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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  September 26, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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group of local teens trapped at a local farmers market and this isn't the first time it happened. we will show thaw video but they were smiling for the the camera. we have new information in the search for a man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper, whom he may have called that is helping police zero in on him. of course we are soluting the military today. join us outside our sued joost at fourth and market. we will give you a live look outside. don't forget to send pictures of the loved ones serving and use the hash tag fox 29 solutes. all right. we will go ahead and go outside to mike, hi there, mike. >> thanks, for this great weather, it was just, pouring rain general wesley craig. >> good to be back in my hometown. >> thank you. >> the pennsylvania national guard. >> great to see you again. >> and, of course, we do this every year but more poignant this year because we are basically at war again. >> we are. and as i look ahead, it could
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certainly be involve in the pennsylvania guard. we have been heavily involved in the global war on terror. we have had 40,000 deployments in the past 12 years. if this continues weak be there guarantied. >> it continues over last couple hours more air strikes in eastern syria. we are trying to hit all of their oil facilities. just about an hour ago denmark committed about seven, f-16's. so up to 40 countries are part of this coalition. >> i can see that growing and growing. that is the president's strategy to get partners. the it is always better to go with partners. we are glad to see that as well. >> it the is so important this year to do our solute to the military and say thank you, thank you, thank you for your service. but like you said, there may have to be some boots on the ground no matter what the president says. >> i cannot imagine there will not be. we will see. >> the guard gets involved in that. >> very heavily. we have had 40,000 guys dereplied overseas in iraq and afghanistan in the past 12
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years. fifty-three killed in action. we have been heavily involved. that is part of our mission in the pennsylvania guard. >> let's get this day started as we normally do and present the colors, who do we have this year. >> thinks arm or guard from the delaware valley veterans home in northeast philadelphia. >> all right. >> let's do this. >> what do you say, presenter. color guard sergeant, dismiss the troops. dismissed. >> and our solute to the military begins, once gannon this beautiful day, in
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september, sue. it could not be a better day. >> i'm telling you, we escaped by 24 hours. >> i know it. >> i'm telling you, because at this time yesterday it was a mess. but it is a thrilling morning here just to see everybody so excited about this solute the the military day and i have to say ever instant my days on the radio at wna v in anapolis, home of the naval academy, i have loved to look at man in uniform and boy do i have my pick today. this is very exciting. so, it is your chance as a viewer of our show to talk to these folks, that served our country and find out exactly what it is that they do and see equipment that they use as well. we're very excited about the weather to take. so is bus stop buddy. take a cue from him wearing a sweat shirt today and mess of us have long sleeves and sweater this morning. it is in the really cold. in mostly in the 50's. we expect that the sunnies up to rise up in the 60's as
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well. the bus stop buddy is all set. the it is a nine out of ten in your wet the ever by the numbers today because really the only problem we have had in lancaster county and berks county we have had some fog this morning but plenty of sunshine in store with a high of 77 degrees today. and a low tonight of about 55 degrees. it will be a lot cooler in the suburbs. maybe some 40's but we like to call this california weather, it is just going to be beautiful today. so we have taken care of the the weather, and now lets make sure that traffic is okay so you can get down here in wrapped time and handling traffic authority duties right now, caitlin roth, hey. >> good morning sue looking great out there along with everybody participating here with us this morning. it is a very nice morning. we have accidents to contend with as morning rush picks up. lets start out with fran dough use outward road at miniature road. we have an accident there. not too many backups just yet but it will be a problem spot. i-95 north bound at the 141 we have an accident there causing
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some delays, rest of i-95 looks okay but that is going to slow you down at 141. on the 42 freeway in new jersey north bound at 168, black horse pike, we have reports that came in of an accident there and we will keep you updated throughout the rest of the morning, alex. >> police are searching for the man who carried out a armed robbery at a center city dunkin' donuts. he didn't use a gun or knife but weapon is just as scary. we will get to lauren johnson live at the the scene there with the details, lauren. >> reporter: alex, file this one under weird weapons used by suspects to get what they want n this situation, no gun, no knife but a needle. he was not afraid to throw it around here this happened at dunkin' donuts at eighth and chestnut. we have surveillance video released by philadelphia police. man is seen outside lingering outside the store and then heads inside. there was a customer in front of him. he was on his cell even if when that customer headed to the front. got off in the phone call. he is dressed in athletic gear. he exchange some word with the female clerk for just a few minutes before he heads behind the counter inside.
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that is when he goes toward the the can another with that needle in his hand. those two struggled before you see another employee souther of off of the camera struggle with the man. in the end he opens up the register himself, takes off with the cash, the other employee that he was not struggling with as much tried to run out ahead of him and keep him inside but he was able to getaway taking off down chestnut street. philadelphia police are hoping you recognize him from that video. he did have on a sweat shirt with identified logo on the front and back. a adidas pants and neon sneakers. if you have any information, or you recognize the man seen in the surveillance video from sunday, you're asked to call police right away, alex. >> thanks very much, lauren. at 7:06. there is new information about the suspect wanted in the deadly shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper. >> every morning we do this, according to fox sources, eric frein made a phone call earlier this month to his parent which help investigators narrow their manhunt to a area in monroe
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and pike counties but police are being extra careful as they search the terrain. when investigators search his parent's home as you know by now they found bomb making materials and pamphlets and how to make bombs. police are concerned that frein may have these materials still on him. >> camden county police are trying to find three suspects wantedded for burglarizing a farmers market. >> anybody who lives in camden or camden county necessary about this farmers market very popular location. will well, overnight somebody did busted in there and steve keeley is on the scene, do we have him? nope, we don't have him, lets the's move on. at 7:07. lets get right out to sue serio who, again, wow, we dodge a bullet yesterday, it was raining and raining and raining. by the way, we have some sports coming up, and as we said, last week and week before and the week before, when we rel role the tape of you singing the eagles fight song, they win.
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>> yes. >> where are we going. >> now we will go to sue. >> it is beautiful out there. >> yes. >> i feel like the luckiest girl in the world because the forecast turned out so well. i have a little competition from the band this morning but that is okay. jamill, can we take a look around at how cool it is here. we hope you are planning to come visit thus morning because you'll see representatives from every branch of the military, and don't bother eating breakfast because we have a lot of food here as well. all right. lets take a little bit, just a little bit look at the wet they are morning. how wonderful it the is going to be all weekend. if you are in lancaster county or berks county though you'll probably run into some fog this morning. we have a dense fog advisory in effect in lancaster county, so that can slow you down a smidge. but now that the sunnies up, hopefully that will burn off pretty soon but look we're still socked in redding this morning with .3 of a mile
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visibility. only a mile in lancaster. and rest of the area looks pretty decent out there. just a few, clouds from the rain we had yesterday, from yesterday. so as far as ultimate doppler bee don't have any rain to show you, that went away. it all went to the north east of us and even that is just a last gasp of yesterday's low pressure system, a coastal low that wreaked havoc for a while. as far as temperatures, mostly in the 50's. but we have 49 degrees in allentown and pottstown. it is 56 degrees in the the city. forty-eight in lancaster. down in wildwood it is 57 degrees. kind of sweater wet tore get started but so much improvement from yesterday with a high of 77 degrees, later on, and it will be a beautiful take to take after the last couple of days in the 70's, only 64. we were calling for 66. it the didn't even make it there with all these clouds and rain yesterday.
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so here we go with today's hide of 77 degrees and tomorrow, and sunday, we will get in the 80's, what do you think one more beach weekend what do you think, maybe? it will be great to watch baseball as phillies close out their season. change comes on tuesday with the cold front, milk of sun and clouds and back in the 70's by wednesday after next week. that is a look at your forecast so we have -- why are you dancing, mike jerrick. >> nobody wanted to see it. >> are. >> what is the weather sunday. >> 82 degrees. >> we're having a watch party at sixth and market. >> yes. >> at the beer garden. >> it is a 4:00 o'clock game. >> you mean i can even come. >> yes, stay up late saturday night, get ready for a 4:00 o'clock game. >> yes. >> if you come out... no audio. >> take it down a little bit. sound good.
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sound good. but there is plenty of music, greg, come on over here and plenty to eat. they have brought out giant dunkin' donuts truck again, so this thing is huge. the there is free doughnuts. you have got that dunkin' donuts coffee too hi, how are you doing. >> final. >> thanks for coming out. >> okay. >> appreciate it. >> we have philly pretzel factory here, thanks for coming. we have plenty of water, of core, keep these people hydrated. thanks for doing that. that is a great restaurant, inside of the help tell machine co. >> yes. >> over at, where is that fifth and chestnut. >> yes. >> across from where our country started the birthplace of america, independent mall. fat jack's is back. thank you fat jacks. >> wow, barbecue at 7:20 in the morning. nothing better than that. we have dj's, we have a live
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band. >> i remember you. >> i remember you. how are you doing. thanks for coming back. good to see you. >> and also we have new equipment that, we have a striker over there but there is a new gyro machine that we will use to simulate what it feels like to be in the f-16 or a f18 perfect net when pull the g's, six or 7g's. if you want to feel what it feels like to have six or 7g's against your body, you can to that. >> thank y'all for coming out. >> hello there. >> what did you bring out. >> clayton high school is here. >> yes. >> yes. >> clayton high school. >> yes. >> clayton high school is here, it is going to be okay. lets the go back inn side. >> thanks so much, mike. you will remember as we go through this show tweet us pictures of your loved ones and friends. fox 29 solutes. and friends. fox 29 solutes. we want to see those
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate.
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he gets regular families. of course, once again a
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beautiful day, come down to market street. we are shutting it down between fourth street and third street,of people out there. >> yes, you can see everybody out there send us your pictures. tweet us, hash tag fox 29 solutes, we'd love to see pictures of your loved ones, friend and family and put them on tv. >> let's do it. >> we will be here until 10:00 o'clock this morning. eagles travel to san francisco for i 4:00 o'clock game against those 49ers. >> birds will go to san francisco with a makeshift offensive line. >> pat gallon from 97.5 the fanatic is here. before we talk about that lets talk about the game, because it was perfect for our division. washington verse new york. >> giants blow out redskins. i didn't see that within coming. >> i want them both to lose, it is always interesting to go watch that. >> it didn't happen. giants looked better then they have through the the first couple games of the season. eli manning four touchdowns. i thought he was wash up.
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everyone thought that. that offense is clicking. watch out for them. i think why washington lost is because they all beat each other up on sunday. eagles and redskins. they were banged up too. >> yes. >> yes. >> so the giants, two-one. >> two-two. >> that is right, because it is fourth game. >> redskins are what. >> one and three. >> yes. >> we have taken care of them. they may be done. >> yes. >> we are three-o, and because we don't have any tape because whole station is blowing up you may have to do the eagles fight song live. >> you guys to have do it with me. i did it in the video. >> yes. >> so, i was clicking. >> well, we want to dot exact same thing before the game because when we say philadelphia a eagles win. >> she's a good luck charm. ever since she has come to philadelphia, the eagles have in the lost. >> but we have talk about this, the the offensive line.
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>> should you be worried. >> you should be a little bit because they have been beaten up. they have herremans, peters, tell see is out for eight to ten weeks. they are banged up. we are already seeing problems with the line. shady mccoy's last years leading rusher has in room to run because they cannot open anything up. they are putting it all on nick foles, throwing the ball. you have been seeing the the offense still working but not the same way it work last year. >> kelce, so important the relationship between center and quarterback. that is where they all start. they touch the the ball every single play. who is the center now. >> david molk. >> was he playing football. >> he played at michigan. he was within of the best centers in all of college football. this is in college. >> it is a very good school. >> absolutely. >> it is different now when you starting this in the middle of the season. jason kelce is one of the best centers in all of football. >> do they have a shot because
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vegas says 49ers will win it. >> they absolutely have a shot. i do think, i don't think they are necessarily the better team but we have to go on the road and they are beat up as they are. 49ers defense will be all over them. i to think it will be a close one but i'm siding with the 49ers. >> can they play same way they have been playing, where it is really tight and pull it out in the even. >> i don't want to see that. >> no, i'm not saying that but can they afford to do that. >> not with this team, defense is better than redskins and colts. they cannot afford to to what they have done the last couple games. it is thrilling, fun. >> the 49ers do have this beautiful new stadium, in santa peculiar a. >> levi stadium. >> they call it the feels of jeans. >> i love that. >> yes. >> come on, field of jeans. i don't know if that would catch on, they trademark that phrase.
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>> i hate to bring it up by my gosh what a great career, derek jeter, whether you love him or not. >> great last game. >> that is finishing great. >> so baltimore ties it up in the top on the night, giving derek jeter within more chance to come to the plate and what does he do? >> he wins the game for the yankees in his final game there. >> is there anyone on earth who has a better life than derek jeter. >> nothing can get wrong with him. >> incredible. >> he gets a walk off, single to right field. >> yep. >> in his last play at yankee stadium. >> you are right, pat. >> story bookend to go a story book career. he has had a incredible career. that is only way he can end. >> he is single, ready to mingle. >> it chokes you up. >> walking through, the park, looking at all of the fans. >> he is date something model he is always dating a model. >> yes. >> who is he with that was
7:21 am
famous. >> no, no that was alex rodriguez. >> mariah carry. >> he was with mariah carry. >> no, menka kelly. >> that is right. >> yes. >> and yes. >> they are all m's. >> i guess congratulations to him good what do phillies do now because, it is thankfully coming to an end this weekend. >> yeah, it is all over. they have a big off season ahead of them. i don't know what they will do but they have to do. >> they have to scrape it clean. >> they have licensing of long term contracts with these players have have, with you they have to hope that they can get lee and hamels healthy, start there with the retation and with the offense, ryan howard, clearly not the same. they have to make some interesting moves with some of these players around a long time. jimmy rollins is not going anywhere, chase utley not going anywhere. they have to be a little different then they have been in the past and try new angles
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that they have in the tried before. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> we are exited to hear the eagles win. >> now my ear piece is working. i will start taking calls about sports soon. >> it is fine. >> you've got to do the fight song or we will lose. >> ready. >> stand up. >> ready. >> fly eagles fly ♪ up hope it works too. >> it is all on you. >> thank you. >> we're going outside, where we're soluting the military this morning. we are taking a live look at what is happening out there.
7:23 am
we will see more and more people coming out, thanking men and with men who serve. don't forget, please, please send us your pictures, as we remember use the hash tag fox 29 solutes and we will be right back.
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we have been asking you to send in your picture. here we have some coming in. this is a 228th engineer company, this fridays romeo. >> romeo, thank you for that. >> yes. >> and then phil adams sent this one in, it is a picture of himself with a army vet with his father, dallas adams a air for the vietnam and army reserve vet. very nice picture. >> wow. >> and then we have another one, this one is from someone sending a picture of their cousin and they say they love and miss him. >> my goodness, yeah. >> lots of people feeling that way. >> of course. >> and then lee mavs sent in my sister samantha as my first solo flight as a naval aviator. bonnie shaw sent this one in a photo of my husband and i at marine core ball in 1991. i love my marine. >> wow. >> look at that one.
7:27 am
>> fantastic. >> very nice photo. >> make sure you send us your photos, we want to see all kind. we're loving this. we want to you solute your loved ones as well if you are sitting at home. even if you can't be here. there is a lot going on outside at fourth and market. we have shut the the street down. now we will go to kerry because she's out there, seeing what is going on. >> it is so cool. you guys mentioned each year this gets bigger and better. there are hundreds of people out here. so many cool trucks, tanks and all kind of equipment to check out. we will do that in just a moment. first we wanted to talk to this guy, one of the first guys we saw here. huge "good day philadelphia" fan. he got here at 7:00 o'clock. he has come every year. so thank you so much for being here. thank you so much for your service. can you tell me how you served and what capacity and when. >> i during the the correspondence reapril warm, i was in the seventh arm or division. >> is what your name. >> bernard. >> and look at this picture of this handsome young devil.
7:28 am
let's just show that. how old were you when you took that. >> nineteen or 20. >> twenty years old. is that when you first enlisted. >> that is right. >> tell us about what you are holding up here. >> it is all of the countries that participated in the world, they are all part of the united nations and this represents everyone that was involved. >> are there military members that are still in touch with today. >> there is only about 15 guys left. >> you are from south philadelphia. >> correct. >> settled here in philadelphia. >> correct. >> a proud military member. >> right. >> what would you like to say today to the folks out here to say. >> i appreciate them all coming and thank them all very much, yes. >> we're proud of you and everything you have done for your country and we appreciate you being out here, serving, with all of us as well.
7:29 am
>> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> kerry, thinks a perfect juxta position because you are talking to someone who served our country many years ago. i got the future here. we've got some kids here who came here on a class trip they are in jrot c. >> that is from new jersey. >> what is your name. >> dana wallace. >> stephanie brookness shall. >> jacqueline osborne. >> so what was, found out about this and had you come down here for a school trip. >> our major, major smedley he took us down for the trip. >> what do you think so far. >> it is really fun. >> so what is most impressive to you. >> the music and just seeing everyone. >> now here's the big question do any of you think you might want to serve in the military in the future. >> i was thinking about it and my mom said i should so i might, i don't know good if
7:30 am
you did what branch would you wanting to into. >> i don't know, army, may have i. >> maybe the army. >> we have representatives from all of those here so now you can get to talk to those people to go those jobs, what do you think about that? >> cool. >> it is nice. >> plus it is a party ape you don't have to go to school yet. >> yes. >> thanks, ladies. >> good luck whatever you decide to do in the future. >> thank you we will see people who have served our military and who will be in the the future. new lets take a look at our weather today. you can see hi bright and sunny it is. it is jacket, sweater weather. bus stop buddy is here, and temperatures in the 50's, and starting to inch into the 60's this morning. and instead of yesterday's three our number of the daze is a nice old nine. the only reason it is not a ten is because we have fog in
7:31 am
spots this morning. but hopefully that will burn off quickly and it is mostly in the outlining areas and temperatures are chilling to the north of us, 49 degrees up there in allentown. fifty-six here in the city. we're pretty comfortable right here plus a lot of folks dancing around. we have mid 50's to the out of us in wilmington and 57 degrees in wildwood. our high temperature today be 77 with mostly sunny skies. tonight stepping out for your friday night, expect a overnight low in the 50's. so, lets look at your weather. the party is getting start i had. you know what, caitlin, i think there are more people here early then we have ever seen before. a lot of times it takes until eight or 9:00 we are already going strong. >> we are not used to seeing that many people so early in the morning, that is right. thank you to everybody who came out making it a better year. we love participation. it is a beautiful day if that.
7:32 am
not helping on the roads. morning rush picks up in matter what the weather. right now 95 southbound stacking up heading in the city, north bound away from the city not so bad. this is i-95 southbound right here near girard. couple accident to keep you posted on one on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension this is southbound approaching lansdale. back and forth north and southbound we are okay because accident is on the shoulder. forty-two freeway in new jersey northbound at 168, the black horse pike, we have an accident there and as you head in the sit a way from the accident there on 42 we are seeing some delays. alex. i'll take it here, alex. i have flown with the blue angels. >> really. >> i have flown with the navy. >> yes. >> i didn't fly but in the back seat. they do a carrier break where the jets come in and they crash, slow down their speed ape land on the aircraft carrier which is happening in the in middle east right now. so when you make that big curve to slow down and land on the carrier you pull g forces,
7:33 am
gravity. >> yes. >> it is like this and the pilot will tell you to pound on your thigh to get the blood flowing. you know what we have this year, it is a gyroscope that simulate these g force that he is you would feel. >> quincy, you will be figuring that out. slap your thigh, right. >> slap your thighs. >> i love g forces. i'm here with the air force. i have sergeant perry. how are you doing. >> doing good, how are you. >> what does this simulate. >> it simulate g force that a pilot experiences flying a jet aircraft. >> so this thing can go really fast. >> really fast and you will be spinning. >> were you trying to scare me before and i said, i saw some kids, it is absolutely free. nicholas from burlington how are you doing. >> you will go on with me. >> yes. >> nicholas is saving me because you are trying to scare me.
7:34 am
>> that is not the case. nicholas has been briefed. he will be ready. he said he is good. >> we're going on right now. >> i should be good. >> okay. we're going on now. nicholas, you go on this side. i'll go over here, okay. nicholas, you go over there. what am i doing? >> okay. >> have you eaten breakfast, quincy. >> i have not eaten breakfast. they are trying to scare me. nicholas, how old are you. >> nine. >> he is nine years old. >> if he can do it, you can do it. >> they were trying to go really fast because i'm older than nine. i got to get a nine year-old. >> nicholas looks like a brave nine years old. he doesn't seem like your average nine years old. >> they call this the vomit
7:35 am
comet, so be ready. >> relax. this is simulating the g force. >> how many g's. >> about 2g's. >> okay. >> okay. >> we're ready. >> it is a g thing. >> oh, no. >> okay, stop it. >> stop it. >> it is a good day. >> close your eyes.
7:36 am
>> owe kay well, if you want to do that at home, get in your car, get down to fourth and market. >> too many g's, too many g's. >> he looks like he is hurting >> how is nicholas taking it. >> who cares. >> how did you like it. >> awesome. >> awesome. >> look at that. >> to be nine again. >> so we got awesome and then we have quincy. thank you. by the way if you you can come down here before
7:37 am
10:00 o'clock. >> lets put up more picture. this is the best part this one fridays april. my dad nick on the right, my brother nickie junior on the right. so very proud of the both of them. how sweet. we are proud of them as well. >> then madeline my marine serving in the middle east, you can even sea water serving behind him there. and diane says my grandson, james keener, u.s. air force, dover delaware and his daughter, wearing a u.s. army jacket. look a the that. >> fantastic. >> keep them coming. we will be back in two minutes.
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at it is the day we solute the military. we do this once a year around the fall, this is as it just turns fall. weather is fantastic for this one. alex is outside for her first experience. >> hey mike, i have been hearing about what is going on outside. i had to come out and see it for myself. it is a party atmosphere.
7:41 am
we are celebrating men and with men who serve. lets look at all these people out here. there are a lot of people. everybody wave. you are on tv. we will walk past some of the people that are out here. right here we have honor network of philadelphia hello everybody, how are you, sir. >> world war two vet right here. >> yes, world war two. >> thank you for coming out. >> our pleasure. >> hello, how are you. >> fine. >> are you taking pictures. >> yes. >> pleasure to be here. >> i'm escorting these fellows here on the trip. u. s saratoga. >> yes. >> aircraft carrier. >> where are they going. >> no, the the trip to d.c., right. >> yes, they went, yes. that was back in june. >> wonderful. wonderful. >> hello, how are you. >> yes. >> hi. >> wonderful. >> so nice to meet you.
7:42 am
>> thank you. >> thank you so much for your service. >> my pleasure. >> so happy thaw are here. >> in the only proud to serve my country but honored. >> it is an honor. >> thank you. >> there is a lot of people here. excuse me, i have to get through the crowd, mike everybody is excited. it is a great day, it is a friday. we have some great food here. we have chickie and pete's. everybody loves the the crab fries. you can see the long line. take a look at this line. people getting crab fries. we will show you more when we get back. we will going to go to break right now.
7:45 am
well come back to fox 29 solutes the military. we are taking a look at the band out there. they are really rocking the crowd. when i say crowd, i do mean a crowd. there is a lot of people out there but i wanting to to sue
7:46 am
just outside the studio. hi, sue. >> good morning. we are with the absolutely fabulous wendy hamilton, general manager of sugar house casino. i cannot thank you enough for making this day possible for the second year in a row. >> sue, we love to do this. thank god as a fan too look at this weather, it is pack. really nice. >> twenty-four hours ago we would have had a what had hair day you and i. we are doing okay today. >> yes. >> so tell me why you decided to be part of the military once again. >> welshing military and veteran causes have been very important to us at sugar house. we have employees, among us who are active duty, and we have owners who are vets and a lot of us have family members who are vets and active duty. it is always important to us. we came in. we participated last year. we had so much fun. we said lets do it again next year. >> we are so grateful because it takes a lot to put this together but it is all worth it. your family's, house is soon expanding, right. >> we have so much going on at
7:47 am
sugar house. coming down right now all you will see is construction in every direction. that is a good thing. it is good problem. a year from new we will be american twice as big and we will be flush with the parking garage, restaurants, a space overlooking river, new poker room. we have a lot on the way. very exciting for us. >> you you cannot beat that view right by the the river. >> it is beautiful. >> take it back to your family, wendy hamilton you have picture of family members served in the military. >> thank you for letting me bring them. >> you brought me to tears with some of them. >> i want to say thank you to all of our troops. we live in the greatest country on this planet. it is because of the military. >> who are we looking at. >> this is my mom/mom, agnes brennan, later hamilton and my pop pop william hamilton. we think so much of things women are doing today, and we
7:48 am
cannot forget they have always played a very critical role at wartime. so mom mom was a nurse and back here is a picture of her with her nurse mates on the ship off of japan. >> what an exciting life she must have led. >> but we're very proud of both of them. this is my mom and her dad. >> isn't that great. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> i spent sometime growing up at west point myself so thanks, dad. >> we can talk all day about this. thanks again wendy hamilton and sugar house casino for being our sponsor for the wonderful solute to the military. lets talk about the fabulous weather, come on out, all you need is a sweater. we have a dense fog advisory for lancaster county but not too much longer. we have a few areas of fog but we have bright sunshine here in philadelphia mess of our temperatures are in the 50's. we have a few temps in the 40's in a few places but rain has left us and moved to the
7:49 am
north east and we will in the see any rain until probably tuesday of next week. so temperatures most of this week we will stay in the 70's. we will bottom out at 64 when we topped out but it was a cool, uncomfortable day but now we have the opposite today, really beautiful out here. seventy-seven today. what a week end, with temperatures in the 80's, both saturday and sunday. that rain doesn't arrive until tuesday of next week. so a gorgeous morning here, hopefully you are planning to join us, fourth and market streets in olde city. lets see what the trip will be like, checking the the roads this morning, caitlin roth, hey, as always we have a problem with the traffic. if you are heading down to fourth and market you will see usual trouble spots on the majors this 176 at conshohocken curve east and westbound stack up. you can see even on the westbound side it looks like you have to merge over in one lane. the that looks like the the off ramp, on ramp in the
7:50 am
conshohocken curve. even some extra slow downs there lets get back to the accidents, here, one on the pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, southbound approaching lansdowne approaching montgomery county. we have an accident on the shoulder not causing any delays stacking up. also 42 freeway in new jersey, northbound, at 168, where we hit black horse pike on 42 we have delays due to an accident right there. alex. >> thanks, very much caitlin. >> we will go back outside to mike with a very special guest who made a very special stop here in philadelphia just for our fox 29 solutes the military show, hey mike. >> this is an honor, secretary of the navy is with us. >> thanks for being here. >> this is such an perfect day for us and makes it better thaw are here. >> this is huge. this gives the the people of philadelphia, people of pennsylvania inn people of america, a chance to see their serve us members, sailors, marines, coastguard.
7:51 am
>> marines, and look the at navy. >> well represented. >> i'm in charge of both navy and marines so equally proud of all of my services, but this gives people the chance to see how good their marines and sailors are. they don't get that chance much because we're in america's away time. >> we have seen how skilled they are again, last night, the brave pilots teeing off from the carriers over in the northeastern syria once again last night. >> well, what the navy's job and marines job is to give the president and over leaders options, we're where we need to be, when we need to be there. we're in the the right place in the the just right time but all the time. one of the things to note business that carrier it was already there. >> it was already there. >> the ships have been shooting tomahawks into syria and iraq, they were already there. and at the same time we're
7:52 am
there, we're all around the world. we have more than a hundred ships deployed today so we can respond to any crisis where ever it occurs. >> for how much long it takes because at this point we don't necessity how long this campaign will go on. >> the amazing things that we give is that we can stay as long as it takes and we don't take up anybody else's soil. those planes take off from american territory on that carrier, they london american territory. >> it is fascinate to go me a pilot can move on a moving aircraft carrier, everything is moving, plane is moving, boat is shifting back and forth. >> i can tell you personal experience being in that plane, that plane looks really small. >> you have landed on aircraft carriers. >> a lot. >> you spent sometime in philadelphia in your past. >> i ran a company here, lived downtown, as i said, drove up market street right in the sun right now.
7:53 am
>> right now. >> of course, man, don't blow out that camera, greg, that sunnies bright. we love weather. i served as ambassador to saudi arabia. are you surprised that they have joined this coalition against isis. >> no, all of the arab states are in this coalition against isis. this is in the just a threat to america but this is a threat to the world and particularly that region of the world. we have spent years building up partners ships building up all over the world. >> so great to have you you here. >> thank you so much. >> we do this every year but this year we're basically at war and that is why it is so special for to us do this again. can i tell you a secret? there is a i woman, down here on mark street she wants to reenlist in the navy. >> i will get to reenlist her at 8:00. >> yes. >> she doesn't know that, she may faint.
7:54 am
>> she probably won't she's a sailor. >> thank you for doing that. >> that is a special moment. hopefully she doesn't pass out. >> what an honor it is to have the the secretary of navy here in philadelphia, right outside our studio. of course, we have been telling you to send us pictures of the loved one serving and we will show you these pictures getting in. this fridays bridget. she he is a i had my big brother in his navy uniform, missing him so much, come home soon. now we will go to another one from carolyn she says this is my uncle joe, from world war two. he was in germany. he was a tank operator. that is amaze to go see. now we will go to the next one from tricia says my husband serving 21 years in the army, look at that, looks like he is taking a selfie. thanks for sending that in. so now we will go to bridge and we will be right back. send us your photos with the hash tag fox 29 solutes.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
7:58 am
a man with a weird weapon walks inside and demands cash. we will tell you all bit. but first mike jerrick on market street. >> you better believe it, lauren. let me spell it out for you, philly love our troops. that is what today is all about. man, here we go, weather couldn't be better, sue, that is for sure. >> i know, if you looked up perfect timing in the dictionary you would have tomorrow, today, tomorrow and sunday, as we have cleared out the rain. we have a gorgeous morning. we hope to see you soon. wait until you see the forecast for the weekend, kerry barrett. >> hi sue, one of the best parts of the fox 29 solutes the military is to get to meet our military men and with men in person and talk to the
7:59 am
families as well, because they have served too. right now we want to remind townsend in the pictures of of your family friend and loved ones who have have served. use the hash tag fox 29 solutes. we will show them throughout the morning. wow. what a beautiful video of the seeing men and with men coming home, come home to are their family. >> beautiful day. >> we are soluting the troops. mike is in the middle of all of the fun this morning.
8:00 am
hey there mike. >> we have said this over and over again. keep sending your pictures in. people serving in the military now and in the past. can picture down here. is what your name. >> joan. >> i know how are, joan from port richmond. >> yes good who is this. >> that is my father. he was 18, in 1918. he was a dough boy. he for the in world war one. >> still proud. >> yes, i am that is what this day is all about. >> i wanted to bring it down to see you. >> thank you always good to see you. >> yes, real quickly. >> you and i, we will talk as sue does the weather. >> yes. >> yes. >> look at that, fox 29 jacket. >> gorgeous morning. >> we have a lot of gorgeous people out here. who wants to be on tv. >> yes. >> the least we can do after you guys came down to solute our military. it is really a festive, fun morning. i think this is going to be
8:01 am
one of our biggest solutes to the military, ever. so lets take a look at our weather this morning. if you have in the walk out the door yet you may still need a sweater because moist of the temperatures are still in the 50's. a few will inch in the 60's soon. bus stop buddy giving you your clue. plus phillies cap, phillies are playing tonight against the atlanta braves. so our number out of ten is a nine. we have a few spots with some fog this morning but things are looking, so, so much better, then yesterday. again, current temperatures range from 47 in allentown to 56 in the city, we have 56 degrees in atlantic city and 57 in wildwood, in mid 50's in dover delaware, heading out to 77 today. could it get more perfect for a weather day. then sunny afternoon. then tonight we are down in the mid 50's in the city and we will see 40's in the suburbs but all and all a great start to the weekend. come down to our party and
8:02 am
play hookie for rest of the day we will give you permission for that. it is unofficial permission of course. but caitlin, thanks very much sue. when it comes with the weather but in the necessarily if you are traveling westbound on 76. here's a live shot west of the montgomery avenue exit where all of the stack ups are eastbound in the city on the schuylkill. not too bad. let check on some accidents in douglass route 100 southbound at grass nor road, far out in montgomery county, north of pottstown. we have an accident there involving an overturn vehicle. use caution in that area by the way on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension southbound we have been following this accident approaching lansdale. not seeing too many delays because the accident is on the shoulder but we will keep you updated as we go through the receipts of the hour,al he can. thanks, caitlin. at 8:02. police are searching for the man who carried out a armed robbery at a center city dunkin' donuts. he didn't use a gun or a knife
8:03 am
but weapon he used is just as scary. we will get right to lauren johnson live with the details, lauren. he didn't have a gun or a knife but a needle. he walk in the dunkin' donuts not the afraid to threaten anyone inside. lets look at surveillance video. you can see the man lingering outside dunkin' donuts at eighth and chestnut the for a few prince before going inside on his phone. in the beginning there is a customer in front of him when the suspect dressed in athletic gear makes it to the front of line. he even the call. he exchanges words with the female clerk for just a few minutes before he heads behind the counter. that is when he goes toward the cashier with that need until hand. he never sticks her. the two struggled before you see another employee off camera also struggle with the that man. the in the end he opens up the register himself pushing the female employee to the side. he grabbed a cash as the female employee please pushes the county. other tries to hole the door to keep him inside.
8:04 am
he forceses him out andes takes off running outside this happen early sunday morning. fail police still searching for this guy. they hope you might recognize him by these bright yellow or neon sneakers. if you do are you ared asked to call them right away, alex. back here at fourth and market we are soluting the military this morning. all of the brave men and women who serve. we will get tout mike, standing outside with a very special surprise for one woman, hey, mike. >> hi, please meet petty officer melony polo. >> polo. >> yes. >> have you ever ridden a horse. >> i have. >> have you ever played polo. >> i have not. >> we can hook that up for you. this is an perfect day. how long have you been in the navy. >> ten years. >> wow. >> now it is time to reenlist. you have to make that decision, will you want to reenlist. >> i do, i love the navy. i'm redty to it again. >> i will bring her son n come on in. this is her mother.
8:05 am
now how does a mom feel about this. there are dangers involve. she's going to reenlist. >> i'm very proud have my daughter, very proud of her. >> where have you served. >> i have served in washington state the on the u.s.s. karl vincent. >> that is great. >> u.s.s. rainer, and in our depot here in philadelphia. >> when you reenlist how long do you go. >> you get to choose, this time i'm doing two years. >> two more years. >> are you okay with this. mom will reenlist live on tv are you okay. >> yes. >> okay. >> he is a good looking kid. >> thank you. >> so you just pick out a commander or something like that, would do the ceremony which lasts about 60 seconds. >> what if i told you if the secretary of navy will enlist you right now, i just got emotion. mr. secretary, do you mine coming in here real quickly. let's put you right here. >> i will give you the microphone. >> thank you, sir, what an honor. >> how are you.
8:06 am
>> i'm going to give you that. >> all right. >> are you ready. >> i am, sir. >> raise your right-hand. >> i melony polo. >> i melony polo. >> do solemnly swear, to support, and deeven if the constitution of the united states. >> to support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> against all enemies. >> against all enemies. >> foreign and domestic. >> foreign and domestic. >> to bear true faith allegiance to the same. >> bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> i willow bay the order of the president of the you had. >> i willow bay the orders of the president of the united states. >> and the orders of the officers appointed over me. >> and the orders of the officers appointed over me. >> according to regulations. >> according to regulations. >> and the uniform code of military justice. >> and uniform code of regulatory justice. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you, so much. >> it is an honor, thank you.
8:07 am
>> i'm so honored, i cannot believe the secretary of the navy just reenlisted me. >> you are so happy. >> is it okay to hug you. >> it is. >> that is great. >> thank you. >> i'm so glad you are here today. >> thank you. >> how about one more round of applause. >> thank you. >> well, alex, that is going to be hard to top. >> i'd say so, that was a beautiful moment. >> you can see the emotion. >> all right. thanks very much, mike. >> still ahead giving back to the families of the men and women who give us so much, one local organization, is making life a little bit easier for military families. operation home front is coming up next. this is our own chris o'connell's father paula connell who served in the u.s. army. thank you for your service. tweet us your pictures. use the the hash tag fox 29 solutes we would love to thank you for your service and put you on tv.
8:08 am
come on down to fourth and market we will continue to solute our troops this morning, we have a lot have of things plan, more music, more fun, saying hello to the veterans. we want you to come down and join us. we will be here until ten as a tribute continues all morning long.
8:09 am
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welcome back. fox 29 solutes the military. is there a live look at the events we have outside our studios on fourth and market. they are getting the the party going. we are thanking all of the men and with men served. there are so many people out. come on out, we want to see you. we will go out to sue, to talk about the the weather, perfect day for this, isn't it, sue. >> it sure is, as advertised we have wonderful weather just in time for solute the
8:12 am
military day. once again our friends from philadelphia's country music station wxtu, welcome back. >> thank you so much, sue. it is always our pleasure to be here celebrating our military with you on this great day. >> you guys are live on the radio while we're live on tv. >> no, we love being out of the studio. we enjoy things like this. you gave us beautiful wet ter day. >> twenty-four hours ago it would have been ugl, but what are you hearing from your listeners about you guys being part of the military day, it is interesting because we have been all over social media. we take pictures. we have been hearing from the bases, fort dix, maguire, they have been checking in, so excited we are here celebrating them as well. of course, we have a very strong military following because we are america's music. so, it is nice to hear back from the listeners about how much they appreciate all that our military does. >> so for folks who have have not made it down what kind of stuff are you giving away here. >> we have mike and ike's, you
8:13 am
have to have your sugar fix in the morning. we have chips because you have to have chips and candy. little sweet. we have everything that we're covering. we invite to you come down. >> a military wall of honor we have that where you sign that for the military. >> right here. >> you have to sign it before you leave. >> i will, without a doubt. it is a good way to leave your mark when you come down here and visit. >> absolutely, we have a virtual hillary wall of honor on our web site 365 days a year. people can sign up and say thank you to our military. but we decided to bring a physical piece of the wall down so people can leave their mark their, mark their ink and we will transfer to it get it up on the wall. >> i don't think you realize until there are times how many times families have a connection to the military. >> we have been meeting so many families who have people serving overseas. >> families, this is a way to make that connection. >> yeah, without a doubt. it has been so amazing. how many people are here, right? you look around and you see a
8:14 am
sea of uniforms which is overwhelming to me. >> yes. >> i love a man in uniform. >> yes. >> i know, right. >> you are looking good, man. >> okay, he's mine. >> thank you so much. let me wrench myself away and do the the weather this morning. >> if you haven't looked outside, you see sunshine is back and temperatures are pretty comfortable. now we still that have dense fog advisory out in lancaster county that should be lifted soon because temperatures are getting better. temperatures are perfect for this time of the year. we are calling this california weather where we get really chilly and nice but comfortable and beautiful during the the day. if you are missing summertime, now that autumn has happened, well, you've got summertime weather just in time for the weekend. as we advance the seven day forecast we have 77 degrees today. plenty of sunshine. two, ten's for the the
8:15 am
weekend. we will get back in the 80's which is above average this time of the year and that is for saturday and sunday. by monday, we're going to have one her take of warmth and then we will get rain on tuesday and that, is with a cold front so that means temperatures will be a little cooler for middle of next week but a fantastic weekend so you can start it off right here at other locate at for the ant mark. lets check friday morning roads with caitlin roth. >> looking great out there not too bad on the roads too. ninety-five southbound we will start off live with a look at tasker street. we are fine in south philadelphia if you are taking to it 95. we are not seeing too many problems on the majors n to new jersey though we will go to 295 northbound approaching 206 we have an accident that just came in there. it does have the left lane block. so 295 north bound heading toward 195 we are seeing delays stack up. finally in southwest in montgomery county pennsylvania, route 100 southbound at grassor road, we have got an accident there involving an overturn vehicle.
8:16 am
so use some caution there. alex and mike, lets get back outside. >> thank you so much. i had to come back outside because thinks where all of the funnies happening. we are having a great time. mike is having a lot of fun. he is distract. hey mike we're doing a he show here. what are you doing. >> excuse me, i'm sorry, ladies. >> we will finish our discussion later. >> we are so glad you guys came out good things just got a lot better. >> go eagles, right. >> yes. >> they are coming my watch party. >> on sunday. >> yes, the at independence beer garden. we will see you sunday. >> there is one thing we want to make sure to get across, we just met the reenlisting petty officer, reenlisting for two more years and she has a little boy. who takes care of the military families back here at home. >> operation home front.
8:17 am
>> very special organization. we will do a story by sabina to tell us more bit. >> six kids in school. >> that is a lot have of money. >> reporter: kimberly rosies a in military mom who knows how to stretch a doll or. but with her petty officer husband dereplied she's handling half dozen high energy kids. >> i need it for my snack. >> reporter: inside different schools. shopping for the first day of school is daunting. >> i'm just like any other mom and my husband is not home. it is all me. turf buy all of this. turf take everyone with me. >> reporter: that is where operation home front steps in. >> sometimes military families have a tight budget and this does off set that cost sending them back to school. it makes a difference. >> operation home front handing out hundreds of the filled to the brim backpacks at the national program as part to help out families who quietly sacrifice in the most intimate ways. >> so where does all of this
8:18 am
free stuff really come from ? we're talking about erasers, pencils, notebooks, markers. we necessity is there back to school drives you sianni hear about all summer long? well, all of these supplies came from some of those drives. >> it is great. you are cramming for school supplies and everything. >> maureen, was stressed outlooking towards the start of the school year. when other base mothers told her about the backpack give away she felt a weight lift off her shoulders. >> it is just relief. it is less stress to our lives with school starting in a couple of weeks, because, this helps so much to our families out here. they realize it but it is just a little bit and the kids get
8:19 am
excited. >> erasers, pens. >> thanks to operation home front and sponsors nine year-old kirk and his three brothers are ready to hit books. small gesture of giving back to the families who give so much, every day. >> how do you do it? >> just like any other mom will tell you from anywhere that especially military moms, you do what you have to do when you do it and that is it. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> sabina, great story there. give me your name again. >> patrick kitchen. >> hey, patrick. >> operation home front. >> if somebody wants to get in touch with you where do you go. >> go to facebook operation home front, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we have all services. we exist to help all of the military family emergency and financial need. so, this is additional and permanent houses. >> four years ago tony
8:20 am
stewart, good day philadelphia, we had a moment and were you doing another program. >> oh, yeah. >> and they were chartering and i said let me, give up. so i joined them in philadelphia. i response or 10 miles of the program. and then from there i went and do some more locally. >> we inspired you. >> yes, 30 years later. >> hopefully we're inspiring more people this morning with our fox 29 solutes the military. >> yes. >> why don't we continue this in two minutes. >> we will be right back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
8:23 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at ♪ >> it is like a marine has joined the strangers, that group out there. >> oh, yeah. >> alex is hanging out with them right now. lets get back outside to
8:24 am
market street. >> hi there mike, i'm out here getting to know people in the big crowd. there are a lot of families out here showing their support. we will go to melissa. hi. >> hi. >> did you make this poster. >> yes. >> so tell me what is it, he is in the just a marine he is my brother. toll us about your brother. >> he is a lance corporal. >> where is he right now. >> he is serving in japan he is serving in japan. >> wow. >> did you put this together because you you wanted him to see it. >> yes. >> very nice. it is a beautiful poster. >> are you mom. >> i'm mom. >> hi mom. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> so lets take a look at this. >> this is for all of the troops. i wanted to say thank you to everyone. >> is there so many families. >> absolutely. >> i'm very appreciative of all they do for us. >> beautiful poster. >> thanks so much for showing us. >> we have another family here, hello, how are you guys. >> lets take a look at the
8:25 am
sign. >> who will talk to me. >> are you mom. >> yes, i'm mom. >> what is your name. >> erika. >> this is anthony, alay and alycia. >> are they all yours. >> yes good they all look patriotic. what motivated you to come out this morning. >> their daddies in the military, their grandfather is in the military and their uncle is in the military. >> how are you. >> i'm fantastic. >> this is the the best thing that could have happened today. shut out to my son, dwayne serving in afghanistan with the 152 aviation group. >> so the posters did the kids put this all together. >> yes. >> it is children of the servicer, niece and nephew of the solder, grandchildren of a solder. >> that is a beautiful thing. >> you served too. >> yes. >> i'm a proud wife of the solder. >> we can see your pride. >> i'm a leash. >> a proud wife of an army
8:26 am
solder, proud army wife. >> we can tell you are proud and we are all so proud of them. it is so nice to see you guys. we will go to break, we will be right back. honor of my son, grand dad, family members and friend everybody who served in the family members and friend everybody who served in the united states military,
8:27 am
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes.
8:28 am
tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
8:29 am
coming up at 8:30, on this fox 29 solutes the military day. boy, it is a glorious day. >> we are taking a live look outside our studio. that big banner, fox 29 solutes the military. the bandies still going. >> oh, they are good. they are called strangers. >> oh, okay. >> they play all over the northeast actually. >> they are no strange tore good music, they are playing the hits. >> no matter what the era is,
8:30 am
they do a lot of weddings and stuff like that. >> i believe sue is right there by them, sue. >> mike, i have a gift for you, yet another look at our eagles cheerleaders. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> hi, mike. >> we are so excited about our eagles, this sunday at 4:00 o'clock. we will win it, yes. why not. thank you so much for being part of our solute to the military. it is wonderful to have you here. >> thank you, we are having a awesome time. >> meeting lots of people, taking pictures. come on down you can meet the cheerleaders. >> thank you guys. >> thank you. >> lets get to the weather. because you need me to tell you how beautiful it is outside this morning. the bus stop buddy is definite the liz smiling with temperatures that are in the 50's and it is now, starting to inch in the 60's a little bit. so instead of yesterday's three we have a nine out of ten. it really is a gorgeous
8:31 am
morning, there are a few place west fog and in lancaster and it is 58 here in the city. fifty-six atlantic city. 57 degrees in wildwood. so, ready to get out the and join us this morning, and, then, the rest of the the day. 77 degrees, plenty of sunshine, tonight, the the le will be in the mid 50's in the city. chillier in the suburbs. the wait until you see the weekend forecast, if you haven't heard already it is a return to summertime. we have a lot of fun happening here, go eagles on sunday, and lets see how roads are going with caitlin ross, taking care of traffic this morning. >> sue, thanks very much. looking good. not so good in camden tenth street and pearl street the the latest accident that came in causing a couple delays just use some caution. also 295 north bound we have an accident there blocking the left lane.
8:32 am
we are very jacked up northbound 295, between 206 and then further on approaching 195. that will really slow you down. it is on the shoulder though. that is at least some good news n douglass back into pennsylvania this is montgomery county route 100 southbound at gloucester street. we have an accident there involving an overturn vehicle. i-95 southbound lets head there, we will come to a tacony palmyra bridge a disable vehicle with the left lane block on 95 southbound. that will slow you up too, mike. well, this is a special moment on our show at 8:32. it is an athletic competition we have known but for years but unlike any other. >> it is called warrior games and it uses the the power of sports to help wounded injured service members and veterans to recover together and get more involved with their communities. joining us new to tell us more about this inspirational event is a local at lead piece in the game christopher deangelo. good morning, welcome back to philly. >> good morning, thanks for
8:33 am
having me. >> make us proud. where are you, colorado springs. >> colorado springs right now, at the olympic training center. >> before we talk about the particular events you are participating in, tell us about your service. how long ago did you get involved in the military. >> back in 2,000, my grandfather served before me and he inspired me to join. i have just been enjoying every moment ever since. >> what does it the mean to you you to serve. >> it is a great honor. to be able to serve our country, what i love, be happy with everything, that i do, it is just an honor, and, you know, to know that i'm doing something great for our country and people before me helped pave the way. i'm truly blessed. >> if you don't mind, lets go back in time a little bit, back to january of 2008. you are serving as a gunner in iraq and what happens.
8:34 am
>> well, we were just on a reconn mission, trying to get supplies to our guys, and i saw a sparkling object out of the corner of my right eye. i turned to one of the rest have the guys and roadside ied hit us pretty hard and, that is about all i remember from that incident. bits and piecees were told me after that. >> so how is your hearing. i know you lost hearing for a little while. >> i'm deaf in my left ear. but you learn to adapt and overcome, and deal with what you got. >> i know you had nerve damage, and the left side was numb and paralyzed for quite a while, you have dealt with ptsd, three years of recovery from that. how are you doing right now. >> i'm doing great. the wounded war your program has helped me tremendously. the air force has done, leaps
8:35 am
and bounds what they have until now and just healing through sports is just amazing. >> and speaking of sports, you are doing the the warrior games. what inspired you to join and do this. >> well, when i first joined, i had no eye tea what i was getting myself if to. one of my chiefs, chief richardson actually pushed me into it and oh, man what a great feeling to be part of the warrior games. i did the first one and to be invited back to do this one is this one. >> i'll be shooting air pistol, playing wheelchair basketball and volleyball. >> you do it all. >> so what is training like for all of those events. >> it is hard, it is real tough, physically and mentally. it is licensing days but it is great training, we're all there to help each other and
8:36 am
everybody is normal together. >> is your wife inn three kids were they able to make it to column will rag owe springs or not. >> my son and my sister are going to join me on this trip. >> good, wonderful. >> you have some support. >> speaking of support there is like 200 athletes who come together for the warrior games. >> oh, yeah. >> well, best of luck to you, we're rooting you home here in philly. >> thanks. if you need to find out more forgo to warrior games, or like i saw on facebook asw2. >> we will keep track of you you over weekend and report on monday how you you did. >> thanks for your service. >> 8:36. still ahead, come down to fourth and market. we have another hour and a half here, the food is a plenty out here and all sorts of interesting kind of interactive entering on like this right here
8:38 am
8:40 am
listen to this, there has been a fire, breaking news out of chicago, illinois. a fire broke out in the basement of an air traffic control facility that kind of controls, partially controls, air traffic going in to midway, smaller airport in chicago and then one of the largest airports in the world, o'hare. >> yes. >> so we have learned a man was found in the basement of that control center with self inflict wounds and, of course, this is causing big delays at several airports, including here at philly international. >> yeah. >> if you go to those destinations. >> i would think every airport in the eastern part of the country will be affect by this. you know how much traffic goes through o'hare. >> yes. >> so, people have have been taken the two hospital for treatment, because of that smoke or fire. another person was taken to the hospital, smoke inhalation, will stay on top
8:41 am
of this breaking news and give you an update because so many people travel from this part of the country through chicago to go to just about every where. >> very big hub. >> especially for united and american. it is 8:41. another round of air strikes reported in syria overnight. united states led strikes are taking aim at oil facilities controlled biasis for second night in the row. joining me now to talk about these strikes, chris wallace of "fox news" sunday, chris, welcome to philadelphia i don't know if you heard bit, we are having a solute to the military day as we do every september, big crowd out here, chris? >> well, terrific. let me join all of you in thanking them for their services. we certainly have put them to work over the course of what the last 13 years and we honor their service. weak talk bit on sunday. obviously the new war, that we are in, and that is what it is, with isis and especially in syria now. we will have the latest on
8:42 am
actions as you say air strikes overnight. i suspect there will be some more this weekend. we will talk to jack keen who will give us a real sense of where battle feel stand new and howie effective these air strikes are. we will talk to a couple have of top senators when it comes to national security issues and then obviously eric holder, big story, his resignation as attorney general and our power player of the week, we will be jell with us this one. i got to sit down with reese whither spoon about a great new movie she's starring in call the good lie about the lost boys of sudan. >> wow. >> pretty packed show. >> that is great, you know on a serious news day here i would be remiss if i didn't bring up the fact that we smoke the redskins last weekend and now what happened last night, chris, i mean seriously the the new york giants, seriously. >> well, let me just say we got killed and we did in the play well last night, and i wouldn't say you smoke us a
8:43 am
week ago it was an all out donnybrook. you guys cheated, and in the end we lost by three points and you are home. >> how is your friend chris baker. he is playing. i think he came out of that better than nick fels did. >> what a hit. >> wow. >> all right. we will be watching, sunday chris, thanks. >> you bet. >> looking for work after life broad, it is in the just about finding a job for our vets but a sense of belonging. coming up, a local employer giving our soldiers a fresh start. i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle
8:44 am
raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. one of the most disheartening things when we talk to military personnel sometimes they have a difficult time getting jobs when they come back. >> of course, starting a job after serving in the military noise easy task. >> so steve keeley found one local business that is doing their part to help our brave local men and with men get their start, when they come back.
8:47 am
>> reporter: bill himman was a black hawk helicopter pilot flying missions all around the world. now out of the military but still flying high again providing cover for fellow soldiers. these all coming home to quickly learned that searching for a job in the civilian career can be as long and hard as finding bin laden. >> we have been searching for a while, we are realizing how difficult it is. >> with wars ending and veterans returning home by tens of thousands at the same time there are more vets needing more jobs. >> once you have that flood of people, you only need to hire so many veterans for one position, so it toss get difficult when everybody comes home at once. >> over next five years there will be a couple hundred thousand members of the military each year transitioning out. >> reporter: all michael martinez could fine was a cashier job, taking fast food orders and in the taking home much money. until a fast career turn around, after michael fun bill
8:48 am
himman's patriot connections. they fun him a solid career at bensalem's class enterprises. >> everything happening quickly once i had the actual help and resources. >> i sought out patriot connections thinking hey i can find a great employee plus benefit these guys that put their life on the line for country. >> reporter: josh, president of the enterprises whose mine was as clear as his company's perfect polish glass when it came to finding his best staff and, trying to give back to those who gave it their all for josh and rest of the country in the mess dangerous spots in the world. >> i could never to what these guys do. i could never have gone overseas, away from my family and put my life on the line the way they to. being able to help them in a small way when they come back starting to build a career and potentially an opportunity it does give you a great sense of, warmth and accomplishment that you you are to go something for these guys in helping them out. >> reporter: what josh found in michael and all of the
8:49 am
other vets that bill recommended is think bring other traits thatters just don't have have. >> hard work, team players, people that embrace technology, thinking outside the box, that can figure out how to get any job done no matter how hard. >> the guys in the in military are the best guys that i have found. >> an employer quickly realize they have individuals that can run circles around some other employees. >> take the plan and the the dedication, and their willingness to put in a hard day's work what we do is manufacturing. the it is old fashion with your hand manufacturing and it has work with these guys as taking to and they really put their heart into the. it is hard to find people willing to put in a hard gritty day's work but these veterans are the guys that are really taking on that challenge and want to go do that, after putting time in. >> he wears his company name over his heart and helping his fellow vets in his heart taking on a new duty to keep serving those who have already
8:50 am
served all of us. not just finding them a good job but a good sense of accomplishment and real sense of belonging back in the real world helping america's companies and helping america's best men and women all at the same time trying to save people in a new different way did he with that black hawk, finding companies, their best and brightest and finding those vets a new sense of duty and loyalty. in bensalem, steve keeley evening fox 29 naus. >> thank you for your service again now that you are back home in bensalem there. my goodness. >> there is something a lot of people don't think b so far, it is wonderful when help go and serve but when they come back it is whole other journey they have to deal with. >> yes. >> over a hundred thousand of them come back into the work force over the next 12 months. 8:50. now we have a big, wide shot here, mark is closed, by the
8:51 am
way between third and fourth and it will stay that way until after 10:00 o'clock so come down because there is music. and tons of food. by the way, there is about 50 gallons of dunkin' donuts coffee. >> free. >> i will go get one right now. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
8:52 am
8:53 am
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fox 29 solutes the military and i have been learning all about the sea cadets and here is senior chief washington, tell us what sea cadets do. >> sea cadets, they are caught a nautical lifestyle without the obligation to serve. everything i learned, this is what they are taught and it helps to be, a cadet, one day graduating from high school. >> you are right there at the navy yard. you are retired navy yourself.
8:55 am
>> yes, i am please introduce your mascot. >> my mascot is daisy. >> thank you, so much. daisy is just the cutest thing ever. look at her. she has been having a good time handling the crowds very, very well. >> yes. >> she is a rescue. thanks for bringing her done. thanks very much. sea cadets, they are wonderful and a great group of of kids right the here, now lets take a look at our weather. our bus stop buddy, welshing we have bus stop buddy last time. today we will talk about the fog still here in lancaster. temperatures are starting to rise, finally, now that the sunnies out. we will see temperatures move in the 40's and 50's. high of 77 today. in the 80's over the weekend. lets look at traffic with caitlin, hey. >> so cute, sue. absolutely adorable. thanks very much for showing us daisy and everything else. lets go to camden where we have an accident at tenth street at pearl street.
8:56 am
an accident causing slow downs in the part of camden. now also on 295 northbound we have been following an accident as 295 approaching 206, we have an accident blocking left lane, new on the shoulder but damage is done. we are seeing stack ups for a licensing while on 295 heading toward 195. also, in douglass montgomery county route 100 southbound at grocer street, we have an accident involving an overturn vehicle. just into east norriton, white hall road a at west germantown pike there is a an accident in the area there. that is your final look at traffic and roads this friday morning as we look live at market street closed down as we solute military here at fox 29
8:57 am
8:58 am
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what a glorious day as far
9:00 am
as weather is concern. >> sunnies shining. >> it is great. >> a huge turnout. this is our best turnout ever. let's start this hour, with a kind of a shout out to all branches of the military that are here with us. let's start with a celebration. >> we are here with general gray and sergeant taylor, hello. >> how are you doing. >> shout out to you guys. >> now, is that a flag ceremony. >> i got the opportunity to go on a mission in afghanistan, so, to show me our appreciation for major general craig, i flew a flag on flag day june 14th, 2014 over the skies of kandahar on 57 bravo, and i would like to thank you again for allowing me to have that opportunity to fly in afghanistan. >> thank you very much. we have a number of these flags, flown on aircraft in combat missions, ape we will add this to our collection, sergeant taylor, thank you very much.