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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  October 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sake of our kids. the announcement that has these local educators fighting mad. >> happening now at 5:00 the search for the man behind a terrifying assault. take good long look at this surveillance video. police say this guy walked in a chinatown art studio and started beating the owner. didn't stop there. he sexually assaulted the woman and then he robbed her. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we do want to you warn you might find some of the video and details of this disturbing. let's get out to dave live in chinatown tonight. dave? >> reporter: this was a brutal attack. the suspect in this case used some type of metal object to hit the victim in the head. then sexually assaulted her and robbed her of $600 before he fled. this is upset business owners here on ninth street. we want to warn you again this video is a little bit tough oh watch this was brought attack. police want to know if you see this guy and recognize him to give them a call.
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>> police say this is the suspect as he enter add ninth street art studio in chinatown early sunday morning and began brutally attacking the 45 year old victim. >> at some point in time he forces her to the rear office area of the establishment where he assaults her. >> police say the suspect robbed $600 from the victim and fled out the back door through this parking lot just around the copy from police headquarters. >> overall demeanor is just one in which appears torque you know, not be phased by the incident that's taking place. it's very disturbing. >> i tried to -- i is a couple persons in the back. >> reporter: terrified victim closed the studio then went to the emergency room at jefferson hospital where police were called. >> hopefully someone from the public will recognize this mail. at least we can bring him in. bring some sense of close shower to this victim. >> all the neighbors we know like each other. >> police described the suspect as white male in his mid 20s wearing a red jacket and light colored baseball cap. they believe he's been inside
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this studio before. >> there doesn't appear to be a pattern. we want residents bins owners to be observant. if you recognize this person pleases give us a call. this video has been plastered all over social media you will afternoon by the same folks who helped identify the attackers in the center city attack and gay couple last month. again tonight take a look at the video if you recognize this guy call police. we'll have the very latest on the investigation coming up at 6:00. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. >> a stunning move today by the folks in charge of running philadelphia's cash strapped public schools much the school reform commission is canceled its contract with the philadelphia federation of teachers. education activists late this afternoon gathering outside governor corbett's office to blast the move carried out by the src to fill the remainder of its budget hole. bruce gordon live in the newsroom it -- what it means for students and parents tonight. bruce. >> reporter: scc has been
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saying for months sacrifice in the budget balancing process must be shared across the board. that only teachers failed to step forward and if they did not make concessions, action would be taken. this morning, we found out the scc was not -- scc was not bluffing. >> they canceled our crack. >> announcement at a hastily called and little publicized meeting of the is cc left union members in a state of shock. commissioner chair bill green dropped the bomb. after two years of asking the teachers union for concessions their patience had run out. >> to accomplish this, the school reform commission will exercise the pours given to us by late law to cancel the labor contract between the school district and philadelphia federation of teachers. >> pft members will be required to contribute to their health benefits at a cost of between 27 and $200 a month. depending on their salary and the level of their coverage. the src says the move will add nearly $44 million this year to
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district covers with individual principals given wide discretion on how to spent the wind fall. superintendent dr. william hite said he reluctantly supported the maneuver. >> i do not want to enact deep pay cuts or massive layoffs. and i cannot fathom how the district would continue to function if we once again had to make further reductions to central office or to school budgets. >> reporter: during brief public comments after the vote education activist blasted the scc for its lack of trash pan one called it sneaky. >> doing stuff locate this, cutting them off and surprise people at the last minute zero confidence for anybody. >> hoodier they? pft president jerry jordan called the move fame shameful claiming the district has ignore money saving ideas. >> when you collectively bargain it takes two parties. it takes giving some and taking
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some. what the district has done is they have said we want it all. >> reporter: the teachers union says the sca has no legal right to cancel their contract. they promise a court fight over the move. the commission may be taking a calculated risk here. folk may not like the way the sca played hard ball with the teachers but if the money generated goes into little johnny's classroom, parents may get on board. joyce? >> all right, thank you, bruce. well, of the develo developw health officials say at a child being treat tad delaware hospital does not have ebola. the young child from liberia was admitted to bay health kent general in dover on saturday. the child did have ebola like symptoms. but they have determined that the patient is not infected with ebola. they say the child will stay at the hospital for observation until the cdc gives an all cle clear. now there are two confirmed cases of ebola in the us. one is in nebraska.
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the other in texas where a man is fighting for his life. fox's casey stegall reports on the continued efforts to contain the virus. >> reporter: free lance journalist now being treated in isolation at nebraska medical center. he's the fifth american to be become infected with the deadly ebola virus. his parents say he's in good spirits despite his fragile condition. >> he's enormously relieved to be here. of course it's still quiet frighteninfrightening but he's . >> reporter: the other confirmed case is here in dall dallas. a liberian man said to be fighting for his life after becoming symptomatic during a visit to texas. governor rick perry responding to the threat by appointing a new ebola task force to monitor and contain the disease in texas but he says state by state prevention efforts need to be joined by new protocols at the federal level. >> customs officials and border patrol agents at all points of entry should immediately be directed to conduct enhanced
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screening procedures. obtaining more information about people who are coming from affected areas. >> reporter: those screening procedures are being discussed this afternoon at the white house. president obama briefed on further prevention efforts with officials from the centers for disease control and prevention. they say nothing is off the table when it comes to keeping americans safe. >> we continue to assess if additional steps would be useful in enhancing the safety of either the traveling public or the american public here at home. >> reporter: the world health organization says the ebola outbreak has killed some 3600 people in west africa alone. in dallas, casey stegall, fox news. >> and you can keep up with the latest developments on ebola in the us and abroad when we're not on tv at the children's hospital of philadelphia says it has notified the cdc about two more patients with serious muscle
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weakness in one or more limbs along with some changes in their spines. these can be symptoms of the enterovirus. the hospital reporting three similar cases on friday bringing the total number of cases to five. so far doctors say none of these children have actually been diagnosed with enter row virus. >> the pennsylvania state trooper accidentally killed in a firearms training exercise is laid to rest. the funeral service for trooper david kedra was held in northeast philadelphia this morning. hundreds of law enforcement officers lined the streets to pair their final respects. investigators say that the 26 year old was shot in the chest tuesday when another trooper's gun accidentally fired. he joined the state police in 2012. he served at skippack barracks in montgomery counsel too. >> turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's a live look outside at center city. you may have felt it as soon as you got out of bed this morning. some of the chill yesterday
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temperatures we've felt in quiet time. chief meteorologist scott williams here watching the changes. it was chilly this morning but beautiful in the afternoon. >> really was iain. good afternoon. we woke up to temperatures in the 30s and 40s across our area. we'll take look at those numbers in just a bit but right now a pretty nice day. you can see sunshine overhead but look to the west. we're watching a little disturbance that will bring us some clouds as well as some spotty showers during the overnight and really just a series of systems we'll be watching over the neck several days. so right now dry in the poconos as well as philadelphia. moving into south jersey and delaware no problems but toward the western part of the state around pittsburgh we're watching some of those light showers moving our way. so for the overnight temperatures in the 50s not as chilly as it was this morning. those spotty showers likely after midnight but look at the lows this morning in philadelphia. 43 degrees. 41 in wilmington. upper 30s in trenton and allentown. 34 degrees in the poconos. more on the timing of the rainfall chances this week as well as when to expect another
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cool down with the seven day forecast. joyce and iain. >> all right, thank you, scott. happening now, isis terrorists are threatening to kill another american. this time he's a former army ranger captured one year ago while providing aid for refugees trying to escape the civil war in ear ya. 26 year old abul ram men kay zig reportedly converted to islam after he was captured and changed his name from peter. he said he's afraid to die and is saddened by the pain his captivity must be causing his family. his parents made a video pleading to isis to spare him. >> we implore those who are holding to you show mercy. know that we love you and our hearts ache for you to be granted your freedom. >> an apparent isis flag can now be seen flying in a syrian town where isis militants have been fighting curdish forces for three weeks. the u.s. supreme court
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expands same sex marriage across the country by turning down appeals froms five states see seeking to prohibit unions. the justices bringing an end to delays in indiana, oklahoma, utah, virginia and wisconsin. the decision also impacts six other states effectively making gay marriage legal in 30 states. this was the first day of the supreme court's new term and pennsylvania moving closer to making an attack based on sexual orientation hate crime. a bill to do that has passed the house judiciary committee and moves tote full house for a vo vote. a new move began after last month's brutal beating of two gay men in center city, philadelphia. >> in philadelphia, a halloween grinch captured on camera. >> scholl one family's decorations and the clues police hope will track down the thief. >> and happening on. septa is about to take passengers on a high-tech trip. an exclusive behind the scenes look at what's in store for riders. and some california kayakers
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see their luck shift from unbelievably bad to surprisingly good. first, they go head to head with a great white shark. luckily help was already nearby. howard? >> the eagles, they did win another game yesterday. but the questions continue. what's the problem with the quarterback nick foles? chip kelly will address that coming up in sports. >> and we'll tell you all about this little pig here. somebody shot it with an arrow. we check
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♪ >> a family's halloween spirit is dampened when a thief steals their decorations and they were pretty good clue who that thief is. >> that's because it's all caught on surveillance video. fox 29's dawn timmeney live in the 24th police district in port richmond tonight. dawn? >> reporter: good evening iain and joyce. who would do something like this? steal $40 worth of halloween decorations? and when you see how bold this thief is, caught on camera, you really going to be shaking your head. i woke up and i cam outside with my daughter and i noticed my stuff was missing and i'm like something is wrong. >> reporter: that's when this mother of two who does not want to be identified decided to check the surveillance video from the three cameras outside of her home on the 2800 block of castor avenue in the port richmond section. she couldn't believe what she was seeing. >> here she is. coming up. she actually has my neighbor's decorations in his hand right
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now. >> reporter: minutes later she leaves with the family's halloween decorations they just recently put up including two pumpkins her five year old daughter and nine year old son grew in their side garden. >> they were very upset. they were more upset that the pumpkins were gone because they literally watched them grow from a seed in our garden. they were absolutely looking forward to carving them. >> reporter: what's next is more brazen you can see the woman parked across the street get in her car, she makes a u-turn and then she pulls right in front of the house. >> she pulls out front of my house with her car to take the rest of my thing. she was double parked next to my car. stealing your stuff. >> stealing my things. >> the second time around she swiped several plants loading them into her car and taking off. >> there goes all my plants. gutsy, right? twice to come back. i don't know how she didn't see the cameras. they glow in the dark report roar the decorations didn't cost much. she can't understand why someone would stoop this low.
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>> every time i watch the video i get so upset just knowing that this happened. she really ruined my halloween. my kids halloween. >> reporter: now the family says they're not even going to bother to put up christmas decorations. they have no idea who this woman is. they just want her caught before she strikes again. police say if you recognize the woman in the surveillance video, they definitely want to hear from you. iain? >> all right, dawn, thank you. the family of the boy who died from complications with the enterovirus d68 plan to honor his memory it's still not clear how four year old eli wahler got sick but the medical examiner has determined the respiratory illness is what caused his dea death. yardville elementary school which he attended was sanitized as precaution. another child from the school was tested for the enterovirus as well. that family is now waiting on results from the centers for disease control. hamilton township school leaders held a meeting laugh night hoping to ease the community fears but relatives dropping kids today are still on edge.
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>> i really don't think there's anything that can make you feel better until we finally don't hear any more of these cases, because there's not saying this is over with. and i guess that's what i would need to hear. that it was an isolated case. it's not. >> reporter: eli' father says his family and friends plan to honor his memory by stabbing the first day of school foundation which will support special education students. >> and you'll no longer see the trump name on the recently shut down trump plaza kaseen no atlantic city. the name started comin coming dn today and it will take few weeks to pleat. trump plaza went out of business last month. skyfox also flew over the trump taj mahal in atlantic city today where that name could soon change as well. evan today and donald trauma are pushing a lawsuit against trump entertainment which they no longer control to have their name removed. the company is in bankruptcy and threatening to shut down the taj mahal next month. >> well today is the deadline
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for pennsylvanians to register to vote in the november 4th election. people who want to register for the first time or change their address or political party. just need to complete an application it must be post marked, however, or delivered to the county board of elections where you live by the close of business today. now you don't have much time as you know, but you can download applications from the pennsylvania state department's website. we have that linc posted on under seen on tv. if you tend to have a lead foot when you're behind the wheel you may want to start easing up on the gas a group of delaware conte police officials got together today to press the case forgetting their officers the right to use radar to catch petepeter speeders in pennsylvaa only the state police can use radar devices for speed enforcement. >> we hear it over and over again from our police officers. it's one of the tools that they need in order to do their job
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effectively and promote safety within our neighborhoods. >> pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of speeding rela related deaths in the country. septa and the philadelphia fire department mark fire prevention week today and they unveiled the fire prevention card that will be did he say played in septa vehicles. it gives tips for preventing fire tragedies. the card will be displayed in 2500 septa vehicles. >> to your fox 29 weather authority now. things warmed up a bit but just for now. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. hi, joyce. this morning it was chilly. temperatures in the 30s. low 40s even in the philadelphia area. but we recovered nicely. with a lot of sunshine and dry conditions right now as we look at ultimate doppler you can see we're scanning the area looking good in the poconos, philadelphia down the shore right now no rainfall. but toward the central and western part of the state, there is some spotty activity it's a disturbance that's moving through just a series of disturbance that is we'll watch over the neck several days. but you can see beautiful sunshine right now, a little
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breezy those winds out of the south southeast. 13 miles per hour. 71 degrees is the current temperature and we are certainly warmer than the same time yesterday by how much? about 10 degrees in philadelphia. 15 degrees north and west. the timing of that rainfall and more temperature changes later this week. all coming up. iain and joyce. >> scott, thank you. >> a philadelphia cop killer delivers the commence many address at a college in vermont. it's development many in our area hope would never happen. why the school says it's happy it did. >> and you may hold some fond memories from your childhood playing on the swing set, but that's not the type of memory you and your children may share. why more and more schools are getting rid of the swing sets. it seemed like a quiet evening at the st. louis symphony until people protesting the deadly police shooting in ferguson, missouri stood up and made that are presence known. ferguson, missouri stood up and made that are presence known. whaton my journey across americ,
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football fans like meat clearly, i am a football fan. up your game with the new ultimate meats pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. >> following breaking news into fox 29. another set back for olympian michael phelps just days after saying he was re-entering rehab usa swimming has suspended him for six months. phelps is forced to withdraw from next year's world championships. last week in baltimore of course phelps arrested for his second dui. he is still allowed to train but cannot participate in any usa sanctioned meets through marc march 6t sixth of 2015. he announced last week he was
5:25 pm
going for treatment at a six week inpatient program. >> demonstrators protesting the death of unarmed teenager killed by police interrupt add performance of the st. louis symphony. >> ♪ >> the folks for the symphony hall says the demonstrators for michael brown were all in different of the a recent n those in the upper levels dropped paper hearts off the balcony as well which read mike brown. he was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri in august while some audience members were stunned, others applauded the demonstration. >> there were a number of patrons inside the hall who were apparently very moved by what these people had to say. >> the symphony says the demonstrators left pes physical and while they were paying customers, the hall may now look into changing some of its security protocol.
5:26 pm
a pennsylvania lawmaker is trying to silence the voices of convicted killers. the efforts stems from convicted cop killer mumia ab were you jamal's commence many address at a vermont college on sunday. students of goddard college selected him the minute taped speech was played for the 20 graduates. he was originally sentenced to death for killing philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner in 1981. he was resentenced in 2012 to life in prison. the controversial decision to have him speak throughout cries from supporters and detractors. >> we want to provide an avenue of this legislation that allows our victim, the district attorney or the attorney general file civil action in court in front of a judge and allow a judge to intervene on the behavior of this -- the particular person. >> rights of our students to choose free speech rights, the fact that mumia has a long history of writing and thinking about issues that -- about social justice, about racial issues in our society.
5:27 pm
>> he is an alum of goddard college. your doctor's jent may play a role mow how comfortable you feel with them. >> why having a female doctor may be better for your health. and a panhandler spotted driving off in a brand new set of wheels. she's confronted on camera and she's definitely not happy about it. >> but first, septa is about to take you on high-tech ride. an exclusive behind the scenes look at what's in store for riders in one big change you
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>> we have breaking news in that chinatown sexual assault case we told you at the top of the hoyer hour. philadelphia police say right now, they have a person of interest in custody now. this video may disturb some of our viewers. police say a man walked into the art studio on the 100 block of north ninth street in chinatown. started beating the owner. he's also accused of sexually assaulting and robbing her. police say the attacker stole $600 before taking off. we'll have much more coming up in a live report at 6:00. >> septa is gearing up to get rid of those tokens and go high tech. >> it is test agnew system and i got an exclusive behind the scenes look at what you can expect. ♪ >> it will be faster. >> you don't have to have the cash money. >> easier. >> not having to worry about dropping tokens. >> septa rides into the future. no more tokens. >> i think this is the 1950s
5:31 pm
with the tokens. i'm not sure why it's taking so long. >> septa's new system has been in the works for years. this is septa's test lab on the tenth floor of septa's headquarters building on market street. we got an exclusive behind the scenes look where septa has several prototype machines that look close to what riders will see next year. >> we're anxious for transit to be launched in 2015 and then we'll move ahead to 2016 with regional rail. >> the lab has everything riders will see when the new system roles out next year. the new technology will replace so many septa's outdated token system that will allow users to pay with a septa smart card or a debit or credit card. >> all you do is get your card, tap it and you walk through. you exit you just walk and it will open up. >> sam, is the director of equipment and maintenance. >> sensor is here. >> he's responsible for all of the new machines and computers
5:32 pm
septa will use heading into the future. the new system will also work on buses. >> this is a bus validate. it's very similar as you see to everything else we have. so people in the future come in. tap and they can go on board the bus. and they can still use cash if they wish. >> but tokens will eventually be phased out. the old system has been around for decades, and septa says it's time to lead the way into the future so no more standing in line to buy tokens. >> people today when they buy their instruments, they buy them like on a friday or a sunday. tomorrow you're going to be able to do this by the web, a week ahead of time. just so many more different efficiencies. >> starting a new system from the ground up takes time. the lab helps septa get ready for the real thing. >> we're testing it to extremes to make sure we get it as close as we can to right before we go public with the system. >> and if you still have tokens
5:33 pm
us use them for awhile to transition to the new system. >> if you still have a token you can buy a quick trip and it dispense as quick trip and you can use it in our system. >> the new system is better in many ways. he is special physical you happen to lose your smart card. if a customer loses two pack of tokens or a five pack or 10 pack, those tech cones are gone forever. with the new system, if you load your tokens value on to one much our smart cards and you register that product the smart card with us and you lose or it's stolen that smart card you just report that to our service center. >> we have a stored val you've $20 on this card. >> and your card will be replaced. >> while some riders may like the old-fashioned system, most septa users saying doing away with token is long overdo. >> i won't be sad to see it go. >> you know it's funny how you did the story. you had an experience.
5:34 pm
>> i want to take my kids to the convention show back in february. let's jump on the subway. they in never been on the subway neither had i. i was looking for a machine to buy a card. you got to buy a token. i was like what? that made me think. >> he thought we were behind the times. we're moving forward now. looking forward to moving into high tech. congratulations there. >> all right. the term nickel ride dates to time when amusement rides cost 5 cents. >> our jeff cole has a story of a an alleged police nickel ride which will cost taxpayers lot more than that. jeff, live in the newsroom now. >> reporter: you looking i was they had to this report tonight we got it coming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock joyce. sometime soon the city will cut a big check for james mc kenna it's due to run in he had with city police a few years ago which he claims included one of those wild rides. he claims he was toss flood a city police van with his hands cuffed behind his back. when the ride was over, he says he could barely hold up his he
5:35 pm
head. he claims he was the victim of a so called nickel ride. >> must have been going 40, 50 miles an hour and then the brakes were slammed on. and i went sliding off the vehicle and my head hit the partition. >> for that they are going to cut him a very big check. coming up to note at 10:00, learn just how big that check will be and who will pay. i'll bet you can guess and how badly he claims he was hurt. that's as fox 29 investigates tonight at 10:00 o'clock. folks. >> all right, jeff, thanks. we look forward no. jeff's story part of an incredible lineup right here on fox 29. it all starts with gotham the big hit at 8:00 o'clock followed by sleepy hollow at 9:00 and then of course the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> the effects from heavy night of drink cog last a whole lot longer than that hangover. >> why doctors say boozing could be bad for your mental health. and some california kayakers see their luck shift from horrible to great. first they go head to head with a great white shark.
5:36 pm
luckily help was already nearby. >> and coming up at 6:00 if you don't know latin this local library sign might look impressive but some passers by translated this phrase and discovered well it doesn't quite mean what the authorities were going for. how they are correcting the mistake coming up much scott. >> iain right now ultimate doppler tracking a few spotty showers to the western part of the state. find out when some of this activity will ar
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♪ >> investigators in virginia holding out hope they will find a missing college student. hannah graham went missing three week ago in charlottesville. this weekend more than 100 volunteers searched an 8-mile area looking for the student. police say they have received thousands of tips and are going to keep working to bring hannah home. while the investigation continues, her parents are pleading for anyone to come forward with information leading to her return. >> somebody listening to me today, either knows where hannah is or knows someone who has that information. we appeal to you to come forward
5:40 pm
and tell us where hannah can be found. >> hannah graham was last seen on surveillance leaving a bar with 32 year old jesse matthew. he has been arrested and charged with abduction to attempt to defile. >> in your health tonight could seeing a female doctor be better for your health? well, some researchers in france say, yes. and here's why. they found patients are more likely to take advice from female doctors than male doctors. especially when it comes to nutrition, exercise and weight loss. researchers believe the way female doctors communicate on these issues play as big role in how their patients respond to their suggestions. and here's something to consider the next time you go out for a few drinks. a new study out of australia warns too much booze can slow development in your brain. we've heard that before. and even contribute to mental illness. especially for younger drinkers. well experts say people who are 16 to 25 years old may have this
5:41 pm
issue more if they drink alcohol on weekly basis. but the good news is, doctors say the young brain can also recover from that kind of dama damage. >> and you may fond childhood memories of playing on swing set. that's not the type of memory you and your child end up sharing. why more and more schools are getting rid of swing sets. >> a panhandler spotted driving off in a brand new set of wheels. she's confronted on camera and she's definitely not happy about it. >> oh, how about those eagles? they're wiping and the topic is the quarterback but the question is, what's wrong with nick foles? chip kelly talks about
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>> police in california arrest two people after a couple of fans were attacked during yesterday's san francisco game. police say it happened in one of the bam rooms in the brand new levi stadium. two victims were taken to the hospital. one is in serious condition. the other was treated and released. >> get away from me right now. stop. >> get away from me. >> no. >> all right now. well a woman begging for money goes ballistic as you can see there when a man confronts her after seeing the panhandler drive off in brand new car. daniel, had just given her mon money. a witness captured that angry confrontation on camera. >> he had may me when i saw her monday behind this gas station right here parked counting the
5:46 pm
money and she had a lot of money in her lap. i couldn't take it my anger took over me. >> the woman is fit years old and daniel says its at first he thought he was just doing a good deal deed by helping her out. >> in california, some fishermen were in the right place at the right time. >> helped six kayakers who had a run in with a shark. fox's tracy layer has the story. >> look at that bleep. dude, huge bleep. >> kay i don't care kerr had the brothers to thank for rescuing them from a the jaws of a shark. >> holes from great white shark. >> while he was attack at other side holding on. >> this thing his jaws were probably, 16, 18-foot shark. >> they believe it was great white. >> i saw a splash about the size of a few feet out of the water and i'm like wow that's kind of weird.
5:47 pm
>> the captain of elizabeth an inform and his brother had been sport fishing for sea bass 60 miles north of santa barbara around point conception. >> guys just got hit by another great white shark. all of a sudden you hear may day, may day, may day on the radio and so i picked um immediately. roger. where you at? >> they rescued three kayakers after the first may day call. >> we're going to get them out of the water. >> upside down and he's clinging to the top of it. >> we get the kayak, and we get him on our boat and two other the guys that were him hopped on our boat also and we towed them all three in the landing the boat house. >> they rescued three of their friends in the same area an hour later. >> the shark had knocked his guy out of the water probably eight or 9 feet through the air but came out of the water and it punched about six or eight holes in the kayak. the kayak was sinking. >> i mean my heart is beating right now because it was such an den lynn rush.
5:48 pm
>> the they know was as white as you are tall. >> a popular item at the playground is slowly being removed at schools in washington state. swing sets are becoming a thing of the past. at one school district it's due to a push from insurance companies who say they're just too dangerous. they say the sets tour blame for most play ground injuries across the country. >> the schools get modern knifed oren know 58ed as we're doing work on the playground equipment, we'll take out the swings. it's just really a safety issue. swings have been determined to be the probably the most unsafe of all the playground equipment on a play ground. >> wow. each year nearly 2,000 children wind up in the emergency room due to an accident on the play ground. >> wow. back to your fox 29 weather authority scott the weather is beautiful for fall right now. a little cold yesterday. it's getting a little warmer. >> speaking of swings, we had
5:49 pm
some temperature swings today. low 40s for philadelphia and wilmington. trenton 38 degrees this morning and 2 degrees away from freezing in the poconos at 34. but right now temperatures have recovered. pretty nicely a beautiful afternoon. we're looking at low 70s right now. a little breezy. winds are out of the south southeast at 13 miles an hour. you can see old glory kind of flapping there in the wind the sun will set this evening at 6:35. so as we talk a little bit about the high temperatures in the area in the low 70s looking pretty good. you can see 71 in allentown right now. 72 reading. 71 in wilmington as well as dover. we're looking at sixty-seven degrees currently in atlantic city. so compared to this same time yesterday, we're about 10 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 15 degrees warmer in the pocono mountains. and 10 degrees warmer in dover. so if you're stepping outdoors, it will be breezy. mild to start. but then those temperatures will be dropping comfortably cool we'll call it 62 at 9:00 p.m.
5:50 pm
60 degrees by 11:00. a spotty shower is late tonight as the cloud cover increases out ahead of our first disturbance that we'll watch over the neck several days so ultimate doppler is dry for now across our entire area. but toward the western and central part of the state, we're watching that first disturbance move through. not a whole lot of rainfall and really it will be spotty once it arrives towards our area. so a couple of systems here the first one that will move through during the overnight to bring a spotty shower chance. then a better chance with the second system that's right now moving through sections of minnesota. that will arrive tomorrow evening and overnight. so as we watch the clock, we're dry but the cloud cover starts to increase by 10:00 o'clock after midnight. north and west mainly toward the pocono mountains by 1:00 o'clo 1:00 o'clock. watching for some spotty showers. when you're watching sue serio tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. she'll probably be tracking a few spotty showers north and west. and then as we move throughout the day tomorrow, decreasing cloud cover for the first part of the day and then the clouds roll back in tomorrow night as
5:51 pm
we watch another disturbance move through. so by 10:00 p.m., more showers moving in across the area. but that one will be moving out rapidly. likely clearing the coast to start your wednesday morning so the timing for both of these systems will be overnight. so mostly cloudy. spotty showers after midnight tonight. temperatures not as chilly. low 50s in the suburb. mid to upper 50s in the city. tomorrow early spotty showers, to start the day, and then we'll call it partly sunny but more showers return at night. 75 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow with those winds warming us out of the south and west. as we move toward your wednesday, a spotty shower but clearing. low 70s and then turning a little cooler as we move into thursday. 68 degrees. another disturbance that arrives as we move into your friday will bring clouds and temperatures only topped out in the mid 60s. so friday right now looks to be kind of the dam many and drearier day of the week.
5:52 pm
leftover showers saturday. but we'll keep some clouds around and temperatures only in the mid 60s for highs. >> all right. >> thank you scott. >> blankets on the bed again. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> heat up a little bit. >> as long as sunday is dry. and he is earl somely sunday night. >> okay. >> right? >> it looks dry now. >> okay. no promises here. >> now. >> for now. >> today is monday. >> all right. the eagles won on sunday believe the or not against st. louis. at this point, i'm almost sure everybody knows that, but with what's being said in town and on talk radio you would not know the eagles are four and one i do realize why the fans are concerned. there are areas of the team that need to be better. and one is nick foles. in one area, that's an area that needs improvement and foles knows it. coming off that great season he had last season, the expectations are high this year. but nick foles has to make better throws. especially when he has open receivers. i think at times you can be too
5:53 pm
technical with his fundamentals but the question remains about throwing off his back foot. >> i think sometimes when it happens there's a rush and he's trying to slide to the right or slide to the left not setting has feet when he slides. in terms of staying on top of it and staying in a good pocket to throw the ball. he can fix it. it's just a matter of drill work, fundamental do a lot of movement drill. bill does nice job from that stand point. >> he'll be better on sunday night. one area that is clearly big reason the eagles have won four games special team that area of the team that can win games that is the case with eagles. eagles blocked another punt yesterday for a touchdown. no other team in nfl history has blocked punts for touchdowns in two consecutive weeks. >> in this league where everything is so close, there's very very rare blow outs anywhere. the game is usually coming down to a possession are two. special teams is something i think you need to address.
5:54 pm
>> culture that chip is running and the culture of the eagles. it's not -- no one is saying i just want to catch the ball and run. i want to play offense. everyone understands we want to win. we'll do whatever it takes to win. playing special teams is more of a privilege here than it is -- most people... >> week five in the nfl shows there are many weak teams and everybody has problems. for instance, the detroit lions, can't find a field goal kicker that can make a field goal between 40 and 49 yards. a former eagle fell into that situation yesterday. let's go to the detroit. remember alex henry? listen. doink. detroit lost by three. he missed three field goals. and of course, you have the new york jets. they flat out stink. they're one and four. geno smith can't play.
5:55 pm
san diego they got crushed. geno smith played one half and then michael vick came in and he was just as bad. doesn't rex ryan have to get fired before the end of the season? >> couldn't convert a third down. we remember one of 12 converting third downs whopping 8%. gave up 60% conversion rate on third down on defense. and it only seemed like 100% but it was complete, bleep whooping and it was me that was get mike ass kicked. apologize to our fans. those that are left. (laughter). >> let me tell you, they would be better off if you just resigned. he's a bad coach. that team has gone nowhere for years. >> all right. >> how war, thanks. >> coming up at six if you don't know latin this local library sign mike look impressive but it doesn't quite mean what the authors were going for. how they are correcting the mistake. >> and we're checking in on betty.
5:56 pm
herpes full life at a chester county animal sanctuary was threatened with somebody shot her with an arrow. today, we went to see
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> happening now at 6:00 the search for a man behind a terrifying assault. this is how it began. surveillance video shows a man walking into a chinatown art studio before police say he committed a horrible act. investigators say he pummeled the own are in with punches before sexually
6:00 pm
assaulting and then robbing her. tonight, they've got person of interest in for questioning. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm joyce evans in nor lucy noland. we want to warn uh-uh might find some of the video and details of this story disturbing. let's get out to fox 29's dave schratwieser he's live in chinatown tonight. dave, you got new information? >> reporter: we do just late this afternoon, joyce, police packed up a gentleman, a homeless gentleman lives at a local homeless shelter. police were sitting on that homeless shelter after they believed they recognized the gentleman. he walk out, they picked him up took him up to the special victims unit he's now being questioned. being called a person of interest. we'll show you some video of him early -- of the suspect in this case early sunday morning entering an art studio here on ninth street in chinatown around 8:30. went inside. brutally attacked the woman inside with a metal object. repeatedly hit her over the head. sexually assaulted her and robbed her of $600 before he fled. now police put out the surveillance v