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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  September 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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all right. 5:00 o'clock, before you head to work today check your credit and debit card statements, acme latest company hit by hacker. white white house intruder got further then we first thought. now it puts the secret service
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under some serious scrutiny. >> this little girl is having a tough time, getting it. is her dad able to help her through the nursery rhyme, coming up in the trend. good day. >> do you know that song. >> turn down, for what. good day everybody it is tuesday september 30th, 2014. >> good morning everyone. the lets get to sue serio on top of the weather, top culture and everybody else. >> don't you feel like just watching peoples home movies every day. >> yes. >> home movies that are shot with the explicit intent, of get a rise. >> sometimes. anyway, it is eight out of ten today. i'll get in trouble for that one. seasonal temperatures, more clouds then sunshine a few showers here and there. we are back to the eight out of ten. dense fog advisory for today,
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until 9:00 this morning in lancaster county. a few showers here ape most of the heavy rape from yesterday's system was to our south but we had a few sprinkles moving flaw yesterday. wasn't a big deal. still isn't. as we look at parts of the new castle county delaware and bear delaware we have a lit built have rain this morning. it is in the really that bad at all a. we will get a high of 77 degrees. we will have clouds and some sunshine as well and spotty showers here and there. not a bad day, little bit above average with our temperatures as well, chris. >> sue, thank you. we have breaking news in burlington county, new jersey. police are on the scene of the shooting, in edge water park this happened just about an hour ago and stevenson avenue and cherrick avenue. we are told a 27 year-old man was shot twice in the back at close range and has been rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition or if any arrests have been made. we will have a crew there in a minute and bring you a live
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report when they get in place. at 5:02 police piecing together clue to a late night shooting in the 7700 block have of thorn avenue in north philadelphia. police say an unidentified man was shot three times, in critical condition at temple university hospital. police also say that they recover 11, ak-47 casings and six, 40 caliber round bullets at the scene. check your statements, right? >> yes. >> big warning for you. consumer alert for you a possible data breach at acme grocery stores all over the the place. pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware all their shoppers in these tri-state area are at risk. >> yes, they are, fox 29 steve keeley live in maple shade new jersey with the details, steve. >> reporter: kerry, i'm surprised i don't have a ruin credit because i shop at acme, i shop at home depot and i
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shop at target and tj max and marshals. all those stores have been hit with these data breaches, people stealing the credit card numbers of shoppers of all of those chains. it is either dumb luck or just waiting for somebody to use my name and numbers like everybody else because if you are one of the millions trying to stop spending with credit cards and spending money you don't have here's another reason to cut up your card or keep them in the drawer at home and start using good old crimey dirty american currency because going all cash may keep you from going all out with worry about your credit card numbers, expiration dates and pin numbers becoming duplicated and sold to someone who can shop in your name, far from your neighborhood because acme's parent company super value is latest super chain hit by the modern day credit card crypt night mope at malwear to be short and cyber criminals are attaching that to the payment system to steel all of the numbers from all of the stores key pads at the check out lanes. acme's owner got hit two times this um iser, mid-june to mid-july and then again a
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second time mid-august to mid-september. if you got your groceries at any acmes around philadelphia, new jersey or delaware you should take them up on their offer and get a free year of credit monitoring to make sure no one is somewhere in the world shopping in your name like say switzerland and having a nice time presidential a shopping spree and eating at fine dining establishments in switzerland in your name here in philadelphia, chris and kerry. >> all right thanks steve keeley, appreciate it. lets turn our attention to this happening now. investigators think they have the suspects a accused of killing of a pennsylvania trooper contained to a small area, in the woods. sources tell us that there were sightings of eric frein's campsite or some of his personal belongings were found over weekend. investigators are trying to determine if the man spot by a local police officer might in fact have been frein. police are focusing on and area near his parent's home. frein ace accused of killing
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corporal brian dickson september 12th in an ambush outside state police barracks in pike county. a second trooper was shot and wounded. parent are demanding answers after a preschooler died from than an determine illness last week. concern community pack the auditorium of yardville elementary school in hamilton township last night. many are angry that the school isn't closed until tests determined why this four year eld boy died last thursday. about half of the students stayed home monday amid fear that he died, from a aggressive enter o vei rust. >> no, but look for something like this which is more serious, you know, just terrible for the the family, they don't close the schools. >> we are trying to balance the protecting the privacy of the family and the child, along with the fact that we didn't have a lot of information. >> officials say that initial tests show the the boy did not die from the flu but they are waiting on the cdc: in the
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meantime they have insisted that the school is clean and safe. we have an update on the story we reported yesterday. police recovered the suv involved in the hit and run in mantua on sunday and now they want a driver to turn himself in. seven year-old aurora maclean suffer a broken food and ankle and cuts and bruises when she was hit by the vehicle near forty-second and penns grove street. police describe the driver as a black man in his late to late 40's with facial hair and gray in his beard. a nasty argument between two philadelphia police officers is under investigation. police say it involved, male and female officers from the 18th district according to the internal affairs investigation report, the officers in uniform and on duty, got into a physical confrontation that ended with the female officer injured. >> we take these event very seriously, so therefore, it will be investigated in a serious way. >> the female officer reportedly suffered injuries
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to her face. there was in word whether the male officer return. the mail officer has been, removed from the 18th district and assigned to headquarters honorary strict duty his gun has been taken away. moving on to the latest from the danger in the middle east, isis continuing to advance on the area in syria despite u.s. led coalition air strikes. yesterday that coalition carried out eight air strikes targeting towns and villages in northern and eastern syria that are controlled by militants. one of the strikes hit a silo killing two civilians, would go there. u.s. officials say that silo was used by, militant and they found no evidence of civilian casualties. meantime another strike overnight hitting the entrance of syria's largest gas plant, but didn't damage the facility itself. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is equating threat with isis with the country his threat fridays iran declaring all extremist to be part of the same poisonous treat.
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netanyahu told the u.n. yesterday that their goal, it is global come nation but though in the for all of islam. >> the nazis believed in a master race. the militant islam is believe in the master faith. they just disagree on who among them will be the master of the master faith. >> israeli prime minister went on to say that iran is where militant islam could realize its ambitions ape to leave iran as a potential nuclear battle toys win the the battle but lose the war. man who jumped the white house fence made it much further in the white house then previously thought. washington post now reports that omar gonzales, sprinted through the the front door, overpowered the secret service officer and ran through much of the main floor before being tackled, in the east room. secret service claimed gonzales was quickly detain in the main entrance.
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post says alarm box near the front entrance had been muted at the request of the usher's office. a man jailed in connection with the disappearance of the university of virginia student, could be link to the murder of another young woman. police say that they are now investigating a forensic link between jesse matthew and the 20 year-old college student who was abduct and murdered about five years ago. matthew is charge in the disappearance offhand graham, surveillance video near university of virginia campus shows him with her the night she vanish two weeks ago. yesterday search crews and dogs, and sides of local roads for any sign of graham. we are coming up on 5:11 this morning. the last day of september before we move into the thick of the fall season. >> yes. >> trees have started to change a little bit. >> it is just beautiful, in south jersey, yesterday, doing some golf there in the voorhees area just a beautiful day n wind to speak of at all,
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sue. >> no, it was comfortable. we testify clouds n my house we got a couple sprinkles but not a big deal. that is probably the way it will be this morning. we have a dense fog advisory for lancaster county through 9:00 a.m. checking those visability it is warranted because there is zero visibility in lancaster county right now. 2.5 miles reduced visibility in reading and pottstown, okay in philadelphia but .3 of a mile in allentown moving to the south of us, things looking good, just a little light fog. nothing too dense. one area have of precipitation in new castle county delaware and northeastern maryland but some clouds but not thick included. we get that included on the ground which is fog this morning but just along this part of the i-95 heading down toward baltimore we will get those showers and we have dried up the showers to the south east of us. as we look throughout the rest of the day some daytime
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heating with some sunshine, could generate a little bit of shower activity later in the day but not a big deal but out to the west of us maybe by 1:00 o'clock tonight a shower here and there. by 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we might be seeing a stray shower or two as well but check that seven take forecast lots of improvement into thursday high of 37 degrees. another stronger cold front moves through friday into saturday so we may make it to 70 on saturday but sunday not enclose with the high of 66 degrees, bit of an autumn chill but that is football weather for most of us and that is your weather authority forecast at 12 minutes after 5:00 and we will get to norristown, pennsylvania. west main street at barbados street and there are fluids on the roadway we will hear so use caution when traveling that road this morning.
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is that annoying or what? 7-eleven says maybe it is but it is necessary, what they are trying to ward off with that sound. down... lower... that's more like it! petsmart's prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food and save up to $8 on your favorite dog & cat food brands. at petsmart®.
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we want to get to this breaking news in burlington county, new jersey. you're looking live at police investigating a shooting in edge water park this happened about an hour ago at stevenson avenue and jennifer joyce is on the way and she will have a
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live report in just minutes. 5:15 right now. pro democracy protesters in hong kong setting a wednesday deadline for a response from the government. they would like the government to meet their demand for a genuine democracy, they also want the city's chief execute turf step down. demonstrators say they will announce, new and civil disobedience plans on wednesday which is also a national holiday in china and that means enlarger crowds are expect to flood the streets. turntable here wal-mart is blaming tracie minister again and his friend for not wearing seat belts and when their tractor trailer plowed in the back of the comedian's limo van in june this was revealed in the company's response to morgan's federal lawsuit. crash happened in june along the new jersey turnpike. a friend and fellow comedian were killed. minister again and two others suffered serious injuries. report by federal transportation official says truck driver was driving 65 miles an her before hitting
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minister again's car. 7-eleven in california using an unusual and high pitched way to fend off panhandlers... >> that sound, is constant. it was installed a week ago and employees say off camera there are fewer home less people around the store these days. customers have milk opinions about that piercing noise you are hearing. >> how could these people work there and deal with that, it would drive me nuts. >> it is a convenience store in and out, that is what i'm here to do. >> the store says the noise may be a temporary solution to the problem. there have been several complaint from the restaurants next door, the sound is so loud it can apparently be heard across the street. horrible, horrible sound. police in georgia are saying, um-hmm, spaghettios an officer there lock a woman up in july after pulling her over
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for a driving violation. he says that she seemed nervous and had a spoon in her car with residue on it. women told the officer she used to it eat spaghettios but the officer did a felt test on the spoon, ruling it meth. well, earlier this month lab tests came back positive for, spaghetti os. >> she seemed to seek legal council after losing her job while she was behind bars. >> spaghettios. test results, expect to come back for a patient in texas hoist showing signs of the ebola virus. that patient is being kept in isolation at a hospital in dallas. this is the late's machining such cases impacting patients in the united states. over the weekend a doctor was taken to the national institutes of health after being exposed to the virus while working in sierra leon, excuse me but it hasn't been confirmed whether or not he has it. four other american doctors or aid workers have also been treated in u.s. hospitals for
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ebola after working in countries of west africa. more than 3,000 people of ebola have died from that region because of this out break. health officialness colorado are investigating ten cases where kids have been strict when paralysis like symptoms. latest case involves a girl admitted to the hospital over weekend. at least four of the children tested positive for entero virus which has been sending kids across the country to the hospital with respiratory illnesses but doctors are still trying to determine a link between these cases. 5:19. researchers say a drug appears to extend lives of women fighting an aggressive type of the disease by 16 months. the drug was tested in more than 800 with men from all over the world with late stage metastatic breast cancer. another group had a placebo. doctors found patients taking this survived longer than control group. it is approved by the food and
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drug administration but very pricey, the cost nearly $6,000 a month. young woman might all together for go having kids because of the recession, in 2008. research are say fewer women have children during difficult economic times overall but now studies show that some woman in their 20's in 2008 will decide in the to have kid in the future. researchers is a i if economic factors derail pregnancy early on children might be less appealing to women after the recession passes because of career and relationship status. 5:20. what woman doesn't love a man in uniform. when that man is rescuing an adorable animal it takes it to an entirely different level this picture proves no life is too small for fire fighters of the laci fire department in washington. the crew was responding to a small fire at a mobile home park when they found a family of hamster, look at that little guy, fire fighters tweeting out this picture of the tiny hamster getting much needed oxygen.
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that is so cute. they used miniature masks to administer first aid to these baby hamsters, super miniature, all but one of them survived. >> that is so cool, don't you think. >> i didn't know they had miniature masks. >> we have seen them rescue and resuscitate cats, dogs. >> larger pets. >> yes. >> these were pets too i'm assuming they were. >> sure. >> wow. >> i know. >> very cool. dense fog advisory is in effect, until 9h o'clock for lancaster county but traffic out to the state capitol of harrisburg or to york you'll run into pea soup as well. so a few showers are around this morning and then we have clouds and some sunshine throughout the rest of the afternoon. can't rule out a shower later on in the day either but generally comfortable temperatures and a high of 77 degrees. 6:45 is your sunset time. lets head to the roads and, see what is going on out there on your tuesday morning. no wet roadways this morning,
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i-95 at girard avenue there, traffic building up but everybody is moving licensing fine. 4:22. have you ever had a hard time remembering lyrics to the song. how about word to the nursery rhyme. watch this little girl try to get it right, repeatedly watch this little girl try to get it right, repeatedly coming up in the
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i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. watch this little girl try to get it right, repeatedly coming up in the
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there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone
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in your money news some things are just too good to last. stocks dropped, at the new york stock exchange yesterday, the dow jones dropping 94-point to 17,000 you 21. s and p500, dipped ten to 1972. nasdaq shedding 18-point, falling to a little below 4500. it looks like those annoying atm fees are only getting higher. average fee for using an out of network atm has listen 5 percent over the past year to a new high of $4.35. remember when it used to be like a buck? that is according to bank most recent survey, overdraft fees are also surging, now american $30. you can avoid those atm fees by stick towering own bangor getting cash back at stores that is an easy wag to go. experts say customers should set up banking notifications on their phone to alert them that their ballies dipping too low. this next story might make you want to dump or keep your facebook friend.
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these friend could soon affect your credit scores. experts say banks may request access to client accounts to see whether users have a stable friend network. i'm getting off facebook today i'm done. not only would your spending predict your score, but your friend, family and social profile could have an impact. >> yuck. >> but why? >> well, because if you have, you know, very little friends, they have have to judge you on your own credit and merits. when people say star bucks is every where, they mean it. >> fine famous coffee shop unside the cia headquarters in langley, virginia. it is referred to as store number one. one major difference at this location there aren't any names on orders, such as many star bucks, there are only nine workers and they had to go through rigorous background checks, it is described as the busiest star bucks with lines
5:27 am
down the hall. >> why in the names, you are not allowed to write names on the side of the cup. >> top secret. >> very classified. >> 5:27. another company hit by hackers in a data breach, what acme is offering up this morning for their customers. then a statue is causing quite a bit of controversy, who i school football players turned to it for good luck why some however want it gone. and we are looking live at breaking news as police investigate a shooting in edge water, new jersey. fox 29's jennifer joyce is on the scene we will have a live update for new less than three
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jennifer joyce is live. jennifer, we know you have just got on scene. what have you learn so far. >> so far police on the scene have confirmed that shots were fired but they are not giving any other details. we are in the area of stevenson avenue and this is smack in the middle of a neighborhood. a according to burlington county dispatchers a man was shot multiple times in the back shortly after 3:00 a.m. he was medivac'd to an area hospital. it is fairly large. in the only are police spread out on block but around the corner we saw an alley way roped off and unclear where the shooting happened or who fired and why. we will continue to stay out here on the scene and collect
5:31 am
that fur and bring it to you as we get it. chris and kerry. jennifer joyce, good hustle, thanks very much, we appreciate it. it is time for weather and traffic on the one's with sue this morning, good morning. >> what is bus stop buddy doing. >> putting them in the light jacket today. it is not that necessary but you might see a sprinkle or two at some point during the day but cloudy and comfortable out there and our temperatures are in the 60's this morning. we will give you eight out of ten. we will see some sunshine and we did see some yesterday. we had some clouds. we will have those around as well with seasonal temperatures. dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. for lancaster county. that is part in the viewing area. but if you get out to the west of there, you will run into some dense fog throughout the rest of the morning. here's a look at the weak frontal system that just came by through the course of yesterday and today. mostly to the southwest of us yesterday. then right new we have a
5:32 am
little bit of rain in new castle county delaware. 66 degrees at the the airport with 48 percent relative humidity. 6:56 is our sunrise time. days still getting shorter. seventy-seven is our high. clouds and some sunshine, a stray shower is in the out of the question. just a little bit unsettled today and tomorrow. 62 degrees tonight. mostly included which areas of fog once again. we will see another advisory tomorrow morning at this same time. is there your weather at 5:32. we will go back to are in is town west main street at barbados street. there is some kind of a liquid on the roadway but take caution when traveling there. also, on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, north bound, approaching lansdale, construction has right lane blocked and on i-95 southbound between commodore barry bridge and 322, that merge there condition trucks has left and center lanes blocked this morning, guys. >> sue, thank you.
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crew where is called to a house fire overnight in the olney section of philadelphia fire broke out at front and east spencer street around 12:45 this morning and placed under control in ten minutes. there are in reports of injuries and in word on a cause. police are piecing together includes to the late night shooting, this happened in the 7700 block of fern avenue, police say an unidentified male was shot three times, victim is listed in critical condition at temple hospital. police say they have recovered 11 ak-47 casings and six, 40 caliber bullets at the scene. consumer alert of a possible data breach at acme grocery stores in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. the entire delaware valley is covered by this one. it happened twice this summer, credit, debit cards used at stores between june 22nd and july 17th and then again between august 27th and september 21st could be at risk. acme's parent company is still
5:34 am
trying to piece together if any data was stolen but names, account numbers and card expiration dates may have been captured from customers at stores across the country. acme set up free monitoring for customers may have been affect. steve keeley is on the story this morning and will be covering it throughout the day. autopsies are planned for the president and ceo of coupe are university health care and his wife. john and joyce sheraton's bodies were found after a fire at the their somerset new jersey home sunday morning. crew as arrived and said fire was confine to the upstairs bedroom. cause of their death and fire remains under investigation. a court date scheduled in connection to the case involving an assault have the gay couple attacked in center city. last week three suspects were charged in the a attack and status hearing license held for philip williams, catherine knott and kevin harrigan. victims say a group hurled gay slurs at them and beat them when they passed by on the street on september 11th. one of the victims suffered
5:35 am
serious facial injuries during the attack. fill's police searching for a woman walk ago lopping the street in strawberry mansion. forty-two year-old catherine berry was target had and executed. she was shot in the head on morse street while walking home with her 13 year-old child. >> it is an execution. we dent know what it is about. you can, we do have some video. we do see her walking down the street. all of a should then male appears and he goes right for her. he doesn't shoot at the daughter. >> my goodness. berry's oldest son tells thaws his matter doesn't have any enemies and can't imagine with want her dead. her daughter, poor girl who witnessed this entire event was not injured. she has three other children n word on motive. >> i can't imagine what they are going through. 5:35 is the time. philadelphia zoo is investigating a deadly accident involving one of the workers. sky fox has confirmed that
5:36 am
over the employee was found under a golf cart. he was a mechanic who work on the carts used to get staff around the zoo. how the accident happened is in the clear. the zoo has in the released the workers name. owner of tropicana says is there hope yet for failing, taj mal had in atlantic city but will he get what he is demanding in order to help out. we will tell you what he is asking for. this little girl has a short memory she just can't seem to get the nursery rhyme right, it is coming up in the trend.
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welcome back. the time is 5:39. live look at market street. nice and quiet. is there a proposal to save trump taj mahal casino from closing down, but there are some major strings attached to the potential deal. billion air karl ican says he will spend 100 million-dollar to save the venue but he want big tax breaks from ac and 25 million-dollar in fund from a state agency. now in a letter from his attorney, the billion air says he would consider bailing the casino out if the debt he is owed is converted to equity giving him owner this ship. atlantic city's mayor says that is a deal atlantic city just can't afford. taj is slate todd close in november. clean up underway in the phoenix area after a fierce storm rips through over the
5:40 am
weekend. >> you have lived in this area for a time. have you ever seen storms like this. this storm caused so much damage schools in the area were canceled yesterday but instead of playing on their day off, some students they rolled up their sleeves, and happy that the parents kick them out of the house and said get good to work but they helped clean this all off. good for them. so they are doing some good. >> so, two of moy friends, and we organize this and i just like to help out, and show a sense of community. that is the nature of all of the people here. >> these are wonderful students are really in the spirit of what thunder bird has been all about, pitching into make sure that we retain the value of this historic campus. thanks, everybody. >> thank you. >> the storm system also affect parts of the nevada. it is nevada a. you lived in nevada not nevada. >> they do get crazy storms
5:41 am
there and machine soons in the end of august into september, the the rain comes through and it is crazy. meanwhile looking at this. >> speaking of craziy know, a little bit northeast of that area summer ended and it is snowing in colorado. the snowfall is expect to be pretty heavy at times and drivers need to be prepared for icy conditions, the state, is being hit by severe the weather and the denver area, also experiencing heavy rain, and wind and hail. so this is in the some of the upper elevation as parentally. >> so why do they call it colorado and missouri when it is clearly colorado and missouri. >> i don't know, why dos some people from new england say america. >> we say water. >> water. >> but my in laws from vermont says water. >> the water. >> yes. >> they add an extra r. >> we're a melting pot. we have access from all over the world. we all blend it together.
5:42 am
in perfect harmony. >> here's lancaster count witt dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 o'clock. visibility is lousy over in lancaster. reduced visibility in reading, pottstown, pretty bad fog up in mount pocono and allentown and it seems to be okay in the city and south of us but you'll sees some light fog, in those areas, this morning. and, so what we have coming up? we have a day where we should get up to 77 degrees. we will see some sunshine by sunday though, highs only in the 60's, chilly change coming. that is your weather authority forecast in philadelphia, we will start off traffic at roosevelt boulevard at this time, the outer drive, southbound just past adams avenue we have reports of, an accident, there, so that may slow you down a little bit, chris. >> all right, sue. >> really bad service at a restaurant and what do you do give him a bad tip. one family said we will give awe great tip for this horrible service. much more what was behind this
5:43 am
straight ahead.
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down... lower... that's more like it! petsmart's prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food and save up to $8 on your favorite dog & cat food brands. at petsmart®. welcome back. lets get to this breaking news we're following in burlington county, new jersey. you're looking live at police investigate a shooting in edge water park this happened about an hour ago at stevenson avenue. fox 29's jennifer joyce is on that scene and gathering more information. she will have another report in just a minute. but first lets get to howard eskin for sports in a
5:46 am
minute. good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles played one of the worst games offensively in a few years. they didn't score a point on sunday offensively against san francisco. chip kelly says his line is in the good enough the at left tackle lane johnson will be back from suspension for sunday's game. eagles could still have one, but could not score from a yard and a half out in the end zone. playing calling was questioned by some. did chip kelly look back at running ball at third and fourth down. >> it had nothing to do with the back, it had will we get any movement against that front and ian an justin smith and we weren't really getting the push at the point of attack. as i said yesterday my thought on second down was we threw first one, it was to exclusively throw on that drive. first down they dropped everybody into college and they will protect the end sony thought maybe we could pop one and get it do unto the one but i didn't think we were going to be able to pound tonight in
5:47 am
that situation. >> that is sports in the minute i'm howard eskin. a gift for a football team is causing controversy off the field. a stone was donated to the team, and it was installed in august, players have been touching the stone before heading off to the game. atheist say the monument bible scripture violate church and state. many residents say it needs to stay. >> i'm so proud to be part of the community that would put something like that there and that is part of us and i don't think it should be taken up and if people don't like it, look the the other way. >> it is in the clear, if or how the school district will modify it. for the first time, nascar racer tony stewart opens up publicly about last in's accident that killed fellow racer kevin ward, junior. stewart remained shaken by the crash and says he doesn't know when he will return to racing at this point. >> this will be a healing process for me.
5:48 am
it makes you think about a lot of things other than trying race cars. the one thing that has helped me more than anything is being at the race track and being around my racing family and remembering that i have a passion for what i do. >> well, thinks the scene as you have seen, stewart struck ward on august 9th when ward got out of the car, walk down that dirt track. question still remains as to why word got out of his car but listen to this recent toxicology tests show ward was under the influence of marijuana and at a high enough level to impair his judgment. all right, chris, thank you 567:89:48. former local sportscaster don tollefson could be looking at jail time after pleading guilty to stealing thousands of dollars. prosecutors say he dehe frauded, 200 victims through bogus travel packages to the super bowl and to other sporting event. that he kept more than 300 you this dollars that was meant for charity. his trial has been set to begin just before he decided
5:49 am
to plead guilty but for his victims his admission isn't good enough. >> it takes a pretty low person to pray on a dead officer's family and then get and rip off everybody. >> i think they are relieved but they are waiting to completely exhale until mr. toll sop is sentenced and i don't blame them. >> tollefson's attorney says his downward spiral was as a result of a addiction to alcohol and painkillers a dependency that he has kick. meanwhile sentencing could happen in 60 days. tollefson is a former fox 29 employee. nursery rhyme going to the zoo proves a little bit too difficult for this little girl. list men as her dad coaches her but she cannot help but repeat what she thinks the lyrics should be. >> one take, we went to the zoo. >> we went to the zoo. >> no, we say we went darling. say to the zoo. >> to the zoo. >> one day we went to the zoo.
5:50 am
>> to the zoo. >> you said we went, love. >> okay. >> ready, one more time. just say to the zoo. >> we have to keep people entertain. this is a song. one day we went to the zoo. >> we. >> no, you don't say we. >> we went to the zoo. >> you just say... >> she's just speaksed to say went to the zoo i guess. >> yes. >> people have to practice to get it right. >> the phillies haven't gotten right for two straight seasons, last place this year in the division. >> more practice. >> well, biggest question is what did we do with ryan howard snow makes 25 million-dollar. phillies owe him 60 milan his contract. the big piece is nothing like what we saw when he won mvp. big question is what do we do in the off season? what do you think should happen with ryan howard? should we keep him around
5:51 am
another season. tweet us use hash tag fox 29 good day. we will talk more about ryan's future later on good day. >> just built that spectacular home in florida, how much is that going for a hundred and some odd million-dollar or something ridiculous. >> what he makes is ridiculous at this point. he had 95rwi's but struck out aloud. weird to see his fall from grace, when will get trade todd an american league team to be a first base man or dh. >> okay, sue. >> how are you. >> you are running all over the place. >> i have a journey. >> it takes to you lancaster county. >> yes. >> we certainly have been talking about this all morning, this dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 o'clock for lancaster county but it doesn't mean you won't undon'ter dense fog in other places, so here we are with the dense fog advisory but every place west of that, has a dense fog advisory in
5:52 am
effect as well so maybe your travels take you to the state capitol of harrisburg. you'll run into some pea soup there. as you check visibility, zero in lancaster this morning. only 3 miles in reading and we are sock in the poconos and allentown with only .3 of a mile visibility as well. we will get sunshine though, eventually getting us to 77 degrees with clouds and sunshine and spotty showers here and there but not a big deal with the showers, that is your weather authority forecast for today, now, on the turnpike northeast extension northbound approaching lansdale there is a advertise able vehicle there will has has right lane blocked and won't slow down too much, kerry. >> thanks, sue. ♪ >> that is awesome. >> this baseball player is on a entirely different level then the rest of us.
5:53 am
>> what do you think the celebration is about. >> turn it town for what. celebration is about. >> turn it town for what. >> my goodnes
5:54 am
5:55 am
hey there, i just got my bill, and i see that it includes fico®redit score. yup, you get it free each month to help you avoid surprises with your credit. good. i hate surprises. surprise! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score. good morning. we're taking a live look at philadelphia international airport . quick reminder there is a fog advisory west of the city, out in kind of like reading, berks, lancaster county and those areas. visability down to zero. >> sue serio will satisfaction i it is a dense fog advisory.
5:56 am
>> 5:06. five of 6:00 this morning. offer work waiter gets an unexpect pick me up from the customer there was a couple out on their sixth wedding anniversary and they did in the have romantic night that they expect. >> so they wear, what they say was really tired and over work, don't you hate. that do you ever wait tables. >> at within point. >> three or four or six tables at once, hard to get good service. they did something entirely different. they left him a hundred dollar tip on a 66-dollar bill they said we have been in your shoes were, paying it forward you see the couple once waited on tables and they struggled to make end meet. >> imagine if we got paid based on our performance each morning. >> i wouldn't make the rent. >> no. >> okay. >> it is song people just can't get enough of, turn it down for what? >> ♪ >> it is close. >> turn it down for what.
5:57 am
better. >> nicely done, yes. this weekend seattle mariner tom williamson had to show the crowd, whatever, how he gets down when that crowd came on in the stadium. so here he is, mlb sharing this video on their instagram account. this is how he does it. >> he is good. >> it gets dicey there at the end. >> he will probably end up in philly, we will get this guy next. looking for a job, well netflix is offering up one that includes traveling and taking amateur instagram photos did we mention you get paid to do this, but we
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
not again another possible data breach, this time involving, acme stores right here in our area, is what the possibility that your credit card information has been stolen. new overnight police on the scene of the shooting in burlington county, latest details straight ahead in a live report. blame game, wal-mart is pinning part of the blame on tracie morgan for his injuries in the deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike, what they say he didn't do. we have shocking new details about the white house intruder making as much farther then previously thought. how far he really got into the white


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