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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> first at 6:00 night breaking news in philadelphia's olney neighborhood. skyfox is over the scene of a shooting near old york and west take bore roads. police say the gunfire broke out about 4:30 this afternoon and sent two teens to the hospital. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. >> details are still emerging. let's get right to fox 29' dave schratwieser live outside einstein hospital. dave, what are you hearing right now? >> reporter: lucy, quite a scene here. it's actual toll or three blocks long the crime scene here. this started with a disagreement or an argument among a big crowd along broad street here, and spread down here. gunshots were fired. a 15 year old girl was killed during that gunfire and a 19 year old was wounded. joining me now is chief inspector scott small he's the head of night command working on the investigation. scott walk us through this if you would. >> around 41:00 8:00 p.m. 35th diss track police received
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multiple 911 calls of shots fired in the 5500 block of old york road right outside of einstein medical center. they found a 15 year old girl collapsed right on the property of einstein hospital. police rushed her to the emergency room feet away. she was pronounced dead at 4:27 p.m. she was shot one time in her torso. a second victim 19 year old male also found shot right outside of medical center was shot three times. twice in the torso once in the groin. police also took hip to the er where he's present until critical condition fighting for his life. >> this starts with big crowd of around 50 students or so. tell us about that. >> yeah, about a minute before the 911 call for the gunshots, a minute before that, police got information there was a large crowd of teenagers young adults about 50 at least 50 walking south from broad and olney towards 5500 block of old york road. a minute later, while police were en route to the large crowd that's when the gunshot calls came out. >> okay.
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this is right noor the septa transportation center up there very busy at rush hour here at this time. lots of traffic on broad street much this could have been even worse. >> broad and olney is just feet north of where the shots rang out. one of the busiest intersections in the city. broad and olney. not only has several schools, universities but also the septa loop as well as the subway. there's always heavy vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic. so shots ink aring out in the large crowd plus with all the traffic this could have been a lot worse. >> you have witnesses down at homicide also i understand you have a description of the gunm gunman. >> we have multiple witnesses. septa did a great job. they found five even teenagers and young adults that were with the shooter or the victims or both. we have several other witnesses also. >> description of the gunman. >> description of the gunman is a mail possibly 17 year much aware black tank top, plaque jogging pants possible will a red stripe. unique thing about the shooter he's described to have tattoos on his neck or across his chest. >> chief inspector scott small,
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thank you very much. appreciate that. again a massive search in this area. k9 units out here. septa police are out here. philadelphia police. homicide detectives. chief of homicide unit captain james clark also on the scene right here with commissioner ramsay. we'll bring ugh much more on this coming up tonight on the fox 10:00 o'clock news. that's it from here now. lucy and iain, back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks very much also massive search right now in pike county 10 days after police say eric frein ambushed two state troopers killing one of them. that manhunt continues. >> pennsylvania governor tom corbett saying today he is confident police will catch the suspected cop killer very soon. >> let's head to pike county right now and fox 29's dave kinchen life. dave? >> reporter: state police tell us they are closing in on eric frein. of course, it is day 10 as you said. we saw a heavy police presence in and around -- helicopters searching by air. state police are focusing critically on the area between pike and monroe counties.
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essential helicopters fly over highway 447 and snow hill road. while law enforcement officers work on the ground as part of an apparent perimeter. that are hunting down survivalist fugitive eric frein who may be hiding in self made bunkers. the 31 year old suspected of killing state police corporal brian dixon and injuring another trooper alex douglas during an ambush 10 days ago. pa governor tom corbett says they will get their man. >> troopers are out there very actively. fbi out there very actively. and i feel confident that we should be able to apprehend this individual. >> reporter: pa state police say they have recovered several items as they continue to isolate frein. they say they pick up his ak47 style weapon and ammunition. investigators also believe frein had been planning his attack for months. maybe years. but he's still considered armed and dangerous. so dangerous pocono mountains schools closed school today. we have not yet heard from the
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district about the status of tomorrow and in the meantime pennsylvania state police they're asking anyone with familiarity of this area, people who may have taken pictures of the trails to send them, those photos so they can analyze them and see if there's any suspicious activity that might lead back to eric frein. lucy. >> thank you very much. dave. be sure to log on to we'll have the latest updates on the search and slide shows all right on our home page. >> breaking news now in northeast philadelphia. traffic trouble in philadelphia's mayfair section. skyfox is over the scene of an accident at will he vick and farnsworth. this is the same intersection where a car hit a home. police have not released any details about injuries or any other information regarding the accident. >> your fox 29 weather authority right now. a live look at old city tonight as we countdown to the final hours of summer 2014. and man, that's beautiful but you'll feel the difference tonight with some i'd say chilly temperatures is correct.
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here's chief meteorologist scott williams. that's right lucy we're looking at chilly conditions especially north and west come tomorrow morning. but we're counting down those final hours of summer. fall arrives tonight at about 10:29 it's the autumnal equinox the sun's direct rays will be over the equator and fall, of course, will mean that those days will be getting shorter and those temperatures averages will be dropping but let's talk about the summer heat hour the lack thereof. this season we saw 19 days where the temperature was at or above 90 degrees. how does that compare to other years? well, in 2012 we saw 30. in twos 1036. so it was a little bit of a mild summer, if you will. but for tonight grab that jacket or sweater. those temperatures will be dropping. we're looking at upper 50s bialek clock tonight. overnight numbers dip in the low 40s. we'll talk about potential rain later this week and when to expect a warmup. iain and lucy. >> searching for answers into a
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deadly bike crash. two people died when the bus flips over while exiting northbound route 13 in new castle delaware on sunday afternoon. one woman died at the scene. another at the hospital. the new york based bus was returning after a three-day trip in washington, d.c. the bus driver was injured but is expected to be okay. he was interviewed by police. they say drugs and alcohol did not play a factor but they are trying to figure out if speed played a role. the national transportation safety board is also investigating. >> wildlife authorities are investigating death of rutgers student attacked and killed by a black bear it happened sunday in west milford passaic county. fox's linda, explains what happened. >> this is a preserve where the hikers spotted the bear. now bear sightings are fairly common in this area west milford is known as bare country. what is extremely rare is to have a bear actually go and attack a human being and police believe that's what happened in
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this case. a scenic sunday afternoon ended in horror when five hikers crossed paths with a 300-pound black bear that looked similar to this one. for the first time in new jersey state history, a black bear has killed a human. the victim 22 year old darsh patel of edison, new jersey. wildlife officials say the only food the victim had on him was a granola bear. >> 99.99 9% of the time these people -- you know, folks have encounters with bears it's because they have food on them. the bear is just looking for food. again, this is -- you have a much better chance of dying driving down route 287 on the way back to your station this afternoon than this ever taking place. >> reporter: hikers told police that the bear began following them while they were lying in the preserve in west milford just 4:00 p.m. the men ran in defendant directions and called 911. police then found the victim and a bear near his body about two hour later. >> the search and rescue team that had been back there was
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clapping their hands. trying to make noises throwing sticks, rocks, trying to scare it off. but it never really left. it just kept lingering and trying to circle back around. so at that time is when the officer shot him. >> reporter: residents say usually though the bears are easily scared off. >> normally, they into neighborhoods and don't bother anybody as long as you're not between the bear and its cubs you won't have a problem. >> reporter: you're shocked to hear about this tack. >> very shock. >> reporter: there be a in that crop see performed on the bear to see if it was deceased but rabies is very uncommon for a bear to have right now the preserve will remain open because, again, police believe this was an isolated incident. in west milford new jersey, lydia, fox 29 news. >> a bill to give much needed cash to the philadelphia school district has won approval from the state house of rep tiffs. the house today authorized the bill to -- for a 2-dollars a pack cigarette tax in the city.
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the senate needs to and prove the tax before it heads to the governor and governor corbett said he would sign it into law if it does become law. diss track officials say the cigarette tax will pump about $83 million a year into philadelphia's schools. >> if you want to own peace of atlantic city history your chance to be coming soon. >> owners of the now closed trump plaza want to sell off everything from gambling equipment to furniture why time is of the essence. >> excitement is building over pope francis' expected visit to philly and it's still a year away. the flat francis you can have your picture taken with. a funny thing happened when the pontiff showed up on independence mall today. >> the eagles are undefeated with another big one but they suffered another big injury.
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♪ >> trump plaza wants permission from bankruptcy court to sell off its assets including
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gambling equipment and furnitu furniture. the sale will help raise money for on-going bankruptcy proceeding. the trump plaza shut down last week. it is the fourth atlantic city casino to close this year. the trump taj mahal is threatening to shut down in november. >> the catholic church's world meeting of families gets underway in philadelphia exactly one year from today and the buzz is already begun. >> the biggest question of all, will pope francis himself atte attend? the expectation is yes. one way the pontiff is already here. our bruce gordon live in the newsroom with a story of a publicity stunt. bruce, this one pack an unexpected punch. >> reporter: you might say that. seemed like a good idea. combine a campaign to spread the word about the world meeting of families and the expected papal visit with our love of taking pictures with famous people. especially selfies. and do it at a place packed with tourists. so what happened? well... >> call him the pressed pope. maybe flat francis. this live size cardboard
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likeness of the pontiff was placed here at the independence visitors center to generate buzz for world meeting of families set for philadelphia septembe september 2015. >> so people like to take pictures in here to show that they're in philadelphia and of course this will be maybe the biggest event of the year in philadelphia next year. so we're delighted to be a part of it. >> reporter: but the pope had a misfortune of setting up shop just down the way from the most popular attraction here, live size statue of rocky. that's right. the fictional boxer is a knock out here drawing picture taking fans from all over the world. we watched as tourists one after another large the ignore the cardboard likeness of the pope in full investments to snap photos of themselves next to the italian stallion x were made you want to have your picture taken with rocky? >> because i saw his movie and i like it. >> reporter: there were a few visitors interested in posing with the pope. fred and donna from detroit.
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donna got a great shot of fred and francis. but even that was part of the game of one ups man ship. >> my parents went to rome and they had a picture of the current pope. we decided to do this much that's all. report roar got your own pope picture now. >> exactly. >> for most folks it was rocky in knock out. like this australian tourist. >> likeness of the pope right down here. >> yeah. >> i noticed people weren't seemingly as interested in the pope as they were with rocky. >> yeah, because i always think about rocky when i think about philadelphia and not about the pope and when i in rome then i will maybe a take a fet tow of pope. >> reporter: not worry about rocky. >> yeah. >> reporter: you can't argue with that logic. visitor center president says he's not surprised rocky in a photo finish. where are the art museum steps is one of the most frequented asked questions at the center. now, if as expect add papal mass is held on the parkway next september, visitors will get a chance to see the pope, the real
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rocky statue and those art museum steps all in one place, lucy, that would be win, win, win. >> absolutely, thank you, bruce. >> all right. let's take live look tahir row's welcome reception for about 160 world war ii veterans the group is returning home after a tower of honor in washington, d.c. after this red carpet reception the group will be treated to a dinner inside parx cass zone know in bensalem. we'll bring you the rest of the story tonight the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it was beautiful fall day out there today. >> gorgeous. >> we're going to get warmer. i got to turn the heat on tonight. just to knock the chill off. >> i gotcha on that. i actually went and got coats. i'm wearing just one tonight. but i do have coat ready because i've been listening to our chief meteorologist scott williams and you told me i need one. yeah, it's going to be chilly tonight especially north and west. temperatures are going to dip into the low 40s and then we could be looking at upper 30s in the pocono mountains, but if you think tomorrow morning is cold,
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you just going to have to wait until winter lucy because that's when things are really going get evident fromming across our ar area. 73 degrees that was the high temperature today in philadelphia. 76 is where we shall be for this time of year. and right now, temperatures are in the upper 60s. dew points in the 40s so very dry. and look at those winds out of the north northwest at 14 miles per hour. so it's still a little breezy. once those winds diminish the mixing will stop and we'll start to see a lot of radiational cooling so those temperatures will be dropping rapidly overnight. but right now, we're looking at skate in wilmington. 67 in atlantic city. 54 degrees right now in the pocono mountains and you can see those winds a little breezy over 10 miles per hour pretty much area wide out the north and west. future temperatures by 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning upper 40s in trenton. low 50s in philadelphia. north and west we're looking at numbers in the low 40s. upper 30s in the pocono mountains a little milder but still cool as we move into sections of south jersey and then tomorrow afternoon,
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temperatures recover a bit. we're talking below average numbers upper 60s, perhaps low 70s as we move into the philadelphia area. high pressure is in full control across much of the area. much of the the nation as far as that's concerned those winds coming in out of the north and west will keep us dry. but take look at this moisture to the south. we're going to be watching an upper level low develop no a coastal system the track that will be the determining factor as to how much rainfall we see by the latter part of the week. but dry conditions for tonight. dry as we move into your tuesday. beautiful weather tomorrow just below average temperatures as we move into tuesday night, quiet and then wednesday we start to see some of the cloud cover rolling in and we'll be watching the track of this. if it track farther off to the east or farther to the west, of course n will mean big things for our area. but as we move into your wednesday night and thursday, looks like we'll have some clouds as well as some showers across the area and cooler temperatures but once again this
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track not set in stone we'll continue to monitor it as we take a look at those temperatures for tonight, low 40s in the suburbs. upper 40s in the city. it will be chilly to start for your tuesday and then we're looking at temperatures only in the low 70s below average for this time of year. we should be around 76 degrees. so low 70s moving in to wednesday. those clouds role in. and then we could be stuck, yes, in the 60s. for high temperatures on thursday depending on what happens with that system. we'll be watching the coast and then as we move no friday no matter what happens thursday, beautiful conditions. the upcoming weekend, it's going to feel like summer. temperatures will be back in the low 80s. how about that? >> very nice. thatching scott. >> i like that. >> i like the way the eagles are playing now, too. >> everything is good except for, you know, one little thing. another injury for the eagles. big win but the injuries on their offensive line and the eagles defensive back cary williams was angry yesterday.
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for a couple of reasons. i'll run the all
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win another game. but they lost another player in the process. and on the offensive line. center jason kelce got hurt in the third card and chip kelly confirmed he would need surgery for sports hernia. he'll have that surgery tomorrow morning. kelly would not put timetable on the injury but i'm told it's likely he'll be out five to eight weeks. >> now desean jackson was happy yesterday because he got his revenge with a touchdown. did not make cary williams happy. supposed to get help from the safety nate allen on the play. cary williams told us about his unhappiness about something else after the game. he blames a slow starts on chip kelly and his practice regime now here's what he said. a lot of guys had no legs, a lot of guys are in a dog fight before the game even started. we got to start taking care of our guys throughout the week in order for for us to be more productive and have more energy on sunday. i'm not the only person. i'm just the one man enough -- man enough to stan up here.
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so we do get a lot of reps, man, it's exhausting. it's taxing on your body. by the way chip kelly spoke to cary today. it was win but the defense had its challenges. this on the -- the drive that got it win three. can't let those kind of things happen. they let it happen too much in too many places but they did have a big stop a big stop on the series the last series for the redskins on third down. the players know they better get it right on defense in the first half of the games but why? >> i don't know the answer right now but we need to figure it out. we need to play better in the first half. across the board. you know what i mean? hopefully next week will be the week we play four quarters. >> it's a little frustrat frusto not perform the way we're capable of. always easier to correct mistakes after win but these are mistakes that we need to clean up as we continue to go. because it's hard to win like this every week. >> it's nicer to correct them after a win because you're not unhappy because you screwed it up. >> absolutely.
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>> thank you very much, howard. that does it for us. >> we'll see you backhoe at 10:00.
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♪[ music ] uh-oh. the new miss america. was she kicked out of her sorority for hazing? and the missing coed, and the search for this person of interest. >> the last person she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the earth. >> he was with his mother when he took off. >> this is the last gentleman to be seen with hannah, and yet, you're telling me there's no probable cause to bring him in for questioning. >> then, where were the hounds? the white house security breach. can you believe the front door wasn't locked? >> we've never arrested someone in the white house. >> plus career up in smoke? >> i quit. >> the shocking way this tv reporter walked