almost. but when art was the exercise rider for swaps, they took horses across the country on train for four days, art stayed in the train car with swaps, slept on bed of straw, while he stayed with the horse for four days while they got him to kentucky, got him ready for the kentucky derby. >> just crazy, guys, so we're clear, so mr. coburn came, in
9:50 am
he came in early, he said he is a much better traveler than chrome the horse, and made it a point, he said he had never been to, if he wanted to go seat liberty bell and he had to stands in line like the rest of us, flight. >> yes, he did,'s important guy, but had to stand in line, apparently enjoyed it, having great time. part whatever we hope to be able to accomplish with all of these wonderful people coming in and supporting the race, is treat them like the vips as they are, and hope they leave here from parks, pason the words about what a great experience it is to be here. >> mr. jerrick has a question, yes, mike? >> yes. that horse would get nauseous. >> horses get nauseous, horses get nauseous when they fly? >> i don't believe. for the most part, travelers, put them in a stall similar to the stall that they will sleep in. and it looks like mr. coburn is indeed going to join us. >> morning, sir.
9:51 am
>> does chrome get nurse what ephelis? >> , no matter of fact he slides better than dow. >> 's good travelers, really, when they flew him from ontario, to lexington, kentucky, for the kentucky derby, video camera on him. he was always, you know, looking around, and, you know, seeing what else, so the horses don't get hot and agitated. but's very, very good traveler. we new it would be all right to bring him back here. because he does travel so well. we love you speak your minds about everything, everybody so happy to have you there. you know that. >> we are blessed to be here, really are. because this horse, he's been quite a travel agent for the partners, taking us to kentucky taking us to marm land, then taking us to new
9:52 am
york, now, now, pennsylvania. >> we met wonderful people along the way, some, you know, real good times. and, you know, this is his first race back, after his belmont. race, and we just hope that is really, really bang up day for everybody here at parx, because they've treated us extremely well. and just hope for the best tomorrow. you know? >> this is really a prep ring? >> he will race in the british cup classic, this is prep race, and it couldn't have come up at a better time. >> first race back, is he going to win the race, run second, third? still a big question. we don't know, you know, how he's going to perform. but to see him on the track, you know this horse is ready.
9:53 am
>> we are zero wore low half i am we're chrome is. keep kicking booties. i can't say the real word because i'm on tv. i don't know about. that will i don't know about that. blah blah blah blah blah. >> buste
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
yep, i have going to be working on the weekends, karen. i've got your number. >> new show, hashtag, it will be fox 29 weekends, all standing in honor of the show, because we'll be standing on the show. >> give it standing ovation. >> i love it. >> but premiers tomorrow. >> tomorrow we are watching tomorrow, sunday, then after the show we will all go out to the link for the eagles. >> yes. >> yes.
9:57 am
>> i believe alex holley has become a good luck charm for the eagles. you went to the opening game. >> yes, and q was teaching me how to do the chant before i looked kind of slow there, but we said, we will do this good luck charm thing, we will do this before every game, right? because that's what we did that time when we won. two times and we won, we played this video. >> so keep the streak going. we will play this until they lose. >> speaking of songs, kicks off, getting lots of requests so let us agree songs outwent play. we got williams sang it is a beautiful morning from the rascals, let us know, play your songs, this week, saturday, for two hours, and sunday, for one hour. >> get all psched. >> now when i say the name of the weekend show, am i supposed to say hashtag? >> no, that word is silent.
9:58 am
so fox 29 weekends. >> you got it. >> karen? >> it wi
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's season six of "the wendy williams show." next, from the runaway hit "orange is the new black," fan favorite danielle brooks gives us the scoop from the set. and it's the kendra meltdown moment we've all been waiting to see. plus, all the hottest topics only wendy can bring you. ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: thank you very much!