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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  October 2, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. coming up at 4:00 a busy morning and it is breaking news, we begin with a teen shot during a robbery, the good news is that police have a suspect in custody. then, our steve keeley live outside cooper university hospital with startling new details about the death after hospital ceo and his wife. steve? >> reporter: yes, not good news here. shots and sad, privately, not at all surprised, that this was no accident. sue? >> we are on fog watch again this morning, we will be taking a look at clouds, change to go sunshine, and maybe giving you double digits in your weather by the numbers today. kerry? >> sue, thank you. then fellow troopers sharing kinds words about the young pennsylvania state trooper killed in a gun accident.
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how he's being remembered this morning. good day everybody, it is cents 4:00 on thursday, october second, 2014. >> it is one of those mornings, turn on the phone, and the first thing doses is say low on battery. >> oh,. >> do you ever have one of those days? >> terrible day to start. hopefully go to the frig and there is milk there, it is not empty, there is gags in your car. you know how it goes, sue. >> i know, we don't always plan ahead for these things, do we? hopefully, we ' here to help you deal with whatever you're dealing with this morning. we have 3-mile visibility in lancaster this morning, see where you're going, but reduced visibility there. watching fog for the past cup of of mornings, satellite radar, we have been having issues with our radar this morning, you see, we're losing some data here. but what we have with rain is not here. so we don't really have to worry about it, rain up around the the boston area this morning, colds front coming through over the weekend, with some much chillier
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temperatures. soap, for today, it is comfortable again, just little bit cooler in spots, a lot of 50's to the north and west every us, 56 mount pocono, lancaster, 59 degrees in reading, 65 in philadelphia, 57 degrees in millville, and 62 in dover. winds speeds, not an issue, really, but winds still out of the north, so we still have that cool air around. we expect to get to high of around 74 today. clouds, and then sunshine, and it should be a lovely day, in fact, i think we are going to give it a ten, northeast breezes at five to 10 miles an hour, that's your weather authority forecast, we start off your thursday morning, i95 northbound, approaching cottman avenue. we have a car fire on that roadway. and temporarily has all lanes blocked. again, that's northbound i-95, approaching cottman avenue. you're not going to be able to get through there. we'll let you know it clears up. also, south whitehall, pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, southbound, just past lehigh valley, there is construction there that has the right lane blocked.
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vine st. expressway westbound, the off ramp to the schuylkill, construction has the one lane blocked there. and on 202 northbound, between 401 and 252, paoli, there is cents construction that has the left lane blocked there. kerry? >> sue, thank you. it is cents 4:03, we begin this morning with breaking news out of the wick foaming section of the city where a teenage girl is targeted and shocked. police say that she was sitting in front of her home on cat and street. a man approached her. he opened fire on this 17 year old, shot at least five times. she managed to run after being hit once in the arm. but the suspect chased her and continued shooting. she eventually got away. she is at the hospital right now in stable condition. police caught the suspect, who they say does have a rather long rap sheet. a vacant school building catching fire overnight in north philadelphia, crews called out to the scene just before 1:30, at germantown and west allegheny avenue. no one was hurt. no word on what started it.
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4:03 the time. autopsy results are still pending for cooper university health system ceo john sheridan and his wife, joyce. >> this is after authorities revealed that the fire at their home in new jersey was, in fact, arson, fox 29's steve keeley live in camden this morning, with some of the details, steve? >> well, after that announcement wailings cents made by the pros cents cute ers investigate the case, cooper put out this new second statement yesterday after the arson announcement, said, quote, we are sad ends and shocked the sheridan deaths already unbelievably sad are now tragic. well, publicly announcing the fire was set by somebody intentionally, only answers one of the many questions still no answers to all of the other questions. how was it set? who set it? one of the sheridan's, or do investigators think someone else did it? was cents there any evidence of a break-in at this house? and even though autopsies were done early this week, still no public answer on how the sheridan's died. did the fire or smoke kill them? or did they die some other way, and then the fire set to
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cover up the killing and other crimes possibly. so far the only crime announced, arson, that would make it a murder case here, with the prosecutor's office asking for information on its tip line early this week, almost right away, sunday night, that indicated instantly that investigators didn't believe this fire was accidental. the only other new public statement came from the family, the spokesman for the sheridan's four adult sons, all in their 30's, quote, we cannot fathom much less explain the circumstances of their passing. chris, kerry? >> all right, steve. you suspected that might be the case by way of arson from the get g we'll continue to follow there is thanks. >> 4:05, police trying to piece together what happened in a north philadelphia home yesterday t left a woman with a fractured skull and her stepfather dead. >> so this happened on east cambria street around 4:00. police say the 26 year old stepdaughter came out to the home and was screaming after taking a hammer to the head. but when they went inside, the
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stepfather was dead on the floor with no visible injuries. soap, police have no idea how he died. real mystery here, neighbors who knew the pair are really shocked. >> shock, in the heat of the moment, father and daughter, you never know what's going on behind closed doors. >> so true. the woman is in the hospital in stage condition. police say there will be an up a zip, and until then, homicide cannot be ruled out. >> two pennsylvania troopers recovering this morning after being hurt during a mant hunt for eric frein. state police say they were both hurt falling out after tree stand, last night, but injuries fortunately are not life threatening. but the fact that they were in a tree stand gives you a little bit after idea of what exactly they're doing, what they're going through. hundreds cents of troopers searching the woods since september 12th, looking for frein, he of course is accused of killing a trooper during a ambush outside after pike county police barracks. investigators have said that frein has been spotted but
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obviously as of this point not captured. >> one man dead following excavation accident in morris county, new jersey, the accident happened in booneson township where crews were excavate ago drainage pipe at home home. one person got trapped in the home and a second worker jumped in to help him. both men trapped under about 10 feet of dirt. body of one of the men was recovered. the second worker, presumed dead. kidnapped and depth away for more than decade, but now she's been found. where she was the entire time. that has cents an unlikely suspect in a lot of trouble. and then, lauren johnson, live after a philly guy is promoted to protect the most at risk person in our country. lauren? >> that's right, kerrey, he's being tapped for the director of the secret service. we'll tell you more about who he is, how he got this
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good morning, at ten after 4:00 this thursday morning. learning more today about the pennsylvania trooper killed in a training exercise, and we also know know how it happened. twenty-six year old david kendra was respected and admired. he worked at the skippack barracks, montgomery county, for about a year, and simply taking police in a annual training exercise at nearby facility, when he died. he was accidentally shot by a state police training instructor during a classroom exercise on a new handgun.
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>> i couldn't believe i got the phonecall. i mean, a phonecall you never want to receive, and it is difficult: it is very difficult. >> was highly motivated. you could tell every single day that he walked? >> it is just so sad. no word yet on funeral arrangements, but we will keep you posted as we get some of those details. >> and you were saying, kerrey, that instructor just has to be beside himself. >> i don't know how you -- >> unbelievable. >> zoo serio, little hiccup at the radar earlier? >> right. we are in a loop from the last hour, you can see, in the last couple of minutes of that loop we've watched radar, we some data problems throughout the nightment we should be get that restored. the good news is we don't have any rain in our area. just watching systems that have exited, and systems that are about to enter our area, but that's way over in chicago. and that weather system, that cold front, not expected to be here until the weekend. so for us, luckily, we're
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looking at no precipitation, not only for right now, but for the rest of the day, so there are the clouds that go along with the colds front. as far as visibility, that's been issue the past couple of mornings, and perhaps an issue for in you lancaster, with 3 miles visibility there, as we look at the future cast, our predictor of precipitation, the rest of the day, it looks pretty good. plenty of sunshine, no rain in the forecast to speak of, and for friday, pretty good for most of the day t looks like a nice day, and enjoy these nice days, because by the weekend we do have some rain moving in. now, this is midnight friday into early saturday morning that we have some rain moving in, with a cold front. but, for today, we expect a high of 74 degrees, with some sunshine, and 60 degrees overnight. that's your weather authority forecast. so, enjoy thursday's weather. let's see about the traffic, though. we have a big situation on
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i-95 northbound approaching cottman avenue a car fire temporarily has all lanes blocked, if you are leaving right now, and that's where you're going, you have to take a detour. now, in new jersey, 55 northbound, between depford and route 42 freeway, construction in that area, until about 5:00 o'clock this morning, kerry? >> sue, thanks, four have 13 right now. the cia director now out after job, several security breaches could have affect the the first family safety. >> now the acting director, interim director is named, and he has ties to philadelphia. fox 29's lauren johnson live outside the fbi building in this morning. we understand not just philadelphia but villanova, other parts of the delaware valley? >> reporter: that's right. the president reached out to family face, as acting director of the secret service as you two said. joseph clancey answered the call at least for little while. so who is clancey? let's get to know h i am havertown native, villanova grad as you mentioned, once special agent in charge of the
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presidential protective division, he retired in 2011, his last job was locally with comcast. he was overseeing call centers, warehouses cents, tech facilities, where thousands of employees worked. clancey resigned from his position to head to dc. and while some are surprised by the sudden move, others say the 59 year old couldn't be more qualified to fill this temporary post. >> over the lasts several days we've seen recent and accumulating reports raising questions about the performance the agency. and the president concluded that new leadership of that agency was required. >> well, clancey stepped up to this role after 30 years, secret service veteran, julia peterson, stepped down after two recent security lapses cents, the latest incident happening when a man jumped a fence and made it inside the unlocked front door of the white house. an independent review now underway into secret service failures. while that happens, very calm
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chancily take over the post. as you mentioned, chris, kerrey, just for little while. we'll see what happens after that. >> yes, stepping down, the day after being grilled on capitol hill for short comings with the secret service, lauren, thanks so much. >> 4:15. boy died after track i can accident in the nicetown tioga neighborhood. police say the boy was struck by a brown buick lesaber, 3600 block of north 15th street yesterday afternoon. man who lives on that street was sitting on his porch when he heard the accident happen. he dame running -- came running out to the street to help. >> two years ago ... >> police say the boy ran out into the middle of the street from between two parked cars, and the driver didn't see him in time to stop. the driver did stay on the scene. police say no drugs or alcohol were involved. no charges have been filed. a north philadelphia man
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is facing a slew of charges in connection to a hit-and-run that injured a little girl. police say 25 year old jamar banks turned himself into authorities yesterday. he is now charged with aggravated assault by vehicle, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person, along with other related charges. police say banks hit seven year old laura mcclane, crossing 42nd street near girard avenue sunday then left the scene. mcclane was taken to chop with a fractured skull, a broken ankle, cuts, bruises cents, she remains in the hospital in guarded condition. police say witness took video of the car which helped in the investigation. 4:16. topping national headlines, texas girl kidnaps 12 years ago, 12 years ago, has been found in mexico. the fbi says sabrina allen, now 17 years old, was found with her mother, dare a laurence, mom flown back to texas and jailed on kidnapping charges following her
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discovery. investigators received a tip about their location, her dad, the girl's dad, says he never gave up hope that he would see his daughter again. >> i want to ask her if i can give her a hug. she is in pretty bad shape is my understand g, so i just, you know, pray for healing. >> oh, my goodness. investigators say that sabrina allen, she has never been to school, she suffers from something called parent alienation syndrome, you can understand why she is currently receiving psychological treatment. it is not clear at this point when she will be reunited with her dad. probably a long way to go. >> poor dad. new developments, in the ferguson missouri shooting death of 18 year old michael brown, grand jury hearing the case is being investigated for misconduct, st. louis county prosecutor office say they received information from twitter user, possible misconduct surfaced when several users sent messages
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about one juror who may have discussed evidence in the case with a friends, and one of the messages someone tweeted they were friends with the member of the jury, who doesn't believe there is enough evidence to warrant an arrest of officer darren wilson, who shot and killed michael brown. florida man found guilty of first degree murder for the shooting death of unarmed teenager over loud music, prosecutors say michael dunn shot with intent to kill when he fired ten times into an s.u.v. caring 17 year old jordan davis and three of his friends back in 2012. this happened outside a jacksonville convenience store. dunn claims he felt threaten. >> first diagnosed case of ebola in the u.s. cause a concern nationwide. >> team of federal officials is trying to track down anyone who may have come into contact with that patient. patient identified as thomas eric duncan, now quarantined, receiving treatment at a dallas hospital, he traveled to the united states from liberia, on the united
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airlines flight. now, he first sought treatment last week, telling a nurse, he had arrived from after a his travel history is not shared with the rest of the staff, and duncan then sent home. it has been confirmed after he got ill, duncan came in contact with five children who attended four dallas schools earlier this week. >> we assure these children have been identified, and are being monitored, and the disease cannot be transmitted before having any symptoms. >> cold comfort. nothing is right. cdc says there are at least 12, 18 people who have had contact with duncan, three include the ambulance crew that took him to the hospital that tested negative for the virus. >> meanwhile, the centers for disease control confirms four more cases cents of of enterovirus d68 in new jersey, that bridges the total number of cases just in the garden state to seven.
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these patients being treated in the hospital. meanwhile, we have learned that a ten year old girl in rhode island died after getting the enter owe virus and bacterial infection at the same time health officials still unsure what role the virus played in their deaths, and details haven't been released about the patients. at least 500 people have been sickens in 42 states, and in d.c. because of it. >> 4:20 the time, chinese government officials are warning of chaos, pro-democracy protests continue in hong kong, in a commentary, spokesperson says china fully sports hong kong leader. keeping an eye on this developing story of course from overseas, thousands of demonstrators in fact demanding democratic changes to the electoral system in hong kong, and have been threatening to occupy government buildings, they say, the stands off will continue if hong kong's leader does not resign. meanwhile activists also receiving international support, demonstrators are planning to hit 40us cities to
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support their cause. we will get to your weather and traffic coming up at 4:30 this morning. first the company with the highest bid for revel right now has ambitious plans for the sale of the hotel and casino. what they want to do if the sale goes through. we'll take a look at that.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles need a win to get the fans to relax. st. louis could be just the right team for the eagles had week, but the eagles need to fix their problems. one area the eagles need to change this week, they need to be able to run the ball. and they need lesean mccoy to get that done this week. but the eagles have the right team in that area. rams are one of the worse teams in the nfl against the run. but mccoy is just grinding to get it right. >> i know who i am. you know, i'm still confident. i know what i can do. so it doesn't really bother me that much. you know, win games, i mean, it can be frustrating but at the end of the day, i know home. >> i think it happens. sometimes, you know, your plans going into the game, in terms of what you want to get done, don't exactly turn out. usually that's what happens. mike tyson says everybody has cents a plan until they get hit in the face. we got hit in the face and we
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have to respond to it. >> ouch. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right, it is coming up on 4:25. in mexico, authorities say, the military forces cents grabbed alleged mexican cartel leader hector beltran, it happened during raid at seafood restaurant yesterday, and it is the latest in a string of high profile drug arrestses in that country. authorities say, that his capture culminates a 11 month investigation into his suspected drug and gang activity. at least nine other top mexican cartels have been captured or killed since 2009. you know it, will cost a little more money, a lot more money to buy cigarettes in philadelphia. >> but 2-dollar pack tax is now in effect, the money generated will go to the city's cash strapped school district, school officials say the new tax will pump about $83 million into philadelphia's schools every year at this point. much needed money at that. >> it is indeed. hey, looks like the revel casino in atlantic siltly not change all that much. the canadian company that won
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a bankruptcy court action for the revel plans to reopen it as a casino hotel. a hearing to approve the $110 million sale of brookfield us holdings is scheduled for october 7th. owns other casinos, including the hard rock, in las vegas, and the atlantis paradise islands in the bahamas. the revel closed last month after being opened for only two years. >> you know what i think we should do as journalists, we should visit all of those properties to make sure these guys are good viable buyers. >> i think you're right. >> we can go to vegas? yes. bahamas. i'll take one for the team, yes. >> and we can hit the tables. hey, imagine waking to up finds your home burglarized, it all happened while you slept. that's the reality from six local families, what they're doing now to protect themselves. >> then this was not your typical debate. the candidates for pennsylvania governor facing
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off in a bit of a un traditional format. what they had to say about jobs. >> taking out the trash or taking the trash can. what the heck is going on here? tonight on "fox 29 news", they're meant to keep our streets beautiful, and they're not cheap. funny thing is you're paying for the trash can and the alleged swipe err's sal
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breaking news from overnight. the teen girl shot during robbery. the good news, police have a suspect in custody right now. deadly fire overnight is ruled arson that killed cooper ceo. >> will tracy morgan ever be able to perform again. what his lawyer is saying about his condition following the fatal crash on the jersey turnpike. >> plus, piles upon pipes of trash, but his isn't a dump. it is outside after local apartment complex. fox 29 work to go get results for those residents who are understandably fed up. >> absolutely. good day everyone. it is thursday, october 2nd, 2014. >> you mentioned you woke one your battery almost dead. >> truth be told, we're having a room painted, and they had to scrape some of the lay ers of paint off.
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>> this house built in 1905. so you know there is lead in there, in that old paint, so i think there might be some lead paint there in my brain, some particles, so maybe little dingy for couple of days. >> excellent. sue? >> good morning, sue. >> what's your excuse every other day? >> oh, you're right. >> ouch. >> you know what? now is going to be some bad karma for you. mats go down. >> well, i already had trouble with our computer today, so we've got -- i started it! we have our satellite and radar picture, but only has satellite on it right now. so you can see some clouds up around boston. that's where some rain is, and then we look out toward chicago, this is part of a cold front that would be coming through this weekend, the air behind it pretty chilly. i think the biggest shock to your system will be sunday morning, it will be very cold then. but, for right now, not bad. 56 degrees in mount pocono, 64 in philadelphia, 60 in trenton, we look at 58 in
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millville, and dover, and 59 degrees in wildwood. so, winds speeds are out of the wind direction is out of the northeast, and the speeds not that dramatic. but, we could see few clouds this morning, not a a lot of problems with fog, just little slightly reduced visibility, in the mountains, and over in lancaster, where we've had a lot of problems this week with fog most mornings. 74 degrees is our high today. clouds, this morning, sunshine this afternoon, all-in-all, a lovely day. bill withers sang that song back in the 70s, didn't he? 4:32 is the time. let's get to traffic. i-95 northbound, big problem this morning, approaching cottman, the right lane now is blocked, due to earlier tanker truck fire. so, at least you can get by. but, it might and little bit slow this morning. on the pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, southbound past quakertown, construction has the right lane blocked. and finally, the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, from ft. washington, to willow grove, we've got con vukovich thon in that area.
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left lane is blocked, chris? >> sue, thank you. to the breaking news out of the wissinoming section of the city where police are questioning a man who they say targeted and shot a teenage girl, late last night, the 17 year old victim was sitting in front of her home, on cottage street, when the man approached her and opened fire. when she ran for safety the suspect chased her, the teen was able to get away, get help, and later identify the suspect. so police could make an arrest. she is in the hospitals cents also listed in stable condition. vacant school building catches fire overnight in north philadelphia. crews called out to the scene at germantown and west allegheny avenue. little before 1:30 this morning, no one was hurt, but no word on what caused it, either. autopsy results are still pending for cooper university health system ceo john sheridan and his wife, joyce. >> this comes after a report that revealed the fire at their new jersey home was in fact intentionally set. steve keeley live in camden looking into this for us, steve. good morning. >> reporter: well, no doubt we all know what the talks going
4:34 am
to be inside the cafeteria here at cooper all day today, the confirmation this fire was set, no surprise at all to anyone who heard the prosecutor's offers announcement, sunday night, that it was asking the public to call its tip line with any information about how this fire started, and how the sheridan's were killed, since the fire was just in their second floor bedroom, and how would anyone besides the sheridan's know anything if they were not in that house too, or in communication with the cooper's ceo and his retired school teacher wife before they were killed. now, cooper's newest and now second public statement put out after the arson announcement says, quote, we are sad ends and shocked, and the sheridan's deaths already unbelievably sad, are now tragic. another statement put out from a spokesman by the couple's four adult sons, all in their 30's, says, quote, we cannot fathom much less explain the circumstances of their passing. and, still not explained, or answered publicly yet, how the fire was set, was cents there evidence of any break-in at
4:35 am
the house, is anything missing. and still, no public information put out after those autopsies were done earlier this week, so no one is saying that the fire or the smoke killed them, or was cents it set to cover up how else they were murdered. so, still, a lot of stuff, not coming out publicly, and the investigation, obviously, in high gear, up there in that trenton suburb. chris, kerrey? >> steve, thank you. meantime 4:35, a warning for residents after montgomery county neighborhood, police in hatfield say a burglar has been slipping in and out of homes while homeowners sleep. >> so creepy. it happened six times in one night. authorities say somebody broke into the homes between 1:00 and 3:00 on monday morning, near the 2300 block of walnut st. the burglar either cut the screen windows or unlocked the doors, while the residents written side fast cents asleep. the thief also got away with a stolen suv, and was able to at least break into another car. some residents say they're now taking measures to protect
4:36 am
themselves. >> don't feel secure any more, i've been here for 34 years, thought i was safe here. >> i feel insecure, violated, have a gun from now on. >> police do have surveillance video of the suspected burglar. they'll be releasing it in the coming days. >> at least one death we know of from new designer drug we warned you about in may of last year. police in limerick, montgomery county say a young adult has died from an overdose after designer drug he got off the internet they say the drugs doc and mxe come from overseas websites, and those companies market them as quote research compounds. >> oh, good grief. 4:36. new era in philadelphia. >> the new pot law is in effect, and now having an ounce or less of marijuana in philadelphia, is no long area criminal offense. mayor michael nutter signed the bill into law yesterday afternoon, philadelphia's now the largest us city, where you can carry that amount of pot and not ends up serving jail
4:37 am
time. >> i dot no take these actions today lightly, comes at a time when many other jurisdictions across america, municipalities, and states, are re-examining and changing their approach of enforcement of marijuana laws. >> mayor nutter said the city of philadelphia is beginning an outreach campaign about the impact of marijuana use, how to get help to overcome the habit, if intact one develops. >> some kids saying good-bye to their snow days. how local schools are planning to keep the learning going no matter what the weather is outside. >> interesting. then there is a smelly situation going on at a local apartment complex. fox 29 is work to go get results.
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>> snow days could soon be a thing of the past for pennsylvania snow season, because sue serio says there is no snow this winter. >> you are so awful. why would you do that to hearn? >> all right, what's really going on, part of pilot program. some students will learn on line if their school has been closed for a snow day, under the new program, district would be able to use non-traditional methods, such as cyber school, to teach kids, as many as five days a year, it is open to all 500 pennsylvania districts, during
4:41 am
the brutal winter months, earlier this year, the catholic school, cyber option to try out, it was cents a success, evidently, to that local school. how many snow days did we even have last year do you think? ten i would say for us. >> well, a loft kids went to school to the middle of june. >> like june 20th, or later even, yes. >> so what's the deal, though, if you're stuck at home with this cyber school, sue, i mean, basically you're stuck, you can't go to work that day because the kids have to be there in front of the computer learning? >> well, it is cents snowing, you probably weren't going to go anyway, you know? there are a lot of kids who use that as their real school. i mean, that's their school, cyber school. so this will be interesting, once the winter comes. all right, but nothing like that in the forecast, although, we do have quite the autumn chill for sunday. so, 74 degrees today and tomorrow. they look pretty good. although see increasing clouds friday. rain in the morning saturday,
4:42 am
maybe into early afternoon, we still got to get the timing down on that. but, look at sunday morning's temperature. mid 40's, when you wake up. and then 63 degrees by the middle of the day, we do get back to the 70s by the middle of the week, but, that's what's going to be the shock to your system, that cold morning on sunday. there is your weather authority forecast. now, let's take a moment and take a look at traffic. we've had a problem for awhile now on i-95 northbound approaching cottman. we still have the right lane block due to tanker truck fire that happened little bit earlier, but at least now, kerrey, you can get by. >> that is good news, and updates this morning, 4:42, tracy morgan still not back on his feet after that fatal new jersey turnpike crash. now, his lawyer is speaking out about how his career could be jeopardized.
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>> last night in south philadelphia many began saying final good-byes, passed away over the weekends, kooch founded the bryson new years winch brigade in 1977, and he made costumes, year around, for the mummers, bryson also a veteran. he joined the army during the korean war. if you want to pay your
4:46 am
respects today funeral protest is he eduardo mali street, moore street, south philly. kooch was 81 years old. >> definitely not a team to beat. sparks flying yesterday morning during the second pennsylvania gubernatorial debate. republican governor tom corbett and democratic challenger tom wolf went head-to-head over key issues. >> met at tv radio station, hot button issue, the budget caps and funding for the city cash strapped schools, and at a time the pair talked over each other, challenged over one another, in the rounds table debate. >> it is cents to have an economy where we actually are at the top of the charts in terms of job creation, not the bottom. that's what we have to do to make sure we have jobs. >> i have to wonder why you want to ignore 250,000 job openings. >> i wonder why you ignore the fact we've begin down to what, 47th in the country? >> thirty-six, according to john bear. >> back art for the, how you and i talk during commercial breaks. >> not as nice, though. we are. >> without the conventional
4:47 am
time limits of traditional debate format, each said they felt it went well for each of them. >> they always say that. >> of course, election november 4th. who won that debate, governor, did i. who won that debate, challenger? i did. >> trash can, trash can, who took the city-issued trash can. >> that is the question. residents in a local neighborhood are asking today, and they have video actually of the trash can being wheeled away. tonight at 10:00 fox 29 is investigating getting on the trail of this missing trash can. and asks who is this guy that's pushing it down the street in what is his beef with this thing? we'll hear from a very frustrated block captain. >> we like to keep our block clean. >> so you wanted the trash can here? >> yes. >> it dis a periods? >> it dis a periods. >> who took it? >> well, i found out who took it. >> tonight at 10:00 hear why the city streets department is frustrated as well, as the great trash can caper, tonight at 10:00. >> kerrey, fox 29 will get
4:48 am
results in north philly. the problem, take a look, yes, this mounds of trash, what a mess, and it is smelly, by the way, overflowing the dumpsters at housing complexes on the 2800 block of lambert street. so, frush trace the residents called fox 29's bruce gordon for help. >> long time residents say woodstock mutual homes used to be a nice place. but over the past 30 plus years, they've seen a steady decline in conditions. >> like horrible. who wants to be -- i don't even want to live here now. look at the trash. it is not getting pick up. >> residents told us trash is supposed to be picked up here on an almost daily basis by a private contractor. but they claim they haven't seen anyone come by for well over a week. the result? mountains of garbage, at all four dumpster locations. >> it is not safe. it is just a mess. i think it is ridiculous that we have to live like this. no one should have to live like this. >> and i have two children. >> you let them play outside? >> , no i don't let my children come outside.
4:49 am
more rats and raccoons outside than anything. i feel unsafe for my children to be outside. >> wood side is a co-op, they pay for share of the 108 unit property, then pay monthly fees that are subsidized for the federal department of housing and urban development. residents told us, there are lots of problems here, few of which are addressed by the property manager. on this day, residents were set to meet with a hud project manager, to address their concerns. we intercepted carol and anastasia when she arrived. >> i'm actually here to visit with the tenants, get all of their complaints so we can do something about it. >> including the trash here? >> including the trash. >> piling up for days. >> including the trash. >> trash there has been piling up at all of the dumpster sides. >> key called the phone number, and told hud is concerned about conditions at woodstock. and expects the property manager to meet standards of safety and cleaniness. residents like iesha glover says those standards are not being met. >> when you look at these dumpsters, and you look at the mess, what goes through your minds?
4:50 am
>> pitiful, disgrace. >> that was fox 29's bruce gordon reporting. >> just about 4:50. topping your entertainment headlines this morning, will tracy morgan be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life? he was seen yesterday being wheeled into a new york hospital, and according to "tmz", that crash may actually prevent him from ever walking again without assistance. morgan is still recovering from a june collision, in which a wal-mart truck slammed into his limo. ashton cushion, meal a coon as, proud parents of baby girl. she gave birth tuesday night at cedar sinai hospital in los angeles. the couple arrived by themselves, no entourage, no family, very cool. the baby's name, heat been revealed just yet, but this is the first child for both of them. very unlike the whole beyonce thing, remember, when they closed down the whole floor of the hospital, and -- >> you know, i can't stand stories like this. >> what? >> so what? good looking. i don't care. everyone has babies. people all over the delaware
4:51 am
valley today are going to have babies. >> so when i show you pictures of my babies and you say oh -- >> that i care about, seriously, because i actually know you, and, well, maybe i don't care. get to go know you even better. i mean, that was pretty rough. what do you think? >> what? >> do you care, sue? about these famous babies in. >> how much lead did you eat? >> i swear. it is affecting my brain, i'm telling you, sue. >> welcome to kermodgeon corner. >> lead paint. >> cranky corner coming up in the next half hour. high pressure is in control today. we have disturbance from yesterday, no big deal, move off shore. >> this one little bigger deal the next cold front coming through friday night into saturday. but, high pressure taking over today, and that's good thing. so as we look at the future cast, takes us through the rest of this afternoon, and there is plenty of sunshine, then what takes news friday, there is plenty of sunshine,
4:52 am
probably notice few increasing clouds, but not much by the ends of the day. it is friday night, into saturday, we've been advertising this for awhile, that the cold front comes through, and it looks like it could bring us a decent amount of rain, through the morning, on saturday, and maybe even thunderstorm or two, hopefully by about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, the rain is gone, and then we get ready for a big, big chill. so, visibility, not that much of an issue around town this morning. so that's an unusual thing because every other morning this week we've had problems with visibility. so we will look at what else is going oncoming up in just a few minutes. but, right now, let's check traffic. on i95 northbound, approaching cottman avenue, that problem we had, because after tanker truck fire, still out there, the right lane is blocked, luckily, it is still pretty early, so it is not slowing you down too much this morning. chris? >> all right, sue, 4:52 is the time. wife is sick. can't even remember her own
4:53 am
wedding day. but her husband is hoping to spark her memory, in a very romantic way. what he's doing for her to fight for her
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> bringing his wife's memory back using family photos. >> i said i got to do something here. >> i remember that my husband was going around the room, putting up the pictures. i don't know yes was putting up the pictures, but i was just watching him. >> she started coming around. and it drew questions about, you know, when we were married, or are we married. >> the couple was married for just one month when this happened. doctors say the photos are helping her to fully recover her memory. >> that is amazing stuff. so speaking every weddings, i bet you've never seen a wedding cake quite as sweet as this. >> well, do show me. >> indeed. that's not the cake. but it is coming, i promise. here is the big reveal. look at that. do you see the animation on the side, the little lights?
4:57 am
>> dow. >> so this is disney's fairytale weddings. it is the company, obviously, and they've cook up this casino of animated cake. you can actually bring your specific fairytale to life on your wedding cake, customize the entire thing, transform your wedding cake into a photo slide show, maybe even home video. we don't know exactly how much it costs cents, though. so, that could be pricy, because wedding cakes by themselves are already fairly expensive. >> yes, that idea is half baked. >> what? >> that idea is half baked. >> i don't that i joke fits with that particular -- any who. >> again, lead in the paint. >> it is 4:57 right now. >> yes, serious story here. >> a mystery, unfolding, inside after philadelphia home. there is a man that's found dead, his step dad this morning in a hospital. the story is still unfolding, what neighbors are saying they heard, though. >> listen up, ladies, what you wear could be affecting your health. talking about those pencil skirts, the high heels, even
4:58 am
your bra. what you need to know state ahea
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> is a teen girl shot. secret service having her step down.


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