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assaulting and then robbing her. tonight, they've got person of interest in for questioning. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm joyce evans in nor lucy noland. we want to warn uh-uh might find some of the video and details of this story disturbing. let's get out to fox 29's dave schratwieser he's live in chinatown tonight. dave, you got new information? >> reporter: we do just late this afternoon, joyce, police packed up a gentleman, a homeless gentleman lives at a local homeless shelter. police were sitting on that homeless shelter after they believed they recognized the gentleman. he walk out, they picked him up took him up to the special victims unit he's now being questioned. being called a person of interest. we'll show you some video of him early -- of the suspect in this case early sunday morning entering an art studio here on ninth street in chinatown around 8:30. went inside. brutally attacked the woman inside with a metal object. repeatedly hit her over the head. sexually assaulted her and robbed her of $600 before he fled. now police put out the surveillance video this
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afternoon. so folks could get a look at it. folks all over social media were passing it around. we've aired it several times. but police had apparently recognized the guy from prior contact with him. he is homeless gentleman i'm told from the reading area right now he's being questioned. police and business owners talked to us this afternoon about this disturbing crime. >> very disturbing in the sense you see how this mail assaults her on this video and then his overall demeanor he appears to not be phased by the incident taking place. >> all the neighbors we like each other. we scared sometimes. >> reporter: scared indeed because this gentleman was so violent. the suspect in the video again tonight police have a person of interest in for questioning at the special victims unit. they expect to question him for several hours. again that surveillance video has been out since around noon today we'll bring you update on this story coming up at 10:00 o'clock. iain. >> dave, thank you. philadelphia school reform commission today making good on
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a veil threat making for months. canceling its contract with the teachers union and imposing changes in benefit contributio contributions. many local education activists are blaming what they see as inadequate funding from the corbett administration for the sorry state of philadelphia schooschools. lace this afternoon some of them gather outside the governor's center city office to protest the decision by the state controlled commission. fox 29's bruce gordon in the newsroom tonight what this stunning move means for students and parents. >> we say stunning in way this was expected. src said everyone must sacrifice to get the district back to a balanced budget including union knifed teachers who till now have paid nothing toward their they will coverage it looks like that is about to change. >> they just canceled our crack and said we'll have to pay for benefits src meeting was as stunning as it was short. after 21 months of stalemate with the philadelphia federation of teachers, the commission voted unanimously to cancel the
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teachers contract and impose new rules. >> we will take what we believe to be the most fair and least onerous of poor choices employee contributions to health care will change. >> come mid december the plan would see pft members for the first time ever pay into their health coverage. anywhere from $27 a month to 200 depending on their salary and whether they receive single person or family coverage. the src says the move will generate nearly $44 million a year in savings money that will go directly into cash strapped district schools. superintendent dr. william hite said he supported the move. reluctantly insisting it was less onerous than forcing big pay cuts or mass layoffs. >> given the fiscal environment in which we are facing, we all have to share in the sacrifice in order to provide our children with what should be very basic resources. >> reporter: education activists those few who knew about and attended the src meeting blasted the commission for its lack of openness.
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>> this is an absolute act of how cowardness by an src that the people in the city do not want any more. >> secret lined closed doors, zero conversation about it and expect anybody to stand up and say good job, guy. >> how dare they? president jerry jordan insists the src has no legal right to cancel their contract and claimed the district has ignored money saving ideas from the union during what were supposed to be give and take sessions. >> what the district has done is they have said we want it all. we want it all. and that is unacceptable and we will not agree to it. >> reporter: jordon promise as court fight to stop the benefit changes imposed by the src. he also challenges the commission's numbers. claiming they will not produce 44 million from the teachers contribution to health coverage and further suggesting any money generated will likely be frittered away by the folks in charge. joyce, the tense relationship between src and the teachers is
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about to get a whole lot nasty eighty three. >> you got that right, bruce. thank you so much for now. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority an live look from philadelphia international airport. clear skies and cool temperatures. fall making its presence known today. chief meteorologist scott williams as hasn't watching all of these changes. >> scott? >> joyce it certainly was a chilly start to your monday across the area. but we saw a lot of sunshine so toes temperatures recovered nicely also the wind direction has been out of the south. ultimate doppler right now is dry and quiet. but off to the west, the first disturbance is headed in our direction that will bring some spotty showers late tonight. northeast philadelphia this morning, 40 degrees. 41 in wilmington. um per 30s in trenton, 34 degrees in the pocono mountains. right now, we still have mostly sunny skies. 68 degrees sun will set in about 30 minutes. still breezy winds out of the south southeast upper 60s right now. and you can see it's warmer than this same time yesterday area wide. we'll talk about the timing of the rain as well as more
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temperature changes ahead with the seven day coming up. back to you. >> all right. thank you scott. now to a developing story. the effort to contain the spread of ebola here in the u.s. there are two confirmed cases here. one in nebraska. the other in texas. a liberian man is fighting for his live in dallas after becom becoming sick while visiting here. now hospital officials say the man is in stable condition today after being listed in critical condition over the weekend. a free lance journalist is being treated in isolation at a nebraska medical center. he is the fifth american to become infected with the virus. his parents say he's in good spirits despite his fragile condition. >> he's enormously relieved to be here. of course, it's still quite frighteninfrightening but he's . >> the world health organization says the outbreak has killed more than 3400 people in west africa so far.
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>> closer to home health officials in delaware confirm a child does not have ebola. youngster from liberia was adm admitted to bay health kent general in dover on saturday. doctors say the child did have ebola like symptoms but they have determined the patient is not infected with ebola. they say the child will stay at the hospital for observation until the cdc gives an all cle clear. the outbreak in liberia is a hampering a minister' effort to get supplies donated here in the us home to a maternity clipping that he recovers in africa. >> he has been in the us since june trying to get desperately needed supplies shipped to the health line community clinic. but in that time he says ebola has spread rapidly and stopped the process. the delaware county pastor and minister of the group called compassion core are helping to raise money to get these supplies to people suffering from liberia. >> they do screening and they
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refer the affected and they're doing also education in the community, you know, so that, um, ebola can be prevented. they are teaching people what to do. >> this will save lives and that's why we're so eager to do it because we know if you can stop the disease by disinfecting and stopping the spread of it, we may have a chance. >> pastor sal will he is worried about his wife who's been running the clinic and treating patients in liberia while he's working on getting these supplies and others donated from all across the u.s. home to africa. donations are being received through the compassion crops website. >> you can keep up with the latest developments on ebola in the u.s. and abroad when we're not on tv at >> meanwhile the children's hospital of philadelphia says it's notified the centers for disease control and prevention about two more patients with serious muscle weakness in one or more limbs along with changes
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in their spines. these can be symptoms of enterovirus much the hospital reporting three similar cases on friday bringing the total number of cases to five. so far doctors say none of these children have actually been diagnosed with enterovirus. >> us supreme core has turned down appeals from five states trying to ban same sex marriag marriages. the justices have ende ended des in indiana, oklahoma, utah, virginia and wisconsin. the decision has triggered a series of moves in affected states to clear the way for same sex unions. the justices also effectively made gay marriage legal in 30 states. this was the first day of the supreme court's new term. pennsylvania is moving closer to making an attack based on sexual orientation a hate crime. a bill to do just that has passed the house judiciary committee and now moves to the full house for a vote. a new push to add sexual orientation to the state's hate
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crime law began just last month after the brutal beatings of two gay men in center city philadelphia. and the latin motto engraved on the wall in a new library in south jersey got lost in translation. >> officials thought that the phrase meant, we confirm all things but it actually means, we second guess all. this happened moorestown, burlington county. the architect says he learned of the problem from residents who translated it online. he says he'll pay a stone cutter to change the phrase to, we encourage all. he will also have the roman numerals fixed to reflect the proper year. >> there's the thing called google translates which we did not look at. i'm of the age i don't look at these things first off. so as a result, when you put it into google translate, it comes out, we also second guess. >> the mayor says mistake is only mistake if you don't have the courage to correct it. in philadelphia halloween grinch caught on camera. >> she stole one family's
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decorations, the clues police hope will track down a thief. >> and we've already introduced to you betty, her peaceful life in a chester county animal sanctuary was threatened when somebody shot her with an arrow. today we made the trip to see how she's doing. howard? >> and why was lesean mccoy not in the game yesterday in critical series in the fourth quarter? chip kelly gives us his explanation coming up in sports. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 -- at 10:00 tonight a dog cheats death twice. first he's hit by a car and then almost euthanized. what happens next is nothing short of a miracle. how he's living out a life that was almost
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♪ >> someone stole the joy from halloween for one philadelphia family and it's all caught on camera. their theft of decorations were taken from right outside their home. >> but the deed as you can see caught on surveillance and the
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hope is that it may lead police to that thief. fox 29's dawn timmeney with this story. report. >> i want everyone to know that this lady is out here doing this. >> reporter: stealing halloween decorations of all thing. this mother of two who doesn't want to be identified can't believe someone would stoop so low. but she says they caught the thief red handed on their home surveillance cameras. >> there she is. she has my things in her hand and she's walking off and actually she's walking across the street to her car. >> reporter: this mom says besides swiping decorations from their home on the 2800 block of castor avenue yesterday morning, the woman steals two pumpkins her five year old daughter and nine year old son planted in their side garden. >> they were absolutely looking forward to carving them and they were more happy that they did it themselves. that they grew them themselves. >> reporter: what's even more outrageous, not satisfied with her stash, the pumpkin thief decides to pull her car closer to steel several plants. >> it takes a lot of guts
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honestly to pull your car out front with your blinkers on to take the rest of my belongings. she's very cautious. she put her hazards on report roar this cautious crook apparently not noticing not one but three surveillance cameras rolling as she spoils a favorite family holiday. >> she really ruined my halloween, my kids halloween. report roar the family says they just hope this woman is caught before she highjacks someone else's halloween. police say if you recognize the woman from the surveillance video, give them a call. at the 24th police district dawn timmeney fox 29 news. >> pennsylvania state police are trying to figure out who shot and wounded a pig with an arrow at an animal sanctuary. >> luckily tonight betty is on the road to recovery. we visited her at the new bolten center in kennett square where she underwent surgery. doctors say she was hit by two arrows last week in london grove township. she was there amongst other pigs and animals.
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none of the others were hurt. doctors say betty could be going home soon. >> she probably will have an excellent prognosis from now on, and war all very happy for that because she did not look so good when she came in. were you she did a full circle. >> doctors say betty could be getting out of the hospital and returning to they are home passion early as wednesday. the investigation into who could have done this continues. if you know anything about this, please give police a call. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. had a little jacket on when i was taking the boys to school today. it was a little chilly this morning. >> only jack. i had only a jacket but i needed that little jacket. will it was chilly this morning. extra layers and girth probably protected betty but folks were kind of layered up this morning. northeast philadelphia 40 for the low. trenton upper 30s. um per 30s in allentown.
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34 degrees in the pocono mountains. but we recovered pretty nicely. temperatures right now in the upper 60s. the sun will set this evening at 6:35. it's been breeze is he with those winds soft age southeast at 13 miles an hour. as we look at the almanac today, philadelphia if degrees. northeast philadelphia the high today made it up to 73. 47 was the official low in the city. normal time -- temperature for this time of year is 70 degrees. so as we look at the numbers right now, we're pretty uniform mid to upper 60s across the board. 69 in reading. upper 60s in trenton. 66 currently as we move into south jersey. 66 in wrightstown and upper 60s currently in dover. compared to this same time yesterday, certainly a warmer scenario. 11 degrees warmer in trenton. 12 degrees warmer in reading. the high yesterday in philadelphia was only 61 degrees f you're stepping outdoors, it will be a little breezy but we'll call it comfortably cool. cloud cover will be on the
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increase late and we're talking about a spotty shower chance but most of the rainfall chances this week won't arrive until friday. ultimate doppler right now, as we scan the area, north and west looking dry. south jersey, all of delaware, fine but take look at the western part of the state. our first disturbance is moving through pittsburgh, state college, watching for spotty showers. some of this activity will rotate in our direction overnight. and then as we move into tuesday night, wednesday morning, the second system. that is waiting well to the north and west. so as we look at the clock tonight, we're dry. we're quite the but the cloud cover starts to increase and watch what happens after midnight. north and west we're watch something spotty showers moving of move toward the pocono mountains by 4:00 a.m. when you're watching the fox 29 morning news once again north and west we're looking at that threat for some spotty showers. that disturbance will lift out of here giving way to some sun and clouds. throughout the day tomorrow. but watch the clock tomorrow night. another disturbance approaches so we're talking more rainfall
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scattered about and the timing is perfect. it's during the overnight so most of it will be out of here for that wednesday morning commute. so for tonight, mostly cloudy, spotty showers after midnight. temperatures bottom out in the 50s. not as chilly not talking 30s and 40s like this morning and then for tomorrow, the high 75 degrees. early spotty showers. but better rainfall chances with the second system tomorrow night and it will be out of here during the day wednesday morning. 73 for the high on wednesday. upper 60s on thursday. but then friday the best chance for widespread rain temperatures only in the mid 60s. we'll try and clear thing out of here early saturday but temperatures will be stuck in the mid 60s for highs. both and p saturday and sunday. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. eagles monday. it always is on monday in football season. >> the eagles win but when they do there are always questions. one of the many that came up after yesterday's game. the number of plays the eagles
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have on offense and what happened to lesean mccoy for some of the plays in the final quarter? the head coach will
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>> monday morning quarterback is sponsored by xfinity your home for the most live sports. >> it's a win. four and one you got to keep telling yourself that. but at the end of the day defensively we've got to play better than that with a lead.
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>> that didn't happen yesterday. the eagles won the game yesterday. although more than a little scary for the fans. it came down to the final minute. in the end the eagles are four four-one. yes bill davis said it's a windy fence has been playing well but something got lost in the final quarter. eagles were up 34-seven. now, one area that many into the fall people look at the time of possession. chip kelly doesn't care about time of possession. but like chip does many times, he gives reasons why and in this case doesn't care if everything is equal. >> they had 76 plays. we had 70 plays on offense. i think we were both on the field about the same time amount of time. you know, i know you guys always look time of possession is different but if they're studying in the huddle i don't know how that fatigues everybo everybody. if they're running 90 place and we're running 50 plays that's a big problem. >> he explains i think he really does explain things well. there is another question coming out of sunday's game. in the fourth quarter, lesean mccoy wasn't in the game for
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three straight plays. in a critical offensive series. i know mccoy is tired at times, but one of the plays was after a st. louis timeout. and fans would question that. now we all know what darrin sproles can do and chip kelly explains that sproles is just as good in the game? >> ooh got a knack of understanding. he's a real smart football player and i said it from the day we got him here he real sal talented talented running back and has great vision and has a great understanding of what we're doing from a blocking scheme standpoint so he understands what we're doing. that was one of things that surprised me even when we first got him. what a really talented running back he is. >> me and sproles, we work together on the offensive line. we work that together. i touch the ball a lot tonight -- today. 20 some carries. next time we got to really finish it. for me or for them we got to finish the game. >> regardless of what happens, they've got get better on offense. if they're going to continue
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this. >> all right. thank you howard. >> that will do it for us tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you backhoe at 10:00. >> we'll see you backhoe at 10:00. have a great night.
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shake my hand! >> totally cool. >> yeah. >> the tv doc back from the ebola hot zone. >> i take my temperature twice a day. then, taking the plunge. >> there he goes! >> wedding proposal gone wrong. and, poisoned by iced tea. >> she was hanging over the trash, gagging and choking. >> just released surveillance tape. the moment she drank the toxic tea. plus, from "baywatch" babe to driving an ice-cream truck. how did this happen? then -- >> the new wave of


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