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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  October 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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might make your draw drop. right not at five the search for a vicious attacker the brutal bar fight was captured on surveillance video. but it is so disturbing we're not showing you all of the recording. >> the struggled happened at a bar in upper darby and ended with a man stabbed in the neck. the attacker still on the loose tonight. >> good evening, i'm iain page g i'm dawn timmeney. police say the attack shows how dangerous the suspect is. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at upper darby police headquarters tonight with the latest on the manhunt. dave? >> reporter: dawn, the victim in this case is still in extremely critical condition tonight at a nearby hospital as police search for that knife wielding suspect. they say this is going to be a difficult search. this incident has business owners upset and police looking for the public's help. >> now you're dealing with a bad dee with with a knife. >> reporter: this the scene at the la cantina bar in upper darby went night when a man
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pulled out 95 stabbed a bar patron in the neck and escaped. >> cut somebody's neck for no apparent reason ton flee we're concerned. we're concerned. he's got a knife. we want to get him off the streets. >> reporter: police rush to the scene after midnight and quickly attended to the victim wilson, who lost a lot of blood. superintendent chitwood credited police officer and iraqi war veteran michael crispin for his quick action to apply pressure to the wound. >> as a result of his actions, he certainly saved his life up to this point in time. >> it's not good for business. it's not good for us. >> reporter: police say this bar has been a problem in the past but recently changed hands. while chitwood says things have improved, incidents like this hurt business along this busy corridor near the 69th street bus and rail terminal. >> now you're looking at a potential homicide in a bar that police are called to all the time. so we have some major concerns. so now it's on our radar screen. >> we need our clients and we're trying to build up our salon and
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we want our people -- we don't want our people to be afraid any more. >> reporter: detectives identified the suspect as 23 year old miguel he is company land. police raided his home on guilford road thursday morning. he wasn't there. the superintendent says he is today land is an illegal immigrant from honduras making a items to find him even more difficult. >> he has no record under the name we have. now, whether he's a convicted murderer in honduras i couldn't tell you. >> now police do not know the motive for this attack at this point. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk to business owners along that area. they're worried about the impact this violence will have on their businesses again tonight if you recognize this guy, we you were to you call upper darby police he is armed and dangerous just call police and let them know where he is. dawn? >> all right, thank you, dave. skyfox over a terrible crash on the new jersey turnpike earlier today. the driver of an suv crashes into the wooded area on the side of turnpike just south of exit five. lanes were shut down in both
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directions backing up traffic for miles. five people were inside the suv at the time. they were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions tonight. >> developing story now in montgomery county. a jury files back into a courtroom to ask a question in a double murder trial. the man is on trial for killing a baby and her grandmother in king of prussia two years ago. jurors deliberated for about six hours yesterday until a judge decided one of them would have to be replaced. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live at the courthouse tonight in norristown. sabina? >> reporter: breaking right now, we are hearing that the juror do's have a verdict in in this case right now the courtroom is being convened. we do have a crew in there right now ready to bring you the latest this is of course the second day of deliberations since the jury got the case. prosecutors say he killed 10 month old baby and her grandmother in king of prussia during a botched kidnapping in october 2012. he says that two other men
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committed the crime. now as you mention add short timing a jurors were asking the judge for expert testimony of the forensic pathologist to be read back to them that include d the specific graphic testimony covering how she and her grandmother were killed. they also asked again for second day in a row for the definition of first, second and third degree murder. >> seems to be that they're caught between first, second and third degree murder. they may be concentrating on the baby at this point. it's hard to tell. but that seems to be where the focus was. consistencies regarding how he said he killed the victim, the baby. >> now, he's defending himself. if convicted of first degree murder, he faces the death penalty. again, we are hearing there is a verdict. we'll have the latest for coming up at 6:00. iain. >> sabina, thank you. some good news now in the fight against ebola. texas health officials say that a dallas county sheriff's deputy who exhibited those symptoms of
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ebola has tested negative for the disease. michael mow anything had gone to a hell clinic wednesday complaining of illness days after he was among a group of deputees who went inside the apartment where thomas eric duncan was staying. he's in good condition now. >> ebola continues to reach far beyond its borders. the potential patients are under observation here in the united states, in spain and in australia, and local leadersing for help combating the disease at its source. fox's casey stegall has the latest from dallas, texas. >> reporter: the effects of the ebola outbreak spread throughout the globe. the first person to be diagnosed on american soil is now dead. a united nation bosses worker affected in liberia receiving treatment in germany and the condition of a nursing assistant who cracked the disease in spain is deteriorating. it has killed nearly 4,000 people so far at its source in west africa. >> there's great urgency on the ground.
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at the same time i think we're all very faux cuff on the urgency here at home. >> reporter: heats from three countries speak tag summit in d.c. today asking for money, professionals and hospital equipment to be sent immediate immediately. >> the two-year regional financial impact could reach u.s. $32.6 billion by the end of 2015. that would be catastrophic. >> reporter: u.s. ramping up its efforts to combat the marines. were hundred marines stationed in spain head to go liberia today and texas governor rick perry visiting with soldiers preparing for deployment to west africa. >> you're fixing to do a great service for the world. going in and hopefully creating an up from a structure that has the ability to allow for that part of the world to control and hopefully to remove that threat.
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>> reporter: there is now authorization to send up to 4,000 troops to assist in west africa. in dallas, casey stegall, fox news. >> hundreds of airplane cabin cleaners have gone on strike at laguardia over fears of ebola. they're worried about what they're calling unsafe condition that is could put them and passengers at risk. union leaders say the workers need better training to learn how to handle the level of diss infection required to keep the deadly disease from spreading. >> our nation's top experts on infectious diseases are gathering in center city to talk about the latest on the ebola and enterovirus d68 outbreaks. the meeting is taking place at the philadelphia convention center until sunday. experts say the two emerging infections are challenging health care systems across the country especially since there are no vaccines or cures for either. experts say they have no fear of ebola spreading in the us they don't believe it's going to go away any time soon. >> all health care facilities
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and all health care providers need to be prepared to identify and take the appropriate management steps to manage the ebola virus patients in the u.s. not just today, not just tomorrow, but for many, many weeks and months to come. >> experts believe that while this is the worst outbreak ever of ebola virus the enterovirus d68 poses more of a deadly threat here in the us and we'll explain why coming up a little later in our newscast. >> you can continue to follow the latest developments on the ebola and enterovirus d68 outbreaks by going to our website. it's there was for you on the most recent information is right on the home page. >> another wild ride through the stock market the dow takes its biggest plunge of the year. slumping energy stocks are shouldering the blame. this just a day after the dow had its biggest gain of the ye year. >> well the cool down continues in your fox 29 weather authority forecast. live look right now at jim thorpe where it's even chillier up there.
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we've been dry for a few days but some rain in the not so diss tap future. chief meteorologist scott williams standing by with the details. a pretty nice day, scott. >> it really was. we saw a lot of sunshine across the area. temperatures pretty seasonal for this time of year, but we have some cloud cover. it's on the increase and, yes, we have some rainfall in the near term. 67 degrees right now. winds out of the southwest at 15. the sun will set this evening at about 6:31. we'll stay dry but if you're stepping outdoors grab a light jacket or sweater. temperatures dropping into the 50s by 11:00 o'clock. but take look out to the west we're tracking a series of disturbances that are going to rotate and head toward our way increasing the threat for rainfall. so for tonight, we're dry, we're quite but our next system arrives during the day on frid friday. it will linger into a part of the weekend. more on the timing and expected rainfall coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you. a man dressed in muslim style garb robs bank in audubon and police say it wasn't the
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first time. the man walked into beneficial bank yesterday on south white horse pike in audubon and handed the teller a note demanding cash and then he took off with the money. two other robberies at susquehanna bank in camden and audubon savings bank with a man dressed in a black burka have police thinking it is the same guy. if you've got any information, please call camden county prosecutors. >> an old scandal involving the secret service resurfaces. back in 2012 nearly two dozen agents and military personnel were reprimanded or fired for entertaining prostitutes in their hotel rooms while preparing for an overseas trip by president obama. the white house denying any connection. now, the washington post reporting government documents from that time show a secret service investigation implicated jonathan dash in the column bee yann prostitution scandal. dash was a volunteer working with president obama's advance team. >> they found that, yes, this white house aid was involved in
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hiring a prostitute and yet the white house council ignored that's correct covered it up. >> in statement the administration says "white house conducted an internal review that did not identify any inappropriate behavior on part of the white house advance tea team". in philadelphia, cold case police want your help to close the books on. >> they say this surveillance video shows two men who are about to commit a murder. nearly a year later with no arrests the victim's family has a message they want you to hear. >> and racist words found spray painted on local high school as police hunt for the person responsible. the other clue they hope to fi find. and later, red cross for our animals. we're taking you inside philadelphia's red paw. the group that rushes in to help when disaster strikes. you will see a heart warming reunion of people and pets that will make you appreciate your cat or dog even more. howard? >> okay. here's a question. does the quarterback get too much credit for win and too much blame for losing? nick foles
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much credit for win and too much blame for losing? nick foles addressed t
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>> police in delaware county tying to figure out what started a fatal fire last night. it happened around 9:30 at the elwyn institute on elwyn road. officials say 38 people had to be evacuated but one person was unaccounted for. they later found him dead insi inside. a man simply trying to do his job is dead after falling out of his bucket truck. it happened in chester county around 7:30 this morning in the 400 block of keenan drive. upper chichester police say that he fell nearly 50 feet to his
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death. police are investigating what exactly happened and if a mechanical problem may have been the cause. >> philadelphia police hope newly released surveillance video helps crack a kingsessing murder case nearly 11 months old. it happened last november 21 on the 5400 block of christian street. for some just another crime statistic but one family the family of james brocking ton it's so much more. bruce gordon is live in the newsroom with one woman's frustration of fear, bruce. >> there were 20250 murders in philadelphia philadelphia last year. for some the killing of 37 year old james brocking ton was just another statistic but for his younger sister each day represents a fresh reminder that killers are roaming the streets. newly released surveillance video shows james brocking ton's killers walking down the 5400 block of christian street just moments before they took his life. says brockington's sister monique of the video -- >> i don't want to torture
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myself other than what we've already been tortured. i haven't personally walk it. >> the fact that his killers are still on the loose all these months later has monique asking that we not show her face. >> just because that someone can just come up at any given time in broad daylight and murder my brother has me nervous, yes. it has me shaking up. >> reporter: police say three men, two shown here and a third so-called person of interest, approached brockington right in front of his house around 10:45 on the morning of novembe november 21st. after a brief conversation, one of the men pulled out a 9-millimeter semi-automatic handgun and pumped eight shots into brocking ton. he died at the hospital. they believe someone saw something. >> level of cooperation from the public in this case. >> low at this point. we're not getting a lot of help from the community. but we're hopeful. >> reporter: brockington was the oldest of 11 children. he had teenaged daughter of his own. >> we all just loved him. he had a funny personality. he always made us laugh cracking
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jokes all the time. >> reporter: 11 months after his death family members are still coming to grips with his absence. >> it's been tough, and especially now that it's coming up a year, and then with this new surveillance like it rehashed all those emotions from everyone report roar the video is of good quality. police believe anyone who knew the men could identify them from these images. james brockington was not just a crime stat. to monique and the rest of her family, he was flesh and blood. >> we're just trying to get justice for him. someone knows something. hopefully they do the right thing. >> reporter: well in and effort to convince someone to do the right thing the city of philadelphia is offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of his killers. go to we will link to you that police video take a good look. you might be able to help ease a family's fear and their frustration. lee yann. >> bruce, thank you. here's a breaking news now from the courthouse in norristown the verdict is guilty of first degree murder in a montgomery county double murder
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case. he was on trial for killing a baby and her grandmother in king of prussia two years ago. prosecutors say it was a botched kidnapping that he hoped to collect $50,000 ransom for the up fan to settle gambling debts. he defended himself again jurors have found him guilty of first degree murder for both that baby and the ma. also guilty of kidnapping, burglary and robbery. a lot mr. coming up in life report. >> new jersey lawmakers are considering a bill that would require employers in the state to offer workers paid sick leave. under the proposal, workers would be entitled to one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked and they could accumulate up to 40 hours or five days for full-time employees. the assembly is debating it. the senate has not yet taken it up. hillary clinton is in philadelphia stumping for gubernatorial candidate tom wo wolf. she's head lining a woman for wolf grass roots event tonight and it just got underway at 5:00 o'clock at the national constitution center on the 500 block of arch street in old ci
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city. independent polls showing wolf with lead over the incumbent governor tom corbett but experts say the race is tight tepping with less than a month before election day. >> new jersey governor chris christie is hoping to give governor tom corbett's campaign boost attending a rally in wayne this afternoon. governor christie chairs the republican governors association which is fundraising arm that helps the gop's gubernatorial candidates across the country. it's been corbett's biggest campaign donor giving him almost $6 million in campaign funding. christie came out swinging at corbett's opponent tom wolf. >> elections are choices. you got a choice in this race and let's talk about what that choice is. now tom's opponent i guarantee you, i guarantee you what he will do. he is going to make pennsylvania unaffordable. you can take it to the bank.
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>> today's recall was held at the valley forge military academy on eagle road in wayne. election day is right around the corner, november 4th. well, cool temperatures today. but rain on the horizon in your fox 29 weather authority forecast. chief meteorologist scott williams has a look ahead at the changes. scott? >> dry and quiet right now, but rain is in the offing as we look at ultimate doppler right now. you can see we're watching some of the showers even some thunderstorms gathering off to the west. all of this activity will eventually head in our direction. but as we look at temperatures pretty uniform. we have a lot of 67-degree reading right now. 67 allentown. 67 currently in trenton as well as atlantic city. upper 60s right now in dover. so for tonight, the clouds thicken. we stay dry chilly for the overnight. mid fours in the suburb. right around 50 degrees in the city. so as we roll the clock, you can see we're watching some of that moisture gather as it heads in our direction. a especially tomorrow afternoon and evening. we'll be socked in with the
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clouds, showers, drizzle chilly conditions but how long will it last and how much to expect? details coming up. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you scott. still to come a bee attack injures several people in arizona and kills one. what officials say this disaster may have been brewing for years. and scientists they think finally figured out the exact amount of sleep you need. see how you measure upcoming up. >> but first we want to take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to a special delaware county family. >> you may have seen the haley famili' story on social media their son shane was diagnosed with a rare birth defect that would mean he would not very long after birth. while they were still pregnant, parents jenna and dan they took shane on tour of some of their favorite places including spots in philadelphia. facebook pictures from their bucket list tour they went vir viral. >> shane was born this morning and we are sad to report died a few hours later. but the impact he and his family had is only growing. we want to send our best wishes
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and deepest prayers to the haley's. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> more trouble for police in missouri. a mob of row testers surrounded and vandalized police vehicles in st. louis last night after an
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off duty officer fatally shot teenager. police say the teenager shot at officer before he returned fire. >> the suspect pointed the gun at the officer and fired at least three rounds at the police officer. we believe this to be true because there are three projectiles we recovered with trajectory going towards the officer down the hill and one piece ballistic evidence located behind the officer. >> police say the suspect's gun was also recovered at the scene. the u.s. and coalition allies making major dip employee empty tick push as the fight against isis continues against the turkish border. they have stepped up their air campaign against isis targets in the area. officials say five air strikes have been launched on isis targets since yesterday. but as isis continues to gain ground some lawmakers think there are growing signs the air strikes may not be enough. >> we started right out saying. we're not going to put boots on the ground. well they know that you can only accomplish so much with air. it's a combination.
5:26 pm
>> tonight us officials say if there are ground troops sent in the administration is going to push for turkey to have a big role. turkey has deployed tanks along the border but so far they have not taken any act. a man is dead and self others are hurt after a huge swarm of buzzing bees goes on the attack in arizona. check this individual out. firefighters trying to control these angry bees spraying foam and pesticides. they even had to shut down four blocks surrounding the proper. officials say a group of landscapers were working and one got too close to the hive and the aggressive bees went on the tack singing seven people and killing one. an exterminator who was there with the landscaper says the situation was really bad. >> how aggressive were these bees. >> pretty aggressive. they were already dropping down at me as soon as i started approaching it. that was before i started spraying or anything. they were just dive bombing me and that's a sign that back off, back off. >> the exterminator says the
5:27 pm
hive was in the rafter of the home probably for about 10 yea years. the hive itself was about 6 feet long and had about 100 pounds of honey comb in it. wait until you hear this. a new mix of marijuana for beginners. >> how the bud that will give you a lighter buzz represents a shift in the legal marijuana industry. even more controversy for the the secret service this time it stems from an older scandal. several agents coming under fire for paying prostitutes before a big trip. to night someone from the white house was involved as well. >> and it's the red cross for our pets inside a local group that rushes in to help our fou
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>> breaking news from the court nouse norristown. the verdict is guilty of first degree murder in a montgomery county double murder case. he was on trial for killing a baby and her grandmother in king of prussia two years ago. prosecutors say it was a botched kidnapping that he hoped to collect $50,000 in ransom for the infant to settle some gambling debts. he defended himself so, again, jurors fining him guilty of first degree murder for both that baby and the grandmother. also, guilty of kidnapping, burglary and robbery. we will have lot more coming up in a live report. >> someone spray painted some very unwelcomed words on the front doors of hallahan catholic high school for girls. school officials are hoping that surveillance video will help them catch whoever was behind this. police say it happened around
5:31 pm
1:00 o'clock this morning at the center city high school. the suspect or suspects spray painted a racial slur on the front doors. workers spent all night long cleaning it up before the start of school this morning. authorities say there are surveillance cameras on the school grounds and they're hoping that they will help them catch the culprits. tonight world leaders are asking for help combating the ebola disease at its source. the plea comes as the effects of ebola infection spreads around world united nations work is getting treatment in germany the condition of a nursing assistant is contracted ebola in spain in deteriorate to go night. the first person to be diagnosed on american soil died yesterday. leaders from the three countries hit the hardest spoke at a summit in washington, d.c. today and they are asking for money, medical professionals and hospital equipment right away. the u.s. is already ramping up its efforts sending 100 marines stationed in pain to liberia. they were giving a pep talk while preparing for their
5:32 pm
deployment. >> you're fixing to do a great service for the world. going in and hopefully creating an infrastructure that has the ability to allow for that part of the world to control and hopefully to remove that threat. >> there is now authorization for up to 4,000 troops to help in of a forty three a ebola killed nearly 4,000 people in that area so far. and you can keep track of the latest developments on the ebola outbreak or see dr. oz's advice how to protect against it at myfoxphilly. >> a new twist in story that goes back two years ago to the secret service prostitution scandal. it now seems that secret service agents may not have been the only ones breaking the rules. fox's wendell goler has the story for us from the white house. >> reporter: new accusations that it wasn't just the secret service in the military soliciting prostitutes during the president's trip to columbia in 2012.
5:33 pm
also, a volunteer staff who was working for the white house advance team according to washington post report. >> there were very credible and very specific allegations that a white house staff was intimately involved with a prostitute. there are evidently hotel records, there are investigator that is went down and look at this. >> reporter: the staff is jonathan dash a 25 year old law school student who work in the state department's office on women's issues. his attorney says quote the allegations are utterly and completely false "the post says the incident occurred here at the hilton where the president also stayed. though no witnesses saw dock with the woman, and he didn't sign the log where her name and his room number appeared. at the time former press secretary jay carney denied any white house involvement. >> there have been no specific credible allegations of misconduct by anyone on the white house advance team or white house staff. >> reporter: white house attorney conducted an intend review and found no corroborating evidence, and a
5:34 pm
bipartisan senate investigation found nothing to support a dhs inspector general's claim that he was pressured to omit the information because of the upcoming presidential election. >> critics of the white house say there was a double standard because agents got punished and a staff did not. white house says in two instances one involving an agent hotel records were found to be incorrect. at the white house wendell goler, fox news. >> it is the one thing we all need. most people think they're certainly not getting enough of it. >> scientists think they have finally figure out the exact amount of sleep you need. see how you measure up. a bear shows up in a couple's house and ends up being the one needing to be rescued. how police say he wound up stuck in this car. >> and coming up at 6:00 o'clock these guys just made their way into a rittenhouse building, apparently planning to steal but they weren't after money. the big ticket items they walked away with. scott? >> dawn, coming up the weather authority is timing some rainfall as well as some temperature changes and details you need to know
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>> are you getting enough sleep do you even know how much is enough? well now the journal sleep says you can rest easy because it has got the exact answer for you. a study published last month said that women get this need exactly 7.6 hours of sleep. men, they need little more. 7.8. the study also looked at sleep disturbance and calling out sick at work. companies can cost costs incurred by sick absence by 26% if workers got enough rest. >> jogger's heel is c side line even the most active people. dr. oz shows us the best way to keep moving. ♪ athletes aren't the only people affected by plantar fascitis. in fact it's estimated that one in 10 of us walking around with irritating heel condition. that occurs when the plantar facia the thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot connect your heel bones to your toes when it becomes inflamed it causes pain at the base of your heel.
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most commonly seen in runners all that pounding on the pavement butt puts a lot of strain on the tissue. age and weight gain can lead to this painful condition. to ease the pain make sure your feet are getting the support they need. plan at a support is search to alleviate the strain if you're in need of instant release try an ice massage. freeze a bottle of water and roll it over the bottom of your foot. finally you can try simple at home exercises like toe curls and calf stretches when you wake up in the morning off when the pain is most intense. do it before you get out of bed. >> all right. good advice. and be sure to watch dr. oz right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 o'clock. >> well, call it pop light. there's a new mix of marijuana for beginners. >> how the bud that will give you a lighter buzz shows a shift in the legal marijuana business. also, red cross for our animals. we'll take you unside philadelphia's red paw the group that rushes in to help when
5:40 pm
disaster strikes. a heart warming reunion of people and pets. howard? >> i just get a buzz on life. all right. the nfl is a quarterback driven league and many are quick to always praise the quarterback when the team wins, but the same quarterback usually takes most of the blame for losing.
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>> police rush to the scene in colorado but this black bear was the one who needed help. a couple wakes up with the sound of their car horn going off and call 911 thinking somebody was trying to steal their vehicle from the driveway. but instead, they found a furry
5:44 pm
four legged intruder stuck behind the wheel. officers believe the bear smelled take out or left overs from dinner that was left inside the car. the bear was unharmed but the car was not. that bear did roughly 15 thus san dollars worth of damage. >> wow! well they're not just your cat or your dog your hamster. for many of us our pets are really part of our family. but when disaster forces you from your home what happens to them. bruce gordon tonight with a special look at a local organize dedicated to rescuing and caring for the four legged victims of tragedy. >> hi, baby! i missed you so much. >> reporter: rodriguez can hardly contain herself. after a week of separation, she has been reunited with her beloved pomeranian bear. >> kiss. >> reporter: jenn leary is the woman who helped make it happen. >> they are family members. the whole reason that i started this is because i wanted all family members taken care of after a disaster.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: leary founded the red paw emergency relief team inside the south philly row home where she lives. former philly firefighter and red cross volunteer, leary spent countless hours at disaster scenes and couldn't help notice there was lots of help for people. almost nothing for their anima animals. >> the owners were left with this horrible decision now. they just lost everything they had. now they're forced to essentially give up their pet because they don't have anybody to take them while they try to regroup and recover. >> reporter: leary's home is filled with critters of all kinds. and kittens were less crude a west chester house fire. >> they're all named after female characters in hemingway novels report roar in the front room a gecko from a northeast blaze. a pair of turtles from a wissonoming murder scene.
5:46 pm
red paw partners with volunteers from all over the region who foster these animals or place them for adoption as circumstances warrant. we met leary back in july at a west philadelphia house collap collapse. chris chapmans two scottish deer hounds were missing. she was frantic. >> you're still looking for your dog. >> i'm looking for my dog. nothing else matters until i find my dog. >> reporter: one of the dogs was quickly recovered but the other brie was trapped inside the rubble. called to the scene by first responders, leary accompanied chapman into the collapsed home with the city official acts as escort. >> that's a girl. >> good girl. good girl. >> it took us awhile because she was afraid to cross the collap collapsed floor slanted down, but after a little coaxing, we got her. good girl. >> great day. it's a great day. i got my dog. the dogs are safe. it's a great day. >> reporter: back to rodrigue rodriguez. she, her five children and two dogs were burned out of their frankford home in mid september. she and the kids could stay with
5:47 pm
mom, but there was no room for the dogs. those were her babies and she was heart broken to have to be separated from them. >> reporter: red paw offered to help as always free of charge. they turned this time to operation ava part of red paw's network of facilities that provide temporary care and lodging for displaced pets when needed they will provide medical care, spay, neuter or vaccinate their guests. but bear and nina the chihuahua were in pretty good shape. >> they've been out playing with bones in our play room here, and they just needed a bath and time to recover from their trauma. >> reporter: and when it came time for bear and nina to reunite with their owner -- >> hi, baby i missed you. i missed you so much. >> reporter: jenn was there to see the smiles her team had created when the ashes -- from the ashes of tragedy. >> what goes through your mind when you see those dog geese.
5:48 pm
now my kids will be happy again. >> it's great. it's why we do what we do. red paw service comes free of charge. they survive on donations and grants. and remember they are invited to fire scenes and a like by first responders. so make a note of their name if you need help. red paw and go to we'll link to you their sight. if you want to help them with their good works. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> in colorado sellers of recreational marijuana are reaching out to some novice pot users with a range of edible products that give you a milder buzz. there's the rookie cookie a marijuana laced treat that contains 10 milligrams of marijuana main ingredient a new marijuana infused soda with about 5-milligram of the ingredient. colorado of course approved recreational pot use nine months ago. >> private ground breaking at the museum of the american revolution in old city today. the celebration marking the new home of the stories, collection of art and artifacts from the revolution war period. pennsylvania governor tom
5:49 pm
corbett along with u.s. senators bob casey, jr., and pat toomey were on hand for today's ground breaking. let's check back in with your fox 29 weather authority now. another beautiful day but we may have some changes on the way cooling down and maybe a little rain in our forecast. >> we might not make it out of the 50s for the high temperatures tomorrow. the cloud cover will move in and also the rainfall for friday and it could impact a part of the up coming weekend. but right now as we take a live look outdoors you can see we're looking at those clouds start to go kind of scream -- stream in and as far as the temperatures across the area, we are looking at those numbers right now right around 67 degrees. as far as ultimate doppler, though, you can see that rainfall it is certainly moving in to our area and we continue to follow some of the precipitation that's going to be on its way. there's the temperature right now outdoors. 67 degrees currently. winds out of the southwest at about 15 miles per hour. the sun will set this evening at about 6:30. so as we talk about that rainfall. it's headed in our direction. not tonight but during the day
5:50 pm
on friday. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures are going to be probably in the upper 50s to right around 60 for the high. then as we watch that rainfall arrive, here's lunch time we're cloudy, drizzle, showers across the area. look at 4:00 o'clock. still watching for pockets of rainfall to continue to just move toward the area. so if you're making dinner plans tomorrow, have the rain gear, have the jackets it will be chilly and also damp and dreary. friday night, 10:00 o'clock we're still looking at the clouds and rainfall across the area. drizzles and showers continuing saturday morning more of the same. what about saturday afternoon? big temple homecoming game. we're talking about clouds, there could be some showers early, but that rainfall starts to push a little farther to the south as well as to the east. moving the clock ahead by 5:00 p.m., we're still watching out for those showers down the shore as well as atlantic city but that drier air starts to nudge in saturday afternoon clearing us out. so cloudy and chilly for tonight. lows around 50 degrees.
5:51 pm
then tomorrow, cloudy, damp, chilly, temperatures only in the upper 50s to around 60. most of the rainfall arriving tomorrow afternoon and evening. the rainfall once again is going to linger through your saturday morning. we're talking rainfall totals a half an inch to an inch before all is said and done. once again, most of the rainfall will come to an end by lunch time on saturday. so what about that kickoff forecast? tulsa taking on the owls. we're talking an early shower chance. it will be cool. temperatures by kickoff around 59 degrees so take the jacket, sweater, you might want to take the poncho as well. we made it up to 70 degrees. that was the high testimony cher for today. the normal this time of year in the upper 60s. temperatures pretty uniform right now. mid to upper 60s across the area. but by tonight, 50 for the low in the city. mid 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow 60 degrees, if we can muster that. cloud cover, chilly, showers a arriving by the afternoon and sticking around for the first part of the day on saturday.
5:52 pm
sunday, cloud cover, cool, there might be an isolated shower moving in at the linc for the eagles game but let's hope not because the fans don't want the rain and neither does howard. >> no. you don't have a poncho. >> i don't have a poncho. now what am i going to do? >> it can't rain. >> okay. >> let's keep that it way. all right. yes the eagles look like they will have demeco ryans back on sunday. rain or in rain. but michael kendricks and chris polk did not practice and i'm told they're out for sunday's game. the smack talk is almost over. there will be a game on sunday night with the eagles playing the new york giants at the the linc. it's a game for first place in the division. eagles are four and one and some fans do wonder how. the quarterback is always a focus of the record for foot football team. in the case of nick foles many fans want to look at what's wrong but that's part of the job being a quarterback in the nfl. so really does nick foles think he doesn't get enough credit for wins and too much blame for the losses?
5:53 pm
>> when you sign up to play a position for young age you know that's part of it. i think the big thing you can't let it get to you. that's where i focus on what i need to focus on inside this building inside that locker room. everything outside is not personal to ya'll but i can't listen to it because that stuff that -- if you it put it in your head it's clutter and if you have a bunch of clutter in your head how are you supposed to go out there and play effectively. >> i don't want clutter in my head either. the new york giants quarterback eli manning is getting a lot of credit for the giants three straight wins. eli does take blame when he plays poorly. and he has really did early in the season. but now the offensive coordinator for the giants has a different offense. one in which the quarterback gets the ball out faster so that make it tough on the quarterback that is soft or actually easier on the quarterback that's soft because he doesn't get hit as much so the eagles have what they feel different ways to get to eli. >> he's getting rid of the ball quick and all timing thro throwe does a really good job the
5:54 pm
delivering the ball on time, and that takes hits off of him and he plays a lot better and a lot more efficient when he's not getting hit. >> getting pressure on him is going to be key. i think us disrupting the timing between hill and the receiver will be key. i think that us playing tight coverage on guys is going to be key. i think collectively as unit we have have to come together and get that job done collectively i think it's going to take 11 players this week and nothing less. >> all right. coming up sunday preview of eagles and giants on fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00. fox nfl sunday the noon followed by the double header the packers and dolphins at 1:00, cowboys and the seahawks at 4:25. all right. the flyers coming off that tough loss last night at boston played the home opener tonight again the sixers owner josh harris' new jersey devils. that's right. he owns them. the flyers had an optional 68 today off that tough game but the home opener adds for excitement for players and coaches every year. >> exciting not only for the players orphans.
5:55 pm
the organization, so it will be a lot of excitement in the building tonight. guys will be pumped. >> a lot of emotions to night. a lot of excitement so i think it will help us. we'll be revved up to go, and, you know, we need to, you know, get back at it and get a w tonight and rebound from last night. >> all right. today the ridiculous question of the day eagles will wear black jersey and black pants. so one reporter asked the question do the black jerseys make you meaner? really? you really asked that question. >> new york giants. >> right. >> going to make them meaner. okay. thank you. >> thanks, howard. >> all new at 6:00 o'clock surveillance video of two guys wanted for a big time burglary in philadelphia. they didn't steal cash. the big ticket items they allegedly walked away with. plus, a cold case that philadelphia police need your help to close. investigators say this surveillance video shows two men who are about to commit a murder nearly a year later with no arrests. nearly a year later with no arrests. the victim's family has a
5:56 pm
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>> verdict in montgomery county double murder case. guilty first degree murder the verdict for the man. he was on trial for killing a baby and her grandmother in king of prussia two years ago. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. jurors will hear from his mother as they move into the penalty phase of the trial. let's get straight out to fox 29's sabina kuriakose live at the courthouse in norristown with the very latest. sabina? >> reporter: dawn and iain, he showed no emotion as jurors read
6:00 pm
the verdict finding him guilty of first degree murder of a 10 month old baby and their grandmother two years ago he faces the site for his life in an unusual move the judge started the penalty phase of the trial a short time after the verdict was reached. that means jurors have begun the process of deciding whether he will be put to death. normal until would happen tomorrow but the defense is calling his mother to testify. she is on the stand right now. she returns to india tomorrow. she of course very very emotional essentially she is begging jurors to spare her son's life. now we spoke with the defense just short time after the verdict was read. >> as lawyer i would representing him in a different direction and hopefully would have come to at least save his life, and if not perhaps murder three, but that would have been dicey. it's a second degree murder case. in my opinion. but the jury did s