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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 4, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> right now at 10 the weather authority tracking a wet and chilly change. live ultimate doppler radar showing a system moving in right now and it's going to make for a wet start to your weekend. it's already starting to feel like fall out there. people making their way out in center city tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. lucy noland is off to tonight. meteorologist caitlin roth is in for scott. watching to note's weather sto story. >> we know we'll dealing with some rain that's moving in now and that will start off the weekend but maybe the more impactful situation will be our temperatures through the full weekend. right now it's pretty mild as the rain arrives. temperatures are mainly in the low 60s he become at our future
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temperatures they're actually going to rise into early tomorrow morning. you wake up around 70 degrees but then as the cold air comes in behind the front which bring the rain arrives we're into the 50s and this is by 9:00 o'clock tomorrow night even some 40s showing up. by early sunday morning the coldest temperatures we've seen in months. 40s even some widespread 30s mid to upper 30s north and west of philadelphia. so a very chilly sunday morning. what to expect for tomorrow. falling temperatures in the afternoon. winds will also gust to 25 miles an hour. 30s to 40s by sunday morning. breezy enough to limit frost and not as gusty into sunday afternoon. we'll have the let tough on the rain and more of the timing of the weekend as we go through the newscast. iain. >> caitlin, thank you. >> you can track the rain and the dropping temperatures any time this weekend just head to and click on the weather tab. and now the ebola viewer us and toasts stop it from spreading here in the u.s. the four people living in dallas amount where the man diagnosed with the virus had been staying are quarantined tonight at a gated community in nearby but
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undisclosed location. hazardous materials crews are scowering the apartment where that man got sick trying to contain the deadly virus before it can spread but fear is growing tonight. there is a report of a patient possibly showing signs of ebola in the washington dr area. doctors now say another in that area with ebola like symptoms does not have it. here's fox's casey stegall. >> reporter: officials at the centers for disease control and prevention say they have been able to successfully trace all 100 people said to have had some kind of direct or indirect contact with thomas duncan. since he arrived in texas from liberia. >> there's now approximately 50 individuals that we feel we need to follow on daily basis. the ones that are higher concern approximately 10 individuals. >> reporter: the cdc says of the 100 possible cases around the country, 17 were given blood tests and so far duncan is the only positive case. and today, officials at the white house pointing to those
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statistic trying to calm fears. >> every ebola outbreak over the past 40 years has been stopped. we know how to do this and we will do it again. with america' leadership i'm confident and president obama is confident that this epidemic will also be stopped. >> reporter: four of thomas duncan's family members remain under quarantine. today news choppers captured a hazmat team at the apartment complex scrubbing the place do down. >> will fred smallwood is his half brother and lives near phoenix. smallwood's 21 year old son is among the four under quarantine and spoke to him by telephone. >> everything okay. we have food. yeah, we are fine. >> a fifth american has been diagnosed with the deadly varus a free lance photographer for nbc news has tested positive while covering the outbreak in
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liberia. he and his team have been quarantined and arrangements are being made for their transport back to the united states for treatment to nebraska medical center where an american doctor was successfully treated for ebola recently. >> the dallas da has not ruled out charging thomas duncan once he recovers. their considering whether he knew he may have been infected people before he got medical treatment. children's hospital of philadelphia is reporting to the centers for disease control three new cases of kids with acute muscle weakness and changes in their spines it may have been caused by the so-called d68 enterovirus. doctors say test results on whether those three young patients with muscle weakness have the enterovirus d68 will be back in about a week. advice for parents coming up later here on fox 29. >> another internet video posted showing the brutal beheading a british hostage held by isis. alan henning was in syria delivering aid to impact the residents when he was taken. terror group claims the latest
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act of violence in response. to s led air strikes in iraq and syria which britain supports. isis also claims to be holding another hostage. american peter cass sick now some lawmakers here say more has to be done to stop them. >> i think it's just another example we have to recognize that isis represents a threat and that we have to seek a strategy -- establish a strategy where eliminate them. >> officials at the white house say quote standing together with a brought broad coalition of partners we will continue taking decisive action to degrade and ultimately destroy isol. back here at home the flight 93 national memorial marking the spot where the united plane crashed on september 11th suffered serious damage from a fire earlier today. this is web cam video from earlier. billowing smoke is the three buildings at the memorial were burning. fortunately no one was hurt but the park headquarters and superintendent's office suffered significant damage. the memorial itself and construction of the visitor'
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sent were not affected. >> 17 year old girl in critical condition after being rescued near the schuylkill river. it happened at the peak of rush hour this afternoon on martin luther king drive. the car hitly curb, lost control and crossed every lane of traffic before flipping over down the embankment and stopping just at the river's edge. the teen was taken from the suv and rushed to the hospital where she's listed in critical but stable condition. >> pennsylvania state troopers have found several items they believe belong to a survivalist accused of killing a state trooper but they have yet to capture eric frein. he continues to allude authorities. authorities say they have found clothing, food ammunition even explosives. they believe frein is still in the area of pike and monroe counties much he's charged of course with killing corporal brian dixon and seriously wounding his colleague last month outside their barracks in blooming grove. authorities say there have been three unconfirmed sightings of frein this week and they even located a camp site.
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>> because we continue to push frein and to seize the items he needs to survive, we believe he will be forced to search for food and shelter in other locations. >> officials believe frein will be looking for food soon. they're asking grocery stores and restaurants to be on alert and check any surveillance vid video. >> terrifying ordeal for a woman forced to stare down the barrel of a gun while robbers held up a foot market. one of the thieves held his gun right to the woman's face. it happened on west cumberland vet in philadelphia's heart rand section. dave kinchen is live tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain, a big question you're minding your own business and all of a sudden a gun comes right across your face just like this. what do you do? in the case of the victim we spoke with, you just standstill. a regular neighborhood store conversation interrupted by th this. >> she couldn't make any movement because the gun was like writ in her face. >> caroline cass tee yo
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translate for her aunt the woman seen inches a it way from a masked man's gun during an armed robbery on west cumberland in north philadelphia. >> she was very calm. like that's how scared she was. >> reporter: calm in the face of fear and uncertainty. the gun held near her face for more than 20 long seconds. and it was aimed at her younger sister the clerk across the counter. >> she was so scared she forgot everything. she said, she wasn't going to move any ways because if she made a movement, there were going to kill her sister. and she wasn't willing to do that. >> it happened about a quarter to 8:00 thursday night. surveillance cameras catch the two disguised men entering the store the armed suspect then points his gun as they demand cigars, cigarettes and cash. it freak out caroline, too. >> scared. i was actually really really scared. they could have killed my mom. >> reporter: the men ran off with the stolen items.
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the victims were shaken but surprisingly back to work the next day. >> she's okay with it because it happens all the time and like stores like this. >> reporter: a dangerous situation. nonetheless the victim do's not believe those suspects have ever been at that store before. we check in with police. they are still looking for them and because they were masked they do not have specific descriptions but if you have any information, give philadelphia police a call. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. scary stuff. authorities say they found 19 bags of heroin on guy who tried to get away from them. delaware state troopers made the find after finally stopping 32 year old steven jeffreys. state police say he took off after they tried to stop him thursday night on the 3600 block of miller road in wilmington. he was stopped for possible drug activity when the officer approached jeffreys took off and crashed no another car, the passenger and driver of that car were pain to the hospital for their injuries.
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jeffreys and his passenger were arrest. >> car crashes into rite aid in voorhees, new jersey and incredibly no one was hurt. first responders rushing to the scene this morning to find a car slammed inside the rite aid in the 400 block of centennial boulevard. female driver apparently drove halfway through the store before stopping. no word yet on what made her lose control and right now police have not charged her. >> changes happening with phillies and there may be more to um k the way the phillies run their organization is about to change. yesterday howard eskin reported on a change in the phillies own are in ship. here's what the phillies had to say. "contrary to the fox 29 report last night david montgomery's leave of absence from the phillies is entirely due to his medical condition as previously announced. over the life of the phillies partnership no one entity or family owned majority of partnership and we do not for see this changing in the future. here's howard' response. >> here is my response to the phillies statement in five wor words. i stand by my story.
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john middleton's father herb originally had approximately 10% of the team. john purchased a percentage from the other owners that has now taken him four times over that original invest many and not a part of the bylaws. middleton now owns 48%. the phillies lost money last season and middleton has been paying the needed money. there's an internal struggle with the majority own are in ship question but i'm told eventually it will happen. >> septa says there won't be eatery i don't mean rail trike strike for at least four months. contract talks with engineers resume monday. they've been without a contract since 2010. they ended a one-day strike back in june when president obama appointed emergency federal mediators to intervene. septa says if no deal is reached next week, it will ask for another mediation board which would prevent a strike until february. >> turf wars, coming up witnesses say arrival tow truck
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companies clash and it leads to gunfire. >> my daughter was on the gurney and when the shots came out, how an accident led to an even more terrifying experience for the victims. also ahead, in this camden's new safe haven? the brand new rec center set to open tomorrow. what you'll be able to do here any time of the year and a snake in the city? a giant python escapes and makes himself comfortable in someone's garage. the scary moment for police officer when he got to the sce scene. >> and instant enhancement? bigger bust without the surgery but there's catch.
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>> police need your help nabbing two men they say robbed a deli in wynnefield heights. it happened monday night. police say one of the men point add gun at the employee and demanded money while the other went behind the counter and stole some cash and cigarettes. they took off on foot heading north on the 2600 block of cranston road. if you recognize these guys, please call police. >> only on fox, rival tow truck drivers go at it in front of injured people and witnesses. it all went down in philadelphia's juniata section and it heated up quickly turning violent. as our dave schratwieser tells us these two companies have a history causing concern for police. >> my daughter was on the gurney and when the shots came out -- >> reporter: it started with an accident involving his wife and daughter at h and hunting park. ended in gunfire from a tow truck operator battling the out with another towing company. tow truck drivers facing off with another. five and/or six in each group they were yelling and cursing and threatening each other.
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>> bob morrell asked to us conceal his face after violence erupted 10 monday morning. while medics were tending to his wife and daughter, tow truck operators from central penn towing and sianni's towing got into it. things escalated an driver from central penn pulled gun. >> next thing you know i hard a shot. guy got shot in the back. i saw the smoke coming out of the barrel of the gun. >> police riffed on scene and arrested 26 year old central penn driver wilfredo rosario on aggravated assault reckless endangerment and other charges. investigators say he shot the owner of sianni's in the hip. the wounded owner would not speak to us on camera friday. >> one of the reasons we put our rotational tow program in effect because of this. >> battle between tow companies operators made headlines for years here. there was a tv reality show about it a new towing system was put in place by the city and things seemed to calm down. but now sources say central penn and siannis at odds over parking
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lotting rights. this man says drivers are caught in the middle and should beware. >> i'm worried about the public and they're unawareness of the tow trucks and their wars going on right now. >> bottom line again something we will not tolerate. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> two men running illegal poker club in run need, new jersey, sentenced to jail today. thomas rand of williamstown sentenced to nine months in jail and three years probation for his role in the gambling ring known as the runnemede social club his partner ryan dion of blackwood sentenced to under a year in jail three years probation. four other men who were dealers and cashiers at the club plead guilty. >> the pennsylvania attorney general's office is expected to release more state employee e-mails containing porn in a scandal rocking harrisburg and according to published reports, one of those now caught up in this porn investigation is state supreme court justice mccaffery. reports say he forwarded the questionable e-mails from his
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personal account. mccaffery declined to comment on the claim. two other top state officials resigned yesterday. e-mails were discovered as part of the kathleen kane's review of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. >> new jersey's acting governor is out of the hospital a day after falling from bicycle and breaking her wrist and elbow. the lieutenant governor crashed her bike yesterday in sea bright. she's acting governor right because governor christie is campaigning for candidates out of state. the governor's office says she lever lost consciousness so power did not have be transferred to the next in line state president steve sweeney. >> taj mahal casino failed to get a bankrupt so judge's approval tend its pension obligations to its workers. that approval had been a key condition for a call icon backed deal to rescue the taj. the judge saying he would consider a request to reject the casino's union contracts including the need to make pension payments at a hearing later this month. it's a bright spot in an under served community.
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camden getting positive attention tonight on the heels of a grand opening for a state of the art community center and tomorrow morning the salvation army will open its doors to the ray and joan krac community center facility designed to serve the needs of the camden community. fox 29's jennifer joyce has a sneak peek. >> a lot of the families come in and say this is forgoes. >> it's beautiful, bright and brand in you. >> this really is a gift from god. >> reporter: a gift to the under served city of camden. >> i can tell you that the people of this community are really sick and tired of being referred to as america's most dangerous town, of course poorest community. >> thanks to mcdonald's founder ray and joan croc this facility was born. the massive kroc houses a water park complete with lazy river. >> there's a little slide. >> reporter: it has gym, theater, chapel, health clinic and food pantry fourths in need tom give you some perspective, this building is as long as
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three football fields. a total of 125,000 square feet. a membership for family four costs $25 a month. >> you can learn to swim, you can go to a zumba class. >> reporter: the site sits on 24 ache considers of what used to be a landfill. >> we even brought in 220,000 cubic yards of clean phil from pal my rah. >> reporter: trash to treasure. creating 160 jobs with the hopes of helping children from throughout south jersey build friendships, develop skills and talents and make positive memories for years to come. >> it gives them a place to go. it gives them a place to feel safe but i think also gives them a place to go with their families. >> reporter: in camden, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> if you'd like to see the community center for yours, just head over to the harrison avenue facility tomorrow. it's hosting its seventh annual kroa oktoberfest sal vague. the salvation army will be
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giving tours from 10 to 2:00 p.m. games, free food and some live music. a field trip from hell. coming up two dozen second graders end up in the hospital after a class trip. what happened that had teachers and parents calling 911. >> and movers finding a mysterious envelope. the stunning discovery that left a homeowner in tears. plus a little girl's passion for the pool. how this nine year old is turning her love for swimming into something good for others.
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♪ >> supporters of chinese rule clashing with pro democracy protesters in hong kong. the protesters are demanding change from the chinese government they want democracy and self governing chinese territory. protests are the biggest since the former british colony was handed back to chinese rule in 1997. it's a bad way to end a fun field trip for second grade students. they were attacked and stung by a swarm of yellow jacket wasps. the kids were enjoying a visit to apple island on orchard lake in michigan when the buzzing insects swooped in. authorities say despite the chaos the adults kept the kids calm. >> the teachers and parents and everybody that were there did great job of taking care of them.
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they called 911. henry ford west bloom field fire department responded. did a great job of checking everybody out on the scene. triaging them. >> 20 students in all were stung but none of them had allergic reactions steer storms ripped through the south. look at the damage done here in arlington texas. dormatory roof red ripped off this college. powerful thunderstorm packing winds of 90 miles an hour leaving many in the dark and in waco store windows smashed in and the power knock out as many homes and businesses. she will county tennessee tornado plowed through storms producing quarter sided hail and winds up to 70 miles an hour. one homeowner says it sounded like bombs dropping down on his house. >> mystery illness hits close to home. throw children being treated for muscle weakness here in philadelphia. that's raising new concerns about enterovirus. and who would shoot a pig with an arrow? what happened right here in our area. she is recovering tonight. the vets now are worried about
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what could happen next. >> and battling bears. wildlife officials using man's best friend to help in their fight. how dogs could help send the bears packing. >> caitlin. >> iain, very potent autumn cold front moving its way across the northeast. here are the showers out ahead of it maybe more significance the cold air behind it. we'll have your first look at the weekend temperatures coming up next in your seven day.
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♪ >> loved ones of a missing philadelphia woman canvassed the streets of strawberry mansion in hopes of finding her. they are looking for 22 year old mariah gray. she went missing last month from that neighborhood. relatives say she's been spotted several times in the area with an older man. they say she's mentally challenged and needs her medication. >> a dallas area apartment is disinfected by hazardous materials crews after a patient with the ebola virus stays there. four people who live there are now quarantined in a non disclosed texas facility in the washington, d.c. area one person showing signs of the illness
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being closely monitored. a second patient doctors thought may have ebola has been diagnosed with malaria. the obama administration you weres calm and says the us is prepared to deal with the virus here and in west africa. >> breaking news. we've just learned that the 484 old pre-schooler from hamilton township, new jersey, who suddenly died last week did have enterovirus. hamilton township health officials say cdc tests confirm enterovirus d68 as the leading factor in his death. >> also tonight there are new reports suggesting there may ab link between the so-called d68 virus and a spinal cord abnormality that produces muscle weakness in children. fox 29's bruce gordon reports this has got the attention of a lot of parents. >> reporter: even on this beautiful fall day, a dark cloud of consternation hangs over parents and grandparents alike. >> it seems like they have name for this virus but there's still -- do they really actually
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know what it is and they don't have, you know, any defense against it. >> i heard a lot about the enterovirus. i'm concerned about yes want him to bring it home. he has asthma and that would take him over the top. >> reporter: any discussion around your house about this virus and what's going on. >> we tell her to wash her hands while she's in school and make sure she does -- careful about everything she touches. >> reporter: enterovirus d68 has sickened more than 500 people nationwide. most of them children. now the centers for disease control reports a new concern based on four cases in colorado. acute muscle weakness just short of paralysis may be caused by d68. children's hospital of philadelphia has reported three cases of young patients with muscle weakness in one or more limbs. dr. brenda bandwell says that's noteworthy for two reasons. >> one we're seeing a number of these children in a very short time frame. that's unusual and notable and the second the involvement specifically of this gray matt
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matter. >> great matter on the spinal cord is very rare and it can cause muscle weakness in the limbs. perhaps most concerning -- >> it has been seen with other viral infections so therefore it obviously prompts a search to see whether there's virus causing this presentation. >> reporter: the big question, is it a virus d68 is particular causing the muscle wee weakness. the sound of rushing water suggests parents are taking no chances. >> it's one of those things it's a constant row minder to make sure you have the necessary hand sanitizers around all over the place. making sure you remind them you got to wash your hands after everything you do. >> reporter: doctors at chop are now testing those three young patients with the muscle weakness to find out whether they had or have the d68 virus. final results are due back in about a week. parents both in our area and around the country will be holding their breaths waiting for some answers. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> a pig badly injured by a hunting arrow has been saved by veterinarians at penn's new bolten center.
3:32 am
vets performed emergency surgery on the 500-pound pig had a hunting arrow imbedded in its chest. it was found wounded in the chester county animal sanctuary where it lived anonymous donor offered a reward to help fine the person who shot the animal. the vets say the five year old pig named betty is recovering and its prognosis is fair. >> and now to your fox 29 weather authority weekend forecast. here's caitlin roth. >> hi iain. last weekend i know you remember, high temperatures in the mid 80s. it was beautiful. it felt like summer. unfortunately, or fortunately depends how you feel about cool weather we'll see a big change beginning right now showers start to spread into the region. ultimate doppler showing three pockets. one area entering our went suburbs much another rain back in western pennsylvania and finally, where the actual push of cold air is moving through the ohio valley we've got some more rain all of that rain will sweep through later tonight early tomorrow. cold enough to produce snow. that's snow breaking out across eastern minnesota, western
3:33 am
wisconsin nor off towards our north it's a sign it's coming. maybe not right now but eventually. it already has in parts of our northern plains. right now ultimate doppler showing leading edge of the rain moving through central sections of chester county back up through berks county schuylkill county seeing little bit of that rain started towards downingtown and coatesville. lancaster up through reading starting to see little bit of light rain. that will continue to move west to east probably arriving in philadelphia sometime after midnight. right now 62 in philly. 61 in pottstown. 64 in wilmington and 62 in millville actually i think our temperatures will rise overnight as the warmer air out ahead of the cold front with the rain arrives. temperatures in the 50s and 60s across the eastern seaboard. check out the very cold air behind pretty strong cold temperatures in the 40s in chicago. 47 there. 42 in minneapolis where you'll remember just north of there it's snowing. 45 in desmoines and 51 in st. louis. this is first time this evening -- this evening. this season that we're seeing a very strong push of cold air and
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it will continue to see that obviously as we get closer to winter. fox future cast showing the rain sweeping through during the overnight hours. we'll pause the clock at 4:00 a.m. because there could be steadier rain at times maybe a rumble or two of thunder. although not looking at the high potential for any thunderstorms. into early tomorrow morning it starts off pretty soggy. gray, we have a lot of clouds, it's raining on and off, and it could be raining steadily through the morning at times. whatever you've got going on i know the kids have a ton of different sports, golf game, you just want to be around town running errands probably going to be stopped or slowed down by this rain. at noon it's still raining but by two, 3:00 o'clock it starts to move out. and actually cold front picks up speed we'll clear out pretty well. we'll see sunshine by mid to late afternoon. but with that sunshine comes the cooler air. as far as rainfall amounts go really only looking to quarter to a half inch maybe up to an inch in some of the higher bands and that will probably lay out towards our northern and west and lehigh valley and the poconos. the forecast for tonight, periods of rain, moving in now.
3:35 am
we'll see temperatures slowly rise from their low temperature of where we are now. 62 in the city. 57 in the suburbs. probably hitting that high of 70 by dawn and then we'll see temperatures fall later on in the afternoon. so kind of a topsy turvy kind of day. winds gust to their miles an hour at times. that kickoff forecast for he guess on sunday, this is where the real chilly air moves in. only 60 degrees with a cool breeze but bet at least we have the sunshine all day sunday. big drop off 70 tomorrow, 63 all on sunday start the day in the forts. 45 here. 30s north and west. we will do the same thing on monday. monday in the 40s and with a lighter wind we actually could see the frost potential monday morning. not sunday morning because of the wind luckily in the afternoon we warm back up into the 70s and iain we're much more seasonable as we go through the rest of the week in the 70s. >> you do mention amazing last sunday we were flirting with 99. i know. >> and now we're talking about 40s and snow parts in the parts of the continue nem u.s. it's fall. >> it is october, exactly. >> transitioning.
3:36 am
>> exactly. >> caitlin, thank you. >> it's a moving day surprise still ahead a couple of professional movers find something that leaves them speechless. what they discovered and their homeowner in tears. a bigger bust without the surgery. the new way to get an instant lift but there's catch. how one hotel is forced to pay up blocking youzwñw
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♪ >> westampton man sentenced to state prison today forget this stealing more than $900,000 in six separate home equity loans all for the same property. authorities say alfred dennis started the fraudulent scheme because he was struggling with debt and bad credit he used a property held in his wife carla's name to get the loans from six different banks. alfred was sentenced to three years in prison. his wife got a year and five years probation. they were each ordered to pay more than $940 in restitution. >> look at your money news now. marriott agreed to pay $600,000 penalty for blocking people from using personal wi-fi networks at nashville's gaylord opry land hotel one of the largest hotel and convention centers in the eastern u.s. the fcc also barred marriott from blocking personal wi-fi at the opry land resort.
3:40 am
customers were complaining they couldn't use their smart phones as personal hot spots. >> there's a new clothing store for philadelphia residents to shop for the entire family. unique low opening in center city with drum performance hundreds of people were on hand including the mayor and other city officials. this is the japanese based retailers second store in the philly area. >> we've got instant coffee, instant breakfast but how about instant breasts? it's happening in new york. upper east side plastic surgeon is offering women the chance to enhance themselves temporarily. the new breast augmentation technique is being called inn is it a boob designed to increase breast size for just 24 hours. and there's no cutting involved. saline solution is injected into the breast and it adds volume to the area. >> i always thought about having a boob job, so with having this procedure, i'll see how i'm going to look. >> how much will inn is it a boobs cost you? about 2500
3:41 am
bucks. >> snake in the city. giant python escapes and makes himself comfortable in someone's garage. the scarier moment for police officer when he got to the scene. a little girl's passion for the pool. how this nine year old is turning her love for swimm
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♪ >> rare and scary sight in the city. a giant python decides to take shelter inside a garage in chicago and it spooked as you can imagine quite a few people. it was hanging from the garage door. is a bone in a gonzalez house guest discovered it and called police. >> the other cop pushed on the garage so it sort of freed a little bit -- created an opening. part of the snake was caught. and it fell and according to my house guest it fell on the head of the police officer that was trying to free it. >> but they got it and the snake is now in custody of animal control. they don't think it's dangerous.
3:45 am
the homeowner says she's lived there for more than 50 years and never seen snake in the neighborhood. >> melissa rivers is suing her late mother's doctor a friend says melissa plans to file a lawsuit against joan rivers doctor. she reportedly performed an unscheduled biopsy on the 81 year old comedian reported she continues to see patients and even accept new ones. rivers of course went into cardiac and respiratory arrest back on august 28th while getting a throat procedure in new york city. she died on september 4th. >> wildlife officials are trying to new and unusual approach to keeping bears off of people's properties. they're using man's best friend. normally problem bears are put down in washington. but now officials are sending in dogs. specifically, bare dogs from finland to keep them in check. the dogs basically scare the bears straight and chase them into the woods and after their released wildlife officials shout and fire bean bags at the bears scaring them off for good.
3:46 am
>> really teach these bears, dogs are not a afraid of them and that -- that people therefore are not afraid of them because they associate dogs with people and homes. >> wildlife officials call it tough love but they say the works. so far the success rate is 80%. the bears den usually come back. an elderl elderly woman lear long time home and her movers find a huge surprise. 10 thus sandals had cash and a big stack of bonds and the homeowner had no clue that all of this money was in the home when the crew moved a piece of furniture in a back room a manila envelope with rubber bands around it fell to the floor. inside the cash and dozens of $1,000 bonds. the movers took it right to the homeowner. >> she was in the room with her daughter, and i came in and showed her and emotion just overcame her, she took a step down, sat on the bed and tears came to her eyes. tears of joy. >> the money was hid didn't by the homeowner's late husband and she had no idea it was there. you know what they say good
3:47 am
things come in small packages a little girl from the lehigh valley is certainly proof of that. she's trying to make difference for a cause very near and dear to her heart and she's doing it one stroke at a time. fox 29's dawn tim money knee shows us how. ♪ report. >> i love to swim. i starred to swim when i was about three or four. >> reporter: once nine year old carli gets into the water, it's hard to get her out. this cute little competitor has got plenty of trophies and ribbons to be proud of but this swimming sensation is turning her passion in the pool into something very personal. >> i swim to raise money and awareness for diabetes. >> it goes back here. >> reporter: you see carli has type one diabetes that little box on or weight in an insulin pump. she was diagnose at just three years old. her dad who also has diabetes remembers that day all to well. >> it was very traumatic for me
3:48 am
as you can imagine. i felt extremely responsible and guilty. it hit me. that, you know, we can either wallow is self pity or do something and make a difference. report roar this dynamic father daughter duo is doing just that. for starters you'll find them at the step out to stop diabetes walk in allentown every year. carli wanted to make her own mark and came up with, what else, a swim a thon. olympic swimmer and silver med list christie joined her last year and again last month for the third annual swim. >> she said she would do it and in the blink of an eye. she didn't even think about it. she said i'm in. >> she's really nice and really fun to swim with. on the last lap we just kept smiling at each other. >> reporter: carli and christie swam 3 miles. 188 lapse plus two more pour good measure. and the crowd went crazy. >> it was just feeling the wall on the last lap and knowing i
3:49 am
finished and i did it. i was so happy and so proud of myself. >> she said she was going to do it and she did it. >> reporter: raising close to her goal of $20,000 for diabetes research and special kids camp. >> diabetes sometimes really hard for me so it would be really cool if we found cure. >> she really is passion in the about showing that one kid can make difference. report roar tomorrow morning carli will be hanging up her towel temporarily to participate in this year's step out diabetes walk at coca-cola park in allentown. her team is called carli rocks and for more information go to our website, no question, carli will be rocking it for her favorite cause tomorrow. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> cincinnati bengal and wilmington native devon stills says his daughter started a
3:50 am
fifth round of chemo today. stills says quote start of the fifth round of keep month today. let's go trooper hash tag she licks wearing my shirts. lea was diagnosed with pediatric cancer back in june. she's being treated at children's hospital of philadelphia where she had surgery last week. her dad was cut from the bengals so he could spend time with her and then resigned by the team so he can get medical benefits. speaking of if the ball here's keith russell much what's up with the eagles. >> a lot and a little bit. one eagle continues to grab the headlines as well for a different reason. what difference a your makes forger me maclin. meantime, the charm city, she's another charming end to a play off game. free crabcakes for everyone. if lord baltimore was alive to see this but you will in just few.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ >> you know who still this eagles will run away with the division? cowboys are tied at three and one. won 33 in a row. giants won two straight. well, coming off game the eagles didn't score a single offensive point you hope the rams did not catch them off guard. if jeremy maclin has his way
3:54 am
that won't happen. playing second fiddle for all those years to desean jackson under andy reid, maclin has been the man this season in chip kelly's offense. >> that featured a certain receiver and that was the position that desean played. so initially it's a lull more wide open. obviously you try to get your guys into places to be successful and that be able to make plays. which just right now the ball has been coming my way a lot. >> eagles trying to go four-zero -- four-one for the first time in eight years. "game day live" at 11am. fox nfl sunday. the game 1:00 o'clock right who are. don't miss our pest game report. >> the six social security will have new mascot the dancers will have new uniforms an new light show. we can only hope it's not the same old sixers lose, lose and lose some more they can finish with one of the worse records again and increase their chances for a lottery pick.
3:55 am
the owner says that's not the plan. >> we're going to try to win every game. we're going to try very hard to win every game. we're not about losing on the court and -- but we're also building and developing players. so i say that, um, we'll win as many games as we can. >> two words, we'll see. the major league playoffs underway tonight powerhouse matchup on fox sports one. the dodgers behind the pitcher led the majors the last four seasons. tonight he allows five runs in the seventh. regular season is one thing for kershaw. cardinals win, they lead the game one game to nine. cards knock the phillies out. giants the team that knocked them out before. san francisco takes care of business in washington. former phillies hunter pence scores a run. three-two the final in game number one much this was the game of the day for the second straight game the orioles they score eight runs in the eighth.
3:56 am
today a four run eighth in inni. with big blolow coming from dellmon young. he used to play for the tigers. he used to play right here for the phillies. o's within seven-sick. tigers go home in danger of getting swept. >> and the party is on in baltimore. >> good for them. >> buck show walter and all of that. we can only hope the phillies will be in the post season some year some day. (laughter). >> hopefully soon. >> exactly. all right. caitlin, thank you. remember tmz is up next and we are back here at 8am for the fox 29 weekend show. so be sure to stay tuned. have a great weekend.
3:57 am
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>> judge judy: miss birchler put up $500 towards your bail, right? >> she felt sorry for me 'cause it was her fault i went to jail. >> judge judy: it was? >> announcer: it starts as a head-scratcher... >> judge judy: whose fault is it that you skipped your court dates? >> that's my fault, but -- >> judge judy: whose fault is it that you got the tickets? >> my fault, but -- >> announcer: ...and leaves the judge with one big headache. >> judge judy: you were in jail because you broke the law! now do you understand? >> no. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 20-year-old katherine birchler is suing her ex-boyfriend, ryan baker, for bail money, attorney fees, and car repairs. >> byrd: order! all rise.


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