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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 7, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> he is a backup dancer. >> the best and worst cities for single woman looking to get married. >> philadelphia is one of these cities, listen up, ladies. i'll tell you where the odds are against us. >> oh, in. plus this month it is just pumpkin everything, look at the pumpkin canolis, my goodness. so quick and easy pumpkin pie. isn't she adorable. quick and easy pumpkin recipes that you probably never tried before. um, i love it. here's jennifer. >> look at this. is it a move? it is a totally a move. here's the the thing, moms are out there working out and then they got to go walk the caroline, so how are you doing your work out gear. you have to move, shea. >> that is a a move. >> it is a move. >> yes. >> i have one of those if my
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bedroom. >> anyway, it is 9:01. there is a popular piece of playground equipment being removed from schools. this is in one state but it may spread across america. these are swings that kill. >> officials are getting rid of swing sets because they are just too dangerous. decision was influenced by district's insurance company who says that swing sets are to blame for the the most playground injuries a across the country. but some parents think this is going just a bit too far. >> the school is getting modernized or renovated or as we are doing work on the playground equipment, we will take out the swings. it is just a safety issues. swings have been determined to be probably the most unsafe of all of the playground equip amount play ground. >> they were a great joy. they were every where. we all played on them. >> at what point do you just let your hair go. >> yes. >> let it go, let it go. >> let that hair back there
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go. >> anyway, we digress. >> yes,. >> nearly 2,000 children wind up in the er each year after an accident, thinks the guy he is talking about. >> yes. >> you are being mean now. >> yes. >> it is your fall. >> it is so you. >> don't blame us. >> my kids. >> yes, serious now. >> back in my day, swings, it was just two ropes and a piece of wood, that was it. then it went to chains. you get your fingers caught in the chains. >> they have the chains covered in plastic now. >> see through go. >> because you used to get your hair caught. >> like that guy. >> yes. >> that is what happened to him. >> that and the iphone six.
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>> yes. >> swings are my favorite. you know what we use ohio to, we would have competitions where you get as high as you can and who can jump off the farthest. >> yes. >> i have to tell you the sea saw was where it was at. >> yes. >> that gets, that can do some real dam age how about the jungle gym. i have seen people fall of those. >> some people fall of of monkey bars. >> kids just get hurt. the is there all kind of of ways to get hurt. >> i also used to play on just dirt but now they have spongey surfaces. >> the rubber. >> and in my town we had wood chips and people kept getting splinters. >> so you fall off a swing on the wood chips. >> but they were little brown pieces. >> do you see a scar right here on my foreheady see a scar right here. >> don't look at that part. >> a little bit. >> when i was say, probably
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five years old, i was playing on the swings in my grandparents backyard right before we were about to get on a airplane and head over to saudi arabia where i used to live but by the way, i leaned way back and the swing was too close to the ground, and my whole entire face across the ground i ended up having this huge scab in the middle of my forehead good what did you do for school pictures, year by pictures day. >> i don't think we did that. >> yes. >> and then she was debort todd saudi arabia. you lived in saudi arabia. >> we lived there for about five years. >> wow. >> my dad was in the military but he work for a company that sold infrastructure, oil tanks, water tanks. >> we lived in britain for five years too. >> you didn't drive there, saudi arabia. >> we used to take the bus. my mom would have to take the bus to the mark. on friday we had public
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pettings. >> you didn't see that as a five years old. >> yes. >> we moved off track a little will bit. >> yes. >> about my scared forehead, including dragging my face. i was a real brain surgeon. >> so anyway what do you think about swings being too dangerous. >> yes. >> in manayunk they have one of the best playgrounds in the history of playground. >> really. >> i was reading that in the paper. we have to take a camera over there. >> i have to see that. >> do they have swings. >> good point. >> will they take them away. >> swings that kill. >> so ladies, you may be ready to fine the love of your life, settle down and get married but in some parts of the country including right here in philadelphia the odds are against us. a new pew research study find philly is one of the worst marriage markets in the country. >> god. >> research are found in the philadelphia area they include camden, wilmington in this too. there are only 74 single
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employed men for every 100 women. some other cities are considered bad marriage market, memphis, charlotte and detroit. but on the other hand best marriage market cities include san jose, denver and pittsburgh. >> really, pittsburgh. >> other side of the state. >> i can see san jose because of all of the technology everybody has a job. >> the whole study was based on the fact that these men have to be employed if you look at the the ratio nationally it was like 115 men to every 100 women. so there is plenty of men to go around but you have to factor out the unemployment factor then it dropped down to 82 men per every 100 women. >> but plenty of guys without jobs who have time to date. >> yes. >> they are available. >> yes.
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>> 9:06. could seeing a female doctor be better for your health. now, listen to this doctor mike is still around, i think he is still in the building. get his take on this. >> very thorough he is very loud. >> some researchers in france say you might be better off if you saw a female doctor. >> they found patients are more likely to take advice from female doctors then male doctors. especially when it comes to nutrition, exercise, and weight loss. researchers believe the the way the female doctors communicate on these issues, plays a big role in how their patients respond to their suggestions. >> i like a fee he mail doctor. >> we know you do. >> it is not because of that. >> what? >> what is it. >> well, no. >> you don't have a reason. >> it is not because of that. >> you know what i mean. >> really. >> no, let's go back over
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here. when i lived in southern california, i didn't know that she was a female doctor. >> you didn't know. >> all right. >> my gosh. >> maybe it was alex. >> settle down, maybe it was pat. >> what was weird is she was quite attractive. >> yes. >> weird because you just. >> no. >> smart people usually aren't pretty. >> no, i didn't say that. i never said that. but you two are very, very attractive. >> i'm kidding. i'm kidding you are in trouble, mister. >> you know, it was four years ago this week that instagram made its debut. that is when we first learned about that thing, hashtag, four years ago, i think yesterday. >> so there is a couple hash tags that were very prominent when it made its debut. >> yes. >> one of them i think, we will take a look at them, maybe. >> one of the first hashtags. >> yes. >> there we go.
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>> yeah. >> i think hash tag came about with twitter, no, instagram. >> twitter was already in instagram when instagram took it over in instagram and started hash tagging it up. >> snow apocalypse. >> do i remember that one. >> it snowed so much. >> yes. >> and then we have november. >> has it been four years since we had that giant snow fall 36 years over the weekend. >> i remember because we had avery that year and we were stuck inside the entire winter on maternity leave. >> she was stuck inside for nine months. >> true. >> take that. >> it was nice and warm. >> did you have instagram, mike. >> the minute instagram came out we got on instagram. >> i waited a little bit but now i'm all over it. >> a woman that i know very well, got off instagram, over weekend. >> got off of it. >> just too busy. >> there is too many
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platforms. >> i have an instagram account, and maybe like 15 followers, mostly thanks to you because you tag me in photos but i don't understand how it works. i posted a few pictures. avery, what do they call that, the profile. >> the profile pick. >> yes. >> yeah. >> anyway, i like it. >> i go all instagram now, and i tag twitter and facebook. >> everything he post he tags all of us. it could be a picture of a gun or wrong, yes. >> all right. from now i will not tag you. >> that is okay. >> now she makes fun of me tagging her. >> thirty people tag on it. >> i won't tag anybody anymore. >> beyonce. >> queen bay. >> i cannot say that. >> why not. >> hail to the queen. >> she has brought many people to tears with her performances, is that true? >> yes. >> tears of joy. >> not in pain. >> no. >> but apparently, this stage
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is not only place beyonce is affecting her fans. watch this. >> who are you looking for. >> where is beyonce? >> beyonce could not make it. >> oh, my gosh. >> this north carolina teen was recorded by his mother after under going a dental operation. the medications he was on had him asking for beyonce but went through other delusions thinking he lost his heart and his teeth this isn't the first time their parents caught their kid on camera post a dental procedure. do you you remember this one. >> i can't see anything. >> yes, you can. >> stay in your seat. >> that face. >> it had lots of people laughing when it came out in 2009. may want to get your designated driver from the dentist next time you are pick up because your parents will put you on tv.
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>> that had to be five years ago. >> yes. >> what did he get done. >> you saw. >> that tiny five-year old got his tiny wisdom teeth taken out. >> it was not his wisdom tooth. >> it looked like he had only one tooth. >> so what do they call it. >> laughing gas. >> oxide. >> yes. >> but they post it. >> i think it is a little bit humiliated. >> that will follow him the rest of his life. >> that is kid shaping. >> would you do it. >> when a kiddies in distress last thing i feel like doggies picking up a camera. >> it doesn't even occur to me. maybe i'm old school. >> okay. >> anyway, plenty of clouds but the sunnies manager to go burn through some of those clouds but they will be in and out all day long. but look at how much milder it is to day then yesterday. you don't need that warm coat today because it is already mild in pottstown with 61 degrees.
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fifty-four mount pocono. sixty-four here in philadelphia we will look at 66 in atlantic city and wildwood. sixty-five in millville n delaware it is 63 down in dover. so these temperatures are really a lot warmer then they were yesterday, as much as 15 degrees mild inner some places, at least nine or 10 degrees milder in philadelphia. some more comfortable. so what about the rain? well, we have another frontal system set to come through. we are watching an area of rain in west virginia moving towards the the north east so later this afternoon it is not out of the question to he see a stray shower or two but it is in the overnight hours say between 11 or 12 or 1:00 in the morning we will get thunderstorms happening. then tomorrow during the day the sun comes back out. we have a lunar eclipse early tomorrow morning. we might be able to see it. we will check it out anyway. 75 degrees today. thirty-seven tomorrow. thunderstorms are in the overnight hours. and then a cooling trend as we head toward the weekend.
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that is your weather authority forecast, kerry. >> all right, sue, thanks. >> collette 13. jimmy fallon and william they go in the mind of the teenage girl in the new music video. >> ♪ >> she is a lamb. >> it is ew, correct good. >> yes. >> yes. >> that is it. >> i'm in the pronouncing it, correctly, it is their first music video premiere. video available to down load on itunes. proceeds, this is important will go to fund children miracle network and it is officially fall. that means all pumpkin, all the time. we have tried the lattes, a couple of the desserts, but now you're looking for new ways continue on corporate
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fall flavor in your every day treats and you want to make it easy. we are getting creative in the kitchen with help from our mommy's blocking friend from baking in a moment, whipping up some treats that are fun and easy to make the with the kids. she's from baking a a moment to the come. >> kerry, can you just be quiet. >> yes. >> it is getting scared face out here and stuff your face. >> she's jealous of us right now. >> hi, good morning. >> good morning. >> you are allie bloomberg. >> the the one and only. >> food blogger. >> yes. >> baking a i have three recipes on my web site, baking and deserts and today we will talk about some really great pumpkin deserts. >> we were looking at your web site, it is really well done. >> very nice. >> we can do these things at home with the kids. >> absolutely. they are simple, seasonal and delicious. >> let's start. >> i have never seen pumpkin
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used, i have never heard of pumpkin cream brulet. >> it is a twist, which is what i love to do. it is really easy to make. you can do it in these individual portions and mason jars and you just want to sprinkle the top with some sugar. >> look at that. >> and then you have your sketch even and melt that sugar and get nice and brown. >> yeah, don't let the kids do this. >> but let the kid eat it where do you get one of these. >> you can buy these at a kitchen supply stores or target, it is pretty common household tool. you see how it burns up the sugar and gets nice and crunchy. >> where is the spoon. >> right here. >> it is very creamy. >> that is nice. >> it has pumpkin and spices in there. >> um-hmm, good. >> fantastic. >> and thinks a pumpkin boston cream pie. >> i love this.
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>> we have pumpkin cake, mapel custard and a white check late carmelized, on top. >> i would call that decadent. >> it is, it is really good. really different. it will be the center piece of your holiday table. >> all right mike, give it a try. >> this right here is a pumpkin butter. it is really easy to make. >> this is the big thing,al monday butter, cookie butter, can you get this in stores or do you have to make it. >> i have the recipe on my web site and one of those dumb april stir kind of recipes. >> i like those recipes. >> easy goodies for me. >> we're sandwiching it in these gluten free refined sugar free cookie. a latin american cookie. >> very tender. >> it melts in your mouth. >> that is the way the cookie crumbles. >> yes, it is great if you have somebody in your family
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or somebody that has food allergies good what ising on these. >> these are canolis and these are bake, not fried. you bake up these delicate cookies and while they are still hot you wrap them around a turkey baster and wrap it around and you so witt this fluffy, pumpkin cream. it had ace little bit of ginger. they are good with the almonds. >> on your web site would you give me the formula for mixing the pumpkin with the cream. >> all of the recipes are on there and free down load. so if you click over to baking a, you'll see all right there and you can down load them and follow me on my social media, and handle is at baking a moment and i'm on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram. >> pumpkin dip. >> that is same filling if you want to do a version as a dip
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and just dip your cook is in there. really good. >> is this something that stumps people at home what is the key here having pumpkin spies necessary your cabinet or what is the key. >> when it gets close to fall, i hit the store and i'm buying five or six cans of pumpkin puree at the time. they are great not only for these deserts but you can put tonight pancakes, french toast, pasta, macaroni and cheese. >> macaroni and cheese. >> yes. >> there is no end. pumpkin is most versatile ingredient and so seasonal. >> can you put it on a bologne sandwich. >> i don't see why not. >> what is the most weird thing you have put pumpkin into. >> spam. >> are you married. >> yes. >> very happily married. >> yes. >> well, thank you so much for coming. it is all great. >> so happy to be here.
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>> we're going about a to kerry. >> why don't you shut your mouth, stop your yapping and pay a attention. 9:19. do women necessity anything about sports. i don't but i'm told that some do. mens talk magazine under fire for this tweet. tweet us your thought, use the hash tag fox 29 good day. we will be right back.
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we're just having fun, right, kerry. >> indeed. >> girls just want to have fun, mike. >> yes. just tweeted i'm a handful. >> you are. >> i'm not sure what you mean by that. >> um-hmm. >> not a full handful. >> oh, great. >> here they go.
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>> jessica kline in the control room said to do something, does she want to do it now. >> yes. >> okay, thanks. >> there is amens magazine, that always had a guy with showing his abs on the cover. >> yes. >> every inning is will month. they put out a tweet yesterday and we want your opinion on this mens health tweeted this photo with a link to an article and it it says, she sees the game differently then you. here's how and what to do about it. >> um-hmm. >> some people, of course, were talking about this. twitter erupted with criticism. they accused on the malling seen of trolling for quips. they apologized saying article is not men to suggest women are inferior to men in sports or anything else. >> how to talk to women about sports. >> um-hmm. >> i have to ask chris movie toy diagram some plays for me before. >> have you. >> like, do you know -- >> i will not know. >> like in football, you do
9:25 am
know what the four downs mean. >> you have to get -- is this a quiz. >> you have to get 10 yards is a down. >> no, hold on, wait a minute, don't tell me. >> i don't know. >> can i try. >> so you need get the first down so you can get, to the touchdown. >> you get a first down. >> you have to go to a certain amount of yard where the the yellow line is. >> yes. >> you have to get acrossed it >> what? >> you to have get 10-yard. >> somebody just told new control room. >> i just remember, that is why it is my gosh that is fourth down. >> it is your last chance to get a touchdown. >> no, no. >> it gets to the point where you get to a touch down. >> unaudible. >> clearly, i don't know the the exact number of yards but i know you need to get past it to get forward to get past the
9:26 am
ball. >> do you know what it is. >> that 10 yards. you have four chances to get 4 yards. >> i know more about basketball then i do football but i love football, eagles, i just know more about basketball, what is happening, foul, technical. >> the in the pros how many feet is the three-point line. >> who needs to know that, come on, i just know where the three-point line is. >> the ball just has to go through the hole. >> /describe will, that is it 10 yards, you have four shots at it. >> i know that muchy just saw a bird flying through here. >> but it is interesting how, technology. >> yes. >> why do we even try. >> i don't know. >> it is interesting though, because as a young woman, you have probably the whole time you have been alive, they have had that electronic yellow
9:27 am
line that is put right there on the screen, but not on the fieldy knew that, it is a marker, it helps you understand if they made it or not. >> they get to the yellow line, but back in the day we didn't that have yellow line. >> you just to have know 10 yards. >> yes. >> yes. >> we know what the yellow flag is and all that. >> we know some things. >> what is yellow flag. >> is there something that went wrong during the play and you get called out on it. >> there is a flag. >> yes. >> el, hey, mens health magazine was probably right. >> just kidding, i'm kidding,
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. back to football talk, with mike, kerrey and alex. >> did you guys learn a lot over the last five minutes? >> oh, geez. >> game day live. coming saturday. >> howard eskin, we could do game day life. >> absolutely. yellow line right there. >> line? >> oh, that is so pretty. >> we got the message, it is 10 yards to the first down. >> how do they get that yellow line to move? i never see the guys move it. >> i know, and do you erase the old line, draw in the new one? very confusing. >> all right, let's do this. >> we're smart. we promise. >> high school in the city. say you don't want to go to college, you go to this high school, they teach you how to be a fireman, a welder, can also teach you how to paint a car. >> and that's what quincy
9:32 am
doing right now. >> at the a philip randolph career and technical high school roxborough. >> nice. >> well, yes, i'm have mr. moore here, auto body class, how are you? >> what are we doing? >> actually implementing new nitrogen plastic welder, new technology, that we're going to be implementing in the curriculum here and randoff. the kids are learning how to, you know, use machinery right now. >> and what are the grades of the student here? >> oh, all of the kids do quite well here. we have state test that the kids do very well on, actually, randolph high school has the highest scores in the city of philadelphia. >> nice. now, you like your class? >> yes, i do. >> i'm about to go paint. wish me luck. >> all right, brother. >> okay, i'm going in here, going to go paint. now, they ask me, real life auto body, almost like real professional type place. okay, how do we paint?
9:33 am
what are we about to do? >> we're about to base coat, which is to paint on top of a car. >> real professional paint? >> yes. >> so i'm going to paint. color is it? >> it is red. >> so, quick demonstration? >> do you have put your mask on. >> so it is only live tv. >> looks pretty simple. >> i messed up on it. i have to set it. add the pattern, these, right here. >> okay. >> okay? >> here you go. >> i'm ready.
9:34 am
>> (painting). >> what happened here? >> learning. >> that's q. >> it is a big hole? >> i missed an spot. >> they said i need practice. i messed up little bit. listen real quick. you guys know it is twin i harris day here. they have something for me. >> on behalf of randolph, we would like to give quincy the hon over area q deezy award down here at a philip randolph. >> oh, cool. >> thank you for coming. thanks, fox. >> thank you. >> and doesn't principal look like joe labert? >> yes, yes. >> look! >> ♪ cast nova ♪
9:35 am
>> okay, appreciate it. >> that's your q. >> indeed. >> thank you, guys. yes, that's my q. >> you ever been -- have kerrey barrett day? >> never, never had a day, not at our school. >> in my honor, anywhere. >> back to the football discussion, christina tweets. i love how mike stands up when he thinks he's got it. >> yes. >> somebody tweeted alex and kerrey got it all right. they owned you, mike, they're smarter than you are. >> oh! >> we just are -- somebody tweet, and he stands up. now sit down. >> okay. >> there we go. all right, now, halloween costumes, scariest time of the year, so get that costume ready, the top five things you can make this year right at home. >> what? >> keep sitting, mike. don't get up.
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>> is this dogs, human? >> whatever you want it to be for. >> whatever you want it to be for. >> oh, well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
9:39 am
>> time to make our halloween costumes. looking for inspiration, this pinterest has a list of its top search or costumes this year. alex? >> coming in at number five, i like this one. so cute. >> i heard it it was going to be lufus, i thought that was really dumb, but these are cute. >> they are cute. they will little string attached. i like it.
9:40 am
>> and number four, gum ball machines. >> oh, hello. >> this is sexy. >> ya. >> i did take solace in the other once not being as quite as sexy. but look, kind of sexy. >> this is like sexy. >> so look where the money is. >> how old on there. how would you get those balls to stay on there? >> i'm sure it is a top. >> probably glued it? i mean, i had a top like that for my bachelorette party. >> really? what was on it, gum balls? >> can. >> i and did they -- >> i'm if the going to tell you what happened. >> okay. >> it was bad. >> delicious looking. >> it is. so let's see what number three is, oh, this one isn't sexy. >> well -- >> what do you think it is? you like it, mike? >> yes, so they just draw the teeth -- >> as skeleton, probably can't really resist all that much. >> no. >> i kind of like that one. >> ya? it is like scary for halloween. >> and at number two, the spiderweb cape.
9:41 am
how do you make that? you got to go on pinterest. >> will tell us, that looks pretty intricate. interesting, though. >> number one search? >> already, creepy dolls. so you can use your make up. >> so make up your face to look like a doll? >> then be creep. >> i then creepy doll. >> spent smile. >> creepy dolls, let's get out to jenn fred. >> no. >> but she is a doll. that's what i mean. >> we have a little picture of avery. >> your caughter? >> hard to see. >> oh, what? great kid. >> oh, that's so cute. >> yes. >> can you imagine? >> homemade costume with little umbrella, some crepe, led lights hanging down the side. >> dang. >> cellophane on the inside, loved it, wanted to be a jellyfish, completely random, i don't know where she pick it up. what do you want to be? a jellyfishment and she was consistent, so we went with it. >> i like. >> thanks. >> you created that? >> i didn't necessarily create it, but, somebody helped me. i'm terrible. >> oh, you had someone make it
9:42 am
for her? >> that's fine, alex. >> you didn't even do it at all y show it then? did you buy it? >> i didn't buy it. >> did your friend on twitter buy it? (laughing). >> okay, back to jenn fred. >> my children know that halloween costumes come from the internet. okay, here is the thing. adorable. she has work out, she looks good. she can go from here at the gym to out and hanging out with her friend. so we will talk about how to make your gym look work all the time and these gorgeous hunks will hell us how they feel about the looks. hunks will hell us how they feel about the looks. a man's point of
9:43 am
womaand the way it made me chronic feel,ipation,
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♪ >> can you do a cher impersination? >> snap out of it. >> moon struck, i got t hey, we're all running around, some women, just do it, alex. >> running around, some women, that means going from the work out studio to coffee with the colleague, all in the same outfit. how do we do, that jen? >> don't you stink? >> okay, here, you do stink, but everyone smells, it is the way of the world, mike jerrick. okay, shea is back, big shop from new york, a work out
9:46 am
queen, good morning. >> good morning. >> talking about this brand, it is fabathletics. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> sometimes i am put a sweatshirt on. >> you could do little better here, we can find a way to dress this up. i'll show you how. >> so first of all, we begin with brittany. >> yes. >> brittany, work it, girl. >> here she comes. beautiful. okay, so, brittany is a bar instructor here, wearing beautiful outfit. these cabbies, awesome new pattern they have, actually inspired by black light yoga. >> cool. >> is that cool. >> yes. >> so these beautiful colors to match. soft materials, real he moveable. >> but she looks like she is working out. >> she does, so the best way to go from studios to street is maybe throw on cardigan, so this is the slug. again, really great material, super fashionable, right, really loose, so not too heavy. >> i have seen this look at the coffee shop. >> yes. >> so you can get it for half the price.
9:47 am
>> gentlemen, what do you think? >> you know what, we need another opinion. mark? how do you feel about this look? >> oh, get out of here. common. >> so, the next, you look adorable, you can go stand over there, thank you. >> here comes janile. wearing sexy casual casino of flash down look here. >> yes, got the stripe. we love that. so, this great top that she has around her waist, go ahead, put that on, off the shoulder, sweatshirt, heather gray. >> looking sexy on the weaken, i'll put stuff on in the morning hoping to work out, but i have to go to the grocery store. >> perfect like weekend outfit, from gym, to ringer and, or hanging out with your friends, or maybe go at the end of the evening, right? after you work out? you still look cute. we don't need to wear ugly sweats. >> what do you have to say with this thing? oh, hey!
9:48 am
mark? >> out submit. >> sorry, guys, you've got your signs? what do they say? what do you think? >> fine for sure, no doubt about it, beautiful, beautiful. >> one more, go back to your seat. by the way, united fitness, you, too, can join from here. >> last one? >> so i'm wearing kate hudson's absolute favorite top. that's not a joke. this top is reversible. snow is the back. show off the sports bra. low impact sports bra, great for bar -- >> look at the judges. the judge's, okay, go ahead. back to us, back to us. >> they love it. so flip it around and wear it in the front, as well, and the sports bra is gorgeous, so you can also wear this out. then i have these -- these are legs action, little more particulars tour, more fun, you can wear this top with jeans or skirt. then, if i'm in the bar or studio, jen, help me out here, i just throw on my heals, check it out. i just throw on my heals. because these also action are super long, i like to wear
9:49 am
them like this, you don't have to, they make them shorter. >> you make me want to work out. gentlemen? >> eight? >> last time, girlfriends, common! what do you think about this? >> oh, absolutely beautiful. i have to give that a ten. >> okay, a ten. and the best part, all of this stuff less than 50 bucks? >> less than 50 bucks. >> fabathletics. com. >> so we're clear, this is television and journalism, thank you, judges. >> your welcome. >> my job is done. >> if i wore heals, though, and in work out clothes, i would look ridiculous. >> why you? stiletto's in my gym shorts, sure. >> just put blazer over it? >> your behind region? >> but i feel like it would be kind of noticeable. >> kind of sticky and gross? >> i like that sports bra, that was cute. >> how is that different than any other day?
9:50 am
>> speaking of gross, back after this. we're going to show you something that is maybe a little hard on the eyeballs, so and your ears. but still, impressive. now, listen to this. this woman is going to sing two notes at the same time. >> ♪ ♪ >> what is this called? >> ouch? >> oh, she sound like an ambulance in london. (lawful). >> the technique actually called throat singing. her name is anna marie hecko. becoming big hit on the
9:51 am
internet. what do you think that far? >> it does sounds complicated but it hurts a little bit. >> hard to listen to. >> let's stop that. kim kardashian pose without her wedding bling. >> oh, oh. halt the presses. >> what she is wearing instead that far massive diamond ring. and, why shook took it off. >> her ring? her trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation.
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two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> so this amanda bynes woman, she says she wants to get
9:55 am
married. amanda told in touch magazine she is engage today a 19 year old dude from california. >> you know, bynes is 28. she tells the magazine his name is call he can, works in a bake shop. she said she wants children. the engagement news came days after bynes war as err for dui. also had other arrests and mental health issues in the past. she said as soon as she gets married wants to have lots of babying, on the wants to have boys because she doesn't want to have any gorgeous little girls running around, because i would get way jealous. >> gel us? >> that's a direct quote. along with ew part. >> eh. >> she is only -- he's only 19. >> but has great job in a bake shop. >> right? >> wonder how he lured her in. >> what are they going to hook up? >> he's still going. >> while thing fishy. that will a good line?
9:56 am
>> yes. >> oh, good. >> real it in. >> real it in. >> but he is good at selling babies. 's master at t kim kardashian, has new bling on her fingers. >> what is it? >> she posted this photo on instagram of herself sporting gold rings that fell off -- still laughing -- oh. >> what's it say? >> it says northwest. >> kim usually wears million dollars engagement ring from kanye, her wedding bands. but instead she decided to show some love for her 14 month old daughter. >> can we get some pictures over here? >> a master -- >> okay, let's g we done? >> no! >> i can't. >> avenue minute. >> we have a minute. >> alex, you're the only professional here. can you read this?
9:57 am
>> okay. >> and kanye west has reputation for having a bad attitude. but he's showing he can be a good guy, smiling a among group of ladies, we slow it hopefully soon. there we go. group of ladies at the bach or expert in new orleans, we don't see a smile a l but there it is. so maybe this grout brought him little cheer. so he in turn reportedly bought the group a bottle of champagne. bottle service and hopes for these photos shared on instagram. >> bopping bottles. >> look, the smile went away. >> looks sullen. >> maybe he's had enough. >> it is very, ya, little much. >> did you hear this, real quickly, apparently will and kate, the royal couple, they're going to be in new york soon. >> the dutchess of cambridge. >> yes. >> it will be one of the first, you know, announcing second pregnancy. so buckingham palace has yet to confirm the trip, but will happen at the end of november, early december. maybe she'll come on to philly. we should get her to fill. >> i we get the pope, okay? we top you.
9:58 am
please. >> dutchess of cambridge. >> all right. >> dutchess of cambridge. >> all right. >> wewhat's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you.
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