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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 12, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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up next the first known case of ebola transmitted in the u.s. and the victim apparently did all the right things to protect herself. >> plus, huge amounts of cocaine smuggled into pennsylvania. how police say xbox consoles fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> right now at tepp, a second case of ebola in the united states. the centers for disease control and prevention has now confirmed
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that a health care worker in dallas has tested positive for the potentially deadly disease. that worker helped to treat thomas eric duncan who died last wednesday from ebola. >> this is the first known case of ebola being transmitted in the united states and get this, officials say that health care worker seemingly had taken all the necessary steps to protect herself. good evening, i'm karen hepp. >> i'm joyce evans. the big questions being asked tonight, do you it happen and what can be done to keep from it getting any worse? here's fox 29's sabin sabina cue crows companies. >> sunday morning press conference to announce the news. a female nurse at presbyterian hospital contracted the e bowl la virus despite where all the cdc recommended safety gear as she had extensive contact with thomas eric duncan the liberian national who died from the virus last week. the first time ebola has been transmitted in the u.s.
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>> this individual was following full cdc precautions, gown, glove, mask and shield. >> at some point there was a breach in protocol and that breach in protocol resulted in infection. the health worker isn't being identified per request of familiar. herbs her apartment and car are being disinfect. at least one person known to have contact with her while she was contagious. she is decide as having a fever but doesn't appear to be showing other city symptoms. >> somehow some bodily fluid from that patient got into her system. perhaps she touched her lip or her eye. everyone is on edge but i think that we just need to remember that this is all science. if we follow protocol, if we do things to protect the workers and the public this will be contained and it will be okay.
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>> reporter: fox 29's dr. mike points out the nurse is the first health care worker to get sick. he says the most pressing need right now is to manufacture more of the drug used to successfully treat the american ebola patients airlifted to at land to in august. >> z map is an agent that from what i observe worked went need to find a way to get that out there and to not only our country but around the world. we need to feverishly figure out how to get that in production now. >> reporter: the cdc is looking into the breach of protocol to see if any other health care workers may have done the same thing. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> the cdc says it is confident that it will control and prevent the spread of ebola in west africa 233 health care workers have died from fighting the current ebola outbreak there. meanwhile, a hazmat situation outside boston's
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harbor vanguard office a man with possible ebola symptoms reportedly came into the office today's to refill a prescription. the man had been to liberia recentlrecently. cling staff stopped him before he could return to his car. he's now in isolation for testing. >> our coverage ebola scare continues on you'll find the latest information on the home page where we also post all of the updates for you. >> now to the other illness everybody is has been talking about the end row virus. now confirmed in 46 states including pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. and the virus just has claimed the life of another very young victim. 21 month old madeleine reid in michigan was admitted to a hospital in detroit back in september. it all just started out for her as a simple runny nose. >> it star gets children 17 or younger. no specific treatment or vaccine
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so parents need to keep a very close eye when you have any flu-like symptoms in your children and high temperatures. >> if you're worried your child is having some difficulty moving their arms or legs, or if you're worried they're having more difficulty breathing, those are exactly the types of symptoms that we'd like to you contact your child's doctor or take him to the emergency room. doctors say stopping the spread of enterovirus is just like any other infectious disease keep washing your hands and cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze. >> happening now, surprise and disappointment at 14 roman catholic churches in our area. the archdiocese of philadelphia announcing its latest round of parish on the chopping block. the news came during sunday mass. fox 29's chris oh connell visited some of those churches and he's live now in springfield township, delaware county, with reaction from local catholics. chris? >> reporter: that's right, joyce. this news affecting about 14 catholic churches in philadelphia, montgomery and
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delaware county. here at saint kevin's in springfield township, delaware county the pastor told parishioners during sunday services today that big changes most likely are coming to this parish. including possible merging with another parish or closing altogether. he was baptized here, received his first holy communion, even served as an altar boy. >> it's more than home. it's a great place. >> reporter: this sunday jeff, the youth pastor at saint kevin months in springfield preparing for the possibility of the parish that he's come to love -- >> it's going to hurt a little bit. >> reporter: may merge with another parish or even worse close altogether. just like anything in life you have to take a look at the big picture and see what could be refined or improved. >> reporter: 14 churches will undergo study to down size. some parishes will never, othe s will close.
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saint kevin, holy cross and st. francis of a sissy told of the impending changes. churches affected in montgomery county saint allophone suss, saint anthony of padua, st. joseph's saint wrath catherine, saint genevieve and holy martyr. all in port richmond are on the list for realignment. >> pre-school, my daughter was married here. >> lynn was devastated to hear the news. she's been going to saint kevin's for 30 years. >> extremely disappointing. very disappointed in the archdiocese. i understand their predicament but at the same time i'm not happy it's happening here. >> money is hard, tight for everybody and it costs a lot of money to run a parish. >> reporter: final decisions on mergers and closures are expected by next june.
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it's part of a larger plan by the archdiocese to down size by more than 80 more parish. karen. >> thank you, chris. now to develop story in atlantic city. a man who just gotten out of prison for murder has committed another one police say. this is the man charged with killing his own mother. police say 46 yeared he steven pratt had just been released from prison on friday after completing a 30-year sentence for murder. then just two days later this morning someone called 911 from his mother's house in atlantic city. officers say they found pratt's mother gwendolyn pratt dead from apparent head injuries. bail for pratt has been zeta million dollars. >> philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who shot a man in mantua the victim is now in the hospital recovering from his injuries. it happened just after midnight. cops found the victim on the 800 block of north 42nd street. he had been shot in his thigh and his calf by a man riding by on a bicycle. he was taken to the hospital
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where he's in stable condition tonight. the shooter remains on the loo loose. >> a delaware man faces several charges to night following a deadly accident in new castle county. authorities say he was driving under the influence. the suspect is 55 years old robert hixon. he's now facing vehicular homicide and d. i for crashing two walkers this morning. this all happened on the shoulder of the road of mill town road and heritage park drive in delaware. the victims were simply wal walg along in the wrong place at the wrong time when she were struck. police say 19 year old steven, died from his injuries. 20 year old kevin, was treated and released from the hospital. hundreds of people came out for an anti bullying rally in central new jersey in the wake of accusations of sex related hazing by some members on its popular football team. the allegations rocking that town in sayreville school officials have canceled the rest of the football season. seven students face charges of
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sex crimes stemming from the alleged hazing. all of them have been suspend. fox's arthur khe. aho vigil. >> everybody should be coming together just like tonight. so weird to tuck about it right away but at least they have the opportunity now to get some therapy to begin their healing instead of, you know, being 40, 50 years old and their life has come off the rails and they don't understand why. >> reporter: hundreds gathered across from sayreville high school. a rally followed by a walk symbolizing the ability to walk in someone he will's shoes. >> when you first heard about this what was your emotional reaction? shock. shock. sayreville is a community of families. family values, this is a community where everybody works hard for living, pays their taxes, most of the guys cut their lawn. >> vigil comes as seven sayr sayreville high school players have been charged with sexually assault are four freshmen reportedly pinning them down by
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their arms and legs in the dark then violating them. investigation into the football program will begin once the police investigation is conclu concluded. question the future of the coaching staff include the head coach responsible for supervision of players. no adults charged in connection with the hazing incidents. >> who is responsible in that type of situation. >> i think everybody is. i think -- i think that the team itself. i think the athletic director. i think the principal, the vice-principal. anyone who is affiliated with the school. >> much support here for the local school's superintendent who acted decisively once brave students came for canceling the football season. some students here knew better. >> hopefully, because of the courage and the strength and the perseverance of these young men who came forward it will heal the community as well as healing them.
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>> the seven students under arrest are all between the ages of 15 and 17 years old. they could be tried as adults. some of the charges they face could bring five years each in prison if convicted. >> this one a scheme to smuggle coke cane inside x bock video games lands four men behind bars in reading. they were arrested on saturday. the plan was to bring the drugs in from the dominican republic inside the gaming consoles. they say one package contained more than 2 pounds of cocaine worth more than $100,000 on the street. it was a shocking incident that took the life of a three year old. she's gone. but definitely not forgotten. >> such a special little girl. shot and killed while she was getting her braided on a porch this summer and today a very special project underway to bring light where there once was darkness. could the tide be turning on eric frein? how colder weather could end the search for the accused cop killer. >> plus, there is a cop accused of being a thief.
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the crime caught on camera and tonight he's in pretty big trouble. caitlin. many improved today from our gloomy saturday. a lot of sunshine, gorgeous fall afternoon. with that being said temperatures both days below normal. usually around 68 for high temperature but 57 yesterday. 64 today. we're about to soar well above average. we'll have your first look at this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard.
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aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. >> welcome back. young live ended too soon. remembered in song. community showing its support for the family and the friends of little girl. she was three year old girl killed this summer by gunfire.
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there's another youngster who so touched by this trap gee she's using her voice to bring about peace. dave kinchen on hand for the creation of the song's music video and he's in the newsroom. dave? >> reporter: karen 14 year old imani bradford of cheltenham did not know the little girl but felt the heart ache nonetheless after she was killed. now, she's using her sinking voice to save lives. ♪ >> young recording artist sings of brotherly love and sisterly affection in a city that often sees little of both. ♪ >> reporter: i can feel sit about endless love and her music video dedicated to the memory of a three year old girl struck down by gunfire this past summ summer. >> i did -- if my sister or anyone in my family i'd be extremely sad. >> she's on request to save lives through song. >> i'm really excited, because i
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hoped that the song would hospital stop violence of kids. >> i was little scared to sing it at first. then i started getting the feeling i realized this is live and we can also change life, and the way we can change it with music a lot of people list september to music. >> reporter: filming takes place in a park not far from where she was shot getting her hair braided on a porch. an innocent bystander hit by a bullet meant for someone else. >> it's a beautiful song. i loved it. it's really nice. it has a whole lot of meaning to it. >> reporter: her mother says the song gives her a touch of peace during a very difficult journey. >> me and my whole family, like, we going day by day. >> the video see as candlelight vigil where kids play in peace. her uncle says piece can return. >> god show me there was a movement behind that one little -- little voice that i heard i can feel it it became a powerful moment.
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>> entire system was gripped when this young girl lost her life and this is the means to keep that going. her death is not in vain. >> reporter: bradford's produce sr. say the video should be done in about week and philadelphia police did arrest the suspected shooter in the death of the little girl. joyce? >> thank you, dave. the tide could be turning for accused cop killer eric frein law enforcement officials say changing seasons could help them catch him. for the past month, pennsylvania state police say frein has capitalized on relatively mild temperatures, dense tree cover and his own survival skills in the woods of pocono mountains but now that it's going colder and the leaves are starting to fall officials say law enforcement could get the advantage. the september 12th ambush outside the blooming grove state police barracks killed corporal brian dixon and seriously wounded trooper alex douglas the massive search for frein has been underway ever since.
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>> developing right now, isis claims responsibility for a triple suicide bombing in iraq. at least 58 people are dead. activists curdish fighters have been able to stop the advance of the stream mist group in the syrian border town of kaboni. there have been more us led coalition air strike but now there's growing talk in washington that ground forces may be necessary. elsewhere, the question a lot of people are asking is where is the north korean leader kim jong-un. the word is speculating where he could be because he did not appear at the celebration of the anniversary last week. that's the first time he's missed that in three years. he has not been seen since attending concert in september on september 3rd walking with a limp for sometime and some pictures showed him appearing a lot heavier than usual. >> back here in the us a halloween themed hayride loaded with passengers crashes down a hill and slams into a tree. killing a teenaged girl and
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hurting more than 20 people. it happened last night in maine. a jeep pulling a trailer of people near a haunted house missed a turn and flipped over on a steep dirt road. the trailer slammed into the tree and threw passengers to the ground. 17 year old girl was killed. officials say every other passenger was hurt in some way. >> we went down there, it was just -- there were a lot of people just laying around so i don't know if they -- how they got off the ride. really don know. we have to talk to people and find out. >> they're working to figure out if a mechanical failure was to blame and if charges should be filed. >> federal judge struck down a ban on gay marriages. the state could appeal to the ninth circuit court where chances of winning are pretty slim. that court already ruled against idaho and nevada in similar
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cases. two planes are forced to make an emergency landing saturday night in charlotte, north carolina. one was a u.s. airways flight from new york it lost cabin pressure in mid flight causing oxygen masks to come down. >> flight attendants would come aisle by aisle and show us how to brace for a landing. they were very professional but you could tell the stress was very evident in the flight attendant and that's what -- that's what made me extremely concerned. >> the other plane was a u.s. airways express out of greensboro, north carolina. it was heading hydraulic -- having hydraulic issues. nobody was hurt there or in either incident. federal authorities are now investigating what happened. >> warmup and some rain on the horizon. meteorologist caitlin roth is back with a look at your wake up weather. hey, caitlin. hey, joyce. i'll bet you weren't expect al warmup that's what we'll see and pretty quickly not likely until about tuesday, wednesday.
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80 degrees could be in our future. ultimate doppler showing i was couple of sprinkles from the southwest probably not even making it to the ground. we have clouds increasing, warmer air a loft moving in. tonight won't be nearly as cold as last night and this morning. 56 in philadelphia. widespread 40's north and went. mount pocono 37 degrees we could see frost early tomorrow morning there. otherwise many of us are in the 50s. for tonight mostly cloudy, not as cold. 52 in the city. 45 in the suburbs. we'll talk about that warmup and our next chance for rain possibly even thunderstorms as we get a little taste of summer that's all still ahead. karen and joyce. >> caitlin, so gorgeous. what a great day for walk. we had so many great ones. hundreds of people gathering at the zoo for the fourth annual walk for wishes. that's a fundraiser for bringing awareness to benefit the make a wish organization. and two long lost vietnam war buddies have emotional reunion after trying to reconnect for nearly 40 years.
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ed road blocks that got in their way. >> also, smart homes. a look alt the house may be of the not so distant
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have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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♪ >> welcome back. a police sergeant in toledo, ohio is suspended without pay and he's heading to jail. the reason, he was caught on camera here stealing a bag of popcorn from a gas station. authorities say it's not the
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first time. video shows eric whitman paying for one snack but leaving with two. spokesperson says they'll decide what's next for the sergeant after an internal investigation. >> a florida family is safe tonight after being rescued from their sinking boat and it's all caught here on camera. dramatic footage here showing the six boaters being rescued. they say their vessel started taking on water and a good samaritan heard their crys and helped save the day. >> they were in the middle of nowhere in the ocean, you know, on the way to miami. the boat flipped over and three kids and three adults actually begging for help, waving with the hands up. >> the boaters eventually made it to shore and their boat was towed to a marina. wow! >> how about this for reunion. 40 years in the making two men brought together during the vietnam war finally reunited in colorado. joe martinez and rick mueller were just teenaged injuries when they met navy ship mates. the dynamic duo became so close
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they were called m and m. as the war brought them together decades pushed them apart. joe was able to track rick down and he sent him a letter. >> i heard his voice. is this joe martinez? rick! you could just feel love over the air waves. >> look at this. look at this hug. >> man hug. >> buddy! >> that's a hug. >> big hug. they are vowing at this point to remain in touch. >> cameras and microphones all controlled by your phone. how homes of of the not so distant future could soon be making live easier and safer. caitlin? joyce, we saw the return of very welcomed sunshine today but rain is not far behind. and system moving across the system in the coming days. i'll let you know how it will affect us. that and your midweek warm up ahead. >> caitlin, beautiful day for the final ride to conquer cancer
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coming as they wrapped up at the belmont plateau. two days, 150 miles. we had whole team from fox 29 that did this big epic ride. jeff cole was one of the people out there and they raised money for the penn abramson cancer center. great job, kudos to all
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the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest, ...baddest, ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest, ...harshest...
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...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all. introducing the all-new c-class. the best or nothing. ♪ >> tech giants are betting big on smart homes but so far the customers have little bit slow to catch on. fox 29's iain page gives us a look at a house of the future that's already a reality for some early adopters. >> reporter: from red and blue moon lights. >> hello fox tv friends. >> reporter: to cameras and microphones this home is at his service much the home is controlled by his phone beginning with how he gets inside. >> lock right now. we can confirm that. we'll hit fist to unlock. >> once in you'll find about 50
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separate devices connected. >> really if you were to kind of map out the network it would be scary. you would never know heat lyle buts do anything interest report roar he turns on the lights in his bar. >> if i hit that, you'll notice it turns into mood lighting here. ♪ >> reporter: cranks up music and cools different rooms. his interest in home automation star add couple of years ago when someone put a bullet through his fence. >> that's really what triggered by deep interest in home automation because i said well it could have a security related angle maybe i can keep my family safe, too it's cool tech factor. >> reporter: fatherhood made technology even more track tiff. >> the first wave was basically learning about my children's habits when they're sleeping when they wake up. >> reporter: a drop cam with a mike let's him commune cat with his twin two year olds from anywhere in the house. programmable lights let them know it's time to go to bed. >> the reason why i spend 50 or $100 every couple of months add
10:32 pm
agnew device for that convenience. >> reporter: he primarily uses a company called smart things. recently bought by samsung. a hub allows him to connect all sorts of devices. >> basically think about your phone talks to wi-fi, your wi-fi router talks to a hub within the home and that hub talks to all those individual devices. >> reporter: there's no shortage of companies looking to control your home. from tech giants to tele com companies and some of your big box stores. home depot wants to show you a smart home can protect your family and property. a spotter sensor let's you monitor a door opening or a water heat look all from your phone. >> let's just say that was in there. he got something on his phone. he could have called a neighbor, somebody could have come and shut the water off. done something to stop that and won have been as much damage. >> for justin, the technology is giving him powers he could only dream of before. >> i don't know why it is that that's the one thing that i can
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never remember as i pull away from the house did i close that or not. >> he'll never leave his garage door open again or have to put a key unthe mat. >> iain page, fox 29 news. >> i won what happens if your phone dies. (laughter). >> we're all in trouble when that happens. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. lovely fall day turned into a kind of chilly but nice night. yes. but still nice compared to saturday. just so miserable out. nice to see the sunshine again and to see everyone out. so much going on this weekend. we salvaged the second day at least. and it was cold. many of us starting in the 30s this morning. >> not going to see that tomorrow morning. watching a warming trend. we'll be talking about well above normal temperatures compared to blow normal temperatures. ultimate doppler fairly quiet. you can see a couple of sprinkles flowing the southwest. we have shower chances as we go through the next couple of days but right now it's been quiet. clouds streaming in, warmer air out ahead of it and we've got
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some pockets of showers back down across the southeast and into the mid south. this will start to move northeast ward and bring us the chance for light stuff tomorrow. maybe again on tuesday. but the big complex we're watching still getting organized across the great planes here. pretty dynamic by the time it moves across the country could bring a decent am of severe weather to portions of the midwest. we'll talk about how it affect us which will probably be wednesday into thursday. it will eventually bring cooler air out ahead of the warm air in between that we've got some rain and possibly some thunderstorms. today's weather a almanac 64 was the high in philadelphia. blow the normal of 68. we should get there tomorrow. right now still pretty cold if you go up to the north. mount pocono 37. big difference though once you lose that elevation. 56 in lee height ton. 45 in bethlehem and allentown. 56 in philadelphia. 46 in warminster we'll probably see our low temperatures early in the overnight hours just before sunrise but warmer air moving in. 63 in ocean city. 55 in cape may. we might raise late.
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fox future cast showing clouds will fill in so tomorrow morning you're waking up and it's really just cloudy. not expecting to see a lot of rain into the afternoon maybe a few showers come through. by 5:00 o'clock light green on the map overall it's not going to be as sunny as today. that doesn't mean it will be a bad day. probably see the chance for showers into tuesday. more clouds than sunshine the real chance of rain doesn't arrive until wednesday you see that green phil. in wednesday afternoon time frame we're watching for maybe some of the heavier stuff. tonight mostly cloudy again not as cold. 52 in the city. 68 will be the high temperature tomorrow. some more clouds a chance for a shower not a bad fall day at all. it will start to feel more like late summer. close to 80 degrees on tuesday. fair shot haven't pulled the trigger yet, 79 with a chance of a shower wednesday 77 out ahead of the rain and then as we transition on thursday. we'll slowly turn cooler. next weekend looks nice. high of 70 but look at next sunday. high of just 59 degrees. it's only fall. we'll be back by next sunday for
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sure. >> up and down. >> thank you caitlin. >> that will do it for us for the fox 29 news at 10. >> keep it right here. we have sports sunday next. ♪ i'm keith russell for sports sunday. the eagles wearing all black right now leading the giants black and believe cruising toward an impressive win. will the flyers ever get a win. pat from 97.5 the phanatic here to break it down. should we be looking over our shoulder at the cowboys. it or not we explore that