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tv   Fox 29 News at 6  FOX  October 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now at a 6:00 sadness and fear tonight as staff and parents, struggle to come to terms with the death of a preschooler, at a south jersey he will meantry school, and their own fears about the safety of his classmates. good evening, everybody i'm joyce evans. four year-old boy's death is blame on the enterovirus d68. >> tonight there is a meet to go try to calm fears of parents that they have about that are children being exposed to this. we are live in hamilton tonight, with this story.
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obviously people are very, very worried, brad. >> they are, joyce. we have been driving around for last couple hours, they are very concerned about this, and, they found that, let's show so video. they found out on friday night, officially that this four year-old died of enterovirus d68, attending yardville elementary school just a couple miles from where we are, where this meeting is tonight. the four year-old eli waller went to sleep december 25th, and didn't wake up. second four year old is sick but hearing he is recovering. we necessity there was a meeting last monday. parents left unsatisfied, and that was before the cdc confirmed, again we're hearing friday that the little boy did have have enterovirus. parents understandably worried about their kids who went into school and providing accurate information fast enough. >> they claim they cleaned the school and they did everything they cold could and i did see the equipment.
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they are doing something about it. that is what we need to know. >> should we keep the kids apart, should we keep them, telling them to wash our hands, this is enough. >> a lot of questions for sure, meeting again at 7:00 at stein around high school foreign county. health officials telling us they will be vigilant. they are going to take questions, obviously, there could be a big turnout. we will be here tonight at 7:00. we will have a full report at 10:00 o'clock tonight, joyce. >> thanks, brad. eli's dad released a statement, posted on and it reads in part my wife and i cannot thank you all nearly enough for rolls you played in eli's life and while our hearts break at his
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passing, our hearts also overflow with overwhelming gratitude. we want everyone to know how you grateful we are, for such an outpouring of love and support, not only during eli's life but also, after his passing. >> we're looking live, it is gorgeous, jim thorpe in the pocono mountain camera, a gorgeous day, a million activities and people took advantage, dominica. >> a chilly start, in the poconos. they started right around freezing mark. in the 30's and 40's and we struggled to make it in the lower 60's in philadelphia. that was our high, 61 degrees. look at the poconos, they didn't even make it in the 50's. it was a cool sunday but warmer weather is coming back in the forecast for the first of the workweek. it is 59 right now, in the city. we have 48 in the poconos with 55, up in allentown, temperatures, tonight are going to be on the cool side,
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once again, so we have one more cool morning ahead of us and then things start to warm up. fifty-seven, by 7:00 o'clock tonight. we are still looking at clear skies and then starts to turn crisp as we move through the evening. fifty-four at 9:00. then 50 degrees at 11:00 o'clock tonight. another cool start tomorrow with you then we will be backup in the 70's for the first of the week. i'll let you they about that coming up in a bit and we will check your wake up forecast coming up in a little bit. back to you guys. >> dominica, thank you. we had a violent weekend in philadelphia. three people were shot. it happened in cobbs creek. officers were called to the 5200 block of delancey street by a strip club. they saw a man laying on the roadway with several gunshot wounds. he died a short time later in the hospital. another man was found nearby he had been shot in the leg. a third person showed up at mercy hospital with gun hot shot wound, police have not made any arrests. two men shot in kensington near rising suns motorcycle club at allegheny and sedgley.
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investigators say they were leading a grand opening party at the club just after midnight when a fight broke out, shots were fired and both men were hit. they are being treated at temple. no arrests have been made in this case. a security company takes a close look at fbi data and compiles a list of pennsylvania's most dangerous cities. philadelphia came in at number eight, number one on the list, chester. fox 29's sabina kuriakose spoke with residents who are rejecting that title. >> reporter: run down neighborhoods, surge in homicides, and now another blow for chester, net tore just title of most dangerous city in pennsylvania. but people who live here, say outlook is not as bleak as it appears. >> every city has, their problems. >> reporter: reverend robert johnson of baptist church says his parishioners believe that chester is turning itself around. >> resident here in chester are very, very hard working, community people, they are
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loving, caring people, they are family, very family oriented, here in chester. but there is an element that seems to over shadow, all of the positive things, and in the city. >> reporter: on a sunny sunday afternoon, reverend johnson leads his conversation in prepare. they make it part of the city and not the criminals, that make it happen. >> not yet. >> okay, and resident like samuel wyat who has called this city home for over 70 years, things have change, and them streets are scary at night. >> i wouldn't walk the streets now like difficult in 1945: >> but he says that he he believes renewed economic investment will turn back the clock on the only home, that he is ever known. reverend johnson says it will take time. >> it didn't happen overnight, and, it is not going to end
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overnight. >> reporter: in chester, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> and in world news from hong kong, pro democracy advocates agreed to remove barriers blocking roads, this is in an effort to scale back their protest. overnight clashes broke out been demonstrators and police. they are accused authorities of failing to stop a man from pushing them, after hours, police used pep per spray to spread the crowds and restore order. chinese government asked protesters to clear out by monday. u.s. military is stepping up attacks begins terrorist group, isis with u.s. fighter jets carrying out several air strikes. so far this weekend american forces have reportedly destroyed isis tanks, vehicle, mortar positions and hum vee was three strikes in syria and six in iraq. despite some encouraging news some republican lawmakers say the president should remember that this is just the
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beginning. >> he has made clear this will take a sustained effort and he has to be prepared to have a resolve to sustain that effort to destroy isis otherwise, we have a situation where we have a safe haven where attacks can be launched against us. >> this afternoon president obama spoke broadly about the the use of american troops maintaining that they should only be sent into harms way, when it is absolutely necessary. this comes as isis is threatening to kill another american, former army ranger, peter casek. the 26 year-old aid worker has been in captivity since last year, his family and friend got a glimpse of him for the first time in a video released by the group on friday. that tape showed that the beheading of a british aid worker, casek captors say that he will be the next to die if the u.s. does not stop targeting the group in syria. a friend says casek only return to the middle east to help refugees in that region.
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>> he wasn't going to go back, but just not on the front lines, per se, kind of like how he was more of like an aid worker, something like that. he gave classes a shot for a little bit and so devoted to being an aid worker. >> his parents released his own video yesterday pleading for their son's release. ebola fears are growing all across this country, as a liberia man diagnosed in texas, is in critical condition. top health officials are calling for calm, saying they had every reason on believe virus will be stopped ape kept under control. fox's brian yenis has the latest. >> ebola patient thomas eric duncan is at presbyterian hospital fighting for his life as health teams continue to machine for and assess 48 people, who may have come into contact with them out of an original 114. cdc director tom freedan,
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believes health officials will be able to effectively stop the virus. >> people are scared and normal to be scared, in fact for health care workers who are caring for people withe bowl, we want them to be scared. we want them to have a healthy respect of the risk of, any lapse in infection control procedure. >> reporter: health officials say duncan did not have any symptoms when he flew from liberia to the u.s. and he apparently lied on a health screening questionnaire, that asked him if he had been in contact with anyone who had ebola. but still experts say closing off access to west africa could actually make the out break worse. >> experience is that when you close off a country you create such stress and fear and amplify the problem. >> reporter: obama administration says there is no cause for the general public to be alarmed. >> there is no country in the world better prepared then united states to deal with this. best public health infrastructure and best
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doctors in the world. >> reporter: cdc says it had has been getting 800 ebola related calls and e-mails each day since duncan's diagnosis but no other cases have been confirmed. in new york, brian yenis, "fox news". still ahead here on fox 29 news at 6:00 the pope calling on the bishop to the vatican, why the the conference could lead to serious changes in the catholic church. >> plus police officer is caught punching a home less man, what happens, before the shocking scene played out in front of surveillance camera. >> the violent video is coming up. and this nine year-old girl in the lehigh valley loves to swim, and she's turning her passion into something very special. amazing efforts coming up
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they chose mumia abu-jamal to deliver the at dress. so friends, and family and friends of daniel faulkner gathered here. our dave kin chen is live with the latest on that demonstration. dave? >> reporter: that is right, college of vermont played mumia abu-jamal recorded commencement address caped from prison. he pushed for what he called, social change and transformation and encouraged graduates to find their voices in life but his speech drawing fire from philadelphia police officers, protesting mostly, with silence.
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>> reporter: young cadets to the more season members of the philadelphia police force they turned, the house toll 13th and locust to the prayer vigil, holding 30 minutes of silence to honor daniel faulkner where he died. also protesting his quick killer, mumia abu-jamal and his 30 mina dress at a vermont college. >> every time this happens, it draws attention to them, the faulkner family, it opens up their wound once again. >> despicable that they would use a convicted murderer as a commencement speaker that almost 33 years ago. mumia saw fit to silence danny's voice. >> silence led by the fraternal of police lodge five and state law make her who want convicted killers like abu-jamal stripped of their freedom of speech when it opens up old wound. >> this is another example, where post convictions, post sentencing, the the inmates have more rights, and it is just an in equality of our
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system. >> meanwhile, goddard college, the released this statement saying many diverse commencement speakers have been chosen to represent perspectives not normally in our discourse, even fit is unpopular we need to listen and, in discussions. that what is free speech is all b our students understand there is great, mounter on mumia abu-jamal has to say, and, we have gathered college to support this complicated inquiry and freedom of speech. that is the statement from the college, officer faulkner widow maureen faulkner released a a statement condemning the college for what she chooses a arrogant remorse less killer as their commencement speaker, joyce. >> dave, thank you. >> the pope called for a two week conference of bishops and cardinals, opens with mass today at the vatican. more than 200 cardinals and, bishops around the world are there. number of topics including sex, gender, family issues and
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divorce. they will talk about whether the catholic church should modify teaching on long held traditions. they have got their engines revved up to roll roll out a good cause in new jersey. local motorcycle enthusiast hit the highway for ride to rebuild. event kicked off in deptford heading to wildwood. it benefits the children's fresh air home in wildwood. efforts are made to build and restore the historic house. it offers a summer getaway for under served camden in philadelphia and camden. >> they have that expression good things come in small packages, a little girl from the lehigh valley is proof of that. as our dawn timmeney reports she's trying to make a difference for a cause very near and dear to her heart and she's doing it one stroke at a time. >> i love to swim. i like to swim forward. >> reporter: once nine year-old carly lynnnet gets
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into the water, it is hard to get her out. this cute little competitor has plenty of trophies and ribbons to be proud of but this swimming sensation is turning her passion in the pool into something very personal. >> i swim to raise money and money for diabetes. >> it goes back. >> reporter: carly has type one diabetes that little box on her waist is an insulin pump. she was diagnosed at three years old. to the dad who also has diabetes remembers that day all too well. >> it was very traumatic, for me, as you could imagine. i felt extremely responsible, and guilty. it hit me, that, you know, we can either, be in self pity or do something and really make a difference. >> reporter: this dynamic father/doubt owe duo is doing just that. for starters fine them at step out to stump diabetes walk in allentown every year but carly wanted to make perfect own mark and came up with, what
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else, a swim-a-thon. olympic swimmer christie cold well joined her last year and last month for the third annual swim. >> she said, she would do it, and the the blink of an eye she didn't even think about it. she said i'm in. >> really nice and really fun to swim with. on the last lap, we just kept smiling at each other. >> carly and christie swam 3 miles, 188 laps, plus two more for good in measure and the crowd went crazy. >> it was just hitting the wall on the last lap and knowing that as soon as i hit it. i was so happy, so proud of myself. >> she said she was going to do it and she dit. >> raising close to her goal of $20,000 for diabetes research and special kids camp. >> diabetes sometimes really is hard for me so we really would be cool if they found a cure. >> she really is passionate about showing that one kid can
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make a dip since. >> and carly hung up her towel temporarily yesterday to participate in this years step out diabetes walk in allentown. her team is called carly rocks. you can find out more on our web site at my fox >> very cute. to your fox 29 weather authority, and another really chilly day for early fall, lets get over to meteorologist dominica davis. any warm up in sight, dominica. >> yes, we will get back in the 70's and see more seasonal temps but it was chilly this morning. if you are kind of stalling on getting the coats and sweaters out, it is time to do it because you'll need it again for tomorrow morning. here's what we started out and temperatures were the on the cool side. we have seen temperatures this cold, since april, so it has been a while, 32, that is where they bottom out in the poconos. right at freezing mark, we did better in the city 43. easiest temperatures is down around wildwood, with 50 degrees. that seems very warm, comparatively speaking.
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tomorrow we will still have another, cold start, but it will be a mild finish. satellite and radar showing high pressure over us and that is key to these falling temperatures. we also have wind coming out of the northwest, so that is feed nothing some colder air. right now we're looking at dry conditions, mostly sunny skies from philadelphia east, it is to the north and west where we are getting a little bit of cloud action. that will start to dissipate throughout the the evening too. so with the clear skies, it will be another cold evening. so here's what you're looking at for your wake up, temperatures will be a little bit warmer tomorrow morning but you'll need jacket. forty-six in the city, around 7:00 a.m. and about 49 in the suburbs, and upper 30's to lower 40's, clear skies, certainly crisp, and wind start to turn to the south, and, that will feed in a warmer air. we will look at that seven day forecast and show you those changes in a little bit. >> all right, thanks very much. still a head on fox 29 news at 6:00 coastguard rushes to the rescue of a man, inside
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a bubble. seriously. coming up why the guy was in the middle of the atlantic ocean in a homemade, homemade, hydra pod in the first place. got to see that one. plus police officer is caught on tape punching a home less man, yeah, this video is going viral here, and the debate is spark tonight we
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one person was killed and four others were hurt after a car plowed right through a doughnut shop, it happened in los angeles, authorities say it drove through the store, right through the front, and then barreled all the way through to out the back of it. one person died right there on the scene, and, the injured are in critical condition. police are investigating what happened here. hunt for that missing malaysia airlines flight are about to intensify as a search vessel, joins the effort to find it. this one is one of the ships involve in the search for the plane. now, it came back from western australia today after it had been worked on in south africa. months of searches failed to turn up, any trace of that missing airline, now, the the airline disappeared as you can remember march 8th carrying 239 people. search is expect to take up to a year, focusing on a 23,000 square mile area.
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the u.s. coastguard coming to the rescue of the long time endurance runner and peace ago vice whose latest goal was to reach bermuda in a homemade floating hydro pod. he was rescued right near st. augustine, florida on saturday after he began suffering from tiredness, fatigue. crews were able to reach him quickly and to take him back to the nearby coastguard station. he is not hurt. iranian exile was trying the trip, in a self designed bub toll raise money from children in need. halloween just around the corner, we are getting our decorations up. many did it this weekend. follow action cross the the the pond who thought of a great way to work out, celebration and break a world record at the same time. 200 limbo dancers dressed up as zombies, their mission to set a new report for world's largest gathering of the undead. nerd to qualify you need to wear zombie make up, the dance the night away, apparently to a number of halloween
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classics. their best thriller from michael jackson, time wolf from the rocky horror picture show. looks like fun. still ahead here on fox 29 a veteran looking for work find a job not too many people want to do, how grizzly messes are changing his life. gone forever, precious memorabilia is lost at flight 93 memorial, the staff just co
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pretty shocking video that is make ago lot of national headlines abe spreading over internet. >> arizona police officers punching a homeless person. this surveillance is creating buzz on line and sparking conversations and debate about possible police brutality. our andrew hasbeen talk to the business own shore is stunned to see this caught on his camera. >> the video shows the the police officer trying to move the homeless man. >> my understanding is he is
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being belligerent to the officer. >> joseph loses captured the fight in front of his mill avenue office. after the incident on monday police asked him for a copy of the video and that is when he first watched it. >> first time it was difficult. it is still difficult to watch however the more i learn, i learned two sides to every story. >> according to policeman was taken to the hospital and there was now an internal investigation. the video clearly shows the the man, near liz kicking the officer and throwing a punch. however it the also shows officer hitting him on the head multiple times. dit not sit well with some people on mill avenue. >> because of the physicality of it, it could have been handled differently. >> as an officer i have to make a split second decision. your job toys subdue this suspect. you don't necessity if they have a knife on them or what will happen next. >> that was andrew hasbeen reporting. a fire truck crashes in dover, delaware, and the truck
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was passing another fire truck when it ran off the road and flipped over. nobody riding inside that truck was hurt. no charges are expect to be filed. the flag that flew over the u.s. capitol on september the 11th, 2001 was consume by a fire. at the flight 93 memorial in somerset county, pennsylvania. that is according to the national park services. friday's fire in shanksville, destroyed the park's headquarters, complex, park staff say several items were lost with that flag. they include personal items of flight 93 passengers and crew, dvd's of annual commemoration ceremonies, and about a hundred tribute items, left by visitors. people visited the memorial this weekend, say looking at this damage is tough. >> it brings back, that day again, just looking a little
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for a name,. >> i glanced over. it was just in the weeds there. it is out of respect. >> the the cause of fire is under investigation. well, cleaning up, grizzly messes, not too many people are lining up to do that. >> so one veteran decided to put his expertise on the battle field, to use here in the country. our fox's lauren says he takes on messages that no one else wants to touch. >> reporter: john took care of tough jobs on the battle field and now he cleans up messes no one wants to. he served as a hazmat marine and when he came home from his two tourness iraq john needed to settle in the civilian life and career. >> when i came back i hit the ground running and let's find something to do for work. work doesn't stop. i need to support myself. >> reporter: but typical jobs didn't stick. so he decided to use his military training, along with a few certifications classes, to open up his own crime scene and trauma a clean up company.
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he approach is his line of business like his tours of duty, get in, fulfill mission and get out. >> we go in there. we have a situation that we have to basically close off at the end of the day. when we're done we don't take it home with us. >> reporter: john was able to build a business around his military training. but there are veterans who just don't know how their time in the service translates into a civilian job. >> it is a daunting task to change your world view and your career with minimum notice. >> reporter: cured to the small business administration, 250,000 service members transition out of the military each year, for some a small business, may be the best way for their skill set. >> self discipline, self reliance, self motivation. those translate very well to small business. >> help available both through the federal government and in
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their communities. programs through the small business administration, and va showed veterans a connection between their service job and rang, their passion, and real job listing. >> we help the veterans identify business opportunities, and determine whether it is something that can be a business for them. >> reporter: are the key is knowing where to look and a good attitude. >> we have to get out there and fish if you want to catch fish, and jump on your lap. >> reaching out is the the first step n des moines iowa, lauren blanchard "fox news". weather was perfect for tenth annual philadelphia out of the darkness community walk today. started at art museum hosted by greater philadelphia chapter of the american foundation for suicide prevention, a great turnout, a great crowd, last year, they raised close to $300,000, this year the goal was 400,000, 3500 people that came out for this event. look at all of the people with eagles green enjoying themselves. organizers hope to fight the stigma around sue site and mental illness.
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our own doctor mike. a cause very important to him. he was there to help out as well. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 ups trucks tried very, very hard not to make left turns, but why? >> well, we all came up with a lot of guesses in the news room but we were all wrong. the reason why drivers are told to make more rights then
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breaking news happening this hour, a police officer has been involved in an accident, on i-95. a philadelphia police officer. this is a scene from one of our traffic cameras. this happened right near academy road in the north east just after 6:00. we are just getting the details now but we do know the the officer was taken to the hospital, and is in stable condition. and, is expect to be released. we have a crew on the way to the scene, and we will bring you more details as they come in. also some new legislation in new jersey, may soon put an end to counterfeit wedding or prom or even evening gowns being shipped to this country. >> the load is causing a headache for brides getting ready for their big day. fox's jennifer mars takes a look. >> reporter: cheryl, wants to feel like a princess on her big day but the only thing royal about it, was how
6:40 pm
royally she got ripped off. >> one of my bride made who lived right here got her dress and it was a 14 but it was a junior 14. she kept saying i cannot get this above my ankles. never occurred to us what was happening. i that you had they mismeasured. >> reporter: whether it is out of convenience or cost, brides that buy their dresses on line can wind up paying more than they bargained for thanks to retailers who sell fake designer dresses. >> it is bad. it is real bad. because they get the the dress, and, there is no time for them to get another dress. sometimes you can get them very quickly but most times you can't. fabric feel different, spark he will different, em bell shall. is different. fit horrible. >> reporter: not only can it cost you a fortune in alterations but it could cost you a new dress entirely. that is why u.s. senator robert menendez is calling for a federal crackdown on counterfeit formal gowns being
6:41 pm
shipped to the u.s., prom dresses, wedding and pageant dresses, it is a warning for women every where that what you see isn't always what you get. >> they are violating u.s. laws and using pirated images inn settled in designs to lull customers into thinking that they are buying the real thing. >> reporter: last year alone, 700,000 of these phony designer wedding and prom dresses were sold on line by overseas retailers. most come from china. it is not just cheating brides out of money but brick and mortar boutiques are falling victim too. counterfeit dresses cost bridal and gown industry an estimated 300 million-dollar a year. >> bridal or prom, or just a pageant dress or a flower girl, any of that, it is in the worth it. >> fox's jennifer reporting for us tonight. how about this one, a talker, in left turns. ups drivers are told to go right, whenever you can but why? >> well, the answer may surprise all of us in the news
6:42 pm
room and it will probably surprise you too. plus, just what we need an exotic vacation without ever leaving our houses, virtual it is the next big thing, dominica. this sunday is setting on what was our first real chilly day of the fall season. temperatures 59. but a warm up is in the forecast, i'll tell you when
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we are learning tonight that drivers with ups are strongly encourage never to make left turns. but why? fox's joel wallman finds out. >> hear the expression what can brown do for you, was your immediate thought. >> ups. >> i don't know. >> right on, doug but if you didn't know that cynthia we are sure you had no idea ups drivers are strongly encouraged never to make left turns. but why? >> a blind spot? >> hardly. bike lanes. >> reporter: not exactly, but grid lock pam schwartz, former new york city traffic commissioner as it was known back then does know why no left are oh, so right. >> it is really the left turn
6:46 pm
that screws things up. you may have to wait, several signal cycles. >> reporter: ups spokesperson dan mcmack-man expand the reason says it is more efficient to do it on the right-hand side because you are not crossing traffic and waiting for cycles of the traffic light. the result saves fuel, saves emission and saves time and also, improves safety. but why is ups so confident, left turns almost always turnout to be worse. its own proprietary gps system called owe ryan. >> they have the the routes for you and solves problem how to get to multiple destinations, as quickly as possible. >> reporter: especially critical now since this is the first year ups plans to send trucks out on the road black friday, one of the busiest shopping days in the year. in previous years on that day ups rely solely on air operations, circling back to those less, there is one place they are right to use. >> as a lefty in a manhattan resident i should be extra
6:47 pm
proud because here is one of the few places where ups drivers air loud to make the left turn. >> lefty as rule in manhattan. >> reporter: no left just about anywhere else, at least if you are a ups driver. joel wallman, "fox news". all right. there you go. >> so, as many have of you know planning a vacation is a process that could take time and a lot of effort, but now, people have the option of taking a virtual tour, of their potential destination. viewers can tour hotels, spas, restaurants and a lot more, without spending any money. travel experts say virtual reality is a great tool especially when you can see what you will be getting into. >> i think it is a great thing because you can kind of test the waters a little bit especially if you only have two or three days so you don't waste time, going to things that might not suit you because you think you are supposed to go see it like usual tourist trap kind of things. >> good point. many web sites started to
6:48 pm
offer services including las vegas official site. >> but they still show their best stuff. >> um-hmm. >> video many years ago. it could have change. >> it could have. >> it has to be live. >> yes, weather changes for better, a little warmer. >> yes, you know, actual think morning in the poconos, lehigh valley, some of those people had to turn their heat on this morning and maybe again, tonight because temperatures will be low, once again, before we see some warmer air start to creep back in the forecast. it is 59 in philadelphia. this is certainly one of the coldest day we have had of the fall season. we have been looking at these temperatures since last april. it has been a while, 48 in the poconos. they started out right around freezing mark and tonight you'll fall back down in the 30's, we're hole in the 40's here in this city. it will be a chilly one. our air this sunday has been coming from the north, that was pumping in the cooler air,
6:49 pm
overnight those winds start to shift and they will be coming from the south, so that is going to bring the 70's thaw see lurking to the south back in the forecast. the the more seasonal weather is on the way. monday though it starts out chilly, 30's in the suburbs. forty's in the city. it will end mild. by lunchtime temperatures will be well in the 60's and we should make it in the lower 07's for our high. seasonal temperatures right through the week and it is a quiet week. we have our next chance of rain coming in on tuesday, and i'll show what you that is all about coming up in a second but first lets take a look at satellite ape radar. high pressure is over us. wind are feeding down from the north and starting to shed, a little bit breezy out there wind will pick up tomorrow afternoon. so once again we are looking at windy conditions. clear skies, up in the development overnight and that will kate tore some falling temperatures. fox future cast keeps us dry through monday buzz look at by tuesday, a front comes through and by 4:00 after sunrise we
6:50 pm
are looking at spot showers here and there. it is in the an all day rain, best chance to get wet on tuesday will be right around the the evening commute and really overnight we will have some heavy rain that start to push up from the south. so tuesday is occasional showers that are out of here, but by wednesday morning, before sunrise, and then we are dry again until about friday when our next system comes through. so not a bad week ahead and certainly a much warmer one. tonight though we will have to get through cooler temperatures. forty-five in the city, we will fall in the 30's, out to the north and west and it will be a clear night and a crisp one, tomorrow it turns breezy, 71 degrees with the high and where we should be this time of the year. our average high is 70 degrees. we will do one better than that. it will be mostly sunny but those win will pick up by afternoon, we could have win gusts upwards have of 15 miles an hour. seven day forecast keeps us in the 70's right through wednesday. wednesday is looking gorgeous. 75 degrees. we will have those occasional
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showers on tuesday, thursday we're dry and then friday another system will move through here and that is going to give us some rain friday and saturday. the star of the weekend looks a little damp. >> thanks very much. those eagles, man, bite your nails off why do they keep doing that to you. >> do you see how i'm slanted i cannot stand up straight after this one. eagles give up another scar they had hearts jumping out of chest all over this region. a game looks like their easiest win of the the season leaves everyone wondering how they almost let this one getaway. we have a break down of the near break down
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you know, up 34-seven with two minutes left in the third quarter this game was over. no, it wasn't. eagles found a way to make a smile and then sit there with our fingers crossed.
6:54 pm
special teams have been special. last week they blocked a punt for a score, don't tell me it will happen again? it will happen again. special teams have scored four times in the last three weeks. how about riley cooper. also bounces back. dropping a touchdown that may have won a game last week. this week he goes up, and takes it. his first touchdown catch this year. eagles first offensive touchdown in two weeks. the defense looked good for a while too getting three turnovers. and scoring seven points. fumble for a third defensive touchdown of the season. eagles up 27 points in the late in the third quarter. and then the fourth. his name is austin davis making his third career start. he looked like he has been playing forever. 375 yards passing, three touchdowns. he pick on cary williams and bradley fletcher. he did not discriminate. rams scored three straight touchdowns, and all of a sudden, the the eagles lead was down to six. but how? as has been the case all season, the the defense comes
6:55 pm
through when it is back against the wall. eagles hold on to beat rams 34-28. four-one for first time since 2006. nick foles says there is no celebrating but a w is a w, anyway you look at it. >> to win in this league is a blessing. and we do have to learn how to finish better. but we're not there yet. a as a team we're not there yet. we will continue to grind because i know guys in the locker room we want to strive to get better each and every day. >> would i say there is areas running and passing we can still get better. i think the mood in the locker roomies everybody is happen that i we won but we're certainly not satisfied with our performance just yet. so we have a lot of work to do. >> we will get it fix. i think the bigger picture here is just wins and right new we're four-one. we will learn from this. we will move on to the giant. >> the nfc east was supposed to be eagles to runaway with,
6:56 pm
um, um, um, no it is not. battle of three-one teams texan was force game in overtime with the the cowboys. foster runs for 157 yards in the game. problem is nfl's dimarco murray runs for over one hundred yard and then in overtime dennis bryant, you just go up and get it. and now that sets up this, kicker dan bailey, missed game winning field goal in regulation but in overtime, that ain't happening. cowboys win 20-17. tied with the eagles at four-one. they play seattle next week. just when you thought it was a two team division eagles and cowboys they will make it three. new york continues to make a giant statement. eli manning and g men hand falcons their 11th straight lost on the road, 30-20 the final. three-two giants at the link, next sunday night. we have will to show what you happened in college football. one word, crazy. number 16 u.s.c. hosting arizona state.
6:57 pm
now air zone state one last shot. they need a hail hail mary. they just need to knock down the ball and game is over and they win. all anyone is talking about, you have you to see this again, is number ten, for u.s.c. that is celebration for arizona state. but number ten for u.s.c. take a look at this guy in the end zone. his job toys pat down the ball. he is just standing there he is standing there, and watches arizona state player, look at him, he is just standing there. >> yeah he is a senior, and all u.s.c. alumni are saying get him off the team. >> he just zone out. >> he just zoned out. >> thanks, keith. >> be sure to join us tonight the at ten for the fox 29 news at ten. septa is cruising into the future and ditching tokens. fox 29's iain page gives you that exclusive look behind the scenes and we will show thaw that exclusive look behind the scenes and we will show thaw and more, tonight
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(whimpering) heh. narrator: neptune-- eighth planet from the sun. a mystery now, we hope to have close-up photos from voyager 2 in 1989. we do have them! they're my home screen! miss hoover, once again, the lesson plan i prepared would have covered this topic much better. but i can see... (rumbling) (whimpers) miss hoover? it's tuesday, lisa. taco tuesday. (rumbling continues) (shudders) huh? huh? (bell rings)


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