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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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next a drugstore customer tackles a woman running out of the store. what he says she did and why she says her cat made her do it. >> also why your evening glass says her cat made her do it. >> also why your evening glass of it's on? oh yeah. with who? the citizens banker lady. she made things way simple for me, like how to deposit a check from my phone. she's even gonna send me alerts if my balance gets too low. total special treatment. you do know the alerts don't come from her personally, right don juan? mr.tobin, you forgot your phone! thank you. you left that there on purpose, didn't you? yeah. wow. award winning mobile banking from citizens bank. it's one way we're helping you bank better by keeping things simple. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now a local middle school gym teacher accused of having sex with a student. his community supported his family's viral fundraiser to
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support his sick daughter. now, there's outrage. how cops say he used social media to lure his victim. >> and migraines bringing live to a standstill. how the severe headaches could keep one frustrated patient from one of life's biggest mileston milestones. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 10:00. >> we begin tonight with a developing story out of delaware county. a middle schoolteacher once featured on fox 29 is sitting behind bars tonight accused of having sex with a former student. cops say the assault happened inside his office at garnet valley middle school. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> 38 year old william barber the father behind the lemon drop challenge an evident to raise money for pediatric cancer research. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in glenn mills with what parents are saying about the accusations they sent shock waves through our newsroom sabina. >> reporter: oh, lucy, those shock waves are echoing through
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this community, and tonight bill barber sits in prison cell on paid administrative leave. parents here are divided over these allegations. 38 year old william barber used his twitter page to promote lemon drop challenge popular fund raising stunt 12 year veteran teacher and athletic coach invented with his pregnant wife to raise awareness of immediate take trick cancer. the page police say barber used to direct messages, 15 year old former student, he is accused of sexually assaulting. >> i think it's disgusting. i feel really sorry, you know, for his wife first of all and i don't know how anybody could do that. >> reporter: parents upset and confused the tight knit community had rallied around the well liked teacher and his family as their four year old daughter battles a brain tumor that. support the district says was be trade. >> we'll let the legal process take its course and we're going to just be involved right now in supporting our students. >> reporter: state police say barber had an inappropriate relationship with the vick testimony now in high school. the two met when she was eighth grade student. court records say the trail of
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texts and social media messages lead back to early september. police say the victim sent barber nude photos. he sent her a twitter messages reading "whoa, you are a very sexy young lady you could have been here but it's all good. i shouldn't tempt myself any way and but your body makes me cra crazy. authorities say two weeks ago barber had sex with the victim in his middle school service. records say he had just finished coaching football. the young girl told police she had never had sex before. >> tuesday the district making calls sending letters home to parents about the incident. the superintendent says staff was alerted to the relationship on monday by students. >> i'm appalled. >> at tuesday' school board meet something parents did he fiending his innocence. >> he was phenomenal. without him as teacher my daughter would not survive. she's special needs and because of his actions he taught her to become included instead of excluded. so, yeah, he's amazing guy. roar report others still skeptical. >> how many other girls did he do it to? it's not just one i'll bet.
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i'll bet you there's more. >> reporter: and barber is charged with statutory sex assault among a slew of other charges. tomorrow the district will have a crisis team in place here at the middle school and at the high school to offer counseling to students and staff. lucy, back to you. >> all right, thatching sabina. torments night we know the names of three people philadelphia prosecutors are going to charge in the assault of a gay couple in center city. police released this video of the people believed to have been beaten and injured the men on september 11th. now this made headlines across the nation. and this afternoon the district attorney's office announced plans to charge 24 year old philip williams. 26 year old kevin harrigan and 24 year old catherine not with aggravated assault. recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy. police say they expect those three to turn themselves in tomorrow. >> a man is in police custody tonight accused of gunning down a 15 year old girl outside of einstein medical center yesterday. 19 year old darren person turned
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himself in to philadelphia police about 7:00 o'clock tonight. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at police headquarters. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. darien person is upstairs right now being questioned by homicide detectives. police believe the 19 year old is the trigger man who opened up fire on a group of high school kids yesterday in olney. that shooting leaving a 15 year old girl dead and a community outraged. >> no reason for a young 15 year old sister to go to school and never come back home to her family! >> reporter: community members standing on the very spot on the sidewalk where 15 year old ayesha rah men collapsed monday outside of einstein medical center. >> it's senseless murder. enough is enough. enough is enough. >> reporter: sophomore at del-vally charter school in olney was well liked and a good student. the afternoon shooting started as a fight last week that escalated on social media.
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it boiled over monday. when two groups of 50 or more teenagers started brawling that led to gunfire. one of the shots hit ram men as she walked home from school a half a block away. she was just an innocent victim. a 19 year old man was also shot. he remains in critical but stable condition. >> that young man not only took the life of a young baby, but he also took the life of all of us. >> police warrant open up! >> reporter: fox 29 was there when u.s. marshals and philly police swat teams serve the search warrant on the home of darien person on the 1900 block of rowan street. person wasn't there but he did surrender to police three hours later. >> he was brought there as the muscle. he was brought there. he came with a gun and unfortunately he used it. >> reporter: now a neighborhood plagued with murders is asking the community to step up and speak out against gun violence.
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>> i've seen too many people under 30 die gun violence in the city and they can talk about whatever, but black on black crime and it's sad. >> reporter: now the alleged gunman we are told was also arrested back in may by septa police for fair evasion. we can tell you tomorrow students at del-val charter high school are being asked to wear purple in honor of their classmate. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. police have charged the driver of the tour bus that crashed in delaware on sunday in the death of two passengers. he was on route 1 when he lost control of the bus on an off-ramp for u.s. 13 and new castle. police say he was driving at an unsafe speed. 49 passengers were on the bus. all of them were injured. >> much happening overseas new developments by the minute in the crisis in the middle east. the u.s. and a handful of arab countries joined forces together. the coalition is launching air strikes against isis targets in
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syria. the first wave of us led air and missile strikes hit more than dozen islamic state targets near strong holds inside syria. president obama says the mission to bring down isis relies on the participation of u.s. at lies in the mideast. >> the strength of this coalition make it clear to the world that this is not america's fight alone. >> the strikes come two weeks after president announced his expanded military campaign against a terrorist group and the us on its own launched separate strikes against al-qaida group in a different region of syria that the obama administration says posed an eminent threat to the united states. breaking news tonight in the search for a missing college student. the main person of interest in the disappearance of university of virginia student hannah graham is now charged with abduction. wanted posters are going up in hopes someone will help police track down jesse matthew. police believe that was matthew was with graham at a bar the night she vanish.
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detectivdetectives also couldn'e search for graham. >> happening now, closing in on the accused killer of a pennsylvania state trooper. the search for eric frein is now in its 11th day. state police say he killed corporal brian dixon and injured another trooper. police have surrounded the area where they believe he is in the pocono mountains. not far from where his parents live. fox 29's dave kinchen is live tonight in paradise valley, monroe county. dave? >> reporter: iain, right now, pennsylvania state troopers are spread around a perimeter. they have ar15s in their hands. they say they are closing in on eric frein. pa state troopers pull out the heavy fire power at the price township perimeter set up around the area state police believe may contain eric frein. troopers in and other law enforcement partners keep a steady presence up snow hill road after he killed corporal brian dixon and critically
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another wounded trooper during an ambush. >> i hope they fiend him soon. alive or dead, either way. >> residents we talked want frein captured but they also want to get back to their normal lives. >> we have kids, familiars, schools closed. >> sort of getting mixed information, you know, whether we're supposed to leave you are community or whether or not we can go back and, you know, it's kind of gray. it's not very black and white as to what's going on. >> reporter: businesses like nevell's blooming onion italian restaurant suffering with empty tables. the manager says people just aren't coming out. >> it's just been dead. people are afraid to go out. afraid to get locked out of their neighborhoods. they can get back in once they do go out with the roads being closed down. >> reporter: businesses around eric frein's hometown are quiet. many say the sooner he's captured the better off they will be. >> for small town like this it's definitely been something big. >> reporter: there is some good news. the pocono mountains school
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district is back open. they were back open today. schools will be open tomorrow but barrett township will not receive any busing because of the on-going police activity. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. developing now, pennsylvania governor tom corbett says that he will sign a bill that will provide money for the cash strapped philadelphia school district. the governor says he will make philadelphia cigarette tax law tomorrow at 11:30. the hotly debated cigarette tax bill cleared its final hurdle in the senate today. it authorizes a $2 pack on cigarettes in philadelphia. the money generated goes to the city's cash strapped school district. school officials say the new tax will pump about $83 million into philadelphia's schools every year. >> a state senator announces he is gay and he did at a news conference in harrisburg calling for legislation to outlaw discrimination based on someone's sexual orientation. jim furlough made the announcement in harrisburg as he and fellow democrats urged passage of a bill that would protect the lgbt community.
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the allegheny county law make consider the first sitting pennsylvania state senator who is openly gay. >> i never felt i had to wear a billboard on my forehead, but i'm gay, get over it. i love it. it's a great life. (applause). >> lawmakers say this month's beating of two gay men in center city behind their push for a new hate crime law. >> still ahead tonight at 10:00 a botched burial. >> i already had one stroke. feel like i'm going to have another one. >> a loved one put into the grave before the funeral services can even get started. and that's in the all. the disturbing thing the family says they found after that. >> plus, clean it up or else. the suburban neighborhood that's had enough with dog owners not picking up after their pets. how one community wants to make you pay if you don't curb your pooch. >> also ahead, a sharp eyed customer takes down an cued shoplifter. what he says happened that made him spring into action.
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>> and she tried everything to battle her migraine headaches. now she's fight agnew obstacle because of her migraine. once in a lifetime moment she may have to miss. scott? >> iain, right now the weather authority is keeping tabs on a coastal storm brewing to our south. coming up, we'll have the timing of that system, when the rainfall arrives as well as how
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♪ >> an investigation into a report of robbery of 12 year old la quon mackey is over. officers say they were not able to confirm there was an actual crime. remember we introduced to you la quon earlier this month. he has cerebral palsy and he has
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to use a wheelchair. he says two kids beat him up near his buchanan circle home. police released sketches of the boy he says assaulted him but they could not substantiate the case. so it's now closed. >> one local community is getting tough on what your pooch leaves behind. it is cracking down on people who did not clean up after their pets. violators could face steep fines. >> foxes toes dawn tim money knee has the story from falls township bucks county. >> like to the catch people who don't pick up after their dogs. >> reporter: so would falls township officials. >> just got to be out of hand report roar failing to pick up dog poop has gotten so problematic, the township voting to slap pet owners with fines ranging from 100 to $300. >> if they get caught it will be expensive. hit them in the wallet. >> i think it's great that they do it. i think people some take -- take care of they are messes. >> reporter: it doesn't get any easier than to pick up after your pet here at the falls township community park. they have doggie waste bag dispensers all over the place so
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people real have no excuse. believe it or not some dog owners dodge dispensing of fido's feces. >> we ride our bikes through falls park a lot and there's always dog poop on the path and along there. >> our animal control officer will be involved in the process and were will do our best to try to stop the problem. >> reporter: lot of people we talked to think it will be tough to catch violators. >> nobody is really going around watching people walking their dogs. i really don't think it's going to deter anybody. >> i think people will still do the same thing. you know what i mean? >> even if they're facing a $300 fine? >> i think so, yes. >> reporter: the township hoping at the very least people will think twice before leaving their dog's business for someone else to clean up. lawn dim men knee, fox 29 news. >> a dispute turns violent in north philadelphia sending two men to the hospital and it was all caught on camera yesterday afternoon. police say the driver of a pick up and a mini van exchanged words when they got to the intersection of darien and
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clearfield the driver of the truck got out to confront the other guy. the victim tells police that driver fired several shots and then took off. the victim and his passenger were both hit. >> newark, delaware, police are hunting for an arsonist and they have released surveillance pictures of the man they think is behind two incidents saturday. they happened on the victoria court in newark. police say the man is college age wearing blue jeans and no shirt. if you know anything that might help find him, call newark police. >> south jersey man accused of possessing and distributing child pornography. 37 year old thomas ballard was arrested yesterday at his home in egg harbor township after authorities served a warn. investigators say ballard distributed 3,000 files of child porn between last october and march of this year. ballard is now being held on $100,000 bond and faces 17 years in prison if convicted on all counts. >> it is probably about the last thank atlantic city residents wander to hear right about now
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more layoffs could be in the work. today the city asked the state for permission to hand out pink slips. the city sent letters to municipal workers warning it intends to file a layoff plan with the state on october 1st. now officials did not indicate how many workers they might target. yesterday ac's credit rating was downgraded a mid the closing of four casinos, and today was deadline day for potential buyers to put in bids for the failed revel casino. a bankruptcy court judge approved an auction for the property for tomorrow. at least two bids come in and we're hearing the auction will have at least that. >> chance to feel like cinderella and prince charming to night. it was prom night more than six hadn't dread people took part for people winter let me leck wal and disabilities. it was held in moorestown. participants came as far away to virginia to enjoy an evening of fun. >> this is my world. this is what i have lived for. i've been 15 years at the helm
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of this. the greatest blessing that i've had in my life. >> the event is hosted by the nhs human services foundation. >> now and to your fox 29 wake up weather for cart. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> hi, iain. it's going to be a cool fall start. dry start to your wednesday as we look at ultimate doppler right now you can see we're dry and quiet but look at the moisture gathering to the south. that's a brewing coastal storm. temperatures right now hanging on to low 60s in philadelphia. 50 already in millville as well as atlantic city. mid 50s north and west. so over the next 12 hours, here's the bott testimony line. dry and cool. high clouds will be moving in. temperatures in the city tomorrow morning will be in the 50s. north and west will be in the 40s, but will be dry. but as we look at the satellite and radar, you can see this highlighted area. this is the coastal storm that is gaining intensity as we move in time. so by tomorrow morning, we're dry.
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we're quiet with those high clouds streaming in overhead but watch the clock. you can see by dinner tomorrow especially south and east we're watching that rainfall begin to move in. so for tomorrow, increasing clouds. a cool start. a mild end and then tomorrow night, we're watching those showers developing. we'll have the typing of when it over spreads the area as well as who could see two or more inches out of this system coming up. iain and lucy. >> talk to you then, scott. a nail biting police chase coming up the final moments before the wild pursuit comes to a violent end, it's where the crash happened that is getting a lot of attention. >> fox goes on tack. it bites a newly engaged couple and it goes looking for in a my ground. >> the new scooper. this will be game changer.
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♪ >> florida suspects on the run from police turn up right where cops want them. outside the police station. it all happened around 2:00 this morning in south florida when police tried to stop the toyota for expired tags. well, when a passenger in the car tried to explain they say the driver took off and they say
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the speeding car hit an off duty officer's parked mercedes then rolled over and hit a street light. >> our k and in was responding to the scene and k9 officers had eventually located the two that fled from the crash vehicle still on the municipal complex parking lot. >> the driver and the two passengers were arrested. police say in searching the car they found four guns and one was even stolen and the car they say was stolen as well. >> three people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a birmingham, alabama ups facility. police say the man had been fired from his job just the day before. they say all three victims were ups employees and the shooter took his own life before they arrived. police found all the bodies near offices inside the ups warehouse. authorities say the man had told some people that he was having difficulties at work. a chilling 911 call out of florida. >> authorities have row leased the tapes of the 9911 phone call made by don spirit.
10:25 pm
he called 911 shortly after he shot and killed his daughter and her six children before turning the gun on himself. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> yes, ma'am, i, um, i just shot my daughter be shot all my grandkids and i'll be sitting on my step and when you get here i'm going to shoot myself. >> police say spirit was a convicted felon who did time in camden and atlantic counties. they are investigating how he got the firearm. closing in on a killer. >> still ahead we're going back to the pocono mountains where cops say they are hot on the trail of a man suspected of a deadly ambush on state police. and migraines can knock a person flat on their back. one local teen notice knows that struggle all too well. could those debilitating headaches actually keep her from experiencing one of life's deepest milestones. >> and students turned away from their homecoming dance over their outfits? the dress code some students say goes way too
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♪ >> in hunting park philadelphia police are looking for suspects in deadly shooting. it happened in the 4200 block of north broad street around 4:00 this afternoon. a man in his 40s was shot in the chest. there's no word yet on what led to the shooting or a name of the victim. >> a massive manhunt continues tonight for the accused killer avenue pennsylvania state trooper. fox 29's dave kinchen reports people are getting very frustrated about the search that has spanned 11 days. >> reporter: the search for eric frein fugitive survivalist state police here have ar15s drawn on this evening while investigators continue to look up snow hill road in the search. in the meantime, a lot of people around here say they just want things to get back to normal and quickly. >> you know, we'll hear something like, we think there's sort of on to him or something and then information changes and
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they move. so it's been never racking. >> reporter: some sense of normalcy returning to this area the pocono mountain school district had school open today. they say classes will be open tomorrow as well. except buss will not be running in their township because of police activity. the school district says attendance was at 70%. they're usually around 90% but they say they're getting back to normal. in price township, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> and we are on top of this story around the clock. you can get updates and video from the search by going to just look right on our home pa page. a wisconsin family is dema demanding answers after their loved one was buried before the funeral even began. the family as you can imagine extremely upset. they were expecting to hold services and see their loved ones in his final resting place, but they arrived to find his casket already in the ground. they wanted that make sure that the body was that of mark williams they yesterday the casket be brought up much that's when the situation went from bad to worse. the casket was dented and
10:31 pm
cracked. the cemetery says the funeral home is to blame. the family says it's unacceptable. >> i already had one stroke. feel like i'm going to have another one because i am -- this is terrible. >> there was a miscommunication. >> the funeral home says the driver of the hearse dropped the body off but did not know the family was elsewhere on the grounds preparing for the service. wisconsin law requires someone from the funeral home watch the body until it's lowered. >> taking a look at your health in a pop possible link between tattoo ink and skin cancer. german dermatologists decided to examine that possibility. they watched the effect of ink on a 48 year old man. four months after he got a red and black tattoo on his leg doctors diagnosed him with skin cancer at the very spot where the red ink is. dermatologists say they did not find a direct connection between the ink and cancer so they're urging doctors to look for certain cans sr. causing cells in patient who's have a reaction to tattoos.
10:32 pm
the study appears in the journal the american society of plastic surgeons. >> anybody who suffers from an occasional migraine knows how it can stop you in your tracks. fox 29 has shown you the effect, the stigma and the lack of funding and research. >> our joyce evans has been following one local teenager's journey as she tries to fine the right treatment for the headaches that have all but ruined her high school years. >> that looks good. >> reporter: 18 year old sidney, hard at work with her tutor robert squires. >> okay. a number of neutrons. >> reporter: the good news -- >> 2h. >> she's getting one-on-one instruction at home right at her dining room table. >> the bad news it's the only way she's able to get any classroom work these days. sidney suffers migraines so fierce she missed most of the past two school years at home in bed. >> how do you feel? >> i'm awake and my head hurts. >> it progressively got worse and worse. >> reporter: absent from class
10:33 pm
so many times school regulations now require her to catch up through home bound tutoring. provided through the public school district before she can return to class. >> get a positive charge. >> i think missing the school piece is really detrimental because it's put her behind the eight ball for her future. >> reporter: that's not all. precious once in lifetime teen moments. a passing sidney by. >> i miss out on that social interaction that level. i see them on the weekend but i feel like not enough. i'm missing out. >> reporter: it gets even worse. her latest medication set off a red itchy skin reaction from head to toe. >> how do you keep smiling? >> i don't know. you have to stay positive through it. that's the only thing that i guess keeps me going. >> reporter: plus we happened to catch her on rare no migraine day. you still --
10:34 pm
>> we first met sidney last fall trying bow tock, yes, botox. 41 shots to the head, neck and shoulders. it work at first. but the second treatment a disaster. >> it's complicated. we don't entirely understand why. >> reporter: chop neurologist christina, says teen hormones and life precious further complicate the trial and error treatment of children. like infusion, pumping pain killing meds directly into the veins. >> here and hyped my eyes. >> reporter: that didn't work for sidney either. >> these were the worst of the worst teenagers. >> reporter: the ones for which neurologists like jefferson's from william young have been battling for decades to get research funding to develop better treatments. still -- >> there's nothing. >> reporter: not acceptable to sidney or her mom who are taking their fight to the street. >> yeah. i'm actually pretty angry. >> reporter: they brought the miles for migraine run and walk fundraiser to philadelphia to help with research and pediatric treatment.
10:35 pm
>> i think we're fighters. i think we're survivors report since shirley pass odd her migraine suffering to not one but two daughters she wants more than treatment for them. she wants cure. >> there's no way that any parent can watch their own child suffer without doing something. >> reporter: while sidney does all she can to rejoin her now senior class at school. >> trying. day by day. report roar sidney is trying biofeedback and acupuncture now, and gearing up for their second miles for migraine run and walk on october 11th. for more information and a link to register just go to joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> we just learned that sidney will not be able to return to the classroom this semester but she is on track to finish high school graduation requirements by next may or june. it seems unlikely shell walk in cap and gown with her friends. well, it's a pharmacy take down. coming up a customer confronts an cued robber.
10:36 pm
how the suspect's cat play as big role in this entire ordeal. >> skip the gym, have some wine. why some scientists think drinking a little bit of wine could be just as good for you. >> plus, a terrifying attack boy a rabid fox. what happened when the wild animal showed up near a playground full of children.
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>> you remember gidget the jack russell terrier expected in about an hour at the philadelphia airport to be reunited with her family. she somehow traveled 2700 miles to oregon from her home in pennsylvania. she went missing back in april but a good samaritan spotted her in a portland suburb and took her to shelter a if you months ago. the saving grace in getting her home gidget has a micro chip knowledge one knows how the dog got to oregon. >> but she's home. welcome home, gidget! n your money tonight simple way to save cash on a gym membership. well it seems drinking a glass of wine could be just as beneficial as hitting the gym. researchers at the university of alberta in canada found that red wine, nuts and grapes have a complex called less vera trill
10:40 pm
it improves heart muscle and bone functions the same way they're improved when you go to the gym. >> all right. seeing of anti gym things if ice cream is on the menu for your midnight snack we've got a cool new april vince you just might want to scoop up. check out the midnight scoop. it's on kick starter right now. look at that. makes it look really easy, doesn't it, iain the inn have thes are trying to raise enough money for mass product. promises to scoop ice cream no matter how hard it is. rather than just using your wrist to try to scoop it up this gadget puts your chest muscles to work right through the ice cream. the midnight scoop is not cheap. the inventor plans to sell it for 50 bucks. >> i put mine in the micro whi whiff. >> on the solve soften mood. >> mo'ne davis performance earned her a place in baseball hall of fame. she plans to donate the injuries seashore wore last month when she became the first girl to win game at little league world series. of course mo'ne pitched that two hit shut outset to visit the
10:41 pm
hall on thursday with her teammates. the team will play an he can his big game sunday in cooperstown. >> and children have new equipment to play on at philadelphia park. a $225,000 renovation took place at wharton square park in point breeze. dignitaries were on hadn't for ribbon cutting this afternoon. the new park is a definite upgrade with new slide, swings an whole lot more. >> woman busted accuse accuse of robbing a pharmacy. listen to this. a customer took matters in his own hands and a cat is at the center of it all. >> teens turned away from their homecoming dance over dress code violations. why students say the rules crossed the line. what their doing get their voices heard. >> scott. >> a coastal storm is brewing to our south. coming up we'll have the timing when the rain moves in as well as the expec
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♪ >> a fox goes on the attack in connecticut biting four people before wildlife officials caught up to it. they say early yesterday the animal bit a newly engaged woman
10:45 pm
danielle opened the door to her home and the fox was right there. bit her then went after her dog. police say an hour and a half later the fox appeared at the playground of an elementary school where it attacked a second grader and two staffers. wildlife officials put down the animal. it did test positive for rabies. sometimes it takes really good sense of smell to get a job done, and thought case in smyrna, delaware. a delaware police officer and his k9 partner low key tracked down a man who had tried to out run police. they noticed 2484 old tyree wise driving along the 100 block of south dupont highway. they tried to pull him over for suspended license but he took off. they lost sight of him. the account nine found wise not so wisely hiding in's backyard. faces charges of resisting arrest and other offenses. >> in florida thing got wild at
10:46 pm
a drugstore check outline. >> a good samaritan swooped in to help as he saw someone stealing. the alleged thief said she had to do it. >> just before 10:00 o'clock last night, the police got a phone call a woman here at stolen money from the cash register an customer was holding her on the ground until police arrived. check out this video surveillance from inside the walgreens. police say this is shana, walking in just before 10:00. a few minutes later, police say she seen looking in the candy aisle and eventually buying a pack of gum. police say she gave the clerk exact change and when the clerk opened the register police say she grab the money out of the drawer and took off out of the store. but she didn't get very far. watch as this customer grabs her and tackles her to the ground. police say she scraped her nose and her knees in the scuffle. police also say she told them she lost her job and needed the money to pay to feed her cat. we call the customer scene in the video family told us he wouldn't be able until later tonight.
10:47 pm
>> that was fox's kelly joyce reporting. the woman is in jail tonight facing a list of charges include rob bro. >> forceful take down, too. my goodness. homecoming drama to utah high school over a fashion crack down some students say is just not fair. >> students are pro testifying what they called discrimination at their homecoming dance. staff members thought some of the girls dresses showed off little too much. they told them to cover up or go home. administrators say everyone knew that dress has to cover their chest and back at the top of their under arm and hem lines had to stay at mid thigh but the girls say the rules did not apply even physical all students. they were very unhappy. you might need to cover up tonight because going that be little chilly out there. >> it is. that's right. we are looking at a little cool fall air moving in as we move toward the overnight time frame. but it's going to be dry. we don't have to deal with the rainfall really until tomorrow night. that's when we're watching that coastal storm brewing right now
10:48 pm
oh to our south much as we lock at the satellite and radar, you can see we're dry around the philadelphia area. some high clouds beginning to stream in overhead but the closest rain it's still down to the south around sections of the carolinas. so what about the timing?s we watch the clock it's try dry for the overnight moving ahead tomorrow morning, some filtered sunshine it there. we will start to see the high clouds move in throughout the day. so foam starts off sunny. but the cloud cover increases and thicken as we move toward your wednesday night. here's 6:00 p.m. the dinner hour. watching some light showers try and move into southern delaware as extreme sections of south jersey. but most of us stay dry for the balance of the day. it's overnight wednesday into thursday morning. thursday morning's commute is going to be damp, dreary even windy as we watch this system. it will stay pretty week but will crank up a bit bringing in those easterly winds and we're talking winds that could be gusting at times over 30 miles per hour during the day on your
10:49 pm
thursday. thursday evening, it tapers off as it pulls away and we start to clear things out and warm up as we move into friday as well as the upcoming weekend. so for tomorrow, increasing clouds. a cool start. jackets to start, and temperatures will be in the 70s tomorrow. low 70s at that. and then wednesday night, cloudy and breezy, showers developing after the sunsets especially south and east. moving into your thursday morning, it's going to be a wet commute. allow extra travel time. winds once again gusting over 30 miles per hour. so how much rainfall do i expect? wednesday night into thursday, the heaviest rainfall down the shore. we could see 2.5 perhaps almost 3-inches of rainfall but move a little farther inland lesser amounts. you can see how they really start to taper off north and west of the philadelphia area. we could see an inch and a half in the philadelphia area as we move into thursday. so for today, we saw the low temperature this morning a chilly 50 degrees.
10:50 pm
afternoon high we made it up to 72. the normal this time of year is 75. temperatures right now 50 in millville as well as atlantic city. mid 50s right now toward pottstown as well as allentown. so for tonight, once again, it will be dry. mostly clear. 47 in the suburbs. mid 50s in the city and then for tomorrow, those clouds they increase throughout the day. the rainfall really doesn't arrive until the evening time frame and then again it will be south and east overnight wednesday into thursday. that's when most of the that rainfall will arrive for that thursday morning commute. also, look at the temperatures for thursday. only in the 60s. 67 for the high temperature but the rain is out of here for friday. we warm things up back into the mid to upper 70s. low 80s for the upcoming weeke weekend. so summer it's going to be coming back but a few rough patches there wednesday overnight into thursday morning. especially for that thursday morning commute. >> we can save on our watering bill, though. that's good. we need a little rain here and
10:51 pm
there. >> good for the garden. >> look the bright side. >> okay. >> all right. howard. >> the glass is always half fu full. we will remember that. >> exactly. >> all right. somebody pulled a tough one on some 50-pound football playing kids. it was an injustice and the eagles defensive back cary williams did a lot of apologizing for the things he said on sunday. hear from williams coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> the eagles play a tough one really tough one at san francisco this week on sunday but today at practice eagles defensive back cary williams had some apologizing to do because of his comments towards his head coach chip kelly and the way he has his players practice. he also jumped on his teammate nate allen when he made mistake on coverage on desean jackson touchdown. so he talk to kelly on monday and his teammates today. >> i told them it won't happen again. i told them i won't talk negatively about the team, where we're going. we are three-zero and that's
10:55 pm
something to be proud of and i am happy that we are three-zero. because things could have gone otherwise. >> williams has moved on from these incidents and so has nate allen. >> we don't take that personal, man. we say things out on the field to each other. man, people -- bullets are flying and emotions are high and you say things you don't mean sometimes, and that's just how it is. , and, you know, i don't take anything with me off the field. it's all free and clear once we leave and everything is forgiven it's all good. >> you hugged it up. yeah. >> nice to hug up really good. it was, man. it was good. it was real good. >> i'm glad they enjoyed. here's our sunday line up. fox "game day live" starts at 11:00. i'll be in san francisco. followed by fox nfl sunday at noon double header packers and bears at 1:00. eagles and 49ers 4:25. >> phillies had one thing to play for this week the last week of the season. get out of last place. but after tonight, they're fate
10:56 pm
is sealed. let's go to miami. cole hamels another good game but it doesn't matter because the phillies just don't score runs. that's ed lucas with a base hit in the fourth only run miami needed in the eighth with the phillies down two to nothing first and second ryan howard, yeah, phillies lose it two to nothing. the worst they can do is tie for last place. >> all right. some teams like to walk in with a flare. but one midget football team didn't fair so well. i don't know if these guys, they did them right. let's go to wall kill new york. all right. a little celebration the beginning of their game as they run through the -- it's cute. >> that's not cute. >> the banner is vinyl. their 50 year old kids. this is an injustice. they did these kids wrong. >> it's vinyl? >> it's vinyl. >> i thought they were going to break through it. >> they're supposed to do. >> these poor kids, they're ruined for life. >> they just kept piling up. it was like lemons, they just
10:57 pm
kept coming. >> how can you have them run through vinyl banner? >> that is -- >> midget football team. 50 powders. (laughter). >> it was a small -- >> remember to watch tmz at 11:00 p.m. >> injustice. isn't we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". be sure to stay tuned. and "good day philadelphia". be sure to stay tuned. so brian at citizens said
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> remember that three boobed lady? an anchor totally pervs out on her. >> the spacing on them is off. it's not like they stuck one in the middle. >> he probably hasn't done a bunch of them. give the guy a break. >> bruce jenner celebrated his divorce announcement by buying a $50,000 utv. >> they seem like the type who get along way better than when they were together. >> they don't have to pretend like they want to have sex together. >> young jeezy arrives by helicopter and spends $20,000 on a single bottle of champagne. it's so ridiculous. when you show up in a helicopter ttle of champagne.r $20,000 >> it's so