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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  October 7, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good morning. we're on top of breaking news out of delaware county. an apartment fire displayses a 100 people, what officials are saying so far. also sue serio is tracking the rain that is coming down right now. >> yes, there are some showers moving through the area. a few more headedded our way as you can see there on ultimate doppler radar, how long will they stick around and will sea any sunshine today. we will answer those questions, coming up, chris. then a shocking 20 year study on marijuana what researchers are saying that debunks claims that potties harmless. the plus what it means for your teenager if your teenager is smoking pot at a young age. lots of concerns for sure.
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>> absolutely. good day, it is tuesday, october 7th, 2014, we are warming up out there and we are warming up in here as well. we have kings out in the first hour. >> speak for yourself. >> yes. >> that is a long first hour. >> well, you know what we were looking at a frost advisory at this time yesterday, in the happening today but we have different issues. we will go with six out of ten. it is cloudy throughout the day. there will be times of sunshine. it will be a mild afternoon with temperatures in the mid 70's but scattered showers. they are around right now. we will get a break from those showers in a couple of hours, little rhyme there. there are some showers moving out of northeastern maryland moving into chester county and new castle will county delaware. 64 degrees is our current temperature. we have a 10-mile an hour breeze out of the south/southwest and 7:03 is our sunrise time, yeah, sun, i don't know if we will see too much to start, but there will be times of sunshine today but good news it is not as cold,
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64 degrees in the city, 62 trenton. fifty-nine in lancaster. we have 64 in millville. sixty-three in wilmington and 60 in dover delaware. wind are out of the south and southwest, the milder wind, it is a warm front that is coming through but it could quick liz be followed by a cold front, coming through tonight, so 75 degrees today, stray showers, around, and then tonight some heavier rain and 58 degrees overnight, can't rule out a then are storm overnight either. that is your weather authority forecast at 5:02 is the the time, in north philadelphia, we have had that fire, from overnight, the at, ninth and dauphin, and it is at a vacant row house avoid that area and or take berks street or york to get by it. 295 northbound past rude 47, construction has left lanes block and finally on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove, construction has the left and center lanes block this morning, chris.
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sue, thank you. breaking news out of delaware county nearly 100 people were forced from their homes late last night because of a apartment fire in folcroft. fire crew where is called out just before 10:30 to the 100 block of folcroft avenue because of high levels of carbon monoxide. residents could not return to their units. the the red cross has opened up a shelter for people who are now needing another place to go. at 5:03. woman is under arrest after police say her four user old brought heroin to a feltonville delaware day care and began passing it out. police say 250 bags of her written were found in the bag packs she had been given by her mother, 30 year-old ashley tall, and the little girl thought it was candy. several kids who came in contact with the unopened bags were taken to the hospital as a precaution. at 5:03. the the philadelphia sports community mourning a passing of the legend a man brought philadelphia sports into their living room. >> bill campbell was play by play guy for so many sports in philadelphia from the original
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nba team here, the philadelphia warriors to the eagles 1960 championship game. howard eskin will have much more in his incredible career in sports in one minute. meanwhile at 5:04, children's hospital of philadelphia says it has notified the cdc about two more patients with serious muscle weakness in one or more limbs along with changes in their spines. those can be symptoms of the enterovirus. hospital reported three similar cases on friday bringing the total number now to five. so far doctors say none of these children have actually been diagnosed with enter owe virus. president obama says white house is considering extra screening at u.s. airports in an effort to stop the virus. he is calling on other nation toss help with the fight. public hospitals in new york city are concerned enough about ebola that they have secretly been sending actors with mock symptoms into emergency rooms to test how well the triage staff is at identifying and isolating possible cases ofe bowl a
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ebola has yet to affect a single person on u.s. soil but in europe there are new fears over the spread of the disease after a nurse in spain tested positive fore bowl a this makes her first person to have contracted the virus outside of west africa. the nurse was part of the team that treated two missionaries who were flown to spain after becoming infect with ebola in west africa. she's in isolation and said to be in stable condition. an american journalist who contracted ebola in liberia arrived in the u.s. yesterday and receiving treatment in nebraska. there are philadelphia federation of teachers, of course, planning to fight the the district's decision to cancel their contract and pay for a part of their health care. >> steve keeley live in spring garden at school district headquarters. i was there for the announcement and a lot of people had questions about how this played out by way of timing and a possibly a lawsuit to follow. >> reporter: you had no idea you were going to that until a couple hours before, because nobody knew about this meeting, one of the many things that had people in this city so upset.
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language used is a bit extreme here. morning headlines, quoting local state senator says the move sets off a quote war. the story lead says that the move activates the nuclear option. really. well, in more real plane english, philadelphia public schools and a little bit of math too, 15,000 teachers union members will to have pay up to 13 percent of their health benefits beginning december 15th, unless a court injunction stops the move before then. >> we will take what we believe to be the the most fair and least owner us support choices, employee contributions to health care will change. salary reductions as we have said starting on august 15th are off the table. to accomplish this, the school reform commission will exercise powers given to us by state law to cancel the labor contract between the school district and the philadelphia federation of teachers. >> this is an absolute act of cowardness by an src that the people in this city do not
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want anymore. if they weren't sure before, they know it now. >> to have the the school reform commission and the superintendent una laterally implement these kind of working conditions is wrong and will not be tolerated. >> reporter: little more arithmetic now, union members don't pay anything currently for their health benefits. authorities say it is the only teachers union in pennsylvania that pays nothing right now and 13 percent amounts to about 200 bucks a month. while the school administration says it is not cutting anybody's salary, welshing 200 bucks a month out of a paycheck does cut two you this bucks a year out of your salary. this is all going to court for sure and probably other people following this, retired teachers union members because they are losing their benefits too. their dentist visits, eye doctor visits, their glasses, pill prescriptions, all paid
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for now won't be paid for, by the school district anymore after december 15th. what will happen next? this is all going to court maybe all the way up to the u.s. supreme court to be decided on appeal by judges who are all political appointe was big salaries and probably some really good health benefits themselves. >> this week, so many questions to that end, src chairman bill green will be on good day at 7:30 in the morning. great job, thanks steve. happening today we will learn more bye a lawsuit filed by a catholic church by a man claiming sexual abuse at the hand of the new jersey priest. man claims at boost happened 30 years ago at the st. mary's roman catholic church in rutherford. the accused priest died in 1988 but lawsuit is against the archdiocese of newark and several former bishops as defendants in this case. the at alleged victim will speak out at a news conference today at the new jersey state house. tolls day there will be a memorial service in trenton for cooper university health
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system's ceo john sheridan and his wife, joyce. the couple was fun last month in the burning bedroom in their home in somerset county. authorities continue to investigate the but say the fire was deliberately set. today's services is at patriots theater beginning at 11:00 o'clock. a new jersey bankruptcy court judge expected to rule today on whether the sale of the revel casino should be approved. the florida developer who came up short in the auction has asked for the the judge to invalidate the results. glenn straub says he suffered a medical life and death situation and could not follow through on the bidding. revel's attorney selected brookfield asset management's 110 million-dollar bid. and more change in atlantic city, you'll no longer see trump name on the recently shut down trump plaza casino. that has already started. we're looking live in atlantic city. the casino went out of business last month. same name change could happen at trump taj mahal soon. ivanka and donald trump say they are pushing a lawsuit begins trump entertainment
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which could take their name off that casino as well. they claim the company vinyled the agreement. the company is threatening to shut down the taj next month. pennsylvania state police trying to figure out who shot and wounded a pig with an arrow at a animal sanctuary. luckily betty is on the road to recovery n fact we visited her at new bolton center in kenneth square where she underwent surgery. doctors say that she was hit with two arrows last week in london grove township. she was there a monk other pigs and animals. thankfully, none of them were hurt at the the sanctuary. doctors say betty can go home pretty soon. >> she probably will have an excellent prognosis from now on, and we're all very happy for that. because she to not look so good when she came in but she did a full circle. >> doctors say that betty could get out of the hospital and return to her home, tomorrow, the investigation into who could have done this continues. so if you do know anything, give police a call. coming up on 5:11 where we
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do weather on the one's, with sue serio, good morning. >> it looks like the rain we had around this morning isn't going to be lingering throughout the the rest of the day, not until tonight when another system comes through, in fact, it is a warm front coming through right now. so we will expect decent temperatures this afternoon. the let's break it down in your planner for tuesday in the 60's in the city as you get started, cloudy skies and a few showers, clouds, some sun, throughout the afternoon and then we should end up in the the mid 70's, taking a walk on the mild side, this afternoon, your sunset time is 6:34, p.m. that is your planner for tuesday from the weather authority, lets get started, with traffic, and we will start off with a problem we have had all morning in north philadelphia, that vacant row house fire at ninth and dauphin street a void this area by taking berks street and cumberland street to get around it, chris. sue, thank you. a big blunder in a brand new library of all places, what they probably should have proofread before spending big
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money at a library, really.
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welcome back. lets take a look at your national headlines, four top executives at the veterans affair department, stand to lose their jobs as officials move to reform the the agency. >> this is following the nationwide scandal over the delayed care for sick
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veterans. the dismissals are very first since congress pass aid law this summer making it easier for veterans who do experience delays to get care outside of the va's nationwide network hospitals of clinic. they include a top purchasing official at veterans health administration, directors of the hospital in pittsburgh and georgia and in central alabama. an illinois man accused of trying to travel overseas to join isis. parents of the 19 year-old mohammad kahn were in federal court yesterday as their son was charged with attempting to provide support to a terrorist organization. the teen was arrested over the weekend at o'hare international airport. authorities said they found documents expressing support for isis. 5:15. supreme court cleared the way for same sex marriage in more states. high court reject ago peels from five states declining to deciding whether wisconsin, indiana, oak, utah and virginia can legally ban gay marriage. couples in those states are now wasting in time getting
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married. >> this is the the outcome. this is the outcome that we have hoped for. it is the outcome that we have for the for. it is the outcome that the constitution requires. >> the number of states legalizing same sex marriage now jumps from 19 to 24 but six other states are impact by this decision and could soon have their bans lifted as well. for your health this morning a compelling case against cannabis. twenty year study suggest mar juan ace highly addictive and doubles risk of developing psychiatric problems including skits friend y it impairs intellectual development and older users who try to quit experience withdraw you symptoms including anxiety, insomnia and depression. author is professor of addiction policy in the uk and advisor to the world health organization. could seeing a female doctor be better for your health? some researchers i should say,
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in france, say yes, and here's the reason. they found patients are more likely to take advice from female doctors than male doctors especially when it comes to nutrition, exercise and weight loss. researchers believe the way a female doctor communicates on these issues was a big role in how patients respond to their suggestions, interesting, um, kerry. here's something to consider next time you go out for a couple drinks, new study out of australia that warns too many foods can slow development in your brain and even contribute to mental illnesses specially for younger drinkers. our brains are already i think developed. >> pickled. >> well, not well but they are develop in the less. experts say people 16 to 25 years old may have this issue more, if they drink alcohol, on a weekly basis. but the good news is that doctors say that the young brain can also recover from that kind of damage. in new jersey, if new jersey contractor really check the writing on the wall at a multi million-dollar new library they might have have noticed something was in the
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exactly right. >> so next chapter in this book now is another costly face lift, yes, fox 29's chris o'connell takes a look at this. >> this library is particularly unique. >> reporter: when moorestown took wraps off its new crown jewel public library back in may. >> it has radiator heat and floors. >> reporter: every detail was taken into account. >> it has a great children's library. >> reporter: well, almost detail. >> i was embarrassed. >> i would have never noticed it. >> reporter: apparently someone did notice it. >> it is a 11 million-dollar building and they could not get it right. >> reporter: this latin inscription was supposed to translate into, we confirm all things twice. a nice sentiment for a library, except, that is not what it really says. a simple google translation tells us that the latin phrase nos connecto, actually mean we second guess all.
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unfortunately it is already etched in stone. >> someone came by the building and googled it and came into the meeting of the the town hall and told mayor and council. that saying says this. and everybody said what? >> reporter: building's architect owned up to the mistake immediately. >> someone googled it and a wrong translation. >> reporter: do you think that is fun i check out roman numerals reading the years 1653, that is also wrong, it should have read 1853. the the year that the the library was founded. the mistakes even have some of the youngest students scratching their heads. what is the most important thing about doing your homework. >> getting everything right. >> reporter: do you think they got their homework right. >> no. >> reporter: architect who designed the building is having a stone cutter fix the mistake and instead of we second guess all, the the motto will be we encourage all. >> we believe in phrases and
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lines, and my phrase for this one a mistake is only a mistake if you don't have the courage to fix it. >> reporter: price tag to fix the mistakes is $12,000 but at the in cost to the taxpayer. talk about an expensive trip to the library. >> any lessons learned here. >> be really careful double-check everything twice. >> reporter: in moorestown, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> i don't know about that mistake, a mistake is a mistake only if you don't confess up to it. a mistake is a in mistake. >> i will pass that on to my daughter later on today. i think the the person who made the mistake should pay to fix it. >> here's an idea why don't they just write tonight english. >> i'm a big proponent of latin. my daughter takes lath inn in high school. >> maybe she should be employed by the library. >> if we had driven by in moorestown she would have pick it up, i'm certain of it. we are looking at ultimate doppler radar this latest batch of rain is moving
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through. that might be it for the morning, anyway, so heavier rain is already headed out of the poconos, in philadelphia, the rain has stopped here, for now, and a few areas of rain in gloucester county, and there is an area of rain moving out of northeastern maryland into chester county right the now. we will continue to keep an eye on all of this. this might be the last batch of this warm front and then we could have a decent afternoon. we will see a lot of clouds with a stray showers lingering for maybe another hour or so, and then, sometimes of sunshine but you can see the clouds thickening up this afternoon. it will be kind of cloudy, through sunset, and then, the the heavier rain will move through with a cold front overnight. so the seven day forecast has 75 degrees for today, very pleasant. seventy-three for tomorrow, and sunny and cooler on thursday work a high of 68 but it should be a pretty news is day and then a rainy day in store for friday, into saturday, and things stay kind of unsettled for the holiday weekend with columbus day many
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people having off on monday but it will not be a wash out either, that is your weather authority forecast, 5:21 is the time in north philadelphia dauphin street at ninth there was a fire overnight at a vacant row house, avoid that area, takes berks or cumberland streets as your alternate, chris. >> thank you. a vampire walks the streets of philadelphia, it is just a prank but unsuspecting people on the streets, they don't know that, this is coming up in the trend. a remote that lives on your phone.
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more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years.
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the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you.
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good morning, just about 5:25. in your money another tough fall at the stock exchange, dow jones lost 18-point falling back below 17,000 mark landing at 16,900. the s and p500 dropped three-point to 1946. the nasdaq composite fell 21 to land at 4500 . meanwhile labor department's job opening and labor turn over survey is due out today along with consumer credit data. hewlett packard is split nothing to two different companies. one is focusing on personal computers, others on service and software. company has been recently struggling as consumers to debut more mobile devices. each of the two businesses contribute about half of the hp's current revenue and profits. there is a bidding war on e bay over iphone six, that they cannot even make calls. >> it is a prototype. seller says it was sent to her by mistake. they say they are running
5:26 am
prototype software called switchboard used for internal testing, while there are in fcc markings and there is no model will number, the seller says this is the real deal and apple fans are clamoring for it because the bid is now, up to $100,000. >> why can't they send something like that to me. >> i'll tell what you, i wouldn't even think to put it on e bay. >> i will tell you this samsung whatever phone this is, for like 90,000 bucks. >> three doctors have pledged to help a little girl who was seriously hurt in the dog attack. three-year old victoria was mauled by her grandfather's pit bull earlier this year and then made national headlines when her familiar ily was accused of orchestrating a hoax at kfc. do you remember this, doctors from three different states are donating their time to reconstruct her face. all right. it is 5:26. we're on top of breaking news after a fire displaced nearly
5:27 am
100 people, the red cross stepping up to help and we have details on what happened as they unfold. do you think gaming counts as a sport? we will tell you where you can actually get these sports scholarship for it straight ahead.
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people in folcroft delaware county had to find somewhere tolls stay after a fire broke out here in their apartment complex. we will have the latest coming up, chris. and we have a creep in mount laurel. you won't believe what he is doing in the parking lot the near the grocery store. we will get into that. my goodness. sue serio is tracking a little bit of rain. >> and a little bit being the the operative word here because we have just a couple more stray showers moving through and they should be gone within the hour, what about the rest of the daze? we will let you know in your weather authority forecast, kerry. >> okay. try athlete stopped in her tracks, injured in the hit and run, as she was heading to a race. will she be okay? what she has to say about the the person who hit her. >> good day, it the is tuesday, october 7th, 2014. do you know what we do at 5:30. >> we start the show officially. >> there is that but we go to
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bus stop buddy. >> that is true. >> some kids to have get to that bus stop kind of early in the morning. so here's what we have, it is in the a real heavy coat on buddy but it is waterproof in case you get that stray shower. umbrella is just in case. it is much milder then it was yesterday when we were in the 30's and 40's. temperatures in the 50's and 60's this morning. your weather by the numbers, we have a six out of ten with times of sunshine actual think have afternoon. it should be rather mild for this time of the year, mostly cloudy though and scattered showers around especially this morning. this is leading edge of the warm front out to the west. there is a cold front making its way through later on tonight. enjoy 75 degrees while we have it. that will be later on today. around chester county new castle county delaware a few showers here and there our sunrise time at 7:03. we may not the see a lot of sunshine but there will be some around today. 64 degrees i should say. seventy-five is the high later on. tonight we have that cold
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front coming through with periods of heavier rain and a few thunderstorms as he will well. is there your weather authority forecast at 5:32 is the time. we will start off this traffic report in pennsauken, new jersey route 130 southbound between cove road and route 70, construction there has two lanes blocked at times. also, on 295 southbound at route 168, staying in new jersey, construction that was supposed to wrap up around 6:00 o'clock. we have a half an hour left on that. finally in north philadelphia, that fire that happened overnight at dauphin at ninth street, avoid that area, take berks or cumberland as your alternates this morning, kerry. >> 5:32. we have some breaking news this morning. nearly 100 people forced out of their apartments because of a fire in delaware county. >> lets go out to fox 29's jennifer joyce in folcroft with the very latest, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, in one is allowed back inside yet because of high co levels we
5:33 am
are told they aring down. police found building code violation was this complex. they will go back in after the sun comes backup to investigate severity of that after a fire broke out the at the glenn croft court apartment complex in the 100 block of folcroft after a new. it happened just before 10:30 last night. apparently the the fire happened on the first floor of the complex, smoke was reported in the building so people's vac waited, again, the reason the entire building remains evacuated this morning is in the because of fire damage but carbon monoxide levels. people were forced to find someplace to stay tonight, the red cross is on the scene helping them out while no one is allowed inside the build something people decided to stick around outside throughout the night and instead of going to the shelter. one woman told us fire and police did a good job handling this emergency. >> i didn't see the the actual damage, but like i said it was going very smoothly. the manager was called. he came over.
5:34 am
you you know, everybody, all of the tenants got out and everybody was safe and it went very smoothly. >> there are about 20 people at the shelter set up at folcroft firehouse along with two cats and a dog, it is unclear how this fire started here. we are expecting to learn more later this morning, kerry and chris. >> jennifer, thank you. now, mount laurel police are on the hunt for a man, with a foot feddish. >> um-hmm he is targeting woman and their toes. >> indeed good yes, the indecency happened outside a shop rite on arc road, investigators say a woman just finish putting groceries in a car when a man approached her saying he want to talk. police say the man complimented the woman's toes and then grabbed two of them. she yelled at him to of course stop. he allegedly said he is obsessed with toes. >> obsessed with your toes. >> and walked away. >> i mean that would be something i would be screaming and hollering.
5:35 am
there is no way. i have a child to go home too. would cause as much commotion as i would have to. >> definitely creepy. scares me. i have doubt their come here and shop all the time with their children and, you know, just my husband who is handicapped and you know, to have something like that happen and not be in control, it is very frightening. >> can you imagine how frightened you would be if a guy reached down and grabbed your toes. >> so creepy. >> so, luckily the woman was not hurt. emotionally probably a little bit. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call to get this weird guy off of the street. >> so creepy. >> 5:35. philadelphia police say they have captured the man who sexually assaulted a woman inside of her own chinatown business. >> twenty-nine year-old brandon manly is charge in the weekend tack of the 45 years old woman in the an art studio. surveillance video shows the suspect smiling and laughing during the the attack. police say his demeanor makes this even more disturbing. >> it is very disturbing in thens that you see how this
5:36 am
male reacts on the video and his overall demeanor is one in which he appears to the not be phased by the incident that just took place. >> police went on to tell fox 29 manly repeat thely hit that victim with a metal object, sexually assaulted her and then took $600. they later found him in the home less shelter. >> strange store thinks morning. 5:36. residents of southwest philadelphia say septa is not playing fair. a large group of residents near 61st and baltimore turned out last night to protest and gave septa an ear full. septa crews are doing work in that area and neighbors say sound of jackhammers and noise from the work crews is just too much. >> we can understand working to eight, maybe even 9:00 o'clock but two and three in the morning with jackhammers. we have children that have to go to school in the morning. they can't do that. that is not fair. >> neighbors say crews are even out there on sunday. septa promised to meet with the residents and listen to their concerns.
5:37 am
5:36. is the i phone six making people's hair fall out. we will break down very latest rumor about this gadget next. >> i need every follow collie can get. a vampire takes over the streets of philadelphia, he is just trying to get some screams. watch the reaction coming up in the trend.
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police in california are searching for the hit and run driver who struck a with man, who was on her way to compete if the triathlon. >> she survived a bicycle crash that could have killed her. she pedaled to the 40-mile mark to the challenge cordo va triathlon yesterday when she felt a sudden brush from behind. she was hit by a truck and thrown over her handlebars. >> the truck tea sided that it was a really great time to go around me, coming back into the lane, and clipped the bike which got me. >> poor bailey. she broke her elbow and scapula. she's a professional try athlete and been training 20 hours a week for months for this counting on place nothing this race to get paid. if you finish in a certain level you get money for it. >> yes. >> too bad.
5:41 am
>> real quickly we want to mention this, tamara who follows us on twitter, the the best way to start the day. now if i can get up and make breakfast. i say often times you get up at this hour you are comfortable, in your covers, it is getting cold, in the kitchen. >> you bring your breakfast out here in the desk sometimes. >> liquid breakfast. >> to under score tamara's point that perhaps it is that time to maybe start kicking on the heater. >> some of us did briefly over the the weekend but today with 75 degrees, you can tough it out. we have a much milder morning. we have a quick look at ultimate doppler and last gasp of the showers moving through. a few in berks county, down there, where we're taking a break from showers here in philadelphia, spotty showers, i mean really spot any new castle county delaware, chester county, pa right new, temperatures much milder ten they were yesterday, 53 in the poconos. it was in the 30's yesterday, 59 in pottstown.
5:42 am
sixty-four in philadelphia we have 63 in wilmington and wildwood, and 64 in millville this morning. the the future cast has a few more stray showers moving through within the hour, and then a few, areas of sunshine, not a lot of sunshine today but you there will be times when we will see the sun, where we're getting our next system coming in the overnight hours and that is a cold front with some thunderstorms possible in the overnight hours. so enjoy the 75 degrees we will get later on today. we will get into the 70's tomorrow and then a cooling trend all the way through the the weekend, can't rule out some rain for friday, even saturday morning, that is your weather authority forecast, time is 5:42. we will go back to north philadelphia, dauphin street at ninth there was a fire overnight at a vacant row house. berks or cumberland street are your alternate to get around that. a court could be soon barking owners to pet owners in minute so the a they will put a level on the sound of
5:43 am
the residents pets. what this is all
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5:45 am
good morning i'm howard eskin. philadelphia lost a ledgeend in sports yesterday, bill campbell one of the greatest, play by play broadcasters in the city and maybe really in the country. bill broadcast for philadelphia warriors basketball team, eagles, phillies and 76ers but maybe his greatest call was 1960 eagles championship game. but bill was also there for
5:46 am
wilt chamberlain's 100-point game. >> he made it. he made it. one hundred points for wilt chamberlain. mess a nation story of all time. one hundred points for the big dipper. >> he was a great broadcaster, he was a great subscriber of action without using flowery terms or cliches. i believe that bill campbell was the greatest all around broadcaster in philadelphia history. >> clearly bill campbell was a special broadcast here in philadelphia. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. more on his life and career coming up. michael phelps will not be competing in next years world championships. >> no, he has been suspended for six months by u.s.a. swimming but phelps agreed not the to compete in russia next august. it stems from his second dui arrest, and, he was arrested
5:47 am
last week just days after he said he was going to rehab. if he is quick, phelps could face up to a year in jail. he is mess successful olympian in history with 18 gold medals. >> it is breast cancer awareness month and one police officer is making a big splash with the awareness campaign's pink theme. yesterday, they had this patrol car and in an orlando police precinct unveiled tonight honor of karen long, fighting breast cancer for the second time. long is one of several officers this her department who has for the this disease. colorado governor john says legalizing recreational potties reckless and other states should in the consider doing some before they see long term effect is it the might have in his state. governor of colorado always opposed legalizing pot but vote's proved the measure in 2012 making it legal in colorado. washington is only other state where pot its legal for recreational use. voters in oregon, alaska and
5:48 am
washington d.c. will decide on legal says next month. this is definitely not the type of buzz apple wants. people are complaining saying the the phonies ripping out chunks of their hair. >> what? >> their facial hair getting caught up in the seem between the the glass covering on the scene and the metal part of the phone and it is being yanked out. people are talking bit so much there is a bunch of hash tags going around including hair gate, beard game and sea.m. gate. >> little drum particular. a dog dispute heading to a minnesota courtroom. in june, what the city leaders said dogs in their commercial zone are only allowed to bark from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. fur dog decides to speak up at the wrong time it could cost you 50 bucks but the humane society is located in that particular commercial zone. what will they do. they feel it is humane to keep
5:49 am
dogs inside for 17 hearst a day, so they are suing. >> it is just something they decided the same night that it brought up that it would pass. >> still can't tell a dog when it can bark. >> well, exactly. humane society is seeking 50 you this dollars in damages. so halloween is a few weeks away at this point but some people are getting a jump on their costumes. one prankster decided to play vampire. here he is right there, hitting streets of philadelphia and people were in the really pleased with him. watch this... >> i need blood
5:50 am
>> he is known as he had bassmaster, and contact and put some fake blood around his mouth. scared most of the people. there were plenty on have people that said you are an idiot. >> i have to tell you with, you know, it is kind of funny on you tube. >> it is a little bit dangerous. >> here's the deal, there is so many crimes to report on, how do you know this guy is not a nut job. >> right. >> yes. >> i get it. but with all of the violence in the city. >> probably in the smart. >> lucky he is not beat up or shot. >> all right. >> i think there is some validity to your points chris. >> for once. >> do you think playing video games is a sport. one college does. >> robert morris university, you know them, you heard of them, robert morris university. >> yeah, an esteemed institution first college in the country to treat video gamers like athletes.
5:51 am
thirty-five students that are part of their e sports teams, that is what they are calling them, they are now receiving scholarships. they play against other schools like harvard and mit. students practiced in a classroom fitted with computers and tv's worth $100,000. >> crazy. >> all right. >> i would have preferred to go to garrett morris college that would have been fun. >> he was a classic. >> so funny. we have a look at our weather for today which is starting off rain any spots but the rain is not a huge deal. the bigger deal rain comes in tonight. so lets break it down with our weather headlines, we will start off with a milder morning, and we have no frost advisories at all. temperatures are ten to 20 degrees milder then yesterday at this time but we have clouds and ava shower around. this afternoon mostly cloudy but we will see some sun, highs in the mid 70's, that is pretty nice, tonight cold front brings some rain and a few thunderstorms and chillier temperatures after that.
5:52 am
that is your weather authority forecast, for your tuesday, and lets see if anything is slowing you dunn on the roads. we will start off with a problem we have had all morning, it is in north philadelphia, ninth and dauphin, row house fire that happened there, berks or cumberland streets are your alternate, kerry. >> sue, thanks. 5:52. a michigan man is feeling nostalgic after getting back a big memory from his childhood how he managed to buy his dad's vintage car years after his dad's death. for very dry skin, basic moisturization isn't enough.
5:53 am
you need healing. the only lotion with healing micro-droplets of vaseline jelly, new vaseline intensive care relieves very dry skin from the first application and deeply moisturizes to heal it in just 5 days. clinically proven. skin healed in just 5 days. that's the healing power of vaseline.
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we're playing all chris's music. >> 5:55 this dog right here is a little will bit bigger than that the cat but it still want some attention. this is video making round on the internet this morning. it shows a giant dog trying to bee friend that tiny kitty cat but to no avail. this short clip pretty much sums up all of the differences between cats and dogs. >> yes. >> sue serio has the the forecast in weather on the one's. michigan man finds a way to reconnect with his dad decades after his death. >> this is scott bokman. he was three years old when his dad bought this 1973 convertible corvette, along with scott, with his pride and joy. years later when scott was a teenager his dad was working on the car and suffered a
5:56 am
fatal stroke. scott got to drive the car before his mother had to sell it but he could never get it out of his mind. he kept the vin number and over the summer decided to search for it. found owner and was able to make a deal. >> it wasn't until i got in the seat and put my hand on the steering wheel that i felt like i connect with him again. >> i cried and i haven't cried over my fat inner years but it was just those feelings, it was amazing. >> that is pretty cool. >> look at this, the key chain that he got with the carries the same key chain that his dad used all those years ago. >> amazing he kept that vehicle identification number all those years and held on to it. protesters in ferguson get the green light from a federal court, why they ruled against the police in missouri. then steve keeley live new with the contract controversy surrounding philadelphia schools and their teachers,
5:57 am
steve? i went to catholic school and had nuns for most of my grade there and they never complain about losing health benefits because they never lost their health benefit. philadelphia public school teachers may feel like they are take a vow of povertity now having to start paying for their health benefit. we will explain a sudden swift move by school administrators when we see you next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning at 6:00 o'clock this morning. some breaking news, the fire forced about 100 people out of their homes overnight but it is not damage that is keeping them out. why the the red cross told them to stay out for that are own safety. this is an act of cowardness. >> the school district reaches a boiling point and now teachers are furious about a move by the the school reform commission to cancel their contract with the philadelphia teachers union. what their next move might be. first ebola patient diagnosed is outside of africa now, and fear running rampant what the president is doing to stop that disease from spreading in the you had. people all across the delaware valley are waking up to rain, how bad will it get and will this affect your morning commute. our sue serio standing by with the local forecast and how the roads are doing this morning. it is tuesday, october 7th, 2014. >> it the is warmer this morning. good morning.