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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  October 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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get the drugs. >> but first breaking news in the ebola epidemic. you're looking at ambulance that race to do a hospital carrying a person said to be showing symptoms of ebola. that person showing up at a medical facility near dallas today claim to go have had contact with thomas eric duncan. duncan died from ebola today in dallas. everyone at that of original medical facility is now being examined. and it will be a while before we know if this is another confirmed case of ebola. of course we'll keep you update. >> country reeling today as ebola's impact on the u.s. becomes deadly as dawn just mentioned thomas eric duncan died today. he was the first person ever diagnosed with ebola here in the u.s. soon after we learned of that death, federal officials announcing historic safety measures at some of the nation's biggest airports to keep the virus from spreading. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. we have team coverage tonight with fox's casey stegall.
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>> reporter: the first person to be diagnosed with ebola on u.s. soil has died. thomas eric duncan died this morning at texas health presbyterian hospital where he'd been in isolation since last week. >> it under scores why the president has made it a priority to stop the spread of this disease at the source. >> reporter: duncan originally contracted the virus in liberia. the 42 year old did not show any symptoms when he left for the u.s., but fell ill several days later. dozens of people at risk of being infected by duncan are being monitored for 21 days. the texas department of health says "we'll continue every effort to contain the spread of the virus and protect people from this threat". ebola has killed more than 3400 people in west africa. air travelers there have been checked for fever before depar departing and now an additional screening layer will be put in place at five u.s. airports. the white house expressing support for the measures being
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taken. >> the most effective screening measure that is in place is not any screening that takes place here in the united states. it's the screening that takes place in these three countries in west africa. >> reporter: another american is now being treated for ebola at a nebraska medical center. a free lance photojournalist for nbc news continues to receive experimental drugs and blood transfusions with hopes of getting him better. he contracted the virus while covering the outbreak in liber liberia. that's the latest from dallas. casey stegall, fox news. >> as casey said travelers from west africa will now be screened for fevers at five u.s. airpor airports, new york jfk airport, newark, washington dulles, chicago o'hare and atlanta and coming up in a few minutes a live report from dallas on possible new case of ebola in that state and the aftermath or nation's first -- of the nation's first death from ebola. we will of course continue to cover this story for you all night. you can keep checking our website for
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updates. we'll post the latest information right on the home page. >> and happening now, shocking charges against a montgomery county mother. wail until you hear this. prosecutors say pi tricia davenport facing corruption and child endangerment charges. investigators say, it all stems from supplying her 15 year old daughter with drugs. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the montgomery county district attorney's office with the very latest on this. dave, just hard to believe. >> reporter: it is, people shaking that are heads tonight. a student a guidance counselor and school nurse at souderton high school helped tip police off to this. tonight the mother and a close friend are behind bars on some very serious charges. this the latest example of growing spread of the use of heroin even in the suburbs. >> davenport you want to say anything? 35 year old patricia sue davenport accused of crimes that have parents and police shaking their heads. investigators say she and a friend bought and supplied heroin and other drugs to 15
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year old daughter and her daughter's 16 year old boyfrie boyfriend. >> it's incomprehensible to me that any parent would ever introduce their children, their child, to drugs like this. >> reporter: davenport was arrested wednesday after police say she had been taking her daughter and eight year old stepson to seventh and russell in philadelphia three to five times a we can for sick months to buy heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs. >> not only bring the child to philadelphia to purchase drugs on numerous occasions, but to introduce her to the use of heroin and to inject her with heroin is unbelievable. >> shocking. you never know. >> reporter: she lived here at this harleysville townhome complex. police say she introduced her daughter to heroin around the kitchen table allowing her daughter to authority or inject heroin. >> adults have a lot of influence over kids and such, and sometimes you need to be a
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better role model. >> when i read this story about these allegations of a mother introducing her child to a drug like heroin, the devil's poison, i am really at a loss for words. >> reporter: davenport said nothing during her court appearance or on her way to jail wednesday afternoon. >> you see people coming from as far away, driving into north philadelphia street corners to pick up heroin. this is a national scourge. >> reporter: now, meghan rudolph is also charged in this case with possession with intent to distribute. she will be in court tomorrow. davenport has been ordered to stay away from her two children. they've been placed with relatives. we expect to see her in court for preliminary hearing octobe october 17th. we'll have much more on this investigation coming up at 6:00. dawn? >> all right, we'll see you then, thank you, dave. a philadelphia firefighter is doing okay after being injured in an afternoon house fire in tacony. the two harm fire broke out in a second floor bedroom on the 4600 block of princes street. firefighter fell through the floor. he was taken to aria torresdale
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hospital. we're told he injured his head but his condition is not life threateningly. anyone who lives in the home -- everyone who lives in the home escaped but a family member tells us most everything else is gone. >> everything in that house is gone. everything in the house. credit cards, license, clothes, they just bought furniture. everything. >> firefighters tell us the closest fire station engine 38 is only few blocks away but it was closed today because of budget cuts. scary hold taupe td bank in hatboro, montgomery county today. police say a man wearing a halloween mask walked into the bank on the 200 block of south york road. pulled out a gun and demanded money from the teller. police say he took off with the cash in a dark blue buick i was stolen pennsylvania plate. police believe he robbed the same bank back in july with a bandana covering his face. if you know anything, please give police a call.
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>> tumbling temperatures in your fox 29 weather authority. a live look at old city shows the clear night but you may find it a bit on the chilly side, and temperatures will be steadily going down from here. chief meteorologist scott williams is standing by with a look at what to expect. it was really a nice day, though, scott. it certainly was. after that rain that we saw overnight, dawn. right now as we look at the satellite and radar quite conditions. that system brought about a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rainfall but look at the temperatures right now. above average 73 degrees currently in philadelphia. but still a little windy. those winds are out of the west from 15 to 20 miles per hour in the lancaster area. so for tonight, with those clear skies, temperatures a little chilly. upper 40s in the suburbs. low 50's in the city. we'll talk about our next chance for rain coming up. back to you. >> thank you, scott. residents in a west philadelphia neighborhood are feeling uneasy after bunch of cars are broken into and vandalized. neighbors woke up this morning to find their tires slashed and their belongings stolen from
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their cars. nearly a dozen vehicles were targeted near the 200 block of south faragut street. the vandals swiped wallets, registration cards, even toys and strollers from trunks. some of the victims say they're worried about the personal information that the thieves got their hands on. >> what's on this person's mind what harm could they do if they have our information into our homes? so everyone just kind of feels like unsafe at this point. >> detectives continue to investigate but so far no arre arrests. dozens of students came out to support their teachers today in a protest outside philadelphia school district headquarters. the teachers expired contract was canceled monday. so the district could begin to make them contribute to the cost of their health insurance. school officials say that will save $44 million a year which will go directly into the schools. >> so they're not getting as much money. i don't think that's fair because they're trying to help us, and make sure that we get an education, and i feel as though
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their right is to have health care. >> the teachers union says it will challenge the canceling of the contract in court. you're looking at a live picture from philadelphia international airport. the scene last night of an incident that has one passenger crying foul. she believes she was removed from a jet blue flight for criticizing the pilot on social media. our bruce gordon is live in the newsroom tonight to sort out the claims and counterclaims. bruce? >> reporter: iain, that passenger is lisa carter knight. new hampshire marketing executive, mother of three and social media user was flying from philly to boston last night after visiting her sick mother here. jet blue flight 760 was scheduled to take off around 8:25 but had already been delayed about an hour. that's when the trouble started. >> carter knight tells us she and her fellow passengers were boarding flight 760 when she overheard a joke about the long delay. >> a passenger says, wow it's been a long wait. i hope the bar is fully stocked. and the pilot came out and said, that's it. everybody back up the jet way. i've just been accused of being
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intoxicate. >> passengers were sent back to the gate to wait as the pilot was given and passed a sobriety test. carter knight tweeted pictures of the plane as she waited at the gate. but she also tweeted a series of comments critical of the pilot. claiming he had falsely accused the passenger who made the joke. and describing the pilot as unruly and irate. >> normal things that anybody would share on their facebook page or twitter page. and i was -- told that the pilot was not comfortable with me getting on his flight. >> reporter: when passengers were once again allowed to board the plain carter knight was held back. she believes the airline monitored or learned of her critical tweets and punished her by refusing to honor her tick. >> three children that are without their mom tonight because a pilot made a decision that might social media interaction with my friends and family was not appropriate and he was not going to be tolerated by him. >> reporter: in a statement jet blue says "it is not our practice to remove a customer for expressing criticism of their experience in any mild
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medium. we will remove a customer if they are disruptive and the crew evaluates that there's a risk of escalation which could lead to unsafe environment. attorney fred tee she. >> it's their obligation to get the airplane from point a to point b safely. secondly they have to worry about other passengers f someone is being disruptive, the airlines have tremendously wide latitude to remove that person. >> wide latitude indeed. the full jet blue statement also says passenger can be removed if they exhibit quote objectionable behavior or quote cause conflict at the gate or on the aircraft. the airline gets to define, of course, what is objectionable and what defines conflict. jet blue ultimately refunded carter knight's money. she later headed home ton a different airline. iain and dawn. >> all right. thank you, bruce. a fire breaks out local month fifty five theater well before any customers were there. >> we were there as a medical helicopter landed to take away a victim. the early clues about where and how the fire started. >> plus a woman who sneaks
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around the backyard of a home seemingly up to no good. but a bad fall derails her plans. video you have to see. and how about a glass of wine at your next dentist appointment? it's a growing trend to help people relax but not everyone thinks it's such a smart idea. howard? >> the eagles play the new york giants on sunday night at the linc. but if the game is not enough, the trash talking makes it better. the eagles respond to the new
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♪ >> we continue to follow breaking news regarding the ebola scare. this ambulance just raced to the hospital carrying a person said
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to be showing symptoms of ebola. that person showed up at a medical facility near dallas today claiming to have had contact with tom nass eric duncan. duncan of course the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. died today. fox 29's natalie, is live in dallas tonight. there's talk of a possible second ebola case in texas. what's the latest? >> reporter: that second case will be connect to do that ambulance that you just mentioned a moment ago. some late details here. it turns out it is a dallas county sheriff's deputy who is in duncan's apartment after duncan had been in isolation. one of our reporter doctors have a chance to speak to that sheriff's deputy's son, and he says that his father has continually been monitored by the cdc. it was just recently, though, that he developed a stomach bug, if you will, went to a clinic, and he -- they decided that they
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should go ahead and transport him here to presbyterian. the son says he does not want this to be blown out of proportion. they don't think he has ebola. but, of course, everyone is taking this very seriously. especially because this man did have contact or was in the apartment of mr. done can. >> nat, a lot of people still in shock of course about thomas eric duncan's death today from ebola. so what happens next there? >> reporter: right. well, the big hurdle is going to be disposing of thomas duncan's body. ebola can live in a dead body and a corporation can transmit the virus through fluids. so they will have to very carefully move this body. i'm told they will do that by wrapping knit plastic and then double bagging it. the family also very understanding. they know that it is necessary to cream mate thomas duncan's body. >> all right. fox's natalie, live in dallas for us tonight. thank you. >> we'll continue to cover this story all night for you. keep checking our website
5:17 pm for updates. we'll post the latest information right on the home page. an investigation is on into a fire at a bucks county movie theater. skyfox over the scene at the ua oxford valley stadium on middletown boulevard. one person was medivacked to hospital with burns. the fire was apparently electrical in nature. it broke out in the projector room about 9:00 o'clock this morning. >> two separate schoolbus accidents send more than a dozen people to the hospital. the first one happened at island avenue and lindberg boulevard this morning. skyfox over the scene in southwest just after 9:00 o'clock. we're told four people were taken to the hospital no word yet on their conditions. skyfox meantime over the scene of a second bus crash much this one is in northeast philadelph philadelphia. four cars and the bus colliding at lot and -- 10 people were taken to local hospitals. their conditions have also not been released. >> two police officers from new york are charged with sexually assaulting a woman in an atlantic city casino. police say the assault happened
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back in april at the trump taj mahal. one of the officers works for the new york police department. the other for new york state police. investigators are not giving out any details about the actual assault. lawyers for both men say they are innocent. closing arguments heard today in montgomery county double murder trial. prosecutors say kidnapped 10 month old baby from her family's king of prussia apartment back in october of 2012 and then killed her grandmother. the little bill was later found dead. prosecutors say it was a botched kidnapping. he testified that two men forced him to lead them to the apartment and says they committed the murders. the 27 year old could face the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder. >> fox 29 investigators has some good news to report tonight. it's about the burning controversy over the trash can caper in a philadelphia neighborhood. our jeff cole reported on the saga. the disappearing trash can just last week, and jeff, what's the
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latest? >> reporter: here we go, dawn. we are going to put a lid on the trash can caper. it was the block captain on penns grove street in philly who asked to us take look at some security camera video that she had gotten her hands on. it showed a man back in july with a city issued trance cash balanced on a handtruck. he wheels it right out of frame and never to be seen again. block captain joanne manual right there call the police but the trash can never reappeared. we told the story and reminded viewers these cans help philly in the on-going battle with tons of trash that are produced here. this week as brewers gordon would say, we got results. the streets department is place add new trash can on penns gro grove. this time with a heavy chain and lock attached. now, unless this trash can thief has a hack saw an big one, that can should be staying right in place. the block captain says it's all she ever wanted, dawn.
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>> way to get results, jeff co cole. you're welcome. >> thank you. cool temperatures and your fox 29 weather authority forecast. temperatures are going to keep on dropping. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. i guess it was nice while it lasted. because today was delightful. weaver talking highs today dawn in the 70s. but tomorrow we'll be in the 60s and it looks like the 60s will stick around for several days. even more rainfall with that seven day coming up but the rain from last night it's out of here. comfortably cool for this evening. we saw on the order of about a quarter to a half an inch of rainfall. some higher amounts towards central sections of delaware. but look at the temperatures right now. it's beautiful stepping outdoo outdoors. 71 in trenton. 73 atlantic city. 72 in reading right now. 74 that's the warm spot currently in dover. but take look at the winds they're gusting close to 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. over 30 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. so if you're stepping outdoors, clear breezy. it will be dry. those temperatures dropping 60 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight.
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so coming up we'll talk about rainfall back in the seven day as well as even cooler temperatures. iain and dawn. >> all right, scott, thank you. a bizarre story out of missouri. a man under arrest for allegedly stabbing another man 23 times and get this, the argument was apparently over a missing pig. >> a chilling confrontation with police caught on camera. what happens here has sparked a lawsuit and the plaintiffs say they're not after money. >> dirt cheap price on this home. all you need is a new iphone six
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>> a train derails catches fire and then explodes in can in a today. it happened near the small town of claire and about 50 people were evacuated from their homes. petroleum spilled from two of the derailed cars. investigators say that's what caused the fire. neighbors say the derailment hit way too close to home. >> it's scary for people living by the railroad tracks and more has to be done to keep these tracks up. i'd move tomorrow. >> you'd move tomorrow. yeah. that's too close to home. >> 26 of the 100 cars on the train derailed. none of the crew members were injured.
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the fbi trying to identify a man believed to be from north america who is now fighting for the isis militants inside syria. the masked man was seen speaking arabic but then switch to go english and appearing to have a north american accent. the fbi believes there are about a dozen americans fighting alongside isis overseas. the bureau is is asking for help from the public to identify the man in the pictures. >> anybody who recognizes either the voice or the eyes or the voice and the eyes one in the same person, they really need to get in touch with the fbi immediately. >> meanwhile, in iraq isis fighters shoot down an iraqi military helicopter with a surface to air missile killing two on board. in syria, american military leaders fear a small town near the turkish border is on the verge of fall to go isis forc f. cell phone video a police confrontation with drivers in end inn takes center stage in a courtroom today. >> oh, bleep.
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>> jamal jones the man seen here being tased in this video is suing the hammond police department for excessive force, falls arrest and assault and battery. he says the driver was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt. he and her two children were in the car on their way to the hospital when the whole incident happened. >> i got shot in my back with a taser. besides tasing me i just started going -- just felt like my body was going to shut down and then he tased me on -- i asked him, please, please, just stop tasing me. >> jones says the driver called 911 saying she feared for their lives. the officers involved are defend -- defendants in other lawsuits charging them with excessive force. the police department is standing by their actions tonight. >> all right, ladies, hunting for bargains and deals can seem like a competitive sport and now it really is. >> how about this? you can show your skills in a fantasy football style tournament. plus the word conjuring up a lot
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of emotions right now. ebola. carved into a field. who did this and why? >> but first how about a little wine with that root canal appointment. coming up why some local dentists are opening up 15 in a for your next
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>> an ambulance racing a man with symptoms of e boat la to a dallas hospital late this afternoon. sources telling fox that man is a dallas county sheriff's deputy
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who been inside thomas duncan' apartment. duncan is the first person to be diagnosed with ebola in the united states. he died today from ebola in dallas. >> physicians and scientists from eye all around the country are in philadelphia right now discussing ebola and other infectious diseases. the conference is designed to bring medical professionals together to share their knowledge and their experience. happening at the convention center through sunday. organizers say because of the sense of urgency surrounding ebola and the enterovirus, experts in these areas have been added to the list of speakers. >> montgomery county mother and her friend are behind bars tonight. the da's office says patricia davenport and meghan rudolph bought and supplied heroin and other drugs to davenport's 15 year old daughter. the girls boyfriend was allegedly given drugs as well. prosecutors say they are now facing corruption of minor, reckless endangerment and drug charges. how about a glass of wine with your next root canal? it's no longer just for spas and
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high-fashion trunk shows. >> that's right. some big city dental offices are offering up some vino to take the edge off while you're waiting. joyce evans checked out a dentist in our area serving coffee, tea, water and, yes, wine. ♪ >> reporter: it's not a typical midday dental visit for diane daily. at the center for dentistry in haddon heights, new jersey. >> i'm feeling a little nervous today. do you think i could have a glass of wine? >> reporter: wine while she waits for her date with a drill? >> thank you. >> reporter: it's a first for her. >> i'm just indulging a little bit here before i get my fillings removed. they're all mercury fillings. >> reporter: just what the doctor ordered to take the edge off. >> the wine will make me little more comfortable. in fact i'm feeling a little bit right now. report. >> it works really well. >> reporter: all you need is a half glass says dr. steve marc marcus. >> it helps ease the transition for some patients from the waiting room to the dental
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chair. >> very relaxed. very relaxed. >> reporter: you still have more to go. >> i know. i just want to pace myself here. i'm getting a little giddy. ♪ >> my goal in treatment of patients is to make sure that they're not whitening lin holdin to the arm of the chair. the wine is a very elegant thing to do. >> reporter: but not the only nerve soothing substance available. there's herbal tea to laughing gas. >> nitrous oxide with stereo headphones to blackout the noise of the drill amazing. >> reporter: says he's been all about chilling patients out since he was a nervous young patient. even when the dentist was his father. >> and i couldn't walk into his office without getting chills up and down my spine. >> reporter: really? he says a spot of wine may have helped him. >> everyone has so much stress. >> turn up your nitrous a little bit. >> if this can relieve some of your stress, then why not? >> reporter: i think it's a brilliant idea. >> reporter: but don't expect
5:33 pm
to enjoy a glass any time soon at dr. leonard tau's office. >> no cavities. >> reporter: in northeast philadelphia. >> in my office, that's not something i want to do. >> reporter: uncomfortable about possible complications from medication interaction to maybe somebody driving away under the influence. >> even though it's free i'm still distributing alcohol without a license. that's what it comes down to. certainly hal a a cup of wine it going to be major. we are not having a cocktail party here. >> reporter: patient who's have certain medical conditions are not loud any. patients must request it and there are no refills. >> if somebody wants some tea, we'll give them tea. if they need a drink of water we'll give them a drink of water f they'd like a half a glass of wine, it's here. >> reporter: diane says she can have nice rose at home when she's ready to chill. right now, it's all about helping drown out that drill. >> if we can lighten it up, i'm
5:34 pm
in. cheers! >> reporter: both pennsylvania and new jersey liquor control officials tell me they are aware of the practice of serving a little alcohol at all kinds of businesses and there are perfe perfectly legal ways to do it. in pa, a drink should be available to everybody who comes in. not just the people who are buying something. in new jersey, you're technically not allowed to it without a social affairs permit. but sources tell us, it's highly unlikely that authorities are going to come after you for that. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> now dr. marcus says there's no cross reaction between a little wine and nitrous oxide, and that his patients get a good flush of oxygen before they leave his chair. all right. well, from fighting his children to becoming best friends as adults having a sibling can be a roller coaster. >> how long it apparently takes before you actually start appreciating your brother or sister. plus, a dirt -- cheap price on this home.
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all you need is a new iphone six and it's all yours, but wait until you hear the catch coming up to it in at 6:00. fox 29 gets results for a local music legend. he lost a suitcase full of priceless sheet music until our bruce gordon got on the case. bobby rydell is singing a new tune scott. >> beautiful conditions right now. dry and breezy but coming up find out when to expect clouds, dry and breezy but coming up find out when to expect clouds, rain, and yes, even coomt
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♪ >> a deadly crash has led california officials to ground air tanker in the battle against wildfires. a pilot died yesterday aft his air tanker crashed fighting a wildfire near yosemite national park. witnesses say the plane smashed into a canyon wall and appeared to disintegrate on impact. >> we watched the whole thing. we saw sparks down the whole mountainside and huge black cloud of smoke and you watched all parts of the plane go off the mountain and down on to the highway. >> the pilot is believed to be the only person aboard the air
5:39 pm
tanker when it crashed. italian artist using his talents to raise awareness about the ebola outbreak in west africa. he is carving a giant renderin g of ebola virus into a farm field. the huge work stretches more than 200 yards across 9 acres. the artist says he was inspired by the spanish nurse who game infected treating priests who had returned to spain from west africa. a man in missouri is stabbed over a missing pig. police say 33 men living in this house had a pet pig and it went missing. the men believed joshua fin key took their pet so they went to confront him. the four men got in a fight at fin key's house when police say fin key stabbed one of the men nearly two dozen times. >> from my understanding he was taunting the victim, and then he went and grabbed a screwdriver and started the jabbing motion into his back and head. >> we can tell you the victim will be okay. as for the pig, police say they still don't know where he is.
5:40 pm
>> parents, if your children are constantly bickering be patient it apparently takes half a century for siblings to appreciate one another. british researcher found most brothers and sisters start to get along around 25 years old. survey of two thus sand adults finds that most of those fights during their younger years were over toys and getting attention. what brings them together as adults, mutual frustrations with mom and dad. ladies, hunting for bargains and deals can seem like a competitive sport and guess what, now it really is. >> how you can show your skills in a fantasy football style tournament, plus a woman who sneaks around the backyard of a home and seems to have bad intentions but a bad fall derails her plan. video you just got to see. howard? >> the eagles have responded to the new york giants trash talking and chip kelly explains what he does that he believes is better
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>> in washington state police are on the look out for a burglar who walked around the backyard of a home, then took a trip to the roof before taking a pretty bad fall. the incident last month was all caught on camera. there you see the fall. the burglar made a quick exit much to the homeowner's relief. >> it was scary the first week. our daughter didn't want to be upstairs at all by herself. >> sean looking for a lost frisbee or nothing like that. she was looking for a window and get inside and commit who knows what. >> the woman is still on the loose and police think she may be connected to other crimes in the neighborhood. a home in detroit can be yours for a 32 gigabyte iphone
5:45 pm
six. the homeowner originally listed the house for sale for $5,000 then dropped the price to three grand. now he's apparently willing to part with it in exchange for apple's newest gadget. the house is a fixer up sorry but has a finish basement plus garden an city view. realtor says the seller might be on to something. >> i did get a call today from a seller of mine that we're having a hard time selling his house, and he asked me if he could, f i could market his property to trade for a car. >> there is one catch. the buyer will have to pay back taxes of $6,000. slight risk there. slight one. when it comes to the work mace apparently people like working with the same gender, but does that lead to better production in the workplace? well, according to new study from mit, no. while lee is he searcher found men and women are happier in single sex offices they're more productive working in mixed groups turning a larger profit for their companies. researchers found if many sin
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sell against office has been more diverse revenue would have gone up by nearly 41%. for some women shopping might seem like a competitive sport. >> so football is not your thing there's a new and line game geared towards women similar to your husband's fantasy football league. here's how it works. it's called battle shop just like fantasy if the ball where you get to draft your dream team of players, battle shop allows to you create a dream closet full of your favorite clothes. players fill their closets from a fashion roster but they have to stay in the virtual budget of $5,000. the free game allows shoppers to challenge each other by creating digital closet filled with shirts, pants, shoes and accessories. >> battle shop is fantasy shopping game. essentially it's a fashion calf fifty three injury hunt. it's allure clothing and they get a virtual budget to shop with. >> at the end of each week shoppers share their closets.
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players vote on the best and shoppers get -- winners get gift cards up to a hundred dollars. it's not the same as real shopping. >> you get a gift card for a $100. i like the real thing. i got to be hahn never. y. >> tonight at 10 you might call them the red cross for our four reading friends. >> when scatter strikes the read paw emergency relief team springs into act. we've got a first hand look at the read paw this summer when row home collapsed in philadelphia trapped a champion show dog and had her owner in a panic. to night at 10:00 you'll see that rescue from inside the rubble. founder jen leary got the idea for red paw as a former philly firefighter at fire scenes. >> there were resources there for the people, the red cross, the salvation army, there wasn't anyone there assisting the animals so a lot of times the owners were left with this horrible decision now, you know, they just lost everything they had, most of our clients don't have that much to begin with,
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now they're forced to essentially give up their pet because they don't have anybody to take them while they try to regroup and recover. >> tonight at 10 you will see heart warming reunion of people and pets that will make you appreciate your cat or dog even more. we've got a big lineup for you tonight 8:00 wrapped knew hell's kitchen. alt 9:00 it's the red band society. of course, don't forget to join us for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> and turning to your fox 29 weather authority right now. gorgeous fall day but temperatures are about to take tumble, scott. >> the rain is out of here from last night. the high today 75 degrees. i think we're saying by. to highs in the 70s until next week. let's talk about those numbers. you can see the low this morning 62 degrees. 75 that's well above the normal for this time of year which is 69 degrees. but look at the record high on today's date. it was 89 degrees in 2007. the sun will set this evening shortly after 6:30. so if you're stepping outdoors
5:49 pm
right now, it's still pretty mild. we're looking at numbers right now. 73 degrees not bad. humidity is low but look at the winds. it's still a little breezy out of the west about 16 miles per hour. winds will gusting at times up to 30 miles per hour today in philadelphia. temperatures pretty uniform right now because of those breezy conditions. we have 73 in millville as well as atlantic city. 70 right now in allentown. 70 currently in lancaster. low 60s in the pocono mountains so as we look at those winds, the wind direction still out of the west right now sustained at 16 miles per hour in philadelphia. 22 miles per hour westerly wind right now in the pocono mountains. but as we take look at the satellite and radar, we're dry, we're quiet. high pressure is going to be settling in overhead. so tomorrow no rain to deal wi with. roll the clock and you can see some impulses disturbances rotate around the ohio river valley moving toward our area by friday. so friday is our next chance for some clouds as well as some light showers.
5:50 pm
it looks like the morning will be dry but after about lunch time we're watching some of that energy and moisture move toward our area down the shore looking pretty wet. this is friday afternoon. keep that in mind for your friday evening plans. we'll have some clouds, some showers around. some drizzle. heavier rainfall in south jersey and delaware. what about the weekend? saturday morning, we're socked in with clouds as well as some showers to start. but it looks like that system will try and move a little farther to the south. here's saturday at lunch time. still looking at some clouds maybe some pockets of drizzle but that boundary is going to kind of stall to the south. so sunday is a little questionable, too. as we check the tropics toward the pacific, this is a monster storm. a category five typhoon expected to move toward tokyo by the upcoming weekend. we'll keep you posted with that. but for tonight mostly clear, dry and cool. temperatures upper 40 toss low 50s in the city and then tomorrow not as mild as today. temperatures only in the upper 60s for highs.
5:51 pm
it will be definitely cooler. we'll keep those winds breezy out of the west as well 10 to 15 miles per hour. but tomorrow is dry. as we look at the seven day forecast, friday the cloud cover increases. friday afternoon, evening, into saturday at least the fir part of the weekend pretty good chance for some showers. but look at the high temperature on friday. 64, saturday 64 degrees as well. and right now sunday we'll keep those clouds around. sunday night into monday we could see more rainfall but temperatures by tuesday, wednesday of next week, back into the mid 70s. so here here's a quick look at that forecast right now for the game sunday. cloudy, cool there could be an isolated shower temperatures by kickoff in the low 60s. >> bundle up for the game. >> it's not a pop-up shower. isolated. >> it's wet it's wet. i don't care what it is. it can't do it. all right. eagles game is on sunday night. i'll be standing down there on the field. it better not rain. the eagles game this week is a
5:52 pm
big one. but it's also division game. and maybe a bigger rivalry than the dallas cowboys much the team coming into the linc sunday it in would be the new york giants. trash talk gets things going and it was the giants defensive back antrel role. he started it. here's what got things started. when asked about the eagles winning the division a year ago, rolls said i don't feel like there was much to really battle with last year in our division. i feel like it was a weak division and the eagles responded by throwing it right back when the giants a team that finished third in that weak division. >> are you saying your team was bad. you didn't do what you were supposed to do. so, um, that's an excuse and that's his opinion. but i'm not fixing to sit here and entertain it. because i think somebody like actually asked me that on radio show and i said we'll see on sunday. >> i'll tell was motivates me is i walk out on that field and you
5:53 pm
see 70,000 screaming fans. that's what motivates me. >> all right eagles gotten contributions from many players but at this point only about half of those players making contributions were eagles draft pick. the focus of the question that chip kelly got today in his news conference is really why first round draft pick marcus smith was not getting a lot of plays. so the question to chip, don't you want to start playing the young players to get them ready? >> the emphasis is winning each week. that's it. bottom line. if i'm going to try to groom a guy because he'll be a player two or three years down the road, i ain't going to be here two or three down the guys. we're trying to win our next game. that's the way i've approached it and that's the way i'll approach it f i was a paying fan i wouldn't want to say we'll develop somebody two or three down the road. you got to win every sunday. >> play the best players. here's our lineup for sunday...
5:54 pm
we've got a double header. packers and dolphins at 1:00 followed by the cowboys who will lose to the seahawks in seattle al 4:25. the flyers open their season tonight in boston. before playing the home opener against new jersey tomorrow. baseball playoffs the team with the best record in the national league they are done to sanfran. those would be the washington nationals. jayson werth did not have a good series as most of the nationals didn't. that's another former phillie hunter pens he couldn't play a lick when he was here he's gotten some coaching out in san francisco and he's listen. somebody that didn't happen and the washington nationals wild pitch what turned in to be the winning run and the giants beat washington so teams in the american league with the best record the angels lost the team with the best record in the national league has lost. the best team in sports in any sport the best team almost never wins a championship. >> wow! >> don't work so hard during the season.
5:55 pm
really. just get ready for the playoffs. >> just get to the playoffs. >> that's exactly right. >> howard, thank you. coming up at 6:00 we continue to follow a developing story. a local mom under arrest for allegedly using heroin and it doesn't stop there. police say she let children use it, too. >> and these good samaritans weren't even born when bobby rydell was cranking out his smash hits but their kindness and fox 29's reporting have given the music legend an early christmas gift. when we say we get results, we are not kidding. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right after this.
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♪ >> first at 6:00 tonight breaking news in the ebola epidemic. you're looking at an ambulance racing to a dallas area hospital today. it was carrying a sheriff's deputy into went into the apartment where the first u.s. e bella patient had stayed. the deputy went to a medical clinic earlier today after reportedly suffering possible ebola symptoms. medical officials say they're acting out of abundance of caution. it will ab while before we know if this is another confirmed case of ebola. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. that first us ebola patient died today in dallas. thomas eric duncan died this morning at texas health
6:00 pm
presbyterian hospital where he had been in isolation since last week. duncan originally contracted the virus in liberia. the 42 year old did not show any symptoms when he left for the united states but fell ill several days later. dozens of people at risk of being infected by duncan are right now being monitored and they will be monitored for 21 days. also, air travelers will be screened for ebola before leaving west africa. >> most effective screening measure that is in place is not any screening that takes place here in the united states. it's the screening that takes place in these three countries in west africa. >> in addition, five u.s. airports will start checking the temperatures of people as they arrive from west african countries effected by the outbreak. those airports include new york's jfk airport, newark, washington dulles, chicago o'hare and atlanta. of course, we'll continue to cover this story for you all night. keep checking for updates. we will post the very latest information right there on our