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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  September 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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not again another possible data breach, this time involving, acme stores right here in our area, is what the possibility that your credit card information has been stolen. new overnight police on the scene of the shooting in burlington county, latest details straight ahead in a live report. blame game, wal-mart is pinning part of the blame on tracie morgan for his injuries in the deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike, what they say he didn't do. we have shocking new details about the white house intruder making as much farther then previously thought. how far he really got into the white house, plus, who
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is demanding answers today, from the secret service, the big question on this day is what if this guy was organized? what if he was wearing a backpack full have of explosives and made it all the way in the east room? we will have have have much more on this tuesday, september 30th, 2014. >> our reporters covering your top store thinks morning. steve keeley live in maple shade, new jersey at one of the dozens of acme stores hit in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware by that data breach. and then jennifer joyce covering breaking news this morning in edge water park new jersey on the scene of the overnight shooting, lot more on that as that story develops throughout the morning but first we will head on over to sue serio for weather and traffic on the one's and a dense fog advisory, that we are in store for. >> yes, indeed we will look at that in a second. we have an eight for today. things will improve but we are starting off with the dense fog this morning. it is cloudy and comfortable otherwise in most other places, bus stop buddy, just wearing long sleeves jersey this is morning. it is your dense fog advisory in effect for lancaster county
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the the only county in our viewing area that is affected, but anyplace, west of that we are seeing dense fog and we are seeing dense fog around the reading area this morning as well. most of our system that brought all that moisture yesterday is off shore, we have a little bit of rain, in new castle county delaware. 66 degrees is our current temperature. visibility is fine at philadelphia international airport, and so we should be okay if you have a flight out of there this morning. calm wind, 84 percent relative humidity, 6:56 is your sunrise time, 77 degrees is your high today because we will see some sunshine. that is what i meant by improvement. a stray shower though, this afternoon, it is in the out of the question. we're a little bit on the unsettled side with the weather pattern, 62 degrees overnight. split is, that takes care of tuesday. we will make it through over kay. let's hope soy. we will check the roads first and see what is going on at 422 eastbound just past oaks, we have a disabled vehicle but luckily on the shoulder there.
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also on the roosevelt boulevard outer drive southbound past adams avenue we have reports of an accident. finally on the turnpike northeast extension north bound approaching lansdale a disabled vehicle that was block in the right lane and it has now been cleared, kerry. breaking news this morning police are on the scene of the shooting in burlington county. >> lets head out to fox 29's jennifer joyce in edge water park, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're standing along 100 block of stevenson avenue and police activity here, about three hours after police say shots were fired. according to burlington county dispatch a man was shot multiple times in the back and transported to cooper university hospital, it is unclear if the shooting happened inside of a home or on the street but this scene is in the middle of the neighborhood which otherwise appears to be quiet. we don't know who fired at this man, or why, we can tell you that this crime scene extend down an alley way down the corner. we have reached out to the public information officer for the burlington county prosecutor's office and we are
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waiting to hear back. police are on the scene are not releasing any tea tails, chris and kerry. >> okay, jennifer, thank you very much. police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia that has left one man in critical condition this happened around 11:30 in the 7,000 block. police say the man was shot three times, the victim is at einstein hospital. crews were called to the house fire overnight in the olney section of philadelphia. the fire was broken out around 12:45 and placed under control in ten minutes. there were no reports of injuries and in word on the cause. this was a big concern, it is a consumer alert for you this morning. >> one after the another, in the last couple of month. data breach in the acme grocery store in the entire delaware valley covered and leaving shoppers at risk. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live at maple shade new jersey with the very latest on this steve, first target, home depot and now acme stores. >> reporter: before that tj max and marshals. it is continuing and a
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constant stream it seems, all these pop hard chains and the the problem so many people face, struggling in this economy is they have in choice but to use credit cards to get their groceries or they wouldn't eat. along with trying to pay down your credit card balances, high interest rates and high debt weren't enough to worry about now comes another warning from another big store chain that credit card and debit card numbers, names and even expiration dates were stolen and could be used to make duplicate cards and run them up more. instead of doing what many with high balances usually do and that is not even open up their bills or read statements, you should start at least looking at the recent charge toes make sure that you made all of the purchases even if you dent want to look who at that balance or interest rate at the top. super value says its payment system was infiltrated twice this summer, in two in long stretches, acme's web site says it is offering everyone a free year of credit monitoring services and if all this is upsetting your stomach this morning just as you get up,
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acme has a recipe for chile on its web site that may settle it down, you just may want to buy those ingredient chris and kerry with cash. >> not a bad idea steve, thanks. 6:06. police are searching for this man in connection with the death of 25 year-old jasmine williams and her unborn child, his name is marquis martin. police believe he shot and killed 42 year-old kenneth woods in the parking lot in the pop eyes chicken on the 4200 block of broad street. a warrant has been issued in that arrest in that case. the both of the shootings happened last week a couple of hours apart. if you have seen him call the police. investigators believe they have a suspect accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper contained this morning, to a small area of the woods. >> they keep making that containment area smaller ape smaller by the day. so the latest, sources tell us, that there were sight goes of eric frein's campsites where his personal belongings were found over the weekend. investigators are trying to
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determine if the man spotted in the woods by a local police officer might have been in fact frein. police are focusing on an area near his parents home. wal-mart is tracie morgan and his friend for not wearing his seat belts when one of the tractor trailers plowed right in the back in june this was revealed in the response to morgan's federal lawsuit, the crash happened around the new jersey turnpike a friend and fellow comedian was killed, and, and morgan and two others, and report by the federal transportation department says that the truck driver was going at 65 miles an hour, before, hitting morgan's vehicle. still a head new questions regarding the spread of the respiratory virus sickening thousands of across the country. and new developments in the investigation of the miss ing university of virginia student, could the suspect in this case, be tied to another,
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sum iser just ended and it is already snowing in colorado. this is in the higher elevations but snowfall is expect to be heavy at times and for driving through that area you have to be prepared for icy conditions. stite is being hit by severe weather in the denver area of course, lower in elevation, experiencing heavy rain, wind,
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and even a bit of hail this morning, sue. >> well, that is drama, for sure. of all of the variety, all of the drama, this morning it is the the f-o-g, fog out there especially further west and north of the city you go. dense fog advisory issued by weather service is in effect for lancaster county until 9:00 this morning. we are checking these visability, they have been sock in all morning in lancaster they still have. reduced in reading, 2 miles. pottstown 2.5 miles but pretty sock in mount pocono and allentown as well. they may not be under the official advisory but very foggy. further north and west of the city that you are or that you travel the more fog you will see. we will have reduced visibility but a bit in millville and wilmington this morning. that is a major problem weather wise this morning. we have temperatures rather comfortable, 65 in philadelphia we are in the 50's in the poconos and in allentown and pottstown 567894 in wilmington. sixty-three in wildwood.
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not too much different then the way it was this time yesterday. kind of in between weather systems. we have this exiting system off the coast, and then, the cold front that is on its way for tomorrow, and this one will probably in the pack a big punch, but the temperatures behind it will be cooler. so, it is just a little bit unsettled. it is a roller coaster ride over last five days with last thursday's high of 64 degrees. we will sore in the 80's in the weekend, we have 76 degrees for our official high yesterday, and today we expect to be around the same, about 77 degrees and with the shower, a shower possible today and tomorrow, but we also have sunshine in the forecast. now, thursday looks like a perfect weather day, mid 07's, plenty of sunshine in rain. friday, late in the day offer night really friday into saturday we will expect some rain with the stronger cold front and this one will take temperatures down a bit more so that by sun take we have a high of only 67 degrees.
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it will be, that autumn chill in the air for eagles game or whatever you want to do. that is your weather, 12 minutes after 6:00, we will start off again on the roosevelt boulevard outer drive here in philadelphia, southbound just past adams have avenue we have reports of an accident there, so, caution around that area if you will, chris. sue, 6:13. still ahead, that fire in the chicago air traffic control center is turning up the heat chicago air traffic control center is turning up the heat in
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
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taking a look at national headlines at 6:15 on this tuesday morning a congressional panel will hold a hearing on white house security today this comes after reports, that the white house fence jumper made it farther in to the white house than previously reported.
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washington post and insuring times are reporting that the intruder who scaled the white house fence went past the guard at the front door and into the east room which business halfway across the first floor of the building. he was eventually tackled by a count's salt agent. police in richmond say the man arrested in connection with the disappearance of the university of virginia student, hanna graham, might be tied to the death of another woman. police are investigating a forensic link between three two-year old jesse matthews and a 20 year-old morgan harrington who was abducted and murdered back in 2009. this is a picture of her. officials claim they have a new forensic link for evidence that they are pursuing. harrington's family is hoping both they and the grahams will soon have a sense of closure. >> law enforcement has the time to sort it out and make sure that this is, indeed, the person who killed morgan harrington and who is responsible for the disappearance of hanna graham. >> jesse matthew is being held
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in jail, without bond, he is expect to make his first court appearance on thursday. an arrest in the case of the missing arkansas, real estate agent, a tip from a caller, led police to the suspect. forty-nine year-old beverly carter was reported missing last thursday, when she never returned, after showing a house. meanwhile police along with more than 200 volunteers are searching for any signs of her. meantime, illinois senator dick durbin wants answers. he wants to necessity how a man got in the chicago air traffic control center on friday carrying a a suitcase with gasoline in it. the man started a fire that brought travel to the halt at chicago's busiest airports, he is calling for an investigation in the federal aviation administration handling of that matter. health officialness colorado are investigating ten cases where children have been stricken with paralysis-like symptoms. the the latest case involves a little girl who was admitted to the hospital over the weekend a at least four of these kids have tested positive for a form of entero
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virus which is sickening kids across the country with all sorts of respiratory illnesses but doctors are still trying to determine, a link, between these cases. >> most of these cases are preceded about a week before with a respiratory illness and week later they have, their neurological symptoms. >> as health officials investigate those cases, in colorado, the entero virus continues to spread across the nation. latest number from the cdc shows entero virus has sickened 277 children, in 40 states, and in the district of columbia, at this point there have have been no reported deaths, that is good news. protests, continuing in ferguson, missouri, nearly two months after an unarmed teen was killed by a police officer. last night demonstrators were met by lines of police officers as they continued their calls for justice in the death of michael brown. a grand jury has until january to deciding whether charges should be filed against that
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officer. isis continues to advance on a kurdish area in syria despite u.s. led coalition air strikes, yesterday the coalition carried out eight air strikes, targeting towns and villages in northern and eastern syria controlled by the militants. one strike hit a grain silo killing two civilians working there according to activist. officials say the silo was used by militant and they have found no evidence of civilian casualties. meantime another strike overnight, hit the entrance of syria's largest gas plant but did not damage the facility itself. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is equating the threat from ises with the danger his country proceeds from iran, declaring all islamic extremist, to be part of the same poisonous tree. netanyahu told the u.n. yesterday that their goal, it is global come nation, although in the for all of islam. >> the nazis believed in a
6:20 am
master race. the militant islam is believe in a master faith. they just disagree on who among them will be the the master of the master faith. >> netanyahu went on to say that iran is where militant islam could realize its ambitions and to lead iran as a potential nuclear power toys win the battle but lose the war. pro democracy protesters in in hong kong says government officials have until wednesday to respond to their demands. they are calling on a government to create a genuine democracy. they also with like the city's chief executive to step down, and demonstrators say they will announce new civil disobedience plans on wednesday, and it is also a national holiday inn china so enlarger crowds are expect to flood the streets. 6:20. "good day philadelphia" is about 40 minutes away and here here we are working on a lot. >> this season for phillies is thankfully over but who will return next year?
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we're hoping cole hamels stays here. he had a great year. super low era. what about ryan howard? tell us what you think, use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> every year, forbes magazine puts out the list of the top billion airs in the top country. this year, there are a whole heck of a lot richer then they were last year. find out all of the usual suspects but we will explain why this years list is anything but ordinary. there are new comers i believe. >> the rich keeps getting richer. >> that it is the way it goes. >> no signs of anybody getting decimated. >> fog keeps getting foggier, traveling to and from this area or even berks and pocono mountains we will run into some dense fog and in spots this morning. so, plan to leave early, either way. there is your planner for today. we have fog around. can't rule out a stray shower but mostly a mix of sun and clouds, throughout the day,
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and a chance of the sprinkle or two. that is not the the big deal. 77 degrees. pretty comfortable sunset time 6:45 and that is your weather for tuesday from the weather authority. checking traffic now, we will start off on the northeast extension, southbound, this is approaching 276, we have got an accident there and already pretty slow traffic coming south on the northeast extension. also, in philadelphia, roosevelt boulevard outer drive southbound past adams avenue an accident there and in south philadelphia, broad and shunk, there is a accident there as well, we will check more traffic and weather and give you latest as fox 29 morning news continues.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles still trying to figure out how to get their offense going. they will offensive tackle lane johnson back from the suspended list for sunday's game but what happened in santa a claire a against 49ers with ugly offensively. chip kelly said his offensive line is not good enough and nick foles is having more trouble making plays. his accuracy not good. fans start the rumbling why
6:26 am
did chip kelly not make a change at quarterback on sunday. >> the position of the quarterback obviously is the one gets all of the focal point which things are struggling on one side of the ball. easy to say let's take him out. but i have never been that way. i don't think you can pin all this on nick. those plates he wants, he wants back. play calls i want back. there is, blocks up front that guys want back. is there plays that everybody wants back. i don't think that is something that never crossed my mind. >> and next sunday eagles play st. louis at the link and they are a seven-point favorite. that is sports in the minute i'm howard eskin. all right. well, you would think, you know, chip kelly is an offensive genius. should we get andy reid back? did you see what happened last night. his kansas city chiefs blew out patriots on monday night football. jamal charles ran for 93 yards and touchdown as chiefs beat the pack, 41-14. this is the second worst
6:27 am
regular season loss for tom brady since he has been a patriots quarterback. >> good for andy reid. >> indeed. >> 6:26. an autopsy on chiefs linebacker jeff on belcher showing signs of a chronic problem. he shot and killed his two-year old girlfriend and then turn the gun on himself. >> deagain if i have brain disease known as cte found in athletes and people with the history of repetitive brain injuries. all right. still ahead a warning for people who like to exercise on some of philadelphia's trails, at the woman is attack while walking what police want to you know before you walk out the door. steve has a different warning for us, if morning, steve. >> if you are one of the thousands that shops at acmes around philadelphia, delaware and new jersey you will want around philadelphia, delaware and new jersey you will want to check your
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gunfire left one man fighting for his have. latest for the search straight ahead. attention acme shoppers check your credit and credit cards. possible date breach put your personal information at risk. we have a live report. an attack, woman says a woman asked her for monday and then knock her to the ground on a popular walk trail in philadelphia. important to stay safe. >> it is tuesday, september 24th, it is 2014. it is last day of september
6:31 am
and out west, of the city they are dealing with some pretty bad fog. >> absolutely, dense fog advisory, sue serio in, lancaster county yes. >> what would bus stop i buddy wear in the fog. >> well, he with just make sure he left early, so he could find his way. they are not supposed to use their high beams we hear in the fog because it the reflects right back to you. whatever it is, take your time, if you are traveling around lancaster county west of there around harrisburg or york or to the north, we have been seeing pretty bad visibility to the north of us as well, a lot of moisture in the air so fog is that cloud on the ground and slowing us down. although, the showers we have had, it was in the a big deal. we have a area of new castle county delaware we are watching this morning. 65 degrees in the city right now with calm wind, that helped produce fog when you get some breezes kicking up and dissipates the the if you go but not the case this morning. 6:56 is your sunrise time.
6:32 am
77 degrees. we will get some sunshine. not every place has fog. we are doing fine in the city. stray showers not out of the question this afternoon, 62 degrees tonight mostly cloudy and we will have more areas of fog overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, so that is your main challenge of the day, let see what we have, traffic wise, and we will start off in huntington valley, this morning. huntington pike at red lion road a report of the accident there and south philadelphia broad street at shunk there is an accident that you may have to get around. in plymouth meeting, the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, southbound approaching the turnpike, there is a disabled vehicle. finally i-95 northbound there at commodore barry bridge an accident there has the left lane blocked and very slow get in that area, kerry. thank you for that advice and heads up. breaking news this morning police are on the scene of the shooting in burlington county. >> let's send it out to fox
6:33 am
29's jennifer joyce in edge water a park with the very latest good morning. >> good morning, chris. police confirmed a had shots were fired in the in middle of the street and that a man was hit in the back several times. we're standing on the 100 block of stevenson avenue in edge water park. shooting happened shortly after 3:00 a.m. victim was transported to coupe are university hospital. police have mark the evidence, they are taking pictures and appear to be interested in an suv sitting within the crime scene. it is unclear who fired shots and why, edge water park police say none of their office are fired their weapons but they are here investigate ago long with detectives from the burlington county prosecutor's office. we have a call in the d.a.'s office, waiting to hear back. again what we know that is sometime after 3:00 a.m. shots were fired in this neighborhood in edge the water park, a man was hit and transported to cooper university hospital n word on his condition at this point, chris and kerry. >> jennifer joyce, thank you. 6:33. police investigating a
6:34 am
shooting in north philadelphia that left one man in critical condition this happened at 11:30 last night on the 7,000 block of thorn avenue. police say the man was shot three times, victim is at einstein hospital, also, crews were called to the house fire overnight in the olney section of philadelphia, fire broke out at front and east expense era at 12:45 this morning. it was under control in ten minutes. no reports of any injuries, no word yet on a cause either. 6:34. shoppers beware a possible security breach at acme supermarkets may put your card information at risk. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live with the details and steve, it is not just new jersey that we have to look out for then. >> reporter: this owner goes all the way out to california, albert's, shop and save, all of those chains but it bought acme. that is why we have stores in philadelphia, delaware and here in new jersey all affected. earlier this year we had local people stealing women's wallets right out of their
6:35 am
grocery store shopping carts while they were returning to look at shelves now comes a sizable pick pocket without even having to reach in the purse, low lives going high tech to really steel your good credit and give you a bad name with the banks and credit card companies. so, if you are one of the millions trying to stop spending on your credit cards and spending money you really don't have, here is another reason to cut up your card or keep them at home. start using good old american cash because going all cash may keep from you going all out with worry that your credit card numbers, expiration dates and pin numbers are all becoming duplicated and then sold to somebody who can then shop in your name, far from your neighborhood all around the world even because acme's parent company super value, latest super chain hit by these modern day credit card known asthma establish us software or mal wear for short. they are attaching to the payment system to steel all of
6:36 am
the numbers from all of the store key pads. acme's owner got hit two times this summer from mid-june to mid-july and mid-august to mid-september. acme has a warning on the web site saying if you shopped at our stores, anytime this summer you may want to take them up on their offer of free credit monitoring for a year. there is not much offered free at any stores these days g idea to take them up on it. that will make sure that nobody is using your credit cards, without your knowledge. so john bon jovi says you give love a bad name and maybe he can start singing you give credit a bad name to these people who are doing this but we had acme, is the latest victim in our area we all just had home depot just a couple weeks ago. before that target. before that the owner of tj max and marshals. so going shopping you don't to have just worry about the old fashion pick pockets now but somebody from who knows where stealing all of your information and shopping in your name, chris and kerry.
6:37 am
>> steve, thank you. entirely different kind of warning at 6:36. police are cautioning people who walk or exercise, in philadelphia's trails, to be on the alert. the warning is in response to an attack of a 51 year-old woman in wissohickon park. police say a man approached her from behind and demanded money. when she didn't have any, the man attack her, after a struggle, she broke free and ran off to call police. those who run or walk at night know how vulnerable woman can be. >> i usually have my head phones on and i'm in the zone. anybody can come up from behind or anything. >> community groups like friend of wissohickon are warning members to be smart and call police if they see anything unusual. 6:36. nasty argument between two philadelphia police officers is under investigation. police say it involved male and female officers from the 18th district. according to an internal affairs investigation report the officers in uniform and on duty got into a physical confrontation that ended with
6:38 am
a female officer injured. do we have the sound bite? all right. sorry about. that we were going to hear from the police but the the female officer reportedly suffered injuries to her face, there was in word whether the male officer was injury. male officer has been removed from the 18th district and assigned to headquarters honorary strict duty. we should mention his gun has been taken away as well. time is 6:38. coming up a deal to save one of atlantic city's casino is evidently in the works here but there are very big strings attached, we will explain. just when amanda bynes was getting her life back on track just when amanda bynes was getting her life back on track she has a major guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax.
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as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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6:41 am
dense fog out there, advisory covers lancaster county and points to the west of there, but there has been fog in many other places, including there is lancaster, zero visibility. we are looking at mount pocono it is the same and only .3 of a mile in allentown. reduces visability in reading, pottstown not bad at philly international, slightly reduced visibility in wilmington and millville. we have moisture in the air this morning. temperatures on the comfortable side. 65 degrees in philadelphia 50's to the north and west of us. sixty in atlantic city. sixty-four in wilmington.
6:42 am
62 degrees in dover. that gets you started n between a couple of weather systems here on the surface map it shows cold front yet to come through. that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. and then there is another stronger one after that set for friday night into saturday. low pressure just moving off shore a few you showers, random showers here and there from that. it has been a roller coaster ride with the temperatures over past five days from the chilly 64 degrees we had last thursday to the 80's we had over the weekend. first weekend of fall feeling like summertime. well, yesterday with all of the clouds we had we got to 76 degrees. that is closer to seasonal temperature but still warmer than average because seasonal is about 73, 72 degrees. we will be right around there on thursday. that is the the weather day to look forward to when we are at ten out of ten. most of friday should be fine but then we will get stronger cold front friday into saturday, some rain in the morning on saturday but then we should see sunshine in the
6:43 am
afternoon and as a result we will have an autumn chill on sunday with a high of only 67 degrees. the lots of changes in that seven day forecast but we are here to get you through it all. now lets take you through to traffic at 6:43. we will starting off at the roosevelt boulevard southbound just past broad street an accident has the left lane block. i-95 northbound at commodore barry bridge an accident has left lane blocked there as well, and very slow go on that part of i-95, tacony palmyra bridge will open up at 6:45 and you will want to take the betsy rosin steady, chris. >> good heads up there, sue thank you. 6:43. former philadelphia police officer once hailed a hero no longer faces trafficking and sex charges. the d.a. says there is in the enough evidence to proceed to trial on those charges against richard decoatsworth. he was accused of sexually assaulting two women at gunpoint and forcing them to take drugs. prosecutors say he still faces
6:44 am
domestic violence charges. decoatsworth was shot in the face during a pursuit of the suspect in 2007. he left the force on disability in 2011. former local sportscaster don tollefson could be looking at jail time, after pleading guilty to stealing thousands of dollars, prosecutors say tollefson defrauded, 200 victims from bogus travel packages to the super bowl ape other sporting event and then he kept american $300,000 meant for charity. new his victims say his add mission. >> it takes a pretty low person to pray on a dead officer's family and go rip have been off. >> i think they are relieved but they are waiting to completely exhale until mr. toll sop is sentenced and i don't blame them. >> sentencing coulding interesting. tollefson's attorney says his downward spiral is as a result of the addiction to alcohol and painkillers, depend enscy he says he has now kick. meanwhile sentencing could happen in 60 days, tollefson
6:45 am
as you know is a former fox 29 employees. there is a proposal to save the trump taj mal had deal. billion air karl ican says he will spend 100 million-dollar to save venue but wow like a big tax break from atlantic city and would like 25 million-dollar in funding from a state agency. atlantic city's mayor says that is the tiehl that the city cannot afford. the taj is slate todd close in november. four major professional u.s. sports leagues and ncaa challenging new jersey's latest attempts to offer, legal sports gambling, believe a filing call the move astounding, and a blatant violation of an earlier court order. nfl, nba, nhl and mlb sued the state in 2012 to stop it fromming go ahead with the sports wagering scheme that had been approved by voters. 6:00 256789 lets turn tour health headlines. scientists identified a sign that may be able to detect pancreatic cancer in its early
6:46 am
stages. early sign is an increase in levels of certain a mean a acids. researchers say discovery may want day lead to a new test to detect the disease in its initial and more treatable stages. pancreatic cancers is one of the most deadly forms of cancer since symptoms don't appear until the disease is in the advanced stages. findings in this appear in the journal nature medicine. attention deficit and hyper activity disorder known as adhd can start affecting kid school performance and social skills as early as second grade. any parent dealing with this knows this all too well. australian researchers found kids who scored high for adhd symptoms were more lakely to be struggling in class by second grade. they were also found more likely to get lower grades then of have trouble fitting in with other kids. researchers say this study showcases need for earlier recognition and treatment of a adhd in young kid.
6:47 am
researchers say daily exercise can approve children's attention and ability tore multi task. they say kids in after school programs who had physical activity showed improvement in their thinking and multi tasking skills. these fine as peer on line, in the journal pied yacht the tricks. some california residents gearing up to vote on a soda tax which is something that has not been done anywhere else in the united states. it is happening in berkley and san francisco. lawmakers are propose to go pass a tax on soda and sugary drinks and extra penny for every ounce. that money is supposed to fido beesty and diabetes. majority of the voters is all that is needed in berkley nerd to pass and in san francisco, they need two-thirds. let's turn to your entertainment headlines on this tuesday morning, it seems that actress amanda bynes had a setback in her recovery. >> she was arrested sunday in california on suspicion of driving under the influence. the 28 year-old was stopped by
6:48 am
police after they say she stopped in the middle of the interest section at 4:00 in the morning. authorities say she was cooperative, but she looked kind of disheveled when taken in custody. she was released after posting bail. she is by the way still on probation, for a 2012 case, that was filed after she clipped a police officer's car and was arrested for driving under the influence. former first daughter chelsea clinton is now home with her new babe. >> she left the hospital fighting crowds of photographers waiting to get a snap of the baby charlotte. the proud grandparents, bill and hillary, trailed behind their daughter and their son in law mark mezvinsky and flashing lights. chelsea gave birth on friday to the first child for that couple. that is our version of royalty. >> totally exactly what it is, i was just thinking of the same thing. george clooney and his new bride are giving people magazine, an inside look at the wedding album. >> happy couple, we're assuming they are happy, inside their heads, grazed the
6:49 am
latest cover of people magazine. george wearing a custom armani tucks while amal alamuddin looks stunning in the costume oscar wedding gown. inside are dozens of exclusive pictures from the three day event in italy. clooney, told people being married feels pretty great. george clooney will have to have learn how to share the spotlight now. >> because his new wife is kind of a big deal, real big deal. a business woman that media chose to taught human rights attorney for her many career success, on saturday that web site ran a profile on her career and notes that she has made the questionable choice to maryann actor. >> but he has been involve in so many humanitarian causes. >> absolutely. >> so i can see where they might have some, mute you'll philosophies. >> genocide ape dayfur, it is a good meeting. >> indeed, meeting of the mind
6:50 am
if you will. "good day philadelphia" starts in ten minutes from now. we have a whole bunch we are working on. >> one of the things we are looking at is parents are worried about this mystery illness sickening kids a across the country. we have heard of this enter o virus. some are showing signs of paralysis. is this symptom somehow linked to that dangerous entero virus out break and should you keep kid home from school if you know their schoolmates may have been treated for it? we will answer your questions with doctor mike straight ahead. >> indeed, we will. >> indeed. >> it is just about 6:51. that means sue is joining us for weather and traffic. i know it is looking good around the city but some fog thaw are talking about right there to the west. >> right, and to the north of us as well we have been seeing fog this morning. if that is where your travels take you or that is where you are traveling from you want to allow a few extra minutes. don't be rushing out today because this fog will slow you down. dense fog advisory until
6:51 am
9:00 a.m. for lancaster county but we are seeing fog in other places. so there is north ape west those dense fog areas. 74 degrees by lunchtime, clouds but some sunshine as well, can't rule out a stay shower this have afternoon but they will be widely spread and 77 degrees is our high temperature today. is there your planner from the weather authority. lets get out to the roads and start off with roosevelt boulevard southbound past broad street there is an accident there, and that has the left lane block. ninety-five southbound right there in the commodore war i bridge is a slow area anyway and an accident has left lane block. so you are crawling through that part of the i-95. finally accident on roosevelt boulevard outer drive southbound just past adams avenue, that has cleared up this morning. we will be back with the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" coming up.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at 6:54 is the time, 65 degrees. we are live at bushkill falls in the pocono mountains. thanks for being with us. this might be the coolest job ever, netflix is looking to hire three grandmas ter and instagram user that will travel to the continent for two weeks, snapping photos of famous film and tv locations. so i guess all over. you will get paid two you this
6:55 am
dollars a week and netflix will handle your travel arrangements. curious baby deer bee friend two little girls love playing as much as he does. video getting play on you tube, the father of the two girls say that the deer has been coming around for a few weeks now and is cozied to his daughters. even though it is a wild animal dad says he seems to enjoy the human contact. over work waiter gets an unexpected pick me up from his customers and annie was couple out on their sixth wedding anniversary romantic night they expect. waiter whom was friendly was clearly tired and other work. instead have leaving him a lousy tip for bad service they left him a hundred dollar tip and a 66-dollar bill. they left a net saying we have both been in your shoes. the couple who has waited on tables but struggles to make end meet. still to come check your debit and credit card.
6:56 am
another date breach this time an ago new store right in our area we will have have a live report from steve keeley. phillies season is over but future of some players is really up in the air right now. what will next season look like by way of their line up. how about this guy ryan howard? should he stay or should he go? should he stay or should he go? use the hash tag
6:57 am
6:58 am
theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
6:59 am
we're following breaking news, police on the scene in the shooting in edge water park, jenny joyce is on the scene there for you. how about this, new questions this morning regarding the spread of that respiratory virus, sickening thousands of children across the country, doctor mike is standing by with what you need to know. should he stay, or should he go. ryan howard's future with the phillies is in doubt, what will happen to the big piece? lets take a look at this swing here, oh. that is gone. we chose a good clip there. "good day philadelphia" starts right now. here we go. >> come on down. >> i thought it would be a big open. >> thanks, di. >> good morning. >> hi alex. >> good to see you.
7:00 am
>> good to see you too. >> i'll all refreshed. >> lovely. >> sue, what is weather and traffic and then we will get here in a minute. >> big weather story is fog north and west of the city, just got this tweet from steph, and she says in adams town it is foggy out there we are still seeing where you are going but fog is very dense in many places including lancaster county under dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. that advisory extend to the west of lancaster but in berks county we have been seeing areas of fog this morning in the mountains as well. slow down take your time and allow plenty of time to get where you go this morning. eight out of ten. we do expect sunshine later on. cloudy and comfortable for the most part with buddy just a jersey on this morning and his ball cap. that is comfortable, at the bus stop. we just saw an area have rain moving into southern new jersey. we were watching the rain in northern delaware as well