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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  October 13, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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new other night health officials cleared a woman in california saying that she is not a risk for ebola a. this comes as an nurse in dallas is diagnosed with that deadly virus and harsh criticism coming down this morning as to how it could have happened. then jennifer joyce live this morning after a bizarre incident at the eagles game. >> reporter: well, that is right kerry a man tells us his prosthetic leg was stolen during tailgating here at the link. we talk to him this morning after he got his leg back from police, chris. speaking of the eagles fresh off a win fans are reacting to the incredible shut out of the giants. what the the players are saying moments after their shut down. i love that. all in black at that. good morning, sue serio.
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>> yeah, weather could not have been better for the game yesterday, it was perfect football weather, what about today. it is the columbus day holiday observed for many abe we will have your forecast coming up. >> see new a bit, sue, thanks. it is good day, monday, october 13, 2014. >> did you see black uniforms. >> what a night that was. >> yes you got your haircut. >> yes, i got it all joke. >> good morning, sue serio. >> it looks like a few are left on there. >> there is a few sprouting up in the back. >> no, that is my chair. >> that is sickening. >> what is wrong with you. >> a a lot. >> good monday morning, to you lets look at your satellite and radar picture and get you started with a few sprinkles here on ultimate doppler radar, clouded up after the game ended and whatever you are seeing here on radar is not a big deal as we look towards philadelphia, you may see a sprinkle or two but
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these showers are going away as quickly as they appear. we went from glummy, to great over the weekend. saturday it was a a mess with all that rain especially in the morning, but we got through it. got to 57 degrees. sixty-four, was the the high yesterday, and we saw plenty of sunshine. doesn't look like we will see as much sun today but temperatures are comfortable because of the clouds we had overnight. forty-nine in mount pocono 567891 allentown. 57 degrees in philadelphia a51 in trenton. walking out the door in 57 in wilmington, 55 in millville and 61 degrees in wildwood. let's check the wind. they are all over the place with direction as we are transitioning, we will be seeing milder air moving in here tomorrow. so eventually we will have southeasterly wind like we do in reading but some are out of the northwest and everything is pretty calm out there this morning. we should get to a high of 68 degrees today with mostly cloudy skies. peak of sun here and there and stray shower or two which is
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not going to be a big deal. abe that will get you through you monday morning. bit of the roller coaster ride coming in the seven day forecast but right now lets check the the new jersey turnpike southbound, past route 322, there is an overturned tractor trailer there, all lanes are blocked. you cannot take the turnpike down around swedesboro there you have to take 295 instead. i-95 southbound at route 202 there is construction there in delaware, that has the lanes blocked until about 5:00 a.m. between 202 southbound and i should say in chester county between chesterbrook boulevard and 401 construction there has two left lanes blocked. kerr i. >> all right, sue thank you. 4:03. we will begin with breaking news. fill will a he police invest waiting a deadly accident, in the city's frankford section. it happened on the 2700 block, willit road around midnight. police say a car overturn killing a woman in her 20's. we're working on getting video
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from that. no word on what led to the crash. we are 4:59:04. this monday morning. there air lot of questions and talk heading into the eagles game with the giant at home last night. once the game started it was all eagles. nick foles through two touchdowns, lesean mccoy had 149 yards rushing, the the birds, 27 to zero, win. this is eagles first shut out since 1996. it has been 18 years. only negative from the the night, was darren sproles left with the knee injury. he did walk off the field, that is potentially good news here. he will be evaluated today and give him an mri. we will have much more on the game with big daddy graham at 5:45. police investigating a bizarre theft outside the link last night, the victim is a disable military veteran. jennifer joyce is live with the details, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we caught up with the victim sonny forest at south detectives this morning. he said yesterday was his 57th
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birthday but he wases not able to fully here the at the link because he sawed a drunk woman stole his prosthetic leg. sonny struggled to milk his way into south detectives, hopping in on one leg. he tells thaws last night he was performing on the streets, in the the area have of xfinity live, he was entertaining the crowd but you quickly the fun turned to trouble. he said a girl broke his mike and then stole his prosthetic leg and then ran off. sonny still made it into the game to watch the eagles pull off a shut out and police say, they later found the leg near the olney transportation center. so, the the night turned around. sonny forest is now working with police on this investigation. >> getting ready to go into the game, tailgating, singing, like i always do, and a young lady accosted me, jumped in my lab, broke my mike, jumped up and said i'll pay for it. she turned around.
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will i said just leave me alone. i turn my help head and turned back around and she was cutting through the cars and she was running with my leg and i didn't even know it. >> sonny was all smiles as he left south detectives with his prosthetic place. he says he thinks the the girl who did this to him was drunk but she needs to realize how her actions could have immobilized him for several weeks. so sonny got his leg back and got to see the eagles beat the giants. so he says that everything turned out okay. chris and kerry. >> you get the sense, of course, last night's game was nationally tell vice that had this story will also make national news. >> one would think. >> unbelievable. >> jenny, thanks. a 20 year-old penn state student will be arraigned this morning, charged with threatening to carry out a mass shooting at the the school's main campus. pope lease say that the student admitted to posting the the threatening message on social media on the site yik yak but claims it is a prank.
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yik yak allows users to make anonymous comments to only be seen by others with a one and a half mile radius. more than a dozen churches in philadelphia, archdiocese could be combined with nearly, nearby churches, which are, closed all together at least slated to be. >> diocese officials announced yesterday that more than 14 parishes in philadelphia a, delaware and montgomery counties will be under review for the next several months. the at the end of the the study some of the parishes will merge, others will close. parishioners we spoke with said they are sad to hear the news but they understand with dwindling attendance that attendance is needed. >> extremely disappointed in the archdiocese. i understand their predicament but at the same time i'm not happy that it is happening here. >> the archdiocese will reviewing mend dayses by the parishes before making a final decision next spring. for a complete list of the churches being reviewed, go to our web site at my fox a at 4:07 if you or your
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kids use snap chat, a major warning this morning, why thousands of photos that are supposed to be deleted after sending them, are now being released. and then our sabina kuriakose closely following the ebola virus after another person in the united states, is now being treated, sabina. >> reporter: kerry, it is first time the virus has spread from person to person here in the u.s. now the race is on as officials try to figure out the breach in protocol that allowed a nurse to get sick.
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all right. we will start off with a look at ultimate doppler radar, why not, it is monday morning and that is what we do. so we have a few areas of rain in our portion of the country, a weak disturbance around that is bringing us cloud cover, it is bringing us milder air then what we had yesterday and a few showers here and there as we look down in kent county, delaware we will see a little bit of rain right around milford this morning. it is in the a big deal. i'll say that again, it is not a big deal. here in philadelphia we may be having some light showers not all of what you see there is making it to the ground but if you see a rain drop or two on the windshield to work it won't be a big deal. is there your future cast for the rest of the morning. we're not expecting precipitation until a stray shower or two, late in the day, so a tiny bit more unsettled. maybe not as perfect and sunny as it was yesterday but still a pretty decent weather day, the fox cast has a high of
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68 degrees, with a stray shower or two as we said and then tonight we are down to 58 degrees. so cool but not excessively cold. that is your weather authority forecast, 12 after 4:00. twelve after 4:00. every time i say that it just hits me. well, you know, we're here for the viewer. >> that is right. >> that is right. >> we're glad you are with us this morning. so on the new jersey turnpike southbound past 322, we have an overturned tractor trailer and it has all lanes blocked this morning. you cannot take that part of the turnpike southbound. your alternate is 295 southbound. also i-95 southbound at route 202 in delaware there is construction with the right lane blocked and finally on i-95 southbound past bartram have avenue construction on the left hand shoulder of the road, guys. >> okay sue. the the cdc now says that a breach in protocol is why a dallas nurse was infected with the virus after caring for a patient who died from ebola
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last week. >> so scary, this case marking first known transmission in the united states you. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live from the art museum with more on her treatment, sabina. >> reporter: guys, cdc officials are still trying to figure out just what the breach in protocol was, they admit they still don't know, nurse was wearing full cdc recommended safety gear including a gown, mask and gloves when she was treating thomas eric duncan at texas health presbyterian hospital. he was diagnosed with ebola at that hospital and died last week. cdc says it is reviewing safety protocols for hospitals in light of this, nurse reported a fever on friday night and by yesterday afternoon cdc tests confirmed that she tested positive for ebola and this came with a very disturbing and tightening alarm for health workers safety in the face of the deadly disease buzz our own doctor mike says there is no reason to panic. >> somehow, some bodily fluid
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from that patient got into her system. perhaps she touched her lip or her eye. everyone is on edge but i think that we just need to remember thinks all science. if we follow protocol, if we do things that proper protect the workers and the public this will be contained and it will be okay. >> now the nurse is not ided right now, her apartment and car was disinfect by hazmat crews yesterday. neighbors received reverse 911 calls to tell them what was going on. the cdc is tracking anybody who had contact with her at least one person was in touch with her at the the time she was contagious. this is a developing story, kerry and chris. all right, sabina, thank you. lets stay with ebola in just a minute. health officials in california say a sick woman who landed in los angeles is not the at risk fore bowl a it has been determined that the woman only had motion sickness. officials say there had been miscommunication that the woman had recently traveled to
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west africa where thousands have died from the virus and getting nearly 4,000 people but the victim had actually been in south africa, not a country of concern, of course, necessarily safety measures were taken to address that scare, again just motion sickness of the flight. our coverage continues on my fox you'll find latest information on the home page and that is where you can post any updates and we will have updates for you this hours a day. other illness everybody is talking about is enterovirus now confirmed in 46 states and that includes pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. the virus just claimed another young victim. twenty-one month-old madeline reid in michigan was admitted to the hospital in detroit in september after what started as a very simple running nose. severe respiratory disease, has now killed her. enterovirus 68 does target kids, there is no specific treatment or vaccine. so doctors think the parents need to keep a can very close eye on any flu-like symptoms in the kids.
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the doctors say stopping the spread of the enterovirus is just like any other infectious disease, keep washing your hands and cover your mouth the if you cough or sneeze. 4:16. two pilots are dead after their planes collided over nevada yesterday. they were only one in a plane and experimental aircraft no one on the ground was hurt. faa is investigating what may have led to it. a halloween theme hey ride, loaded with passengers crashes down a hill and slams into a tree, killing a teenage girl and hurting more than 20 people. it happened saturday night in maine. that is 17 year-old girl who was the one that was killed. officials say every other passenger, every sickle other one was hurt in at least some minor way no charges have have yet to be filed. and this morning a st. louis, missouri police are preparing for another day of protests. demonstrators are demanding justice over the the shooting death of 18 year-old michael brown and others who were shot by police. local and visiting clergy members are planning a direct action today in ferguson and
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other spots, in the st. louis area. while some of the weekend protests were peaceful, some of them were not. in fact, 17 people were arrested yesterday when that he tempted to storm the convenient store. in the louisiana police say a ten month-old baby was trapped under her father's dead body. she's being treated for dehydration with blisters and a local hospital. her father was sitting on the side of the bed and fell backwards, top of the child. this he he believe he had a heart attack. girl's five-year old brother went next door to tell neighbors what had happened and they alerted police. 4:17. group of good samaritans being credited with stopping a man on the run from deputies. >> so, they have been hanging out at their neighbor's house when they ended up in the middle of the pursuit. it started when deputies tried to pull over james bailey but they say he took off and lost control, and ended up wrecking his truck in the yard. nearby the group of friend heard the crash but had no idea what was happening. the deputies have begun their man hunt for bailey after
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they had, he had i should say run from the scene. the deputies set up a containment air use and ten minutes later they got a call from dispatch from a woman claiming her boyfriend was holding bailey at gunpoint. >> we saw him coming out and we're like hey, are you the the guys the the police are looking for. he heard police and he just straight out and ran. >> bailey was arrested for dui, alluding officers, reckless endangerment and hit and run. a florida family, safe after being rest king from their sin king boat. dramatic footage shows six boaters being rescued. they say that their vessel started to take on water. a good samaritan heard their cries and helped save the day. >> we were in the middle of in where in the ocean and the the boat flipped over and three kids and three adults actually begging for help, waving with their hands up. >> the boaters eventually made to it sure and their boat was towed to the marina.
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federal judge struck down alaska's first in the nation ban on gay marriage. the judge, said that the ban violates the the u.s. constitutional guarantee of due process and equal protection. state could appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals where chances of winning are very slim. that court has ruled against idaho, nevada in similar cases. 4:19. looking at other stories making headlines around the world, isis remaining on the offensive and gaining ground in iraq. u.s. military leaders revealing sunday that isis got within 15 miles of the baghdad airport and were stopped in their tracks by u.s. apache helicopter. they were sent into backup an iraqi unit in danger of being over run. now the chairman of the joint chiefs is saying at some point these air strikes will not be enough. in the meantime, isis is claiming responsibility for a triple suicide bombing in iraq, at least 58 people are dead. activist say kurdish fighters have been able to stop the
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advance of the syrian group in the syrian border town of cabani. oscar pistorius back in court for the the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva stein scam seven. >> i believe we will go live, he was found guilty of culpable homicide last month. this is live again in the courtroom as we been in that courtroom for months now. sentencing is expect to involve several days of arguments and more testimony. pistorius sentens could range from a suspended sentence to a fine to as many as 15 years in prison. all right. it is, coming up, on 4:21. you know what that means, hi sue. >> it does mean, me. >> yes, you. >> did you watch the the game last night or did you go to bed. >> not even one play. i was in bed by 7:30. >> i am fully supportive of that, sue. >> i heard my husband yelling, so i knew something was happening and it was joy because we won. that is why i look forward to our show fox 29 morning news
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so i can get a recab. lets take a look at our weather for today. we have had more clouds then what you saw yesterday, barely any sunshine. 65 degrees by lunchtime. a bit milder then yesterday's high of 64. we will get up to 68 degrees today, but there won't ab a lot of sun. so is there your trade off. your sunset time is 6:25, and we cannot rule out a stray shower anytime during the day. the that is your planner for monday. the lets plan on avoiding this part of the new jersey turnpike. this is in south jersey past 322, it is southbound side of the turnpike, on overturned tractor trailer there has all lanes block. so your alternate is 295 southbound to get through, chris? sue serio, thanks very much. eagles wearing all black, leaving the giants black and blue as they nab an impressive win, but what about the cowboys. my goodness. they are also five and one.
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okay. eagles really jumped on the giants early and they never looked back. nick foles threw two touchdowns and lesean mccoy had 149 yards rushing. he had has not done that all year. so impressive. twenty-seven to nothing the shut out of the giants. it was their first shut out since 1996. much more on the game with big daddy graham coming up in the next hour. eagles are five and one. but they are not alone. the cow you boys are too and
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in seattle, they nailed their fifth straight win for first time since 2007. so obviously they are five and one and tied for first in the nfc east. >> so much for nfc east being boring. the this is so exciting. this is a big rivalry dallas and philadelphia it will be a fun year. we have a bye week coming up. essentially two weeks off. did you hear about actor and philly native bradley cooper's big push over the weekend. >> this siked up everybody for the big game. lets take a look. >> ♪ >> this is more than a mid season match up, this is prefight, wall street against broad street, white cholera begins no collar, this is a tail of two cities. new york and philly. i promise you there is no brotherly love loss between us and the big apple, big talkers with their yous a bunch of cheese stake eating, same steps running, yeah, yeah, yeah.
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you want to know the best way to shut a loud mouth up, it is to shut it for them. >> so, of course, thinks all predicated upon a lot of the giants players tweeting some really tough stuff about how they will kill us eagles, this coming weekend. >> that is right. >> cooper makes this, right, for his pride and sure enough we just stuffed tonight their face. so great. silver linings play book is all about philly, right, you know, he is wearing desean jackson number ten jersey, the whole thing, so how fun is that. >> awesomey love him. >> yes. >> we are evening our eagles talk with a lit built of love in the air. couple celebrating a victory with the eagles all in a night that they will never forget. i know you can guess is what coming. he pops the question. the bride to be says yes, and the rest is history. >> yeah. >> i'm with you on that one.
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>> this is eric frein, well, he is still out there the council for researchers, as why investigators could find a big break in the change in the weather. >> yes. >> and then at 4:27, the shooting on have a local little girl, prompting huge outrage, now a very special project is underway to bring life back the in the community rattled by darkness. also, if you or your kids use snap chat, we have a warning, one of the thousands of photos supposed to be deleted are
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a motorcycle accident takes the life of a philadelphian, what happened that led to this crash. eerie bowl a scare aboard a plane this comes as fear they are heightening after a nurse contracted the deadly virus right here in the united states. what we know so far about how that could have happen. and, from tragedy and heartache to song, one young woman is pushing her message, to end violence and helping others heel through music. sproles with an escort, and a supporters gets to the end zone, touchdown. >> and what a play by the eagles, the the shut out for the the first time in nearly two decades. the future is looking bright but there is a team that could
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stand in their way, we will get to that, we will talk to eagles all morning long. >> you just saw darren sproles. he left with a knee injury. >> yes, he walk off the field. >> that is good news. >> five and one, how about that. good day, everybody, it is october 13th, 2014, all smiles around the delaware valley this morning. >> yes, we are. 4:31. we will smile some more because we are catching up with sue. >> some kids have off school but not everybody, it is not as universal as holiday as some. we have the big columbus day parade in fill yesterday, perfect weather for that. well, things have clouded up overnight and we are looking at showers overnight in berks county. they have come and gone pretty quickly. we had a few in philadelphia, down in dover delaware as well. we will zoom in here and see that one shower area leaving pretty quickly and, down in southern, new jersey we don't have anything at the moment but the point is, you can see a shower popping up at anytime. >> now saturday was pretty glummy in the early part of the day. we made it to 57 degrees, but
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yesterday was a sun, and we got up to 64 degrees. we went from gloom toy great because yesterday was a pretty great weather day. so 49 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-four lancaster 567895 reading. stray shower or two out there. 57 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington. fifty-five in millville. 59 degrees at the moment, in wildwood. wind are generally calm, just about every where, this morning, we're not seeing any fog but we will see a lot of cloud cover today, even so, we will get up to 68 degrees, and a stray shower as we said not out of the question, southeasterly breeze, five to 10 miles an hour. that should get you through your monday, weather-wise, we have a roller coaster ride of temperatures coming up in the seven day forecast but right now we have a big problem on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, down past 322, there is an overturn tractor trailer all lanes are block, your alternate is 295 southbound to get by. also, on i-95 southbound down in delaware right there at
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route 202 there is construction going on and right lane block until 5:00 o'clock. construction on 202, between chesterbrook boulevard and 401 they have cleared that one up for the moment, chris. we have breaking news from overnight. one person is dead following an accident in philadelphia's frankford section. this happened the on the 27 hundred block of willits road around midnight. police say the the car overturn, the woman inside, in her 20's died, no word on what led to that crash. 4:33. it is time for sports. we have a question, lot of talk heading in to the eagles game, the game with the giants but once it started, there were no more questions because it was all eagles. nick foles throwing two touchdowns, lesean mccoy, 149 yards rushing and the the birds 27 to nothing win this was their first shut out. eagles first shut out. since 1996. the only negative from the night came when darren sproles left with a knee injury. he will be evaluated later on today. we will have more today, on
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the game, all morning long, including big daddy graham who will be joining us live in the next hour. >> you mentioned shut out, just a quick mention we talk about lesean mccoy, sproles and connor barwin, three sacks. we had eight sacks. defense played huge there was a bizarre incident too, crazy. >> only in philly. >> police investigating a theft, outside of the link last night, and victim here is a disabled veteran. >> really. jenny joyce, i mean what happened here. the guy's prosthetic leg is stolen? how did the woman take it the. >> reporter: details are a little bit sketchy at this point in time. apparently he is involved in some street band, he was performing, and he says that at first she actually stole and broke his microphone and then went for his prosthetic leg, ran off. people apparently chased her down, and sonny, we talked to him this morning at south detectives. he says he believes that police are pulling
4:35 am
surveillance video and hopefully they can track down this woman. lets take a look at this video. you can see sonny still in his eagles jersey struggled to make his way into south detectives, hopping in on one leg. he tells us that last night he was performing in the street in the area of xfinity live. he was entertaining the crowd but you quickly that fun turned too trouble. he said this girl stole his prosthetic leg, ran off, again, she was chased down but apparently people could not catch her. he said that he still made it into the game to watch the the eagles pull off a shut out and police say they later found the prosthetic near the olney transportation center. so the night turned around and while he says he thinks this woman was having quote drunk fun she needs to learn from this, his life could have been seriously altered if he did in the get his prosthetic back. >> she need to get down on her knees and pray to god that doesn't happen to her or she doesn't get sick or become disabled and she should go
4:36 am
ahead and use her brain for more than just a beer bottle or liquor bottle. i drink but i don't get stupid like that. >> reporter: then sonny was all smiles as owe left south detectives with his prosthetic place. he is a pretty laid bachmann but still bothered by what happened last night. he is now working with police on the investigation, again, still trying to find the person who did this to him. kerry and chris. >> unreal. >> absolutely. >> bizarre. 4:36 is the time. new this morning, halloween trick or treating is now canceled in the pennsylvania town where the manhunt for accused cop killer eric frein, continues. barrett township in the northeastern woods where the search is concentrated is also postponing the town's halloween parade. meanwhile law enforcement officials say changing seasons could help them catch frein, for the past month, pennsylvania state police say frein has capitalized on relatively mild temperatures, dense tree cover and his own
4:37 am
survival skills in the woods of the pocono mountains but now it is getting colder, leaves will start to fall. officials say law enforcement could get the advantage in the search. september 12th ambush outside blooming grove state police barracks killed corporal brian dickson and seriously wounded trooper alex douglass. the massive search for frein has been underway ever since. 4:37 is the time. latest on the east bowl a crisis. health officials in california said a sick woman who landed in los angeles is not at risk fore bowl a it has been determined that the woman only suffered motion sickness, officials say, there have been miscommunication that the women had recently traveled to west africa. it turns out she had been in south africa, not a concern. necessary safety measures were taken to address that scare. and in dallas a cdc says a breach in protocol led to the nurse contracting the virus. >> they say that this nurse had extensive contact with thomas eric duncan. thomas eric duncan died last week. nurse is listed in stable condition and in isolation but her case does mark the first
4:38 am
known transmission in the united states. the cdc says that the nurse did wear protective gear but the agency is now investigating whether workers took off the the gear, incorrectly, or how some other procedures were handled. royal ankers for angelina jolie, it is not easy to impress the queen of england. how the activist and actor managed to do that with grace. local woman takes her frustration with violence in the city and puts tonight to words. how she's inspiring a new
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it might be a more quiet day then normal here in center city due to the columbus day holiday. >> that is true, people sleeping in after watching that game last night, perhaps that is part of it as well. for us we will have a more cloudy day then we had yesterday. we are socked in with clouds on the satellite radar picture and a few stray showers here and there. not everything showing up on radar is making it to the ground. real quick look of the day through the fox future cast shows possibility of more showers popping up later this afternoon. very random, not a big kiehl but don't be surprised if a few rain drops show up on your windshield as we said earlier while you are driving around today. temperatures at the moment are in the 50's, for the most part, mid to upper 50's and we expect to get to the mid to
4:42 am
upper 60's by the end of the day. your fox cast has a high on 68 degrees, again, stray shower not out of the question but very little sunshine. tonight we are down to clouds to 58 degrees. fog forming after midnight. is there your weather authority forecast. 4:42 is the time. lets get back to the new jersey turnpike down there in south jersey past 322, overturn tractor trailer still has all lanes blocked your alternate is 295 southbound, kerry? >> sue, thanks. 4:42. hillary clinton is no strange tore heckling, another attempt at stopping her speech this weekend and she's in the middle of
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good morning. it is 4:45 this morning. some serious news, a young life evened too soon remembered in song, the community showing its support for family and friend of tynirah borum, the three-year eld girl who was killed this summer by gunfire. and another young person touched by the tragedy using her voice to bring about peace. our dave kinchin was on hand for the creation of the song's music video. >> ♪ >> reporter: recording air tuesday amani bradford sings of brotherly love and sisterly affection in a city that often sees little of both. i can feel it business endless love and her music video dedicated to the memory of tynirah borum a three-year old girl struck down by gunfire
4:46 am
this past summer. >> my sister or my family, i know i would be so sad. >> reporter: she's on a quest to save lives through song. >> i'm really excited because i hope this will encourage people to stop violence in kids and, take other actions. i was scared singing. but then i got the feeling. i realized this is life. we can also change life, and, is there ways we can change it, because a lot of people listening to music. >> reporter: filming takes place in the park not far from eding street where tie near a was shot, an innocent bystander hit by a bullet meant for somebody else. >> it is a beautiful song. i love it. it is really nice. there is a whole lot of meaning to it. >> reporter: tynirah's mother says song gives her peace during a very difficult journey. >> it is rough right now. me and my whole family, we are just going day by day struggling. >> reporter: video sees a candle light vigil for tynirah
4:47 am
where feet away kids play in peace. amani's uncle and song writer emmanuel moore says peace can return. >> god can show me there was a movement behind me, behind that one little voice i heard, i can feel it, it became a powerful movement. >> the entire city was gripped when this young girl lost her life and this is just a means to keep that going. so i think it will have an effect. >> that was dave kinchin reporting. 4:47. hackers have leaked more than 100,000 photos and videos from the popular app snap chat. the pictures were collected through a third party app that allows to you save, messages despite snap chat deleting them after several seconds. the users tell the the business insider that the collection posted in an event called the snap happening, includes child pornography because half of the snap chat users are teens between the ages of the 12 and 17. snap chat you take a picture and good for a couple seconds
4:48 am
and then automatically disappears. evidently they have held on to this information, snap chat has and this other app allows to you do this. >> what a mess. >> seriously. in entertainment news this morning, actress amanda bynes is in voluntary psychiatric care following a chain of behavior behavior that included some stunning allegations object twit's cueing her dad of sexual abuse. the those allegations were later retracted, and those tweet where is taken down. bynes would eventually tweet my dad never did any of those things. the micro chip in my brain made me say those things but he is the one that ordered them to micro chip me. bynes family has denied all allegations made against the father of the actress who siblings come out strongly begins what she said. is there a hearing expected to be held this week so that her family can hold her in treatment. ben afflict's gone girls topped the box office for the second weekend in a row. >> as you all know, my wife,
4:49 am
she difficulties a appeared three days ago. >> we don't get to go to the movies but i can't wait to see this. >> the film earned nearly 27 million-dollar over this past weekend. dracula untold anal sander the terrible horrible no good bad day, round out top three films. afflict's wife stars in the ladder it is technically out, we cannot wait until it is out in my living room. >> yes. >> when you have young kids you don't go to the movies. >> not on this shift. in the final day of comiccan in new york has a lot of stars. >> actor ben mckenzie spoke about the new fox series gotham and gave a tease about what is to come in tonight's episode. >> money think it is our best episode so far. the penguin has return at the end of three, so i have to, i have to figure out how to deal with that, jim has to figure
4:50 am
out how you to keep oswald at bay and not let falcon, bullock, everybody else know that he didn't actually kill him and that he actually let him live. repercussions of the decisions jim made are coming back to haunt them already. >> he is the the snitch. >> does it strike you, kerry, that these actors take themselves very seriously. >> very seriously it is the best of the two episode, we have aired so far. >> i shouldn't be making fun of it. >> yes. >> by the way, if you you are watching, we don't get to because we're asleep, as we repeatedly mentioned, it airs tonight at 8:00 got ham right here on fox 29. queen elizabeth honor actress angelina jolie in the buckingham palace ceremony. she made jolie a dame for her work in sexual violence in war zones and her services to british foreign policy. she received that award friday during a private meeting with the queen. 4:50. heckler interrupt hillary clinton during a speech in san
4:51 am
diego. >> unaudible. >> yeah, he sounded a bull horn that guy before shouting at former secretary of state, while she seemed startled, you saw her jump there she turn the the situation into a joke. security grabbed the heckler and escorted him out of the auditorium. 4:51. always a nut in the crowd somewhere, sue serio. >> is there one in every crowd. which is the the one in this crowd you can make your favorite nut, all of us, that was a look at how calm things are in atlantic city think morning. quite of a quiet night. we had clouds moving in. we promised you a roller coaster ride in your seven day forecast. check it the out to day we will be at 68 degrees even with the clouds and shower for your columbus day local holiday. temperatures sore, close to 80 degrees, on tuesday, and wednesday, and so, the trade
4:52 am
off, of course, is thunderstorm activity wednesday and thursday. so this one, it is definitely, great weather day, kind of a brief return to summertime but by the time we get back to the weekend we have cooler temperatures returning, feels like fall by sunday, by that high of 62 degrees. a bit of the roller coaster ride, it could get very noisy wednesday into thursday, as well, with the possibility of, some thunderstorms. so that is your weather, 4:52. lets check out the what is going on in bensalem, but we have a building fire on street road near knights road, to avoid that, take byberry road to get by, byberry, get it, to get by. >> okay bye sue for now. two long loss vietnam war buddies have an emotional reunion after trying to reconnect for nearly 40 years. the the roadblocks that got in thei
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
oh, yeah, 4:55. >> i have danced in the streets, if anyone would join me. >> play the air guitar, air piano, air drums. anyway do you get that feeling when your favorite song is on and you have to busa move. they necessity exactly how you feel. that is exactly it. >> yes. >> entertainment stuff. i get dogs and politics.
4:56 am
>> hopefully a monday pick me up. >> what you need as you get ready to go to work. look at him go. thorough cute. >> my grand mom caught me dancing by pyt by michael jackson one. >> we caught you dancing here on friday. >> good moves, yes. foo fighters. we have more than 40 years in the making. >> two men brought together by the vietnam war reunited in colorado. this is joe martinez and rick muhler. they were teens when they met as navy ship mates but they were so close they were nickname m and m but as the war brought them together, life pushed them apart until joe was able to track rick down and send him a letter. >> i heard his voice, is this joe martinez. rick. you could just feel, rough, over the airways. >> that is so cool. >> from here on out, good for
4:57 am
them. >> a lot to catch up on. >> for decades. >> a lot to bond over. >> absolutely. four friends just hanging out, when all of a sudden they fine themselves in the middle of a police pursuit but at first they didn't run. they jumped in to help. they got to the bad guy before the cops did. what they have to say about how this whole ordeal went down. parents, more reason to sit your kids down at the dinner table and eat with them. how doing that every night can help tackle the growing ob
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good morning. at 5:00 o'clock on this monday morning. breaking news overnight a motorcycle accident takes a life in philadelphia, what happened that led to this crash. and a sunday mass of pride ends in disappointment. major shake upcoming up for roman catholic churches in the delaware valley. latest rounds of parishers on the chopping block. fly eagles fly another win in the books. we can only imagine after actor and philly native bradley cooper, is excited this morning. wait until you see what he did to hype up fans before the big game. well, does anything help? how about that, does that help. >> wow. that may look like a million establish us move a home less veteran just looking for help but it is what the man did next with that sign that had the veteran nearly in tears.


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