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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> ahead on fox 29, a pennsylvania state trooper killed in local gun range. we're live with breaking detai details. plus teenagers snap chat in a sex assault case that has three kids an father facin fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> and we begin with breaking news right now. skyfox is live at temple hospital. a powerful local law enforcement in a procession honoring one of
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their own killed during a training exercise this afterno afternoon. dave kinchen is at the hospital learning more about that troop trooper. we'll go live to him in just a moment. but a terrifying confirmation. ebola has hit the us. the cdc now saying it has diagnosed the first patient in the country with the highly contagious virus. to night he's in a dallas hospital under strict isolation. the question now, whether the disease ravaging africa tonight will spread here. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. that person flew from the u.s. from liberia on september 20th he didn't start showing symptoms until four days late. fox 29's chris o'connell is here witness c d.c.'s urgent message. chris, the experts say we are safe tonight. right? >> reporter: d.c. d is adamant about this, dawn. patients with ebola are not contagious until they start exhibiting symptoms. now, health officials are scrambling to make sure the deadly virus doesn't spread. >> it's a severe disease which has a high case fatality rate
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even with the best of care. >> reporter: ominous words coming from the head of the centers for disease control after announcing the first u.s. ebola patient being treated in isolation at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas. >> they undoubtedly had close contact with someone who was sick with ebola or who had died from it report roar since the diagnosis came almost a week later, those who were in close contact with the patient will be monitored for the next 21 days. the virus is spread through bodily fluids. >> the likelihood is we will certainly see more cases of ebola. >> reporter: fox 29's dr. mike says most philadelphia hospitals should be equipped to handle such an outbreak. but it wouldn't take much for the disease to spread quickly on u.s. soil. >> if someone were to come over and be misdiagnosed or not put in isolation right away, they could then spread the virus and then you have the epi center of
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an epidemic over here. >> reporter: ebola has killed more than 3,000 people in west africa. but the cdc says infection controlled protocol here in the united states is far superior. he says a widespread outbreak is unlikely. >> i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of ebola so that it does not spread widely i don't think country. >> reporter: now to coordinate response the city of dallas has already activated its emergency operations center tonight. we'rely told the ambulance crew who transported that patient is under 60 guarantee tonight. dawn. >> chris, thank you two people have been treated and released for e bowl la in atlanta. another person in omaha was successfully treated. one patient is still receiving care in bethesda, maryland. all four sick got sick in west africa and flown back here to america. as we said the dallas case is the first one in which the
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patient arrived in the united states apparently healthy only to be diagnosed a short time later here in the united states. sky fox over the scene at a local gun range earlier tonight. where a pennsylvania state trooper was killed. it happened at the montgomery county public safety training campus in conshohocken. now investigators are trying to figure out just exactly what happened. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at temple hospital in north philadelphia tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, a very sad night here. we've actually learned from pennsylvania state police the identity of the trooper who di died. we're told he is 26 year old david kedra. troop k the skippack barrack. his body was just transported into a hearse with law enforcement personnel from the pennsylvania state police and philadelphia police lining up to show support and respect. we're told that he was shot in the chest in what's being called an accidental shooting at the montgomery county public safety
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training campus. this happened this afternoon. it's being investigated by the state police and by the montgomery county district attorney's office. we understand that trooper kedra, 26 years old, was with the state police for two years. a very tragic development here. again the incident under investigation but as we speak, at this mommy, his body is being taken to the funeral home with a full police he is core. iain. >> thank you, dave. this latest tragedy comes a few week after the deadly ambush of two pennsylvania state troopers in northeastern pennsylvania. officers found pipe bombs in the woods as the search for their suspect in that incident continues. investigators say the bombs were fully functional but they appear to have been left behind. today marking day 19 in the manhunt for eric frein. fox 29 has learned there were sightings of frein's camp sites where some of his personal belongings were found over the weekend.
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frein is accuse of killing corporal brian dixon and seriously wounding another trooper outside their barracks in blooming grove on september 12th. >> and more breaking news tonight. officers on the scene of a police involved shooting in west oak lane. skyfox flew over the scene. this is at the corner of written and wister streets. details are sketchy right now. police are telling no officers were injured. we'll bring an update as soon as we get it. >> on to your fox 29 weather authority. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking some rain in the area right now. scott. that's right, dawn. right now we're watching a weak cold front moving through the central part of the state. you can see some thunderstorm activity trying to move into lancaster county. over the next hour or so, if this holds together it will be moving into lancaster as well as berks county. so we'll continue to monitor it. but right now it's dry in trenton, philadelphia as well as wilmington. a few sprinkles moving now into sections of the lehigh valley and the poconos. but look at the heavy downpours right now also some lightning around harrisburg. this is what we're watching as we it moves farther to the east.
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but watch the timing. watch how a lot of activity by 2:00 a.m. still to the west. so most of it will likely dissipate before it moves into philadelphia. however, tomorrow morning, we're looking at the development of some patchy fog. so spotty showers west. mid 50 50s in the suburbs locals in the city. coming up we'll talk about our best chance for rainfall later this week as well as when you'll need to pull out those heavier fall coats with that seven day forecast. dawn and iain. >> all right, thank you, scott. heartbreak in delaware neighborhood after a two year old little boy is shot in the head and critically wounded. police say somehow that child got a hold of a gun and shot himself. it happened in claymont. police going door to door today looking for any witnesses. they gathered evidence from the scene trying to piece together the details of just how this tragedy happened. neighbors are simply stunned. >> it's one thing to keep a loaded gun for protect to have it low enough for child to get,
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it's ludicrous. >> how somebody have an accident with a two year old with a gun in the house. >> that's police want to know. the toddler retrieved that loaded gun from somewhere inside the home. the attorney general's office is reviewing the case to determine whether or not to file charges. >> police are looking for three masked men who stormed a philadelphia 7eleven with guns blazing. it happened early yesterday morning at the store on the 6300 block of lebanon avenue in overbrook. police say the guys had hand guns and an ak47 type of rifle. they were caught on video pointing guns at the workers the men got away with some cash before officers arrived on the scene. >> a teen is in custody following a shooting at a louisville, kentucky high school. suspect was nabbed hours after the incident. one student is in the hospital tonight with non-life threatening injuries. this happened just after 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. students were quickly evacuated from fern creek high school nearby elementary school was also placed on lock down. there's still no word on whether
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or not the shooter and the victim knew each other. afghan nan gives the okay for american troops to remain in that country for at last another two years. the two nations signed a security agreement today allowing about 10,000 american troops to stay after the international combat mission ends on december 31st. afghan nan's new president says he welcomes the continued presence of u.s. forces. >> the secret service gets a grilling on capitol hill as lawmakers investigate a big security breach at the white house. the head of the agency facing tough questions today about how a white house intruder could evade five rings of security. omar gonzalez climbed the white house fence ran across the north lawn and made it passed the guard at the unlocked front door and into the east room before agents tackled him. >> have you ever heard of these guys? >> it's clear that our security plan was not properly executed. this is unacceptable. and i take full responsibility.
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>> some lawmakers are expressing a lack of confidence in pearson at least one is calling for a top to bottom review of the secret service. comedian tracy morgan says he cannot believe wal*mart's claim that he and his friends were partly to blame for their injuries in a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. wal*mart responded to morgan's lawsuit in federal court yesterday saying the victims were not wearing seat belts when one of its tractor trailers plowed into their limo van back in june. one person was killed and morgan and two others suffered severe injuries. morgan saying today that he had to speak up. he released a statement saying in part "my friends and i were doing nothing wrong. i want to thank my fans for sticking with me during this difficult time. i love you all. i'm fighting hard every day to get back ". >> report by federal transportation officials says the truck driver was driving 65 miles per hour before hitting morgan's vehicle. mumia abu jamal will deliver the commencement speech at his
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alma mater. his pre recorded message will be for graduates at goddard college this weekend much the school holds 20 commencement ceremonies each year. students can have personalized graduation and select the speaker. this is not the first time abu jamal has given address. he is serving live in prison for the 1981 death of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. >> a bizarre crime unfolds in front of surveillance cameras. that's an atm still plugged in stuffed in a trash bin, and this guy almost got away with it. what happens seconds later that lands him behind bars. >> a tractor trailer slams into a schoolbus. the driver accused of being wreck less and you may understand why when you hear what police found in the truck. what was so shocking sitting right in the passenger seat. >> plus a local family's agonizing question. where is bear? >> is he safe? is he lonely? i just don't know where he's at and that's what's killing me.
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>> happy end wrack their beloved dog was just found! >> acne investigating thousands of credit cards at risk. the one thing you should do every time you swipe to protect you the next time there's breach. >> and the body of a fallen pennsylvania state trooper david kendra just arrived at the medical examiner's office. the 26 year old state trooper was killed during a training exercise this afternoon. we are waiting right now for authorities to address reporte reporters. our dave kinchen is there. we'll bring you that information our dave kinchen is there. we'll bring you that information as soon as we get it. guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right.
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down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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♪ >> we're staying on top this breaking news for you tonight. the body of fallen pennsylvania state trooper david kedra just arrived at the medical examiner's officer. the 26 year old was killed during a training exercise this afternoon. we are awaiting for authorities to address reporters. our dave kinchen is there and we'll bring you that information as soon as we get it. >> a young driver plows into the side of a northeast philadelphia apartment building much this happened just before noon at the canterbury court apartments on academy road. one person was taken to the hospital. there's no word on that person's condition. police have not said whether or not they will file any charges. happening now, in lehigh county, the search foreman cued of and an itemed abduction it happened saturday at a park in sales bureau township. >> authorities are telling parents to be particularly vigilant our brad satin spoke with one resident who believes this attempt is not the first. report. >> as parent i would be terrified to bring me child report roar this mom quite lunch
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with her husband ruined after hearing news of a man who tried to lure two children here saturday at a time when the park is usually hopping. >> over the weekend pretty busy. there's lot of ballgames going on report roar police turned to facebook to alert neighbors that the middle-aged white man still has not been found. it happened right by a senior living complex and where school buses pass by. the two children knew enough to run away, tell their parents who then called police. any problems before? >> no. >> reporter: safe place? >> yeah. >> reporter: safe neighborhood but not without some concerns. a woman we just spoke to who didn't want to be identified lives just yards from the park and she says she and her neighbors saw some suspicious activity a strange man just few week ago. a man sitting in his car just looking. it happened twice in two weeks. >> finally did he get out of the car, and he was coming down towards this other house over here. children were coming up the street. i think the mother came out and then they turned around and went back and got his car. >> reporter: she wish she were quicker to call police.
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>> do what your prompteed to and take action and let your neighbors know and call the police right away. >> reporter: in salisbury township, brad satin fox 29 ne news. >> new jersey police are investigating a shooting involving an off duty police officer early this morning. officer basil warren found 26 year old tyshon fitzpatrick sitting in the driver's seat of his car parked outside the officer's edgewater home. cops say words were he can changed. and warren discharged his depth gun. the suspect was rushed to the hospital. he is now in critical condition. so far no charges have been filed sense against fitzpatrick. warren is a 10 year law enforcement officer. >> fox 29 has learn the mother killed while walking home from strawberry mansion over the weekend may have been targeted for cooperating in drug investigation. police say 42 year old catherine berry was targeted and executed. she was shot in the head on morse street while walking home from grocery store with her 13 year old child. the child was not hurt. so far police have no suspects.
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>> be prepared to cough you have green if you're caught speeding through a red light in abington township. $100 fines started a midnight tonight. the 60 day grace period is over. during the two month trial period close to 700 people violated the red lights but authorities found most of those running through the intersections were actually not residents of abington. >> we're looking forward to what some people call the halo effect that by having red light cameras it sends out the message we care about traffic safety in our community and they will then behave and pay attention more to what they're doing and drive carefully. >> the cameras are located at the intersections of old york and susquehanna roads, old york and old welsh roads in mooreland and fitzwater town roads. well if you shopped at acme grocery stores in recent months your internal passing could be at risk. we first told you about this date today breach as breaking news last night at 10:00 and fox 29's joyce evans explains what you can do right now if you
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think hackers may have your personal information. report. >> for acme this is very very big black eye. this is the second time they were hacked in less than six months. roar report sending thousands and thousands of customers in maryland, delaware, new jersey and pennsylvania scrambling to see if their card information was stolen and used. >> they're doing the right thi thing. they are giving identity theft protection out to all of the victims. >> reporter: tech expert anthony mongeluzo says nobody expects acme to be the last to get hack. >> you have to be mindful of yourself. no one else will look for you. >> reporter: what can we do right now? call your creditors and let them know you may be among the victims and contact one of the three credit roaring agencies an activate a 90 day fraud alert. that way you'll get a call before credit or purchases are approved. you can also purchase a third party security monitoring plan. they do come with a monthly fee,
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and may not catch every suspicious activity. >> keep your eyes open. wallet closed. >> financial expert dan rocatto suggests when using your deb bid card ask for the purchase to be trance acted as credit not debit because debit cards are easier to hack. >> oftentimes, people link their debit card to other bank accounts so if they do get your debit card you're really opening up the kimono to all your financial life. home equity live, your saving account. use your credit card. credit cards are not immune from being hack but you have more protect. >> reporter: another thing to watch out for, credit card companies do have the right to charge a fee for a replace many card. but you might be able to convince them to drop that fee. if you ask or you can ask the merchant, you know, the one who was hacked to pick up that fee. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> there was a bear on the loose today in new jersey. this happened in richwood, bergen county. the bear climbed a tree as you can see there near an elementary school and refused to budge for
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most of the afternoon. school officials kept the students inside until the bar was trance quill lied by wildlife experts. >> scary new symptoms that could be connected to the enterovirus. hundreds of kids sick. the extreme measures one hospital is taking to keep kids safe. >> plus the accused boston bomber's sister led away in handcuffs because of a love triangle. how police say she used her brother to scare the other woman off. >> and a group of good samaritans save woman trapped in the trunk of a car. she had been missing for days. the mystery tonight as police try to figure out how she got the mystery tonight as police try to figure out how she got there.
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle
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but i'm working hard to find common ground. ♪ >> demonstration in hong kong hit streets again today. they're demanding change from the chinese government. the protesters want democracy in the chinese territory. they have set tomorrow as deadline for the government to make the change. hong kong's chief executive says beijing won't budge. >> the sister of at cued boston marathon bombers pleads not guilty to a bomb threat against a row tan tick rifle. the 24 year old girl is the sister of so car and tamerlan tsarnaev. she's accused of calling a woman and telling her to leave her husband alone. prosecutors say she told the woman that she nose people who could put a bomb where the woman
10:24 pm
lives. a judge set her bail at $5,000. she's now facing a maximum of one year in jail if she's convicteconvicted. >> in california the mayor of bell garden's is dead after he was shot in his home. police say crespo and his wife were fighting when their 19 year old son tried to break it up. authorities say the mayor then punched his son and that's when they say the wife shot crespo several times. the mayor's wife is currently in police custody. the body of a missing realtor is found and now police are revealing more details about just what happened before her murder. >> 33 year old eri err aaron les was picked up monday in arkansas. set up an appointment to view home with 49 year old beverly carter on thursday before he abducted and killed her. her body was found hours after lewis was brought in. it was discover in a shallow grave at a concrete company about 25 miles outside of little rock. >> do you have anything to say to the family? sorry. >> what else do you want to say
10:25 pm
to her family? sorry. >> why beverly? because she was just a woman that worked alone, a rich broker. >> did you kill her? no. >> lewis pleaded not guilty to preliminary charges of capital murder, kidnapping and robbery in connection with carter's death. >> take close look here. this is an atm. it's still attached to the store and it's being stolen. the guy carting it off in the trash can. even braze of crazier almost got away with it. what happens moments later that lands him in handcuffs. >> and this sauce may not look appetizing but it turns out it's alsoly legal. why this particular batch is valued at exec thousand dollars. >> and a first for viagra tonight. ladies, this one is for you. why the woman is at the center avenue new ad campaign. >> scott williams hard at work in the weather center tweaking your forecast. when rain could move in.
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>> long pro segment ended for a fallen pennsylvania state trooper killed in the line of duty. 26 year old david kedra died after he was shot in the chest during a training exercise at a shooting range in conshohocken this afternoon. ebola hitting close to home tonight. cdc says a man in dallas texas is the first confirmed case of the virus in the united states. he recently traveled to west africa. he is now quarantined and getting treatment. the cdc is aggressively working to make sure the ebola virus does not spread here in the u.s. >> caught on camera, two people try to rob an atm. not the money from the machine but the actual machine. and then, get this, they tried to hide it in a trash can and police say the caper was easy to crack. >> tonight the accused culprits are in jail. fox 29's sabina kuriakose with the story in reading berks county. >> reporter: most thieves go trait store the cash and merchandise but cops say this guy broke right through the glass and went for the atm.
10:30 pm
store owners say what happened next is just bizarre. caught on camera watch this they have struggle to steal an atm machine. clever plan disguised inside a trash bin. one with wheels. >> double that somebody tried to do this. >> never, never, never. it's very strange. >> torres owns the store in re readinreading. that's his store on the surveillance video. it happened on the wee hours of sunday morning. he still can't believe this eyes. the atm was plugged in. the thief trips over the cord. >> costly and heavy. the suss spec can bail lift the machine into the bin even walking off at one point before giving it to one last shot. this time he carts the machine off luckily alert police officers noticed something is off and come take closer look. >> i appreciate it. i said thank you. >> reporter: police say found this man 43 year old john nieves and his accomplice 48 year old
10:31 pm
kathy schadler 2 miles away carting the machine into an apartment building. the duo was quickly arrested. >> i was pretty glad they caught him pretty quick. >> reporter: torres family said their father work seven days week to support them. his kids have a message for the bad guys. >> i think personally think when the man gets out of jail that he's going to like feel sorry for what he did. like not commit that again but like that hole will still be in his heart. >> suspects are in lock up. they face burglary charges. in reading sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> arriving passenger at new york's kennedy airport had more than food to declare to customs agent. official say a passenger from mexico tried to smuggle cocaine into the country hidden in food and plastic containers. they seized nearly thee .5 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of nearly $60,000. they face narcoticking smuggling
10:32 pm
charges. >> the spread of the enterovirus is being a mystery and serious concern for health officials. cdc is now investigating whether cases of temporary paralysis in children are linked to the enterovirus d68. many of the patients are complaining of weakness in their arms, legs and neck. doctors say the children range in age from one to 18 years old. the father of one of the children says his son's symptoms came on very quickly. >> move these keys precede add week before with a respiratory illness, and then week later they have the onset of their neurological symptoms. >> the cdc says the enter revere virus sickened at least 277 children across the country. one hospital in michigan is now banning children under 18 from visiting patients to protect them. so far no deaths are reported. >> some wild weather striking colorado. severe hail storms. the storm first dropped snow and and that quarter sided hail.
10:33 pm
the national weather service issuing a tornado warning briefly for two counties. many people reported serious car damage. more stormy weather in the forecast for tomorrow. >> luckily nothing like that here but we may be checking on few pop up showers tonight. scott. >> that's right, iain. as we look at ultimate doppler we're watching a weak cold front move toward the central part of the state but take look at some of these pretty aggressive showers even thunderstorms right now moving out of the harrisburg area as we zoom in little closer you can see where we have the yellow as well as the red. that's pretty intense rainfall. there was also a little bit of lightning associated with this cluster. as we put a tracker on it it's moving very slow only about 20 miles per hour so if it holds together moving toward lancaster at about 11:41. approaching reading close to 1:00 a.m. so you can see how slow that line is moving our way. most of us will just see patchy fog developing to night but those western zones watching out for some of those pockets of
10:34 pm
showers. mid 60s right now in philadelphia. humidity trying to creep up there at 78%. winds are out of the east northeast at about 8 miles per hour. but look at the high temperature for the last day of september. 79 degrees. that's above normal. the normal now is 72. as we look at those temperatures right now mid 60s in philadelphia. low 60s atlantic city. wildwood 63. upper 50s currently in the pocono mountains and 67 degrees in reading. so as we take a look at what's happening we're watching that front off to the west. a few scattered showers. we'll time everything out for you. you can see that much of the activity fiss sells before it makes its way toward philadelphia tonight. tomorrow morning, waking up to some cloud cover. some patchy fog out there then throughout the day we'll be watching winds coming in generally out of the northeast so that will mean more clouds and also the threat for a few passing showers. not anticipating a wash out tomorrow by any means. moving ahead to your wednesday night, pretty quiet. thursday morning we'll start with some clouds but high
10:35 pm
pressure will settle in overhe overhead. so thursday night it's quiet. our next best chance for rainfall later this week really not until overnight friday into saturday. we'll be watching a fall front behind it some very cold air for this time of year but the shower chances arrive overnight friday into the first part of the day saturday. i think if you're making plans for friday afternoon and evening, we'll stay dry. but overnight friday into saturday with those showers. but hyped that system, we'll watch a big trough dig toward our area. take look at this bowling ball of blue and green that is some cold air moving in from canada to bring high temperatures this weekend only in the 60s. so spotty shower chances west otherwise some patchy fog 56 degrees in the suburbs. low 60s in the city. and then moving ahead to tomorrow, we'll call it partly sunny to mostly cloudy a few passing showers. the first half of the day. 74 degrees will be the high temperature. that weather authority seven day
10:36 pm
forecast showing you 74 on thursday. and then friday once again clouds increase during the day. i think most of the showers arrive overnight friday into the first part of the day saturday. saturday 69 degrees and sunday morning lows in philadelphia will be in the upper 40s. north and west will be in the low 40s and even 30s for some. but look at the high on sunday. only 65 degrees. so if you're headed out to the linc, you might want to have that jacket and sweater for tailgating as well as for the game. >> iain will need a ski parka. >> i might. >> he doesn't like the call. fall is definitely here. >> it is. some claim they're safer than regular cigarettes but not not when they explode. one woman's wrong move with her e-cigarette that lit her whole apartment on fire. >> remember this guy charged with murder. what happened today that might
10:37 pm
prove he was right. >> unplugging when you leave the office. by law where it son be
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>> taking a look at your money tonight. viagra trying new
10:40 pm
approach to reach target audience. a pitch woman for years pfizer the company that make the drug used men in its commercials. message was usually subtle but now the company is taking a direct approach and using a woman to encourage men to get treatments. >> just use -- you know plenty of these guys having an issue getting an ear rec and keeping it. >> have i gag has been on the market since 1998. >> e-cigarette getting the blame for an apartment fire in a honolulu. a woman says she left the vaping device charging for about two hours and when she returned ho home, she found the kitchen counter on fire. she managed to put it out before firefighters got there. so far at least 10 documented e-cigarette fires have been reported worldwide. >> in one part of the country
10:41 pm
lovers of sugary drinks may be tacked. >> that's right. residents will vote on the issue in california coming up in november. those living in berkeley and san francisco are gearing up for the hot issue. if it passes in berkeley it will cost an extra penny for every ounce in san francisco the tax would be 2 cents an ounce. >> we are one week away from mail ballot planning. this is election season. high gear. >> polls show that the measure could pass in berkeley giving the beverage industry a blow. it has waged campaigns in other states to fight the tax. a woman missing for days found alive in the trunk of her daughter's car, but now the mystery. she doesn't remember who put her in there. >> and a happy reunion now in the works. after a major social media push. we have learned bear the dog has been found. what was so suspicious about the pup's disappearance. >> plus, they're back. a major change on the ice for the flyers brought boos from the
10:42 pm
fans but it wasn't the players. who will start lacing up their skates again. ♪
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>> philadelphia police release surveillance video of a burglary and they hope it leads to an arrest. check it out. it happened back on july 31st at the a and a mark on the 5400 block of warrington avenue in kingsessing. police say they think the suspect got in by forcing open a security door. investigators say the man ran off with some cash from the register. >> a kentucky woman missing for days turns up in the trunk of a car but no one seems to know how she got there. not even her. andreas stone's friend put up flyers to try find her after she disappeared. three people walking by a car heard tapping coming from the trunk. when they walked with a second time, they really got suspicio suspicious. >> they heard the tapping again. they called us. but they didn't wait. they were great. they responded immediately. they got brick and threw it threw the window and end outpatient the trunk. >> stone was inside passed out and dehydrated. the car belongs to her daughter. police say there were no signs of trauma. they're enter viewing the woman trying to find out how she got
10:46 pm
in the trunk in the first place. unfortunately, she does not remember how she got there. >> it's live in prison for a massachusetts man for the killing of three men back in 2011. he's got some unique features. you see there. six bums on his forehead to resemble satan and sick sick s tattooed on his forehead. he calls himself a self professed vampire and satan any of the. his attorney asked his client not be in the courtroom during the trial because his appearance would cause prejudice. but after hearing his sentence he told the jury "i'll see you in hell". >> a sexual assault case has three massachusetts teens in trouble with the law. they are facing charges in the kidnapping of assault on 16 year old girl. 19 year old rashad was in court today. prosecutors argue that his girlfriend committed the crime then had a 17 year old record and up load it to social pictu pictures sharing site snap chat. friend of the vick testimony saw the video and told her father who then called police.
10:47 pm
>> they wanted video the victim being held up by her assailants because she could not stand up on her own. >> the vick testimony was found behind school. attorneys say she tested positive for oxycontin. thc and alcohol and could have died. one of the boys father was also arrested. prosecutors say he swapped phones out with his son to throw off investigators. >> police say a female passenger in a big rig was naked when that truck slammed into a schoolbus. >> the accident happened in florida. seven students were taken to the hospital after the crash. at least one of the element will he school students was seriously injured. two people in the semi were badly hurt. police say they received several calls that the simi was driving erratically before the crash. the bus was stopping to let students off. police say the truck driver did not see the bus stopping. there's still no word on why that truck passenger was not wearing any clothes. >> a case in colorado supreme court could have major implications for marijuana smokers. brandon coats a quadriplegic
10:48 pm
with a prescription for medical marijuana. he was fired from his job because he failed a drug test. coats maintains he has never been high at work and use the drug to control violent muscle spasms. colorado law allows people to smoke pot. smokers should be protected and not fired for off the clock behavior. the company argues because marijuana is illegal at the federal level and is not covered by state law. >> in delaware county, an update for to you story we first brought you on fox 29 news at 5:00 o'clock. a beloved family pet is found after seemingly just vanishing over the weekend. it has been a tense few days for the martin family. they say their 13 year old chocolate lab bear disappeared sunday afternoon in upper chichester. police say a man reported picking up bear but then released him a few hours later bought he growl at him. the family turned to facebook but that led to more anguish. people started coming up with wild theories about what may have happened to bear. >> i think he's been taken and
10:49 pm
sold. >> for what purpose? >> either dog fighting or breeding or whatever else goes on that they do. >> fortunately, none of those rumors panned out. bear's owners tell us he was dropped off at the upper chichester police station tonight. we of course are waiting to find out the details and we will update you on how bear is doing. well if you think the cast of the red band society looks like they're having fun on camera they're having more fun off camera. >> it is said in pediatrician hospital even while facing tough challenges these kids are still being kids. the studio for the show in atlanta and most of the cast had to move to georgia. the cast says they are there for each other on and off the set. >> i am in love with everyone on the show. we have no divas which i'm very excited about. because sometimes you get unlucky but we've been blessed with a fabulous cast. >> cast members say the point of the show is to help inspire people to get through whatever
10:50 pm
live throws our way. remember you can watch red band society tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on fox 29. >> my daughter loves that show. now days it seems hard to ever really leave work thanks to smart phones that keep you connected all the time. you're always checking your work e-mail. but one country is considering changing that. the german labor minister has commission add study to understand the impact that constant accessibilitiable as on psychological health and the economy. the results could lead to legislation that would ban bossebosses from contacting emps after workers leave the office although the findings won't be released until 2016. i got a feeling what they're going to say though. >> all right. >> the flyers say that they have listened to their fans. >> the female ice team will be back for the between 14-2015 season. there was clamor to bring back the girls seen here on "good day philadelphia" appearance. the flyers remade them with men a couple of week ago. the guys were dressed in sweaters and pants and got booed
10:51 pm
when they came out on the ice last week. now the flyers say they'll hold try out ross on sunday at the skate zone in voorhees. >> howard? >> so relieved. i can't even -- >> i knew you would be. >> i had sleepless nights about this whole thing. >> all right. it may be the strangest extra point in the if the ballgame that you will ever see. and with the eagles getting a player back from suspension the quarterback nick foles talks about putting the last game behind him. about putting the last game behind him. that's coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax.
10:54 pm
as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. >> the eagles they'll try hard to straighten out the mistakes that cost them the game last week in san francisco. eagles seven-point favorites and they should be against st. lou louis. game is at linc. a win is needed. got to stop the panic by the fans. you might think they were zero-four. all right. eagles also need to find the running game. they hope to do that with the return of their right tackle. that would be lane johnson. he returned to practice today after missing the first four games due to a suspension. the eagles hope his return will help in some way with the running game. johnson was not permitted to be at the eagles facility. for that time not permitted to have any contact with the coaches.
10:55 pm
but he will start on sunday and it's nice for him to be back. >> getting back out who are. get a few plays under your belt and, um, kind of get back into the rhythm of basically that's all it is the rhythm. once you get in practice every day in and day out you get into your second nature. >> makes the sound simple. nick foles knows he has to get better after the offense scored zero points last week against the 49ers. pretty hard to do. i would think it's not very easy to get that game out of your mind, going into this week but nick has said in the past he's got a 24-hour rule. 24 hours after the game he for gets the previous game. but a little tougher to move on from this one. it's really hard. it's really hard when team plays so well, defense and special teams keep us in the game and then we get 90-yard drive at the end and had the option to win and i didn't execute at the end. that's tough. >> nick just like everybody we got to clean up, everybody has got to clean up their fundamentals. everybody has got to do a little better job of doing what they
10:56 pm
do, and then i think it will come together. >> makes it sound so easy. >> sunday our coverage of the eagles and rams starts with "game day live" at 11:00. fox nfl sunday at noon. kickoff at 1:00 and wrap it up with our post game report at 4:30. >> as i said it's such good news the girls -- ice girls are back. not done after all. the announcement the highlight of the night at a flyers preseason game. to the wells fargo center. wayne simmons. watch wane in front of the goal. and come on. preseason stuff. geoff him another one. flick, flick, bang. it's hockey. what can i tell you? it is hockey. wayne simmons scores the goal. gives the flyers a three-one lead. they win it four-two. maybe the strangest way to make an extra point. watch this. south dakota. watch the ball. it's off the player's helmet. what are you doing? hey, cuz, watch the ball.
10:57 pm
>> off his helmet and off the cross bar and over. by the way they won 51-zero. >> they didn't need the point. >> all right. thanks for watchingly remember to watch tmz coming up at 11:00. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". be sure to sta
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10:59 pm
theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
11:00 pm
warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> i love this story. it's the five second rule. a huge celebrity, i'm not even going to say who, drops a hamburger at l.a.x. on the ground and picks it up and eats it. >> david hasselhoff. >> kendall jenner. she has officially made it in the modeling world. >> david hasselhoff. she walked on the runway show with gisele. >> chanel is a shellout. she chaneled out. >> we have aretha franklin in new york. her boobs are unbelievable. look at the table top. >> you could set a dinner for four on that. >> danny trejo at l.a.x. we ask what's going on. >> i'm gettingea