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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  October 7, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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of the world. >> champions of the world whacker a voice, sixers, phillies, eagles, warriors, he brought them all into our living rooms, bill campbell has died. that is unacceptable and we will not agree to it. >> teachers are hot furious about the move by the school reform commission to cancel their contracts with the philadelphia teachers union, bill green, of the src, is here, in our studio. if you have questions, or comments, keep them clean, go to our twitter accounts there, our handles at mike fox 29, at alex holley fox 29 and we will pass them on to bill. and will you marry me? if you live? yeah, a proposal that went very badly. see if it was a good idea,
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first and then it all fell apart. right out of the sky. fell out of the sky. oops. >> i don't know about that one, mike, you can propose to me but not in the hot air balloon. >> just too risky to do anything like that. >> i can get the the idea. beautiful view but not if i will lose my life. >> we will play the whole video because it gets worse. 7:01 on this tuesday a lot to get to here. important news coming up. >> that is right. >> lets get to sue for the weather. >> good morning. >> now if you were with us earlier you saw our number was a six. look what it is. i have changed it to a seven. because it looks like we will get more sunshine than originally thought. we still have some showers around and we will after a lot of clouds as well but we will go with the seven out of ten today. it is much milder then yesterday with temperatures instead of the 30's and 40's in the 50's and 60's with bus stop buddy. he does have the just in case, umbrella, and just a light jacket on this morning in case of a shower or two.
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there is a new area of really light showers in the northern part of the chesapeake bay and we will see if it makes tonight to new castle county and or chester county this morning but most of this light shower activity is on its way out, 63 degrees, 11 miles an hour wind from the south, sunrise time moments from now and i mean moments because it is at 7:03. so 75 degrees is the high today with mostly cloudy skies and a stray shower but you sometimes have of sunshine as well, and then tonight is when we will get the heavier rain and possibility of a few strong thunderstorms, 58 degrees overnight. that is your fox cast for tuesday, lets check traffic. we will start off with a look at schuylkill expressway just west of girard avenue. it looks like traffic is moving pretty well and at this at this hour. so route one northbound just past route 40 we have an accident on the left hand solder there in delaware.
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that part of route one. their route one. in philadelphia the the platt bridge westbound the pen rose avenue, we have a disable car and that is on the right-hand shoulder of the road. mike? >> all right, thank you. president obama says the the white house is considering extra screening at united states airports in an effort to prevent the spread of ebola virus to the u.s. >> but what kind of screening methods the the administration will not say. some suggest it could be kind of of temperature screenings that are taking place elsewhere around the world. president obama is calling on other nation toss help in this fight. >> this is an area where everybody has to chip in and everybody has to move quickly in order for to us get this under control. >> ebola has yet to effect a single person on u.s. soil but in europe there are new fears over the spread of the disease after a nurse in spain tests positive fore bowl a this makes her first person to contract the virus outside of
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west africa. nurse was part of the team that treated two missionaries flown to spain after becoming infect with ebola in west africa. here at home two more children may have enterovirus over at chop. children's hospital of philadelphia says that it notified the the centers for disease control and prevention about two patient was serious muscle weekness along with changes in their spine. the hospital reported three similar cases on friday. bringing the total number of cases to five. so far doctors say none of these children have have actually been diagnosed with enterovirus. at 7:04. philadelphia lost a sports broadcasting ledgend yesterday. bill campbell passed away at 91. >> chris murphy this will be tough to go back through his long career. >> so many memories, right. >> my goodness. >> he is etched in so many philadelphians mind. think about this for one second, guys. during his career bill campbell was a play by play man at one time or another at the old philadelphia warriors, sixers, phillies, and the the
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eagles. he was during some of those memorable moments of sports history in philadelphia bill was behind the the the mike when the eagles won their only championship in 1960. that is before they called it the super bowl. he also felt the pain all of the phillies fans felt in 1964 during the epic collapse, mike. you know this well, mike. cardinals ended uptaking the pennant. bill's finest moment may have came in 1962 when he called wilt chamberlain's 100-point game for the sixers. >> wilt did it. he made it. he made it. one hundred-point for wilt chamberlain. one hundred points for the big dipper 100 points. >> the game was in hershey. >> yeah. >> it was against the knicks. >> everybody claims that they were there. >> bill was a fixture in talk radio for year in philadelphia and recently his sports
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commentary eagles radio play by play man merrill reese remembers bill campbell. >> he was a great broadcaster. he was a great describer of action without using flowery terms and cliches. i believe bill campbell was greates all around broadcaster in philadelphia history. >> probably so, um. >> lets go over the the the mount rush more of philly broadcasting. >> harry kalas. >> phillies. >> gene hart. >> the with the flyers. >> flyers, right. >> bill campbell. >> what do you think of bill, do you think of him as eagles. >> i think kalas was phillies for sure. >> all the way. >> i think merrill reese, too. >> yes. >> my son was captivated by merrill reese driving, after the game, and it is amazing what an announcer can do to help you connect with your team and he certainly did it. >> yes. >> fantastic long life and career. thanks, chris. philadelphia federation of
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teachers is mad over sudden move by src to cancel their contracts about 9:30 yesterday morning. >> src wants teachers to pay for a portion of their health care. fox 29's steve keeley is live with the the very latest on this, steve. >> reporter: they did this even though they just got the their millions from their cigarette tax approved in harrisburg and the teachers say school leaders here on north broad street singing rebel yell, we want more, more, more. you are a teacher who spokes here in fill awe are getting hit twice, two bucks a more a pack for cigarettes, and then in two months you have to start paying for some of the health benefits you need from all that smoking. 15,000 member teacher union will pay up to 13 percent of their health benefits cost starting december 15th if the court does in the stop that before then. that amounts for a max in mum for family plan of 200 bucks a month deducted from your paycheck. so while officially not a salary cut, it is a cut in
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that paycheck and retired teacher union members also getting hit hard by this, no more covering cost of their dental bills, eye doctor visits or prescriptions. >> we will take what we believe to be the most fair and least own your us of poor choices, employee contributions to health care, will change. salary reductions, as we have said, starting on august 15th are off the the table. to accomplish this, the the school reform commission will exercise the powers given to us by state law, to cancel the labor contract between the school district and the philadelphia federation of teachers. >> this is an absolute act of cowardness, by an src that the people in this city do not want anymore. if they weren't sure were, they now it now. >> to have the school reform commission, an the superintendent, unilaterally implement these kind of working conditions is wrong,
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and will in the be tolerated. >> reporter: so if a court stops this move, and with a year left in office and little or less to tax, nutter administration has following options if the school district comes back next year foreign more money. tax options maybe should a lot of people quit smoking now with the cigarette tax making cigarettes cost two bucks more a tax, tax the the gum and nicotine patches they use in replace of the cigarettes or if they don't quit in big numbers, mike an alex, tax us all for secondhand smoke we breathe as we pass center city high rise office buildings, maybe a dollar every time you walk by a group of those people smoking outside the buildings on the sidewalk. maybe that can help. >> you cynical man, steve keeley. thank you for. that remine their bill green of the src is sitting right next to us, here on the desk. if you have a question, get on twitter in just a few moments he will be here. >> i have three or four questions for him. and some comments for sure.
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>> tweet us, we want to know what would you like to hear. >> we will ask him. philadelphia police after rested a man in connection with the violent sexual assault in the city's chinatown section. >> this is brutal, 29 year-old brandon manly is charged with attacking a 45 year-old woman at a art studio, on ninth street. this is on sunday. police say he repeatedly hit the victim with a metal object, sexually assaulted her, and took $600. police arrested manly at a home less shelter. and dozens of people were forced out of a delaware county apartment complex due to a late night fire. >> jenny, where is this happened, where and when dit happen, jenny. >> reporter: yeah, it happened last night just before 10:30. we are here at folcroft delaware county and nearly 100 people who live in this apartment building are not allowed back inside just yet because of fire damage but because of carbon monoxide levels as well as building code violations. police will be going back inside this morning to investigate the severity of
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these violations to determine when people can return home. the fire broke out here at the glenn croft court apartment complex on the 100 block of folcroft avenue just before 10:30. apparently the the fire happened on the first floor of the complex. smoke was reported in the building. people's vac waited. the reason the entire building remains evacuated this morning not because of a fire but carbon monoxide from the smoke. people were forced to find someplace else to stay overnight and the red cross was also helping out and why no one ace allowed inside, some people decided to stick around outside, throughout the the night instead of going to the shelter. one woman told us fire and police did a good job handling this emergency. >> i didn't see the actual damage but like i said, it went very smoothly. the manager was called. he came over. you know, all of the tenants got out and a everybody was
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safe and it went very smoothly. >> red cross set up a shelter 20 people and three pets, two cats a a dog went there, and they were pleased with the fire and response. the woman who lives in the apartment where the fire started, she was transported to hup for smoke inhalation there were also a couple of minor injuries. mike and alex. >> all right, jeb i. 7:12. happening today there will be a memorial services in trenton for cooper university health system's ceo, john sheridan and his wife, joyce. the couple, as you know, was found dead last month in a burning bedroom at their home in somerset county. authorities continue to investigate this strange case. they say the fire was deliberately set. today's services is at the trenton war memorial beginning at 11:00 this morning. in new jersey bankruptcy court judge is expect to rule today on whether the sale of the revel casino should be approved. the florida developer who came
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up short in the the auction, asked the judge to invalidate the results. glenn straub says he suffered a medical life and death situation and could not follow through on the bidding. the revel's attorney selected 110 million-dollar bid from toronto based brookfield asset management. mount laurel police are on the hunt for a creep with a a foot feddish, target would go man and their toes. incident happened outside the shop rite on arc road, investigators say a woman had just finished putting groceries into her car when the man approached her saying he just wanted to talk a cording to the police the man then complimented the woman's toes, and then grabbed two of them. she yelled at him to stop. he said he is obsessed with toes and then he just walked away. >> i mean i would be screaming and hollering like there is no way, that is not normal i have a child to go home to. i would cause as much attention as i would have to. >> definitely creepy. >> it scars me because i have doubt their come here and shop all the time with their children and just my husband
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is handicapped, and, you know, to have something like that happen, you know, and not be in control is very frightening. >> would the man was not hurt. the the police are asking anyone with any information to please give them a call. >> this little piggy went to the shop rite. 7:14. pennsylvania senator bob casey says members of the congress should spend about two weeks holding hearings and having a real debate about authorizing the use of force against isis. the kacie says even if congress believes as he does that the president has the the legal authority to mount an air bombing campaign against the testify wrist group in iraq and syria, a debate and even some votes should help his strategy to get everybody out there and give their opinion of whether it is a good or bass thing. we will zoo if that happens. an illinois man is accused of trying to travel overseas
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to join isis. >> parents of the 19 year-old mohammad hamzaka hn was in court as their son was attempting to provide support to a terrorist organization. teen was arrested bio hair airport. authorities found documents, expressing support for isis. federal court has ruled in favor of protesters in ferguson, missouri. yesterday a judge said that police violated their constitutional right by forcing them to stay in constant motion while demonstrating. the judge also issued an injunction banning officers from using that tactic from their arm. 7:15. the supreme court has cleared the way for same sex marriage in more states, lot of states. the high court jed rejected appeals from five states declining to deciding whether wisconsin, indiana, oak, utah and virginia can legally ban gay marriage. couples in those states are wasting no time getting married. >> this is the the outcome. this is the outcome that we have hoped for.
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it is the outcome we have for the for. it is the outcome that the constitution requires. >> so the number of states legalizing same sex marriage now jumps from 19 to 24. six other states are impact by that decision and could soon have their bands lifted as well. just a matter of time. >> i was walking to work, i had my umbrella ready but sue, should i have it ready all day or will it clear up. >> there may be a stray shower later this afternoon and then overnight tonight, the the rain may wake up you because we may get a thunderstorm. do you know what the deal is? the deal is the camera is stuck, and banged in pole there but you know what, i don't know if you can read this, but we need rain. here we go. >> how much have we had. >> since september 1st we have had less than 2 inches then we should have had for that time period over 4 inches of rain. we are at a deficit for the autumn so far, at least the
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meet lodge will california autumn. what he we had overnight will not do it, although there are a few stray showers around as you you can see here, new castle county delaware around the the university there in newark, and northeastern maryland as well. kind of whimpy showers this morning. but here's a look the at the future cast. we will see a lot of clouds but there will be times of sub shine this afternoon, but there is 3:00 p.m., there is a stray shower popping up. so, there is enough instability around that we could see a sure or two late this afternoon. and then a cold front comes through overnight and some strong thunderstorms, will move through from west to east and it the may get a little bit loud about 11:00 o'clock, around midnight, especially north and west of city, but even around the city of philly at could happen around 2:00 in the morning. 4:00 o'clock though, in the morning, that is, the future cast has most of that rain out of here and we should see plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day, and on wednesday. but by thursday, it looks like plenty of sunshine as well. and then things change for friday. we will show thaw in the seven day forecast. lets look at the difference with temperatures, between,
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yesterday and today, when we saw so many temperatures in the 30's. we had a frost advisory in effect. it is now 53 degrees in the poconos. 60 degrees in pottstown. thirty-six in philadelphia 62 in millville. 62 degrees in wildwood. that is because our wind are coming out of the south. so we will have a brief period of, slightly milder weather, we have 12 miles an hour breezes, around, and yesterday, was quite breezy, and bright work all of that sunshine. 72 degrees. today, 75 degrees. seventy-three tomorrow but don't forget those thunderstorms overnight tonight, thursday it looks great but it is cooler with a high of 68. friday, could end up being a rainy dane and the frontal system that comes through on friday could stall nearby over the weekend. it is still uncertain about the weekend but we do think we will have temperatures only in the 60's, both saturday and sunday. monday for those serving columbus day, cloudy skies and a high of 07 degrees. and split is, your forecast for the next seven days.
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lets go down to newark delaware where we were just talking about. old baltimore pike and luzerne drive we have an accident there, so that will slow you down. in fill at platt bridge westbound at pen rose avenue an accident on the right-hand shoulder, it looks like you had are getting bio kay there finally on route one north bound just past route 40 in delaware there is an accident that is on the left hand shoulder, mike. >> thanks a lot. three doctors have pledged to help a little girl who was seriously hurt in a dog attack. you will probably remember her. >> three-year old victoria was mauled by her grandfather's pit bulls earlier this year. then they made national headlines when her family was accused of orchestrating a hoax at kfc. doctorate who were from three different states are donating their time to reconstruct her face. >> good. >> 7:19. here we go again. a second student in new jersey is suspect of having that enterovirus after a classmate dies? now you two more possible cases at chop. why is it that some children
7:20 am
recover while others suffered so much is this doctor mike will explain. when is it time to take your child to the doctor. it is a seemingly obsolete piece of technology but it is tracking your every move. how one company planned to use these phone booths to watch you. >> like a pay phone. you. >> lika remote that lives on your phone.
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i don't know what i would do if i had a couple of kids, or any amount of kids, in mike elementary school. this enterovirus out break has spread to 43 states in this country. a lot of people affected. >> it has been blamed for deaths of a new jersey preschool student a little four year-old and another student in his class has been tested for the the respiratory virus. >> we have a couple kids, two more kids over at chop now yesterday. they have five children over there with the enterovirus, with this paralysis kind of a feeling. >> we have talked about this. when we have a enterovirus
7:24 am
which is similar to the polio viruses, you can get paralysis. now let's talk about this particular enterovirus and break it down again. number one, lots of kids get it. they get mild symptoms, cold, cough. i woke up this morning and my little amy had a cough. i'm thinking all kind of things. she's in preschool. so i felt her head and we will just watch her. we are keeping an eye on it. elizabeth, if you are listening, watch her good a lot of people are waking up with colds this time of the year. when do you put them in the car and drive them to your office. >> when you have a child that has a history of asthma or lung problems and in this time frame they are having a cold, you might want to call within of the pediatricians and say hey, by the way, we have a wonderful doctor, and i checked in with her over the weekend to see how many calls she's getting. she's getting a lieutenant of
7:25 am
calls. so if your child out there has worsening symptoms of shortness of breath and they have a history of asthma get that child checked out. what is the harm other than safety. >> with this enterovirus i feel like some people get common colds, others are ending up dead. is that the only difference here is that history. >> we don't necessity exactly why some kids get viciously sick and others don't. what we do know is that when these kids come into the hospital, some of them need to be on the ventilator and some of them actually will develop a bacterial super infection and we have seen this. this is not something new. we have seen this in the past. >> oh, no enterovirus has been around a long time. >> also when you get a very bad viral infection you tend to be susceptible to bacterial infections. on the walls of penn , the
7:26 am
1918 pandemic, flu pandemic, lots of doctors names are listed there. what happens is they get this virus, it kicks the immune system's butt and then you get the eye bad bacteria. >> a lot of parents are concerned especially when it comes to the four year-old who passed away in new jersey. people are saying he went to bed. he had pink eye. people were thinking cold, cough, sneezing we are not thinking pink eye and next day he does president wake up. >> i think if you look at these children they develop symptoms fairly rapidly. >> there is no harm. >> and as a primary care internist i'm telling you it will be a perfect storm. everyone needs to get a flu shot this year because it will make it less complicated. the flu shot will not protect anyone from the enterovirus but it will make my job easier because a lot of people that would get flu-like symptoms will be protect from the old fashion flu. >> which kills about 36,000 people every year, the flu.
7:27 am
>> viruses are nothing to worry about. and if you are out there, you want to make sure and if you are a child who is sick, get them looked at? wash your hand. >> yes, make sure they have school, they wipe down desk and everything else. >> lets have a show, how about a half april hour. >> all right. >> we have to get to this other big story, the the philadelphia teachers outraged, a a lot of them after the school reform commission canceled their contract. can they do that? well, the chairman of the src is sitting right next to us in two minutes. if you have a question for bill green
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it is 7:30 on this tuesday. a major move by the school reform commission to cancel the teacher's contract. what that controversial step will mean for students inside the classroom. >> you may remember, her from the cosby show but raven simon is in the middle of the social media fire storm what she has told oprah that has everybody talking this morning. it is supposed to be a romantic proposal in the hot air balloon, but how is it the about a ruin went off course and dangled over the ocean, even going into the ocean? will you marry me? if i live. >> yes, honey. >> all right 7:31. here's sue. >> look at sunrise over atlantic city think morning.
7:31 am
>> it is quite lovely. >> hi. >> things have calm down. >> sorry, sue. >> i'm still looking at it, yes, now you are too. now it is a lovely start to the day. we have a lot of clouds around and a lot more scheduled for today. our times of sunshine are, what we treasure this morning. so we will start off with a look at bus stop buddy, and what he is doing this morning. there is the the just in case umbrella because we cannot rule out another stray shower later this afternoon. we have had some showers moving through but we are seeing some sunshine right now. we will give you a seven out of ten. times of sunshine. also a lot of clouds and scattered showers especially later this afternoon we will see some pop up. this round is not out of here just yet but these showers are light, not all this is even making it to the ground here in delco and new castle county delaware. that is all we can see right now. 63 degrees. 11 miles an hour wind out of the south.
7:32 am
67 percent relative humidity. sunrise at 7:03. seventy-five during the day, showers and a few loud thunderstorms tonight, overnight low 58 degrees. that is your fox cast for tuesday. we just her about this accident on i-95 southbound so now we are telling you. it is approaching bridge street. vehicles are new on the shoulder but you can see from this map that things are backup on southbound i-95 a how yourself extra time there. in limerick king road and lewis road there are reports of an accident there and in north philadelphia we had a fire overnight in the row house dauphin and ninth street a void that area and take berks or cumberland instead, mike? thanks, sue. 7:32. in i a sudden move yesterday 9:30 we reported this as breaking news, the philadelphia school reform commission a announced they are canceling the teachers contract, and most of the 15,000 union members will now be required to pay into their
7:33 am
medical plan. saving the district millions of dollars. >> many including the teachers union were completely caught off guard and vowed to fight this. here's union president jerry jordan. >> when you collectively bargain it takes two parties. it takes giving some and taking some. what the district has done is they have said we want it all. we want it all and that is unacceptable and we will not agree to it. a member making $55,000 a year will pay 13 percent of the premium for a health care package that they have totally change, it is in the one that we negotiated. how dare they. >> so the head of the src is here with us bill green, good to see you. >> thanks for coming in. >> you knew this was coming. >> i knew it was coming. >> so why did you do it. >> well, it really wasn't a
7:34 am
sudden move. it was a quite deliberate move. since i -- bring was on the src, since my nomination and my first meeting at src and august 15th when we made the announcement to open schools i have been very clear if we could not reach an accommodation with the pft i would be forced to use src's powers and impose unilateral terms. you know, unfortunately, after 21 months of negotiating and a hundred negotiating sessions, it was clear that the pft was just playing a delaying game and so we had to act and hopefully this action will expedite a resolution with the pft and bring them to the table in the serious way. >> how did you ask them to pay in the health plan. >> depending on the salary you make it is somewhere between 27 and $70 a month. much less, including most americans including my own plan. >> what is this money expect to do for the students.
7:35 am
>> it will give us 54 million-dollar this year, 30 million of which will be in schools by april, 15 million of which will be in schools this month. >> why is this district always begging for money. >> the beauty is in the last six months we have gotten 230 million-dollar of a current predictable revenue which means next budget season we won't be putting out some doomsday horrible scenario for what will happen because we have taken all of the one time stop gap money that we relied on last three years and we have 120 million from the sales tax, roughly 41 to 07 million from the cigarette tax and 54 million this year from the labor action and 70 million next year. so we will start with an almost balanced budget next year. so everything we get from the state, from the city, we can make an argument it is being invested in children and classrooms. >> you know, we're get questions on twitter. by the the way i told you into
7:36 am
the take this src john. >> you did, mike. >> it is hard. >> somebody wants to know. >> did i listen to you. >> no, you don't, nobody does good will bill green pay my mortgage? this is what we're getting. >> i think there is a lot of misunderstanding about the impact of this. it is unfortunate that we had to take this action but when we cannot really tell philadelphia's children and families i'm sorry but we cannot give you resources you need in the classroom, restore your ap classes, restore music and et cetera because pft won't let them pay 27 to $70 a month for health care. >> how many district around the state of pennsylvania pay all the health care benefits for their teachers, just us. >> is there only one other district in the commonwealth where teachers don't distribute to health care we got this from a retire teachers, with the alliance
7:37 am
for philadelphia schools. they vary deliberately did this very quickly at 9:30 yesterday morning so not only could the teachers not be there, to defend themselves, parents could not weigh in either. people are upset about the timing of this too. >> well... >> like the sunshine act you are supposed to made public, was it deliberate. >> it was in the inquirer, but this is a labor relations and litigation issue and so those are issues that can be discussed in private by the src because they involve both of those things. frankly, we went before the same time we had src meeting when we made this approval. you don't tell people a week in advantage you will sue them or they would beat to you court. unfortunately when you are involved in litigation you have to take your lawyers advice about how you to proceed. >> so this goes to court now. >> we filed along with the secretary of education of the commonwealth, declaratory judgment action in commonwealth court to have
7:38 am
them declare our action legal and valid. of course, they are legal. it is very unfortunate that the powers of the src are broad and but they are limited in this respect. in order to take this action we had to terminate the contract, we could in the just impose health care terms. we followed only legal strategy available to us under state law. >> is it time to get rid of the src in the because of you but everybody else in the the country they vote in school board members. governor appoints three and mayor appoints two. >> it would be a disaster to have citizen elect school board. >> why can't we take care of ourselves. >> i'll tell you why, because people we elect in low turnout elections are not qualified. that is a high turnout election during a mayor's race the party would control who gets elect to the school board
7:39 am
and it would be bad for taxpayers. city council is you're elected represent any of terms of fund ago this will go to the district. >> do you think it ties blue a city in a blue state. >> it is just i think that within a bad choice. >> you don't think they should have a voice of some sort. >> they do, they elect mayor and city council and src's job and it will happen while i'm there is to fiscally get the the school district in fiscal shape and eliminate itself once we're in fiscal shape. i hepp to accomplish that in the next few years. >> thanks for coming n. >> pretty tough morning. >> we will talk more. >> thanks. >> 7:39. lets go to the big wide shot and then come back in two lets go to the big wide shot and then come back in two mi
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they are dancing in the street and mike is dancing in the studio. >> though girls go to mastery school over here, on what
7:43 am
street is that, for the. >> they are really dancing. >> yes. >> shouldn't they be in school. >> am i making them late. >> bye. >> giving them the cue. >> that is a great school, i'm telling you. speaking of schools. >> do you got it. >> 7:43. >> new york city canceled a project that would have installed thousands of transmitters in pay phone booth that is can track peoples movements. >> so all these abandoned phone booths on every corner of the city. a private company named titan had received approval from the the city to install these transmitters, titan says they before not intended to track people, but to send advertising on to peoples cell phones, as you walked by. but titan says it will honor the cities request and will remove all of those transmitters. >> i wok like that at all. >> remember that minority report, and they say hello as you walk by.
7:44 am
>> it was just on, over the weekend, tom cruise. >> yes. >> yes. >> it remind me of that. >> we have enough advertisements already it is kind of weird. >> 7:44. time for jen fredrick. sweat and then get to work. >> mike, what does this big plate of awesome treats, homemade by the way, have to do with your muscles. what does it to have do with fall fitness. we will tell you when he we come back.
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welcome back. >> it won't be long we will be seeing some snow in the pocono mound in tapes. >> i'm not ready don't worry, although yesterday was so cold it felt like it wouldn't be that far off. today we are about 15 degrees warmer then we were yesterday but we do have a little bit of rain around with a warm front. a few areas in new castle county delaware, a little bit in delco, not much though, at all, look at how mild it is compared to yesterday. it was in the 30's in mount pocono yesterday. 53 degrees today. sixty in pottstown. we are at 63 degrees in philadelphia 62 in millville. wilmington.
7:48 am
63 degrees, in wildwood. so it is a little will bit more comfortable out there this morning because winds are coming from the south but it is breezy, 12 miles an hour winds in philadelphia right now. same in wildwood, and wilmington. so it will be breezy today. we will see a lot of clouds and a lit built of sun and then overnight when a cold front comes through, firing up. that will cool things down at the beginning of the cool trend that starts on thursday with highs in the 60's and last through friday with some rain lasting into saturday morning and then on sunday it looks like at this point it is mostly cloudy skies for sunday. for sunday night's eagles game at the link you'll probably be pretty chilly after that high of 65 degrees. is there your seven day forecast, all right. traffic starts with i-95 southbound approaching bridge street. the accident is on the shoulder but that traffic is packed all the way down i-95, almost to the vine street expressway, so that is going to take awe lot of extra time and leave early.
7:49 am
in pottstown oak street at spruce there are reports of an accident there, as well. alex? >> thanks, sue. >> we are getting to the time of the year where holiday wait game begins. we have apple cider dough nets, candy, and turkey,. >> i believe i have put on 5-pound in the last ten days. jen business a team who wants to help us. help, jen. >> we need it. >> yeah, but the weird thing is i'm with a team that wants to help us and what is this about exactly. >> this is one of our sponsors, we have a good treat for after you put in the the work occasionally. >> talk to us, you say that you think alternate iness begins right around july 4th because we start drinking, eating,. >> barbecues. >> and then right in the holiday season. >> you have an event this weekend. >> it is decat lon. >> that is one of the things you say we need to plan for an event if we are planning for something then we know we will
7:50 am
be behaving. >> well, yeah because you have to be kept in check. you know you will do something in the the future so you have to train. decat lon for us is a good reason to train and train loud. >> okay. >> someone is training really hard behind us. >> if we cannot do that there is a really cool amazing race. >> ♪ >> do you want some water. >> what? >> run for your life. >> october 30th, west laurel hill smet try. >> you want people to run through a cemetery. >> yes, one of the oldest cemeteries in america and it will be a fun 3-d,. >> okay. >> can i say something. >> i knew they were there and they still scared me, what is wrong with me.
7:51 am
so come in scared, tell me what it will be. >> it will be october 30th and it will be west laurel hill, it is in the evening. fun lit up and you will be chased whole way by scary guys. >> people here, but that is not too miles. >> it is good for the whole family to come back out. >> the treats are because it is sponsored by. >> man n a a, go to to find out about the race. >> this scary guys say you are looking for people to scar people and that could be your work out. >> really. let's say you don't want to run it, you can run through the cemetery. >> we are looking for, we're looking for volunteers, dressed up. >> it is going to be a scary run. it is at night. come out. it will be great. 3 >> it is like a hip-hop mask there. >> look at him. >> yes, this is what is happening. this is my job, mike and alex. the lesson is, if you are going to eat, you have to plan to get your beauty scared off.
7:52 am
>> if you run you have to have scary guys chasing you. >> that would make me run. >> the thing is, i would run from him. i'm frayed from him. an roman talk marriage proposal goes badly in southern california. >> a man was propose to go his girl friend in the hot air balloon when it drifted off course. it happened in the san diego area witnesses say the basket dipped into the ocean, and the people in the balloon, threw a rope down so bat loon could be pulled to shore by the surfers. in one was injured there was a happy ending. the couple is now engaged. she didn't blow him off. >> man, that could have been bad. did you see this, and hear this, oprah told her not to do it the but raven simon said it anyway, what she told oprah that has her in the middle of a social media fire storm this morning. twitter blew up yesterday afternoon. >> it sure did. >> quincy is at one school in philadelphia with a different curriculum, hey there, quincy.
7:53 am
>> i'm at randolph technical high school, i'm in welding class. i will learn how to weld. these kids are a serious
7:54 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
7:55 am
mt i'and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone
7:56 am
incredible cool school i think. it is the a philip randolph. >> career and technical high school. >> is that what it is. >> yes. >> so over there, you can learn how to do trades. get out of high school. maybe you don't want to go to college. you have to learn how to do something so you can make some money. it is quincy harris day at that school. >> look what they are making him do. he has his gear ready and everything. >> dang. >> yes, quincy harris day. i'm excited. it is quincy harris day here at randolph. i like to call it randolph skills center. that is what it was when i was in high school. >> you are calling it randolph
7:57 am
skill center. it is randolph academy technical high school good there is the welding teacher. >> how are you doing today. >> you teach these student a lot about welding here in this class. >> yes, we are here at randolph, i have the honor, i have the honor to teach the student, welding engineering. here they learn all facets of welding, and, how to read blueprints. anything, in the welding field they learn here at randolph. >> you were telling me your students, you know, if you can weld but you cannot read blueprint it is like a certain, pay rate thaw get. >> the average welder, doesn't necessity how to read blueprint. they go to work they they don't read blueprints and they go home. if you can read blueprints that separate you. knowing how to read blueprint is different of $20 an hour and $35 an hour. >> we have some of your student here. how are you doing today. >> good. >> they are excited. so they can read, they can
7:58 am
read these blueprint. >> yes, they can. >> they look like foreign science to me. >> these are blueprints symbols. these little will shapes, signs, signals, all identify different characteristics of welding, different forms of welding. we have mig welding, flex core welding. they direct the welder what to do. >> if i point this out they necessity what the sign is. >> they cannot only read what they know. >> owe kay. >> unaudible. >> what grade are these kids in. >> these are my seniors and i have 211th graders in the background. they can read blueprints in their senior year. >> they will come out making decent money. >> $21 an hour. >> i have a student now making $12 an hour. when they graduate he will make 16, $17 an hour. >> i am about to make something.
7:59 am
>> yes. >> ralph, what willie make. >> mig welder. >> so, i'm doing this right here. what are you doing. >> do you see this machine right here. it is done, with electricity and gas, to shoot-out a spool. >> okay. >> and the the spool, once it get connected and connects to the weld to the metal it will stay and melt down and that is what will make the weld. >> hold this right here. i will put my gloves on. i put my mask on as well. >> yes. >> you want to keep it up until you are beginning to weld. >> yes. >> yes, right here. >> okay. spark it, baby.
8:00 am
>> latch down. >> yes. >> i'm a master welder here. next hour i'm at the fire academy. >> all sorts of different profession ifs that makes any sense. welder, fire fighter. >> cool school. thanks. good day to you, it is tuesday october 7th, 2014. let's, spark some more discussion. >> i like that. i'm an american, not african-american. i'm an american. >> how about that, raven simon does not want to be label but did she go too far, some say yes. how this former child star is lighting up twitter right now, she's so raven. >> and it is only october but football season is over. at a new jersey high school. down ride disturbing allegation that is school officials tackling a bitter problem this morning.
8:01 am
>> yes. >> plus, first it was a bend gate and now apple is under fire again, how your new iphone six and iphone six plus, could be hurting your hairline. and later from the office, this is a must have, the fabulous work out gear keeping you fashionable on the go when you don't have a in minute to change out of those sweaty clothes. >> so just stink on the way to work and then at work. >> that is the solution. >> apparently some kind of fashion you can wear at the gym and then go right to the office. >> that is where all of those people they don't want to work out and have to go back and change your clothes. >> yes, we are doing weather now at 8:01. >> obviously none of us, worked out. >> no. seven out of ten. we have a mild afternoon. the in mostly cloud which scattered showers. we cannot rule out a shower later on in the day but
8:02 am
generally, it should be very comfortable, at least, temperature wise but we have a lot of clouds out there. bus stop buddy has his, just in case umbrella with him. just a light jacket but it is waterproof. most importantly though temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees then they were yesterday in some cases. so that is the deal with bus stop buddy. we have a few showers that are leaving our area heavier rain on the way with the cold front, so what you are seeing on radar is not that big of a deal. look at that gorgeous sunrise with these clouds. 63 degrees in philadelphia right now heading to 75 later on and thunderstorms tonight with a low of 58 degrees. so that is a look at your weather authority forecast, we have this look, and to start things off. this is i-95, this is right around girard avenue. it is looking pretty good actually. things are going along okay. we have a philadelphia, route
8:03 am
63, route 63 atwood haven boulevard an accident has one lane blocked there and that is slowing you down. ninety-five approaching bridge street an accident on the shoulder but it doesn't take much this time of the day. it was jammed on that part of the i-95, alex. >> thanks, sue. looking at your top store thinks morning, two more children have enterovirus over at chop. the children's hospital have of philadelphia says that it notified the centers for disease control and prevention about two patient about serious muscle weakness with changes in their spines. these could be symptoms of enterovirus. hospital reported three similar cases just on friday. that brings the the total number of cases to five. so far doctors say that none of these children have been actually diagnosed with the enterovirus and, listen to this. >> running at the 15, running hard at seven. down on the seven is jim taylor. the game is over. the game is over. the eagles are the champions of the world. >> well, the philadelphia sports community, and all of us, mourning passing of a
8:04 am
legend. a man who brought philadelphia sports into their living room, just about every sport, bill campbell. bill was a play by play guy for so many sports here in philadelphia. from the original nba team here, you know, warriors, philadelphia warriors, also the eagles, 1960, he broadcast that 1960's championship game, last time we were champs. phillies as well. he did wilt chamberlain's 100-point game in hershey, pennsylvania. what a career, what a life. he was 91 years old. happening today, a new jersey bankruptcy court judge is expect to rule on whether the sale of the revel casino should be approved. the the florida developer who came up short in the auction asked the the judge to invalidate the results when straub says he suffered a medical life and death situation and could not follow through on the bidding. the revel's attorney select the 110 million-dollar bid from toronto based brookfield asset management. almost 8:05. lets get into this raven simon thing. >> everybody is talking about this.
8:05 am
>> that is for sure. she said she was talking to oprah and she says, she happens to be a lesbian. she doesn't want to be labeled as gay or african-american. that is what she said to oprah. >> our kerry barrett has more on this interview. people all over social media getting on her about it. >> oprah was right there. she said stop, stop, stop the camera. don't say that. let me give you some advice. raven simon spent her entire childhood in the public spotlight. she was on the cosby show and then disney show. little over a year ago she made headlines for a tweet that she wrote after the supreme court ruled that the ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. people saw that as her way of coming out. on this recent episode of oprah's where are they now that aired over this past weekend the the former child star says she's tired of being labeled entirely. she doesn't want any labels at all. that sent oprah into a tail spin. >> i don't want to be labeled gay. i want to be labeled a human who loves human. i'm tired of being labeled.
8:06 am
i'm an american, not african-american. i'm an american. >> oh, girl, you will set twitter on fire. >> i'm sorry. >> what did you just say, stop, stop, stop right now. >> i will say this. >> as she was saying that. twitter exploded about her controversial statements. i will read a couple right now. one twitter user wrote don't flatter yourself raven simon you are african-american and you ought to be proud of your heritage. don't get it mix up. why does it matter how she choose toes classify herself. it doesn't change our life. this user said you can be a proud american but recognize, respect and accept your personal god given diversity. you are what you are. oprah asked the 28 year-old to clarify what she meant. she said she has a lot have of different culture running through her veins and she connects with each and everyone of them. >> i just got another tweet while were you talking. >> they say i don't feel like
8:07 am
raven simon said anything wrong. that is her choicey can understand why some people would find it offensive. she went on to say and if you looked at the interview she said i know my roots are in africa but i don't know which country. i'm from there. she said i know where my family is right here. my family is in louisiana. that is where i identify the most. you can understand why it was a controversial thing. but when she talks a little bit more bit, you can maybe understand some of the sub text that goes into her saying that. and especially with her coming out, as she kind of did, coming out a year ago, you can understand too why she may be feeling sensitive perhaps as being put the in to a certain area, she should act this way or she should act this way or maybe say this way. she's rebelling against all of it. >> i will call her that blue haired lady. >> blue and purpose he blue and purple. >> but oprah gave her a chance, she said are you sure? do you want to say that again?
8:08 am
she did. >> she stands by her statements. >> thanks, kerry. 8:07. a popular tv daddies under investigation by nypd for child molestation. >> tmz has obtained a audio recording of steven collins, do you remember that guy, confess to go his estrange wife that he sexually molested several under age girls, years before, and, displaced in a therapist office, back in 2012. he didn't know it was being recorded. well, according to tmz the the nypd has possession of this tape and says, well, or at least three particular victims that he talk b steven collins played the pastor, and dad on that series, seventh heaven back in the day. my goodness. also some legal issues there, for sure. >> yes. >> patient confidential, so, probably why the doctor didn't
8:09 am
say anything. >> yeah. >> we will continue to follow that, because that is not the end of that story. the new jersey high school at the center of a hazing scandal has canceled now, their whole football season. >> the decision came last night at the a sayerville war memorial high school. the superintendent made the announcement after a two hour meeting with parents. the meeting was called after allegations surfaced of a widespread harassment intimidation and bullying by the players. sayerville police department in middlesex county, prosecutor's office are investigating that. well, buffalo bills, you know, the buffalo bills. >> bills quarterback kyle orton and colton smith says someone shined laser pointers in their faces while on the field this weekend. >> you take those laser pointers. >> green. >> and shoot it in their eyes. >> i have never heard of this before, so this video, shows kyle, talking to officials after an incomplete pass in the fourth quarter, look at him. look at that. >> look at my eyes, something in my eye.
8:10 am
>> commentators say he wondered if he is complaining about a late hit or something. quarterback was gesturing to his face, said somebody hit me with a laser. isn't that laser. laser pointer was used too. do you see the guy holding the ball now as a kicker kicks it. he said, on that field goal there, the holder said he had the laser shined in his eye trying to distract him. the bills did file a complaint with the nfl security official but coach doug maron said issue was resolved but did not go into detail with that. >> this is something i'm familiar with. in merit will beach we had big issues with green lasers. people would shine them. coastguard wouldn't be able to save people in the ocean. we had a ban the green lasers, you had to be a certain age to buy them. kids would take them. people could not see anything. it cap be a big hazard.
8:11 am
>> yes. >> but in a football game. >> and dan carpenter by the way in miss that had particular field goal. best and worst cities for single woman looking to marry, philadelphia is on the the list. where do you think we ranked? is this a good city for singles. >> i don't know, but first we're debunking those fast food myths. is your coffee bad for your diet? what that morning caffeine boost has that you just cannot live without. >> well, which is it, is coffee good or bad. >> we will find out. >> all right. ♪ ♪
8:12 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at teresa says she was driving into work but this appeared out of no where. can you see it? it is a rainbow. i don't know when i say rainbow i have to sing it. so that was really nice, teresa, thank you. temperatures are in the 50's and 60's this morning. these temperatures are actually, as much as
8:15 am
21 degrees warmer, then they were yesterday at this time. it is 13 degrees milder here in the city and close to 20 degrees mild inner millville, new jersey. you don't to have bundle up as much as did you yesterday. little bit of rain still around. we have warm front coming through now, cold front after that. that means a possibility of some thunderstorms overnight tonight. it gets to 75 degrees and then gets loud about 1:00 o'clock or midnight. and then things get bet are tomorrow. sun comes back out at 73 degrees. by thursday we will have a high of 68. oops, it is in the 40's in the morning again. friday's high, 66 degrees with some rain, lasting into saturday morning. it is kind of cool. a little bit unsettled over the holiday week fend monies the holiday for you, columbus day. that is your weather authority forecast. now time for traffic. we will start this report in cherry hill, new jersey route 70 eastbound past springdale road there is an accident with the right lane block. also in hamilton route 29
8:16 am
northbound past 395, 295 i should say, there is an accident on the, right-hand shoulder. finally on the new jersey turnpike southbound route 168, construction there has right lane block all day until 4:00 this afternoon, alex. >> sue, lot of people are talking about on the healthy eating kick right the now. some of us refuse to eat certain foods just baseond what we have heard but we are hearing a lot of things. are we doing ourselves more harm than good when we believe those food myths. mike is outside finding out, hi, mike. >> hi alex, yeah what is good and bad. let's break down some myths here. i have katie cavuto freezing because she has zero body fat, here in philadelphia you are still a nutritionist for flyers, phillies and all that. >> i am, yes. >> let's go flyers. >> this week the season starts good yes, very exciting. >> lets get to this. coffee is bad for you. >> no, it is not. so we will talk about foods and a lot of people think are taboo but it is not.
8:17 am
>> coffee. coffee is great in moderation and it has beneficial fido chemicals. the thing is with coffee is what everybody does to that coffee f we have one cup it is okay but when we add ton of sugar and artificial creamers, that is when we're making coffee a lot less healthy. >> i get a skinny vanilla latte, too much stuff. >> i would skip vanilla especially fit is sugar sweetened. >> ditch added sugars as much as we can. >> straight coffee is okay. >> i think for food that we eat every day that is a great place to start with organic. food we consume often. we drink coffee every day then get for an organic coffee. >> i'm trying to block wind from your microphone. >> everybody is very scared of soy. >> soy is not bad. >> it is bad. >> no, it is not bad. >> soy is bad when it is genetically moth filed and put in a bunch of processed food.
8:18 am
soy in its whole food form we're talking organic, tofu, n theiso, these are fermented soy products are highly protective and act a you'll i can prevent disease. >> so, i know eggs, eggs are bad, bad eggs. you are bad. i thought the those were hard boils. >> so, these eggs, these are beautiful eggs. i always stay with my animal proteins. it is a good place to go for quality. these are pastured organic eggs. they are absolutely beautiful. eat the whole egg. all of the nutrients are in the yoke. the myth the that the cholesterol in eggs will raise our cholesterol is not true. >> so i don't to have get the egg white omelette. >> including some of the whole egg that is the beautiful orange yoke. carbohydrates. >> they are bad. they are bad carbohydrates. >> some carbohydrates can be less healthy. it is all of the refined
8:19 am
grains in processed food. i talk about hierarchy of carbohydrates, vegetable based carbohydrates like squash and sweet potatoes are amazing. the beans and whole grains. all of the refined stuff, yes in moderation but whole food carbohydrates that are packed with nutrients are amazing. >> katie. >> there is in way, fatties good for you. >> i hear this constantly. my clients will say to me i don't eat nuts because they are too high in fat. well, healthy fats should be a really essential part of your die cigarette what kind of nuts. >> man make sure they are raw unsalted. we have nut flowers here, almond flowered, and pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, owe mega three fatty acids. protein fiber, they are excellent for you. >> i like my favorite nut is cashew. >> they are amazing, aren't they. >> good to see you. >> now run inside and get a coat on. >> there you go, alex. >> i love after cade owes.
8:20 am
>> i can do, i can put it on anything. >> we are close to the serious time of the year, so it is time to get that costume ready. we are talking about homemade costumes. we will tell you top five things you can make this year right at home. we will make it easy for you. but first a man makes it his life mission to visit every star bucks around the world, the mind blowing amount of money he spends next.
8:22 am
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at at a latin i can city, 8:23. >> so, i said today is a good day to be a complaint day. you got me. i'll find it. hold on. she said, casey can someone please take all pens and mark's way from mike so he can stop banging on the desk. thank you. >> here he goes. >> can you do a beat, if you do it. >> yes, it is probably is annoying. >> that was good.
8:24 am
>> right in the prompter, all right. >> so pump the brakes if you you plan on getting speedy service at your favorite fast food drive through. they are slowing down. >> why. >> wait time at three and a half minutes, that is up 402nd from last year. one reason according to researchers more choices on the menu and healthier options taking longer to prepare. >> you know, that is absolutely right. now you if i stopped in at that, these different coffee shops, all of the same, star bucks. >> yes you used to walk up and get the darn coffee, right. but now they have all sorts of stuff you can buy and it just slows down the line. >> i'm one of those people wait, just give me a second, hold on, i want this. >> your morning cup of coffee will cost you a bit more. >> the price of beans, has soared to the highest level in two years, coffee beans. cost of the pound of coffee is up nearly 7 percent. >> it will cost you more and it will take you longer to get it. >> if you think you spent a lot of money on this, one man
8:25 am
halloween decorations has made it his mission to visit every star bucks in the world. >> he spent a lot of money. >> the man's name, his first name is winter. so far he has spent $100,000 trying to reach his goal of going to every star bucks in the world. >> that is a lot of money. >> he has travel as far away as asia, middle east. he started his project in 1997 and has visited american 11,000 star bucks. he has more than 21,000 stores to go. >> sixty-five countries, so he will have to visit. there are more than 50 in the philadelphia alone. i don't know if he has been to any of ours, yet. here's the thing, winter, they keep building them. it is never going to end. >> does he have a job, that is what i was wondering. >> we should google him, find out more about him. how is he affording this. his name is winter star bucks guy, star bucks guy winter sue if you want to look that up.
8:26 am
>> we aring always asking her to google things. >> there are some cities where there is a star bucks across the the street from each other. in new york is there a couple of places where two star bucks one on each corner. >> i don't get the point. i guess some menus might be different. >> the point for winter, why is he doing it. >> something to do. >> he must be bored. >> he is probably filthy rich and needs something to do. >> freelance software programmer. >> freelance software programmer he can work from any are anywhere. that makes sense. more strange behavior from a manned bynes, is she engaged? latest story to enter the rumor mill but first, quincy. >> fire fighter quincy. >> oh, geese. >> i'm a fire fighter. i'm in the fire academy. they are teaching me how you to get dressed quickly. we are coming up next. >> can you
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
look at that alex you made it to 8:30. >> i made it planes are stacked up, what is going on, sue. >> it is just breezy, rain is gone for the time being but it is the morning. it is time on the morning commute, so a lot of planes want to get out of there. a little wobell cam with the breezes out there. here's bus stop buddy with the the just if case umbrella. we cannot rule out a shower but we are seeing some sunshine and we will see you a seven out of ten because of those times of sunshine and the mild afternoon but really throughout the day mostly cloudy and scattered showers probably rhea shearing later on. we are watching this area in west virginia and that will take a few hours to get up here but in the meantime most of what we have seen all morning is gone, out of here. so 63 degrees right now with an 11-mile an her breeze at the airport.
8:31 am
seventy-five is our high with mostly cloudy skies and a stray shower or two and then tonight we are down to 58 degrees. tonight is when it could get loud around 11:00 o'clock midnight with the possibility of some thunderstorms. that is your weather authority forecast, lets get to traffic right now. we will start off with this look at the schuylkill expressway at gulph mills and traffic is moving great around that part of the schuylkill anyway. also in philadelphia route 63, woodhaven road, westbound right there at roosevelt boulevard there is an accident that has been now moved to the right hand shoulder and slow around there. ninety-five southbound approaching bridge street we have an accident on the shoulder but does not matter because it is just jammed all the way down practically to the vine street expressway, alex. >> thanks, sue. >> you know who can help with these issues going on, quincy harris. he is our fire fighter. >> he has learn how to weld. >> he took it off. >> you were all in the full gear.
8:32 am
>> yeah, but it is a build up, alex, i want to show you me in the full gear and i will hop back in because they do the quick dress. i will try to get quickly dressed. >> i see. >> we're in the fire academy. it ace the lot of fun here. they have so many skills at randolph technical high school as lieutenant matthew is here. how are you doing lieutenant. >> good, how are you. >> what do they learn here other than quick dress here at the fire academy. >> fire academy is broken in to two portions, e ms and fire. tenth and 11th grade they learn e ms where we have two fire cadets, and they are doing cpr. >> let's see you do cpr. >> what are these guys over here doing. >> these fire fighters here are lowering an injured fire fighter in the medic unit. >> they are real serious. >> yes this gear is really heavy. >> they necessity how to do all types here at the fire academy.
8:33 am
>> these are all of my seniors. they are learning. they are in the process of gaining their e ms certification which is national registry and in the 12th grade they learn fire fighters skills. >> how are you doing. >> you want to be a fire fighter, yes, what motivated you to be a fire fighter. >> this program when i was a child i wanted to be a firemen. >> very courageous. >> i had a fire at my house a couple weeks ago, i don't know if you knew that, firemen came in, he this did it real quick. shout out to the firemen that came to my house. >> this is quick dress. >> this is the the process in which fire fighters get dressed in the fire stations, in the same manner. of course, their fire gear is set up on the april the rat us. we have two sets here, cadets getting dressed as a skill and getting dressed on the apparatus to respond. >> we will get ready and do
8:34 am
this. this should take you less than a minute. >> are you guys ready. are you guys ready. >> i will blow your whistle. >> okay, q, put down your mike. >> one, two, three. >> here we go. >> you have to do it in under a minute and get on that truck and out of the firehouse. >> if there is an emergency. >> the the kids are moving. >> come on, q. >> get that hair in that hood. >> do you have a clock on it, alex. >> there is probably 40 seconds in i would think.
8:35 am
>> that is impressive. >> very impressive. >> less than 60 seconds. >> did you make it. >> he made it. >> i did it. >> how do you feel about that. >> pretty good. >> yes. >> you are too slow, my man. >> he is being on owes. >> how difficult do. >> pretty well. >> why are you out of breath. >> this is heavy. we have three out of four people saying i did good. he is a hater. i don't know what i did to him. i don't know what his problem is. coming up next, guys, i only have one glove but coming up next i will be in the auto body shop painting a car. >> what a great high school. alternative to go go to college. it is official, fall that means we are craving all things pumpkin, come up some quickies i pumpkin recipes that you can make this morning
8:36 am
with the kids. >> hold on. >> fall activities. >> was that a pumpkin canoli. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. oh, momma. >> look at that thing. and first ben gay and now apple a has a bigger issue how your new i phone six could hurt your hairline we will explain that. >> don't touch my hair. i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
8:37 am
my one word to describe ac would relaxing getaway fun unique beautiful serenity shenanigans refreshing shopping surprising happy place you know what i mean? i want to say friendly. exhilarating adventure the boardwalk #nosleep it's a great weekend. there is so much to do here. it's so great to have it so close. it's just a great location, a great place to be. we love atlantic city.
8:38 am
8:39 am
some retailer are looking to revamp their merchandise. i phone six plus is larger than prior versions of the phone, and new big name brand like american eagle, j crew, levis and ll bean are considering larger pants pockets. >> wow. >> some retailers say their mens line can already
8:40 am
accommodate new even if but they are reevaluating the woman's pants. >> it is just too big for my pants. >> what are they, i haven't seen the i phone six plus yet. >> i have, and thinks galaxy five. >> your phonies bigger than miny put it up against the six plus and it is a lot bigger, it is wider. that is why i didn't want to get it. i have to stick my phone in my back pocket. but to do this you have to have a pretty big pocket. >> are you telling me it would not fit into my pants, the iphone six plus. >> it is a mini tablet, a mini ipad. >> instead of making phone smaller we will make our pockets bigger. >> that makes sense. >> it shows how popular iphones are. >> good lord. >> but i phone six just can't seem to catch a break. >> first of all, if you sit on it, some people found the phone actually bends from the
8:41 am
pressure of you butt. that was called bend gate this is sold hair gate. so iphone users are complaining that the phonies ripping out their hair. >> they say, hair is getting caught in the tiny gap between aluminum and glass on the phone. it triggered some complaints on social media and movie and advertising spoofs like this one. i don't get the spoof on this one. i get this one. >> if it pulls out hair, you could shave with it. >> look at this here. >> that is funny. >> that is from the the 40 year-old virgin. >> kelly clarkson. >> that was that line when he gets his hair ripped out. >> yes. >> i can see that. >> i don't want to get i bald spot right here. >> it gets caught in that group there. >> that would hurt. >> nobody wants that. >> phonies a in mess, run for your lives, people. >> what has general been doing. >> she's doing a work out where you don't to have change your clothes before you go to work. >> she's working.
8:42 am
>> thank you. the here's the thing you missed the important part, welcome back shea, philadelphia, and other thing is kate hudson is part of the new line, work it, work it, athletic, we will talk about why it is amazing, ps i love the accessory.
8:43 am
8:45 am
nice looking beach, foulke. so kate hudson, daughter of. >> goldie hahn. >> nice. >> kate hudson what was that movie that you like. >> how to lose a guy in ten days with matthew mcconaughey. >> that means you too there. >> that is in the her. >> nine to 5:00. >> there she is. >> yes. >> well, you know what, she's branching out not just making money being an actress any in more. you know what she has made? she's manufacturing yoga pants. >> that is a good investment because they are all of the rage right now. >> women don't want to pay hundreds of dollars on sweat pants so, of course, we have kate hudson to the rescue. >> there is jen.
8:46 am
>> yes, and me, i like to photo shop myself into kate hudson myself and you are a master trainer for companies. >> good morning. >> so first of all, mike jerrick it is not just yoga pants but the whole deal. >> whole package. >> lets look at kate as we talk about this a little bit. i found a pair of these pants. i fell in love with them. all of my fancy girlfriends were like they are expensive. give to it me. >> thinks kate hudson's new active wear line because she wanted there to be something that was affordable, chic, high quality, but accessible to everyone and that would not be too weighty of your work out. >> it is insane. >> this is what i love bit. we have the web site, and i know the fancy word is basically helping you figure out what you to buy on line. >> you create a work out profile and that decides what kind of clothes you want to wear, for your work out. that is important.
8:47 am
you want to be dressed. you don't want to wear yoga pant when you are running and running shorts to yoga pants. the that is a no, no. >> just to break it down simply you can pay $49, 50 bucks a month. >> basically how it works is everything on there is a great deal already. again, half of the price of the premium brands but you can sign up for vi p membership which gets you an entire outfit for $50. 40 percent off retail. >> if you don't want it. >> you don't pay. >> you do not pay every month, you skip it. when you are ready for a new outfit you click it. >> i was going through. i stopped for a second. most of the items are under $50. >> jackets and stuff are a little bit more. >> yes. >> i love my target, i love my wal-mart but the prices are right there, but it is way, way better stuff. >> super high quality. i love the leg ins, the compression the way they fit and they come in such fun patterns. we will show some more later. >> right.
8:48 am
>> yes. >> they have great tops thaw can throw over, they have accessories, head bands, water bottles, gym bags are fabulous. i wear it like a purse. >> here's the thing we know you work for them so you get paid for them to talk about it. >> i don't get paid. we have a relationship. i'm is what called a master. i promote their brand and they like me. >> what do you like about it other than the price point. >> the price point is the the best part. >> i talked to my girlfriends. it was funny at work yesterday because we were talking about that, athletic. everybody knows it is kate hudson, very next expensive, it is nice way to say that but no one knows where you get it. >> it is true to size. colors and everything are amazing. sports brass and tops are really soft. it is comfortable to wear. it really will take from you studio to street. wear tonight class and out the door. >> i will almost all of the fancy pants trainers they are the ones wearing it and
8:49 am
spreading the word. >> my girls behind he he here are instruction or. so, they do totally different things and they can both wear the outfits from this company. >> people think kate hudson, she will probably be watching this so i can say nice things about her. but she's so skinny. it looks like it happens by accident. when you go on there she's a athlete. >> she loves working out. she talks bit all the time. she really wears these clothes. the she is not doing this to make a buck or anything. she lives in these clothes. she does dance, ohio a if you check it out on the blog, you will see, she talks about the things that she really loves and she's very active. >> the more i'm wearing these outfits the more i will look like kate hudson. >> totally. >> all right. so coming up you kind of alluded to it a lot of people want to wear their yoga pants to their business meeting, coffee, pta, she she us how to
8:50 am
style it for the the street. ladies, thank you for your work out. yes, i haven't work out one muscle since i got to this studio. >> it is fine, don't worry. >> yoga pants at work, i will take that. thanks, jen. well, ladies do you just hate watching sports. mens health magazine is taking heat for this tweet. how to talk about sports with women? there is a lot of backlash about this this morning. tweet us your thoughts, use the hash tag fox 29 good day. i mean we would men we watch sports, come on now.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
here's the thing, we actually need rain f we get heavy downpours tonight with the thunderstorms it will be beneficial because since september 1st, the start of meteorological fall, we've only had just short of 2 inches of rain when we should have had almost four and a half inches of rape.
8:54 am
we are at a deficit the right now. it wasn't that wet of a summer either. that is what we have got going on. temperatures much milder then they were yesterday at this time. 63 degrees in the city 52 in mount pocono. we are in the 60's south and east of philadelphia as well. look at how much warmer. 21 degrees warmer then yesterday it was at this time. it is much milder, much more comfortable. you won't to have bundle up as much thanks to this warm front. eventually this cold front touches off these then are storms for later on tonight. so probably, largely dry throughout a good partial of the afternoon but can't rule out thunderstorms tonight. sixty-eight on thursday and then we will get some rain, probably on friday in, to the saturday. and a cooling trend towards the weekend. that is your seven day information case. we will check traffic with the schuylkill expressway westbound, just before the conshohocken curve an accident
8:55 am
has been moved, to the right shoulder, so it is really in the slowing you down a whole lot there. on 295 northbound approaching route 47 in new jersey there is an accident on the left shoulder, and in charleston, route 29 a at altum road is there an overturn vehicle. avoid that area take charleston road or white horse road, alex. take your kids to the playground. >> of course they go to the the swings. >> it ace playground stapel. one school is getting rid of them. why this childhood favorite is being pushed a way for good.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ >> you've got some moves, right. >> he does. >> eddie sheeran. >> well, it was written about taylor swift, but it wasn't. >> she's always writing about guys. >> yes. >> everyone is an item with taylor shift. >> ed sheeran is the red headed kid. they shaved his head. >> i think so. >> that is not him in the video. >> that is his song. >> do you see. >> they are both right. >> i know my ed sheeran that is no ed sheeran. i don't know who that doodies. >> sure enough. >> yes. >> i'm on a roll. get ready. >> thanks, kerry. >> good morning. >> it is tuesday, october 7th, kerry, and it is the year 2014. >> thanks for the update. >> who is that guy. >> what guy. >> the guy that is not ed sheeran. >> i don't know. >> he is an actor.
9:00 am
>> he is a backup dancer. >> the best and worst cities for single woman looking to get married. >> philadelphia is one of these cities, listen up, ladies. i'll tell you where the odds are against us. >> oh, in. plus this month it is just pumpkin everything, look at the pumpkin canolis, my goodness. so quick and easy pumpkin pie. isn't she adorable. quick and easy pumpkin recipes that you probably never tried before. um, i love it. here's jennifer. >> look at this. is it a move? it is a totally a move. here's the the thing, moms are out there working out and then they got to go walk the caroline, so how are you doing your work out gear. you have to move, shea. >> that is a a move. >> it is a move. >> yes. >> i have one of those if my