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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a tornado watch box has been issued there. not anticipating that type of threat for us. however, let's roll the clock. mostly cloudy skies by the dinnertime frame. we still have several more hours before most of the rainfall arrives. we're talking nine, 10:00 o'clock. where you see the yellow as well as the orange that will be some heavier rainfall and you can see most of the heavy action north and west of philadelphia. by midnight we're still pretty quiet down the shore as well as central and southern delaware. overnight that system continues to move to the east. so we're talking rapid clearing for wednesday morning's rush. most of the rainfall should be out of here without causing any problems for that morning rush. so once again the timing the heaviest rainfall arriving west after about nine, 10:00 o'clock there could be few gusty storms winds gusting over 30 miles per hour on average a quarter to half an inch of rainfall is expected. lows to night bottom out around 60 degrees. coming up we'll talk about more on this system, what moves in behind it as well as if it will move out in time for tonight's total lunar eclipse.
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iain and dawn. >> all right. thanks, scott you can follow the weather all night by checking click the weather tab at the top of the home page for the very latest forecast information and live radar images. >> happening now, the spread of the enterovirus. a meeting starts in less than 30 minutes in hamilton township, new jersey operate agenda the newly confirmed 14 cases of enterovirus in the state health official confirming last week the infection killed a young boy. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live outside the hamilton township municipal building for us tonight. sabina? >> reporter: iain, that meeting starting very very shortly. officials are going to have a lot to discuss as the number of confirmed enterovirus d68 infections continues to grow. five new cases in the city state of new jersey confirmed today by the department of health. this is only of course adding to the alarm felt by parents after four year old i lie waller died from the respiratory illness two weeks ago. those test results only came back late last week confirming
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by the cdc that waller did in fact have enterovirus d68 and that was a direct cause of his death. now, because samples from sick patients have to be sent away to the cdc for testing, there's a general delay in finding out which cases are confirmed infections of d68. take a look at this map. the new five cases in new jersey bring the total number of confirmed enterovirus to 14. that's an eight counties throughout the state. at least two in mr. conte, two in camden, also burlington, middlesex, morris, essex, passaic and sussex. there is another pre-schooler from eli's same classroom currently being tested for d68. we're told he is not associated with the new case here in mercer county. his test results are still pending from the cdc. they were sent out last thursday. officials have no word on when they're expected to see the confirmed or unconfirmed test results. now in pennsylvania, six confirmed cases of of the virus with children's hospital of philadelphia testing an additional five patients who are
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displaying symptoms similar to d68. they zen those samples out to the cdc as well. the meeting again starting at 6:30. the township will be discussing its response to enterovirus d68 after young eli fell sick and of course later passed away and after another child in his classroom now displaying similar symptoms. we'll have the very latest for from you the meeting. dawn, back to you. >> thank you sabina. the united states is looking to step up efforts to keep americans safe. president obama will initiate more active screening at airports and tighten protocols for travelers who come from infected countries. as part of its ebola response plan the united states is also prepared to send $750 million and 4,000 military personnel to west africa. the goal is to build treatment centers and train health care workers. meantime the case in dallas, texas has the cdc redouble link its efforts to make sure hospitals are on the look out for potential cases and know exactly how to handle them.
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>> the signs of progress are there, but it is going to be a long, hard fight, and i think we should all -- always keep in mind that the and me here is a virus. and we together can stop that virus. >> the white house promises officials won't consider a travel ban on passengers from west africa, even though some lawmakers in congress are pushing for it. developing story now in delaware county. police are on the hunt for a bold serial burglar whose terrorizing a community they say he strikes after the sun goes down. >> and police want this guy off the streets before someone gets hurt. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at upper dash bow police headquarters with the very latest. dave? >> reporter: dawn, tonight police still trying to identify this suspect. he struck three times in the last four days and he likes to strike before sunrise before any body can even get any idea who he is. police tonight are asking for the public's help in trying to identify this suspect.
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>> try to do all we can to keep this block looking good. >> reporter: john sell don lived on clinton road in upper darby for year. last week, his neighbors home got broken into when a burglar slipped in through a basement window robbed them and escaped. >> they took out some money, the kids money and her money. >> we lock down and we stay in the house. >> reporter: betty brown has lived on clover road for 50 years. tuesday morning, a burglar broke into her neighbor's home the latest in string of break ins in this neighborhood in the last two weeks. police say a serial burglar is at work. >> i'm scared. you know, you don't want to go out. >> these guys are like rats. he hits and he goes, and surround the area and he's gone. >> reporter: upper darby police say a serial burglar is on the loose and hit five times in two weeks in the stone hurst section of town. the latest break in occurred tuesday morning at 4:30. police say the guy is bold. >> apparently, 25 year old son went to sleep last night and was talking on his cell phone and
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left his cell phone on his chest and the burglar took the cell phone off his chest. >> reporter: detectives say the burglar is tar gooding homes with open windows or doors but sometimes he'll even pry open door or a window. it. >> doesn't matter whether your window is locked or open, he is getting in. >> reporter: police believe extra patrols and neighbors will get investigators the lead they need to catch the suspect. >> my concern is one of the victims gets hurt and that's why we need to -- were need to push this as quickly as possible. >> we just lock down. we have double lock on the doo doors, and we just hope it doesn't happen to us. >> reporter: that's the hope of a lot of folk. no one has been injured at this point. police are looking for surveillance video. they hope to get of the suspect. tonight they're also working on some forensic evidence including a pry bar that was left at the scene of one of these burglari burglaries. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. nearly 100 people were forced out of their homes in the middle of the night after a fire at their delaware conte
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apartment complex. the fire broke out around 10:30 last night at the glenn croft court apartments in fulcroft. the red cross provided shelter to 21 people. the rest had to stay with family and friends. one woman was treate treated ate hospital for smoke inhalation. >> four men including a 70 year old are busted during an undercover prostitution sting in philadelphia. the city's vice units targeting the men and arresting them last week. they confiscated over thousand dollars and four vehicles during the sting. 70 year old man from bucks county along with three philadelphia men are charged with solicitation and patroniz patronizing prostitution. both are misdemeanors. >> the ncaa is going on the legal offensive asking federal judge to 96 a state law requiring money from penn state's fine over the jerry sandusky scandal to be kept within pennsylvania. college sports governing body just filed a motion arguing the 2013 law is quote blatantly unconstitutional. penn state accepted the $60 million fine two years ago as part of a decree that --
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earmark part of the money for pennsylvania knowledge word on when a ruling will be made. >> a new pole shows a slight tightening of the pennsylvania governor' race. the poll shows that governor tom corbett picking up support among likely voters. but democrat tom wolf still leads by 17 points. according to the survey wolf gets 55% of voters judged likely to cast ballots. corbett getting 38%. of course election day is coming up right around the corner november 4th. new jersey governor chris christie is ready to announce a new partnership to fight prescription drug abuse. christie has made combating drug addiction one of his signature issues hoping to reduce the stigma associated with it. it is a serious problem in the garden state. back in 2010, substance abuse treatment programs in new jersey logged over 7,000 admissions stemming from prescription painkiller abuse. >> bankruptcy judge approved the sale of atlantic city's revel casino. the judge okayed the sale of the revel for 5 cents on the dollar to a toronto company. the revel of course cost nearly
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$2.5 billion to build and it closed last month after just two years in operation. the toronto firm says it plans to reopen revel as a casino. >> no friday lights for one new jersey high school football program. the season a wrap over allegations of hazing and bullying. this all happening at sayreville high school in middlesex county. the school's superintendent says there was enough information to warrant a criminal investigation and that's why the decision was made to cancel the entire season. the case is now in the hands of the county prosecutor's office. >> there were incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying as constituted by the definition within the anti bullying statute. >> the remainder of the football season is canceled for the freshmen, junior varsity and varsity football players. >> straight ahead, local music legend bobby rydell survived double bypass surgery. what happened saturday night after this local concert nearly
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made his heart stop for good. rydell needs your help to solve the disappearance of the contents of a suitcase like this one. >> plus, a pilfered pooch. suspected dog napper caught on camera in philadelphia much the effort to bring chi chi back home. >> eagles getting ready for those giants at home sunday night at the linc. but the defense has some questions and the defensive coordinator says, don't be so quick to blame some of the players. that will be coming up in sports. >> and coming up in weather, most of us are dry for now, the latest timing on some showers, perhaps even some thunderstorms. when to expect highs in the 60s and the latest on tonight's total lunar eclipse much that's all next. >> and coming up all new tonight at 10:00 is your cell phone making fat? why charging your smart phone or tablet in your
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♪ >> all right. save your change and spend it in atlantic city. today is toll free tuesday along
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the eastbound lanes of the ac expressway. the atlantic city alliance is trying to promote midweek travel and low cost hotel packages in the resort town. tolls are free from noon until midnight every tuesday all month long. the city's gambling market continuing to struggle with four casinos shutting down this year so they're hoping to save i was little incentive. >> philadelphia francisville section the search for a pomeranian the thieves were all caught on surveillance video. >> this theft happened back in july on the 1900 block of west girard avenue. police say two men broke into someone's home took a flat screen television and four year old pomeranian named chi chi. you can see them with the dog in this video. earlier today we heard chi chi may have been found but gleetiest the micro chip do's not match so the search for chi chi continues. a musical mystery has south philadelphia rock and roll legend bobby rydell singing the blues tonight. >> the contents of a missing suitcase represent more than
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half a century of entertainment. our bruce gordon live in the newsroom tonight with what happened and how you be help. bruce. >> reporter: guys, at age 72, south philly's own bobby rydell has undergone liver and kidney transplant, and survived double bypass surgery. but what happened late saturday night, well, it almost gave rydell a heart attack. ♪ >> reporter: bobby rydell remembers fondly his wildwood nights but his newtown square night, that started okay. but ended in disaster. >> i just went -- i just sung. >> reporter: rydell wrapped up a successful saturday night show at marple newtown high school. packed up his sheet music and snall dark suitcase like this one, tossed it in the back of his cadillac suv and along with his wife and drummer headed down media line road toward west chester pike. the windows were rolled up but they all felt a bit of a draft. >> my wife look in the rear view
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mirror and there's the hatch all the way up. so we said, wow, we better stop and see everything is in there. >> reporter: everything was not in there. the suitcase holding hundreds of pieces of sheet music an range. like these was gone. it wasn't just any sheet music these were arrangements specific to rydell and his band. uniquely set up for his sinking and their playing. >> this is basically the drum, you know, the drum chart and then there's, you know, tenor one, tenor two, alto one, alto two. >> reporter: each strum has its own arrangement. >> it's own particular a range. it's any other like going into a store oy want that, you know, the music and the lyrics for this song. no, no, it's -- it's very important. >> reporter: rydell quickly returned to the scene but the bag was already gone. his wife and other friends have gone back since to look again but nothing. backup discs helped him make it through a sunday night gig in south philly but fully pro ro*
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reproducing all that suitcase would be a monumental task. >> it's my life. it's my career. >> reporter: in one suitcase? >> that's why i say whoever finds it sings in my same key, you know. it would be good. >> reporter: got a sense of humor at least. again this is a small deep purple suitcase. would likely fallen out on media line road near west chester pike around midnight saturday. rydell is offering a reward for the safe return of that music. if you have any information, message us on our facebook page, fox 29 philadelphia or tweet me at b gordon fox 29. dawn, we'll get to the bottom of this one. >> if anyone can, bruce, you can. thank you. and back now to your fox 29 weather authority. it wasn't a bad start today. it was actually warmer than expected. >> it really was. scott is tracking some rain and maybe some heavier rain later tonight. scott? >> that's right, iain and dawn. right now a bit of a break. we still have several hours before the main event arrives and that can bring gusty showers as well as some thunderstorms
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our way. ultimate doppler showing a few pockets of light rain earlier this afternoon but that has lifted off to the north. but off to the west, it's the main system. it's a cold front bringing severe weather through sections of the ohio river valley imbe imbedded with those showers some gusty thunderstorms. some of this activity will continue to head in our direction. but once again, we still have several more hours before most of it arrives after about 9:00 o'clock to the western zones. advancing the clock by 10:00 p.m. this evening when you're watching the fox 29 news at 10 we'll be watching some of the activity move to the west of philadelphia. eventually moving toward i-95. here's midnight but most of the heavy rainfall continues north and west of i-9 i-95 by midnigh. south jersey, delaware looking pretty good. but you can see the system it will be pretty progressive. rapidly moving out early on wednesday. so not a whole lot of the rainfall anticipated for that wednesday morning commute. it will turn pretty gusty but sunshine returns behind the system.
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so the timing for tonight, the heaviest rain after 9:00 o'clock. a few gusty showers and thunderstorms. winds could gust over 30 miles per hour a quarter to a half an inch of rainfall not as chilly tonight. we're looking at lows around 60. and then clearing by day break. breezy wednesday ahead with winds tomorrow anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. so tonight's system with the rainfall totals you can see we're looking at on the order of about a half an inch perhaps a little more in some locations around i-95 north and west. but it looks like most of the rainfall will be moving out in time for that total lunar eclipse. it begins at 5:00 a.m. wednesday morning. reaching totality at about 6:25. so look to the west, clouds could impact the viewing but the system will likely be moving o out. the moon will pass through the earth's shadow we call it the blood moon. because of the way the sun is refracted by the moon as far as conditions. today the low 63 degrees. so it wasn't as chilly. 52 is the normal for this time
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of year and the high today we made it up to 71 degrees. the normal is 70. so those numbers right now, pretty uniform in the upper 60s in south jersey. we have low 60s north and west even 50'ss in the pocono mountains. mostly cloudy arc few scattered showers and thunderstorms once again arriving mainly after nine, 10:00 o'clock tonight. but look at tomorrow. an early left over shower, otherwise, sunny and turning windy. 75 will be the high. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you cooler conditions by friday only 64. wet lingering showers for the first part of the weekend but it looks like the clouds and cool temperatures will stick around both days. >> all right. the eclipse will be happening during good day. >> during good day. >> thank you scott. >> nick foles take something heat. >> yes, he is. that's what happens when you're quarterback. big town team. nick foles, he is taking the criticism for his play sever this season, but he said he will not change. and eagles fans wanted -- desean
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♪ >> the eagles do have some injuries. don't expect to see chris polk, michael kendricks and brad smith on sunday because of their injuries. dee me company ryans said he's optimistic he will play coming back from a groin injury but the eagles head into sunday's game as a 2.5 favorite against those new york giants. but the quarterback nick foles
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continues to get questioned by the fans, by the media. last year was a magical year for foles. but this season, the offense really does need to pick it up. now, if there's one area that's obvious to the fans it's the accuracy on pass it's just not the same this season. foles has opened receivers with the deep throws. but has not hit them like he did last year. everything we are talking about nick foles nose about. but won't came his pass selection. >> i'm going to keep giving our guys opportunities. i'm going to pinpoint it a little bit. try to help them out and execute it. we can't be afraid of throwing the deep ball. i'm going to continue -- i've always liked throwing a he deep ball. you love launching the ball, let iting loose and you can't the not being good at it scare you away from it. >> we're four and one and he's been our starter throughout. so that's the overriding judgment. beyond that, you know, he's our starter. we don't judge him so much as we
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coach him to get better and that's sort of how we approach it. >> and i don't know eagles fans will like this. washington last night the redskins against seattle. desean jackson beats richard sherman 60 yards of course desean has going to go through, desean you're still losing the game by 10. and this richard sherman gets his hair pulled by pierre garson to prevent him getting the football. now, let me just tell you this. that was a penalty. however, if you want to tackle player by pulling his hair, you are permitted to do so in the nfl. >> really? >> yes. >> ouch! >> hey, listen, you going to have the hair like that, you'll get -- by the way the old saying you are where your record says you are. eagles are four and one. it wasn't pretty but they are four-one. >> all right. >> sunday will be interesting game. >> it will be. >> thanks how war. >> that does it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night.
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inside edition is up next. ♪
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the dad from the tv show "7th heaven." >> did he confess to committing an unspeakable act. >> she was 11 and then, like, 12 and 13. >> i was floored. >> and, outright rip off? did saturday night leave steal this skit? >> then, blinded by the light. >> knuckleheads in the stands using lasers to disrupt play. >> and ebola on board. >> how to protect yourself if the passenger next to you has ebola. >> turn the vent on high and have the air go right across my face. >> distracted walking.