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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  September 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good morning. breaking news overnight three people sent to the hospital after a three car crash, what police are saying this morning. then a permanent local ceo and his wife are found dead after a house fire. now investigators are looking for tips into what may have
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killed them. the news is rocking the local medical community. >> unaudible. >> video applications heating up as students vei for competitive internships. they are looking for ways to stand out. what that girl managed to do just by jumping at the challenge, coming up in the trend. all right. good day, it is monday september 29th, 2014. i hope you had a fabulous weekend. thank you for waking up with us this morning. >> if yesterday wasn't a ten i don't know what was. >> it was gorgeous. >> yep. >> sue, you are doing weather by the numbers. >> now yesterday was a ten, in my opinion, and in weather by the numbers it is always our opinion. we're going with eight today. it will be great. sunshine, still warm. but there will be plenty of times when you see more clouds than sun. still a good looking day. 59 degrees in allentown. sixty in reading. fifty-nine in pottstown. 64 degrees in philadelphia we
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will have 61 in wright town and 62 in atlantic city where they are experiencing dense fog and dense clouds to start your day. that rain is out to the west ape southwest. we are not expecting to make it here at all. so, for today, after yesterday, autumn, really, i don't think so. didn't feel like it at all. got to 86 degrees yesterday. eighty to i gaw of the clouds and wind west at 5 miles an hour. so that is your forecast for monday, we will get through this one okay. lets see about the roads though, 295 northbound ramp to route 13 southbound there is construction, down there in delaware, that has the ramp closed. now to new jersey in egg harbor township garden state parkway southbound, past the northfield pleasantville exit, the overturned vehicle has now cleared and back to delaware, in stanton, stanton christiana road at delaware park boulevard a pole is down and right lane is block, kerry. >> sue, thanks. >> 5:03. breaking news this morning out of montgomery county crews on
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the scene of a fire, on east windsor circumstance until upper dublin. fire started at 3:00 this morning. it took fire fighters about an hour to get it under control. it looks pretty well under control a this point. there are in reports of any injuries but in word what started it the either. police investigating a suspicious death in university city. they say a body was found inside a home on the 4,000 block of sansom street, just before 11:00 last night and still not clear how a person died or who discovered a body. also breaking news, police investigating an overnight multi vehicle accident that happened just after 12:30 in the juniata section of the city. three people were taken to temple hospital, police say one of the drivers is being tested for intoxication. 5:03 is your time. a lot of questions about this as investigators are looking into what caused the death of the beloved health care leader in new jersey. >> yes, cooper health system
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ceo john sheraton, and his wife joyce were found dead after a fire rather set in their home in somerset county. early sunday morning is when it was first discovered fire contained to the upstairs bedroom where two of them were found. the cause of their death and of the fire not yet ceremony. an autopsy is scheduled, somerset county prosecutor is investigating with the montgomery township police department and a few other agencies as well. new this morning one man dead after being gunned down in the germantown home. >> now police investigating whether that shooting is drug related. police say victim was targeted at his home in the 100 block of west manhim street around 9:00 last night. the 52 year old was shot twice and later pronounced dead shortly after # 30:00. 9:30. officers were able to spot him minutes after it happened. >> fourteenth district police about half a mile away observed a male fleeing the
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description jump out of the black cadillac and start fleeing on foot. the 14th district police happened ton in the right place, at the right time, spotted this male. went in the foot pursuit, caught this male. the male had two handguns in his possession. we brought one of the witnesses to the homicide to that location where our suspect was, positively identified, as the shoot are. some other relatives at home during the shooting were not hurt but police say they did find drug paraphernalia inside, and police say the shooter had two guns on him, one of them, they say he stole from the victim. right the now philadelphia police are searching for the hit and run driver who struck a little girl, in the mantua section of the city. >> that is where fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at chop where the victim is being treated. how is she doing? >> reporter: we're hearing the victim is in serious condition at chop. difficult get word from police that she is expect to survive. police are trying to locate the hit and run driver who put her into this situation. police think they have identified the vehicle
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involved in this hit and run. they released an image to us last night a picture taken by five witness. it is of a lime green, mitsubishi out lander with a license plate number jky-7458. police say that carries believed to have struck a seven year-old girl last night just before 7:00 p.m. the accident happened at forty-second and penns grove street, details related to the crash are not yet clear but police tell us that the child was transported to children's hospital of philadelphia where she is again in serious condition. the vehicle was last seen traveling east bound on girard from 38th street, and while the child recovers, here at chop, police will continue to look for the hit and run driver. if you can help them with this investigation give them a call, chris and kerry. >> jennifer joyce live for us, thank you. an eight year-old delaware girl remains in the hospital after the family pit bull attacked. this happened saturday afternoon on abilene avenue in newark. the girl's 15 year-old cyst
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death for the that dog off and help stop the child's bleeding. the girl was taken to ai du pont before being air lifted to children's hospital. she's in critical condition. the dog was put down. 5:07 this morning. two men are wanted for shooting a police officer in ferguson, missouri. authorities do not believe it was related to the deadly police shooting of 18 year-old michael brown back in august. police say on saturday night 29 men were stack outside a closed community center. as the officer approached 29 of them took off. police say one turned around and shot the officer in the arm. protests are still going on in ferguson over the shooting of michael brown. tragedy strikes a texas community college where four members of the north central texas college women's softball team has been killed in an accident. police say that a tractor trailer crossed the center median and collided with the teen's van. the driver of the van survived. police say that the driver of the tractor trailer told investigators that he was
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distract. 5:07. investigators believe a carbon monoxide leak may have been led to the death of the family in utah. relative found bodies on have the five people, which includes a man, woman and three children. according to reports victims were all found in the parent's bedroom and neighbors say the family was not well known in that community. >> it is pretty close k nit neighborhood and so it was a little odd that we didn't know them but, you know, you have to respect each others privacy so i just thought maybe they were just really private people. >> do you have one of these in your home? police are reminding people to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes regardless of which state they live in. a 70 year-old man crashes his atv -- excuse me, plunging in the mine shaft force ing fire fighters to pull off a daring rescue. it happen in the remote area in sacramento, california. the driver of that quad hit a tree stump and fell 30 feet
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in the mine shaft. bashed wire was suspended the vehicle over him, that bashed wire surrounds the mine so people don't fall in and it did stop the quad but it didn't stop the driver. fire fighters had to call in a technical rescue team to help. they used a harnessing system to lift him back to safety. 5:09. lets look at other stories making news around the world. president obama is acknowledging u.s. intelligent agencies underestimated threat from isis and overestimated the ability and will of the iraq's army to fight n an interview with 60 minutes, president obama says militant who have gone than ground after being beaten in iraq were able to regroup during the syrian civil war. the president also acknowledged the contradiction in syria. u.s. led coalition is helping president assod whom the u.n. has accused of war crimes. 5:09. hong kong government has
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pulled back police and pro democracy demonstrators who have taken over many city streets. officials say it is worst unrest hong kong has ever seen since china took back control of the sit friday great britain in 1997. these protesters are demonstrate ago begins beijing's decision to limit, democratic reform. 5:10. eagles are now three-one on the season after falling to the 49ers in san francisco. >> the eagles special teams did their part in the game, of course, scoring on a touchdown and on a block punt. another on this punt return by darren sproles what a pick up he was. but the 49ers would fight back and take the lead in the second half. eagles had a chance to win late in the fourth quarter but could not get in the end zone ton plays from 29-yard line. they do throw both times a lieutenant of criticism of chip kelly in not trying to run it in the end zone.
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49ers win the game 26-21. >> they should have had this game, special teams and defense. hats off to a defense. they did a great job in this game. i have to say, nick foles was a little off the mark, all game. >> sue serio, good morning were you watching the game. >> i was in bed by the fourth quarter but i did see it. yeah, i think a lot of us were expecting it will happen at the end of the game just like it has before. it was close but not cigar. so, there is always next week, home game coming up with the rams, this sunday at the link. so, here's what to expect with your weather, this morning. there is some fog in the suburbs. mostly in southern new jersey, otherwise, cloudy, comfortable to start. won't have to bundle up, at the the bus stop. some sunshine this afternoon but a lot have clouds still warm but just not as hot because of those clouds. for the the middle of the week we have some showers starting tomorrow night and probably lasting into wednesday with a cold front that will cool
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things down for us a little bit. that is your weather. you didn't think 80's were going to last forever, did you? it is almost 5:12. we were hoping n stanton, delaware stanton christiana road at delaware park boulevard a pole is down and right lane is block, right there. chris? >> 5:12 is your time. bring your appetite and your guns, restaurant offering up discount for those bearing arms?
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it is happening today, a man accused of beheading a woman at an oklahoma food processing plant is expect to be charged with first degree murder. alton nolandis accused of attacking her and stabbing a second woman after being fired from the pant on thursday. the company's ceo shot noland ending the attack. he and the second victim are now recovering in the hospital. fbi is investigating noland's potential ties to radical islam. faa expects flight schedules to improve a fire disrupted air travel this weekend. 500 flights were canceled at chicago's o'hare yesterday, and midway. at the height of the ordeal on friday, some 2,000 flights were grounded disrupting travel, across the country. now police say a contract employee, set a fire at an air
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traffic control center attempting to commit the suicide. meanwhile faa hopes that at the center to be fully repaired in three weeks. fire disrupted how flight plans are distributed. upper darby, jaw dropping accusations against a mother. police say that she arranged and then watched a fight between her daughter and a school mate. the prosecutors charged this woman 36 year-old nicole holden with disorderly conduct, and corruption of minors. that fight happened friday afternoon, in gas station parking lot. the officers say that the her daughter and other girl apparently were fighting over a boy. police say holden told them that school administrators were not helping settle their beef, so she decided todd help them do it on their own. neither of the girls are seriously hurt. a restaurant in louisiana offering a unique discount for the customers. if you bring in your gun or a gun, i guess, will get 10 percent off your meal. the owners of the idea says it
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started as a way to say thank to you local law enforcement but soon other gun carrying customers started asking for the the discount and the restaurant was happy to oblige. >> banning guns, and don't they realize that is what people will guns will go. i want to see the opposite approach. >> so many people think guns are wrong, and stricter gun laws and they forget that we really do, we were given the right and constitution to keep and bear arms. >> the the restaurant says that it gives out 15 to 20 discounts a day. time right now 5:17. u.s. doctor exposed to the ebola virus while working in sierra leon is now being treated here in maryland. but the doctor is being observed at the national institutes of health after arriving in maryland yesterday. nih says doctor is admitted to the specialize lacing unit out of an abundance of caution but officials have not yet
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confirmed whether the doctor is infect with the virus. four other american doctors or aid workers infect while working in west after rick calf been treated in hospitals in georgia, and in nebraska. police are warning people in parts of the south jersey to be on the look out for a new form of heroin that is hitting the streets. the cops say heroin pills are popping up around pitman, new jersey. the pills are a bluish green color, each filled with a capitol m with the box around it on one side. on the opposite side there is the number 30. police say that they are made from crushed oxycodone or percocet and then mixed with her win. police say they are no joke, very, very dangerous. >> i'm sure they are. 5:19. colorado health officials say a respiratory illness affecting young kids is getting worse. nine kids in denver have experienced limb weakness and even paralysis after coming down with entero virus 68. colorado department of public health says it is uncommon to
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have nine cases of such a rare complication in an area like denver but we'd like to remind parents that it is, in fact, still very rare. >> don't panic, you know, we're doing very thorough investigation with the cdc and we will be sure to let folks know if there is more reason to be more concerned. >> the nine children range in age from one to 18 years old. 5:19. parents of small children in south jersey probably know it very well, this play ground is within of the hottest play spots in the entire area. >> it is a place where children with and without disabilities can all play together, as fox 29's sabina kuriakose tells us another play ground just like it is in the works. >> reporter: a boundless playground for all kids, that is vision of the cherry hill's jake's place named after jim and lynn cummings grandson. >> he was such a bright, happy little boy and he was never
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happier then when he was at the playground. >> reporter: little jake was born with half a heart. but his legacy lives on in the playground made for kids with disabilities. still jake's place executive director arthur aston uses wheelchair or crutch toes walk. he knows challenging with kids with disabilities face. >> it vice hurtful being a child and not being able to do what your friends are able to do. it is great because children accept everyone. so when children are out here and they see someone on the play ground with the wheelchair they don't care. they want to know can i push you, how can i help you get to the sliding board or to the bridge. >> reporter: jake's place 5k run and walk is raising money for a new play ground, this one in delran. one in cherry hill is a huge success. organizers say is there still a big need for place test play for kids with special needs.
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one, two, three... >> we play baseball on the baseball field over here, he loves that. he thinks that all of the people that play baseball are all of his friend. he looks forward to seeing them every week. >> reporter: boundless baseball field next door give athletes a die machine to play on but its next project they hope to give all this opportunity to even more kids. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. your monday morning, it is starting off in the bad at all. it is pretty comfortable out there for second to the last day of september, i know, september is almost over. with did that go? 58 degrees in pottstown. fifty-six in mount pocono. here in the city, it is six 46789 we have 62 in wilmington. fifty-eight in millville. sixty-one in wrightstown this morning. not bad at all and visibility we only that have one area of fog, well, actually two,
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atlantic city and millville where we're sock in for you this morning. so our seven day forecast, it has a little bit of rain. it will be mostly in the the middle of the week. sunny. not too bad today. some sunshine on thursday, and then look at this, sunday as we get even cooler by the weekend. it will be football weather with temperatures only in the 60's during the day. that is your seven day forecast, at 5:22. we will start off traffic in stanton again in delaware, and this is stanton christiana road at delaware park boulevard. a pole is down and has the right lane blocked. luckily it is early so it is not slowing folks down too much, kerry. >> very good, sue. >> 5:22. one student is hoping that her video application will land her, her dream intern ship and she's going to great heights to stand out. it is coming up in the trend
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good morning. 5:25. investors are hoping to keep wall street on a roll. dow jones up 167 points on friday enclose to close at 17,100. s and p added 17 points to land at 1928. nasdaq gained 45 points to end at 4400. the government meanwhile releasing numbers for a personal income and spending for august later today. some good news for coffee lovers, today is national coffee day, and dunkin' donuts would like to you try their new dark roast, for free. later on good day dunkin'
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donuts will be outside of our fox 29 studios at fourth and market here in olde city philadelphia giving out free coffee to help get a bit of the jump. >> do you like dunkin' donuts coffee. >> i do. >> i don't. >> what do you like. >> i like pete's coffee, it is nice and strong. >> it noise secret, u.s. postal service needs to raise some serious cash and it has got a plan that it hopes will do just that. >> coastal service wants to start delivering groceries tour door. financial experts say it might just be the money maker that the postal service needs. postal service says its proposal to regulatory commission last week and hoping to get permission to begin testing this idea next month. national experts say postal service has the the trucks, warehouses and the employees to pull this off. shoppers, they have varying views. >> it could be a boom for everybody fit is played right and if people still believe in the mail. >> especially in the city,
5:27 am
carrying my deliveries autopsy the stairs. >> i don't trust them to deliver mail why would i trust them to deliver food that could make me sick. >> see i don't agree with that. i get everything i need. the bills come true. the postal workers would not select and bag your produce. would you place your order on line and grocery stores would bring your groceries to the post office which would then, deliver them to your home. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> a baby, born in a car, as it speeds down i-95 in delaware. mom, grand mom, sister all on hand to tell the the amazing story. then local medical community is mourning the the loss of a beloved leader, how he and his wife died that has investigators now looking into this.
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this is the "name your price" tool.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at well, we're outside cooper hospital with the lead story this morning, still the big story from yesterday, question new jersey political pur full want to know how did the cooper health ceo and his wife die in their bedroom. shock and sadness from camden to the state capitol as autopsies may hold the answers, chris? >> steve, kids trapped by flames in the local apartment complex how a grandfather's quick thinking saved young lives. and they score for the first time since 1992, but the eagles ended up breaking their winning streak. our keith russell explains exactly what went wrong in
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sports in a minute. i'll tell what you went wrong the special teams and defense did all the of the scoring. oh, boy. we will get into that in a minute. good day everyone. it is monday september 29th, 2014. >> glad you are with us on this beautiful machine morning. sue is joining with us weather and traffic on the one's. >> we will get our first look at the morning at your pal and mine bus stop buddy. buddy is not wearing a jacket today. we think it will be comfortable enough, you know how warm it was over the weekend have the comfortable enough he won't need sweat shirt today. tomorrow may be different story but just for today polo shirt is a good idea. we have temperatures in the 60's, a few in the 50's. in weather by the numbers we will give you an eight out of ten. we are looking at sunshine. still warm. more clouds then sun at times, and you can see the clouds on the satellite radar picture. is there the the storm system to the the south. we do not expect to make it here in time for today, closest to rain we could find
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is in the central part of the state and it is not even that much. so 65 degrees in philadelphia right now. sunrise time 6:55 this morning as the days continue to get shorter. the first week end of autumn, really, with 84 degrees on saturday and 86 on sunday, wow, today is going to be about 80. some sun but a lot of cloud around, still warm though, with that high around 80 and 62 degrees on another comfortable night. is there your fox cast from the weather authority, why don't we check traffic on this monday morning, and, galloway township in new jersey, garden state parkway north bound between atlantic city service areas and route 575 pamona construction there has the right lane block. now over to delaware in stanton christiana road at delaware park boulevard. pole is still down. right lane is still block. kerr i. >> all right sue, thank you. 5:32. breaking news out of montgomery county crews on the scene of the fire on east wind circumstance until upper dublin.
5:33 am
the fire started at 3:00 o'clock this morning. it took them an hurry to get it under control. it looks like it pretty much out n word on what started it at this point either. police are investigating a multi vehicle accident overnight that happened shortly after 12:30 this morning in the juniata section of the city. three people were taken to temple hospital. police say one of the driver is being tested for intoxication. the the city of camden and its medical community are mourning loss of the camden county executive and his wife. >> steve keeley live in camden with much more on this story a lieutenant of questions about what actually happen, steve. >> reporter: mourning goes statewide and last for generalizations this guy served since 1970 administration of william cahill. this man was governor 70 to 74 when cahill was in office. the john shore ton devoted a life of public service. seven two-year old cooper ceo was going to retire. john sheraton's 69 year-old
5:34 am
wife retired from the south brunswick new jersey public school system where she was a teacher for decade. their house here in the upper middle class trenton suburb, neighbors waiting like everybody else for answers, coming hopefully after autopsy as and they wondered what happened. the the county prosecutor's office is asking the public to call their tip line if anyone has any information, on the sheraton's death, plus it says its arson task force and major crimes units are investigating the case. all of that may be just routine but it doesn't sound so routine to neighbors who tell us there was in fire or flames but just smoke and authorities say fire contained to the couple's second floor bedroom inside of their home already nicely decorated for halloween more than a month away. >> it was just quiet, nice neighbors, and that always said hello, always said hello to the kid. >> great neighbors, great people. they cared. the just cared, you know, but the whole neighborhood loved them, halloween they had a
5:35 am
whole halloween spread where they would invite kids in. they would have their house all scary and. and they had their christmas village. all of the kids knew they could get there halloween, christmas and they would be welcome. it was a fun place. they were special people. >> reporter: mr. sheraton started at coupe inner 2005, nine years ago, only as a senior vp but then rose within three years to be president and ceo in 2008. as we come back live to the camera and until that time you can see if you have in the been to camden lately, cooper has really expanded all the way up to broadway towards philadelphia and then as we pan to the left, all the way down to route 676. bigger, and blocks wider and way bright inner that desolate city with all of the lights here. hundreds of millions spent on expansion, including new jersey's first new medical school, in more than 30 years. and at 72 he said he was going to retire soon finally after a long life of public service.
5:36 am
the public now waits for answers as to what caused governor christie called the sheraton's tragic death, kerry and chris. >> steve keeley live in camden, thank you. meantime search for survivor list accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper shifted over the weekend. authorities say the search area in the pocono mountains has moved slightly to the the south east but they are not saying why. manhunt for 31 year-old eric frein is now in the 17th day. police say frein, opened fire on the blooming grove trooper barracks killing one trooper and seriously injuring another. authorities believe that they have frein now contained, to within a five square mile area. they think he is armed with at least one high powered rifle and might have booby trap the woods. one person is in custody following suspicious fire in mt. airy. the fire broke out at this stenton avenue apartment building just before 2:30 sunday morning. it doesens of fire fighters arrived within minutes rescuing a family trapped inside. one resident tells fox 29 at
5:37 am
first many people thought it was a false alarm. >> i think this is real. get out, get out. >> people screaming, panicking trying to jump. >> two people were hurt. fire fighters say there were two fires, one on the first floor and other on the second floor. investigators believe they were intentionally set. 5:37. human waste flowing through the streets of one florida town? so what went wrong? >> how far would you go to land your dream job, one student vying for a competitive internship takes her application video to new heights, that is coming up in the trend.
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time right now is 5:41. look at olde city for you. >> yes, bought full this morning. >> seven people are safe after being rescued when their boat capsized off the coast of florida. >> the group participating in a children's fishing tournament when their boat, overturn, with kids ranging between four and five. they had to be pulled a shore saturday on santa bell island. boat's engine quit working and waves push them further out. both hours used cell phones to get help, officials say life jackets, saved their lives. elsewhere in florida a waste waterline is ruptured and causing headaches in one neighborhood. >> this is human waste flowing
5:41 am
down the street and into peoples yards. officials are blaming heavy rain for this overflow. rupture happened right in front of the elementary school. the school has asked to be delayed because of this. >> yes. >> and the area is expect to be impacted for the next few days. well, in the necessarily, impacted, but, you know, they are really letting loose. i'm sorry. >> i have a sense of humor of a 12 year-old boy. >> we got it. >> thank you. >> she does have a dirty mine. >> well, you know, that was a dirty situation a lot of mud around there. temperatures mostly in the 60's but some are in the 50 ease, 65 degrees. sixty-two wilmington. at the shore we have 64 in wildwood. 61 degrees in atlantic city. i did want to show you reduced visibility in a few places,
5:42 am
mostly in south jersey but things have improved in atlantic city. over a mile visibility in millville, new jersey. rain out to the west a lot of cloud cover around this morning, and no rain in the future cast with the rest of the day to day. we are saving that for tomorrow night. so late showers on tuesday, into wednesday, and, then a thursday and friday we will dry off, and then temperatures are in the 70's. so after after that 80 degrees today it won't be warming up. by sunday highs in the 60's. that is your seven day forecast, checking traffic at 5:42. in stanton, christiana road, there is a pole down and the right lane is block there. chris? all right, sue. tough loss for the eagles. so what went wrong that made them lose their winning streak? a lot of people weighing on twitter right now. some things, mark sanchez, others blame referees. we will have have much
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it is quarter of 6:00 right now breaking news out of south philadelphia. police are looking for an armed robber held up a south philadelphia holiday inn. robbery happened a little before 3:30 at the holiday inn on packer avenue. police say a man came in the lobby and stole money from one of the registers. nobody was hurt. phillies wrapped up their season yesterday with another loss. so we will get to sports in a
5:46 am
minute, right now. >> or not. >> well, there is cole. >> here's fox 29 sports in one minute. >> eagles didn't reach mid field in the hail in the fourth quarter and that would be case before the game and you have a shot to win but no. but yes, they did thanks to the special teams and the defense. birds had a block punt, darren sproles punt return for a score and score on defense thanks to malcolm jenkins. the first was an interception. problem was offense didn't score a point the whole game. the 49ers weren't great but they kept chipping away. out scoring the the eagles, 13 to nothing in the second half. the birds, well, they had their shots, two shots from the 1 yard line with less than two minutes left. this right here is the the best they could do. twenty-six-21, perfect start is over. bird fall to three-one. >> our team did a great job on
5:47 am
defense and special teams. they kept us in the game. we will look at this and we will be better for it. i know those guys. we will be a better team because of this. >> times to bounce back next sunday with the rams at the link. >> lets get back to the phillies, if you must, look at the screen, cole hamels what a year he had but got no support. another loss yesterday. hamels just gave up two runs but phillies just could not score. in fact they have scored just once. phillies ended up the the season in last place in the national league east with a identical record to what they had last season. >> yes. >> seventy-three wins, 89 losses. >> they need to turn that around. >> derek jeter has taken his time at bat ever on sunday. >> not quite as impressive as his last home game but what an impressive end, in the red sox fans gave him in recognition of the his whole list of accomplishments.
5:48 am
>> he sure was derek jeter. >> it was. >> there was obviously very bad blood between these two teams but not yesterday, have been bassing can go in the farewell to the captain. jeter had walk off single in the final home game of his career, home game yesterday at his final at bat ever, he got an rbi single against the red sox. callus now first state in the nation to adopt a yes means yes requirement for colleges to follow. when they are investigating sexual assault reports. governor jerry brown announced yesterday that he had signed the bill and rather than using reframe no means no, definition of consent under this bill requires an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. legislation says that silence or lack of resistance does not constitute consent. under the bill, somebody who is drunk, drugged, unconscious or asleep cannot grant
5:49 am
consent. okay 567:89:48. figuring out how to describe your qualifications on the cover letter or resume can be tough. we have one young australian who decided to skip the traditional application nerd to show that she can get the job done. >> unaudible. >> so, this is a 19 year-old her name is anna a student at the university of sidney. she said she wanted to prove her courage, and strength to an australian commerce start up company. no word if she actually landed that intern ship. >> she did. >> complaining about something today? my tight pants, kerry barrett. how about the the eagles game. who you about the refs. how burr boss. how about good day. what do you think of, kerry's hair back today.
5:50 am
i'm trying to get you back. to i day is your day. we are calling it the complaint day. just tweet us your complaints with the hash tag fox 29. >> hair goes up when i had a rush morning, that is how it works. fit is ever up, back or any vision you know i was just pressed for time. >> i'm just kidding. >> so, tweet us, this morning to complain about when the the the light turn green and a second later people honking their horn. >> isn't that true. >> i mean give me a second. >> right to react. >> someone looking down, texting. >> that is one thing. >> so, send in your tweets. new born baby will have quite a story to tell when she gets a little older. >> how many kids can say they were born in the front seat of the lexus speeding down the highway. within baby girl in delaware that is exactly what she can tell. carter marcus was born in the front seat of the lexus going 85 miles an hour in new castle county. her mother went into labor but
5:51 am
carter was not waiting at all. with the help of her mom and 14 year-old sister kelce marcus gave bit to little carter inside of a car as it was moving, before pulling into a rest stop where they were met by paramedics. >> i'm proud have both of my daughters. one, delivered her own baby, healthy and strong and one who helped with the delivery. so i'm just proud of both of them. >> mom dad, baby, carter, they are all in the hospital, and they are all doing just fine. >> do i remember that driving down the road, you know, on the way to the hospital and thinking man, if any police officer pulls you over at this time, they are going to have to give you an escort to the hospital. >> or deliver the baby well, not in my case because it was 36 hours later. >> yeah, so no. >> that is respectful. most men have no pain even nearing that. >> that is right and we will accept your respect. >> it is true.
5:52 am
>> here's your planner for monday. we will see some sunshine today in the early part of the day but increasing clouds as the day goes along. we have the warm weather pattern in place because of the clouds. it won't be quite as warm as yesterday but we will get to 80 degrees. new lets check traffic at 5:52. about time we did so. we will start off with that problem in delaware all morning, stanton christiana road at delaware park boulevard we will play pony's today. right lane is block. could slow you down but kerry, i don't think we're opened yet so we are okay. this little girl is an inspiration to all and cute as a button to boot. she has taken her message about kids with cancer and taking it viral. why she says children battling cancer shouldn't be afraid.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
good morning. you know we're seeing our first gyms at 5:55 of mr. and mrs. george clooney, the newlyweds spotted just one day after exchanging vows. they boarded a water tax any venice, as paparazzi snapped their every move. five three-year old clooney and his 36 year-old attorney/wife amal exchanged vows saturday in the star studded ceremony. they wed less than five months after getting engaged. a five-year old little
5:56 am
girl diagnosed with kidney cancer sending a message of hope to other cancer patients. >> who have undergone now four surgeries in six months of chemotherapy. one grateful little girl she created a you tube commercial encouraging other patients to be brave even when it is so scary. >> i want to be on tv, a lot and i want to be on the newspaper, so people can see how brave i have been during cancer. if you have cancer, don't worry, because i am brave and you can be brave also. >> okay. i love her. my gosh. >> whatever happens today you cannot complain with what this little girl is going through. hanna's message is raising awareness about pediatric cancer. 5:56 is your time. protesters are met with protest in hong kong but now riot police are pulling back. what they are hoping they can change, through demonstrating. and then our jennifer joyce live at the hospital after a little girl was injury in the hit and run, jen, how
5:57 am
is she doing. >> reporter: this seven year-old child is in serious condition recovering here at chop, as you mentioned she was struck by a hit and run driver. down... lower... that's more like it! petsmart's prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food and save up to $8 on your favorite dog & cat food brands.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at three people are hurt in a wild overnight crash in philadelphia and one of the drivers could be in trouble with police. plus, the the president
6:00 am
and ceo of cooper university health care and his i have are dead this morning they he were fund in the bedroom after a fire broke out in a new jersey home. they have a live report. monster truck show overseas turns deadly. new theory about why the the truck veered off course and went straight into a group of onlookers. >> so hard to watch this tough loss for eagles despite scoring three touchdowns, they lost to san francisco yesterday, but head coach chip kelly says is now the problem, good day everybody. it is now monday, september 29th, 2013. it is national coffee day, we will tell you when and where you can get a free cup of joe later this morning. meanwhile we have a lot to get to. good morning. our reporters covering your top stories, steve keeley, following very latest developments in the investigation of the death of the president and ceo of cooper university health care and his wife as well. also jennifer joyce live in an area where police are searching for a hit and run


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