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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 1, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a fire at their home and tonight investigators have announced someone set that fire on purpose. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get straight out to fox 29's jennifer joyce. she is live at cooper university hospital tonight with the late latest. jennifer? >> reporter: well iain within the last half hour, i talk to the attorney who is acting as the spokesperson for john and joyce sheridan's four adult sons and news of the alleged arson surfaces attorney tom wilson says "no one is more eager to fine out everything related to the couple's death than they are". cooper university health systems ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce were found unresponsive inside their home sunday morning after fire crews were called to put out a fire in the couple's master bedroom. investigators say they were called to the sheridan's home on meadow run drive around sic sick 15:00 a.m. the fire was contained to the upstairs master bedroom where both john and joyce were found.
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the 72 year old president of cooper hospital was dead at the scene. his 69 year old wife was pronounced at the hospital. now, three days later the fire has been ruled arson. cooper university health carey lease add statement saying "we are saddened and shocked by what has been reported about the death of john sheridan and his wife joyce. their deaths already unbelievably sad are now tragic. our deepest condolences go out to john and joyce's family for their terrible loss "investigators say the cause of death has not yet been determined pending lab results. they tell thus this remains an active investigation. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. now to some breaking news in delaware tonight. septa has suspended service on its wilmington newark regional rail line because of some police activity near the dash bow station. officials have not given us any further details or said when the line will start running again. we of course will keep you updated. >> skyfox over a tragic accident in philadelphia's nicetown tioga neighborhood.
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police say a six yeared boy was hit by a brown buick will he sabre on the 3600 block of north 15th street. this happened shortly after 4:00 p.m. and we've learned that the boy has died from his injuries. police say the driver did stay on the scene and that no drugs or alcohol were involved. >> also breaking the director of the secret service steps down a mid security lapses at the white house. julia pearso pier handed in her resignation late this afternoon one day after her appearance. the committee grilled her on man was able to jump app fence and make the all the way inside the white house with a knife. that man plead not guilty in court today. pearson spent 30 years with the secret service but was only named director last year. pennsylvania state troopers are mourning the loss of one of their own. 26 year old trooper david kedra died yesterday after investigators say he was accidentally shot during a training exercise. >> tonight fellow officers are remembering their fallen colleague much this comes at ans
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specially difficult time. >> the second time in three weeks that pennsylvania state police have lost one of their own. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the montgomery county public safety training complex in conshohocken. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police training has resumed here tonight at the training facility where trooper kedra was accidentally shot yesterday. the investigation into that is continuing by the state police and the montgomery county diss track attorney's office. today, the state police remembered a young trooper who was proud to serve. >> he was extremely proud to be a pennsylvania state trooper and he showed it. >> reporter: sorrow hung over the skippack state police barrack wednesday and the flag was at half staff after the death of 26 year old state trooper david kedra tuesday afternoon during a firearms training session. >> i couldn't believe i got the phone call. i mean, that's -- phone call you never want to receive. and it's difficult. it's very difficult. >> he was highly motivated and you could tell it every single day he walk in. >> reporter: the trooper work
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at the skippack barrack for over a year after joining the state police in june 2012. he respected and admired by his fellow troop troopers here. >> this kid loves his job and with that kind of attitude, you're determined and bound to be a great state trooper. >> reporter: he was shot in the chest during a firearms training exercise at the montgomery county public safety training complex around fief tuesday afternoon. sources confirm he was accidentally shot by a state police training instructor during a classroom exercise on a new handgun. >> he was an excellent trooper, and like i said, it was an honor to work with him, and we're all sorry that this incident occurred and he's no longer with us. shocked. shocked. someone so young and full of so much promise. >> the trooper was also remembered wednesday at roman catholic high school where he garaged in 2006 as an honor roll student and cross country athlete. he graduated from temple's criminal justice program. >> i couldn't think of anything that was better for him. like he was just a strong
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hearted good guy. >> he seemed like someone who was made to serve report roar district attorney risa ferman would not comment today citing the pending investigation and the on-going investigation. no word tonight on funeral arrangement for trooper kedra thank you very much dave. >> new developments in the country's first case of ebola. the patient's sister says her brother did tell a texas hospital he was visiting from liberia. that is one of the countries hit hardest by the ebola outbreak. fox news has not yet confirm his identity but the ap reports thomas eric duncan remains in isolation at a dallas hospital after testing positive for ebola on tuesday. duncan traveled to texas from liberia last month and became critically ill just a few days later. on his first trip to the hospital, doctors sent him home with antibiotics. his sister says he did tell a nurse hare recently in west africa. >> we get physical that information was not fully
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communicated throughout the full team. and as a result, the full import of that information wasn't factored into the clinical decision making. >> a nine member group of federal health officials is tracking anyone who has had close contact with duncan they say ebola is not contagious until symptoms are present and health officials do not believe this case poses a risk of an outbreak here in the united states. >> to your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take live look outside at the philadelphia international airport. beautiful night so far. i mean that is gorgeous but it might be, you know, hopefully stickie round for a little bit but i don't know. some rain chances back in the forecast possibly. the guy that knows all this chief meteorologist scott williams. hi, lucy. spectacular view there of center city on this% day of october. you can see outside of our studios folks are walking enjoying the comfortable mild evening. 71 degrees right now. the leaves have begun to change colors a bit as well. right now, the sun will set at
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about 6:43 this evening. so as we take look at the satellite and radar, we're dealing with scattered clouds across the area. most of the rainfall today couldn't find into northern sections of new england. so here's the bottom line if you're stepping outdoors. mostly cloudy, we're looking at 67 degrees by 7:00 o'clock. pretty mild. still by 9:00 mid 60s low 60s comfortably cool as we move into the overnight. there could be a little bit of drizzle that sneaks in late tonight. here the system moving out to sea. but take look at the system to the midwest. this will be impacting us coming up i'll have the timing when to expect some rainfall as well as a blast of some cool autumn air. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. snow days could soon be a thing of the past for pennsylvania school students. the state is starting a pilot program for students to learn online from home on days that schools have to close because of snow. foretop five days a year. school districts would be able to use non traditional methods like cyber school to teach the students. the program is open to all 500
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pennsylvania districts. >> hunting trapping is band in seven northeastern pennsylvania townships while the search continues for the suspect in the deadly ambush of two straight troopers. investigators found explosive devices they believe he left behind. they diss covered two pipe bombs in the woods where they think frein is hiding so now state officials have banned hunting and trapping on all public and private land in seven townships in pike and monroe counties. tomorrow marks three weeks that authorities have been on the hunt for frein. new information tonight about the possible future of atlantic city's revel casino. the canadian company that won a bankruptcy court auction for the revel plans to reopen it as a casino hotel. bankruptcy court hearing to approve the $110 million sale to brook feel u.s. holdings is schedule for october 7th. revel is one of four in atlantic city to close. brook field us owns some other casinos including the hard rock
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in las vegas and atlantis paradise island in the bahamas. >> new era in philadelphia as of today possessing an ounce or less of marijuana in philly is no longer a serious criminal offense. mayor nutter signed a bill into law this afternoon that makes history. philly is now the largest u.s. city where you can carry that amount of pot and no end up serving time in jail. the mayor also said the city is beginning an out reach campaign to educate people about the impact of marijuana use and where to get help to overcome the habit. >> good news follow up to story we brought you yesterday on that missing dog in upper chichester. bear the chocolate lab is home! >> yea. here's the reunion photos sent to us by martin family. that's bear on the left. the dog disappeared sunday and facebook reports fueled fears that he may have been stolen. upper chichester police say the pooch was returned last night by an aston man who earlier said he had grabbed bare out of some traffic on chichester avenue and then later released the dog when it began growling at him. police are telling fox 29 the
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man would not explain how he found the dog last night after some others had searched in vain for several days. >> it's a very unpleasant problem in north philadelphia tonight. >> take at a look. imagine living in this. mounds of garbage piling up in an apartment complex. why residents say it's not being cleaned up. we are working to get results. >> and do you remember this little guy right here little logan, that's his lemonade sta stand. the boy that was raising money for new set of hearing aids. his family just posted some fantastic news on facebook. howard? >> eagles go into sunday's game sane luce lesean mccoy not happy talking about the lack of a running game and one player is disappointed he's not playing running game and one player is disappointed he's not playing yet.
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♪ >> it's a big day for a south jersey boy that we first introduced you to over the summer. nine year old logan phelps spent his summer raising money to buy
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a new pair of hearing aids. >> you know what happened today logan got fitted for a new pair at chop this morning. big day. we told you how logan had set up a let me non made stand in gloucester city to raise the money much his mom thought would it take him at least a year to get the 3,000 to $6,000 he needed. a whole lot of money for lemonade stand. he's been wearing the same pair of hearing aids since he was five his lemonade stand got bigger and bigger the police and fire department chipped n he should have his new pair sometime this month. >> fox 29 working to get results tonight in north philadelphia. problem just look. there are mounds of smelly trash overflowing dumpsters at a housinhousing complexion on the0 block of lambert street. frustrated residents are looking for answers and some relief. >> they called fox 29's bruce gordon for help. bruce is live at the woodstock mutual homes to night. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, it's real simple. no one should have to put up with this. it's a stinging eye sore and it's the same situation at four
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different locations spread throughout this woodstock complex. residents reached out to me when they got tired of holding their notices. it sure is a site to be hold. mountains of garbage overflowing the dumpsters at the woodstock mutual homes. this 108 unit complex is home to lots of single moms with young children. don't expect to see any kids out playing near this. >> rats, possums, raccoons. they carry diseases. >> reporter: they're diagnosing through that trash? >> yeah. roar report residents tell us trash is supposed to be picked up by a private hauler on almost daily basis. but they claim no one has been by here in more than a week. >> what is it like when you walk past that, what's that smell like. >> horrible smell. smells like somebody is dead back there. >> reporter: this is at all of the dumpsters. >> every last one of them. >> reporter: woodstock has been around for more than their years. it's a co-op meaning residents buy a share of the complex then pay a monthly fee that is subsidized by the federal department of housing and urban
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development. residents tell me the property manager has ignored their complaints about lots of problems at the site. on this day those residents met with a hud representative to air their grievances. we intercepted carolyn anastasia on her way in to ask about the trash. >> it hasn't been picked up for quite awhile. >> i'm sorry. i just got off the phone with hud and i was told to give you the telephone numbers for public relations people. >> you can't talk to us at all about the trash pick up here. >> i'm just project manager. no, i can. >> reporter: all of them have overflowing garbage spewing out on to the sidewalk and street area. >> i called hud's public affairs office. hud does indeed require property managers to maintain standards for cleanliness and safety. charisse richards a long-time resident isn't buying it. >> the smell is overwhelming. the trash itself is disgusting much it's unsafe. it's rats, raccoons. attracts all type office thing. it's really ridiculous. >> reporter: we could not get
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a comment from the property manager but hud assures us they are in touch with the office here and also with that private trash hauler. they want to find out the status of the contract with the complex and find out whether that hauler or another can be brought in quote immediately to get messes like this cleaned up. lucy, we'll hold them to that promise. >> of course you will. thank you very much, bruce. if you have an issue you'd like fox 29 to help you get results on, let us know. here's how. just visit our website, click on the news link then send us an e-ma e-mail. >> we continue to follow some breaking news in delaware for you tonight. skyfox is live over the darby station on septa's wilmington newark regional rail line where we've learned a person has been hit by train. we don't know any details about that person or their condition. service on that line though has been suspended. no word yet on when it will be running again. >> let's go to your fox 29 weather authority right now. scott williams what do you have on tap? hi, lucy and iain. the first day of october in the
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books. pretty nice across our area. scattered clouds right now showing up on the satellite and radar. most of the rain today in northern sections of new england. the high temperature made it up to 73 degrees. that's 1 degree above the normal for this time of year which is 72. by the end of the month, the average high temperature will be 62 degrees. so we'll see a 10-degree temperature drop from octobe october 1st to october 31st as far as the average high for this time of year. low 60s right now in the pocon poconos. 70 in wilmington. 64 degrees current until atlantic city. so here's the system with the clouds today. but most of the showers well to the north and east of us so we'll get a little bit of a break tomorrow. as well as friday. but this frontal boundary will be headed in our direction during the day saturday at least the fir part of the day. so we've advanced it ahead to friday. your friday evening plans should be dry and quiet. but clouds move in overnight friday into saturday morning. here's midnight. you can see watching some of that rainfall move into the
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north and western suburb and we're looking at some rainfall pretty good amount maybe half an inch to an inch or more before all is said and done. the first part of the day on saturday. so once again, the timing for our next best chance for rainfall is saturday morning. the first part of the day. but behind that system, we're looking at a cool push of air that will be moving in diving south from canada. right now most of that air is locked up to the north. but a big trough is going to dig toward our area and that will bring that channel of air the cooler air our way for both saturday as well as sunday when high temperatures will be hard pressed to make the out of the 60s. for tonight again mostly cloudy. there could be some patchy fog perhaps some drizzle developing late. but most of us stay dry. 53 degrees in the suburbs. 58 in the city. for tomorrow, 74 degrees for the high temperature. we'll call it partly sunny. it will be dry tomorrow and also mild we're looking at winds out of the north five to 10 miles per hour. so as we look at the next seven days, sun to clouds on friday.
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but we should stay dry and then saturday the first part of the day it's going to be little damp and dreary keep that in mine for your plans early saturday and then temperatures are going to be kind of chilly, too. 60s saturday, 64 degrees that's it for the high temperature as we move into sunday. >> all right. but i'm happy about tomorrow. >> i'm going to prepare. tomorrow is a 10. i'm happy about that. >> there you go. >> i'm happy for you. >> thank you. >> you're always happy howard. you're just a bowl of joy. >> that's right. >> one he guess player is not happy, however, and disappointed he's not playing in a game yet. and lesean mccoy tries to explain that lack of a running game. not putting any doubts in his mind. hear from mccoy comi
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♪ >> the eagles need to within a football game. they need that win because they have fans in a panic even with the team would you believe they're three-one on the season. yes. they are. so it shouldn't be a panic. sainthood the mr. if he can team to get that straightened out on sunday at the linc. the rams are one and two coming off bye last week. defense last week much better but the offense needs to get things going. running game, we know that. did not exist last sunday against the 49ers. nick foles needs to play better. but many believe that would
6:25 pm
happen with a running game. lesean mccoy not happy about addressing the running game problem. 17 yards rushing on sunday. that will do that. so frustration set in? >> i know who i am. i'm still confident. i know what i can do. so it doesn't really bother me that much. you know, we're winning games. we're three-one. i mean at times the can be frustrating but at the end of the day i know who i am. so -- >> the giants and cowboys game very well either. it happens. sometimes, you know, you plan going into the game in terms of what you want to get out. it doesn't exactly turn out. mike tyson everybody has a plan until had he get hit in the face. we got hit in the face and we got to respond to it. >> that's a good -- real a good point, chip. >> eagles rookie wide receiver josh huff was third round pick for the eagles in the last draft. he's very quick wide receiver that played for chip kelly at oregon. he wants to play now for the
6:26 pm
eagles. huff was hurt in the preseason on kick off return. he said he's ready to play and wants to get there yet was not activated on the active roster last sunday. but said he's ready, he made the point again that he wants to and ready to play. the head coach hears him but explains the situation. >> we'll see how he trains this week. he wasn't ready to go last week. he wasn't ready to go physically or mentally last week. he knew that. talked to him. told him and friday he wasn't going to be active on sunday. we'll see how he goes through a whole week. last week was his first full week practicing. mikail kendricks will play on sunday. we'll start you are coverage of eagles and rams "game day live" at 11:00. the game at 1:00 o'clock. and then we have the post game show at 4:30. >> exciting times. >> yes, it is forefoot ball season does that. both ways. >> that's right. >> all right. thank you, howard that. does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have great night.
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inside edition is up next. have great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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it's here. >> nationwide concern as the deadly ebola virus hits u.s. soil. >> patient zero. the hot zone, it's this ambulance. how they decontaminate it. then -- >> you guys are running a red light. >> bikers out of control? >> sir, you're going too fast. >> they're everywhere. but are some just too fast for safety. >> we caught you at 27 miles per hour. that's too fast. and -- >> yea, we're going to class together. >> mom-shaming. her daughter ditched school. and mom's really upset. >> we're going the hold hands and we're going to go to class and sit together. >> were you embarrse