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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  October 1, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> live, this is "good day philadelphia". >> it is coming up on 7:00 this wednesday, now, it is here, first confirmed case of ebola, here in america, more on the push to find anybody who may have come in contact with this guy. are you worried? doctor oz is going to be with just about nine minutes, hang in for that. >> up in flames, massive fire rips through at least four homes and businesses cents in atlantic city, this thing was huge, been burning all night. and, for the second time in three weeks, pennsylvania, state troopers, mourning the loss of one of their own. what happened at that firing range? >> and, it is no secret. secret service is hot water. >> armed fell on -- fellon, got in to the home of the
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president of the united states? somebody may have to get fired today. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good. >> i do the best walk over in the business. >> you sure do. and it is the first day of october. >> it is. >> it feels like fall. >> you know why? >> why? >> because it is fall. >> trees true. >> it feels like yesterday. a lot like yesterday. we got little bit of fog out there. we go with a eight. just like yesterday. bus stop buddy wearing a jersey today. we gave him the sixers cap. they started their training camp yesterday. why not? temperatures are in the 60s, we'll see little bit of sun, a lot of clouds, this morning, and as we look at our satellite radar picture, watching some rain around washington, d.c. area, and we've had a little area of rain all morning, in berks county, starting to move into the lehigh valley, a little bit. not a big deal, though, at all, winds are out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour, 80% relative humidity, and
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temperature right now of 64 degrees. seventy-three should be our high today. pretty seasonable. stray shower, isn't out of the question, just that little bit of instability in the air for the rest of the day today. things will get better tomorrow. 57 degrees, tonight. and they're not real that i bad today. that's a look at your weather, we check traffic, woe start off with i95 at girard avenue. see what things look like out there. and it looks like it is, yes, pretty crowded there. as you are moving into the city, that's on the left hand side of your screen. so, lots of volume, but no extreme backups there this morning, 295 northbound, the off ramp to route 42 freeway, 76, there is a vehicle fire there and the ramp is blocked. mike? >> all right, thank you very much, 7:02, man in critical condition in dallas, texas, where he is being treated for contracting the ebola virus. he is the first person diagnosed in the united states since the virus outbreak began. health officials say eggs' only a minimal risk to the
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public, but we'll talk live to doctor oz, on good day philadelphia, in just a couple of minutes. he's standing by right now, matter of fact. >> and happening now in our area, atlantic city fire crews are putting out hot spots on a fire that spread through several buildings, in atlantic sit. >> i yes, hot spots after about nine, ten hours. this all happened just few blocks from the boardwalk, steve ' been on this story most of the night. hi, steve. >> still flames until 20 after 6:00. started 10:00 o'clock or maybe started before, that that's when the fire department got the first call, nine minutes past 10:00. you can see still here. good news as the sun came up, the flames finally out this is whole block of businesses cents all occupied, all apartments you can now see right through the windows of the second and even on the first floor, all the floors collapse. so even, from the first floor doorways of these places cents you can see the sky all the way up through the third floor. that means, there is nothing
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really holding these walls together, and will probably see demolition crew come out here as soon as it is safe and the fire is completely out. and, what these businesses cents were, two of them, adult around the clock businesses cents, where all of the people want atlantic city to become a family resort. >> this is where we, are we walk to the left, right behind resorts international casino. >> to the left, see the taj mahal, old revel casino which is there in the dark,. >> now, we show you the video of how it looked at the height of the flames when we first got here in the middle of the night. boy these flames are shooting through the sky. the reason why, the winds down here at the shore, were so gusty, and even though we had heavy rain at times, the rain wasn't helping put the flames down, because winds were kicking up the flames, every time it look like the fire department had handle on it, the flames would kick up. and the reason the fire
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department wasn't going to risk any firefighters lives when they saw the rooftops collapse, and then the walls collapse, and then even the floors collapsing, they new everybody in these apartments got out on their own and got out safe. everybody mostly still awake, because it was still fairly early at 10:00 o'clock, even though a loft young kids were in the apartments. they were the ones who smelled the smoke first and woke up everybody and got everybody out. even though adult businesses are open around the clock everybody ran from there. they don't even know how many people were in those bases because a guy is get massage in a towel he won't like stick around long. anyway here is fire chief dennis brooks talking about what they were up against down here at the shore couple of blocks off the beach where w these winds. >> and 1114 and 1116, and in the rear, 1118 collapsed
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weather issue tonight, wind didn't help us. >> the wind still pretty strong, in fact, strong enough to maybe blow down some of the shaky walls, come back to the live picture, alex, mike, you can see, in the for grounds. our shot in front of the resorts casino, where that third floor is now completely gone, and that's part of what you saw dennis brooks talking about there about the collapse. so wall collapse here, you can see the roof that far corner building, completely gone, above the indulgence a private club, which happened to be open as well, mike. so, maybe you can fill in the viewers on some of these clubs down here, mike, because i know you hang in atlantic city. i'm sure you don't go by these places but maybe go by them in the middle of the night? >> a lot of melting plastic, thank you, steve, i think. now to the tragic accident, claims the life of young pennsylvania state trooper. >> now, we're going to get to lauren johnson there with the latest on just what happened. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, alex, very little information coming out yesterday about exactly what
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happened. we do expect more to come today. so we can find out more about 26 year old david kendra, how he died during the training exercise, believe he was cents accidentally shot in the chest at the montgomery county public safety training complex. let's take a look at some video from yesterday. from outside of temple university hospital. where the trooper was cents air lifted after he was shot. he was pronounced dead. his body was load intoed a hurst and taken to a funeral home by a motorcycle escort. family, state troopers, and philadelphia police officers, were all on hand, lining up, to show their support and respect to the fallen officer. trooper kendra had been a member of the pennsylvania state police since june of 2012. he was cents currently serving with troop k out of the skippack barracks. sadly he is 96 member of the state police to be killed in the line of duty, in the history of the pennsylvania state police. now the shooting is currently being investigated by the state police, and the montgomery county district attorney's office, again we do expect more information to be released today, so we can find out just exactly how this
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tragic situation unfolded. alex, mike? >> my goodness, all right, lauren. 7:07. this latest tragedy comes three weeks after the deadly ambush of two pennsylvania state troopers in the poconos, eric frein accused of injuring a state trooper, police searching for him found two pipe bombs in the woods, during their manhunt. they say the bombs were fully functional and could have been set off by a tripped wire but they appear to have been pacely discarded. frein has been on the run since mid-september. also happening today, philadelphia pot bill set to become law. >> mayor mike at null err scheduled to sign this bill that would decriminalize the small and the of marijuana in the city. once this is law people will be finds 25 bucks for having under an ounce of weed, and anybody caught smoking in public will be fined $100. but there would be no criminal record, the new regulations will only apply in philadelphia.
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proper. >> drivers in abington township be aware, 606 day grace period for the red light cameras expired at midnight, so you'll now have to pay a 100-dollar fine if you're caught. the cameras at the intersection of old york and susquehanna roads, old york and old welsh roads, and moore lands and fitzwatertown roads. authorities say during the two month trial period, close to 700 people ran those red lights. >> and, bids being accepted at the bankruptcy auction of atlantic city rival casino. highest bid $98 million from canadian company. glenn straub for the rights to buy the revel for the basically pennies on the dollar. revel closed on september 2nd, just two years after operation. >> 98 million. that's about 4% of its value over $2 billion. wow. women, a man serving live in prison for killing a philadelphia police officer has been selected as the
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commencement speaker at his alma matter, up in vermont. you know this story. goddard college says mumia abu-jamal's recorded remarks will be played this sunday at graduation along with a video about him. abu-jamal as you know originally sentenced to death for killing officer danny faulkner. but he was re sentenced to life in prison in 2012. he graduated from that school, goddard college in vermont, pennsylvania's prison chief says he is -- distain full of the decision, but can't prevent it because inmates have a right to use the telephone, and it is recorded from a phone conversation. it will be played sunday at the graduation. they have about 26 different graduation ceremonies throughout the year, if you're wondering why they're having graduation in october. >> three people accused of beating up gay cup nel center city are scheduled for preliminary hearing on december 16. police say the attack was so brutal, it left one victim
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with a wired jaw. but attorneys for the suspect insist the altercation was two sided and gay bashing was not the motive. right now pennsylvania's hate crimes law does not include protections for sexual orientation, legislators are trying to change that. >> let's get back to the big story. accused white house fence jumper due to appear in a us district court today. omar gonzalez faces as three count indictment for his intrusion into the white house, the federal and local charges he faces could amount to maximum of 16 years in prison, if convicted. us secret service indictment accused white house intruder, i just told you the story, omar gonzalez. he will be in court today. he got all the way into the east room of the white house, because the front door was not locked. boy they took the grilling, secret service, from congress yesterday. one guy one senator put up one
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of those atv signs. did you ever think about pulling one of these in? >> they said even alarms cents but turned down, because they were too loud. of course this put secret service director julia pearson under fire. congress grilled her yesterday demand to go know how the man could have possibly got mean the white house. secret service admits it was cents a threat, now lawmakers calling for her to step down. >> the protocol is lacking, training just not happening, and leadership really questionable. she is not turned this agency around, and this is an agency that can never, ever, ever make a mistake, and yet they're happening faster than we can even name them. >> and what's worse, this isn't the only breach this month that director pearson is questioned about. there are new reports surfaced of another breach, in security, that put president obama at risk. sources tell fox fuse that the president road elevator at the cdc earlier this month with armed security contractor with a criminal record. agent questioned him when he refused to stop taking video
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with his phone of the president and secret service didn't even know that he was armed until they fired him and they asked the man to turn over his gun. >> unreal. that's worth than -- worse than even the white house stuff. guy with a gun. >> and in a elevator, that's close quarters, right there. >> right next to the president. i got a sense somebody is going have to resign today. >> now for the latest on the first case of ebola diagnosed in the united states, been confirmed now, man recently traveled from liberia to dallas, texas, to visit with family members. he's in a hospital. >> health officials say the unidentified man was critically ill and had been in isolation at texas health presbyterian hospital since sunday. now we bring in doctor oz live from new york. is this time to panic or just be really concerned? it is here. >> i wouldn't panic yet, alex, but a concern a loft folks have been talking about hine closed doorsment actually made this announce many on the first show of the new season, heard it from so many
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different people. come here, not surprising, i think it will happen again. other visitors from west africa will either sneak out or just leave this gentleman did legitimately, be allowed to come here because we can't tell they had the virus yet. the bigger issue once it gets here, how are we going to make sure people come in contact with don't continue to spread it throughout their mean at this. >> tell us what it is, and what doses it do to you? how do you die? >> well, the good news is that the virus doesn't seem to infect everyone that comes in contact with t you sort of have to touch the person who got sick. unlike the regular flu, where they could cough in a subway. but the bad news is once you get it, most people die. and that's an unfortunate problem, especially, in parts of the world where you don't have a lot of healthcare. might do little better here, but his gentleman is very ill, and not good virus to get. here is the real issue that keeps me up at night talking about tissue on the showed, i have the cdc on the program, have open conversation about what happens if the virus retakes and becomes airborne.
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by that i mean mutation already happened 50 times of w this virus, what happens when you cough it spreads. that will would make it much harder for us to control it. that would be a much bigger concern to me. otherwise i think cdc director is right. get our arms around this, limited number of people get the virus, unfortunate anybody gets it, but it won't become a pandemic across the nation. >> i red some reports, hey, it is not contagious until it actually shows up. but just think of all of the people he was around, paramedics, doctors, maybe even the pass inning, on the plane, so should we be concerned? >> i don't think he was cents that contagious while on the plane which is good news, he wasn't sick enough yet w ebola sicker you are, the more virus you have. remember, once you got where he was going, there there is cents no direct flights with west africa to texas, so towed stop somewhere in the united states before he got there. there are other people right now probably leaving liberia where he came from who will ends up somewhere in the
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states. do they have the virus? i don't think the last time we a -- we will ' be seeing this type of scenario. bigger concern, as it mutates it, changes how it behaves. that would be bigger problem. >> i know he got sick after he got here. then he went to the hospital. and then they released him and he went back to his family home. so i don't know, the uk has banned flights from liberia. maybe we should do that too? >> well, there are folks right now calling for that in this country. it is not unreasonable. but when you start doing that to a part of the world, you actually bankrupt that part of the world. can you imagine blockading that part of the world, you hurt them. unfortunate reality everyone talking about there is when you get the flu, getting flu see season, how do you know if you have ebola or not? it will clog up our healthcare system. he was w went through the er, had the flu. two, three days of potential contamination happens. now someone, to chop, or to u
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pen, show up in the ir, you won't know for sure. >> yes. doctor oz, we will be watching this afternoon. we will be watching your show. thank you. 7:17 now. the body of the miss being realtor has been found, now police are revealing more details about just what happened before her murder. thirty-three year old aaron lewis was arrested monday in arkansas. police say he had set up an appointment to view a home with 49 year old beverly carter thursday before he abducted her and then killed her. her body was discovered in a shallow grave at a concrete company, where lou his previously worked. police will not say how the real estate agent was killed, or why, but described her as a target of opportunity. when reporters asked him right here walking to you a police car, why did you do it, he said because she was rich. >> in california, authorities in los angeles county released
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the wife of mayor daniel crespo after shot and killed during domestic dispute. happened yesterday at the couple's home, crespo's wife laver it shot her husband several times after two had an argumentment mr. is say no arrests will be made at this time. wonder why? my goodness. we have to stay on that toy. 7:18. time for traffic and weather together. >> yesterday the big deal was all of the toed we had. we have more fog around this morning, right back where it was yesterday out there this in the country out in lancaster, only .3 of a mile visibility there. little bet nerve other places cents but be aware you may run into some fog. if you had some yesterday, rest of our viewing area looks kind of okay, so still unsettled, as we are inbetween a few weather systems here. very weak cold front, that is just going to take temperatures down few degrees. as we look through the future cast, we see by the rest of the day today sunshine is expected to be here. we can't rule out a shower.
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now, thursday, that's a great day. in fact it will be a great evening, we'll talk about that with this you got to try this party. but the weather couldn't be more perfect for thursday. your welcome, mike jerrick. now, here is a look at friday. actually rest of the day friday looks pretty good. really not until friday night into saturday, that we start to see some rain. there you see it moving in from the west. we continue to check on that. so, ultimate doppler radar, one area of showers moving out of berks count my the lehigh valley, and that's all we have in our viewing area right now. as we've been watching all morning, stray shower could pop up at any time. so we see 56 degrees in mount pocono, allentown, bet him at 59. it is also 59 in warminster, 64 degrees in philadelphia. and 61 atlantic city, 64 degrees in cape may. it has been pretty breeze any atlantic city this morning. tough to fight the fire there. our temperature trends will be going further down, after a
7:20 am
little built after roller coaster ride with the 80s over the weekends, then 70s the past couple of days, i think we'll coup off today to about 73 degrees, 74 tomorrow there is your ten for thursday, and eight for friday, because of the increasing clouds, and then temperatures in the 60s, both saturday and sunday, so, quite an autumn chill. and quite a difference from last weekend. as we get into the early part of next week, on monday, it is sunny, nice, and 71 degrees, and it is 71, with chance of a shower, on tuesday. there is your seven day forecast, it is time to check traffic once again. most of our problems have been in new jersey this morning, but this one is in thorndale. it is lincoln highway at south bailey road, an accident has struck where a pedestrian was strung in the accident. also, 295 northbound, off ramp to route 42 freeway, a vehicle fire, ramp block so won't be able to get off there, in boyertown, south reading avenue at second street. there is cents an accident,
7:21 am
the pole came down on that accident. so take your alternate which is west philadelphia avenue. mike? >> nicely, done sue. hey, bears back. search for local dog that mysteriously vanished is over the touching reunion with his family and how he made it back home. >> but first an nfl player penalize dollars for playing. the nfl taking heat for their punishment. what they're saying about the on field incident.
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but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground. >> happy birthday former president jimmy carter, turns 90 today. happy birthday, mr. president.
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>> yes, mr. president ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> marilyn monroe. >> nice impersination. >> thank you. >> swimming superstar michael phelps apologizing after being charged with dui. >> oops i did it again. police say they pulled him over going 58 in a 45-mile per hour zone. >> saying he end stands severity of his actions and takes full responsible, he also said he is sorry for letting anyone down. the swimmer also got dui in 2004. >> let's talk about monday night football, when kansas city chiefs smoke the new england patriots, loved every second of it, nfl now catching some heat for penalty flag, during the game against kansas city safety. >> so you see abdullah falling to his knees in prayer after scoring touchdown. now he is a muslim, and thud have never thrown the penalty
7:26 am
flag because he was celebrating in prayer. the chiefs went onto win the game any which, but crying foul saying falling to both knees in prayer is no different than a christian player dropping to one knee. >> and of course, who comes to mine when he played? tim tebow. >> course. >> yes, he was doing all kind of things. >> prayed a lot. >> christians can do it, and everyone else, freedom of religion. >> still ahead on this very program, the latest data breach affecting your neighborhood supermarket. you know what i am talking about the personal information of acme shoppers, at risk, tips on how to pro tech yourself, next, and it is pretty simple way to protect yourself. we'll explain. >> now we will get to jen. good morning, jen. >> good morning, i found one of mike's friends, but he is a little stiff. get it? hey, it is october 1st, so yes, now have permission to decorate. dodo like i do at my house, would you? we're not at my house, we'll tell you how to do some of these great things
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see the clouds out, there see there are areas where there is probably fog, a lot of moisture, still in the air, and typical day at the bus stop. we don't need umbrella with bus stop buddy. just little jersey on a 6ers cap.
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they started training training camp yesterday. you will see in places cents some sunburning through the clouds, most of our temperatures are in the 60s, we're going with a eight out of ten today with some sunshine, some seasonable temperatures, and mostly cloudy skies at times, and few sprinkles. we see some of those on ultimate doppler radar. nothing much in our area to show you at the moment, though. 64 degrees in philadelphia, right now, little bit of breeze, see the camera would be link 9-mile per hour, breezes out of the northeast, 80% relative humidity, headed to 73 today. yesterday was 79. so just little bit cooler. but still, quite seasonable. and 57 degrees tonight. again, a little bit cooler. that is your weather for wednesday. but, wait until you see the big chill that we've got coming up for the weaken. that's in the seven day forecast. it is time to take a look at traffic now. and we start off in thorndale. lincoln highway south bailey road. we have an accident there. a vehicle struck a pedestrian there.
7:31 am
so, it will be a while before they can clean that one up. on 295 northbound off the ramp to route 42, 76, there is a vehicle fire that has the ramp block. in boyertown, south reading avenue at second street, there is an accident, with a downed pole. your alternate there is west philadelphia avenue. alex? >> thank you so much, sue. well, at 7:31, another data breach affecting credit cardholders. >> if you shopped at the acme stores in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware, listen up. our tech expert anthony among lewes owe here to tell us all about it, how do hackers get in there and get my personal information? >> human element, human weakness. this is the second time. i used to work at the acme. so it was certainly never hacked when was there, but i was only doing produce. now mal wear, software, somehow got into their networkment and with this software did it just stole credit card information, as it was coming, the good thing personal information such as is drivers license, social
7:32 am
security, were not stolen. >> what, some dude in his underwear in his house? >> sometimes don't have their underwear on, sometimes out of the country. you have to be pretty freak i and pretty strange to pull off something like this. >> this is happening with a loft different stores, target and everything. seems to be a lot of people what they do is the companies, they'll give you free protection for a year, but a lot of times mean a year is not enough. don't they sometimes probably thousands of numbers. >> yes. >> don't they sit on that and wait? >> one of the pieces of advice i gave, when the home depo was hit, not going to go out and use your credit cards tomorrow of the it is on everyone's mine. so they can hold that how long yesterday the cards last, three years, four years, can sit on it for little while. one thing to do to protect yourself though is look at your credit card statements. the way these hackers test them is think make small charges, a dollar, something you don't know when you look at the balance, once they test that and run the charge, hey we got paint, sell this guy on the black market because it works.
7:33 am
>> my credit card company will call me if there is a big purchase or a bunch of purchases in a row. i love that. >> it is great. i've gotten, unfortunately, my yesterday the card multiple times hijack. so something that happens. and i love those cards. >> what you say all the time change your pass worst a -- passwords a lot. >> a lot. look at your bank statements. sign up for an identity theft protection service. i use life lock. but there are so many good ones out there. if you google identity theft protection i saw 27, five star ratings from reviews. com a lot of good sources out there to protect you. >> of course everyone has their opinions the best way to protect yourself, some people say slide your credit card, credit or debit, doesn't make a difference? >> does not make a difference, people on the financial side, protection from your credit cards company. your bank offers protection, too, so whether your credit card, your bank account, either way i'm going to assume most people have higher max on their credit card line.
7:34 am
>> i'll be darn, i've heard so many financial dudes, experts, say when they ask that question, paper or plastic, no, credit or debit, say credit. >> but debit is faster. >> that's yes like debit, i know -- >> it is all bank information at the end of the day. all of your personal information. >> the number they are get going whether your debit card or credit card gets stolen, still stinks. it doesn't really matter either way. it is like saying high do you want to get punched on the left side of your face or should i punch you in the stomach? which would you prefer? >> well, neither at this point. but how do you protect yourself. >> you know what? i protect myself by signing up for the service, i look at my bank statements daily, log in, kind of work out, doing everything, you look at your bank statements. >> pain in the butt. >> takes 22nd, log in, it is on your phone, on your mobile app. >> painful. who looks to look at their bank account every day? >> do you have. >> how about life lock? when i went to open credit cards in florida, within three seconds my phone started shaking e-mail came in they said yo buddy someone is trying to open a credit cards
7:35 am
in your name. >> oh? >> they will alert if you someone is applying for identity theft things that far nature. >> how much does it costs? >> very cheap. twenty bucks a year i think. it is insignificant compared to my information. >> all right. thank you so much. >> all right, clock 35. >> coming up, jimmy kimmel named the most dangerous celebrity? >> why you should avoid looking up the talk show host on line. >> hey, sue, will you google jimmy kimmel right now on your computer? >> don't do it, don't do it, sue. first, happy reunion, local family's dog mysteriously disappears, but this morning he's back. disappears, but this morning he's back. we'l
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
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>> acme, the grocery store, someone is creek g me, it is not acame. >> even he world there, he said acame. >> acme. >> all right, it is 7:30. yes, you can go home. a happy ending for a delaware
7:39 am
county family after their beloved family pet is found after vanishing over the weekend. >> we're going to bring in chris murphy, more on this story, hey, chris. >> hi, guys. been tens few days as you can imagine for the martin family. though say their 13 year old chocolate lab named bear disappeared sunday afternoon in upper chichester. now, police say, man reported picking up the bear, but then, releasing him few hours later. while the martin's turn to facebook. but the only really getting more ankle wished by doing this, people started coming up with wild theories about what may have happened to their dog. >> could take him and sold. >> for what purpose? >> either dog fighting or breeding or whatever else goes on that they do. >> but bear's owners tell us, that he was dropped off at the upper chichester police station last night. still not clear entirely what happened to bear. but at last, he's back with his family, and is safe. but can you imagine going on social media, guys, then
7:40 am
making up theories about horrific outcome to this poor lost dog? >> dog fighting, bathe dog, dog is 13 years old, so somebody took it, saw the story here on fox, then took the dog back? >> so bruce gordon did the story and they're giving credit to him for spreading the words, as bruce's want to do: making positive change. >> batman. >> our bruce. >> he's our gotham crusader, isn't he? >> i don't know if you know this or not, i don't know if i mentioned it, but tomorrow there is cents a party. >> i don't think you have. >> yes, are you going to try it tasting party, a way to meet us, we meet you. a lot of people on twitter saying they are coming to the party but it is tomorrow night. so now just stop what you are doing, go to our website and get your ticket. >> time is running out. >> oh, man it is tomorrow night. it will be fun. you'll be there. >> ill. >> what are you going to wear. >> i haven't decided yet. what's the dress code? >> biz cash. >> i can do that. >> for you, black tie.
7:41 am
>> then do you have dress up. >> well, i'm if the going to wear a tie. just come casual. >> commas you are. >> tomorrow night six answer market, independence visitors center. still ahead on this show, the homes of your favorite tv characters. >> are they affordable or not? finds out whether or not they're living situations were realistic. >> let me see if i got this right. say go back to seinfeld, stand up comedian everything living in new york sit. >> i nice apartment. >> one bedroom. >> but still pretty nice, for new york, it was nice. >> but could he have afforded it? we'll get into that. we'll have to find out. jen, what's up? >> one question, mike, will it look as fancy pants as this right here? it is october 1st, ladies and gentlemen. time to crank up the dacore. up here at valley forge flowers. you can only imagine why i like this little baby. one of
7:42 am
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to hearing and eye exams. call 1-877-gateway today. for a better plan. and a better you. >> each ' heard about fog. kind of misty, not too dense in the pocono mountains, but it is cents in lancaster, where we have .3 of a mile visibility, now visibility is rather reduced in reading, with 1.7 miles, it could slow
7:45 am
you down this morning, problem with it yesterday, as well. and there is a nearby system, kind of weak frontal system, sort of hanging around, and creating some instability showers, so as we look at the future cast, room for sunshine, throughout the rest of the day, and by 8:00 tonight, skies are kind of clear, so, i think it will get little chillier tonight, than it was lasts night. but, tomorrow looks gorgeous, plenty of sunshine, hardly a cloud in the sky, and it stays that way for the rest of the day. most of the day on friday, as we move into friday, looks pretty good. we'll see plenty of sunshine, really not until the nighttime hours, overnight, into saturday morning, and that we start to see some rain, could you see it thereby 10:00 o'clock, starting to come in from the west, as far as we go with our future cast. more details coming up. ultimate doppler little rain in berks county, most that far is gone, and just some news and showers here and, there the case for the rest of the day today. even with the build up of
7:46 am
sunshine, so 59 degrees in bethlehem, and allentown right now. not bad. not too much different than yesterday. 64 degrees, in philadelphia. and down in south jersey bridgeton, millville, had 62, 64 degrees in cape may. so, here's where we've been then we'll show you where we are going, what a weekend. mid 80s, both saturday, sunday, that is not going to happen again this coming weekend, in fact, quite a dif difference. once the cold front friday into saturday, we have the autumn chill, and only 65 degrees, on sunday, we may not even make it to 70 on saturday either. so, a big chill coming this weekend. but don't forget tomorrow for the you've got to try this party. it is a ten. >> i'm very excited. let's look at traffic. the blue route, north of ridge pike, right now, of course, toward the city, it is a little busy there, as we come off the northeast extension, and headed south tore the
7:47 am
schuylkill expressway, but, folks are getting by. now, we go to 295 northbound, that off ramp to route 42 freeway, vehicle fire still has the ramp blocked. you'll have to go to the next exit, come around. guys? >> you know, sue, you've been to my apartment. i need a new look. >> do you? >> it is stale. >> it needs a make over? >> yes. >> it is october 1st, you can officially decorate for fall. >> help me out, jen, where are you, valley forge? >> yes, barb says she travels so she can come see youment beyond the place this place is cool, you get we don't have a lot of time. right? so you have kids. you have a business. you get it. so you say decorating for fall is a little different than decorating for halloween? >> yes. i love to decorate for fall because you can leave it out for so much longer than halloween. so i love a few halloween touches, in my fall decor, kind of like we did with this table here. it is really a harvest looking table. but just adding some candy corn, gives it that halloween touch. because i am a little lazy,
7:48 am
too, and i just want to take one thing away. >> yes, yes. here is another thing, so i shared with you we had ann turn at work and she said why don't we try and get barb to do stuff from pin interest. you said you are always looking for inspiration? >> definitely always scouring the internet, looking at magazines, inspiration is where all of our ideas come from so taking ideas, make it your own. >> i love this. >> i know, isn't it fun? this is just an unusual colored pumpkin, cut it at an angle, fill with ice, make sure you do put line nerve there because it can leak. put favorite champagne, bubbly, it is festive. >> this table you like there is said you'll keep it, no actual flowers in it? >> again, no work from me, just took wooden box, put gordan bittersweet, bittersweet growing like craze any our area right now, add few candles, i always love candles it, gives it that
7:49 am
touch of elegance, this can be your thanksgiving center peels, too, and that's fun. >> i like this right here. i don't know if you can see, but basically what did you do there? >> okay, so this isn't quite finished. i'll show you the finished one in a minute. this is mini gord with piece of oasis in it. we carved it out. you can either use know oasis, put cans until there, or just do a sprig of maybe high draining an in there. and this is such a good take away if our guest. >> yes. >> makes them feel so important when you put little effort into something just for them. >> i'm feeling very fall acular. so, here one other thing, i like this. >> this is so easy. just take paint pen or marker, put your menu on, you can put it on your buffet or your dining table, i just love that. these wine glasses, it is all in the detail: wine glasses cents we just took a candle ring, and put it on the wine glasses and it really makes the table look special.
7:50 am
>> i like these special things. >> now there is thing is ridiculous, and i love it. >> this was combination of ideas from pin interest where you do the stack pumpkins on earn. but then we carved them out. and inside, we put a string of electric lights. so, carve the bottom. and put little holes everywhere in them. and i tell you what, at night, this looks spectacular. it just glows. >> we can also test and see if our christmas lights are actually working. >> and untangle them. >> untangle them. this is beautiful for the front door. >> again, nice transition, from halloween, maybe one decks ration of halloween, like the adorable witch's legs, then after halloween take it out. this is actually dried corn husks. isn't that clever? >> and painted them? >> we did. >> love it. >> so you know there is we have some moms coming here, i know them, they're very cool. but they're not altogether crafty.
7:51 am
so we'll give them pin interest challenge. item is behind you. you will see if they can make this? >> yes. and this is so much fun. >> okay. >> and so you admit to us, just real briefly, like when you're at home, do you have get the right ingredients. do any of these things, real briefly explain, listen to what the pin interest people say. >> just like any cooking recipe, baking recipe, make sure you look at what you need these project much more fun, more satisfying, look better in the end, too. >> is she ridiculous? i love her. again, mike, come to my house, the kitchen party, we will kick it up a notch. so, you know, little better than this, i'm sure. >> so amazing. >> nothing better than a pin interest challenge. >> mike, you love pin there. you can get all of the ingredients at bet bath and beyond during a football game. >> hey, still ahead, takes a lot of courage to say the l word to someone, talking about
7:52 am
love. what if they say something stupid back? we're going to talk about the worse responses toss i love you, coming up. >> plus the famous children's book is headed to the big screen. first, team brinking it to theatres, stopping by our studio, we will talk with the cast and crew of alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day next.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> i love you. >> oh thank you. >> thank you? >> okay, thankees definitely not the right response to that. >> so preston and steve, what do you do you say when somebody says i lover you, and you don't happen to love them? >> oh, go to hell? what you all fear.
7:56 am
>> you know, i think the coolest i love you months and responses cents is princess lea, to han, sealed in the carbon ate just before she says i love you. and he says i know. >> yes. >> pretty pivotal sin mattick moment. i mean, there is nothing that will cushion the blow, no that the err what you say, if it is not i love you back it, won't be the right thing. another one that's kind of rough, but an easy out, is i love you too, but i'm not in love with you. >> oh. who says that. >> i think i love you but i'm in the in love with you. >> i have syphilis so bad. and i think that softens the blow. >> on this survey it said a bad response is, well, i wish i loved you too. >> oh, ouch. >> nothing, everything is going to hitter, if the response is anything less than i love you back, it is all going to hurt. might as is well just jump
7:57 am
into it. >> casey, you wanted to mention? >> i loved this girl in college, and i said i love to you her, and her response was: no you don't. >> (laughing). >> i like that one. >> i beg of you. no. >> kathy? >> yes, just say it back. you'll learn. >> by the way, kathy, lie? lie back? >> eventually you'll love them. >> ya? that's hard. >> kathy just such a loving person that she can work her way into love for just about anyone, for the right amount of monday. >> i kathy, dow love you though. >> i love too, mike, see, i'll learn to love. >> she is lying. >> by the way, all of us friends with doctor mike, that guy says i love you more than anybody you have ever met in your entire life. >> the bizarre thing is he loves. >> he says love you mean it sometimes.
7:58 am
sometimes. >> he kisses me on my head. >> he. >> mike, he's gone all the way with me. >> boy i would -- wow. >> that doctor/patient. my wife has a response. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my gosh. >> it means he loves me. >> true. >> were you all lying when you said would you go to my -- go to this party? >> whether is it? >> tomorrow night. >> no, actually, i i actual throw have -- no, lawn now, breast cancer awareness charity from five to 7:00. and if i can make it, i will try to make it. >> well, yes. >> he can make it, it ends at 9:30. >> so make it over there. >> i will try to do that. >> i will give it the college try. >> it will get printed somewhere that you're going. >> already did. >> oh, did send it already. >> so now you have to go. >> i put in a bathroom yesterday.
7:59 am
>> we love you. >> see you there tomorrow night then. love you. >> love you. >> see ya. >> mean it. >> in moon struck, i think? >> snap out of it. >> ya, snap out of it. >> i love you. >> good day to you, it is cents wednesday, october the first, this is breast cancer awareness month, first day of that that, 2014, here we go. >> live from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadlephia". >> a pennsylvania state trooper, accidentally killed during training, we will tell you more about who he is and how it happened. first sue seraglio. >> plenty of clouds around this morning, little bit of fog, starting off a lot like yesterday would, and will it end the same way? what about your weekend? your weather authority forecast coming up. jen? >> hey, sue, i have got a drill, and i'm not afraid to use it. doing pin interest challenge, can you do the same thing that
8:00 am
they do on pin interest? we say yes. >> i'm back, franklin institute the body works exhibit sit back, i'm looking at animals inside out, back to you guys. >> i saw this with human bodies. >> i yes. >> it is it is what is an animal looks like on the seinfeld you took their skin off. >> what animal is this? >> a cam. >> i it doses. >> well two, of them. >> he said it is as camel. >> today is hump day. >> that's right. it is fitting. >> one hump or two. >> i thought of one more i love you. remember the movie ghost when he always said ditto. >> oh, ditto. >> and woe never say the words. >> i have to say the words. >> i say i love you way too much to everybody. >> i know. >> you do it when you're in trouble. >> i believe you. >> like crying wolf. >> well, let's see if you love the forecast, because we'll start with the number of the day, it is cents a eight like
8:01 am
yesterday. we started off cloudy, foggy, like yesterday. clouds and fog with bus stop buddy wearing the sixers cap, started training camp yesterday. just thought would you like to know. >> yesterday. >> so the clouds, and so are the clouds, so is the fog. 64 degrees right now, with relative humidity of 80%. and 9-mile per hour winds out of the northeast, we get to high of 73 clouds, 57 degrees tonight. >> 8:01, it is traffic time. just north of cottman avenue, it is looking pretty good out there. a lot of volume. no big delays. the car fire that was on 295 northbound, that off ramp to the 42 freeway cleared up now,
8:02 am
so, it is cents smooth sailing on that road this morning. guys? >> 8: 02. late night fire ripped through string of source. first we will talk about this ebola outbreak, in dallas, texas, a man has been found to have it, and so, this is at texas health presbyterian, we'll have someone, reporter from dallas, talk to us live about the situation there, because there is cents a lot of concerns that this might spread. >> that's a hospital that he's in right there. >> and i want to get to the top stories, late night fire rips through string of stores in atlantic city, leaving several people homeless. fire broke out on the 1100 block of atlantic avenue around 10:00 o'clock last night. it started at alteration shop, quickly spends to connecting storefronts. two of the buildings even collapsed in the fire. about two people living in the amounts above managed to escape, though, so no one injured. no word yet on what sparked that fire. and sad day for state troopers after they lost one of their own in a horrible
8:03 am
accident. >> yes, it happened yesterday, during a training exercise, at a gun range, in conshohocken. lauren's on this story. did he shoot himself? did somebody shoot him? >> we don't know the details just yet, but we do expect more information to be released today so we can find out what happened to 26 year old david kendra who died during the training exercise, it is believed he was accidentally shot in the chest at the montgomery county public safety training complex, but again don't know how the gun went off. looking at video from yesterday, this is from outside of temple university hospital. where the trooper was air lifted after he was cents pronounced dead, body load intoed a hurst and taken to funeral home with full motorcycle escort. family members, state troopers and philadelphia police officers were all lined up to show their support and respect to that fall err officer, a member of the state police since june 20612. he was currently serving with
8:04 am
troop k out of the skippack barracks. sadly he's 96th member of the state police to be killed in the line of duty in the history of the pennsylvania state police. so, again, the shooting currently being investigated by the state police, as well as montgomery county district attorney's offers, of course we expect more information to be released today so we can find out the details behind this tragedy. mike, alex? >> as we get more details we will post it to our website thank you for that. swimming superstar michael fell accepts apologizing after being charged with a dui. >> here we go. >> police say they pull him over, going 09 miles per hour, 45-mile per hour zone in baltimore yesterday. >> phelps responded to the arrest on twitter saying he understands the severity of his actions and takes full responsibility for. >> this and sorry for letting anyone down, the swimmer also got dui in 2004. >> now, couple of guys becomes ten guys actually, on facebook, last week, asked me to lead a charge to bring the
8:05 am
philadelphia flyers ice girls back to the ice. >> yes, we talked about it here, we had people tweet us about it and everything. >> you ask, we responds. philadelphia flyers are bringing back the ice girls. >> wow. >> yes, the fans booed, there was cents a facebook and twitter campaign, well, ice guys were there last night and got booed again. >> what happened when the good took the ice for the first time, take a listen. >> do you remember this? >> ♪ >> that was last week, first pre season game, but booed him again last night, because the flyers fans are not happy about the ice girls getting fired after last season, so they had the guys come out, and they didn't like t and they're fully clothed, too. don't worry. you were heard. your voices were heard. i'm taking credit for t flyers released this video on facebook, look at this.
8:06 am
>> ice girls returning to the ice there october the ninth, regular season home opener against the devils. the devils. new team of ten ice girls will be selected after tryouts this sunday, at the flyers skate zone, you know, where they practice in voorhees, new jersey. >> wait a minute. so what happens to all of the ice guys? they just lose their jobs? what if they're out on the street somewhere hungry? >> that's the way it goes. >> i kind of feel bad for them. they were excited to be ice guys. >> i'm sure, like rivetting stuff, just liking it. >> why don't we did a co-eds
8:07 am
team of ice people. >> co-eds ice folks. i am guess it works. we'll see. >> but they're holding tryouts. do you skate? >> no, not at all. that would be dangerous, ya, not doing that. and i don't like being cold either. so just too much going on. it would be too distracting. >> well, a pretty -- protein giving back to those in need, by taking gourmet meals, taking these fantastic males and distributing them to the homeless. >> how nice. twelve year old ben of scottsdale, arizona surprised 200 homeless men, women and children with meals. he even transformed a shelter dining room into an upscale restaurant. >> look that the. >> wow, look even flowers on the table. then came up with the idea part of his bar mitzva project. he enjoying dining out with his family and wanted to share a similar experience. >> i wanted to do there is because all of these people don't get the experience to do this. and a lot of people don't even get to go out for a nice meal. i wanted to bring a meal to
8:08 am
them of the first course is salad. second is short ribs and pasta, third course is a vanilla tower with strawberries and fresh piece of mint. >> sounds good. >> this kid is going place. >> yes, he did the organizing himself to get other businesses involved, and in addition to this feeding project, he hopes to raise $10,000 for the shelter, as well. how cool is that kid? that's fantastic. 8: 08 this wednesday. still ahead, ladies? >> oh, yes, we are our own worse critics. but his morning, there is cents a harsh reality for moms from dove. the new campaign that shows why women may want to watch what they say around their daughter. >> oh, really? and ticketed for a teddy bear? one woman now has to pay up to police. why she was fined almost a thousand bucks next.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
waking up in a bit after fog, then, you probably are in lancaster where we have .3 of a mile visible this morning, very reduced visibility in reading, as women, so a lot of fog in the outlying areas,
8:12 am
similar to what we saw yesterday. we have clouds, things like okay at philadelphia international, right now. what's going on? we have a couple of systems coming in, this weak system around right now, then stronger cold front that's going to move in friday night into saturday morning. >> as you can see by 5:00 o'clock tonight, possibility of some spotty showers around, actually, this is the rest of the day today. and then, looking into tomorrow, should i pretty my day, totally dry, that's the same for friday. >> we only give you eight on friday, getting red foyer rain to move into in friday night into saturday morning. now starting move in about 3:00 in the morning. things could get pretty noisy, thunderstorm recalling air behind the second front is a lot chillier than what we're seeing around here today.
8:13 am
>> temperatures a lot like yesterday, upper 50's, with all of the clouds, 64 degrees, in philadelphia. sixty-one in wilmington, wacking out the door with winds, that are not too much after issue at the shore, northeasterly wind. seven day forecast looks decentment today is a eight. tomorrow ten. increasing clouds friday, rain will not arrive until late friday night, so looks like daytime plans for friday are five. but here is the big change, get out the with the sweaters if you haven't already. you will need them probably the socks, as well. flip flops, only in the 60s this coming weekend, that's your weather hour forecast. okay, traffic time as we start off by looking at the schuylkill expressway. this is right around vare avenue. and. >> increased volume things seem to be moving pretty well on the schuylkill this morning
8:14 am
>> 8113, new exhibit opens this weekend at the franklin institute, sure to be a show stopper. >> yes, remember this body idea? what do they call it, body works, q, for animals this time? >> oh, body world. >> body worlds? >> world of bodies. yes, it is a wormed of bod ills, we have ceo larry, how are you doing,er? >> doing great, thank you. >> now, we were, before the break, the tease, this is one camel. >> one camel, that's right. what we have done is he's been opened up. so, that people can really look inside his body, lou at different segment, slices of his head, then if you look inside the body it goes through really all of the organs, so you can get up close, understand what this camel looks like on the inside, what his organs, are and then how that compares to you, as a human being, that's why this exhibit is just so fast naturing. >> okay, and the exhibit opens this saturday? >> opens this saturday at the franklin institute t bridges
8:15 am
back body worlds, which we had the first addition several years ago, almost nine years ago, first body worlds is here. we had 600,000 visitors, body world still ranks the second most visited museum exhibition ever in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. and in that exhibit there were few small animals. >> this new exhibition coming back here to the franklin institute. >> next hour i know, i'm going to talk about the process. >> but what's the actual process? >> these are real animals. and they go through a process, once they're dead take the fluid out, injected with a resident, in dried out, and able to pre serve really both the organs, the muscles, so it really gives people this view inside an animal they would
8:16 am
never see in a textbook. they would never see on the web. they would never see it as is a -- at a zoo. that's why this exhibition is so unique. >> now, we have a dog right here. >> this dog, you say that someone does this in germy? >> yes. >> so the individuals who put this exhibition together do this in germany there is lasts continuation process. so here, you really have the cap ill area, the blood system, the blood vessel con fixation of the dog. this really shows, i mean, so intricate how many blood vest rest in a dog, how that looks under the skin under the fur of the animal. real toy me really shows, you know, how beautiful the dog is, how beautiful the animal is, and really connects to you as a human being, what those animals are like. >> you guys have this massive giraffe right here. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> this giraffe right here. now, how long does this process take? >> so this process can take a long time t can take upward after year, in which to do.
8:17 am
so, the animals, who have been -- who have died and then given to the plastic agents, from either vetinary hospitals, or zoo, and then they go through this process, and essentially what they do in deciding this, what do we want to show to the visitors? what, and it depend on each animal there. so the giraffe, obviously the height, the worm's tallest ma'am he will, they want to show. that will they want to show the heart here. because the heart in the giraffe so important, because it is pumping blood up so high and throughout the body, so what's a giraffe heart look like? then also the toungue, the tongue of the giraffe so important as they reach out and bridges food into the mammal. so, this is just one of the most spectacular specimens, showing the height, showing the muscle, showing the skeleton. again, showing the neck and the organs up. >> how long is the body work exhibit submit. >> be here until really first week in april. so a limited run. it is the premiere east coast venue for this exhibition here so real excited to be the
8:18 am
host. >> next hour little excited because you guys will let me get hands on? >> that's right. we will let you look into some of the animals, touch some of the animals, and she it is really ball. >> now, when you come, you can't really like not supposed to go and touch the stuff. don't come and touch. just look. >> that's right. but we'll have, we have some educators that will be on the floor, with folks, so people will be able to do what you're doing, so weight get this experience, where they see only here this look at animals, also the opportunity to touch, feel and learn. >> i'm excited, next hour, i'm getting my hands little dirt. >> i wow. >> as they say. >> i like this. >> thank you. go owls. >> go owls. >> look at this. >> did you see the dog? >> you will after the capillaries? >> all red. >> wow. you know, there is, speaking of animals, stuffed, or
8:19 am
otherwise, there is a washington state woman, she put a big furry stuffed animal in the front seat of her car so she could get in the commuter lanes, you know, high occupancy vehicles? >> yes, take a look, 19 year olds caught in the rush hour using hov lane with a giant cosco stuffed bear in the front seat. initially pulled over for speeding then the trooper noticed this. i don't know how he mess i had it when he pulled her over, huge. woman claimed there wasn't enough room to put the bear in the back seat. but in addition to speeding and driving in the hov lane, she also cents had no insurance. her very bad decision got her more than $800 in fines. >> 8:19. watch the googles searchings, folks. one celebrity you should avoid googling, the talk show host named the most dangerous celebrity and how his name is compromising your computer. is it letterman? is it fallon?
8:20 am
but first, ebola is in the united states. the first confirmed case is in dallas, texas, we'll take you there, we want to know what do the people of dallas fort worth thinking, feeling right now? we'll go there live. theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
8:23 am
judge ebola killed about 3,000 people in west after k it is cents horrible. you get it, you start bleeding from your eyeballs, most people die from it. >> now the first case of ebola diagnosed in the u.s. has been confirm in a man who recently traveled from liberia to dallas, text's. >> well, federal health officials say the unidentified man is critically ill, has been in isolation, at texas health presbyterian hospital since sunday. so, we kind of want to know, saul, what are people talking about in dallas? i mean, we're, you know, almost 2,000 miles away from dallas fort worth. what's the feeling there? are people nervous?
8:24 am
>> it can happen anywhere, people travel to and from those countries. people are wondering, am i okay, am i safe? the cdc, you have state, local, health officials, trying to calm people down, and say, look, i mean, you can't catch it that easily. it is casino of like hiv. you have to come in contact with blood or bodily fluids. and that's really the only way. it is not airborne. so, you know, you should be fine. you shouldn't be too concerned. but of course that's scary for a lot of people. you know, as you mention those symptoms and those what happens to you when you get ebola, you know, it is fatal. so that. >> comes to minds. >> we keep showing this video, looks like ambulance in a parking lot watch casino of precaution also being taken here to make sure that it is not going to be easily spread?
8:25 am
>> that ambulance is from ambulance fire rescue, that's the one used to bring that patient here to the hospital on sunday. so, the patient initially came to the hospital on friday. wasn't feeling well. gave him antibiotics, sent him home, really officials say he didn't -- it wasn't anything unusual in terms of his symptoms. so he came back, had to be transported by ambulance, so now that ambulance is being quarantined, at least 21 days, those paramedics, also, being closely monitored, as far as we know, you you know, family members, staff here at the hospital, you know, not quarantined, aren't being isolated but obviously they're being can be. >> but have you heard, anybody, they haven't released -- do you know the flight number that he came in on? it seems like people who live in dallas, fort worth, that area, would want to know if they were on that plane.
8:26 am
>> yes, officials have not release that information. we do not even know the airline that he came on. saying hey, when he boards that flight, they do -- they check all of the passengers, to see if they are showing any symptoms, any fever, anything like, that apparently he didn't. >> in fact, he didn't start showing symptoms until four days later, once epp got to dallas, that's why, cdc saying we're not releasing that information, just yet. because they feel confident that those people on the flight are okay. >> seems like you would almost -- some people would demand that that information be put throughout. >> specially two airports, of course, vfw, that's a huge hub. >> my gosh, yes. >> you can imagine, i'm sure a loft folks calling the cdc, those passengers saying hey, am i safe? >> thanks for that report. >> you know, united kingdom is
8:27 am
banned flights from by beer ya, is it time to did that here in the u.s.? >> still ahead, child hood favorite. the book alexander, and the terrible horrible no good very bad day. you know, they made movie out of that book. and the star, the little boy, is with it. my one word to describe ac would be laid back. relaxing getaway fun unique
8:28 am
beautiful serenity shenanigans refreshing shopping surprising happy place you know what i mean? i want to say friendly. exhilarating adventure the boardwalk #nosleep it's a great weekend. there is so much to do here. it's so great to have it so close. it's just a great location, a great place to be. we love atlantic city.
8:29 am
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>> quite a few clouds, not a lot of sunshine, but few places this morning, waiting for the school bus. just a jersey little hat just fine, not bad morning, at all. we've got eight out of ten, because of the clouds, and few sprinkles that we've seen around this morning, but also see some sunshine before the end of the day, pretty seasonable temperatures, there is radar to show you, most of the rain we see, right now, down in the baltimore washington area. and staying there so 64 are
8:31 am
degrees walking out the door, things are cloudy at the airport, winds, high of 73 today, low of 57 tonight. there is your foxcast from the weather authority, let's get right to i95 north of the blue route, and it looks like even with all of that volume, folks are getting by just fine, as they head from the suburbs toward the city, there is the latest from the traffic authority. al next. >> thank you so much. our next guests part of amazing team bringing famous children's book to theatresment book alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day was released in 1972. alexander woke up with gum in his hair, and day only got worse. now, 42 years later, seeing it all play out on the big screen. >> (movie clip).
8:32 am
>> but one dane can change everything. >> then you guys be up? >> anyone now where the deep he is are? ahh. >> sore. >> i this looks so good. and the young star, ed is here. welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you very much. >> and his director, miguel, welcome. >> thank you. >> just saying, actually spent some time here in fill. >> i did you? why? >> i was -- >> like three months? >> where were you when i was cents 12. >> i wasn't filming project anywhere. i was sitting in my basement drooling. well, thanks for having you here. so, my kids, i have two daughters, now they're old, so it's been a long time since i red this book to them. but as i remember, your character is having a
8:33 am
miserable life. and wants the people in his life to experience the same thing, is that basically it? >> pretty much ya. >> why such a bad time? >> just a pessimist, always the down side of things consideration never look at the bright side, just has bad days, just incredibly bad luck. >> then now the family has bad luck. >> in the movie, you don't understand me? i hope you have bad day. >> so pretty different, you know, a lot of kids, they red the book. when they go to the movie shouldn't expect to see exactly house it is, right? >> animals being brought in. >> where are you from? >> australia. in the book the character set in australia. >> that works, doesn't it? >> miguel, where are you from? >> port reek zero owe. >> why did you choose him? >> well, i want add kid that
8:34 am
was, i don't know, more natural than most kids in hollywood. and i wanted someone who had like a lot of generosity in their heart, someone who could be happy for other people. at 11 and 12, that's kind of hard. very unusual man here. >> how did you show you were happy then? >> i just did a bunch of different ways, just did everything. >> is it hard? i mean who is identification year to direct, adults or a child? >> i think tilts are harder. i think it is more fun, don't youy? >> we had so much fun if phil mink in, incredible cast, we had so much fun. >> yes? was every day like a party almost? >> every day was cents a party. not almost, every day was a party. >> really? did you guys do pranks on each other. >> we did, we had little jokes, prank dollars each other, went to the same university. they had a big thing where jen bought everyone at the university all of this merchandise, and steve didn't
8:35 am
notice until halfway through the shoot. it was fun. we just played pranks, had inside jokes, had so much fun. >> steve is great. >> oh, my gosh, yes. >> in real life very funny guy. >> yes. >> are awe pessimist at all? >> in real life, no, i don't like to consider myself a pessimist. some days i can be. >> when you are having bad day? >> had you you. >> so what did you do at the big fancy hotel were you in last night? >> i jumped on the bed. no lie. >> so now whenever you have bad day, though, do you look at it differently. >> at least as bad as it was in the movie? yes, hopefully not a day at bad as that. actually everything that could go wrong. >> everything? >> everything. >> that's fantastic a lot of screaming. you look so good. whether does it open? >> october 10th. >> next friday. >> we'll go see it. good to have you here. >> welcome to fill. >> i go back to jump be on the bed. still ahead, the top honeymoon destinations cents in the world. turns out, most couples are not booking, you know, go to
8:36 am
to bore a bore, a the tropics, anything like that. start guessing, number one honeymoon destination in the world, where would that be? >> no idea. >> i would never go therefore a honeymoon. >> oh, oh? first, could manaquine and friends really afford her apartment? coming up the on screen living situation that are actually far from financial reality. >> they had beautiful loft in new york. >> everyone loved it. i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers.
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8:39 am
>> company says if you google the talk show host, 19 policer chance of landing on website that has been tested for spy wear, viruses, animal wear. now, brouse springsteen, chelsey hands letter, christina aguilara, also cents
8:40 am
danger to your computer. don't google them. >> we got that information from mack fee, prep pretty much know what they are talking about. >> so don't do it. >> every now and then a word you put into google it, will produce a virus. >> but jimmy? >> i know who would you have pick. you would have pick westbounder. >> what a tool. >> did you hear who he is dating? i'll tell in you just a little bit. >> oh, goodness. >> two deserve each other. television the lands every make believe of course, which is why the homes of some of our favorite characters on tv far from reality, so let's go through, start with the friends apartment in new york city. >> worth estimated $3.5 million. >> it would cost $5,100 a
8:41 am
month, monica chef, rachael waitress. so even with their combined income, real life, we couldn't afford that. >> weren't making $5,000 between the of two them a month. but look at jerry seinfeld's apartment, in the 70s, for one thing, probably, at the minimum, would have cost $2,300 a month to rent. now he was a stands up comic. so he probably was making 25, $35,000. >> so could below all of his salary on that apartment. so the apartment, woe only be able to afford probably like a 800-dollar apartment, and you can't get a one bedroom apartment on the upper west side. >> no, would be living with like six other people. >> and kramer didn't have a job. and he had the apartment the same size. >> but he never made sense. everything about him. >> so sex in the sit, kerrey lives on the upper east side as a writer, rent today about two grand a month.
8:42 am
actual building recently went on the market for nearly 10 million bucks. >> $2,000 a month on the upper east side. >> spending all of that money on clothes and shoes. i don't know. >> just a blogger basically, wasn't she? a writer? >> that's right. >> okay, so way back in the day, i love lucy, ricky, and lucy lived on the upper east side of manhattan, later on moved to hollywood. so, nearly five grand a month you would think? >> could they affords that? ricky was a singer earning about $40,000. so afford an apartment that far rent? >> that's why it is on tv and in the real life. all fake. >> how much would it to be rent this joint? >> i have no idea. >> i think we've been for closed. here comes jen, at 8:42. >> we have sole lovely ladies, we will do our pin interest challenge, jen, karen, when we
8:43 am
come back. come that thing. here at valley
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> mon did a's rent, it was leased by her nanna. >> her grandmother. a lot of people like friend, though. >> yes. >> now we know, thank you. okay, now, sue, likes to get on pin interest. that website, arts and crafts stuff. >> here is the test. jen found two women, are going to make something called jack o lantern tower. is it possible to make? >> can they do it? >> let's see. jen? >> good morning, guys. good morning to you. >> good morning here at valley forge fest. good morning. >> usual house is described as? >> the house next to the
8:47 am
wonderful halloween house in our neighborhood. >> you're excited for this challenge? >> yes, very. >> you like to have fun with your kids birthday parties? >> dow. >> ready for the challenge? ready for the drill? >> let's take this real quick. the first thing? >> get these drill. >> now, every other side. >> drill in the other hand. so be careful. don't hold microphone. don't do it on tv. >> maybe table. that's real good. >> so you laid advice some stuff. one of the things that you did, barb, you got some re
8:48 am
barb. >> we had one piece of re barb. so we modified this second one, with the end after broom stick. so, if you would like to do that one. >> broom stick, right in the center where you basically want to do it. >> pumpkins everywhere. >> you guys, go ahead. and to make sure that you have enough stability, push it down as far as you can. >> let's see. you're in. >> okay. >> you're there. >> so, you want to start stacking these pumpkins every other side will have a hole. so it gives that you tilted, you want to do it on the bottom, and then, your other hole, right out the side there, so just make sure you do every other. >> okay. >> so left ear, right ear. one of the things we talked becomes barb, do you have buy
8:49 am
urine grepped, obviously, to have all of the stuff. >> all of the stuff really hems. you need a right ear. >> yep. >> you need that one. >> so -- >> looking -- >> every other. >> there go. >> i love it. >> here is it, too, you can buy all of this stuff, few here but buy it at the dollar store. >> i can definitely get it anywhere. >> okay. >> every place, pretty much, has these pumpkins. >> this looks more stacked, using bottom hole as well as side hole. >> i wasn't watching, thank you! >> all right. >> we love this. >> so, these ladies, next hour, we have another challenge for the 9:00 hour. this proves the point, it is cents a heck of a lot harter than you think. like this looks pretty easy. but it is a little more difficult. >> but you know what?
8:50 am
>> oh, look. you can put flowers in it then. >> then start popping your mums? >> oh, looks hard to make. >> oh, it is fabulous. >> the drill thing was hard. >> don't ever drill like jill, or like jen. use a table for goodness sake. >> you know? pinterest. >> kicking but you. >> it can be very difficult. they have a website dedicated to people with failed pinterest attempt. >> is that right? >> it is cents a lot harder than it looks. >> failed interest websites, okay, we are put it up next hour. still ahead, do you know that sarah jessica parker is in filly? >> what? >> why the sex in the city star may be spending a lot of time in our fair city. >> oh, i'm also cents tell you where you can find her. >> oh, oh, she's hot.
8:51 am
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(looking at reduced visibility in lancaster county up in mount pocono, as well. but, everything looks good, other places, it is just cloudy out there. >> so temperatures haven't moved, 56 degrees mount pocono, 59 pottstown, 64 degrees here in philadelphia. sixty-three in wilmington. seven day forecast, a lot of good in here. but friday night into saturday, is when probably have develop i rain, pretty strong cold front. we go temperatures in the 50's, to only in the 60s over the weekends. big, big difference from last weekend. and that's your weather authority forecast, one more look at traffic for your friday morning, we start off this with look at the
8:55 am
schuylkill expressway, right by the conshohocken curve. and, we're moving along just fine. in that area, new jersey turnpike, northbound, approaching route 73, we have an accident on the shoulder, there, and on route 422 eastbound after route 29, an accident, that could cause you some delays in that area, as well. >> check out these frozen halloween costumes. i got to ask. has halloween just become too sexy? i mean, it is a disney movie well, why some think these costumes cross the line, coming up.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ >> nothing like beyonce in the morning. >> yes. she hot. >> oh, indeed she is. i love her. i love you. >> ah. >> biggest fan. >> good day, it is wednesday, august the first. hi, kerr. >> i. >> i didn't even notice. >> merry christmas, kerrey. >> you believe nick. >> it is october 1st. >> yes. >> fall. >> your dress reminds me. >> of what? >> of a pool table. >> what? >> i like it. >> go ahead. there is cents a follow to up. that will something about balls. i just know it. >> no. >> no? >> we're moving along. >> okay. >> so, ladies. >> pocket. >> moving on, ladies, we are our own worse critic there is morning, harsh reality for mom from dove. shows why women may want to watch what they say around their daughters.
9:00 am
plus ... >> i love you. >> no. >> oh! ouch. >> well, you remember, that empire strikes back, discussing worse responses to i love you. tweet us what you think, i mean, what's been your experience? use the hashtag fox 29 good day. what is the worse response you've ever heard from somebody when they said to you i love you. jen, i love you. >> i love you too, mike jerrick. but only after 6:00 p.m. you know what i am ' saying? hey, here's the thing, doing our pinterest challenge. by the way, we finish both of our challenges, so now moving onto harder challenge. that one sort of goes to darren, sort of not, because i like the hat bert. so i have to figure out who is the winner, there is always a winner. make no mistake. >> always a winner. >> and a loser. >> high. >> something that's been bothering me. >> oh, no. >> for the last ten years.