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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  September 30, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> good to see you too. >> i'll all refreshed. >> lovely. >> sue, what is weather and traffic and then we will get here in a minute. >> big weather story is fog north and west of the city, just got this tweet from steph, and she says in adams town it is foggy out there we are still seeing where you are going but fog is very dense in many places including lancaster county under dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. that advisory extend to the west of lancaster but in berks county we have been seeing areas of fog this morning in the mountains as well. slow down take your time and allow plenty of time to get where you go this morning. eight out of ten. we do expect sunshine later on. cloudy and comfortable for the most part with buddy just a jersey on this morning and his ball cap. that is comfortable, at the bus stop. we just saw an area have rain moving into southern new jersey. we were watching the rain in northern delaware as well and
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now it has moved over across the bay into new jersey as well. so, a place like upper pittsgrove still getting showers this morning, and down in cape may as well. 65 degrees is our current temperature, calm wind, relative humidity 90 percent. 6:56 is our sunrise time, 77 is the the high today with some sunshine and some clouds and a stray shower. little bit of everything. 62 degrees is our overnight low. we will get areas of fog once again tonight. that takes care of today, we will have the seven day forecast coming up, new lets check traffic and head out to the blue route. well, right there southbound at media swarthmore exit there is and accident that blocks the right lane and traffic is jammed on that part of the blue route. i-95 northbound approaching cottman avenue an accident just happened there blocking the left lane. so that areas jammed. also on i-95 north bun right there at commodore barry bridge a very busy area anyway
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an accident has the left lane blocked and you are crawling on that part of the i-95, alex. >> thanks, so much sue. we have a consumer alert this morning. >> possible data breach at acme grocery stores in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, they may have put some shoppers at risk here. >> new we will get to steve keeley live from maple shade, new jersey with the details, steve. >> reporter: when fans of warners brothers will note that when the coyote ordered all of those anville bombs and rockets and springs that he tied to his feet trying to catch the roadrunner from the acme company he always paid in cash. he is not war toyed day but all other acme customers who use credit or credit card should at least be concerned and pay attention because acme's owner super value has a lot of acme customers super worried after it got hit a second time this summer, and another attach on its credit and debit card swipe payment system this morning on the
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real acme's web site comes less than two months after it learned of that first data breach, back in june, a phrase becoming very common now as viewers now have heard, us warning them about data breaches at other big chains with other stolen and hack credit card numbers for millions of shoppers at some of the biggest stores in the country. home depot and then target and before that tj max and marshals. the new age high tech crime faces like data breach goes with the new high tech crime weapon malicious software as is more commonly known in high tech shorthand malwear. two times from mid-june to mid-july, second to the mid-august to mid-september so it is offering a free year of credit monitoring. so you want to call that number and we will get it up on our web site or free toll free number so you have two free things a free call and then free year of credit monitoring if you shopped at acme. so, this will make people
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think i got to go back to an all cash lifestyle, which is hard to do now that we have learned how to use any cash at all, and get the through life by just swiping every where, even for something as simple as a cup of coffee at wawa. you may want to start thinking only way to keep your credit card numbers safe is to keep your card at home in the drawer and use them for emergency but always check your bills even if you are one of those people probably millions of us, who are like all in the same boat where we have too high of a balance and pay too much high interest on that balance, you don't even want to open up the mail or bills but this time you better start opening bills and looking at the statement to make sure all charges on there mike and alex are ones you have made legitimately. >> how can i not have money, you still have checks. steve, thank you very much. good coyote reference. new to a developing story in burlington county this morning, a man gunned down in the streets. >> lets get out to jenny joyce, in edge water park, jenny?
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>> reporter: well, alex, as you just mentioned police confirmed that shots were fired in the street, a man, was hit several times in the back, it is unclear how he is doing at this point and who fired at him. shooting happened here on the 100 block of stevenson avenue in edge water park burlington county shortly after 3:00 a.m. victim was transported to cooper university hospital, police have mark the evidence they are taking pictures and appear to be interested in a suv sitting within the crime scene. it is unclear who fired and why. edge the water park police say none of their officers fired their weapons but they are here investigating. along with the detectives from the burlington county prosecutor's office. we have a call into the d.a.'s office and waiting to hear back what we know right now is sometime have after 3:00 a.m. shots were fired in this neighborhood, an edge water park man was hit and then taken to cooper university hospital. we don't know his condition at this time. mike and alex. >> thanks for that we will check back with you at 705:67:89 police are
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investigating a shooting in north philadelphia that left one man, in critical condition, it happened around 11:30 on the 7,000 block of clinton street. police say man was shot three times, the victim is at einstein hospital. crews were called to the house fire in the olney section of philadelphia fire broke out, at east spencer street around 12:45 this morning. it was first under control in ten minutes and there are in reports of any injuries and there is no word on the cause. philadelphia police are searching for a man wanted in connection to the death of the 25 year-old pregnant woman and her unborn child. >> yeah, this is casey martin, police believe he also was shot and killed 42 year-old kenneth woods, in the the parking lot of a, popeyes chicken on the 4200 block of broad street. a warrant has been issued for his arrest in that case. the shootings both happened last week, only hours apart, if you have seen him you are urged to call the the police.
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investigators think they have the suspect accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper, contained, in a small wooded area of the poconos. >> they tell us this before sight goes of the campsites where his personal belongings were found over the weekend. investigators are also trying to determine if the man spotted in the woods by a local police officer might have been frein. police are focusing on an area near his parent's home. parents in mercer county are demanding answers after a preschooler died from an undetermine illness just last week. >> a concerned community packed the auditorium of the yardville elementary school, in hamilton township last night, many of them are angry, the school is not closed. until tests determine why a four year-old boy suddenly died at his home. last thursday. almost half of the students stayed home monday, yesterday, amid fears that the boy died from this aggressive, enter o virus.
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>> closed the the school for snow but for something like this which is more serious, which is terrible for the the family, they didn't close the schools. >> we were trying to balance the protecting the privacy of the family and the child, along with the fact that we didn't have a lot of information. >> so township health officials say initial tests showed that the boy did not die, of the flu but they are waiting on the cdc to decide if he had this entero virus. meantime they insist that the school is cleaned and safe as part of the story there mike will come into explain all this because people are scared. >> they are. >> police are cautioning people who walk or exercise on philadelphia's trails to be aware of your surroundings. the warnings in response to the an tack of the 51 year-old woman in wissohickon park. police say a man approached her from behind and demanded money. when she didn't have any, the man attacked her. after a struggle she broke
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free and ran and called police. if you run or walk at night you must know how vulnerable women can be. >> i usually have my head phones on and i'm in the zone. anybody can come up from behind or anything. >> community groups like friend of wissohickon are warning members to be smart and call police if you see anything unusual. and wal-mart is blaming tracie minister again and his friend for not wearing a seat belts as they plowed in the limo van in june. >> wow. >> this was revealed in the combination in response to trace i morgan's federal lawsuit. crash happened along the new jersey turnpike as you know, a friend and fellow comedian was kill. tracie morgan and two others suffered severe injuries. a report by federal transportation officials say that the truck driver was driving 65 miles hour before hitting morgan's vehicle. they are also questioning how long he had been driving and had been up since driving from atlanta. in colorado health officials are investigating ten cases where children have been stricken with paralysis like symptoms.
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at least four of the children have tested positive for a form of enterof the virus sickening children across the country, with respiratory illnesses. doctors still trying to determine a link between the cases. most of these cases are preceded about a week before with a respiratory illness abe week later they have on site of their neurological symptoms. >> as health officials investigate those cases in colorado enter o virus continues to spread across the nation. latest numbers from the cdc show entero virus has sick even nearly 300 children in 40 states and district of colombia. coming up later this hour as we mentioned earlier we will be talking to doctor mike about what this means especially for us here in this area. quick update at 7:20 on this tuesday, police in richmond, virginia, say that the man, arrested in connection the to the disappearance of university of virginia student, hanna graham, might be tied to the death of another woman, years ago. police are investigating a forensic link between three two-year old jetty matthew,
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that is the guy and a 20 year-old morgan harrington, who was abducted and murdered in 2009. matthew is being held in jail, without bail, and is expect to make his first court appearance the day after tomorrow. and illinois senator, dick durbin wants answers. he wants to know how a man got into a chicago air control center on friday, carrying a suitcase with gasoline in it. the the man started a fire with that gasoline that brought travel to a halt at o'hare's busiest airport, three of them. up is calling for an investigation into the federal aviation administration's handling of the matter. of course, it affected air travel all over the eastern part of the country. protests continue in ferguson missouri after two months after an up armed teenager was killed by a police officer. demonstrators were met with lines of police officers as they continue their calls for justice in the death of michael brown. a grand jury has until january to deciding whether those charges should be filed, against the officer. and those reports, last
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week that a white house intruder made it all the way to the front door was a shocking enough. >> but did you hear what happened yesterday, new details emerging, even more stunning. apparently, the director of the secret service will have to answer some tough questions, today as she faces a house committee hon capitol hill. this is why peter ducey is in d.c. this guy, not only into the white house but all the way to the east room, peter? >> reporter: yeah, they said they apprehend him shortly after he made it through north doors which could be true but he did a lot more running around then the secret service initially suggested. when julia pierson is on the hill today she will to have answer questions about two separate very disturbing incidents that put the first family's lives potentially in direct danger. >> the president does have full confidence in director pierson and other members of the secret service, to do their very important work.
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>> but a bomb shell new report, alleged that after jumping the the the fence and running across the north lawn of the white house, omar gonzales was not subdued just inside of the north portico doors as the secret service suggested initially. in fact the four two-year old iraq war veteran was carrying a knife and whose family member tells the l.a. times has a partially amputated foot made it all the way into the the east room where the source is telling "fox news" overloaded walkie-talkies caused, communication failures ape basic emergency plan was ignored. now remember congressman jason is worried telling cnn i've got deep concerns that the president is in the as safe as we want and need him to be. i've got questions about leader ship, about protocol and about the training at the secret service. another report by the washington post alleged it took four days for the secret service to realize that another man, oscar ortega
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hernandez fired a semiautomatic rifle several times at the white house in 2011 with one shot knocking concrete on to the floor of the residence. julia pierson is the 23rd director of the secret service and the first female. she replaced mark solomon who stepped aside have after another embarrassing incident involving secret service agent and prostitute is a head of the presidential visit to columbia. the white house has announce that had front door that was breached will now be locked, when not in use by tour groups or employees but that alone probably not enough to satisfy members of the house oversight committee. >> peter, do you think julia pierson could she have any reasonable explanation for this or should she just admit hey, we messed up. >> reporter: she will to have say that they messed up because they did and sources, within the secret service. all this is coming to light because of whistle blowers possibly we think inside the secret service who are saying look walkie-talkie where is
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overloaded, nobody pressed the alarm, nothing, so they know they messed up. now they have to explain what they will do to keep the president safe. >> just inside the door, all the way to the east room you've got to go quite away. >> he went all the way in there. >> and then trying to hide that. thanks a lot, good to see you. 7:15. >> isis continues to advance in syria despite u.s. led coalition air strikes. yesterday coalition scar i had out eight air strikes targeting towns and villages in north and eastern syria controlled by the militants. one bomb hit a grain silo. u.s. officials say it was used by militant and they have found no evidence of civilian casualties. and pro democracy protesters in hong kong say government officials have until wednesday to respond to their demand. >> they are calling on the government to create a genuine democracy, they also want the city's chief executive to step down. >> demonstrators say, that they will announce new civil
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disobedience plans tomorrow, which is also a national holiday, in chine, enlarger crowds are expect to flood the street there today. all right. 7:16. lets get over to sue, hi sue. >> we have a lot of areas of pea soup this morning and dense fog advisory until 9:00 o'clock in lancaster county. it has been especially bad the fog out the there but we have seen other areas that have been bad at well. look at mount pocono and allentown. only .3 of a mile visibility this morning. you can only see a mile and a half in pottstown, and, we have reduced visibility in other places but things are not improving too much in lancaster county, this morning. so, south and east of philadelphia, it is not too bad but you still may be rug into some fog, but maybe not as dense, as what is north and west of the city. so temperatures, will range from 65 in philadelphia, 54 in mount pocono. 57 degrees in pottstown. sixty-one in trenton. to 46 degrees in wilmington. sixty-three in wildwood. it is pretty comfortable morning and temperatures are not that much different then
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they were yesterday. a tweet from dan says, rain, pretty we have any cape may. so let's check ultimate doppler radar and see is what going on there yes, we did a area of rain moving through cape may itself and continuing to move through cape may county. also this area of rain in northern new castle county has moved just across the river, to new jersey, and so marine right over there and then some rain over there probably hitting sea isle city, wildwood, places like that this morning. so a seven day forecast has those areas of showers around this morning and maybe a few more this afternoon. it will not be a wash out or a whole lot of rain or what happened yesterday with those nuisance showers, and, then sunshine, in the afternoon, on wednesday, and then, a beautiful ten on thursday, very nice, with 74 degrees and plenty of sunshine. friday we will start off with sun, showers late in the day, lasting into saturday morning, and then, that is a cold front that will change things a lot
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have the high temperature is 67 degrees. ought you will chill. feeling good for football. that is your weather authority seven day forecast, now on the blue route southbound at the media swarthmore exit we have an accident there that has the right lane partially blocked and we have traffic just jammed in that part of the blue route this morning. ninety-five northbound approaching cottman avenue an accident blocking the left lane and on i-95 northbound at commodore barry bridge an accident is also blocking the left lane there. so three areas where we have jammed traffic this morning. finally on the market frankford line between 15th and fifth street there are equipment problems so passengers will board trains using the westbound platt form only. >> 7:18. eagles played one of their worst game on sunday and they didn't score one point against san francisco. >> paper saying today, is he nicked, is he hurt? why wouldn't you put the second industry string guy in if he is hurt.
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head sketch chip kelly says hi offensive line is not good enough and he hopes left tackle lane johnson has been on suspension for first four game will be able to help when he comes back from suspension, this sunday. >> yeah on sunday eagles could in the score from a yard and a half out of the end zone. the play calling on that series was questioned by some. so did chip kelly look back not running and looking back, maybe he looked back, would he rather of run the ball on third and fourth down. here's what he said. >> it had nothing to do with the back. it had to to with are we go to go get any movement begins that front against iain and justin smith and we weren't really getting a ton of push at the point of attack. as i said yesterday my thought on second time we threw first one, and it was slow on that drive. first down they dropped everybody into coverage and they will protect them. i thought maybe we could pop
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it and get it down to the one but i didn't think we were going to be able to pound it in that situation. >> we don't have a fullback so you can't do that. there is nobody. i don't know. we have moved on. andy reid's kansas city chiefs blowing out new england patriot last night. jamal charles ran for 92 yards and a touchdown as the chiefs blow out, the the patriots this was a shocker. a big number, 41-14. who saw that coming, alex. my goodness. >> i don't think anyone did. >> no, wow. >> okay. >> still ahead a lot of parents are worried about this mystery illness, sickening children across the country as a child is confirmed to have paralysis like symptoms. should you keep your children home from school if you know the will school mate have been treated for this? we will go to your crest for doctor mike and give you all
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of the questions on twitter right now and ask it. forbes magazine is out with the annual list of the top billion airs in the country, fine all of the usual suspects the the list but we will explain why this years list is anything but order.
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it is 7:24. >> we have more on the latest developments concerning that respiratory illness entero virus. >> a lot of parents are very any of bus this spread of this sickness has become more puzzling as officials at the ckc try to determine if it is all connected, to the ten children with some scary symptoms out in will colorado. doctor mike is here this morning. it is in the only colorado for goodness sakes. there is 500 kids in kansas city that went to the hospital, two and a half to three weeks ago. what is this thing. the it has new spread to 40 states. this child yesterday has died. most parents kept their kids at home because they are scared to death all related to this i have two young children i have nicholas and amy. they go to school. they are going to school today. will they will go to school tomorrow.
7:25 am
this is the deal, all right. entero virus is something we see this time of the year. entero virus 68 is a bad anchor. it is a virus that is trying make its name for itself and it is. now what we have seen here is that entero viruses can cause respiratory problems especially if kids have have asthma. these are the the kids that end up on ventilators and have problems. sometimes this virus can lead to parallel cyst. >> but you said this comes up every year how come it is first time we are hearing bit. >> there have been reports in the past, out break have of entering o virus. entero virus 71. most people necessity about this because epidemics of people having paralysis. what i would like to do is show people what we're talking about. virus gets into your central nervous system, and causes damage to a part of the brain called the brain stem.
7:26 am
now that is actual mri studies, looking at children that have had paralysis. but the the little arrows there folks show the lesions and damage in the spinal cord and in the brain stem. i brought my brain with me which a lot of people will be happy to know and basically we have the head here and we are looking here. right here. and what happens is when this virus gets into the central nervous system it causes damage, to this part of the brain, the brain stem right there. and that along with the spinal cord lead to paralysis. got news is th part, this kind of paralysis is not permanent like polio. >> up if it is not permanent for parents watching that is scary to think it can happen tour child. what do you say to parents at
7:27 am
home. some people say it is just common cold and when i hear about paralysis, it doesn't sound like it at all. it sound like something we should be worried about. >> remember entero viruses have always been around. entero viruses actually cause the the cold usually. it is in the a major problem. >> why, why are kids going to the hospital, why is it that we are scared this one kid that died yesterday had this. >> yes. >> why is this so strong. >> who knows. it is a virus that every once in a while gets nasty. it is nature. this is science and nature. what happens is sometimes these viruses, develop a way get into the the central nervous system causing paralysis and lung problems. i have children and i want everyone out there not to pan glike how does it spread. >> fecal orally. >> so you don't clean yourself well after you poop, poop and
7:28 am
then what happens is, you then get tonight your mouth. some people think it gets in the tonsils and then gets into the brain. >> i didn't know that at all, how come we have not heard that over the the last month. >> you have to watch fox 29. >> my goodness. >> doctor mike good to see you. >> love you. >> love you alex. >> coming up, wal-mart is now what is this, pinning part of the blame on, comedian tracie minister again. can you believe this? for his own injuries in that deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. what they say, he did not do turnpike. what they say, he did not do that could
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
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listen up, we really cannot see much, and looking at the fog. the further withes we go from philadelphia we will go, we are seeing, and, visibility, and you cannot see much out there, it depend on where you are. bus stop buddy is fine, cloudy, for the most part, comfortable temperatures in the 60's. so just a jersey on for bus stop buddy today and that fog we were showing you earlier via twitter, thank you very much, for steph from adams town for showing that picture to us. mess of the heavier rain and we have not had heavy rain.
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mess have the rain moved off shore just a couple isolated areas around this morning. we have cloudy skies, 65 degrees. 3-mile an hour wind. 87 percent relative humidity. seventy-seven is our high today. clouds, some sun, cannot rule out a stray shower, what we have been looking at all morning. tonight we will get down in the lower 60's and guess what fog will form again in some places. we will do it all over again tomorrow. that is your fox cast, from the weather authority, of course, things will be looking a little bit better as we get toward the weekend and closer to sunday when the the eagles play it will really feel like football weather then. we will she you that in the seven day forecast. in west windsor township route one at meadow road there is an accident with the left lane blocked. that is in of course new jersey. i-95 north bound at academy road disabled vehicle causing major delays in that area, the
7:33 am
accident, on i-95 north bound at commodore barry bridge that has now cleared but things are still very slow around there, and on the blue route southbound media swarthmore exit the accident with the right lane partially block is still out there and they are crawling on the southbound blue route near media, alex. >> 7:33. wal-mart is responding to the lawsuit filed by tracie morgan. they say he is partly to blame for injuries he suffered on the accident on the new jersey turnpike involving one of the company's trucks. morgan spent weeks in rehab and his friend died in that crash. an attorney representing the actor calls wal-mart's response just appalling. >> but wal-mart's not backing down. the company's attorney saying that tracie minister again and passenger inside that kind of a limousine-luxury van should have been wearing their seat belts. lets bring in our fox 29 legal analyst ken rottweiler. >> it is not surprising, it is called blame the victim
7:34 am
defense. this is typical in lawsuits. all of the case that he is i file this is standard operating procedure that defense will claim that the victim themselves in some way caused the harm to themselves, therefore the defendant is not negligent. i really wasn't surprised. maybe a lot of the public was surprised but lawyers that do this type of work weren't surprised at all. >> describe the vehicle that tracie morgan was in. >> tracie morgan was in a limousine. he was rear ended by a wal-mart truck. the wal-mart truck was going 65 miles an hour in a 45 miles an hour zone. he crash right in the back, rear ended tracie morgan's limousine and he sustain injuries as a result of this. what wal-mart is saying is that the law you in new jersey is you have to wear your seat belt. tracie morgan was not wearing a seat belt therefore, wal-mart is claiming tracie morgan is responsible for his own injuries. >> even though they say he acted that driver has been awake for more than 24 hours doesn't he have a good
7:35 am
rebuttal. >> he absolutely does. >> the driver drove from georgia, to delaware, and was up for 24 hours, and was basically, what they are saying in this lawsuit is he fell asleep and caused the accident. they have a really good lawsuit here. what wal-mart is trying to does basically lessen the damages. because here's what happens, let's suppose a injury a ward tracie morgan a million-dollar. then what a jury has to decide who is responsible from a negligent standpoint f they decide wal-mart is 80 percent negligent and tracie morgan is 20 million they take the million-dollar and subtract out 20 percent and only awarded $800,000. this is a strategy just to lessen the damages that they owe tracie morgan. they will have to have pay in the end but they are trying to minimize the amount. >> good reminder. i think a lot of people that have a limousine or airport limo or whatever. >> even a van sometimes. >> we don't put our seat belt on. >> yes, i don't think anybody
7:36 am
in the limousine puts a belt on. but law in new jersey is you have to wear a seat belt. same law in pennsylvania. so no matter what vehicle you are in you have to put on your seat belt. it is a good thing to do. >> wal-mart has a lit built of the case here. >> they have a little on the damages issue. they will pay in the end n my view they will settle this case. it will never see inside of the courtroom but they will try to pay as little as possible. >> ken, thank you. >> bye alex. >> all right. well, coming up, penn was recently named number within party school and now students have come up with a new form of clothing to withstand all that partying. we will talk about what they will be wearing. >> university of pennsylvania, considered by playboy magazine the number one party school in america. that was a shocker a couple weeks ago. >> now they will have clothes to fit the part. >> just in case you spill your beer. >> but first a look at the richest people in america. forbes released the annual list of the country's top billion airs. we will talk about why they have even more money then ever before. >> great. before. >> great. >> if they needed
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you know, the surcharge. >> oh, for sure. i am a with the credit union so i have very few atm fees with credit union. i'm paying three or $4. it adds up. >> 3.50, four bucks. using an atm is costing us all more money then ever before. average fee has jumped to $4.35 per transaction. overdraft fees are also up, costing nearly $33. well, costing nearly $33. what aim saying, on average. what the heck is that. >> that is nationwide. if you're bank nothing philly you are paying more. philadelphia's average overdraft fee is $34.80. making it the highest in the entire country. >> you see what i do when i go, i check my balance, first. >> you do. >> then a say we're good and then go through witt. >> it asked you if you want to check your balance. >> you can check your balance,
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withdraw, check balance. is there a whole list there. >> i have never check the balance because i'm afraid, what it will say. >> yes. >> when you look at the balance. >> ahh. >> rich are getting richer, alex. >> forbes is out with the top 400 billion airs in the and topping the list is microsoft founder bill gates, warren buffet and oracle founder larry ellison but this years list is different according to forbes. media chairman steve forbes. >> most of the these people made it on their own. when we opened this list back in 1982, it was filled with rockerfellers and du ponts. no du ponts on it. only rocker feller, david rocker feller the oldest member of the forbes 400. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and nicholas woodman are two biggest gainers on the list compared to last year. >> see, i don't know this guy. >> i know good go pro. >> we go pro cameras right here. >> it is right here. >> it change the way we see the world, strap a go pro on
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anything. >> i have done it on a moving car, just to see the the street view and everything. >> it is cool. >> take them under water, in the ocean. >> i watched this show airplane repo there is a fill guy that is within of the cars, ken. they put go pro on the airplanes. snap it on, all over the airplane, every possible angle. >> why am i doing this. >> okay. >> so here it comes, day after tomorrow is the big event and then i'll shut up about it. you have got to try this, tasting party. benefiting the second chance foundation. it is this thursday. it is coming up. >> it is almost here. >> and, i've got, guess who is coming now besides. >> all of the good day crew. >> whole good day crew, other fox 29. >> preston and steve. >> preston and steve. >> whole crew at the radio station over there. >> list is growing. >> the the guy, the star of restaurant impossible. >> really. >> i have have forgot up his
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name. >> big chef. >> that is it, robert irvine. >> why does tom look so miserable today. >> probably because you of you. >> he looks disgusted and almost nauseous. 7:43. should he stay or should he go is a new game she we ask here at good day philadelphia will ryan howard be with the phillies next year. what will happen, to the big piece. and later a local town lands on a national list of where to find the richest bachelors and bachelorettes in the america. can you guess where? we will tell you. >> is that something that interest you. start shopping a new way.
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you deserve it. guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
7:46 am
dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 o'clock for lancaster county. the advicery covers lancaster county but we have been seeing fog in plenty of place these morning and thanks to you guys on twitter and facebook you have been sending us pictures as well. look at the the place's affect mount pocono, allentown, lancaster, .3 of a mile visibility, reduced visibility in the reading and around pottstown as well. not so bad at the airport or south of there but it will be slow go, north and west of the city. 54 degrees in the poconos.
7:47 am
sixty-five in philadelphia. 60 degrees in foggy lancaster this morning. sixty-three in wildwood and some rain moving off the coast but a few areas still in south jersey and delaware. just nuisance rain for the most part, some of what you are seeing on radar isn't even making it to the ground. maybe a stray shower today as well. 77 degrees. seventy-four tomorrow with showers mostly in the early part of the day, a and then sunny and nice, we have a ten in store for you on friday. thursday i should say. most of friday should be a ten until rain moves in at night. last through saturday morning. a big chill on sunday with 67 degrees for a high temperature for the phillies, for the eagles i should say, phillies are done. eagles and the rams. so that is your seven day forecast, time to check traffic and we will start off with this look at 295, right here near 541. this is not too far from the delaware memorial bridge. we have an accident blocking
7:48 am
the left lane. you can see how slowly folks are going in that area. that is a bad spot. blue route southbound is a mess just past the toll plaza, an accident on the shoulder there. ninety-five north bound approaching cottman avenue an accident there has the left lane blocked, it will be slow go, through that part of i-95, mike. >> ♪ >> this morning we will play a game we'd like to say should he stay or should he go. so, thank you. the contestants are members the of the philadelphia phillies. here to help me out ryan lawrence from the philadelphia daily news, good to see you my man. >> good to see you ready to play the game. >> are you ready to play the game. >> yes, i'm ready. >> fine. >> too early in the morning but i'll try. >> get this guy some coffee.
7:49 am
>> let get over to our announcers, darren, darren johnson. i like to call him dj. >> did you call him don. >> that is all right. >> are you ready. >> we are totally ready to go. >> here we go. >> this pitcher, saved 39 games this season with a era just over two but he has a tendency to adjust himself in front of his fans. jonathan papelbon stay or go. >> ryan lawrence, jonathan papelbon stay or does he go. >> the team would like him to go but i don't think he willow owe i just don't think he is easy to make go away. he has a large contract. he pitched well this year. phillies will in the just give this guy away. >> that is what people overlook, he pitched really well. >> he did, again if a guy performs that well sometimes he can overlook some of the personality issues, and even though, he did, disrespect the fans, from everybody perspective that he did, phillies will be motivated to
7:50 am
make him go but he will stay because of the contract and he is still performing. >> speaking of that, maybe just adjust his package. >> i don't know about that. >> okay. darren, hoist up next. >> mike, the next player's stock is falling faster than entero enron. he struggled to stay in the line up. dominic brown. >> could you come up with some references, in the last like five years, instead of 20 years ago. >> they are used to be a team that played at enron field houston astros. they play at the minute made park. maybe they will be the team that takes a chance on dominic brown. he is still young. he just turn 27 this month. >> yeah. >> what happened to him. >> good question. >> he has been a guy people have been, hot and cold on. they like the fact that he is a guy that looks like an athlete but remember last year
7:51 am
he was an all-star. he only had seven really great weeks last year when he was an all-star and fade add way last year. just think his time has come up here and time for a change on both sides. >> will he stay or will he go. >> before we begin with the next contestant. >> yes. >> did you call me don again. >> i don't think i did. >> okay, just checking. our next contestant is leading phillies to the world series appearance as first season as general manager but some seasons are calling him ruin tomorrow junior, stay or go. >> stay or go. >> i think he is staying. if he was going it would have happen by now. season ended sunday two days ago. generally teams will make moves where they fire their manager or general manager, it happens within 24 hours of the season being over. plus pat gillick the acting president said reuben amaro, junior was going to be back. i think that is probably as clear cut as any of them on
7:52 am
this list that he will be back. >> he must have name pictures of somebody. >> they like to keep their own. >> i like the guy. >> cole hamels, he had a great season too, day ebb. >> you said it had something in common with nick foles and neither gets any run support, cole hamels stays or go. >> cole hamels will stay. phillies are a last place team. they don't have any untouchables. cole hamels is hear their best player. they have to listen on offers, boston, chicago or any team comes forward and sale we give you prospects for cole hamels but phillies have control of cole hamels for next five seasons. i don't think they will be this way for five seasons. >> this philly has 334 home runs including 23 this season but only person that strikes out more is mike jerrick in a nightclub. >> ryan howard, will he stay or will he go. >> thanks, don. >> reason why i called you done done, here's don pardo
7:53 am
and i realize he is dead. >> too soon. >> too soon. >> i think ryan will go. i think phillies are in need of a culture change more than anything else and ryan's production has decline in the last three or four years. basically since at chillies injury. ryan is a great guy, model citizen in the organization but first basis a position where you can generally fine cheaper production. they will be paying him regardless f they find a trade partner they will to have pay a lot of that salary but ryan's time is up here. they need a face lift on this franchise. >> so recap who is gone, let's say dominic brown and ryan howard. but i think it will be too difficult. >> if they adjust his package. >> again, yeah. >> i would prefer him to take care of that himself. >> good to see you. >> in problem. >> thanks, don, darren. still ahead can a college degree determine if you will be divorced at some point? how those extra four years of
7:54 am
school could benefit your love life. jen is showing us how to get body of your favorite celebrity. >> gentlemen, jessica simpson looking better than ever and it is her legs people are talking about. which one of these exercises talking about. which one of these exercises can get us the
7:55 am
7:56 am
i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
7:57 am
coming up at 8:00 o'clock you know that jessica simpson man, did she drop her baby weight. have you seen her legs. >> my goodness. >> they look so strong. magazines is and fellow movie stars are talking about the incredible, transformation. >> how do you get legs like that. >> so, look at them. >> you can see the they look like straight muscle. >> you remember what they looked like before. >> oh, yeah. >> she was fine but man she has really bounce back here. jen, how do you get legs like that.
7:58 am
>> here's the first thing, let's say hi to jen first good morning. >> good morning. >> people think what she has going on is a little extreme. you can look like that or just look super fit when it comes to legs. >> exactly. >> we know her because she's ane light instructor at flywheel. that is a good way to incorporate all of this you will begin with don'ts. what are women doing to sabotage themselves when they are trying to make things like that happen. >> first of all don't shy away there heavyweights. when you attempt these heavyweights but don't shy away from the heavier weights. if i look heavy i will get bulky. you want to cross train. you want to have different exercises. we will show you later, you want to make sure you recover properly. take care of yourself, and proper fueling after your work outs. >> so we have a picture of her legs. she looks ridiculous. you say, that some of these exercises are the way to make it happen. >> squats, make squats your bff. we have megan showing you more
7:59 am
advanced squats. like i said before you attempt to squat you want to make sure you have proper coaching and we have kevin over here, showing us a lung and we have jim with a these three moves are perfect for strengthening your legs. >> we are at cross fit ridge avenue in manayunk. you teach here as well. >> you are living this life, cross training thing. >> this is a lift. >> these are kettle bells. so for beginners you don't want to start with the heavier weights. start with the kettle bell ape just squad it down. so jen, you illinois's let you start. >> you say i can do this if i don't have a kettle bell, i can use a something in your house. >> yes good we will just squat down nice and low. >> it is an action. keep your chest up. kiehl that kettle bell nice and close tour body. >> awesome job, jen. >> who looks more like jessica
8:00 am
simpson. >> don't answer that. >> she could not be cuter and two of you together are fantastic. >> we cannot see your legs, you you are wearing leggings. >> we cannot see your legs. >> if i'm going to be in a room next to her i will in the wear shorts because i'm in the dumb. >> come on, you have great legs, great calves, very sexy. >> straight up 8:00 o'clock, tuesday, september 30th. >> yes. >> last day of september. >> reporter: looking for a new excuse to stop using your credit cards so much, we've got one for you, sue. >> there is a foggy morning out there, for some of us, for the rest of us, it is a little bit of rain. to some we will see sunshine. how about that for weather. we will explain it all coming up, quincy. >> here in olde city, thinks the one i made.
8:01 am
i'm teaching jen how to make clay. alex, is what going on. >> bachelors in america, a local town london a national list, coming up in at number two. we will tell you where the single men and ladies are hiding, coming up. >> what are you saying, there is a town in the delaware valley that has a bunch of millionaires that are single. >> everybody get ready to run, put on your tennis shoes we are going over there. >> are you shocked. >> no, i'm trying to think where that would be. >> why don't you live there. >> that is right. >> that is where you will be. >> i'm going to be there friday night it is almost 8:02. let's call it 8:01. >> it looks good here. we are seeing some clouds. it looks fog any other places. thanks to the viewers on twitter for sending us pictures like this where we can't see hardly anything. >> that is right. >> that would be quakertown. remember what quakertown looks like. a carries driving into the abyss, she says, but thank you
8:02 am
for submit ago this. >> that could be a scary movie. >> that is broad street. >> yes, third and broad. >> who knows where that is because you cannot see anything. so is there your dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 o'clock for lancaster county but other places as you saw are getting, a a lot of fog, including quakertown up there in bucks county. now 60's are your temperatures this morning. bus stop buddy, no umbrella needed even though we have a couple of nuisance showers around, we see them around, starting to leave us and that is a good thing. the cloudy at the airport. 65 degrees. 87 percent relative humidity. 3-mile an hour wind. seventy-seven is our high. got to 76 yesterday. so about the same temperature, a stray shower, not out of the question but we will also see, sunshine today and then tonight, we are down to 52 degrees and guess what, more fog, tomorrow morning. yipe. there is your fox cast from the weather authority. lets get to 295 northbound, at least 541 in new jersey, an
8:03 am
accident there had has two lanes blocked, and it is very slow go there. so, avoid that if you can. ninety-five northbound, past cottman an accident has the right lane blocked and we are jammed in both directions on that part of i-95. because another accident has the left lane blocked on the other side, and, i-95, at cottman. >> so both direction is yes. >> i-95. >> yes, on that map there, yikes. >> that is far away. >> if you are trying to get through there, it will not take very long. >> oh, yeah. >> okay. it is 8:03. well, a consumer alert, alex. >> a possible data breach at acme grocery stores in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, may be putting shoppers at risk. >> so steve what is going on here. you happen to be at the april me in maple shade this morning. >> reporter: same stuff that has been going on for months now and maybe even years. look, how long ago was it, maybe just days where we told
8:04 am
but this happening at home depot, before that, just a few months ago we had it happening at target and then last year, tj max and marshals. all hit with people somehow infiltrating their systems where they have their payment system, and they attached this malicious software known as malwear the shorthand version for it in the high tech world and they get able, they are somehow getting everybody's credit card numbers, their names, their expiration dates and everything. problem when it comes to acme is so many people are struggling in this economy that they have no choice but to use credit cards to buy their groceries or they just wouldn't eat. so along with paying down their credit card balances or high interest rates and high debt were enough to worry about now comes this new warning from another big store chain that credit card and numbers, names, inspiration days and pin numbers all stolen ape could be used to make duplicate cards or run you have your balances more. on its web site acme says this
8:05 am
to date there has in the been any determination that any payment card data has been stolen but it says, its third party information technology services company learned of another attempted criminal intrusion trying to get all of the card numbers, in its stores. acme owner owns stores under different names from california. so this involved hundreds of stores and millions of shoppers. so instead of doing what many with high balances usually do and that is not even open your your bill or read your statement you should at least lot the recent charge toes make sure, you made all of the purchases. acme's owner super value says its payment system will be check constantly right now. it happened earlier this summer, it happened again for shoppers using their cards, from mid-august to mid-september. so what is acme offering. >> free credit monitoring for a year, you will notice on the web site 800 number for to you call, and we have it on our web site as well, in addition mike while on the web site, acme also has a great recipe
8:06 am
for chile, just this time for your now try this party, part think week. get chile ingredients but make sure you use cash so you won't war about your card being stolen. >> i do carry carbon me. >> do you. >> every woman in my life doesn't have cash. >> i don't. >> i probably have $2 right now. >> you use cards. >> i'm all about cards. i need to rethink that. >> going to the atm. >> thanks, steve. >> love that suit. >> status hearing is scheduled today for 39 suspects in that center city attack on the gay couple. >> police say they made derogatory comment about the pair's sexual orientation, before attacking them on the 1600 block of chancellor street. both men suffered multiple injuries. now we have fill district attorney seth williams joining with us an update on that. >> good morning, seth. >> good morning, mike and alex. >> good morning. >> i saw you on national television, and this case has international thely. >> it shocked the nation. there is in place in
8:07 am
philadelphia for hate this type of violence, we don't need it. we are lucky where we have become accepting of all types of lifestyles. so i'm proud i want to live in that city not where people who are in the love will be punched because of their sexual orientation. >> is what expect to happen here. >> status hearing is do the the defendants have attorneys, how many witnesses will commonwealth have, and should it be put into a courtroom where the focus more time on it as opposed to the rooms that have 30 or 40 hearings a day. it is a status of how many witnesses, do they have attorneys, and they will be given another day. >> did you you can't call it a hate crime because we don't that have in pennsylvania. >> even though we believe motive is that the victims were being attack because of their sexual orientation. >> why do you think that. >> it was a law in pennsylvania but supreme court struck it down on a technical reason because it became a law through an agricultural bill and now there to the senate judiciary committee or house
8:08 am
judiciary committee. for a technicality it was struck down. the reason we have that. we wanted to protect minorities, protect african americans or korean people from being attacked because of their race. >> how do you know that this was a hate crime. >> we believe it was initiated because of the victims sexual orientation, word that were exchanged, that is what witnesses tell us. these defendants are innocent until proven guilty. i'm thankful for hard work of the police and public who saw information on facebook and shared it with the police. >> social media was a large part of this case. >> social media will be a large part of the case. these are witness that he is were there the at the scene. the as you know, within of the defendants has said we will say a lot of interesting things on her twitter and facebook that will come into our case in chief or rebuttal case, definitely to refute any good character. >> is there an update on the richard decoatsworth. >> very sad case. i'm going to thank those
8:09 am
victims for coming forward. every defendant has a fifth amendment right to a speedy trial but generally longer a casings, the worst it is for the the commonwealth. and as a result of different things, taking consideration, best interest of these victims we had to withdraw charges. >> you did. >> but the defendant still has a trial date november 3rd for domestic violence case we're confident in the evidence that we have in that case. >> what about some reports saying they weren't credible based on their accounts of what happen. >> we never said that. we are thankful for remarkable courage it took these women to come forward but they had very troubled lives. this defendant in some ways is benefiting from his actions that led them to even more trouble lives. we have to go forward with evident that we believe will prove people beyond a reasonable doubt and unfortunately we had to withdraw these charges seth good to see you. we will talk about a event we will have a day after tomorrow. >> i will be here. >> can a college degree determine if you'll he get a divorce? how those extra four years of
8:10 am
school could benefit your love life. >> but first taste these buns, we have important news that report a big tasting party, how you can be part of that fun we will tell you coming up next. why are all those women
8:11 am
8:12 am
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at there are plenty of places where it is difficult to see where you are going. dense fog advisory for lancaster county until 9:00 a.m. but plenty of other places have dense fog including mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, redding with a tenth of a mile visibility and .3 of a mile in lancaster where we have the advicery. reduced visibility at philly international, cloud there i but you can see where you are going. temperatures where they were yesterday. sixty-one in allentown. sixty-five in philadelphia. sixty in lancaster. sixty-four wilmington. sixty-three in wildwood. just a little bit of rain, mostly in southern new jersey as the last of this system pulls out. a few nuisance showers. it is not a huge deal but it is, around, just a lot of moisture, that is why we have
8:14 am
showers and the fog but we have expecting some sunshine today as well. enough to get us to 7 degrees. so, on balance it should be a decent day. we can say the same about tomorrow with the high of 74 with you a ten out of ten on thursday with the high of 74 and plenty of sunshine. we have another stronger cold front late friday into saturday when we expect rain from that and we should be seeing more rain then what we are seeing today and tomorrow. as a result on sunday a high temperature only in the 60's. that autumn chill will be with us. we will forget about that sunny weather and summery weather we had last week even. that is your weather authority forecast, now we will check traffic. we have a problem on 295 north bound at route 541, not too far from willingboro, there is an accident with two left lanes blocked and as a result that part of the 295 is jammed. harbison avenue northbound approaching torresdale avenue
8:15 am
an accident has right and center lanes blocked. the accident that was on i-95 northbound, that is cleared, the other i-95 cottman avenue accident has been cleared as well, traffic as you can see is still jammed in that area slow go alex. >> it is but we are just days away from you've got to try this tasting party. mike is outside with the philadelphia district attorney seth williams who stuck around for this. it is a sweet taste at one of the restaurants taking part in the event. >> the whole reason for the event is we try unusual foods. i have never heard of ti mexican food. what could that possibly be? well, seth williams is here because we will talk about our big tasting event, party we want to you come thursday night this week. hey, chef how are you. >> good to see you where are you from. >> circles. >> where is that. >> 812 north second street. >> right around the corner here. >> basically.
8:16 am
>> are you. >> vincent. >> so, circles has expand todd another restaurant. >> yes, we are now you at 429 south street. >> what do you call that one. >> it is a match of ti and mexican. >> ti and mexican. >> is what the name. >> took took real. >> what does that mean. >> it is a ti motorized rickshaw. >> is that right. >> okay. >> i won't even get into that. >> smells great. >> that is pork belly right there, seth. >> yes. >> what are you making. >> right now we will make pork belly buns, one of our signature dishes at took took real. >> pork belly,. >> get to it. >> okay. >> i call those things bowels. >> buns. >> not these buns though. >> but these right here. >> chef alex, you have nice buns. >> thank you. >> nicely in your hands.
8:17 am
>> what is that made of. >> wheat. >> pork belly, i know that as bacon is that what pork belly is. >> basically it is bacon. >> sunsetting here chef alex we need to speed this up. >> so set h tell me about the second chance foundation. >> it is a non-profit i created and you serve as our chairman of the game. there is so many great organizations, great services and children that need them but often they don't have enough money. they have kids out begging for money. our goal, to get money from people that have it to give to it these organizations that can provide after school services, athletic services, educational opportunities for the children of philadelphia. >> so how do you get money for these kids. >> fundraisers. >> we have fundraisers. we solicit money from ale air, big people, big foundations but thinks our first fundraisers. i'm glad it is you've got to try it. great food, fun.
8:18 am
people can meet you, alex. >> alex. >> she will there been. >> everybody will be there, preston and steve and his whole crew, robert irvine from restaurant impossible is going to be there. >> live that show it is thursday night. day after tomorrow, my gosh it is here. >> i'll be there, you'll be there, we will make a lot of money and we will have great food. >> circles will be there. it cost you 50 bucks but you get free booze but you get drinks, food, there is music, entertainment. >> plus mike jerrick. >> oh, please. right down uhere at sixth and market at independent visitors center. go to my fox, click on the good day tab and the ticket you can buy them on line right there. very simple. >> are you about ready, chef. >> man that looks good. >> should we do one, seth. >> i'm with you. >> all right. >> we have to put our hand on the chef's buns.
8:19 am
>> seth, seriously. >> this is what this exactly what the the president is like, 24 different restaurant, you walk around # hours eating, little by the. >> you have lost some weight. >> i have lost 15-pound. >> looking good. >> thank you, chef. >> in problem. >> this is fantastic. >> alex, i'm not kidding by now my mouth is on fire. >> three hours of non-stop tasting i cannot wait. >> that is really good. >> thanks, mike. over work waiter gets a pick me up from customers. way couple out on the sixth wedding anniversary didn't have the romantic night they expect. their waiter whom they say was friendly was clearly tired and over work. instead of leaving him a lousy tip like some wow know around here, shady mccoy they can something different they left him a hundred dollars tip. they left a note saying we have both been in your shoes we are just paying it for. we see the couple, once waited
8:20 am
on tables and they struggled to make end meet too. so that is nice, nice little feel good story there. still ahead dress responsibly, university of pennsylvania studentsing using their smarts to party hard. we will tell about what they will be wearing at the next frat party.
8:21 am
i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years.
8:22 am
meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time.
8:23 am
sorry. get a free quote at it will be hard to find your way through that fog. >> thick fog there. >> alex. >> yes. >> i think it was last week we had playboy magazine that came up with the will his of the party schools, in college ebb and the university of pennsylvania shockingly to me was number one party school in america. >> they now how to get down. >> well now, a couple have of grads, under grads over there at u penn have launched a new company. >> okay. >> they are smart. that makes sense. it is called bracket. we get that. urban dictionary defines it as
8:24 am
a jacket worn to frat parties because you don't care fit gets covered in grime by the end of the night. members of the try delta sorority there, selling these jackets for $45 each. they have their own facebook page for this i guess, you know is there a party style, someone spills a drink on you. every time i go out, of course aim not going to frat parties but i feel like it happens all the time you went to the university of missouri. >> yes. >> the home of hill bill is. >> no. >> do they have fraternities there. >> yes you went to frat parties. >> no, i didn't go to frat parties. i stayed in mize room and i studied. i nose mize mom and dad are listening. >> yes. >> i never partied. >> it is clothing you can wear, and just get food and drink all over it. >> yes, why not wear a puncho. >> i don't know if i want to wear a full jacket. >> i thought dealt, dealt, delta was a sorority.
8:25 am
>> but they are trying to help out fraternities. >> my giant head was in your shot there, i'm sorry. >> i'm trying to help out fraternity, trying to make money. >> and you have frat party, sororities will go to it. what is a party without girls. >> well, that sound like something would i say. >> by the way, i thought of yesterday when we were doing the complaint day. >> yes. >> two people wrote in on twitter that i should wash my clothes. apparently i have stains on my clothes. >> you have to get on it. >> i haven't noticed. right now i have to start paying attention tour clothes. >> yes. >> marching band are getting more creative with their half time shows especially ohio state university, they are famous for their marching bands. >> i love this. check out their tribute to the wizard of oz.
8:26 am
they did that during their saturday game. you know what would be good if they did the ease on down, ease on down the road. >> that wasn't good enough for you. >> no, that is very impressive. i live yes state's band. >> they are one of the best bands. they are the ones that somebody gets to run out and they get to be the dot on the i. >> that was supposed to be dorothy and toto. >> yes, we saw yellow brick road. >> i didn't even catch that. >> i didn't even note that is there was a yellow brick road there. >> yes. >> attention to detail, i was looking at the dog. >> maybe trying to find some stains on your suit. >> probably. >> lets get to quincy. >> quincy. >> i made this and i made this so far for you guys.
8:27 am
i'm learning how to make play as you guys can see, quincy coming up next on good day. theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
you know what sue, today is alzheimer's weekend. >> it is now that i have figured it out, it is all together day, all together, all together, get it, alzheimer's. >> sue, we got it. >> you get it all together now >> okay: one more time. >> we are sponsor of the walks again, the walks to end alzheimer's. >> yes. >> we have a special coated if you sign up to day, one of the first 100 people to make a donation you get a free gift courtesy of the alzheimer's association delaware valley chapter and these enthusiastic
8:31 am
folks are encouraging you to sign up. we have several walks for you, one if atlantic city, one in wilmington delaware. big one on november 9th is here in philadelphia at citizens bank park. we will see you there. >> all right. it is too early to be that enthusiastic but i'm glad that they are. >> lets take a look at our dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 o'clock this morning. it is still pretty soupy out there according to you guys sending us your pictures, thanks. but here's bus stop buddy and just a jersey on today. we will see some sunshine. we are starting to see some outside. folks at alzheimer's association brought out the sun. hardly any rain left. 77 degrees is our high today. stray shower possible. tonight we will have have fog forming have after midnight, all over again. so is there your weather authority forecast, lets get right to the roads. i-95 ativan kirk street, we will take a look at the live
8:32 am
look there, slow going but everybody is getting by. 295 northbound at route 541, still too left lanes blocked, due to a accident there.: >> ♪ >> oh , that cannot be more sexual, then that, and there it is, there is my whole sex life. >> okay. >> there was a great scene from ghost. >> right. >> one of the most romantic. >> yes. >> believe it or not. >> then turf make a mockery of it and a pol guys. >> that ruin the magic. >> that moment is the reason some people started taking pottery classes in the first place but that is quincy's reason too.
8:33 am
>> quincy is trying to learn how to grow a pot. >> i'm learning how to play with clay here. we are at the studio at second street in olde city what is this. >> a vase. >> it looks like a vase. what is this a bowl. >> yes. >> i'm learning it. now you are teaching me how to to this. you guys, everyone thinks about pottery and they think about the movie, ghost. >> yes. >> with patrick. >> yes that is what we will do today. >> you guys are big here. >> if it is not first pottery in olde city, we have date night upstairs on the third floor in our school. >> they cost $35 a person. >> $35 a person. you do not have to have, you don't to have know anything about clay. just come with a good at the dude and ready to have fun. >> classes started on saturday. >> there is still room available we have hand building and collapses when we will do onto day.
8:34 am
>> you will hopefully try to make a vase. >> what do i to have do. >> let that wheel spin around. >> okay. >> okay. >> go ahead, grab a hold of it, wet your hand. >> my hand are wet. >> your first step is spinning. >> okay. >> that looks pretty good, all right. wet your hands. >> i'm wedding your hands. >> know open up the clay. >> how do i do that. >> use your thumb. >> okay. >> keep going, keep going,. >> i'm trying to be romantic. >> okay. >> open it up. >> owe kay. >> you have to pull it up. >> put this hand inside here. >> this hand on the hour outside. nice and slow.
8:35 am
>> this is so romantic. jen, are you feeling the connection. >> absolutely. >> come on, q. >> use those fingertips. >> okay. >> you got to get some height on it, squeeze ity will show you my finished product coming up next. >> yes. >> demi moore more, convince i. >> oh, know, it is ruined. >> he is making a toilet seat. >> next hour. >> quincy harris as demi more. >> lovely. >> 8:35. still ahead we are getting very first glimpse of the george clooney wedding. >> um-hmm, including that dress, we will see what she wore to the actual wednesday nothing just a little will
8:36 am
bit, but don't look. but bachelor and bachelorits, a local town lands on a national list and coming in on number two. >> is there a town in the delaware valley that is filled with single newlyweds. >> all of my single ladies, listen up we will tell you you where to go. >> do yohere's an idea. start shopping a new way. start maximizing. at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. maxx style. maxx savings.
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summer camp is over. ♪ [ male announcer ] tomcat. [ cat meows ] [ male announcer ] engineered to kill.
8:39 am
look at that production value right there. >> what do we call that. >> the cookie. >> it is a little will thing you put up in the light. >> it is brand new. >> yeah. >> it is a thing. >> i don't know why we call it a cookie. >> i don't know because when i hear that it makes me hungry. >> maybe because it is round. >> it is not round it is a
8:40 am
square. >> no, rectangular. >> it is cook out like a cookie cutter and up in that thing up there. >> looking in the light again. >> yes. >> it is like a cookie cutter. >> okay. new back to this. >> are you okay. >> i cannot sit on that chair. >> mike, looking for love on line maybe happily ever after. >> researchers a say that couples who meet on line are less likely to get married. what do they think about this. >> if you do make it down the aisle you are more than likely to split then couples who meet off line. researchers say variety of choices than line make it easier for couples to give up when they hit a rough patch. also concerns about lying on line, might mean couples take longer to open up, or commit. study comes from a candidate a at michigan state state university this contradicts earlier stud that is show married couple who meet on line are more likely to stay together f you break up, you are going to break up whether
8:41 am
you meet on line or in person. >> moving on. >> that shakes up that on line dating thing. >> yes. >> i think people will do it. it is hard to find people. >> plus one dude at michigan state what do they know. >> looking for a rich mate, money magazine knows where to find that millionaire, one of the areas is right here in the delaware valley. >> ready for this. >> one place to find rich bachelors and bachelor et cetera is lower merion. >> what. >> they came in second place on the list. >> what. >> according to money list, 30 percent of the resident are single with a median income of $150,000. not a millionaire but we will take it. massachusetts also tops the the survey. >> that is brook line massachusetts as part of the boston, and i have a condo here in hoboken, new jersey, it is in seventh place nationally to find rich people. >> that is not bad mike you are number seven. >> when i first saw hoboken in the mid 90's it was a pit.
8:42 am
>> you got in then. >> look at you now. >> now hoboken new jersey was named in the top five most snob cities in america. >> yes. >> letter merion, i need to go over there. >> not so much so but palto, california. >> a lot of people live in lower merion. >> now we will get to jen, i think she knows where those people live too. >> hi, jen. >> mike, my kids go to lower merion schools. they are not so snooty. this is the beginning of what will be an amazing play ground, just a big, big community effort. we will tell you what is going on this morning from the
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
everything wearing purple for walk to end alzheimer's, coming up, and we're here at fox 29 and sponsors of. that we are handing out newspapers with the special code just for you to sign up the they are holding it right there first 100 people to make a donation will get a free gift courtesy of the
8:46 am
alzheimer's association delaware valley chapter. so come down, at our studios at fourth and market. so there is a really cool playground being built this morning and mess of the work being done by volunteers but they are trying to do it, play ground from start to finish in four hours. we will get to jen, there in manayunk, can they do it, jen. >> they are waiting for a bunch of volunteers to come in on a bus. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> talk to us about this. we are at north light community center, kind of manayunk and roxborough and what are you hoping to do today today we are building a playground and we are so excited bit. we serve over 3,000 people a year in northwest philadelphia including tons of children in the neighborhood. we are really exited to bring an amazing place to stay. >> is there an organization called kaboom and they come in and awe reply for everything. it is taking a while to prepare this area. we have some pictures. everybody knows ledgendry
8:47 am
hills here and even building this playground in this weather has proven difficult. we have villanova students, basketball team came in. >> they did good what happened on saturday. >> they came in and helped us do prep work but when we put in the morgues of the footing we hit solid rock. on sunday volunteers were here with jackhammers, including myself, just chipping away at the that rock trying to get everything ready to build a play ground today. >> they had to bring up pieces bye-bye piece. >> well, truck could not get under the train bridge that goes across green lane. they haded to piece by piece drive the playground up. they have confirmed this is one of the hardest build they have ever done. >> of course, it is philly. >> what they have done is months before the the date they have a really cool design meeting. we have a picture of what the playground will look like and how does that, like kids had a stake in this right. >> it is so much fun. we brought to go summer
8:48 am
campers and had them draw their dream play ground. and they came up with crazy ideas, swimming pools, castles, you know, having you'd expect a kid to do. we took those drawings and we work together with the group of adults and community members and came up with a design that we think fits their wish list. >> thinks all done today. kid can't play until friday because cement has to seal. >> yes. >> cure. >> and what will be over there. we have those big steaks. >> we are building an out the door classrooms with the shape structure. theme is urban water shed because of where we're located. it will have a roof that kill collect rainwater so we cannery cycle the rainwater in the raised garden beds you could not get up the hill, jackhammer into the thing and your volunteers can't get here because is there so much darn traffic. good news when all this gets resolved you'll have a great play ground. >> pretty much, welcome to manayunk. >> so again we know glaxo
8:49 am
smith-kline they are sending bus loads of volunteers but people who are here now who are they. >> we have a ton of community volunteers, community members, local business owners, local restaurant and bar owners, parents of the children that we serve who all decided to come out and helped make play ground dreams a reality. we are so thankful to be in a community so supportive of what we will do. >> we will be here until 10:00 a.m. guys, they tell me once this gets started it is like anton a ant hill they will go crazy. that is just a few of the volunteers. pretty much fun to watch. >> they are trick tolling watch. they have to work like ants four hours, amazing, thanks jen. still ahead separating your personal life and career can be tough but what about when work interferes with your sleep that is when it can get tricky. we will talk about why one country is banning those late night work e-mails.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
things are slowly starting to get a little bit better in some spots but dense fog advisory remains for lancaster county. let check our visability, still bad in lancaster itself. only 2 miles in reading. now we are socked in allentown and it is in the great in mount pocono. still some foggy problems persisting this morning. south and east of the city in the so much. temperatures are on the comfortable side for this time of the year. 65 degrees in philadelphia 59 mount pocono. we will look down at 64 in wilmington and wildwood. sixty-two in dover. just a little bit of left over shower activity but not much and that is on its way out of here. things are improving there as well. lets check that seven day
8:54 am
forecast, improvement eventually. now it is unsettled today and tomorrow but we still have sunshine. a perfect day on thursday with sunshine and 74 degrees. sun to showers on friday, probably late showers overnight into saturday and chilling out for sunday. that is your seven day forecast, time for another look at traffic. we will start on 295 northbound at route 541, that accident we have been watching there had two left lanes block, it is cleared and you can get through. also in plymouth township chemical road at ridge pike an accident there so things are slow, and in frankford harbison avenue north bound approaching torresdale an accident has the the right and center lanes blocked. finally in roxborough henry avenue at du pont street and accident will slow you down there, alex. >> thanks, sue. so men and relationships, sometimes we just had enough but according to one survey there are four things men cannot stand about us, you know what i will need to talk
8:55 am
about that.
8:56 am
guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families. i'and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers.
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they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone what is that, you have been will be out of heaven. >> yes. >> so, i guess you get to the pearly gates and they won't let me in is that what they are saying. >> she's the pearly gates you are definitely will be out. >> yes. >> hi, good day to you, it is tuesday, september 30th, 2014. september is over. >> over. >> at midnight we're done, moving on to october.
8:59 am
>> yes, we have been talking about october and halloween enough. finally coming. >> hey, can a college degree determine if you will get divorced, alex. >> how those extra four years of school could benefit your love life. >> okay. and separating your personal lives, and your career. it can be tough. what that has to do with sleeping aim not sure. but, what about when work interferes with your sleep, why one country is banning, late night work e-mails. >> that happens every day here. >> yes. >> this place really interferes with my sleepy sent out e-mails and picks again late last night. >> yes, you were fancy, didn't invite any of you have friend. >> lots of friend out here this morning in the north light community center getting ready to build an amazing playground for a group of kid that really needs it. we will be here all morning long checking it out. >> how can they build that park in four hours. >> pretty quick.
9:00 am
>> yes. >> there is a thick spike here. >> i'm finish. >> yes, dating is not, easy. >> there is in question about that and guys, may be more inclined to do things they don't really want to do just to please a woman. >> as it should be there are a few things that women force men to do. >> i have a nine up, line up, line up. >> yes, nobody mr. sniffle. >> i hate mr. sniffles. >> all right. look at that. >> wow, spike. >> healthy boy. >> good. >> healthy. >> um-hmm. >> yes, this movie, how to lose a guy in ten days. >> there are a couple of things i am afraid all men do,