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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  September 25, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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the storm started overnight with gusty winds but they're not going anywhere any time soon. some areas may even see flooding today. sue serio is fracking the storm. >> it is all about the rain and the winds. we will be checking both throughout the morning to make sure you get where you need to be safely. kerry? >> sue, thank youment then three suspects in a brutal beating after gay couple in center city are free this morning after turning themselves in. their lawyers, though, claim it was a mutual fight. why a twitter page allegedly belong to go one of the accused could give police new clues. good day everybody, it is a rainy thursday, september 25th, 2014. glad to have you with us. >> good morning. >> kind of dreary out there. >> it is, it is not nice, sue, you warned us this would be headed this way, indeed right
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on cue. >> it happened right on cue, we told you yesterday the worse would be the morning, and the worse is now. so you can see how yucky it is outside. so i think we'll look at the airport, as well, very wet conditions, there want to call ahead, if you have a flight out this morning, just to make sure that it is arriving on time. so here's what we have. the coastal storm that we told but is here. and you can see, the bands of rain from the storm, some of them heavy into parts of southern new jersey, and central delaware, we've got heavy rain at the shore, as well, we zoom into the philadelphia area, here in our neighborhood, we have rain, it is on and off, heavy, and then it will let up for little while, then heavy downpours, heavy downpours around muscle, a around winslow township, around glassboro, new jersey, pilesgrove has very heavy downpour right now, and at the jersey shore, and other parts of cape may county very heavy
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rain, and one more look at delaware, rehoboth beach, lewes, they are getting heavy rain, as well right now. so pockets of heavy rain with bands from the storm, we'll watch the winds, as women, sustained at 16 miles an hour here in philadelphia, and the closer you get to the shore, the worse this storm gets, 20-mile per hour winds sustained in atlantic city, 18 miles an hour in wildwood, here's what we have the impacts from our autumn coastal storm, the heaviest rain as we said will be this morning, we will probably get one, 2 inches every rain in a rather short period of time, but local pockets of heff written rain, minor tidal flooding, the cycle between 9:00 and 10:00. when we will have the higher tides and the flooding possible. but the other impact as we mentioned, gusty winds, inland 25 to 30-mile per hour wind gusts, and at the shore, tropical storm force wind gusts, 35 to maybe 45 miles per hour, steve keeley will be reporting live from atlantic city in just a few minutes, that's a look at what we have for today.
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let's see how the rain is affecting the roads early this thursday morning, we start off in millville, new jersey, east main street, before route 55, downed tree, and all lanes are blocked so sure alternate, 552. camden the vine northbound after morgan, we have construction that has the two left lanes blocked, also, on 202 northbound, between route 29, malvern, and route 252 paoli, we have construction there, one lane blocked, even in the rain. finally on the turnpike, northeast extension, still have the construction approaching quakertown, the right lane is blocked. kerry? >> sue, thank you. it is 4:03 this morning, the three suspect arrested in the alleged attack on gay couple in center city are free this morning. >> fox 29's lauren johnson live at police headquarters with the very latest, lauren? >> good morning, they surrendered yesterday in spring garden, new video actually we want to show you of the group being released
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overnight after they turned themselves in a day after the da announced plans to go after them. let's look at the mugshots of the suspect, 24 year old philip williams, 26 year old kevin harrigan, and 24 year old catherine knot. each facing two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of recklessly endangering another person, one count of criminal conspiracy. you may remember the video, brutal beat down on the night of september 11, near 16th and chancellor streets, social media played a huge role in helping to identify the people responsible, as customers from nearby restaurants, now the lawyers are speaking out defending their client. >> this was a mutual confrontation between individuals out on the street it, in center city, unfortunately, last week. it resulted in injuries to an individual, but i can tell you that with respect to my client, he was not the aggressor, did he not initiate anything, and only became involved in the incident after one of the purported victims
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in the case punched one of the young girls in the face. she as a law enforcement backgrounds in her family, she played no role in this other than going out to dinner with friends on the night this happened. >> he speak being catherine knot, getting the most attention since she is the daughter after police chief, now, we won't show you out of the respect privacy of the patients, but an emergency room tech at lansdale hospital. we've been told she has been suspended, the hospital system now looking into her twitter page to see if there were any violations cents into patient privacy. kerrey, dawn? >> lauren, thank you, 4:05 this morning, three schools on lockdown as bullet fly in north philadelphia. one man is dead, another one in the hospital after a gun fight just outside the pan-american academy charter school. this is yesterday afternoon. it happened just before students were getting out of school. police say it happened right next to the school buses. no students are injured.
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police believe the 22 year old man in the hospital is the one who started shooting first. an innocent bystander is injured. no word on that person's condition. a new jersey lawmaker has come up with ideas to generate new life in atlantic city. one creating a lot of buzz, atlantic city press reporting senate republican leader testimony tom kean wants to let people in atlantic city drink on the beach and the boardwalk, he says, it would allow visitors to more easily move from one beach or bar to another. cane made the suggestion in a letter to john hanson, the man governor chris christie has passed with coordinating efforts to revive the resort town. also suggesting better air service to atlantic city, tax incentives for big time entertainment, and building a cruise ship port. >> pennsylvania game commission launching new campaign to generate new interest in hung, called go hunt pa. officials say the number of hunters in the state has dropped by more than 25% over the past three decades.
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and they would like people to get more involved in that sport. the 27 year old philadelphia mother who faced years behind bars to bringing a registered gun across the new jersey border will be allowed to end area program that could spare her a prison sentence. sean even allen bought that gun after being robbed and beaten in a alley off south street last year. now she was arrested with the gun during traffic stop on the atlantic city expressway. allen said she did not know that new jersey does not honor of permit, and face add possible three to five year jail sentence, a judge initially refused to dismiss the charges or allow her to enter pre a pretrial program for non-violent offenders, the same judge who recently granted the same opportunity to nfl star, ray rice. 4:07. don't be alarmed if you see a lot of police activity at and near the jackson outlets today. ocean county prosecutor's today doing active shooter drill for police training dodd, different stores throughout the outlet, starts at 8:00 this morning, should
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finish we're hearing around 9:30. a proud moment in philadelphia, one guy runs off with a woman's cell phone, as they get off the septa train. but she's not the only one chasing after him. it is a story you'll see only on fox 29. >> and if you are traveling today, be aware of the weather. looking live at philadelphia international airport right now, sue serio will have what you need to know as you head out the door today in just a few min
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usual ' going to need to allow a lot of extra time this morning to get where you are going because of the rain. the storm is here, we told you yesterday when it was in the carolinas. outer edges of the storm reaching all the way up to new york, so we're in the thick of it right now. our shore points will be where we will see the highest impact, heaviest rain, also highest wind, so you can see here, southern cape may county around wildwood, cape may, heavy ran, lewes, delaware, getting heavy rain. dover, delaware, we've got some on and off heavy rain, there seeing steady rain in philadelphia right now. >> this will be the case for the next couple of hours. bridesburg, nicetown, cheltenham, all getting decent rain this morning, steady rain. but the wind the other factor this morning, 17 miles per hour, sustained in philadelphia, 22 miles per hour in atlantic city. look at the wind gusts cents, we have 35-mile per hour wind gust in wilmington today, 30-mile per hour winds gust in atlantic city. you'll feel this. once we get to 41-mile per hour wind gust, that's tropical storm force.
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future cast has the rain staying kind of heavy throughout the rest of the morning, it starts to ease up little bit, by mid-day, by lunchtime, but not quite gone yet. it is definitely going to be with us, at least light rain, through the evening rush hour, but it won't be quite as messy as it is right now, and then we see everything start to clear up around midnight tonight. so something to look forward to. our high temperature today, around 66 degrees, rain on and off, tapering by this evening, but those sustained winds, 15 to 20 miles an hour. soap hold on to the umbrella, could easily blow inside out today. that's your weather authority forecast. let's check traffic on this wet morning, on the blue route, southbound, off ramp to the schuylkill expressway, we have construction out there. and also, in beechwood, route nine at 166, construction has all lanes blocked there. take the alternate which is 617, and finally, in millville, new jersey, east main street, right before route 55, a free is down, so all lanes are block on that part of main street. take the alternate, which is
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route 552, dawn? >> being that you, isis a phillie ate be heads another hostage there is time a french hostage was decapitated by extremists in algeria. making good on their threat to kill 55 year old heve unless france stopped air strikes in iran's. was answering call by islamic state lead terse attack americans and europeans. that marks the fourth beheading at an of a western nerve five weeks. those acts spurred the us to launch air strikes on isis in iraq, now syria with the help after an arab coalition, the president obama says the rest of the worlds needs to step up. with more than 140 world leaders in attendance, addressed the general cents em bridge in new york city yesterday. president is trying to win overall ice still on the fence in part because they're concerned about his long-term commitment to the fight. this as the united states and the arab coalition completed another rounds of air strikes
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in eastern syria. >> the only language understood by killers like this is the language of force. the united states of america will work with a broad co-licks to dismantle this knit this network of death. >> woe coming to at a crossroads between war and peace. >> police released new photos in the search for suspected cop killer erin frein, in fact, we have photos now of his 2001 jep injury key there in the mud then after it was pulled out. police are asking anyone who saw his jeep before monday september 15th, especially in the areas of blooming grove station, the delaware state forest, white deer recreation areas to give them a call. meanwhile police say they caught glimpses cents as frein as early as tuesday but couldn't capture him in the rough terrain of the woods where they believe he is hiding. that will area is the pike and monroe county border in northeastern pennsylvania. police say he's been seen
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wearing black clothing, he's actually leaving items throughout the wooded areas where he is hiding including used diapers. >> we continue to find evidence of frein's presence have found several items he has abandoned or hidden for possible future use. some of those items include serbian cigarettes, and diapers that we've found in the area among many other things. we have had sitings by law enforcement officers, as well, at a significant distance. >> frein now been on the run for about 13 days, police are also asking for anyone who has seen these serbian brands cigarettes around, or know of any bunkers that he's used in the past, to give them a call. frein of course is accused of ambushing two state troop nerves their bark at, killing one, critically injuring another. police believe he may have been planning that attack for months or even years. now a story you'll see only on fox. dramatic scene at septa station. good samaritans rushing in to
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help a fellow passenger. the episode was caught on camera. and septa police say it shows what philadelphians are made of this morning. we just saw to see what these good samaritans did, fox jennifer's jennifer joyce explains. >> gutsy route, he runs off the chain, she chases after him, down the steps, takes brief spill, but her fellow passengers pick up the job for her, hot on his trail. >> this was a good story. this is good that people, you know, came to the rescue of another passenger, that was in peril. >> septa police chief, tom, says the man in his 30's with the bluish cap on his left wrist stole the victim's cell phone while she was riding on the market frankford el around 6:00 p.m. he hopped off at berks street. his attempted get away ignited a group chase. >> when you see the folks running down the steps, that's great stuff, that's philadelphia. >> the best part there is crew
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caught up to him, trapped him in the turnstile before he could exit. >> somebody reached, in grand the phone back and then let him get out. >> the man got awayment no one called 911. chief says he respects the group's kind hearted effort, but says, it is dangerous work. >> he slipped and fell. i mean, she could have been seriously injured. it always concerns me. >> septa police are trying to find the victim, they want this man in custody. >> this person is going to keep on doing that kind of crime unless we arrest him. >> we have great video. if you commit a crime on septa you'll get caught because we'll have your picture and mom's going to see you on the 10:00 o'clock news. >> yes, she will. that was fox 29's jennifer joyce reporting. >> the latest in the university of virginia student, man arrested a police suspected of grabbing hannah graham. they found 32 year old jesse
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matthew in texas. investigators believe matthew was the last person with the teenager before she vanished. gram disappeared after going to a party back on september 12th. surveillance video shows her with matthew until the middle of that night. prosecutors have charged matthew with abduction, intent to de file, police are still trying to find p hannah graham. and grand jury has decided not to charge nascar star tony stewart in the death of another driver, it happened last month, at a sprint car race in up-state new york. kevin war, jr., climbed from his car after it spun out. ward walked down the track apparently trying to confront stewart who was still drying. stewart's car struck and killed ward. authorities now say ward was under the influence of marijuana that night, quote, enough to cause impairment. >> 4:18. federal judge says bp has cents to stick by its agreement with the companies that compensated for losses due to the 2010 gulf oil spill. oil giant argued that the businesses should be forced to
4:19 am
return the money because of flawed spending formula in their settlement. they said it allowed the companies to collect on questionable claims. a judge agreed change the formula for future payments, but says, a deal is a deal when it comes to the money already paid out. >> a judge grant add two month trial delay for boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar, but denied defense request to move his trial outside of boston. defense attorneys had asked that the trial be moved to washington, dc, siting extensive media coverage in boston. they also asked for a delay until at least september 2015 saying they had been given enough time to prepare. dzhokhar, pleaded guilty to 30 federal charges corks face the death penalty if convicted. trial set to begin on january 5th. 4:19. police in georgia say mother of two was murdered by a woman who wanted her children. according to authorities, 37 year old catherine begins
4:20 am
lured the victim 30 year old that the talia rob tears a home, promise to go give her baby clothes, instead she rot roberts in the back of the head then kidnapped her two young kids. police say she had faked a pregnancy that a boyfriend broke one her when she discovered she wasn't. they believe she planned to pass these children off as her own. >> we are asking to you join us in saluting our troops. we're shot g down market street again tomorrow. so much fun. to honor the brave men and women in uniform. >> yes, so join us again tomorrow right outside the studios, fourth and market, music, food, of course the men and women who so bravely is her in our armed forces, come and show your support, we would like you to share your photos tomorrow, all morning, throughout the good day philadelphia, of your friends and family members who have served or are serving, tweet us, using the hashtag fox 29 salutes. sue serio says the weather is going to cooperate tomorrow. although, it is not cooperating this morning.
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so, it is nasty out there. >> needless to say the pressure has been on this morning, to make sure this is out of here for salute the military day tomorrow. and all indications cents are that that will be the case. but, this is the worse of the storm that's impacting us right now. you see the band kind of moving off the -- see the circulation around the center of the storm, which is down in southern maryland, zoom in little closer, pockets of heavy rain around the philadelphia area, where ever you see the yellow pop up, that's where the rain is heaviest. so right now around glassboro, and as you go down the atlantic city expressway, it is wet the entire way. we'll have the highest wind at the shore today, atlantic city getting steady rain, cape may county getting some of that steady rain, as well. and the delaware beaches, aren't immune. we've got specially around lewes, right, there we do have some heavy rain. your planner for today is the heavy downpours this morning and the high winds. the on and off rain continues through midday. but by the end of the day, the rain will taper off. and the winds will diminish a bit, as well.
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so things will be improving by the end of the day, rain may not be completely gone for the afternoon rush it, will get better. that's a look at your weather authority forecast. route 202, northbound, as we check traffic, this is between route 29, malvern, and route 252, paoli. we've got construction out there in the rain that has one lane blocked. dawn? >> sue, thank youment well, hope solo at the center after controversy. should she be allowed to continue playing soccer? even though she's facing domestic violence charges, what soccer officials have decided coming up.
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>> phillies are just trying to finish out the season. let's go to miami. look how excited these people r guy keeps good company. but texting in a ballgame? come on, please. doesn't anybody talk to anybody any more? one-one in the eighth. marilyn birds, knocks in the lead run, phillies go onto win it two-one. kyle kendricks leads phillies starting staff with his tenth win. nfl made decision when the cheap shot on quarterback nick foles last sunday, decision was ridiculous. league said although you are not permit today hit quarterback on turn over, there will be no suspension or fine for the redskins chris baker.
4:26 am
>> as you can see, he looked at nick first before he hit him you. >> just can't hit starting quarterbacks that hard, unless you hit them perfectly while they're throwing the ball. so i was surprised to see that. >> yes, it was a cheap shot. and that is hey, it was cents a cheap shot, that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> all right, 4:26 right now. soccer star hope solo continues to play for the us women's nationals team despite facing domestic violence charges for allegedly punching her sister-in-law and her nephew. >> solo has pleaded not guilty to those assault charges, the assault allegedly happened last sum at a family party. her trial starts in november. so far, team officials and sponsors standing by, the president of the us soccer league says they will stands by her, and let her play until the legal matter is settled. >> the middle school teacher accused at having sex with a 15 year old makes bail. and we have the details on the
4:27 am
charges against him that are shedding new light on what allegedly happened. >> and then marijuana on your hotcakes. that could soon be the future in washington state. we'll explain. and of course be sure to stay with us as we continue to track this storm that's headed your way, and it will stick around for awhile. your weather on the one's is just a few minutes away. .
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good morning, 4:29. looking at the philadelphia international airport, if you are flying today keep checking your airline for any potential delaysment big storm comingment it is raining outside right now. we have everything you need to know. >> then we're the only ones there as parents. teacher accused of having sex with a 15 year old girl posted his bail. what the charges against him are revealing. plus, a snake on the loose in south philadelphia. terrifying for local residents. upsetting for the owner. and where ripley was last seen. good day everybody, it is it is thursday, september 25th, 2014. if you are waking up and just joining us, grab that umbrella, because you are definitely going to need it. although big wore city was walking in, and mine inside out. i hoped it and it went whoop. >> the wind is pretty rough,
4:31 am
too, sue. >> the two things about this coastal storm, the wind and the rain, and yes, it could just blow that umbrella inside out and make it ineffective. so, be prepared for that to happen to you today. don't spends a loft time on your hair, what we are saying. there is the storm. the worse of it is here right now. the center of the storm is to our south. so we still have a ways to go. if you are north and wets of the city, lehigh valley, lancaster over there in berks county, not too bad with the rain. but here in philadelphia, we've been seeing pockets of heavy rhawn down here in new castle county we've got some heavy rain, also cents in other parts of new jersey, and camden county, gloucester county, looking at the atlantic city expressway, steve keeley is on his way to atlantic city. he just tweeted both hands on the wheel, because the winds is blowing the news van around, as they travel toward atlantic city to report on this coastal storm. heavy rain also at the delaware beaches, starting to move up the delaware bay. so wind is an issue, 17-mile per hour sustained winds in
4:32 am
philadelphia, 22 miles an hour in atlantic city. and we've seen wind gusts to up 35 miles an hour already this morning. so the heaviest rain is this morning. most of us will get one to 2 inches of rain, there will be pockets where we will get locally higher amount, maybe as much as 3 inches every rain, minor tidal flooding, high tide time is nine to 10:00 o'clock this morning, gusty winds, inland, we'll have wind gusts of 25 to 35 miles an hour, but tropical storm force winds are possible at the shore this morning. we'll see how it is when steve keeley gets to atlantic city in just a little bit. that's a look at your weather authority forecast. nasty one this morning, so leave early. millville, new jersey, main street just before route 55, downed tree that has all lanes blocked. so to get around that, take route 552. in beechwood, route nine, at 166, there is construction, that has all lanes blocked. take the alternate route 617. and finally, in south whitehall, the pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension,
4:33 am
southbound just past the lehigh vale, construction has the right lane blocked. dawn? >> all right, thank you, sue. the three suspects arrested in the alleged attack on gay cup nel center city are free this morning. twenty-four year old philip williams, 24 year old catherine knot and kevin harrigan surrendered to police yesterday. after the arrests cents allegations surfaced that knot not posted homophobic slurs on her twitter feed. knot is a emergency room tech at lansdale hospital, accused of posting several offensive tweets including one with homophobic hashtag. her attorney said this incident wasn't motivated dollars by homophobe crashes nothing more than unusual fight between two groups. >> she would not hurt anybody period regard legs of their orientation. >> using somebody, practically dead on the sidewalk, not a mutual site. >> meanwhile, abington health says it has suspends the knot
4:34 am
because of the allegations. officials say they are already investigating for alleged apply sieve on her twitter company which apparently shows patient x-rays and medical images. >> police catch one man for shoot that left another man paralyzed. investigators say 23 year old allen stokes is in custody, they found him yesterday, on abbottsford ford road in hunting park. police say he shot 49 year old edward lynn, police believe, it all started when lynn accidentally bumped outside one outside a deli. in burlington county ember upon township police car has bullet hole in it. patrol car parked at lennon avenue and norcross lane. an officer was inside and skyfox was overhead, the bullet struck the roof. fortunately did not penetrate the interior, no word on where that bullet came from. the garnett valley middle school teacher accused of having sex with a 15 year old teacher makes bail. only fox 29 was there when
4:35 am
barber's parents polls dollars bail to secure his release from the delaware county prison. the phys ed teacher arrested tuesday, became familiar face tomorrow after he and his wife started the lemon shot challenge to help their daughter, and others like her, who are battling cancer. >> what do you say to folks who have donated to the clarity, and -- >> i don't know what to say. >> i would hope it wouldn't affect the way he is raising money for the fun, not the daughter, not anybody else's doing that should take away from the funds that have been raised. even though he may be involved, it is not a charity for him. >> and that is true. the funds go to their caught here is suffering from brain cancer, and of course, many other children who are suffering pediatric cancer, as well. conditions of his bail prohibit him from having any contact with the victim or any minors including his own kids. no other accusers have come forward. pennsylvania state senators have overwhelmingly
4:36 am
passed legislation to legalize several forms of medical marijuana. under the proposal, state residents would need access card from the health department after proving they have a qualifying medical condition. but patients cannot smoke the marijuana, instead, they have to get it through oils, edible products, or liquids made with t the bill now heads to the state house of representatives. speaking of marijuana, it comes in a lot of different forms in states that have legalize philadelphia or capitalizing it, one washington syrup cup is now making syrup with cannibis in it, it will be infused in the syrup, the store in a is making it, called craft elixirs in seattle, calling it the ballard beat. expecting pot processor license to sell the product any day now. we are track the storm all morning long, what you need to worry about today is the win gust. traffic problems to tell but, as well, weather and traffic on the one's, is next. >> plus could a mean girl
4:37 am
feature be in the future? lindsey lohan is talking about it, what she will do to make sure that it happens.
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4:39 am
>> live look at the philadelphia international. not only is it rainy, but you can tell the way the camera is centered, it is windy. >> you mentioned your umbrella flipped inside out. >> just as i was getting out in the street. >> it is a lovely day. we're glad you're with us, we
4:40 am
will be sorry to see you go when do you have step out into this mess. we will be tracking of course traffic and weather together. look at the mess that the same system hitting our area already left in florida. >> wow. >> yes, seriously, cars up to their windshields in water. we're hoping that won't be the case here, although it is supposed to rain pretty much off and on through the duration of the day. >> yes, as we take live look outside at old city you can see the rain is really coming down. i left my house this morning right about 2:15, it wasn't raining, as soon as i got on the road. >> yes, getting the first bands of the storm starting to move in. and i also might want to mention if it is rain that bad, flood that bad, you're not supposed to drive-thru t turn around don't drown, we say it all the time. may be few areas of ponding and flooding as result of the stormment look at the winds, though, talk about the winds. winds gust of 28 miles an hour recorded in wilmington, 30 miles an hour in atlantic city, 31 miles an hour in wildwood. mentioned earlier, steve
4:41 am
keeley tweeted while he was traveling, down the atlantic city expressway, he wasn't driving, that it is very windy and the wind even blowing our news van around. so do you have hold on to your hat, hold on to the wheel as you are driving. this is the bulk of the storm that's hitting our area right now. we will seasicker lakes around that low pressure system, keep bringing in the moisture off the ocean, so, at the shore, we're having soaking rains, down in lewes, delaware, seeing some pretty heavy rain, it is cents on and off stephie -- steady rain in philadelphia. north and west of us not so bad. going up toward bridesburg, continue up i-95, it is still going to be messy, most of our major roadways, and you see it continuing casino of on and off. have your dry patches through about 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 this morning. starts to ease up little bit. but not quite gone by lunchtime. you see that most of the impact again is going to be at the shore, as the rest of the system pulls away, but still get little wrap around moisture about 6:00 p.m., by 11:00, at night, it starts to
4:42 am
dry out. current temperatures, 60 degrees in philadelphia, 53 mount pocono, 59 in trenton, millville has 62, 66 degrees in wildwood. and our look at the seven day forecast, shows, much improvement as we get to the weekends, we're still in the 80s, on saturday and sunday. that's it for weather, anyway. 4:42 is the time. on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound before bensalem, an accident, a vehicle spun out on the roadway, this is what we're talking about. leave ellie, take your time, because this casino of stuff could happen. the right lane is currently blocked. kerry? >> sue, thanks. 44:00 it, hey watch your step. there is a snake on the loses in south philly. >> where ripley was last spotted.
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4:44 am
4:45 am
>> news van being blown around by high winds gust, like driving a bulletin board. if you are headed out, two hands on the wheels, bulletin boards not what i meant. i meant billboard. that's what i was trying to say. >> it is early. >> truck is high profile truck, the winds is out and b soy out on the roads this morning, be careful.
4:46 am
>> missing pets has a loft people concerned. it isn't any other cat or dog. it is 5-foot snake, that's slithering around. >> bill an advice. that will her name ripleyment tonight we would like her back. >> she thinks ripley is hiding and needs your help to track the snake down. >> it is a she, ripley, 5-foot albino red tail boa constrictor. yes, it is freaking people out. >> 5-foot snake. i don't think i want to let my cat out. >> ripley escaped from her cage this weekend, while owner lindsey grow went away for the night. >> i went to feed her, and i noticed that she wasn't in her cage. >> ripley, believe it or not escaped out of second floor window, and down to the tough streets of philly. so, where could she be?
4:47 am
>> she probably is looking for somewhere low to the ground, and warm. >> soy we went searching for ripley, high and low, on south street. >> 5-foot snake on the loose. >> wait, shut up. >> we checked jim's steaks for the snake. >> run like hell. >> see a snake around here? >> yes, you. >> maybe she wanted pizza? >> not going to get your lorenzo's? >> not at all. this pizza right here, man. >> we thought we had found her. make skin boots. >> no, that's not ripley. >> we couldn't find ripley, but if you do, a word of warning. >> she's not dangerous, but she is a snake. so, you know, she will bite. >> it has been five days since ripley last seen, and her owner is getting worried. >> she's my pet. she's my spirit animal. i love her. >> it is getting colds out there. >> they don't do too well in the cold either. >> 4:49. frantic 911 calls made by two teenage girls minutes after
4:48 am
they escaped from kidnappers. authorities in utah are hoping that these tapes will help lead to the kidnappers. police say the girls were walking when two men jumped out after suv, grabbed them, through them in the car, and then tide them up with duck tape. the girls managed to escape 19 hours later, they flagged down the driver, and used their cell phone to call for help. >> what's the emergency there? i can't understand what you are saying. take a deep breath. tell me what's wrong. >> can you imagine? she can barely even get the words out. police say tonight the girls are safe at home, but stillly scarred and scared from the ordeal. suspect two, men and woman all in their 20's, or early 30's, still on the loose. >> wow. pushing back after president obama called on the united state and other countries to fight climate change. >> chinese leaders insisted
4:49 am
the worlds trades developing nations including china differently than developed nations cents allowing them to row least more heat trapping pollution. china is the world's largest source of greenhouse gases cents, and the number one carbon political using nation. the country signed on in support of pricing carbon, and vowed to stop the rise of carbon dioxide emissions as long as there is sport through public fund. all right, just about 4:50, former good morning america host joan hundred dan, beautiful on the cover of cover magazine. did it without her wig following triple negative breast cancer, chose to go bald to send women a message that cancer isn't the ends of the world, and you can go on. magazine is for sale on news stands this week.
4:50 am
(movie clip). remember that movie? linsey lohan a sequel to mean girls, actress said she caught up with tina fay who wrote the move ann the two talk about making a mean girls two. lindsey says that she wants the sequel to be an older version, where they are all housewives cheating on their husbands cents. how inspiring. mike sore end teen yo and his brother mike have been indicted on federal tax evasion charges, looks look the situation has his own situation. prosecutors say the jersey shore star did not properly pay taxes cents almost $9 million. mike was also charged with two counts of filing false tax returns, they both have pleaded not guilty. and one woman just can't seem to let g she is suing disney claiming the movie frozen is based on her life. auto ace bella is suing the company for $250 million
4:51 am
because she believes they copied her autobiography about growing up in the and december mountains. says that disney plagiarize the the characters and the plot from her book, and turns it into her film. >> seriously? >> really? >> that happened? okay. 4:51. sue? i wonder if they had a talking snowman. >> they probably department don't forget the talking reindeer. >> right. so, boy, you know, who knew that really happened? a look at wobble cam at the airport, it is windy out, there we have been talking about the two big effect this storm will have on us, heavy downpours, this morning, and very high winds, tropical storm force at times along the coast, so the big picture of the storm, we zoom in little closer, of highest impact will be along the shore, and you can see, very steady heavy rain, we've been investigate dry, and we actually need the rain. we're about 2 inches below
4:52 am
where we should be for the month of september. as far as rainfall is concerned. so, this is welcome rain. because it has been so dry, we don't expect ex troll flooding, but you could get in poor drainage areas some spots of flooding so here in philadelphia action the rain will not let up. at least it won't for awhile, and the future cast shows rain tapering off by lunchtime, even when you get rain after lunch, it will be lighter rain, but it is still with us all day long, stays gloomy and stays chilly, as well. how much rain? well, the rainfall future looks like around an inch or so, in the philadelphia area. and maybe more at the shore. maybe some places might get as much at 3 inches every rain, but look at the high temperature today. only 66 degrees with the rain on and off, tapering off by this evening. that's a look at your weather authority forecast, 4:52 is the time. now we go to the schuylkill expressway westbound, just after gulph mills. we have an accident there, truck struck the median strip. that's going to be big mess out there. just take it slowly, and make
4:53 am
sure to take your time this morning. dawn? >> thanks, sue. veterans only wish is to see his grandchildren. they live just an hour away. but it may as well be across the country, he doesn't have a car. the extraordinary gesture to help him on his way
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> might have some problems on the road, definitely some ponding and perhaps some flooding as the rain continues. >> nasty out there. >> dream come truement second chance for florida veteran. fifty-five year old david kate said his own bad choices ending with him losing his home, losing his family, losing his car. he applied for and started receiving disability, and even found veteran housing. the only thing, though, he was lacking, was cents a way to see his grandchildren, who live about an hour away. then a small volunteer veterans group took care of that, as well, giving him his very own car. >> most people when they come here on vacation, economy to disney world. but now i got a car. i'm going to see my sons and my grandkids. >> the 2,000 hyundai station wagon was cents a spare vehicle owned by a local attorney, and he says he wanted to give it to the veteran in need so application accomplished. >> indeed it is. 4:56 right now. turmoil overseas continues. another beheading sparking
4:57 am
more outrage. this time it was a tourist that was targeted. how the us is responding. and then taking a look at the doppler radar this morning. all of that grown there, well, guess what, it means showers all morning long. sue is closely tracking this, and she'll have everything you need to know as you head out the door this morning, when we come back, we have weather and traffic on the one's. plus steve keeley will be life in atlantic city,
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
messy morning, we are dealing with high winds, and heavy rains, coastal storm, impacting your morning commute. you got to leave early today. and then hold on to your hat and your umbrella we'll tell when you things will calm down a little later on today. dawn? >> all right, sue. plus the sitings of the accused cop killer in northeastern pennsylvania, what police are finding out there, that have helped them narrow the search. then we're told this is something you'll only see in philadelphia. strangers rush to go help a woman chasing after a thief. it is cents a story you'll see only on fox 29. doesn't call me any more ... >> oh, remember your first heart break? this kid sure does. why he tells his mom it is just not fair. it is coming up this morning in the trend.


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