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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  September 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> top story of course the wind and the rain. you are taking live look at atlantic city, boy, it is coming down, that is a very bad area this morning. not quite that brutal in the city, in the areas around that sit, but southeastern jersey, they're taking the brunt of the storm right now, anyway. so when is it all going to move out of here? sue serio, standing by with your full forecast. >> and then, three people turn themselves in in connection with that brutal beating after gay couple in center city. their lawyers, however, say this was a mutual fistfight. but the victims friends say it was spurred by hate. the tweets that one of the suspects allegedly sent that some say show her true colors. >> and he was spotted just a few days ago, but he has once again disappear. new pictures, police want you to see, that may help bring in accused cop killer to justice. >> when you see them running down the stems, they are chasing after this guy, that's great stuff. that's philadelphia. >> group of strangers coming
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to a woman's rescue after her cell phone is stolen at a septa station. but police don't know who she is, and they're still looking for the thief. it is cents a story that could only happen in here in philadelphia. >> good day, it is thursday, september 25th, 2014, thanks for waking up with us on this casino of rainy day thursday. >> i know, it is one of those days you just don't want to get out of bed. i'm glad you're watching. that will our reporters got a lot of news to cover for you. steve keeley live in atlantic sit. the shore getting pounded by this coastal storm, couple of inches every rain probably two, three, when it is all said and done, lauren johnson at central detectives, where three people turned themselves in for an attack on gay couple in philadelphia. so those in a moment. but first, we head right over to sue serio with your weather and your traffic on the one's. >> we didn't pick a very high number for today. looking at the balance of the day, even after the rain eases up little bit, it will be cloudy and very chilly today.
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not even making it to 70 degrees. so it is a three out of ten. bus stop buddy ready for the rain. a lot of kids are off school today. for the jewish holiday. and, yet, if you do have to go to school, where ever you are going, you will need the rain gear this morning, so we have ultimate doppler radar, and we have rain rolling in, the heaviest bands now across south jersey, into new castle county, delaware, chester county, pa, lancaster county which was spared little earlier. now they are getting a taste of some of that heavy rain, even out toward the state capitol of harrisburg. that's how far west some of this rain is reaching. in philadelphia, the heavier rain starting to move back after a bit of a respit. and of course, the shore taking the brunt, as kerrey just said, steve keel any atlantic city, we'll see what's he's to up in a few minutes. win the other aspect of the storm, 20-mile per hour winds in wilmington, 16 miles per hour sustained, in philadelphia, 17-mile an hour winds in atlantic city but much higher winds gust before the morning is through. we could see wind gusts of
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much higher than that, 35 to 45-mile per hour gusts predicted at the shore this morning. minor tidal flooding, the heaviest rain is now, this is the worse of it, so if you can get through the next couple of hours, i think you'll be okay today. that's a look at your weather, now we check traffic. slow going because of the rain. so, weather is our big traffic story, as well. this is a look at i95 northbound, at van kirk street. it is wet on the roadways, hopefully folks taking their time, this morning, heading down every roadway. 422 westbound, sanatoga, an accident that's all lanes blocked. the vehicle turn, over turn, then went off the road there. so again, got to be careful, we have a loft accidents around this morning. the alternate thereby the way is route 724. finally, on the pennsylvania pea turnpike westbound just after valley forge an accident, looks like, another vehicle struck a barrier, and there is cents a lot of that going on this morning, kerry? >> no kidding. the weather not making it an
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easy drive out there. 6:03, sue mentioned, you can plan on heavy rain, you can plan on win, and definitely some floodingment on your way to work this morning. let's check in with steve keeley in the middle of it all in atlantic city, where the conditions are pretty bad. steve? >> well, we are going to emphasize, this is not just coastal storm, you heard sue just give that traffic report. already, we've got some bad accidents. and, that is the key. so if you're going to be driving today, these road conditions are who are end us, because you have got deep puddles on these roads, everywhere, even on the highways, where they engineer these things not to have any standing water on them. we hydroplaned the whole way down here. and if it is cents not the hydroplaning that puts you out of control, it is the winds blowing you off out of your lanes. so, be very careful, if you are driving anywhere around, from the east coast here, right on the beach, all the way up, into the western suburbs of philadelphia, heavy rain and heavy winds, everywhere. now you are not going to get the huge gust that is we're getting here at the shore, but
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before we even left camden county, we were getting blown around on route 42. so, be extra careful driving. and you know what? always better to be 20 minutes late for work, than to be in a accident and completely miss work. so, here's a look at the shore, guess what? they pick an awful day to start the in-water boat show here in atlantic city, talking my good friends tony the general manager of that, that is his part-time job. full time he works at police headquarters as one of philly ace finest, and he's on had i way to the goal end nugget. he says the tents they have set up already being blown around, and these yachts that go for seven figures some of them are getting real blown up and down in these big waves right in the marina, and we may go over there later in the morning once the sun comes up. but they want for the inch water boat show, the water not cooperating too well here at the shore. guys? >> rough seas, thanks, steve. police are releasing new photos in their search for suspected cop killer, eric
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frein. >> these are photos actually of his 2001 jeep cherokee in the mud. then after it was pulled out. police are asking anyone who may have seen that jeep before last monday around the areas of blooming grove station, the delaware state forest, and the wake dear recreational areas to give them a call. police say they saw frein frein tuesday, but the rug terrain gave him, quote, the ability to disappear, and he did. police say he's been seen wearing black clothing, leaving items throughout the wooded areas where he's height g, they include cigarettes, and used diapers. frein on the run for 13 days now, accused of ambushing two state troopers outside of their barracks in blooming grover, kill one of them, critically injuring the other. officials believe he may have been planning that attack for months or perhaps even for years. 6:06 right now. the three suspect arrested in the alleged attack on gay couple in center city are free this morning. >> fox 29's lauren johnson is live at central detectives this morning, with the very latest on that, lauren?
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>> good morning to you, that's right, they surround earned end yesterday here at central detective and spring garden, and we were able to hear from their attorneys, as well. so, let's show you, weaver new video of the group released overnight after they turned themselves in a day after the da announced plans to go after themment see emotional family members embracing suspect after they were processed and let go. people in the video you see 24 year old philip williams, 26 year old kevin harrigan, and 24 year old catherine knot. each of them facing two counts of aggravated assault, two counts every recklessly endangering another person, one count of criminal conspiracy. earlier this month, police released video of the brutal beat-down on the night of september 11, near 16th and chancellor streets. social media played huge role in helping to identify the people responsible, as customers, to nearby restaurant. now the lawyers are speaking out defending their clients, and they're basically saying it was as mutual fight. and their client didn't start the brawl, but joined in at some point. the lawyer for catherine kh
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not said his client comes from backgrounds in law enforcement, no problem with people sexual orientation, but the same simply blown out of proportion by the media. friend of the beat down victim disagrees and says the couple completely targeted, where the situation has gained national attention, some lawmakers are now working to change the state's hate crime laws to include sexual orientation. dawn, kerry? >> watch the arrest, allegations surface that not conditions knot, posted homophobe inch slurs on her twitter feed. >> she is emergency room technician at lansdale hospital, accused of posting several offensive tweets, one including homophobic hashtag. her attorney says the incident was not motivated by homophobe ya, nothing more than mutual fight between two groups. and awkward moment at the un meeting in new york. what president obama was doing, as one world leader was
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trying to praise the president. >> and, later, a snake on the loose in south philadelphia. her owner says she's harmless, people are still worried. where that 5-foot snake was people are still worried. where that 5-foot snake was last spotted guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change.
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tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> a lot of rain in a short periods of time, haven't had rain in a while. 2-inch deficit for the month every september, should have had 2 inches or more every rain. i think we'll make a lot of
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that today. coastal flood advisory for times of high tide, which for most of these areas that are un the coastal flood advisories between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning, we get some of the back bay flooding at the shore. so, as the whole storm continues to move northward, and the center of the storm is just to our south, eventually, we will see some wrap around moisture, but the bulk of the storm, or the worse of the storm, hitting us right now, so still raining very heavily, in atlantic city, but starting to ease up little bit in cape may, as we come up toward philadelphia. the heavier rain starting to move back in, after we had a break for a little while after one of those bands sort of took a break, and as you look at the future cast for the rest of the day it, starts to ease up little bit around 9:00, 10:00. most of the rain shifts off shore, or right along the shore. and it is cents to still could drizzle or rain for the rest of the day, will be quite cloudy, cool, but things will be getting better, and then, by later on tonight, about 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, things will start to clear up. we have so much better weather, such a good forecast,
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as we get closer to the weekend. there is your seven day, with only 66 degrees, today, we gain 10 degrees tomorrow, in the 80s by the weekend. so that's your seven day forecast, now we take a look at the wet and, in some cases cents, dangerous roadways, because of all of the ponding and folks not slowing down enough, as they should. 422 westbound, for example, an accident has all lanes blocked at that part of 422. it is as you're getting toward pottstown, sanatoga exit there. all lanes blocked, vehicle overturned and went off the roadway, so they are cleaning it up right now. your alternate is 724. we'll have much more about this messy weather, and your traffic report, as fox 29 morning news
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>> tuesday at the berks street stop, the market frankford el, surveillance video showing a man running off with woman's cell phone, she trips on the stairs, but her fellow riders picking up the chase, eventually trapping him in a turnstile. they did get her phone back, but this guy got away. >> this person is going to keep on doing that kind of stuff. unless we arrest him. >> if you commit a crime on septa, you'll get caught, because we'll have your picture, and mom's going to see you on the 10:00 o'clock news. >> yes indeed. septa police trying to find victim. she didn't report the crime. but if you recognize the guy in the video, call police. they want him caught. and, isis affiliate, heads another hostage, and this time, a french hostage was decapitated by extremist in algeria. the terrorist making good on threat saying they would kill 55 year old her very much. e unless they stopped air strikes in iraq. said it was answering call by
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islamic state leaders to capture americans and your appearance. that marks the fourth beheading of a westerner in just five weeks. those acts spurred the us to launch air strikes on isis in iraq, now syria, with the help after arab coalition. but president obama says the rest of the worlds still needs to step up. with more than 140 world leaders in attendance, president obama addressing the united nations general assembly in new york city yesterday. the president is trying to win overall ice, who are still on the fence, in part, because they're concerned about his long-term commitment to the fight. this as the united stay and the arab coalition completed another round of air strikes in eastern syria. the united states of america will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death. >> the president also told the general assembly, quote, we come together at a crossroads, between war and peace.
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6:17, now to the very latest in disappearance of university of virginia student, police have arrest add man suspected of kidnapping hannah graham. police say they found 32 year old jesse matthew in texas, they believe that he was the last person that was with her before she vanish. gram disappeared after going to a party on september 12th, and the surveillance video we have shows her with matthew that night. prosecutors have charged matthew with abduction, with intent to de file, police are still trying to find her. president obama disrupting an un meeting in new york, all for photo op. >> now, it is migrate pleasure to -- it is my great pleasure to introduce him, if he is on his way. >> this awkward moment caught on camera minutes after the president finished addressing members of the open government partnership. immediately after the president's comment, the speaker came up to the podium to praise his speech, but the
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president had stepped off stage already, to pose for a picture. the speaker teasing the president by asking the room if anyone else, quote, wanted to be part of the selfie cue. >> oh, no. the selfie line. get in line. >> good day philadelphia, starts in about 40 minutes. >> that's right. mike jerrick in the news room with more on what he is working on. >> yes, 40 minutes away. former phillie and nlb analyst, mitch williams, wild thing, is suing. he took a leave of absence after he was accused of cursing at his son's little league game. then there were reports that the mlb network wanted him to sign a contract saying he won't go to any more of his children's games. but apparently he refused so he's fired. so now, he is filing a lawsuit. does very a case here? we'll talk about that in just a little bit with mitch williams. and, booze on the boardwalk is this a way to revitalize atlantic city, new we're
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losing all of these casinos. some people seem to think so. is it good idea? would it bother you? what else are lawmakers thinking about doing to try to bring ac back? so, you know what, in vegas you can walk up and down the stretch with alcohol in your hands. >> open container. >> so that a good idea? what's this guy? little later on. first let's get to the weather. that's the big story. >> yes, ladies, you were tagged in this teeth. says good morning, ladies, thanks to me. i'm going to get more beach time this weekend. hashtag won't give in to fall yet. so that's what do you have look forward tonight first you got to get through today. look at these wind, wind gusts as high as 25 miles an hour here in philadelphia. 29-mile an hour wind at the shore. 26 miles an hour in wildwood. it is cents a very windy morning. in addition to the rain, that still with us, and the storm, it will take a while to get out of here. so next couple of hours, still expect traces with pockets of
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heavy rain. we see cumberland county heavy rain, there heavier rain moving back into philadelphia right now. the roadways are wet. we have seen a loft accidents this morning. so please, take your time, this is with us throughout the rest of the morning. high temperature today only 66 degrees, with the rain on and off tapering off by evening. but the winds will still hang in there, so will the clouds, for quite a while. that's your forecast for today. now let's get to those roads, because it is slow going in many places, this morning. here is a look at i59 southbound, the onramp from the philadelphia international airport, we have an accident, in which a vehicle struck a guardrail. and then, overturned, on the shoulder of the road. so police have the left lane block right there. while they take care that far situation. lots, we go out to route 422 westbound at sanatoga. there is cents an accident there. all the lanes are blocked. so you won't be able to get past that on route 422, a vehicle overturned, there. we have seen a lot of one-car accidents this morning, stowe
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has to be the weather. your alternate by the way it that last accident is route 724. we'll be back with more on the fox 29 morning news after this.
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>> good morning, i'm howard eskin, phillies trying to finish out the season, playing team in the same situation. going to miami, look how excited these people r guy keeps good company. but texting in a ballgame? come on, now, pleasement doesn't anybody talk to anybody any more? one-one in the eighth. marilyn bird knocks in the lead run. phillies go onto win it two-one, kyle kendrick leaves the starting staff with his tenth win. the nfl made decision on the cheap shot on quarterback nick foles last sunday, decision ridiculous, league said although you are not permit today hit a quarterback on a turn over, there will be no suspensions, or fine for the redskins chris baker. >> cheap shot. as you can see, he looked at nick first before he hit him, cheap shot. >> my understanding you just can't hit starting quarterbacks that hard unless you hit them perfectly while they are hitting the ball. so i was surprise today see
6:26 am
that. >> yes, it was a cheap shot. and that is, hey, it was a cheap shot. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> 6:25. grand jury deciding not to charge nascar star tony stewart in the death of another driver. you will many that accident happened last month, at sprint car race, in up-state new york. kevin ward, jr., climb interesting his car, after it spun out. ward walking on the track, apparent lip, trying to confront stewart who was still driving. well, that's when stewart's car struck and killed ward. authorities are now saying that ward was under the influence of marijuana that night, which they say was enough to cause impairment. a beloved tortoise in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood, makes a blake for it, and, yes, he's missing how you can help finds hans. and taking a live look, along the ben franklin parkway, we will check in with sue serio and find out when this mess is going to move on out of here. and find out when this mess is going to move on out of here. hopefully
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education.
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can't trust him to be for us.
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>> 6:29. top story, heavy rain, wick winds, some areas could see gusts as high as 40 miles per hour. here is a live look right now from atlantic city. they're taking beatingment we'll check in with steve keel any just a few minutes. three pure people surrender to police, gay cup nel center city beat up, but
6:30 am
their lawyers saw not spurred by hate. what each side is saying about the story. >> a 5-foot boa con victor on the loose, in south philadelphia. where that snake may be hiding, and where p.m. last saw it slithering around. >> probably trying to get warm, under somebody's karen gin -- car engine. >> good day, september 25th, 2014. we don't like this weather, neither do we, it is cold, wet and windy, sue. >> that's right. and for folks who do have to go to school today, bus stop buddy has the rain gear on. where ever you are waiting for the bus, maybe the septa bus, you're going to need all of that rain gear, make sure you're bundled up. temperatures in the 50's, 60s there is morning, won't leave the 60s, those temperatures, it will stay chilly all day, giving you three out of ten, in your weather by the numbers, so here it is, the coastal storm, it has arrived.
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now, as these rain bands continue to move north, we're seeing the heaviest rain, moving through south jersey, and on into chester county, in pennsylvania definitely a situation of on and off rain, not only the rain but the win, so here if philadelphia, starting to see the heavy downpours once again steel range hard where steve keeley is. eased up at the delaware beaches nor now. so, wind speeds, 15 miles an hour at philadelphia international, 20 miles an hour in wilmington. and 22-mile per hour wind, sustained winds, they're gusting even higher, so, it is going to be a nasty morning, with the heaviest rain happening right now. and for the next couple of hours, locally higher amounts every rain, than the one to 2 inches we expect for most of us. high tide will happen at the shore, between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. so that back bay flooding will be happening, as well. foreplays cents that is are prone to it. and gusty winds, up to 45 miles per hour at some of
6:32 am
the shore points, this morning. so, that's a look at your nasty day, but wait until you see the pay off in the seven day forecast, so great weekend. let's get through this morning, though, with caution. as we look at what's going on, on i95, this is picture of the onramp, from philly international, where you get onto i59, northbound, an accident, which a vehicle struck the guardrail, and overturned, there, so police have the two left lanes blocked. 422, sanatoga, vehicle ran off the road, all lanes block there. so, your alternate is 724 until they clean that up. the accident on the turnpike, westbound, approaching valley forge, at least that one has cleared. dawn? >> all right, thanks, sue. so let's get closer look what the storm is doing down at the shore, and it is not good. >> no, it isn't. fox 29's steve keeley of course live in atlantic city, good morning. >> a look at the seagulls trying to stay in the air, and
6:33 am
fly, i don't know, they're up now, the sun's not up yet, but birds are out, boy not getting anywhere. flapping their wings and really not moving. a little rough for the seagulls, the only ones out with us this morning, you can see these waves are a lot bigger, and you can always tell the surf is rough by how white it is when it hits the beachment look, it is just all white here on the beach. we are watching the waves crash over the see wall down by the flag ship, where that is not a hotel any more, turn around to this right chris. that's where time share people go to stay. this is busy time for them, because it is that late summer season where a lot of people like to go when the crowds are gone and everything. and boy, right out there, i can see the see wall really breaking the waves and so where we are is where the boardwalk broke up. now, with a little bit of daylight, you can see what was left of the board walk, see the waves breaking over this, as well. so, we are elevated here where we are. this is -- this road survived sandy. so i always figure this is safe spot for us in our truck.
6:34 am
but you can see if we weren't here we would be getting drenched here and be about 10 feet of waves right here. so really rough here at the shore, but as we now spin left, that's the revel in the background, so it is serving some purpose. at lows it is breaking the wind up from hitting the people on the other side of it. but you can see, in the street lights, how heavy the rain is, sometimes blowing sideways, not coming straight down from the sky, but blowing sideways, then when it hits the gown see the wait of it on the gown blowing when the water hits the ground. so that gives you a sense of how it is from here all the way up through philadelphia and its western suburbs along the main line. real rough driving. so when you see the rain falling like this, you know you will have a lot of deep puddles on the road, when you have the win like there is it will take your vehicle, and push you out of your lanes. so two hand on the wheel, no talking on the phone, and go very slow and try to keep as much safety space between you and the car in front of you. i know other people cut in front of you, but you need little extra braking room
6:35 am
today or maybe a loft extra braking rooked today. visibility won't be good outside of your win shield, as well. you have the wipers going, windows are fogging up, it is just rough day to drive, at least when the sun comes up, maybe see little better. but really rough driving out there today. you'll hear sue say how many accidents there are around philadelphia today for sure. >> definitely need to take your time. steve, thank you. well, one man dead, another is in the hospital, after a gun fight just outside the pan-american academy charter school. this is yesterday afternoon. in fact, three schools were placed on lockdown. fortunately, no student were hurt. in this -- innocent bystander hurt when the driver shot and killed lost control of his car and slammed into him. no word on that person's condition. police catch up with man wanted for shoot that left another man paralyzed. investigators are saying that 23 year old a.m. end stokes is now in custody. they arrested him yesterday in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. investigators say, he shot 49 year old edward lynn, police
6:36 am
believe it all started, when lynn accidentally bumped into stokes outside a west philadelphia deli, stokes now facing attempted murder charges. and the three suspect arrested in that alleged attack on gay couple in center city are free this morning. >> fox 29's lauren johnson is live at central detectives, with the latest. lauren? >> good morning to you both. trio surrender here yesterday at central detectives in spring garden, and we have some new video to show you, from overnight, when they were let go. they turned themselves in day after the da announced plans to go after them. you can see, emotional family members, embracing the suspect after they were processed and released. the people in the video 24 year old philip williams, 26 year old kevin harrigan, 24 year old catherine knot. recklessly endanger another person, criminal conspiracy charges. earlier this month police released brutal beat down near 16th and chancellor streets,
6:37 am
played big role in helping identify the people responsible, and as customers, from nearby restaurant. now the lawyers are speaking out defending their clients while friend of the victims have a different opinion. take a listen. >> we don't deny there was gentleman assaulted. we don't deny this gentleman was injured. but one give co-almost deny my client did anything to hurt this man. >> this was mutual confrontation between individuals out on the street, in center city, unfortunately, last week it resulted in injuries to an individual. >> mutual to me is casino of back in the day you say i have a problem with you, you have problem with me, let's go outside. mutual is not one or more people holding arms back and one or more people attacking. that's really ganging up on someone. that's not a mutual fight. >> as the situation wasn't bad already, already worse,
6:38 am
catherine knot getting more attention, daughter of local police chief, also because of some questionable tweets, she is an emergency room technician, and she has put some tweets out there, and now the hospital is investigating trying to see if she possibly violated patient privacy laws. kerrey, dawn? >> lauren, thank you. it is 38:00. the gannett valley middle school student charged with having sex, student makes bail, only fox 29 was cents there when william barber's parents posted bail to secure his release. the veteran health and fizzle teacher arrested tuesday. barbara became familiar face to many after he and his wife started the lemon shot challenge, to help their daughter who has brain cancer, and others, like her, other children, who are battling cancer. >> your son is accused of -- >> we know. >> what do you say to folks who have donated to the charity and --
6:39 am
>> i don't know at this time. >> i would just hope it wouldn't affect the way he is raising money for the fun. it is not the daughter, it is not anybody else doing that, should take away from the funds that are being raised. even though he may be involved. it is not a charity for him. >> it is not. that will money is so important to go to help kids that are dealing with cancer. his wife by the way is pregnant, no other accusers have come forward. a tort us on the run. where he disappeared from, and why he means so much tots people of the philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. 6:39. the video that may have you want to go crawl back into bed. too cute for words. you have to see this one before you head out the door to work.
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>> live look at our neighborhood here in center city. heaviest downpours are happening in the area right now with winds gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour, even inland, we've seen some of the very high win gusts, now the rain will taper off this afternoon, but will remain cloudy for most of the afternoon, very cool, temperatures will not get out of the 60s today. but after suffering through this, here's your pay off. the first weekend of fall, will be warming up with highs in the 80s, both saturday and
6:43 am
sunday. so, something to look forward to after the rain is through. and remember, this is the worse of it, so, take your time, or maybe delay going out if you possibly can today. here's a look at traffic. and we get start wad look at i95 southbound, which we will in a moment. there it is, the onramp from philly international, the accident in which a vehicle struck a guardrail, overturned, there police have left and center lanes block. so it will be authorities get around. that will but looks like the rest of i95 is moving slowly, but okay. now, the accident was blocking all four lanes of 422, westbound, at sanatoga, that's cleared now. and finally, in manayunk, lincoln drive northbound near gypsy lana accident has one lane blocked there. but kerrey, seeing a loft one-car accidents this morning. it has got to be because of the weather. >> oh, totally, people are hydroplaning and puddling al and l flooding seeing later in the morning, thanks. 6:43, take a look at this. a california woman drove a parking control officer nearly
6:44 am
a mile through san francisco, after that officer hopped on the hood of a car, while trying to write her a ticket. police say that she tried to drive away and the officer jumped on the hood to avoid being run over, but the driver had no intention of ever hitting him. she staying that officer sexually harassed her and she was trying to escape. okay, 6:44, missing pet has a lot of people concerned in one south philadelphia neighborhood. >> this isn't a cat or dog or anything like that. it is a 5-foot snake. a bow a constrict shore slithering around bella vista. her name ripley. her owner lisa gross says this albion arrayed tail boa constrictor broke out of her cage earlier this past weekend. ripley believe it or not, get it, escaped out after second floor window, and down the streets of philadelphia. >> 5-foot snake. i don't think i want to let my cat out. >> she is my pet, my spirit animal, probably looking for
6:45 am
somewhere low to the ground and warm. >> no doubt warm. so lindsey says, the snake can be dangerous, and could bite if she is handled incorrectly, checked with local pet stores and animal shelters, but no luck. >> speaking every missing animals, kerrey, beloved tortoise in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood, just vanish. hans has been fixture at the historic gardens since last spring, disappeared during routine romp around the ground last week, since disappeared, those who run the farm say things are really just not the same around there. >> he hasn't been with us for that long, but, yes, i guess he has become a little bit of a masses could the. >> and he is missing, hans haines horse field the dessert tortoise, rescued from the wissahickon, has wandered away from his historic home here at wick farm in germantown. >> he is very small. i don't know, maybe 8 inches long. he has casino every orange and
6:46 am
black coloring. >> if you are thinking's tortoise, how far could he be gotten this guy is no slow poke. he's not. he would be surprised. he's small. and can he get around very quickly. >> this is where hans usually hangs out until the weather gets cold. but he also loves to roam around the property. >> we like to have him get out and exercise every once in a while, because it gets so boring for him, he so active. >> that's when he made his great escape, only trace of hans was bright yellow sunflower taped to his shell to keep track of himment and it fell off. >> it was in the garden. so on the farm hine us. so no, i mean it, wasn't found on the sidewalk or casino of a special victims unit type of sign. >> his colorful name comes from the first owner of the farm, hans, which dates back to 1690. the haines family who once lived here, and the scientist who discovered his species, horse field. on the corner of germantown and walnut lane, all casino of educating al programming for children and families. even though hans is only small
6:47 am
part of it, many here are heart broken. >> he's important to the kids who come here, gotten really fired up about him. >> as soon as they realize hans is on the lamb, everyone started scouring the property. >> it is an old property. so there are spots he could have made it out. >> so far no sign of hans. even filed police report, although no designation from missing tort ills, just considered missing property. his friends at wick farm hoping that someone finds him, and bridges him home soon. >> kerrey. >> thanks, 6:47 right now, woman claiming disney hit movie provides send actually based on her life. in a new $250 million lawsuit, isabella says the movie isn't based on the hans christina anderson fairytale the snow queen, rather her own autobiography about growing up in the mountains of peru. says disney plagiarize the the characters and the plot from
6:48 am
her book. well, there is certainly a situation for the situation in new jersey. >> yes, mike, known of course as the situation, from the n m.d. v reality show the jersey shore, and his brother, as well, indict the now on federal tax evasion chargesment prosecutors say the jersey shore star didn't properly pay taxes cents on about $9 million. mike was also charged with two counts of filing false tax returns, they both have pleaded not guilt. >> i and the home of actor kianna reeves was broke known by another woman. just days after the actor found a woman in his library. a second woman broke no his home, this time, she was naked. according to "tmz" the woman used his shower and swimming pool. reeves was in the at home at the time of the incident, but his cleaning staff called the police after the woman was arrested, she was take never for a mental evaluation. time right now, 6:48. we're asking you all to join us in saluting our troops. this is one of our favorite times of the year. >> it is, each year gets
6:49 am
bigger and better. tomorrow shutting down market street right at the corner of fourth and market to honor the brave men and women in uniform right outside of the studio have music, food, of course there will be plenty of people that you can thank, the brave men and women who serve in the military. come, show your support, join us, also we would like to you sends us pictures of your loved ones, friends, family, who have served, all do you have do when you tweet them to us, use the hashtag fox 29 sat youth. hope to share some of them with you as the morning progresses. >> mike joining us now in the studio, good morning. >> a warning for anyone with a iphone out there. don't put it in the mike row wave. >> okay, mike. sure. >> also, don't throw it off the top after skyscraper. people are actually doing this in the country. apparently it is such a widespread problem, some police departments sending out alerts. you wouldn't think this casino of warning would be necessary, of course, but apparently it is. why so many people thought putting their iphones in the
6:50 am
microwave was cents a good idea. what was the purpose of doing that? sue? >> i don't know. >> the purpose? >> just cooking something up for dinner and the frig was bear. so let's microwave our phone. i don't know. i got nothing. you know sometimes stories are so bizarre. >> sometimes you don't need a clever report, because the story is so bizarre on its own >> heaviest rain happening right now, as it moves south to north, probably couple of more hours of this to go, before things start to improve. and you will have some times where you get a break in the rain, but we have pretty heavy rain right in the philadelphia area right now. so we get to high today of 66 degrees, as the heavy rain
6:51 am
tapers off this afternoon, and we will see the winds diminish little bit. but it is cents still pretty windy out there. so, keep that in mine. temperatures will probably not even make it to 70 degrees today. even after the rain tapers off. tonight, skies remain cloudy, and we will get a low in the city of around 57 degrees. a little chillier, in the suburbs. that's your foxcast, from the weather authority. checking traffic now, oh, boy, the roads are wet, just nasty out there, look at i59 southbound, onramp from philadelphia international airport, there is cents an accident there, vehicle struck guardrail, and overturned, so police have the left and center lanes block. but the rest of i-95, getting by okay. also, on 295, northbound, the off ramp to 541 in new jersey, there is cents an accident there, that's partially blocking the ramp after a vehicle spun out. another one car accident. see what's happening on the roads this morning, finally, on i95 southbound, after route 141, there is an accident that
6:52 am
has the right lane blocked there. so, take your time this morning. we will be back with more after this.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> pocono mountains, oh, looks
6:55 am
beautiful up there this morning. we are experiencing quite a bit of rain on the other hand, back with a check of traffic and weather in just a movement. >> we found cute he is video of little boy who desperately needs to take a nap. even the cold supermarket can't make this little guy's eyes stay open. his head bobbing back and forth, sitting in the car, just like weeble wobble. you can see right in the row frig rated section, as well, it is chilly there. this goes on for quite some time. his mom can i tell him when he wakes up, that cute video of him trying to catch some z's, going viral. >> poor little guy. so you probably heard the saying dance like no one is watching. here's what happened, two teens thought nobody could see them. >> dash cam video, goofing
6:56 am
off, comparing dance moves, as well, video at this point, has cents more than quarter million views on youtube. >> straight ahead, one lawmakers has different idea how to revitalize atlantic city. how about allowing booze on the boardwalk. idea behind this plan, and some other options that lawmakers looking at. also taking live look at the parkway this morning. quick. it is rainy, it is cold, it is winnie, this weather is actually going to stick with us for couple of hours, or, likely, most of the day. when you can expect it to move out, sue serio has your fore
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> atlantic city rocking and roaming as we come up on 7:00 this thursday morning. it will be a pretty nasty day, yes, it is a shore thing for sure. look at radar right there, high wind, a loft rain, mostly down the shore right now. but, it is a shore thing that we will all get it, too. and how about this? they got him. three people turning themselves in for brutal beating of gay couple. their attorneys say it was a mutual fistfight. but the victims friends say it was spurred by hate. now, the tweets from that woman right there, 24 years old, wait until you see some of the tweets she has sent out over the last couple of years. and oh, holds the phone. hold the phone.
7:00 am
>> a woman whose phone was snatched from her fan, riders to the rescue. and she is slithering somewhere in south philadelphia right now. no, not britney spears, big yellow snake like this one there. it is a female snake. not britney spears, it is cents a pet snake on the loose, hope she's not toxic, not britney spears, the snake. and see if you know it is a little cold outside. >> live from the fox 29 studios, god day philadelphia. >> certainly is good day philadelphia, there goes sue serio getting ready for the weather, doing the story, alex holley, good night? >> did i, what about yours? >> windy and wet, what we keep in mind, for the rest of the morning, it will be slow