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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> next breaking news in the manhunt for eric frein. two pennsylvania state troopers air lived in the scene. what happened next. >> plus a red what happened society young star's nickname >> plus a red what happened society young star's nickname for fifteen minutes could save you >> plus a red what happened socififteen percent or moreme for on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action! blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. introducing the birds of america collection. fifty stunning, hand-painted plates, commemorating the state birds of our proud nation. blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> right now breaking news in the search for accused killer eric frein. two state troopers are being airlifted out of the search area right now after an accident. the state police say they were
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both hurt falling out of a tree stand earlier tonight. we're told their injuries are not life threatening. the manhunt has now been underway for 31 year old eric frein for almost three weeks after he allegedly ambushed two troopers killing one. >> mystery unfolding inside a philadelphia home right now. loved ones in tears outside that house. a man dead inside. his step daughter now in the hospital hit in the head with a hammer. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get right tout oh sabina kuriakose live at police headquarters tonight where investigators are trying to sort all of this out. sabina. >> neighbors are saying this was a family feud with a bizarre twist. now police are trying to figure out just how it turned deadly. family members shaken as they learn what happened inside this home on east cambria street in north philadelphia. police say a 60 year old man is dead. his 26 year old step daughter suffering from a hammer to the head. the twist, police don't know how her step dad died.
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>> blood running downside of her head. >> neighborhood robert was fixing his bike just before 4:00 o'clock this afternoon when he says the young woman came running out of her home screaming. >> he hit her in the head with the hammer. >> police found the man dead on the floor of his home with no visible injuries. authorities say an autopsy will be conducted to figure out what killed him. until then, homicide isn't being ruled out. >> every other weekend they were fighting. >> reporter: neighbors say the family lived on the block for decades. poland says the step daughter had recently moved out but was home to check on her dad. people had a know the family say the man was ill and on dialysis. >> the whole block is shocked. heat of the moment. father and daughter. you never know what's going on behind closed doors. >> reporter: you never do kno know. now that step daughter taken to temple hospital with a fractured skull. she is expected to be okay. iain? >> all right, sabina, thank you.
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six year old boy has died after a tragic accident in philadelphia's nicetown tioga neighbor. police say the boy was hit by a brown buick will he sabre on the 3600 block of north 15th street shortly after 4:00 p.m. a man who lives on the street was sitting on his porch when he heard the accident happen. he came running out to the street to help. >> i lost a son two years ago. i know the pain of the parents and the ugh lee i don't have thing i've seen in my life. >> the boy ran out in the middle of the street between two parked cars and the driver did not see him in time to stop. the driver did stay on the scene. police say no drugs or alcohol were involved and no charges have been filed against the driver. to developing story. a deadly fire in new jersey. investigators say someone intentionally set the fire that killed a cooper university hospital ceo and his wife. now that fire broke out at their home early sunday morning, and now vest gathers are trying to figure out exactly how the
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couple died. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live outside cooper hospital in camden. jennifer, just an extraordinary twist here. >> reporter: it really is. everyone we talk to just calling this absolutely tragic, and lucy, while you said police say that this fire was intentionally set, we still do not know how this couple died, ton night their four sons anxious for answers. cooper health ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce touched lives to make difference according to their four grown sons who released a joint statement three days after both of their parents died unexpectedly and a fire at the couple's home was ruled arson. mark, matt, tim and dan say "the death of our parents has left a hole in our hearts and family that can never be filled" they went on to say "we cannot fathom much less explain the circumstances of their passing. the couple's children are eager for answers according to the family's attorney. it was around 6:15am sunday when
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emergency crews received a 911 call about a fire at the sheridan's montgomery township home. the somerset county district attorney's office says john sheridan was dead at the scene. his 69 year old wife died at a hospital. while the somerset county prosecutor's office says the fire was intentionally set, the cause of their death social security not known. police are awaiting lab results and saying that are little. sheridan joined cooper as senior executive vice-president in 2005 and was named ceo and president in 2008. he was actively involved in camden's redevelopment and served as a member of the board of trustees for a local chapter of the ronald mc house. the organization says john was a wonderful leader and friend and stood behind the group's mission of helping seriously ill children. tonight, cooper health says it's shocked by the tragic developments in this case. the couple's children hope people "remember them as two
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people who loved each other, their family and their friends generously and unconditionally". and police say right now autop autopsies are incomplete pending lab results. police would not discuss the case any further. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. the e best la is in the united states and we're learning more about the patient at the center of it all. we now know the man told hospital officials he was from liberia. we've also learned that the man had contact with five children from four different schools in daals will. the patient has been identified as thomas eric duncan and he's now quarantined and getting treatment at a dallas hospital. he traveled to the united states from liberia to brussels flying united with a stop at dulles airport before ending up in dallas. hospital officials acknowledge that duncan told them he had just arrived from liberia when he first went for treatment last friday but he was sent home with antibiotics after that travel history was not shared with
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doctors. >> regretfully that information was not fully communicated throughout the full team, and as a result, the full import of that information wasn't factored into the clinical decision mak making. >> federal health officials are tracking anyone who has had close contact with duncan. they say ebola is not contagious until symptoms are present. >> sky fox over big trouble on the tracks. rush hour rail service ground to halt on septa's wilmington newark line this evening. a train hit a man in delaware county. now, it happened just before 6:00 this evening nearly darby station. we have no word on his condition. about 500 people were on the train at the time. no passengers are injured. a north philadelphia man facing a slew of charges tonight in connection to a hit-and-run accident that injured a little girl. police say 25 year old jamar banks turned himself in to authorities today. he is now charged with aggravate the assault by vehicle, simple assault and recklessly
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endangering another person along with other related charges. police say banks hit seven year old allure mclane who was crossing 42nd street near girard avenue on sunday and then left the scene. mclane was taken to shop chop with a fractured skull arc fractured ankle, cuts and bruises. she remains in the hospital in guarded condition tonight. police say a witness took video of the car which helped in the investigation. >> on to your weather authority and chief meteorologist scott williams tracking breaks in the clouds. hey, scott. a few break in the clouds for some. but it looks like those clouds will be thickening as we move into the overnight. as we watch more of the cloud cover kind of pinwheel down from that area of low pressure that brought showers to north sections of new england earlier today. look at the temperatures right now. mid exacts in philadelphia. low 60s in pottstown as well as millville so a little cooler once you get outside of the city. so for tonight, the call mostly cloudy. there could be a little bit of drizzle but temperatures in the low 50s for the burbs. upper 50s in the too. coming up we'll talk about our
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next system which is right now impacting parts of the midwest. a cold front with a lot of heavy rainfall. we'll talk about when it arrives and how it impacts the upcoming weekend as well as the timing of a cool push of autumn air. iain and lucy, back to you. >> thank you, scott. in south philadelphia tonight many began saying their final goodbyes to a beloved mummer. joseph gosh bryson, sr. passed away over the weekend. he founded the bryson new year's bench brigade in 1977 made costumes all year round for the mummers. he was veteran and join the army during the korean war. a new orleans style funeral procession with a brass band will begin at 10am tomorrow at the edward o'malley club. on more street in south philly. he was 81 years old. >> a shake up in the secret service director julia pearson resigns a mid security lapses at white house. the resignation comes one day after her appearance before the house oversight and government
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reform committee. the committee grilled pearson on two recent security breaches, one with president obama at the cdc in an elevator with an armed security guard. another involving a man who jumped a fence and made it inside the white house. >> over the last several days, we've seen recent and a come lating reports raising questions about the performance of the agency and the president concluded that new leadership of that agency was required. >> pearson spent 30 years with the secret service. the obama administration has named joseph clancy as acting director of the secret service. clancy is a former executive with comcast here in philadelphia and a villanova graduate. >> it is a new era that is donned in philadelphia as of today, possessing an ounce or less of marijuana in philly is no longer a criminal offense. mayor nutter signed the bill into law this afternoon that makes history. philly is now the largest u.s. city where you can carry that amount of pot and not end up serving time in jail. >> i did not take these actions
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today lightly. it comes at a time when many other jurisdictions across america municipalities and states are re-examining and changing their approach to enforcement of marijuana laws. >> the mayor also said the city is beginning an out reach campaign to educate people about the impact of marijuana use and where to get help to overcome the habit. it looks like the revel casino in atlantic city won't change a whole lot. the canadian company that won a bankruptcy court auction for the revel plans to reopen it as a casino hotel. hearing to approve the $110 million sale to brook field u.s. holdings is scheduled for october 7th. brook field u.s. owns other casinos including the hard rock in las vegas and the atlantis paradise island in bahamas. revel closed last month after being opened for only two years. ♪ >> kidnapped, missing for more than a decade. this little girl is finally found alive. >> i'm going to ask her if i can
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give her a hug. >> the incredible effort to bring sabrina home to the father who never gave up. and -- >> while you're sleeping, he's sneaking in and stealing. it's happened six times in one night in one montgomery county community. i'm chris o'connell. i'll tell you how some victims are going to extremes to protect themselves. >> piles and piles of trash but this is no dump it's a local apartment complex and residents are fed up. why they say these mounds of garbage just keep growing. >> and turning the race for homecoming king into a priceless lesson of acceptance. one local teen's mission to reach out to his fellow students one local teen's mission to reach out to his fellow students while trying to win the crown.
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message.
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it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground. ♪ >> pennsylvania state police are mourning the loss of one of their own. 26 year old trooper david kedra died yesterday after investigators say he was accidentally shot during a training exercise at a gun range. it's the second time in three weeks that pennsylvania state police have suffered a tragic loss. >> tonight fox 29's dave schratwieser reports fellow officers are remembering their fallen colleague. >> he was extremely proud to be a pennsylvania state trooper and he showed it. >> reporter: sorrow hung over the skippack state police barracks wednesday and the flag was at half staff after the death of 26 year old state trooper david kedra tuesday afternoon during a firearms training session. >> i couldn't believe i got the phone call. that's -- phone call you never want to receive. and it's difficult. it's very difficult.
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>> he was highly motivated and you could tell every single day he walked in. >> reporter: trooper k. edra work at the skippack barracks over year after joining the state police in june 2012 he was assigned to troop k. respected and admired by fellow troopers here. >> this kid loves his job and with that kind of attitude, you're determined and bound to be a great state trooper. >> he was shot in the chest during a firearms training exercise at the montgomery county public safety training complex around 5:00 tuesday afternoon. sources confirm he was accidentally shot by a state police training instructor during a classroom exercise on a new handgun. >> he was an excellent trooper, and like i said, it was an honor to work with him, and we're all sorry that this incident occurred and he's no longer with us. >> shocked. shock. someone so young and full of so much promise. >> reporter: trooper kedra was remembered wednesday at roman catholic high school where he garaged in 2006 as an honor roll student and cross country athlete.
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graduated from temple's criminal justice program. >> i couldn' couldn't any of ang that was better for him. he was strong hearted good guy. >> he was seemed like someone who was made to serve. dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> at least one death that we now know from a new designer drug we warned you about in may of last year. police in limerick montgomery county say a young add dull has died from an overdose of a designer drug he got off the internet. they say the drug's doc and mxe come from overseas web sites and those companies marketer them as quote research compounds. >> it's going to cost more to buy cigarettes in philadelphia. a $2 a pack tax is now in effe effect. the money generate ready go to the school's cash strapped school district. school officials say the new tax will pump about $83 million into philadelphia's schools every year. >> definitely not a debate. sparks flying during the second pennsylvania gubernatorial debate. republican governor tom corbett and his democratic challenger
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tom wolf went head to head over key issues. they met at a philadelphia tv and radio station. the hot button issues, taxes and funding for the city's cash strapped schools. now at times the pair talked over each other and challenged each other's statements and the round table style debate. >> it's to have an economy where we are actual the at the top of the charts in terms of job creation at the not the bottom. >> i have to wonder why you want to ignore 250,000 job openings in pennsylvania. i wonder why you ignore the fact we've gone down to 47th in the country. >> today's debate let the candidates go out with it the time limits of a traditional debate format. each candidate says they felt the debate went very well for them. the election is november 4th. >> fox 29 is working to get results tonight in north philadelphia. the problem, well, just look. there are mounds of smelly trash overflowing the dumpsters at a
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housing complex on the 2800 block of lambert street and frustrated residents are looking for answers and some relief. so they called fox 29's bruce gordon for help. >> reporter: it sure is a site to be hold. mountains of garbage overflowing the dumpsters at the woodstock mutual homes. this 108 union complex is home to lots of single moms with young children. but don't expect to see any kids out playing near this. >> rats, possums, raccoons, they carry diseases. >> reporter: they're digging through that trash? >> yes. >> reporter: residents tell us trash is supposed to be picked up by a private hauler on an almost daily basis but they claim no one has been by here in more than a week. >> what is it like when you walk past there? what's that smell like. >> it's a horrible smell. like somebody's dead back there. >> reporter: this is at all of dumpsters. >> every last one of them. >> reporter: woodstock has been around for more than 30 years. it's a co-op meaning residents buy a share of the complex, then pay a monthly fee that is
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subsidized by the federal department of housing and urban development. residents tell me the property manager as ignored their complaints about lots of problems at the site. on this day those residents met with a hud representative to air their grievances. we intercepted carolyn an is a on her in to ask about the tra trash. >> it hasn't been picked up for quite awhile. >> i'm sorry. i just got off the phone with hud and i was told to give you the telephone numbers for our public relations people. >> reporter: you can't talk to us about the trash pick up problem here. >> i'm just the project manager. no, i can't. >> reporter: all of them have garbage spewing out on to the sidewalk and street area. i called hud. they do indeed inquire property much injuries to maintain standards for cleanliness and safety. charisse richards a long-time resident isn't buying it. >> the smell is overwhelming. the trash itself is disgusting. it's unsafe. it's rat, raccoons attracts all types of things. it's really ridiculous.
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>> reporter: we cannot get a comment from the property manager but hud assures they are in touch with the office here and also with that private trash hauler. they're trying to find out the status of the contract with the complex and to find out whether that hauler or another can be brought in quote immediately to clean up messes like this throughout woodstock we'll hold them to that promise. working to get results in north philadelphia, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> honor tonight for fallen police officers and their families at the union league. the heroes among us event in center city pays tribute to the men and women of the philadelphia police department. all the money raised goes toward the fraternal order of police survivors fund. >> terrifying homes when a volcano erupt with no warning. now, the frantic search for survivors. the one piece of good news giving comfort to people in the area tonight. >> and video captures a passenger losing it. the unleashes a beat down on the bus driver. why police say it's all over keeping that passenger's shoes
10:21 pm
clean. >> and moms and dads listen up. no more snow days. the new plan to keep your kids learning and even the most the new plan to keep your kids learning and even the most brutal winter storm. guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet.
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that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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♪ >> arizona police arrest add man wanted for brutally beating a phoenix bus driver. september 8th attack as you can see all caught on surveillance video. 27 year old robert white had been on the run since the beating. police say white was upset with the driver because he stopped the bus next to a puddle. that's when white demanded the driver move forward but the driver said no. and police say that's when white went off and started beating the driver who is now talking about what happened. >> i kind of forgive him but he needs to do some time. if he does this to me, he do it to somebody else. he needs to learn his lesson he can't go around doing this to people. >> it left the driver with a concussion and cuts all over. >> sabrina allen kidnapped when she was five years old. 12 years later after secret rescue mission to mexico she is back in the united states.
10:25 pm
a room is ready for sabrina had her father greg allen's texas home. in 2002 his wife failed to return with a court orderrd visitation with sabrina. several attempts were made unsuccessfully. police got a tip that led to an apartment in mexico where sabrina and her mother were living. >> the last weeks have been quite a roller coaster. you know, are they going to get away again? they've gotten away so many times. but they didn't get away and we're here so now we're really focused on what needs to come next. >> sabrina was flown back to texas for now she's at a special facility to help her adjust to her new life. all right. talk about creepy here. crooks are targeting homes in one suburb getting in and out with people sleeping just feta way. >> you feel violated, unsecured, violated, i'll be sleeping with a gun for now on. >> the best thing police say you should do to protect yourself.
10:26 pm
and it's one of the worst feelings for any flyer. you arrive but your bags are nowhere to be found. in one city, police say these guys could be to blame. where they're swiping luggage right off the carousel. >> don't feel badly about pouring that glass of red wine tonight. how it could help you wake up with clearer skin. scott. >> lucy quiet right now but coming up the weekend. we could be talking about some rainfall. we could be talking about some rainfall.
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message.
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it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground. >> warning tonight for residents in montgomery county neighborhood. police in hatfield say a burglar has been slipping in and out of homes while homeowners sleep. now six of those burglaries happened in one night. fox 29's chris o'connell spoke with some of those rallied victims. he shows us those victims are now taking steps to protect themselves. >> reporter: you would think two barking dogs and a sign like this in the window would keep burglars away. well, not at steve god god she was' house.
10:30 pm
>> don't feel secure any more. i've been lear for 34 years. >> his wife was home alone monday when she discovered someone had slid their screen window and climbed into their home. the crook took her purse and cash from the kitchen counter and slipped out under the cover of night. >> you feel violated. unsecured, violated. i'll be sleeping with a gun for now. >> his home was the first of six houses to be burglarized between 1:00 and 3:00 monday morning all near the 2300 block of chestnut street in hatfield. some victims screen windows were cut. other doors were left open and the thief also got away with a stolen suv and broke into another. >> what's scary to us the police department and these residents were in their homes asleep when this subject cut through their screens, climbed into their homes and took their belongings. >> reporter: hatfield police say the thief was targeting cash, electronics, anything he could get his hands on. >> it's creepy. it's scary. >> burglar also hit stays so
10:31 pm
clemens house. she was upstairs in the bedroom with her four dogs when the crook creeped in through an unlocked door into her can you chen. it's not her stolen i-pad she's worried about. it's the lot of sense of security. now she's planning on buying a gun. >> one thing that i don't believe in is probably something that i feel i should have to have some kind of protect for myself. i mean, what if i would have come down the steps and come face to face with this person? >> reporter: police also tell me they've obtained surveillance video of this suspected burglar. they plan on releasing in the coming days. but in the meantime they're warning everyone in the township no matter where they live to lock their windows and doors. in hatfield, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> tonight the centers for disease control confirms four mower cases of the enterovirus d68 in new jersey. it brings the total numbers of cases in the garden state to seven. the new patients ages range from one to nine years old and they are being treated in the
10:32 pm
hospital. the cdc is also confirmed a paralyzed child in michigan has tested positive for enterovirus d68. it's one of 25 confirmed cases there. doctors say the virus can cause mild to severe illness with the worst cases needing live support for breathing dulty's. at this point doctors are not sure if the paralysis is reversible. >> as with any weakness that can happen with a viral illness, we do our best to give children specific medications to reduce inflammation in children' immune system, and hopefully with that help, the viral infection and the effect effects of the inflan can come down over time. >> doctors in rhode island tonight say a 10 year old with the virus died. the strain is not now but it's rarely scene. there are well over 400 cases of it right now across the country. >> well, snow days could soon ab thing of the past for pennsylvania school students as part aft pilot program some students will learn online if their school has a close for winter weather. under this new program,
10:33 pm
districts would be able to use non traditional methods like cyber school to teach children for many as five days a year. it is open to all 500 pennsylvania districts during the brutal winter months earlier this year the catholic school bonner prendie gave the cyber option a trial and it was a raging success. iain, i don't know about you. there could be lost unhappy kids. >> yeah. >> that's what make it fun. >> you love snow days. >> stay safe. stay indoors. stay warm. no snow on the satellite/radar composite but it can snow in the month of october. that happened in the philadelphia area just about three years ago. believe it or not. right now we're looking at mostly cloudy skies across the area as we move into the upcoming weekend here is what to expect. lows tonight in the upper 50s, mostly cloudy and cool. moving ahead to your thursday, we'll start out with some clouds. but sunshine will return. tomorrow pretty nice day. temperatures top out in the 70s. weekend showers and then also
10:34 pm
we're talking about an autumn chill with a potent cold front that will be moving through. the high today, 73. the normal 72. so 1 degree above average. look at the temperatures right now. 66 in philadelphia. but low 60s once you move into south injuries z even 50s right now in wildwood. 57 degrees currently in the pocono mountains and low 60s in allentown. so the disturbance that brought us a little bit of rainfall yesterday the clouds today brought most of the rainfall into northern sections of new england today. that's pulling away but take look out to the midwest. we're watching this frontal boundary. you can see some strong severe thunderstorms right now impacting sections of missouri. and that system is what will bring us the rainfall overnight friday and during the first part of the day saturday. we'll advance the clock to friday morning. dry, quiet for most of the day on friday. here's dinnertime. if you have some of those plans maybe headed out to dinner, and then moving into the overnight, you can see that line of showers
10:35 pm
approaches the western suburbs overnight. early saturday morning plans looking pretty wet until about lunch time when that system finally moves out of here. so saturday, how much rain are we talking about? half an inch to perhaps an inch. the first half of the day. so keep that in mind. if you're making plans. now behind that system, we're timing a fall like chill. there's going to be a dip in the jet stream. we call this trough and look at the blues, the greens headed toward our area. that means highs only in the 60s for the weekend. so mostly cloudy, some fog maybe a little bit of drizzle night temperatures bottom out in the 50s. morning clouds tomorrow giving way to some sunshine. 74 degrees will be the high temperature. friday looks pretty good. clouds to sun. 75 degrees. but look at saturday. morning showers. temperatures only in the 60s. and then sunday waking up to numbers in the 40s. 64 degrees for the high temperature. so it will be a chilly game at the linc.
10:36 pm
now lucy -- >> yeah. >> my alarm clock is already set. >> what tim do you have to get up tomorrow? you know who is on good day tomorrow. 4:00 o'clock. how about that? >> 4am. that's like soon. >> you might as well stay here. >> you've got to get up too. i'm on good day at 9:00. we're taking -- what happened to you? >> i'm playing golf. >> oh, okay. i'll be thinning of you guys. >> we'll have fun tomorrow. >> yeah, we will. join us then. stay with us now because we've all hit the wrong computer key. i do it am every sentence i type. did your slip cost six hadn't dread billion dollars? the s so-called fat finger that sent shocks spinning teaching your dogs new tricks on yourism pad. there's now an app for your pet. why experts say it poses no danger to your expensive tablet but you still may want to skip it. >> and tv's newest hot doc doctor jack op red band society. the young cast has new nickname for him. what he has in common with heart throb george clooney.
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we had a free weekend. we all got together and we are having a great time. there is everything to do. you've got restaurants. you've got shopping, oh my gosh fabulous shopping. bars too, although i'm married and i don't know if my husband wants me in any bars. i don't think it is just for girls weekend. i think it's great for couples. it's great for families. i was also was talking to my girlfriends saying i would like to bring my husband back. it's a great weekend.
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>> 17 floors up outside building no way down, that is exactly what happened today in the
10:40 pm
orange county california city of irvine. two window washers you see them got stuck way up there. outside app office building. it took two hours before firefighters could finally lower a harness to pull those guys to safety. the orange county register reports a motor on their platform mal if you knowed. in your money tonight a very large financial mistake is caught just in the nick of time. a stock own are in for over $600 billion was placed in japan today, but then it was abruptly cancel. financial experts think it was fat finger accidental. what was at stake, shares of toyota, honda, cannon and sony. >> that's a big oops. a new yoga mat promises to make sure you're stretching in the right way called a smart mat. because it actually has software and side that can tell if you're standing in the correct positions. it will even give advice on breathing and posture as you're exercising. it's still in the planning
10:41 pm
faces. they're hoping to get it on store shelves by august of neck year. all righty. our pets are so much like us. >> even apps designed to entertain our four legged friends. experts say that's not always good thing. you've seen the video of dogs going nuts over moving balls on the i-pad. even lizards have become entertained by bugs electronic devices. don't worry about your pet destroying your smart phone or tablet because screens are tougher and you can buy protective cases. but dog trainers say it can cause your dog anxiety. experts suggest we treat stop treating our pets like humans but rather more like dogs or cats. >> come on. >> it's kind of like the laser light you play with your kitties. that can cause -- some kitties good nuts over it. anyhow -- >> you still do it. >> we don't do it. >> two teenaged girls they disappear. their families desperate. now police are blaming a youth coach. what they say happened on social media that the girls heading o out. >> it sounds like the script of
10:42 pm
heart working tear joker. a young bride's memory wiped away week after the wedding. >> after two days i said i got to do something here.
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>> death toll from volcano eruption in japan has now reached 49. rescue and recovery efforts continue along the mountain. the surprise erupt of the 10,000-foot volcano blanketed the peak with a dea deadly rainf ash and stone. local villagers fear another possible eruption. >> minnesota youth sports coach busted tonight accused of soliciting two, 13 year old girls. now the girls families reported them missing monday night. police found them the next day and arrested 23 year old casey chin. investigators say he had been chatting with the girls on social media for at least two weeks before a ranging to meet them in person. >> i just -- i don't know why i couldn't -- i was so happy really in they were safe and they were found. >> chin faces charges of soliciting sex and third degree sexual assault. >> it's happened again. someone stealing luggage from sky harbor airport in phoenix. surveillance video catching two
10:46 pm
people snatching bags last month. well now they say it happened again yesterday. according to police, the thieves park at the curb, they walk in, choose three bags from the carousel then walk back to their car and just drive off. airport officials say it's always best to get to the carousel as soon as possible to wait for your bags. >> topping your health tonight can revved wine help acne. scientists at the university of california say the anti-oxidant derived from grapes can kill acne causing bacteria. they found that combining that anti-oxidant with the acne medication may enhance the drug's impact. the researchers think the wine may help extent the time ben sol peroxide kills bacteria. >> the race to become homecoming king and queen in a high school is often a big time popularity contest. in one local high school the homecoming tradition has taken and new meaning. fox 29's alec holly tells the story of how the road to be king can also be a lesson of accep
10:47 pm
acceptance. cane gamays is a senior at glasgow high school and one of the newest members of the homecoming court. >> it's a competition. everybody wants to have the best essay so they can get nominate. >> cane is not your typical candidate for king much listen to his campaign speech. >> to show my pierce who have intellectual and developmental abilities we can strive for success and achieve our goals and promote diversity, inclusion and acceptance of others. >> he says he'd been discussed with asberger's syndrome and it would paying him a surprising pick. >> we're usually academically smart and academically good. but it's just the social piece that gets us. >> the goal to start conversation in every classroom by spreading awareness about the disorder and other students with disabilities and promoting september tans. >> people make comments, there's kids in here with disabilities. >> with this campaign he's staning out for other reasons. >> i'm meeting new people since
10:48 pm
i hung up my posters announced for homecoming court and people have been congratulating before. >> he's not the only one reaching for the crown. four other candidates made the cut. one of them cane knows very we well. his twin brother shane. >> tell them to vote for me. >> regardless of who wins this friendly sibling competition shane is proud of his brother for stepping out of his comfort zone. >> he's doing it for a good cause. >> as long as either one of us wins we'll be happy. >> after all they're increasing their chances to put the crown on a good cause. >> to prove acceptance is real and it can happen. >> alex holly, fox 29 news. >> nominees will be announced at a pep rally tomorrow and the winner of the crown will be announced at saturday's homecoming dance. a man from new york is using
10:49 pm
photos to help jog his wife's memory. she went to the hospital in july thinking she had a really bad headache. well it turns out she was hemorrhaging around her brain. her husband raleigh soon realized that hemorrhage wiped out all of her recent memories including their wedding day. well now he's hoping to bring the all back through their precious family photos. >> after two days, i said, i got to do something. >> i remember that my husband was going around the room putting up the pictures. i don't know why he was putting up the pictures, but i was just watching him. >> she started coming around, and it drew questions about, upping, when we were married or are we married. >> amazing. it's working. the couple was married for just one month when this tragedy struck. doctors say the photos are in fact helping the woman fully recover. raleigh is a recording artist who also wrote about the experience and surprised his
10:50 pm
wife with a song. i just keep thinking hollywood script here. hollywood script. >> just a new hot doctor of television. dr. adam mcandrew is getting comparisons to a popular '90's tv doctor. dave annie bell plays dr. mcandrew. they dub him salt and pep mr. >> he looks lot like george clooney's character from doctor er. >> side by side. he says any resemblance to clooney is just a coincidence and annie bell credits his graying of hair to gentlemen it in ticks and marrying a cuban forayers ago. red band society is set in a pediatric hospital you can catch it every wednesday night at 9:00 right here on fox 29. >> howard, what's coming up in sports. >> it's not george clooney. >> you're close. look at the side by side of howard eskin next to george
10:51 pm
clooney. >> one phrase to go by keep your eye on the ball. wait until you see the classic example how that didn't happen. eagles lesean mccoy is getting annoyed. one because there are no holes for him to run the football because the questions are about why the eagles can't. that's coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ >> the eagles believe it or not will play again. they face the st. louis rams on sunday in the linc. mikail kendricks will not play again sunday for eagles. rams head coach jeff fisher said his starting quarterback would be that austin davis. that austin davis. who? but one problem the eagles have addressed this week at practice is the running game. they need to get that going again with lesean mccoy. on monday night, inning koy blew off his radio show because he didn't want to answer the questions. so what do you think the first question was today for mccoy? >> what's going on with the ru running game? there it goes.
10:55 pm
>> what does lesean think the problem is. executing. you know, executing, getting the guys we want on each other, you know, and get the backs one-on-one match ups. >> chip kelly thinks he knows part of the problem. >> we're in the blocking very well at wide receiver, offensive line, tight end, anywhere you look at our product in the run game it's not where it should be so it's not -- there's not one specific area. i think everybody from a blocking stand point needs to improve. >> but one thing won't change. i'm confident in my game. i mean, i know who i am. the teams that we play they know what type of player i am. that doesn't bother me. i can't answer the reason why we can't get the running game going. i'm not going to. i'm not going to fight that battle. >> no he's not going to answer those questions although he does know the answer. all right. eagles -- offensive line. come on now. wide receiver josh huff was third round pick for the eagles
10:56 pm
in the last draft a very quick wide receiver that played for chip kelly at oregon. now huff was hurt in the preseason on the kickoff return but not this one much this was his first game he said he's ready to play, and he made that point again that he's ready and wants to play. the head coach hears him but explains the situation. >> he's missed so much time. you know, i think, um, he's still a rookie. so i think he came back aft week on wednesday and pack tiff. got hit a little bit. missed time in practice. the first time really taking a shot on that. so just made a decision on friday he wasn't available and we told him on friday he wasn't going to play. so we'll see how he practices and trains this week and we'll make a decision later on in the week. >> all right. there's an old saying keep your eyes on the ball. let's go to argentina. watch the official in the center here. watch the soccer ball and the official right there, bang! >> oh, down goes frazier. >> oh, no. >> you got -- >> frazier. >> you got to watch the ball.
10:57 pm
>> right in front of you. >> come on now. >> the ball was fast. >> he needed to dance like a butterfly. >> breaking news the ball was fast. >> the ball stung like a bee. >> watch tmz. we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news. scott and lucy will be on "good da
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> tyrese gets a car and totally hooks up his nanny. >> you got a new car. >> it is a black audi. he says it is in your name and he has the paperwork. this guy comes out like sign right now. sign right now. >> she just did financing and didn't know it? >> we have seth green and talked to him about ben affleck doing full frontal nudity in gone girl. full frontal nudity in gone girl. >> you can't scream rewind.