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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  October 8, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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now, being played out over the internet. which city has the worse accent? >> i can definitely say when i first moved here, what, what was cents that again? >> but there is another city in the state that has much worse accents than we do. we'll break it down in just a bit. thank you for all of the pictures. you new that photographers specially really good cameras would break out these cameras during the lunar eclipse, it started about 5:00 o'clock this morning, reached its peak about 6:40, somewhere in there. and it will fade away altogether probably in about ten minutes or so. >> look at this picture from melvin brown. that's beautiful. the blood moon in south philly. that's his view. >> because whether it first started, still some clouds drifting over it. then it cleared out completely. >> here is another good one. this is from annette. this is her view from washington township new jersey >> just started. and there are are the clouds. >> here is one with clouds.
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this is from rash diva, this is west fill. >> i what we call sue shall rash diva. >> yes, depends on the day. >> diva with a rash. >> is this your picture, sue? >> i was watching with all of you on television. we had camera, belmont plateau, watching it all morning long, it was so fascinating to see that this morning. but as that is on the wayne, we have to get rid of that, and get on with our day, so it will be a eight today. had the loud thunderstorms overnight, but sunny skies are on the way, with seasonable temperatures, it will be gusty winds, though, at times today. so bus stop buddy is properly dressed for the bus stop. no more umbrella needed. it will be mix of sun and clouds, and temperatures in the 50's, and 60s, at the bus stop this morning. now, cooler air will start to move in. now that the rest of this frontal system is out of here. and looks like some of those thunderstorms are moving up toward cape cod. speaking of accents this morning. satellite and radar picture, a lot of clouds are clearing, as women, making room for all of
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the sunshine, 62 degrees, 13-mile per hour winds right now, and sunrise happening as we speak 7:04, the official time, 74, is the high temperature later on today. about midday we reach the 74 degrees, then winds are going to change probably from westerly to northwesterly. and then it will be chilly tonight, as skies clear, down to about 50 in the city, 40's in the suburbs. that takes care of wednesday. seven day forecast is coming up. let's check traffic for you on this wednesday morning. we start off on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound approaching bensalem. we have some road work there. that has the left lane blocked. in north wales, dekalb pike, southbound swedesford road, an accident has all lanes blocked for you there. police are directing traffic around that. take the alternate which is route 30. finally, in willow grove, york road at at the wood road, accident, there, as well. >> clock 02, parents are concerned this morning as the new jersey department of
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health announces five more enterovirus cases across the state. >> makes 14 cases cents stretching across eight counties including camden, burlington, morris and mercer counties, and steve's on this story this morning, in hamilton township. hi, steve. >> new case has nothing to do with the little four year old eli waller,ing in in hamilton, somewhere unless mercer county, and it is a big, big county. other thing to point out, all 14 cases cents cents have one thing in come on, all kids between the ages of one and 12, so it is understandable why parents in some cases are real worried. we saw that worry, we run the video of meeting last night, where council people were trying to lay everybody's fears, and say hey, we wouldn't have the schools open if we didn't think it was safe. and with us right now, fortunately, the council president, dave kenny, dave, i was cents out here monday. my question was when you got the confirmation friday, that
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eli welder die of enterovirus, how would the parents react to it, the weaken news, would they keep their kids home. how has attendance been since the news over the weekends? >> we were told last night at the meet that attendance back to normal levels, well over in the high 90% range. >> i met some parents out here monday, obviously they weren't worried because they brought their kids here, last night we saw the other side of the story, parent we didn't meet because they weren't bringing their kids here, one father with three kids, and he was casino of upset that when did you know it and when. and he wasn't, you know, satisfied with the answers cents he was getting watch do you tell those parents who think there is something that should be done better. >> only one parent came to the meet hog expressed concern. and what we learned last night, is that this virus, only survives on surfaces cents for one to with hours. unfortunately, adults can carry the have i russ, not even show any symptoms.
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so, you really can't control the virus tremendously, but the school was completely safe because it was cleaned, and the fact the virus only lasts one to two hours, on surfaces. >> lastly, dave, this is answer you might not even know, because it is probably more directed at health people, but we had the four year old classmate of eli waller, we also learned last night the time line. he was out 62 days before eli missed his one day with enterovirus symptoms. even though his lab tests have been sent to the cdc, we still don't noah confirmation. is it -- are you being told by your health lead that's this is just something you test so many virus, you don't just test lab in the blood? >> takes three days to get results. they have to culture the virus for three days or the specimen for three days. and that with eli's case, congressman chris smith was able to expedite it through cdc, but often longer than that to get the results.
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>> back of the backlog, 44 states with us? >> that's correct. >> i said last thing already, are you confident that everything is being done possible and everybody in this town even though we've got another case of mrs. cents an in another town nerve by, everything is good as long as you keep the good hygiene? >> absolutely the most important, fosh everybody to wash their hands, and to be vigilant. because it does affect children so much. but i think that the township and the board of education have done everything they could possibly be done, and will certainly review it in the future to see if there are other steps that could have been taken, but i'm very confident. >> we appreciate you stopping by after the late night meeting there. is the latest news from the people here in charge. and they're saying hey, parents, even though one parent last night, not going to convince him no matter what, because we had talked it him recently as well. alex, making everything back to normal here attendance wise, the big question we had while we were out here. >> several, all every us including kids touch your face, about four, 500 times a day without even knowing.
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thanks, 7:06. >> authorities in spain have released new video of the hospital room where a priest died from the ebola virus. >> video shows hospital workers in protective gowns you see them there cleaning a room in madrid the piece from just return from sierra leone. doctors believe a nursing a cyst at any time at the hospital became infected with the virus while caring for the priest. the woman is reportedly the first person to contract ebola outside of west after, a and investigators want to know exactly how the exposure happened. meanwhile, officials in madrid have issued court order to euthanize that woman's dog. because of chance it is may have spread to the dog. robot could be cutting way, san antonio texas hospital, the robot uses cents cents uv light to kill viruses cents, and might and more effective way to clean rooms than just using soup and water. robot currently being used at more than 250 hospitals across the us.
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including the one in dallas where patient was diagnosed with ebola. >> and he is still in critical condition. 7:07. almost 7:08. fbi trying to track down islamic state fight here may and american. >> yes, the manhunt comes as the terrorist group is about to seize a key town in north syria. doug luzader what are we hearing about this town called kabani? >> reporter: listen, that's just a mess, because it is being overrun by isis fighters, and we will get to that in a moment. first as far as the fbi is concerned, they have posted a picture of this guy they're looking for. he is believed to either be an american or a canadian. he may not be the only american or perhaps canadian fighting with isis. but he may be the most prominent. in this chilling video, this is how seemlessly he switches from arabic to english. >> we're here with the soldiers, you can see them now digging their own graves in the very place where they are stationed.
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>> the fbi homes someone may recognize his voice. and from the propaganda war to the war on the grounds in syria, isis is on the move. about to take over a city near the border with turkey. there have been some air strikes here, have done little to stop the advance. some believe that a slaughter could claim thousands of lives in the coming days. we could have stopped that. so this is a disgrace. this administration is going to be come policemen this slaughter, as well as the turn irk government. it is cents have a very dark day. >> the obama administration is clear, though, what's happening in syria will not change the limited role for us forces. >> nothing has changed about our view. i just think that's worth repeating in terms of united states engagement. >> but president obama is taking a break from scheduled jam packed with political fundraisers this week, to head to the pentagon today. just his second in-person briefing since he became president. under scoring the gravity of the crisis. grounds fight for westerners,
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are already playing a role. >> the fighting has cents just gun. >> and that fighting continues in iraq, as well, in fact, the iraqi government confirms that iraqi military helicopter was shot down by isis millitant killing both pilots. mike, al next. >> my god. as is that video continues, those men all kneeling, doug their graves, all executed. >> disturbing stuff. >> unbelievable. doug, thank you. 7:10. well, here's a question. did a tweet, you got to be careful about what you are tweeting. did a tweet get passenger kick off of a flight over into the at the philadelphia international airport? that's what one woman claims, trying to get out to boston. she got kick off due to her tweet. >> lauren johnson there with the story. >> reporter: good morning, alex, mike. what happened with that tweet? we all do it, go to social media sites, event, tell what's happening where you are. here at philadelphia airport, several passengers on jet blue
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flight 760, one of the passenger lisa carter knight from new hampshire, in fill toy care for her mother, breast cancer survivor, recently underwent surgery, trying to head back home yesterday on twitter page we see several pictures of the plane in question. and then a few more of passengers crowded around the counter at the gate. in a statement jet blue tells us flight 760 did experience a delay, and they say passenger accused the pilot of being drunk. well, according to passenger accounts on twitter, someone joked with the pilot. simply saying: this flight is late. were you at the bar? jet blue says the pilot was tested, passed the test, the flight head today boston, just after midnight, but when it was all said and done one of those passengers, lisa knight, said she was not allowed back on board. >> i'm now standing here 2:00 in the morning with no flight to go home. jet blue denied me service at all on any flight back to boston because pilot made a decision that my social media interaction with my friends
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and family was not appropriate, and he was not going to be tolerated by him. so i was cents thrown off the flight tonight. >> and we re stopped jet blue to ask what happened to that passenger, they did not tell us any specifics but they did tell us yes the flight was delayed, yes the passenger was tested or the pilot was tested. passengers were allowed back on board. but she said jet blue refunded her ticket. not allowed to be back on the flight. she has gotten travel arrangements to get flight back home early this morning, mike being alex, should be headed back to boston with lots of unanswered questions. >> you don't know if she got aggressive with the personnel or something? >> we're not sure. i reached out to her on twitter asking questions, still trying to find out more. we don't know what happened prior to the tweets going out. >> interesting. thank you, 7:12. also, new this morning, two police officers are accused in a sexual assault that allegedly happened at the taj mahal hotel and casino in april.
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according to atlantic city police, andre torez, officer with new york sit, new york city, and devon thomas, officer with new york state police, were charged with two sexual assault charges for target ago 34 year old woman. the two officers are expected to be arraigned today. violence breaks out in the middle of a northeast philadelphia grocery store. >> and one man now in the hospital after being stabbed twice. it happened at the pathmark 800 block of cottman avenue yesterday evening. police say two men who knew each other started fighting before one stand the other in the face and neck with a kitchen knife. it left blood all over the grocery store aisle. >> it was scary. over 32 years at the pathmark, first time i seen something like this happen. >> scary, really is, so you think you're going into safe place, you know, going shopping for food. you don't expect violence. >> accused attacker caught
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mile away, charged with aggravated assault, victim expected to survive. well, chicago stand-off ended last night, with police captain shot and suspect dead. it is unclear how the suspect was killed. but a second suspect was taken into custody after this stand-off. police say, he was cents want in the connection to three shootings and carjacking, injured police officer is in serious condition. but expected to survive. now, off initials california say the air tanker pilot who was killed while fighting a wild fire near yosemite national park may have been trying to lay down fire retardant when his plane crashed into a canyon wall. the plane disintegrated on impact. it took several hours for rescue crews to reach the plane and wreckage, the pilot believed to have been the only person on board that plane. los angeles county sheriffs releasing the 911 call made the night bell garden's mayor, local community there in los angeles, daniel crespo, was shot to death.
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>> crespo killed by his wife after he allegedly attacked their son, the couple's son making the call moments after the shooting, we want to warn this call may be disturb to go some. >> emergency >> well the investigation of course is continuing. by the way, nobody's been arrested. >> 7:15. car pulled over because a child is standing inside a moving car. >> but the officer who made this stop didn't do what many expected, and just write a ticket. he bought a carseat. ya, the young mother was stopped friday. she said she new she was in
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the wrong but not having her daughter, by not having her daughter fastened into the seatbelt and the carseat, she explained to the police offers their she recently fell on hard times, she told him her car was repossessed with the booster seat inside of it. and she didn't have money to get a new one. so that casino of touched him. the offs officer's went over thereto wal-mart, and bought her a 50-dollar carseat. >> a ticket doesn't solve the situation. what solves it is a child being in the booster seat as she hud be. the easiest ooh bucks i ever spent. >> really at a loose for words. he really didn't have to do that. >> the mom says she hopes to pay it forward once she is back on her feet. >> how about that? >> very nice. >> 7:15. time for weather. >> reporter: one more picture. >> that's a good one. >> okay. >> bloodshot eyeballs. >> unless we call it extreme close up, just tweeted, the
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blood moon from mt. laurel, new jersey, really nice view. and you can see why they call it the blood moon. because it gets red. >> right. >> here is bus stop you had bye. -- buddy. flyers season opener tonight in boston, they play the bruins. so added the flyers cap there. comfortable temperatures, few clouds, temperatures in the 50's, 60s, bus stop this morning, not bad at all. into weather by the numbers, we have eight today. sunny skies, seasonable temperatures, so thunderstorms from overnight have gone up toll northeast, few in long island, few in cape cod. but we're starting to clear up. seeing a lot of the clouds clear, that was great for viewing the lunar eclipse this morning, so excite to go see it happen while we were on the air. 62 degrees right now, 13-mile per hour winds, headed up to 74 by about midday with mostly sunny skies, breezy, though, with winds sustained ten to 15 miles an hour, maybe gusting even higher. ooh degrees in the city tonight. but in the suburbs it, will
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get back down into the 40's, so we will have very chilly morning, tomorrow. you have been far warned. that's look at your weather authority forecast. traffic starts off this time with a look at i95 at girard avenue. so looks like getting pretty stack up here. traffic moving but pretty heavy so get out there soon. medford, new jersey, route 70 eastbound, at hartford road, accident there that has all lanes blocked, finally, in north wales, dekalb pike at swedesford road. that major accident that had all lanes blocked, good news, it is cleared up, alex. >> thank you so much, sue. well, jennifer laurence on the cover of vanity fair opening up for the first time about the photo hacking scandal. >> oh, nude pictures of her? yes. this after dozens of stolen nude pictures of the hungry games star surfaced on line, over labor day weekend. the actress called these leagues absolutely discusting. and a sexual violation so
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jennifer telling vanity fair magazine that it is her body and it should be her choice, because ironically she is naked on the cover of the magazine where she complaining about having naked pictures. >> but this was her choice, mike, impressed when your a on vanity fair, they can all all of these effect, so it can be nicely. >> the key there her choice to choose that cover. 7:19ment people still getting confirmed, 14 cases of the enterovirus in new jersey alone, and there could be more out there of course. what you need to look for in your child. when do you decide to go to the doctor? >> then dentist usually recommends you don't drink wine. here they're telling you go an ahead, drink it, and we'll offer it to up at the office. why they're drinking.
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>> questions and confusing surrounding this virus. let's do this one more time. >> questions are some things like what exactly are the symptoms. when should i be taking my child to the hospital? also, is there anything we can do to prevent this? woe we have doctor judy larkin, from new morse pediatrics jefferson, she is here with us now. so, for parents, at home, what are the symptoms they should be looking for in their children? >> symptoms can vary. we are probably seeing a loft kids with enterovirus that we don't even know have enterovirus. kids being tested the sicker kids ending up in the hospital. so, certainly, kids that some kids may have a cold. some kids may have a fever and a cold. the kids that should be seen are the kids that are looking sicker. the kids that, you know, obviously either have asthma, or even don't have asthma, but
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they are looking like they are having harder time breathing, wheezing, who are using muscles in their chest to breathe, so you're saying that they're retracting, see like movement of their stomach, see their ribs moving in and out. kids are certainly sicker. they absolutely need to be seen. >> that's pretty obvious stuff there. >> yes. >> get them to the doctor. >> even if parents are worried, you know, we respect mothers and fathers, worries about their kids, if they think their kids are sick enough to be seen -- >> you and i will go get out of here, come on, your kids not sick. are you seeing a ton of extra people right now? >> we are seeing a lot of people that are sick. probably little bit more than we usually see this time of year. >> because enterovirus is around every year. >> enterovirus is around every year there is particular strain has been around, but has cents probably not been around in the same numbers as it is cents this year. >> just to clarify or some mothers thinking okay, so many peel saying this is common cold, others saying this is more serious, so compare the two, mother look at her child, coughing, sneezing; there a
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difference? is there a way to say no way, this is a different casino of cough, this is easy just, or this may be a cold. >> everybody different, some have milder presentation, some more severe presentation. again, if you think your child has cold symptoms, not particularly sick, then we may not have to see them. but people can always call. you know, we have -- we take phone triage all the time. >> if i had a kid and they had a cold at all, i'm going to the doctors. but is there a test, that would indicate, it is enterovirus? >> so the test that is can be done again aren't being done routinely in physician's offices, they have to be sent to the health department, cdc. so only the kids that are really sick enough to be in the hospital. >> and then i know also talked about this, too, if a child has, you know, asthma, lung condition, they are not the only ones who might get this. there could be a child who doesn't, or just have you have -- >> no, those kids at higher risk, the same as with flew every year, the kids who were at highest rest being of having bad comes with fluid,
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kids with known asthma, infants, but every year we see healthy kids who get flu that have, you know, bad outcomes. so it is cents healthy kids can get sick. >> again, i do this every day, can you say this in english, enterovirus, does that mean if a feces, somehow getting gettinn our eyes and mouth? i mean, say what it is cents? >> enterovirus a particular class of virus it, includes things like polio, it includes things like a virus -- >> how am i getting it? >> this particular virus really respiratory. so, you know, respiratory secretions, somebody sneezes, somebody covers, somebody blows their knows, you he they touch it, you touch it. >> so on this glass table, i touch it, how long is that going to be alive? >> couple hours? >> probably couple of hours. >> so make not, our adult. adults have been expose today these viruses in the past, so their immune system recognizes that class of viruses cents. >> but in a classroom, though.
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>> right. they are likely to get sick. >> good to see you. you're very good. >> so i guess the lesson, any type of symptoms just call the nurse or go to the doctor, just to check? >> and wash your hands a thousand times a day. this is a creepy, i guess i'll use that word, steven collins, rose to small screen fame when he played eric camden, remember that, he was passes tore and dad on seventh heaven that series back from the ninth 00's, accused of child molestation, tape of him allegedly having sexual contact with throw young women. i mean, young. we'll
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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the nfl says they're trying to do more to prevent domestic violence among their players, unveiled new program, and we'll tell but it. >> and, trading your home, for a phone? why one man is selling his home for new iphone. but, of course, there is a catch. >> furniture's outside. does philly have the worse accent in our country? one website seems to think we're the top of the list of bad accents.
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>> dramatic pause. >> i think pittsburgh's worse, i think boston is worse. >> yes? >> southern towns in there? >> tallahassee. >> yes, nothing in texas or anything? >> text alleges, please, the whole state. let's go flyers. they start tonight, sue. >> yes, boston. >> up in boston. >> yep. around then the home owners tomorrow. the water that fell from the sky last night with all of the thunderstorms that came through, yes, really loud. there was for brief time just northeast of atlantic sit a tornado warning, 1:30, 2:00 in the morning. >> say it again? with. >> we had tornado warning in effect about 1:20 -- 1:30, 2:00 in the morning. right around that time as is that loop goes through, that there was possibility of winds that could become a tornado. >> very define hook. >> the hook echo, that's what they saw.
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that's why they always issue warning when they see that. but we've been looking around. we don't have any reports of damage thank goodness from that. so now, all of the rain is gone, all gone up to the northeast. we don't have have to worry wore about that for couple every days. we jump ahead to thursday, should be sunny day tomorrow. it is cents really friday that we're thinking more rain moves in from same system actually coming back northward, kind of stalling to our south, and here we go with clouds and rain friday morning, by 8:00 some heavier rains moving in, through about lunchtime. looks like most of it will be out of here by is the day morning so maybe break saturday, see what happens the rest of the weekend. that's a look at your forecast for precipitation. now, let's see, what we can fine on the roads for you. we start off with the vine st. expressway. this is the part of the vine that approaches broad street. well, there is cents an accident there that has the center lane blocked. and as you can imagine, the vine is totally jammed.
7:33 am
so maybe try to find another way. medford, eastbound hard ford road. alternate old marlton pike. we go to new hope, pa, durham road, pine ville road, accident which the vehicle struck a pole. we have lane blockages, but, traffic is getting by, and finally on the jersey turnpike northbound, near route 168, road work has the left lane blocked until 3:00 this afternoon, mike? >> man there is cents was a stunner yesterday. actor who played the father and pastor in that 1990's family television drama seventh heff sin facing some shocking accusations. even fired from couple of jobs yesterday afternoon. steven collins stands accused of child molestation, now, this was all broken by testimony mz. >> actor record he had secretly bust his estranged wife admitting to sexual contact with three victims. here is part of the recording. >> the exposure happened ...
7:34 am
>> what she meant, so shocked like being hit in the face with a shotgun blast. the information she -- he's telling her shock her so much. >> and now we bring in legal analysts, to join us to talk about this case, we already know he is going through divorce with his he is take dollars wife. it is getting pretty dirt. is this legal? can she just record him like in. >> definitely legal. let me break down the fact. you're right, going through nasty divorce, married for 27 years, started a separation in 2012. in 2012 when fay grant his wife was talking to steven collins. steven collins admitted to her at that time that he had this sexual contact with these young girls, 11, 12, 13 years old. she then in a therapy session, probably on the advice of her lawyer, secretly recorded him,
7:35 am
which is legal, and then he detailed all of this sexual abuse that occurred, and by way, this occurred in the early 19 70s, about 40 years ago, but he detailed the abuse to a 11, 12, 13 year old girl. and she now probably going to use this to her benefit as much as she can in the divorce proceeding, now that this tape is out there. >> wow. >> the divorce proceed something ongoing, the next hearing november 12th. she is right in the middle of a divorce. >> 1972 really? beyond the statute of limitations cents? that cents was a long time ago. >> that's right. it is beyond the statute of limitations cents both for criminal conduct and for any type of civil lawsuit. that's not why she brought it out. she brought it out looking at this for the divorce proceeding. she trying to get millions of dollars that basically collins said she is not end tight told under the divorce law, and she is using this as leverage in order to pressure him into giving her mormon. >> i so he may have revealed this to his wife years and years ago.
7:36 am
>> well, no. actually what i have looking at in 2012 -- >> she had to have known he was going to say this before she started recording. >> no. what happened was at least as far as what i am being looking at the fact, in 2012 when they separated that's when he told it to her. he told it to her when he wasn't being recorded. i think she then probably talk to her lawyer, her lawyer said hey he admitted this stuff to you. shear what you do. go into your therapy session, bring a tape record egger err and get him to give details. listen to the whole tape. she peppering him with questions. >> and he goes into details. someone treat treated me yesterday. this is therapy session. we don't know for sure but can probably assume there was doctor or someone else in the rom. >> right. >> are they required by law or anything when they hear this and to report it? why are we hearing this just couple years later in. >> according to reports in 2012 gave this recording to the los angeles police checks a vehicles and couldn't come
7:37 am
up with a victim. snow 2012 she did go the aid yo tape to the police, they vick and they came up with nothing. now of course it is being released again. i don't know who "tmz" got it the from. they either got it from -- >> the doctor who ever else was in the room. >> probably didn't know it was being recorded. >> i don't know, what is the legal thing there? if if you hear of somebody molesting someone years ago, do you having it to the cops with that. >> i would think covered under confidentiality. for the they are toys report it 40 years later. >> i was shock "tmz" even ran it, i don't even know i would run is it to. >> making big news probably because. divorce proceeding, live action. >> all right, well, thank you so much, ken. >> good seek you guys. >> he was cents making a move that i ted two, inspired him right away. >> screen actors guild, resigned from that, yes. >> it will be interesting. >> 7:37. we will take a break and be right back.
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anncr: the great thing many breakfast options... you did a great job. it looks good! anncr: they're right next to our many other breakfast options. just another good reason to book now. feel the hamptonality
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>> pretty day. philadelphia taking on pittsburgh, in a new on-line tournament for the worse accent in america. >> the website put up bracket last week, there it is, and it appears philly has lost to pittsburgh. they are now the fifth seed, pittsburgh is the fourth. right now looks like boston though will be the favorite. >> how do you figure that? >> because with the way the bracket goes, because bass ton beat chicago. >> where do you see that? >> up at the top left. >> no, still playing each other. boston still playing chicago, pittsburgh still playing fill. >> i just said we lost to fill. i'm confused. >> i don't see that at all. then you have scranton
7:42 am
opposite side, like tournament bracket, scranton versus tal has cents owe. i don't know what tallahassee is. new york city takes on providence. i don't know that one either. i say boston will beat everybody in that side of the bracket. and scranton will take on boston. >> and boston will win it all. >> are you going to put some money on that? >> no. >> no? you're not very confident in that then. >> so who do you think will win that whole f. >> would you trade your home for new iphone? >> they're big, though, one man in detroit said woe. but there is a catch. why he is doing it. and jenn fred getting ready for hockey season. oh, oh, hi, jen. >> reporter: here is the thing. the home opener is tomorrow. they open their season tonight, which is why we are here, we will talk to this guy, he is mr. tough and mean, not any more, so smiley and happy. thank you for waking up with us this morning. we'll be right back with mr. goalie.
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>> ♪ >> i'm digging it. >> right on. >> ♪ >> but are we digging the weather. >> all right, we're digging some temperatures in the 60s here along the east coast, but
7:46 am
now that the cold front has come through, we get more of the chilly a moving in. sixty-four in new york, only 47 degrees in dayton, so, tomorrow morning, is what we are telling you, will not be as comfortable it, would be a lot chillier than this morning, so there is the frontal system, all of the storms from it, moving up to the northeast, cool air moving in, and for the next two days. and we think that front will come back, and so as we look at the future cast, we get into friday, we see some rain moving n and looks like we can kind of say a rainy day for friday should be out of here saturday. temperature trend, we had the dip on sunday, when it was really chilly, been in the 70s the past two days, i think in the 70s again today. then temperatures cool off. for the weekend, at least through monday, which is columbus day, holiday for many of. >> nighttime game, a look at your seven day forecast.
7:47 am
>> now checking traffic at 7:46. we have the vine st. expressway, big problem there, and an accident, right approaching broad street, i should say, it has the center lane blocked, in the eastbound direction, so, traffic is moving very slowly as everybody tries to get around that. in royersford, north lewis road at ben err road there is an accident with lanes blocked. the alternate is linnfield trap road this morning. >> did you mention broad street? >> yes, i did. >> well, you know what happens tonight, don't you? the bullies? >> take on the bruins. >> boston go up tonight? >> tomorrow is team's home opener. jen is all set and readying. >> she's with a former goalie. >> yes, and we didn't get to know brian very well. when he was the goalie. because were you busy being the goalie. good morning to you. >> good morning. oh, you didn't get to know me
7:48 am
because you guys ignored me. >> , no we love up. so first of all, all about steve mason now, right? he's been told he's the man, you think, i mean, i think, i'm a big sports person here, i think once you're told your the man, has to give him so much confidence? >> heck of a lot better than people telling you you're not the man. certainly little pressure. knowing that he had a good year here,. >> i think he is the guy for the flyers, looking forwards to him having great year this year. >> now, new assistant captain. >> he shows us his stuff. >> wayne train, yes, he is the guy that he's energetic. can he do it all. i mean, he can score. he hits.
7:49 am
he fights your flyer, and i think he's guy that fans just love to watch. he is a guy that can score and look to go fill the net this year for the flyers. >> you know, opening day, they've all kinds of things, we have to talk about it real briefly, the light. everyone says little drama new lights, everyone wore i had that steve won't be able to see. i mean, first of all, a puck, coming at your face. that's pretty hard to see no matter what, right? >> a lot of times closing your eyes anyway, people don't know that, but you know, you got the gear on, and i don't think big issue, maybe shadow issue but i'm sure steve will adjust. >> gives the sports writers something to talk about? >> maybe slow news day, go with this one. >> here is the thing, i noticed typically when i'm here on opening day, you know, here on opening ice, equipment
7:50 am
here, there is stuff. they have a game set of gear they take with them to all of the games. in boston for the game. got the game gear in boston, will arrive after the game tonight and in reparation. >> so do you think it is weird area not here on the home opening day? >> well, turns out, i think it it is probably pretty good news, judging from what i heard, your record, when you are here, on opening night, so we're hoping to reverse that by being here the day before that we break the trends. >> basically, derek, who is the equipment manager, who should be focused on sharpening skates, and making sure everyone's sticks are wrapped, stuff like, that he figured out when i'm here on opening day, typically lose, by they i mean our flyers, so i'm here the day before. aim doing my part. >> yes, you decided to come
7:51 am
the day before to try and buck the trend. and i am also going to try to buck the trends by giving you a gift will hopefully reverse the kearse. >> i love it. >> new flyers t-shirt, in hopes that the flyers can win not only their season opener tonight in boston, but also -- >> oh, too bad it is ripped. >> it is a nice shirt. that's the style now. >> i love it. right? hey, cute. >> you know what stinks? i'm love with brian. use him for my new sports guys. mike says you have beautiful eyes. look at him in the camera. >> thank up, mike. >> hey, jen. >> ya, baby. >> you looking all sex any, there i have bad news for you. your eagles boyfriend, todd herremans? >> yes? >> engaged. >> i knew. i love liz, but liz is going -- >> you know liz d? >> i love liz. adorable, beautiful, i wish them all the luck in the world. >> we thought you would be upset. we know you love him so much.
7:52 am
>> i'm been trying to place them up for year and a half. >> maybe you can share them? >> break her one that little sexy shirt you just got. well, the philadelphia flyers will debut their ten-member ice team. during the flyers home opener. tomorrow night they face-off against devils at 7:00 p.m. in south philly. >> wonderful. and homeowner, desperate to sell his property, listing it for the price of the latest iphone. >> how crappy can this house be? the seller initially listed his three bedroom east detroit bungalow for $5,000, but he recently dropped the price to three grand, or the latest apple gadget, take that. now that brick colonial can be yours for a 32 gig iphone six. >> not even the six plus. >> man, go for the six plus. the house is certainly affix err upper. but does have some perks, including a finished basement. >> oh, wow. >> a plush garden in the back.
7:53 am
and city views. except the city, it is detroit. >> since 8:00 a.m. this morning i have had non-stop calls all day. i've had an offer for iphone five come in. >> that was a no go? >> yes, not excepting the iphone five offer. >> structurally the foundation of the house -- >> there is another catch. the buy letter have to pay back taxes of $6,000. >> wow. >> and counting, ya. all right, let's move on here at clock 53. that dude right there, this little guy has big message for his fans. and it is all about his sister. the song that is getting millions of hits on youtube. that's how we sang it. >> ♪
7:55 am
7:56 am
i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
7:57 am
>> boston accents, preston and steve, i don't know, boston would be top of my list, or maybe pittsburgh as the worse accent. >> agreed. >> what do you think? you. >> ' talking my language. i went to see the orioles one time down in baltimore. and i was cents slightly hung over from the night before. there was cents a guy sitting behind me, they were playing the red sox. and he would not stop saying let's go -- ever since that day, i've absolutely de tested the bosses ton accent. >> can you guys -- i met some cool people from boston, but can't stands the accent. >> pittsburgh accent to me it is slightly more working class, you you know, so it is vy similar, kind of, you know, people say there is cents a pronounced pittsburgh accent. i don't quite hear t but i don't know, you know, checking
7:58 am
has a definite sounds to it, but the boston, i know, that the whole -- that's the most arch. it doesn't work from whether -- we talked about this before, and southern accents, even british accents can be nice and pleasant to list tonight boston just cuts right down your spine. and it is the most annoying. i think it will win. >> yes, it should, it is up against chicago and the first round, then pittsburgh takes on philly, scranton takes on -- >> scranton, ya. >> there is another. >> oh, providence against new york sit. >> i oh, providence. >> providence is muted sort of new england -- it is out there, but when you want to get wiki good, you know, and it almost, boss tone yan accidents with us australian accent, almost much more work to talk that way. >> scranton, again, like is it pennsylvania-kentuckyi shall? the only thing i know scranton
7:59 am
where you drop the t. >> and i know they're bankrupt. >> i want to hear the philly accent, though, because i'm still learning it all. what's a good philly one? >> we had a guy call in the other day that said he was in a cam because he had pneumonia one time. i thought that was pretty good. you know -- >> very specific words, like water, pronounce it wuter: sunday, monday, tuesday -- you know, in fact, philadelphia, philadelphia-n accent similar to other accents. some words pronounced slightly different. go to acme and you're from philadelphia you actually go to the acame. >> were you saying that earlier. >> did you eat yet? geat yet? no, dyo (. >> in you want to fit in,
8:00 am
alex, says things like shedral, not federal. >> don't break that glaaas. >> thank you. >> sue later, guys. >> october the eighth, 2014. >> live from the fox 29 studios. this is good day philadelphia. >> oh, we have more cases now, this enterovirus, sweeping across our area. steve keeley with new details about this virus. >> and make over magic, local businesses also giving back to two very deserving women right here in our area, but this isn't any other make over. emotional reason these ladies are getting called doll up this morning. plus, so this is the kitchen. >> oh, manny watch this show all the time. these disturbing images of
8:01 am
horders. man, harsh reality for 15 million americans the host of this show hoard zester with us, the signs to look for, just in case you think you might have a hoard nerve your family. and, would you like a glass of wine with that root canal? >> sure. >> one local dentist is offering vino to take the edge off. why not everyone thinks this isn't well such a good idea. or why everyone doesn't think that. >> some dentists don't agree with it. >> it is the knot wine i always associated with the dentist. >> the whining. >> that reminds me i need to get my teeth cleaned. >> i'm going next week. >> aren't you supposed to every six months? >> you are. >> and doesn't wine stain your teeth? >> that's what i was thinking. >> good point. >> as doctor mike would say, everything in moderation. >> nothing to excess. >> all right. we had so much fun this morning watching the eclipse, i hope were you with us earlier, on good day philadelphia. and the fox 29 morning news,
8:02 am
because that was like the last gasp of that eclipse. >> you can't barely see it, but that's a big full moon. >> just great picture. >> the moon, this one from brian. >> good pictures from you guys over twitter. that was right at the beginning, when that -- now, that's the earth. that's the shadow of the earth, about to obscure the moon. >> because the earth is going inbetween the sun and the moon. as the moon -- >> the moon is inbetween i think. >> the sun is shining, right? and the moon's over here. >> yes? >> so you have to get between the sun and the moon to put the shadow on the moon. >> right. >> well, because, yes, the sunlight -- >> wrapping around the atmosphere. right? >> what you said. >> i need props u do you have three balls? >> you'll need three balls. >> anyway, i don't have any
8:03 am
balls. >> are you doing weather. >> i think i am. >> well, yes, why not? >> i was happy to look at the pictures, thanks, guys, for sending them in via twitter. eight out every ten today, sunny skies, seasonable temperatures, and we have some gusty breezes, now that the cold front is exiting, the one that gave us rain last night, high winds, and the thunderstorms, breezes are going to be picking up. so we have few clouds out there. but generally not bad morning. bus stop buddy was just a sweatshirt on waiting for the bus this morning. 63 degrees, right now, we're already seeing plenty of sunshine, ten might per hour winds out of the west southwest. and relative humidity is at 81%. so we had sunrise at 7:04, so just before sunrise at the eclipse happening. really, really lucked out with that. now, today, we expect to get to 74 degrees, we will have mix every sunday and clouds, mostly sunny clouds, breezy, cool with winds out of the west, ten to 15 miles an hour, gusting a little higher, at times, tonight, we go down to about 50 in the city, and
8:04 am
four's in the suburbs. so this will be another chilly night, similar to what we had, say, monday morning. and now that is your foxcast from the weather authority. let's start out with the vine st. expressway, approaching broad street. this is what we are talking about earlier. oh, an accident with the center lane blocked, right in the middle of the vine at this hour of the day, it is a mess. in rich lands, main avenue, between landis and moody street, we have an accident that has all lanes blocked there. so, your alternate is estell avenue. in clearview island avenue at lindberg boulevard, an accident involving a bus. and on the blue route southbound at lima springfield -- springfield, left lane block there. yuck, traffic horrible this morning. i don't know, all just casino of blew up there. >> dang. >> not good morning for traffic. >> sexting may and stepping stone for some teenagers to
8:05 am
actually well have actual sex. >> in a study researchers found more than 25% of students sent nude image of themselves and compared to other kids. those who sexed were more than one third likely to be sexually active just a year later. the studies author say parent need to have opening conversation with their teens about safe sex and relationships if they do find their kids sexting. might be good idea anyway. research published in the journal of pediatrics. >> had the conversation before they start the sexting, wouldn't that be a good idea? >> i would i think so, already sending nude photos of themselves. >> the survey that we were reading, where we got that report, said the kid as young as 11 and 12 are already sexting. >> i just can't believe that. so young. >> they're hearing reports of the celebrities sending naked pictures to each other. >> so they see that and they just want to do it, too? >> modeling. >> 8:05. >> the new jersey department of health announcing five more enterovirus cases in the state bringing total number to 14.
8:06 am
>> oh, in jersey alone. now, mercer county, hamilton township, officials face tough questions, at least from one parent, over their response after four year oley lie waller died from the illness. in the aftermath of his death, officials say, they acted quickly to sanitize the school and inform families, but at least one parent at last night's meeting didn't like it. >> just nonsense. and there is disconnect. that's the best word. there is a disconnect. >> four year olds should not die in this country. if they do, have the best attention. >> probably never know where that vie just came from. but it is cents a partnership for parents, for educators, for business owners, for all of our citizens, to understand personal hygiene is the way you prevent this. >> so another preschooler, who used the same classroom, as little eli, is being tested
8:07 am
for this enterovirus. officials don't know when those results will be returned, sometimes it takes more than three days. >> and, at 8:07. more follow up this morning for seventh heaven actor, steven collins. he accused of child molestation. >> well, police swarmed his california home last night. after witnesses reported hearing gunshots. it turned out, false alarm, authorities say, nobody, including steven collins' himself was inside the home at the time. collins is being second as you know by police after he allegedly confess today having sexual contact with three girls around the age of 11. forty years ago, since the news broke, steven collins has been dropped from the movie ted two. and resigned from his position on the national board of the screening actors guild seventh heaven. also, has been pulled from several network, that have been running it in inched sayings for years. the police and the neighbors thought that he had killed
8:08 am
himself. that's why they rushed to his home. boy, more interesting news when it comes to seventh heaven. actress sarah goldberg, i remember her on the show, she is playing the character sarah glass glass. she died. she passed away late last month of natural causes but her family says they suspect a heart was responsible. sarah's character on the show fell in love with matt camden, the son of steven collins character, pastor. >> only 40 years old. >> forty years old. died what the end of september for almost a week ago but her parents hadn't told the general public. >> and i think now, yes, big focus on seventh heaven, so now a lot more coming out. bobby rydel has a setback. music lends end thought he lost thousands of dollars worth of sheet music i collected over the years, thought he losses it forker. >> thanks to fox 29 report he
8:09 am
will soon have his music back. on the way home from a show saturday night, a suitcase with the arrangements, for virtually everybody ride he will song fell out of his car fell along west chest they are pick, didn't finds the suitcase. he spoke to our bruce gordon hoping someone might have picked it up in fact someone did. our report aired at 10:00 someone tweeted bruce they found the suitcase. spoke to bobby plan to return to it him today. >> social media, helping everybody out. >> heck why. and our tv show specially helping out. way to go, bruce. hey, forget fantasy football. there is a new on line league getting a lot of play. now, it is about competitive shopping. not playing football. competitive seaning. and their fantasy league. coming up the fashionable alternative to deploying fantasy sports. but first, here is a shopper. lauren. >> hey, what's going on, mike? listen, two special ladies, getting pampered, thanks to a
8:10 am
spa right here in rittenhouse square. we'll tell you more about why, and what's happening to these ladies coming up in a
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> cool air hasn't set philadelphia just yet. that will happen by the end of the day, we will have much chillier night tonight. brought leaves down from the treats, so hine pressure will be our weather maker for today. and, for tomorrow. now, let's jump ahead to thursday evening, because we're look at the possibility of some rain from friday. that same cold front we just showed you, coming back to the north, from the south. and by a , 6:00 a.m. starting to see some showers, according to future cast. now, couple every days out. so the ex ac timing could change a bit. but, maybe between 8:00 a.m., and say, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon when we expect some heavier rain to move in. by saturday morning, all indications cents cents are at least at this point that the rain will be gone. so, some scattered showers friday. maybe into saturday morning,
8:14 am
we will see what happens with that. now, if that front decides to stall, we could still have some more showers looking at mostly cloudy skies sunday, monday, but 10 degrees difference in temperature, between sunday and monday, could be chilly, it is a nighttime game with the eagles, at the linc. against the giants. on sunday night. so, that is a look at your seven day forecast, a lot of changes there. >> we have an accident that has the right lane blocked there, now, also, in norristown dekalb pike at eastwood street. there is cents an accident with lanes blocked there moammar another becomes half forwards station road, accident there has the right lane block. and all of this happening
8:15 am
during the busiest time of the morning, mike? >> chicken and egg kinds of thing. hey the nfl unveil first part of training program that they promised. the deals with domestic violence, session all assault, child abuse prevention. the league own remembers currently gathering together in new york city today, the owners we see one hour presentation, own letters see a one hour presentation today, and the same presentation will be give tone teams in about two weeks, all of the players can look at it, this comes with several violent incidents that you know about involving players in the league. >> meanwhile, vikings running back adrian peterson due in texas courtroom today in connection to the child abuse charges. his lawyer says peterson will plead not guilty if asked poor plea today, accused of judge his son with wiping with wooden switch. never intend today harm his
8:16 am
child. a whooping. >> interesting way of putting, a whooping. >> well, he beat him with a stick. i guess that is a whooping. well, october as you now is domestic violence awareness month, several businesses in our area are teaming up to give back to two deserving women. these women experienced domestic violence in their lives, so we want to do something special for them today. >> these ladies are getting make over, but his isn't just any make over. right? lauren, where are you guys? will. an arev in rent house. tammy will tell us thousand all started. >> you have your own business. >> our company is fashion face artistry. >> fashion face partner with lare very much. you guys are trying to give back in some way. tell me thousand came about? >> picking charities for the last couple of years, with women against abuse foundation, of course we're a female based service industries, we wanted to make sure something we were doing would make women feel empowered, up lifted, so we
8:17 am
decided to partner with larev, amazing business client with us, now look to go give these two women a day of luxury and enjoyment, so well deserved after all of the hard times that they've been through. we want them to understand, although not able to relate directly with their pain, we downed stand the struggling that they've been through, we want to just take this opportunity to make them feel special, and appreciated, and also bring awareness to such an amazing foundation which is philadelphia-based women against abuse. they provide transitional housing, resources, to women all across the tri-state area, to help them escape from what has been a traumatic situation both them and their children and try to help them rebuild their lives. >> that's awesome work. we sneak in here, talk to miss sheila. how do you feel right now? >> i feel wonderful, feel very blessed and privileged that tammy and her organization did this for us today. >> how do you explain to people who don't understand what being a victim is like. like what can you equate it so someone could understand
8:18 am
urithane. >> being a survivor of domestic violence, i would like people to understand this, it is as time and point in your life where you are hopeless, you feel hopeless, you feel like there is nothing to look forward to. and this is why women against abuse is so important to the city of philadelphia. because of the fact that they provide hope to women that have been through domestic violence situations like my. >> when was the lasts time were you sitting in a chair and getting this done? >> we were forever. >> i can't think of the last time i had this privilege. so. >> so we will chick in with you throughout the hour, in the 9:00 hour to see your transformation happen, and we'll check in with you in the 9:00 hour. you're not off the hook. i know people are hiding from the cameras, so, how does it feel for you to be able to do something like this and give back? actually let me go over here and sneak over here. okay. the owner, you are the owner of how does it feel to give back and partner with the group and give something back? >> i feel privileged and hon tore give women which we feel is necessary today and i wish
8:19 am
we could give everyone that inspiration and live forever with a beautiful life. >> when you look up and see the smiles on their faces what feeling comes over you? >> i am just happy to give my energy, my knowledge, my touch to these women. >> all right, well, we will check back in with you guys, throughout the hour, so alex, mike, a major transformation coming along here. >> that's right. >> in rittenhouse square. >> wonderful, very deserving women. >> all right, 8:19. >> so parents, listen up. life can be pretty hectic with kids. our phones could make life a little bit easier. we're going to tell you the app that up need to download right now. >> okay. >> but first, a five year old boy signs with the big leagues. he's going head-to-head on the hard wood, with players more than twice his size. but his real battle is off the court. we'll tell you how he's scoring big points with fans this morning. >> three times his size. four times his size.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
alex, how many hours of sleep to you get enough a night. >> not enough. six? >> you? >> about six. philadelphia apparently needs more sleep. >> yes, according to fitness tracker job own, philadelphians get less than seven hours of sleep each night. 6.86 to be exact. now, only are we getting less sleep, going to bed later, too. the average bed time in philly is 11.41, compared to other big cities get to bed average of ten minutes earlier. >> 11:41? >> that's late. we used to go to beds earl. >> i yes. >> well, america apparently is doing something right, because we are living longer than ever before. new government report, not only has us life spec anisi inched up, but death rates have fallen, wouldn't that make sense? the life expectancy for tried born in 2012, two years ago,
8:24 am
going to be 78 years old. almost 78 years of age, that's about six weeks longer than life expectancy back in 2012, 2011, and that is record, foremen, 56 years old, the centers for disease control and prevention say they have about 18 more years of life left, women almost 21 nor years. >> i guess women live longer. >> always has has been that way, that's why when go to rest homes, women. >> women. >> as far as you can see. >> is that where go to meet them? >> thank you, alex. >> dreams real dow come true. buoyed weird dream last night. >> did you. >> tell but it later. >> okay. >> monday adorable five year old boy hit the basketball court with his favorite team, the jazz. >> yes, the utah jazz, actually signed up little jp begin son, see him there, for
8:25 am
one day contract. he used a crayon to sign on the dotted line. see him doing it there. >> cute. >> jt was diagnosissed when accute lymphoblast i can leukemia when just two and a half. you couldn't tell from his dance off when did he it with some of the players. now of course seeing her son the mom enjoying a standing ovation with his favorite team brought his mother to tears. >> the chemo damages his joints. we don't know if he would be able to run or walk or anything like. that will so to see him go out on the court tonight with the jazz, i don't think there are words to express, i mean we are so greatful. >> yes, utah jazz came through there. >> so cute. >> oh, look, pants on his knees, he is ready. that's cute. >> all right, on a completely different level of story, jennifer laurence, you know, spent a loft time in philadelphia make that movie, whatever the name of it was cents with bradley cooper, silver lining play book.
8:26 am
>> exactly two it was, aling. >> finally, breaks her silence. actress is opening up about those nude photos hacked from her phone. why her angry response is getting a lot of attention, right now. >> but first, tell me about the show that i watch all the time? >> horders, the living in filth harsh reality for 15 million americans, and we have the host that far show horders, is here, he's telling us the signs that we need to look for if this is actually happening to someone you know.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> things starting off lovely with the sunshine kinds of burning through the left over clouds, and we've got a eight out of ten for you today is up i skies, seasonable temperatures, gusting breezes picking up as well. hold on to the flyers cap, like bus stop buddy. little kids, sweatshirt is a
8:30 am
good idea, 50's, 60s, your temperatures, we've got just few clouds, but plenty of sunshine, 63 degrees right now, with 10-mile per hour winds, still out of the west southwest. we haven't seen the chilly air move in just yet. we're saving that for tonight. seventy-four for today. fifty in the city tonight. temps dip down to the 40's, in the suburbs. so, that takes care of wednesday. seven day forecast just ahead, but right now, we check traffic. we start off route one southbound approaching red lion road. there is as accident involving a septa bus. so the right lane block there. south brunn brunswick, deans lane, left lan blocked. barren hit road at hearts lane, accident all lanes blocked there. ridge pike your alternate. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, after downingtown, there is an accident that has the left lane block this morning. >> we are breaking news out of
8:31 am
southwest philadelphia, skyfox is trying to get to the scene. skyfox on their way to a school bus accident at island avenue and limberg avenue. i think did report something about a congestion there little earlier, sue. four people taken to the hospital. four injuries are considered serious. we'll be sure give up more information on that, especially when skyfox gets over there. >> just minutes away. let's sneak this quick interview in here. hard for many of us to imagine, but there are people out there living in felt, their homes filled with trash, feces, and clutter and animals, insect. and even worse. as many as 15 million americans, first hounds hands, how horrible it can be just don't err these house. >> i've never had to do this before. but the smell so aggressive, i had to put this on my hands -- vicks on my hands this morning it, just hits you.
8:32 am
it just burns the hair out of your nose, real nasty. and it is as sweet smell. i've never smelled before. really gross. >> sweet but gross. matt, hoses cents cents extreme cleaning expert on that tv show horders, millions of people watch, right here in the studio with us. >> thanks for having me. >> welcome to fill. >> i you said you thought our studio was nice and clean. >> it doses. >> that means a lot coming from you. >> how did you get this job? >> i am lucky. i started cleaning old ladies house it is kind of fell into a career. >> so the show found you? >> i was literally cleaning houses for almost nothing, then they said we need messy hundreds, i had hundreds of them, next thing you know, i was on reality. >> hundreds cents of them? >> millions. >> 5% of america and it happens not all aging population but happens with people having tragic events of their life, someone dies, lose
8:33 am
their job, something happens. aging population at the beginning of 30 year push of where hoarding really get bad. you think the numbers are bad now? wait until 30 years from now. >> mostly just older people? >> tragedy hits us all. great. it is something awful happens us to, but grief plus time what causes hoarding. >> what's the worse thing you have ever seen? >> i took 300 cats out of 1200 square foot house last year. >> 300? >> 300 cats. first hundred walk up to you. the lasts hundred they'll light you up, man, pretty intense. >> of course that's the worse, but are their there really stages get to go that point? >> stage one is our house, i have three kids under the age of four. >> our house? everybody. >> everybody is stage one, actually living. >> what is an example of stage one. >> our garage has probably 20 bikes in it, we've got too many clothes. just got get to it. that's fine. stage two, starting to fill up the guest room. stage five what you see me on doing on tv. the biggest real intense ones. so it goes from one to 5t happens. >> we were just trying to
8:34 am
think of some scenarios earlier. say i have an office, and i have papers everywhere stack up on there, what, is that still stage one or are we getting into -- >> stage one, but why would you keep the papers, about information, hoarding your value, yourself worth comes from your education, from your information, we work in a media, very typical for people like us to want to hoard paper. a lot of people think they might need it in the future. you can't think like that? >> well, i mean, you can, i understand why we would, but digital age. doesn't obviously need the paper. it is because we want it, something emotional a touched to it. >> book, secret lives of hoardser. >> my book, secret lives of hoards, we wrote it so family members counseled stand hoards remembers not lazy, not crazy, real intelligent, fascinating people having difficult time. >> they can be helped. tiff ' seen psychologist. >> so we bring therapist in with us, the i shall through this is mental disorder, it is not -- it looks physical but mental disorder. you need therapy to get fixed. >> now, so, we have a family
8:35 am
member sore someone at home that we know who might possibly be close to this level, i mean, you can't just go in and start cleaning up? >> no, that's actually the worse thing you can do. your stealing from them. they need to get help. you need to let them know you care about them, then back off, get them therapy, call professional like us, let us come in and clean it proper. >> i we appreciate t thanks for having me. don't go into our property prepare room. >> yes. a little wine to take the edge off. you know there is a local dentist? yes, serving up wine to patients. why not everyone thinks this is a good idea. >> you've been drinking that? have you been to the dentist lately? >> well, no. >> first, another glass, the two ladies, oh, the make over magic is underway. >> the make over magic is underway. these two women had domestic violence experiences in their lives. so, we want to do something special for them. how about a nice massage, at this beautiful spa, medical
8:36 am
spa in rittenhouse square? a remote that lives on your phone. more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest,
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8:39 am
>> local dentist gives you glass of wine, what do you think about this? >> oh, it may just be what the doctor ordered. it is cents a growing trend across the country, and right here in our area, zombies cents say they're now offering little wine before patients have certain procedures. for people terrified of the dentist, it is cents just what they say is needed so take that edge off. >> my goal with patients, to make sure that they're not white knuckle it, holding on to the arms of the chair. >> so if you can lighten it up, amen. cheers. >> cheers to. that will local liquor control agents say they are aware of the practice of serving little alcohol at all kind of businesses cents, and
8:40 am
there are ways to do it legally. >> i'll be darn. other dentists cents say i would never do. that will because they're worried about them driving home. >> that's true. >> they should also be worried, i know my mother, she hates going to the dentist, always requests the gas. >> oh, ya, i love gas. >> you wouldn't go for glass of wine? i think i would. >> maybe. i'm not that scared. once i get the gases. >> it is something else. >> all right, 8:40, food blogger taken fall's favorite food trends to whole new level. >> everything is pumpkin. amy erickson, of the blog site oh, bite me, no, oh, bite it, sorry, created recipe for deep fried pumpkin spice latte's, do you hear what i said? she is deep frying latte's. i don't know how you deep friday liquid, but pretty simple. it is similar to making french toast. >> okay. >> you dip pounds cake into the drink, the latte, fries it, sprinkles with cinnamon or
8:41 am
sugar, and also suggest dipping it in whip cream. >> i bet it is good. >> ya, you and you get the best of both worlds, the drink, then also fried food. >> you know, pumpkin spice everything now. i think there is cents a pumpkin spice oreo cookie. >> it is an obsession. i'm convinced, fall obsession. >> also, on zested when something else orange, and that's our flyers. >> yes, we're ready. so look at my family. hi, how are you? >> yes. >> i love it. you know, broads here, and i'm here, and my hipster husband is here, hey, talking about the new gear at the flyers. let's get flyered up already. we'll show them after the break
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
getting some tweets in, some phonecalls, about high school students, a lot of them, have walk out of their schools. apparently in some type of protest, on strike, i have one here, looks like all of the student out on broad street t could be in re tox what the src did. >> also told other philadelphia schools are out there protesting. >> so we're on it, have cam ya crew on the way to couple of different schools. 8:44. >> some people becomes the clothing, the gear that you get to wear to the games.
8:45 am
>> yes, jen? >> i like to be fashionable. even when i'm -- >> oh, no? even when you're frozen? she went to the dentist, that's what happens. >> hiccup. >> playing bosses ton tonight. >> season opener. home opener tomorrow night. >> we got her back. >> you have me? >> yep. >> we have you. >> did you see my onesie? >> i thought it was an anything i at first. >> teach me, teach me, teach me how to snuggy. stop, seriously, what do you think about this? it is very impressive. no? >> keeps your feet warm and your trap doors dollars closed. >> booty problem? >> no, this is brand new stuff, all casino of stuff down here, you have to come down, check it out. >> awesome. very excited? time of year, like cold, but not too cold. but we need to have our gear right? and i love we have little hipster this year. i know you like to crank open
8:46 am
a can of the fancy hipster beer with your little family here. >> yes, absolutely. you know what? when you see the guys dress up, it will be nice and warm, stylish, when you come to flyers game, you have to have the flyers stuff on. >> are you into wearing these pants by any chance? >> i don't think i will bewaring the pan, but wear the shirt there, breast cancer night, we'll make that. >> big league initiative. >> very big. saturday night we will unveil the third jerry? like that, the weather with the tie, i like to call it i'm a real hockey fan, i don't call it a jersey, i call it a sweater. >> okay. >> your sweater it, it ever look that clean when were you playing. >> not at all. all ripped and full of blood. hopefully wasn't my blood. >> oh, no. but it is pretty cool. they do that in a ladies one, do it in men's one, those are the jamie bottoms. not ready to fully commit, to your, like, flyers dreams, then you can just have the bottoms of the jammies. now, you know this. they have like 42,000 hats, which everyone lovers, but the hockey fateful, people like tom lowden, he can tiff producer, who literally bleeds
8:47 am
orange this time of year, they want this stuff, what the guys will be snaring. >> yes, all the players will be wearing all this year, real nice ensemble, when you put it altogether. i was never much for fashion. but we got all -- >> no, you're very fashionable, nice jackets here, players all wear these, jake's wearing one. >> brian, brian had one of those shirts on. he is nice, why dent you tell me? >> really nice. the goalie we on earlier. >> i like your buddy down there, chris murphy. >> oh, let's talk about, that mike jerrick lovers. >> this i hope he is not out having diet pepsi or something. you played in a golf event with chris murphy, our anchor from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. kind of kerrey is the anchor. >> good ratings i hear. >> you are calling him teeth owe why? >> his golf game went going very well. ball going crooked, once he got on the tito vodka, straight on. >> so you are now calling him, by the way, we make fun of him at work because he is such a
8:48 am
dork. don't doesn't know the words to the current songs and stuff. >> he is all right in my bok. >> oh, look at. that will so sweet. >> number one in the league forgetting these pucks autographed? >> not everyone can afford a gist, but here, come down here, get nice puck, lucky enough to get the signs them them. guys are real good about signing them. this is another way of capturing part of the team and the players and probably our history. >> i love that you get awesome, when talking about our guys, i know they've -- they're trying real hard. >> what happens in the lockerroom, yep, they want to dot best they can do. sometimes they have off night, injured, but they want it play hard and play hartford the fans. we're burnt orange here, they're caring on the tradition. >> love it. what are the chances one to ten, back up, dow like little model walk. >> this would be like onesie
8:49 am
night. at the game. seriously. >> house about tuesday night? >> thank you so much. so here is the thing. you know me. if it is hockey season i got to eat something. so coming up we'll show some of the food. seriously, i'm ready. i got my calgary kind of hat on. >> i like the hat. >> so apparently is newspaper food out there this year. so let's come back to breaking news out of southwest philadelphia. skyfox, i believe, has made it there now, at least we're trying to get close to it. >> okay. >> so this is islands avenue and lindberg boulevard. see traffic being routed around, looks like, school bus and car behind it. >> yes. >> looks like the car slammed into the back of the bus there. it is one of the smaller buses. four people were injured, though, and taken to the hospital. >> we are told two of the injuries are considered serious. >> goodness. oh, wait. no, that bus is moving. so i see a car. maybe it took the bus out of
8:50 am
there already? >> but that car looks like it was definitely involved in the accident. >> yes. >> we don't have control of this, skyfox there, zoomed into the car. maybe the bus is out of there. we'll get more info and bring it to you after the break.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
if you haven't left the house yet, let's go through temperatures waiting for you out of doors, now that the cold front has passed, seeing slightly cooler temperatures this morning, but not much. 52 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-seven in bethlehem. and allentown it is 61 degrees. philadelphia has 63, so does
8:54 am
warminster, but down in chester, in delaware county, it is 59. south jersey, we've got 63 degrees, atlantic city, 67, already, in cape may. that's not bad. expecting high of 64. sixty-eight tomorrow more sunshine, then gets tricky over the weekend, looks like rain friday. maybe into saturday morning. now, some indications that it could dry out for rest of the weekends, so improving forecast, but it is still will be chilly if you are at the eagles game, on sunday night. that's your weather authority forecast. now, let's get back to the roads and this accident we've been telling but, near the airport, in clearview, islands avenue at lindberg boulevard, we have an accident involving school bus, all lanes are blocked there. so, the alternate is south seven flea. zero street, also, pennsylvania turnpike eastbound after downingtown, an accident, multiple vehicles
8:55 am
involved. so the left lane blocked, there, and on south brunswick, new jersey, route one northbound at dean lane, and a accident has the left lane block. alex it. >> thanks, sue. mean girls to the max. according to researchers, there is cents a cure for these bull ills. so we're going to tell you where you can now sends your daughter if you think she is just too mean to her friends. >> ♪
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> the cool kids. we have newspaper idea how to prevent bullying in this hour. so we'll get to that in a second. speaking of kids it, almost two minute before the -- 9:00 on this wednesday. apparently some high school
8:59 am
kids, a lot of them, hi, kerrey. >> high. >> are protesting being and they walked out of their high schools. >> not sure what they're protesting, but -- >> this is down by the kimmel center i believe on broad street. >> would that be cap a? the cap a kids? >> i believe so. they're saying other kids from other schools are out, there as well. >> now, my guess would be, i don't have this confirmed, my guess is that they're trying to support teachers. >> sure. >> the ones the src says you'll have to start paying some health benefits. >> vote today do that yesterday. so things are changing. it is hard to telex actually how many people are out here, because skyfox is kind of zoomed in. >> do they have signs? >> they do have signs. >> i think we have a crew on the ground almost there now. so they'll read the signs for us, contact the news room. i'm pretty sure it is about the teachers trying to show support for their teachers. >> good day, it is wednesday, october the eighth, 2014. you can see the lovely kerrey barrett has joined us.
9:00 am
>> in your pink. >> indeed, pink. >> cancer awareness. >> prep any pink. any color. >> yes. >> also, do you all play fantasy football? does your husband play it? >> nope. >> a lot of guys do it. >> but so do women. >> there is now a new on line league, getting a lot of play. now, it is all about competitive shopping. we will tell you the fashionable alternatives to playing those fantasy sports. >> now, would that be sexist? possibly. >> plus, parents, listen up. life can be pretty hectic with those kids around the house. but our phones can make life little bit easier. the four parenting apps that you might want to download today. come all way over here. >> leave it alone. >> hard to keep track of them all. >> well, that's why we have cathy. >> hello, cathy. >> i can't imagine any other reason we have her. >> we will check back in with two ladies being made up this morning. now moving onto