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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 5, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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>> coming up next, the cop caught on camera punching a homeless man. >> local parents scared and angry after a four year old dies of the enterovirus. keep it right here. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x fin the the future of awesome. >> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00.
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>> right now at 10:00, an ebola scare in delaware. a child is in isolation right now in dover. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm karen hepp. this patient is being treated at the bay health medical center and that's where dave kinchen is right now. so many questions, dave. >> reporter:. >> dave, can you hears? >> reporter: well, i was but -- >> having some difficulty he is getting to dave. can you hear us now, dave? >> reporter: officials here at the bay health medical center confirmed to us that a child from liberia was admitted to the er here on saturday showing ebola like symptoms. let's go to some video right now. we actually have new information from the hospital. they've just sent us a statement. they tell us that the child from liberia was brought to bay health kent general on saturday. emergency staff completed an initial test that was guided by the centers for disease control,
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and after those tests we're told that the child was admitted to a private isolation area while the medical staff gathered specime specimens, samples and sent them off for testing. the state of delaware office of infectious disease was notified of the situation as well as the cdc, and officials here at the hospital tell us that the cdc determined the likelihood this child has ebola is extremely low and therefore the cdc declined to test the child. we're told by hospital officials here at bay health that the child will continue to be observed by hospital staff until the cdc and doctors here give the all clear. they say as of tonight the child has not shown any symptoms. they say the child is symptom free. again, hospital officials here at bay health can't general hospital telling us a child from liberia was admitted to the er on saturday extensive testing
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under cdc guidelines taking place but hospital officials say the cdc says it is unlikely this child has ebola and therefore they will not test that child but they will keep the child here for isolation until they rule the all clear. back to you, joyce. >> i'll take it, dave, thank you so much. that child may be eight years old according toes sources with fox news. a lot of people are wondering why travel to west africa is not bergere tricked. why the head of the cdc a travel ban would make the e boat la outbreak for all of this count country. >> we continue to follow a developing story in south jersey tonight. sadness and fear as satisfy and parents struggle to come terms with death of a pre-schooler an at elementary school and they're own fears about the safety of his classmates. the four year old boy's death is blamed on the enterovirus. tonight, there was a meeting that took place and trying to calm the fears of parents that
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they have about their children possibly being exposed. fox 29's brad satin is live in hamilton township tonight. brad, people there are really worried tonight. >> reporter: joyce, they are really worried because it was about 12 days ago this little boy apparently contracted pink eye but nothing more serious than that. couple days later he had died. so it all happened very quickly. as a result several hundred people jammed this high school behind me for a few hours today trying to get some answers here. school and health initials trying to ease some concerns but that did not come easily. on the outside, signs of compassion from a caring community. blue ribbons around yardville elementary school in memory of four year old eli wahler but on the inside, families agonizing moms like katie juliano. >> very scary. i'm very nervous. we're very nervous. both of us as parents. >> reporter: her five year old son suffers from asthma. and linda granddaughter was kept home last week the family just too afraid to send her to school.
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>> contagious in the school system or is it just an isolated case? roster. >> reporter: a question school officials couldn't answer as they await tests oh and a second child from the school from the cdc. also angry parents in other schools who were not alerted right away. the little boy died 10 days ago. >> it took until yesterday 8:20 a.m. for verbal call to be out to the entire school district. >> and scares over contagious virus aren't isolated to just buildings. >> i'm a schoolbus driver. we're is the protocol there for cleanseliness. i haven't received anything. >> the school superintendent promising to look into that tomorrow morning. also, vowing schools are being scrubbed down and the communication will improve. >> they said communication could have been better. i agree with that. you know, we said that we would ramp that up. >> reporter: some fears were eased but the grandmother who was not at ease going into the meeting wasn't feeling a whole lot better coming out. >> they're not saying this is over with. i guess that's what i would need to hear, that it was an isolated
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case. it's not. >> reporter: in fact one thing that really struck a lot of people here is when the township health officer said we may never know how this little boy actually contracted the virus. again, lots of questions. a lot of those questions though did not have answers to night, joy. >> all right, brad, thank you for that. eli's dad released a statement it was posted on it reads in part "my wife and i simply cannot thank you all nearly enough for the roles you played in eli's live and while our hearts break at his passing our hearts also overflow with overwhelming gratitude. we want everyone to know how grateful we are for such an outpouring of love and support, not only during eli's life, but also after his passing ". >> we're following breaking news in south philadelphia tonight. that's where police are investigating a possible kidnapping. >> it happened just after 7:00 tonight on the 1400 block of south ninth street. witnesses say they saw two men
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grab two boys and put them inside the trunk of their car. that vehicle is reportedly a gray honda and it was pulling an orange food cart. we'll keep you posted on that. >> all right. to your weather authority right now. we want to know how the work week is going to begin. right now first grab an extra blanket and turn up the heat because it's a cold night dominica. >> yes, indeed it absolute is. we had cold morning this morning and it's going to be cool again tomorrow as you head to work and back to school. let's take the counsel fee by county look at the temperatures we're seeing right now. already down to 35 in the poconos. so they're going to fall few degrees and make it close to the freezing mark once again or even at the freezing mark. allentown is at 42. fairing better in the city. holding in the low 50s. and we're looking at 42 in doylestown. so still very cool air around with our winds starting to shift now coming in from the south and that is going to help us out big time tomorrow.
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so the temperatures warm up, and future cast pushing us right at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. temperatures make it back into the 70s. warmer weather is on the way for the work week. we also have a couple of chances of rain to tell you about. so we'll do that coming up in a little bet and get a check of your wake up forecast. >> thank you dominica. a philadelphia motorcycle officer is expected to recover another an accident on i-95. you can see the motorcycle on its side. this happened after sick clock this evening on the northbound lanes right near academy road. the officer is in the hospital and is in stable condition, and is expected to be released. we don't know at this time what caused the crash. >> charges are expected to be upgraded against a driver who fled according to investigators taking police on a chase thenned in a deadly crash that's the suspect. police say 32 year old steven jeffreys led them on the chase thursday evening. it ended when he slammed into another car killing an innocent
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woman they say. the victim's name is 53 year old mary smith. she died from her injuries hours later on friday evening. investigators initially stopped jeffreys on suspicion of drug activity. he is currently facing several charges including driving under the influence and assault. >> tonight philadelphia police are trying to piece together clues surrounding the death of a 41 year old man. his body was found this afternoon on the 3100 block of holly road. that's in northeast philadelphia. his name has not yet been released. so far investigators have not said how he died. but they are calling his death suspicious. >> violent weekend in philadelphia. three people were shot early this morning in cobbs creek. officers were called out to the 5200 block of delancey street by a strip club. that's where they say they found a map lying on the roadway with several gunshot wounds. he died a short time later at the hospital. another guy nearby he had also been shot in the leg and then a third guy showed up at mercy shop with some more gunshot wounds. police have not made any arres
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arrests. >> two men are shot in kensington near the rising sun motorcycle club at allegheny and sedgley. investigators say they were leaving a grand opening party at the club just after midnight when a fight broke out. shots were fired, both men were hit. they're being treated at temple. no arrests have yet been made. a security company takes a close look at fbi data and compiles a list of pennsylvania's most dangerous cities. philadelphia came in at number eight. number one on the list, chester in delaware county. fox 29's sabina kuriakose spoke with residents who are rejecting that title. >> reporter: one down neighborhoods, a surge in homicides this year, now another blow for chester. the notorious title of most dangerous city in pennsylvania. but people who live here say the outlook is not as bleak as it appears. >> every city has their proble problems. >> reporter: reverend johnson of first faith missionary
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baptist church says his parishioners believe that chester is turning itself arou around. >> the residents here in chester are very hard working people, community people. they are loving and caring people. they are family, very family oriented here in chester. but there's an element that, um, that seems to overshadow all of the positive things in the community. >> reporter: on a sunny sunday afternoon reverend johnson leads his congregation in prayer. he says these are the people who make up the heart of the city, not the criminals who make the headlines. >> i've heard shots. not near me but i've seen helicoptehelicopters flying ovet looking for people. >> reporter: residents like samuel wyatt who called the city home for own test years says things have changed and the cities streets are scary at night. >> i won walk the streets like i did in 1945. >> reporter: wyatt believes renewed economic investment will
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turn back the clock on the only home he's ever known. reverend johnson says it will take time. >> it didn't happen overnight, and it's not going to end overnight. >> reporter: in chester, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> and the flags that flew over the us capitol on septembe september 11th back in 2001 was consumed by a fire at the flight 93 memorial is somerset county according to the national park service. friday's fire in shanksville destroyed the park's headquarters complex. park staff say several items will lost along with the flag including personal items of some of the flight 93 passengers and crew. dvd's of annual commemoration ceremonies and about 100 tribute items left by visitors. people at the memorial this weekend say looking at the damage is pretty tough. >> brings back, you know, that day again just looking at every
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name. i nothing al. >> i glanced over and it was just in the weeds there so i just out of respect. >> the cause of that fire is under investigation. a silent memorial on a busy philadelphia street as the convexed cop killers words are heard by college graduates. hundreds of miles away. the anger and pain caused by one school's controversial commencement speaker. that's next. >> and hang on, septa is about to take passengers on a hig high-tech trip. fox 29's iain page has an exclusive behind the scenes look fox 29's iain page has an exclusive behind the scenes look at what's in store
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over the past four years pennsylvania has gone from 9th to 47th in job creation. and now, news about our economy is getting even worse. "pennsylvania's jobless rate is up for the second straight month as employment fell and unemployment rose." "bond rating agency has cut pennsylvania's rating to double a minus because of recurring budget deficits." "the state government is out of cash and is scrambling to make sure school districts and state employees can even be paid."
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>> hustle and bustle at 13th and locust streets in center tee came to a stop tonight for 30 minutes. police officers and young cadets stood together to hold a prayer vigil to remember the life of a murdered police officer daniel faulkner. the silent protest coincided with the commencement address given by his convicted killer jamal. he was selected by students at his alma mater goddard college to deliver the message. it was a taped address that was played during the ceremony. abu maly? is serving live sentence. officers felt the invitation was a slap in the face. >> i believe it's despicable they would use a convicted murderer to -- as a commencement speaker especially that almost 33 years ago mumia saw fit to silence danny's voice.
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>> during his taped address abu jamal pushed for social change and encouraged graduates to find their own voice. >> meanwhile, goddard college released this statement saying "many diverse commencement speakers have been chosen to represent perspectives not normally in our discourse. even if it is unpopular. we need to listen to gauge in difficult conversations and discussions. this is what free speech is all about. our students understand there is great merit in what mule me abu jamal has to say and it is important we at goddard college support this complicated inquiry and freedom of speech. >> fire truck that crashed in dover, delaware on the way to put out barn fire this morning. it happened pretty early on east denning road near sims wood road. the truck was passing another fire truck when all of a sudden it ran off the road and slipped over. nobody riding in the vehicle was hurt. no charges are expected to be
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filed. >> a survivor of the ebola virus dr. rick sacra is back in the hospital. doctors at umass memorial medical center say that he has an upper respiratory infection. sacra is in isolation as a precaution. he contracted ebola in august when he was working at a clinic in liberia. doctors say it's unlikely he's experiencing a resurgence of ebola. but he is being tested for the virus. >> travel should it be banned from west africa until the ebola outbreak is under control? it is a question a lot of peel are asking. but as fox's molly henneberg reports the cdc sector says that could make the situation worse. >> reporter: cdc director is not in favor of a travel ban to and west african countries that ebola outbreak because he says that prevent medical workers and equipment from getting to places that need it most. as for the situation in the us, frieden says he expects more reports of possible cases but
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believes the american health system can handle it. >> here in the us i remain quite confident we will not have a widespread outbreak. we will stop it in its tracks because we've got infection control in hospitals, and public health that tracks and isolate people if they get symptoms. >> reporter: texas republican congressman ted post says, that's not good enough. especially since there's now e bowl la case within the u.s. he thinks the obama administration should implement some type of travel ban. >> the answer is not let people come and then try to isolate them once they're here. the answer is, not to let people come in from regions into the united states that are infected. that what it seems like tonight. we should have some perform of travel ban and restrictions to and from the infected area. >> reporter: the obama administration says it's quote confident in its procedures in place to combat ebola and one senior adviser to the president says, if there are flaws in the system, the administration will
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address those. >> it's important to hospital this outbreak has been happening for seven months in africa and this is the first anybody came to the united states. >> doctor frieden says today there's only one confirmed case in the of e bell la at this time. thomas duncan in dallas in critical condition. his family is being monitored. so far no one else has come down with the disease. in washingto washington, molly , fox news. >> the pope's call for two tweak conference of bishops and cardinals opens mass today at the vatican. more than 200 cardinals and bishops from around the world are there to discuss a number of topics including sex, gender, family issues and divorce. they talk about whether the catholic church should modify its teachings on some long held traditions. and we want to send out a big congratulations tonight a local high schooler who has a very special mission. >> he ran for the homecoming king to raise awareness for
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students with disabilities. he has asberger's syndrome end ran to spread awareness about that disorders and other students who may have dissable. almost won. kudos waying to for him. he was just name the runner up this weekend. he says he plans to continue to promote acceptance by joining the gay straight alliance and diversity committee at that school. >> now to your fox 29 weather authority. dominica. >> a little cool out there. >> very cool out there. temperatures are falling into the 30s and 40s. we have 30s to our north and west. and we have the 40s here in the city and down to the south. the good news is, we are going to warm up by tomorrow afternoon. but we have to get through the morning. so clear skies are helping those temperatures dip. winds are starting to shift coming out of the south. so we won't see temperatures as cool as we saw them this morning. but still by the time you wake up tomorrow and head to work, head to school 46 in the city.
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and we should be right in the upper 30s in most spots in the suburbs. so it is going to be clear skies as you wake up and pretty crisp out there but the key those winds coming out of the south that's what changes us for the warmer for the afternoon and temperatures will be back up into the 70s for your monday. we do have some rain in the forecast and i'll tell when you you can expect that coming up in just a little bit. back to you guys. >> all right. dough minutdough minute any casa police officer is caused punching a homeless man. what happened seconds before the shocking seen played out in front of surveillance cameras and the debate. the viral video is sparking. that's coming up. >> one woman's love of music reaches new heights. how far she was willing to go to reaches new heights. how far she was willing to go to get her beloved piano bac
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♪ >> welcome back everybody. an arizona police officer is caught on camera here punching a homeless man. it happened last week. the video shows the two men struggling on the sidewalk. the man was taken to the hospital. an internal investigation is underway. the officer has not been relea released from duty. >> in hong kong, pro democracy advocates agree to remove some barriers blocking roads in an evident to scale back their protests. overnight there were clashes that broke out between demonstrators and police. they were accusing the authorities of failing to stop people from pushing them.
10:25 pm
after hours you can see more turmoil. pepper spray used to disperse crowds and apparently restore order. the government of china has asked the protesters to clear out. >> and some arizona people felt like they stepped in a cartoon this weekend. a piano flying through the air. the owner of this 1864 steinway concert grand piano just moved into a brand new high raise apartment and decided the 1200-pound piano was coming with her. no matter what. so crews hoisted the piano into the air where workers on the balcony were waiting with a ra ramp. they roped the piano in and they carefully lowered it to place. >> i wasn't too crazy about doing it just because the balcony how tight things and she was determined she wept as far as saying i'll take the piano apart in pieces and put it back
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together. >> that center point landing inside was one of the best things that's happened to me in 50 years. i'm so thankful. >> she was holding her breath the whole time. the piano is safely inside its new home tonight on the 15th floor of that building. the u.s. coast guard coming to the rescue of a long-time endurance runner and peace activist. >> interesting character latest goal this time was to reach bermuda in a homemade floatin fg hydro pod what he called it. big bubble. >> he's rescued off of florida and saturday after he began suffering from fatigue. he got tired. crews were able to reach him quickly. they got him back to the coast guard station. not injured. he's trying this trip in a self designed bubble to raise money for children in need. >> and still ahead on fox 29 news at 10:00, septa is about to take you on a high tech ride. an exclusive behind the scenes look at what is in store for rideriders.
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all aboard? >> dough men any a fox 29 future cast is showing the temperatures getting back into the 60s but winds c
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♪ >> did you know that septa is gearing up to get rid of tokens and go high tech? >> this could be great. test agnew system and fox 29's iain page has an exclusive behind the scenes look at what riders can expect. ♪ >> reporter: it will be faste faster. >> you don't have to have cash money. >> reporter: easier. >> not having to worry about dropping tokens. septa rides into the future no more tokens. i think it's the 1950s with the tokens. >> septa's new system has been in the works for years. this is septa's test lab on the tenth floor of septa headquarters building on mark street. we got an exclusive behind the scenes look where septa has several prototype machines that look close to what riders will see next year. >> we're anxious for transit to
10:31 pm
be launched in 2015 and then we'll move ahead to 2016 with regional rail. >> reporter: the lab has everything riders will see when the new system roles out next year. the new technology will replace septas' outdated token based fair system with a new smart system. that will allow users to pay with a septa smart card or a debit or credit card. >> all you do is get your card, tap it and you walk through. you exit, you just walk and it will open up. >> reporter: sam is the director of equipment and maintenance. and he's responsible for all of the new machines and computers septa will use heading into the future. the new system will also work on buses. >> this is a bus validate. it's very similar as you see to everything else we have. so people in the future come in. tap and they can go on board the bus. and they can still use cash if they wish. >> reporter: but tokens will eventually be phased out.
10:32 pm
the old system has been around for decades and septa says it's time to lead the way into the future so no more standing in line to buy tike cones. >> people today when they buy their instruments, they buy them like on a friday or sunday. tomorrow you'll be able to do this by the web, a week ahead of time. just so many more different efficiencies. >> reporter: starting a new system from the ground up takes time. the lab helps septa get ready for the real thing. >> we're testing this to extre extremes to make sure we get it as close as we can to right before we go public with the system. >> reporter: if you still have tokens you can use them for awhile to transition to the new system. >> if you still have token, you can buy a quick trip and it dispenses a quick trip and you can use it in our system. >> reporter: the new system is better in many ways. especially if you happen to lose your smart card. >> if a customer loses two pack
10:33 pm
token or five pack or 10 token they're going forever. with the new system if you load your token value on to one of our smart cards and you register that product, the smart cad with us, and you lose or it's stolen that smart card you just report that to our service center. >> you have a val you've $20 on his card. >> your card will be replaced. >> some riders may like the old-fashioned system, most septa users say doing away with tokens is long overdue. >> i won't be sad to see it go. >> wow. turning back to your fox 29 weather authority now. domenica. >> we are looking at some cool temperatures out there this evening that will turn cold by the morning. 53 in philadelphia. we have 35 though in the poconos. so up to our north and west we'll dip down into the the 30s well into the theirs and we'll stay in the 40s here in the city and off to the south and the east.
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here's cold air to the north. that's what's been influencing us today. tomorrow though we'll get in on this air from the south. so we do warm up. the winds are starting to turn around coming up from the south, and that is going to bring the warm weather with it. so what you can expect is a cool start monday morning. with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. but it ends nice and mild. we'll rebound into the low 70s. so about a 10-degree jump from that where we were today. seasonable temperatures all through this week. we do have a couple of chances of rain this week. tuesday and then again at the end of the week. tuesday is not looking too bad. this is getting better and better i think basically it's the beginning and the end the did he we'll have to deal with rain. satellite/radar show high pressure it is scooting out of here but still in control. the winds are starting to shift again coming up from the south. so we will have that warmer area coming. tomorrow will be a mix of clouds and sun. but on tuesday, we are looking at the rain coming in.
10:35 pm
basically, through the morning north and west of the city between about 7:00 and 8:00 o'clock. it should stay dry through the majority of the day toward the evening and after midnight we'll see heavy rain come luis the city and push off to the east. so much of that rain is going to be in the wee hours of morning on both ends there of tuesday morning and wednesday morning. so here's a look at to note's forecast. 45 degrees. it will be clear and crisp in the city. 30s in the city. you'll have to bundle up tomorrow morning. 71 degrees for the afternoon high on monday. it will be breezy through the afternoon. there's a look at your seven day. stay in the 70s through the majority of he can of the week. fall into the 60s by thursday. chance of rain tuesday and then again friday and saturday. >> all right. thank you dough men any casm that's going to do it fors fox 29 news at 10:00. >> keep it right here for sports sunday with howard. ♪
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>> tonight on sports sunday another eagles win. the same way they had won the first three. it wasn't easy but it came down to the final minute again. and the eagles won more interesting than the should have been. dave spadaro will join to us talk about the problems and the pluses. that's coming up n