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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  October 13, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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prosthetic leg stolen. who allegedly ran off with it and where it was found, overnight. and it is first case of ebola being transmitted in the u.s. and now a texas nurse is in isolation, why officials say infection was caused by a breach in protocol, we will get into that. also breaking news out of south jersey, a tractor trailer flips over on the new jersey turnpike, snarling traffic and now this is a live view, via sky fox over the scene where we have more information and sue will let you know how to get around that mess. but good morning to you, on this monday morning. >> good morning alex holley, good to be here. mike jerrick is stuck in kansas. he went there for his daughter's baby shower, and then, oh, by the the way kacie mcdonnell formally of our staff got engaged. >> yes. >> so congratulations to them. >> mike got to be there and be a part of that. >> it was serendipitous, as is wearing black for our eagles
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last night. >> a blackout. >> i think it was alex holley when we put the fly eagles fly song, that is the good luck charm. >> that is still the the good luck charm for now. >> it is true. >> keep it going. >> i'll try. >> i will do my best. we will start off with traffic this morning, because of this big problem that you can see there on the new jersey turnpike, this is around the the swedesboro area down there, south jersey, right around 322, it is a major accident. the trailer is on it side there. so, traffic is being diverted, at route 73, southbound 295 and that is your alternate. take 295. don't get near the new jersey turnpike right around that 322 area. so that is what is going an, the road is still closed, and a we will keep an eye on that situation, now that it is getting lighter out, we can better see is what going on. we can get to bensalem street road near knights road a
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building fire and to avoid that the best alternate is byberry road. now we will go back to new jersey, and medford, jackson road between stokes and tuckerton police active has that road closed so take taunton road instead. on the northeast extension southbound right there at quake are town, we have an accident involving two tractor trailers, but both of them are on the shoulder, of the roadway. so a lot of problems, already on this monday morning in traffic, and for the weather, not so much, it will not be quite as gorgeous as it was yesterday. we will give you a seven out of ten. mostly dry with milder temperatures then yesterday, and then more clouds, then sunshine, and we cannot rule out a stray shower but bus stop buddy though in the eagles gear, some kids going to school today, some are off for the columbus day holiday. you'll have have a cloud bye you cool start to the day to day. we will have rain deputy to the south. we have 58 degrees that is our current temperature. southeasterly wind at 5 miles an hour. 7:09 is the sunrise time. so not quite official just yet but almost there. 68 degrees is our high today.
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we got to 64 yesterday. so a little bit milder at 58 tonight. wait until you see he how warm it will get tomorrow. your seven day forecast, chris, is coming up. >> looking forward to that sue. the 7:03a lot of questions and talk heading in the eagles game with the giant. as you know giants players were tweeting all kind of smack this week. >> and so were the eagles. bradley cooper was involve. once the the game started it was all eagles. nick foles threw two touchdown and lesean mccoy he showed up, he had 149 rushing in the bird 27 to zero win this was eagles first shut out win, since 1996. >> we got to come in here and play with great energy. i thought crowd was awesome. you could tell right from the jump. the big difference in all of the other games this year is we executed. i think, in all phases, offensively, defensively, and in special teams. >> the the only negative from the night came from darren sproles leaving with a knee
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injury. express will be evaluated today. we will talk about that later in the show. >> we will cross our fingers. he has been so good. he will have that mri later today. and then this side net to the whole eagles game. police are investigating a theft outside the link last night, bizarre only begins to describe this story. >> um, now we will get to jenny gist live from south philadelphia with all of the details, hi there. >> reporter: hi, alex. well, yesterday was, a victim sonny forest's birthday but was not able to fully celebrate because a drunk woman stole his prosthetic leg. sonny still in his eagles jersey struggled to make his way into south detectives this morning. last night he was performing in the area of xfinity live. he was entertaining the crowd. he was interrupted. a girl broke his mike and stole his prosthetic leg and ran off. sonny forest still made it into the the game to watch the eagles pull off a shut out win and police say they later
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found the prosthetic near the olney transportation center. so next thing he turns around. sonny forest is now working with the police on this investigation. >> getting crazy, tailgating, singing like i always do. a young lady, accosted me, jumped in my lap, broke my mike, jumped up, and said i'll pay for it. then she turned around and i had said just leave me alone. i turn my head, and turn back around and she was cutting through the cars and she was running with my leg and i didn't even know it. >> sonny was all smiles as she left there with his prosthetic in place. knee needs to realize how her actions could have immobilized him for self weeks had police in the found his leg. sonny got his leg back. he was thrilled to see the eagles beat the giants. so he is doing okay right now. chris. >> jennifer joyce, thanks very much. meantime health officials
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are calming fears after two ebola scares on the east and west coast. >> in california, officials say a a sick woman on a flight that landed in los angeles is not sick with the virus. she had motion sickness. there have been miscommunications about the woman traveling to western africa where thousands have died from ebola but would the man had been in south africa a country that is not a concern. in boston health officials say it is unlikely a patient admitted to a local hospital has in facte bowl a although he recently visited lie beer y doctors say he is considered at low risk for having the virus but the the patient remains in isolation and will continue to be monitored. but in texas health officials are trying to figure out how a nurse at a dallas hot got infected withe bowl. hospital officials there say she wore full protective gear while treating thomas duncan the man died from the virus. fox 29's sabina kuriakose joins us now with more on this latest case, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and alex. they claim this this nurse
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broke protocol when she was treating the ebola patient died last week in texas but health care experts are slamming the cdc. they say cdc is scape goating this nurse. health care experts say this case shows how hospital staffs are not adequately trained to handle the virus. this nurse, now she's not being identified, obviously, so brave, for a extensively caring for thomas eric duncan, the ebola patient from liberia at texas health presbyterian hospital. she's now in isolation with the fever. head of the cdc defend the agency's safety protocols but say they are racing over the next few days to pinpoint just what happened here. >> in taking off respiratory protective equipment, we identified this as a major potential area for risk. when you have gone into and potentially, soiled contaminated gloves or other
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things to remove them without any risk of any contaminated material, touching you, and then, being then, on your clothes or face or your skin and leading to an a infection, is critically important and not easy to do right. so these are areas of the investigation that we will look at but we don't know what it will fine. >> everyone is on edge but i think that we just need to remember, that thinks all science. if we follow protocol, if we do things to protect the workers and the public, this will be contained. >> reporter: nurses car and apartment has been disinfect. she has a dog, a king charles dog, there is in sign that the dog has the virus but officials say they have a plan to take care of this pet. that is all of the information they are really putting out there right now. last night a worker in protective gear went inside the nurse's apartment to feed the the dog. here's hoping that this woman is okay, her doggies okay and
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officials figure out just what went wrong here, alex and chris. tides could be turning for accused cop killer eric frein. >> law enforce president say changes scenes could help them catch him. for the past month pennsylvania state police say frein has capitalized on relatively mile temperatures, dense tree cover and his own survivor skills in the woods of the pocono mountains. but now that it is getting colder and leaves are starting to fall law enforcement could get an advantage. a september 12th ambush outside blooming grove state police barracks killed corporal brian dickson and wounded another trooper. the massive search has been underway ever since. ongoing search for frein has caused one town to change their halloween celebrations. >> barrett township has canceled the october 26th halloween parade. police are down zoomed with the search and they normally provide security for these events. because of the search they don't have the resources. time at 7:09.
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a a 20 year-old penn state student license arraigned later this morning charged with threatening to carry out a mass shooting, at the school's main campus. police say that the student admitted to posting the threatening message on the social media site, yik yak but they claim, that it was all a prank. yik yak allows users to make comments that can only be seen by others within a one and a half mile radius. in atlantic city a man who just gotten out of prison for murder has committed era cord to go police. this man is charged with killing his own mother. police say 26 year-old steven pratt, had just been released from prison on friday after, leading a 30 year sentence for murder. early yesterday, someone called 911 from his mother's home in atlantic city. officers a say they found pratt's mother gwenn pratt, dead from an apparent head injuries. bail for pratt has been set, now at one million-dollar. also, a a lot of concern over this for catholic, the archdiocese of philadelphia has announcer round of possible mergers and possible closures.
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>> we're talking about more than 14 parishes in philadelphia, delaware and montgomery counties. they could ab affect. they will be reviewed by the diocese over the next several months before a final decision is made next spring. parishioners say they are sad to hear the news but they understand that changes are needed. >> it is extremely disappointing. i'm very disappointed in the archdiocese. i understand their predicament but at the the same time i'm not happy that it is happening here. >> for a complete list of churches being reviewed by the a archdiocese log on to our web site at my fox >> let's overseas to 7:00 # one as isisis gaining ground in iraq. u.s. military leaders revealed sunday that isis got within 15 miles of the baghdad airport, and we're stopped in their tracks by u.s. apache helicopters. this he were sent into backup an iraqi june that it was in danger of being over run. now the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is looking ahead, saying at some point air strikes will not be enough, this is the the terror
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group claims responsibility for triple suicide bomb in iraq. at least 58 people are dead. "fox news" reporting a magazine, believed to be published biasis that militants have kidnaped and slaved, and sold, women and children. the magazine released yesterday also say the the enslaved families were divide add monkeysis soldiers who took part in the on slaught. tens of thousands of men, women and children fled into those mountains many getting stranded for weeks. more violence in eastern ukraine, artillery fire between pro russian rebels and ukrainian army could be heard near the a airport. it represent the ukraine government last out post, in the area of control by the local armed forces. it has been a center of intense fighting despite the a truce reached more than a month ago. and a sentencing portion of the oscar pistorius murder trial is than way in south africa. >> earlier today a psychologist was called to the defense to testify, so that she said pistorius is a broken
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man after killing his girlfriend reeva seenkamp. but the chief prosecutor claimed that the testimony was unbalanced. sentencing is expect to take about a week. pistorius punishment could range from a suspended sentence to a fine to as long as 15 years in prison. staying overseas, edward snowden says the u.s. government is denying requests for him to stand trial in the u.s. but snowden says he wants to plead his case, before a jury, about leaking government documents n an interview with the new yorker he is confident that the u.s. supreme court would eventually rule that the nsa surveillance program as unconstitutional. russia, all this time has been providing snowden with asylum. back here at home, two pilots have dead a after their planes collided over western nevada yesterday. the pilots were the only ones in the plane, and an experimental aircraft, no one on the ground was hurt. the the faa is of course investigating this crash. a halloween theme hey ride loaded with passengers crashes down a hill and then slammed into a tree. this is sad. a teenage girl was kill, and
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then 20 others were hurt. >> this happened saturday night, in maine, a jeep, pulling a trailer of people near a haunted house missed a turn and flipped over. the trailer slam in the tree and threw passengers to the ground. a 17 year-old girl was killed. officials say that every other passenger was hurt, inside in some way. investigators are working tout figure out if a mechanical failure is to blame and also if any charges should be filed back home. more demonstrations expected in missouri after a weekend of protests over two teenagers, who were shot, dead by police, last night, 17 demonstrators were arrested for blocking a convenient store in st. louis. this he were protesting the the shooting deaths, of 18 year-old von myers who police say shot at them. protest where is held in ferguson for 18 year-old michael brown. those demonstration where is peaceful. authorities in louisiana say, that a ten month-old girl is recovering in the hospital after being trapped underneath, her dead father's body.
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>> according to police a man was sitting on a side of his bed and fell backwards on the child when he had a heart attack the the girl's five-year old brother told neighbors what happened. they called police for help. 7:15. massive show of support for victims of the sexual hazing scandal that rocked a central new jersey high school and its football prime. >> here's the very latest. hundreds as you can see turnout for this anti bullying rally from the sayreville war memorial high school. seven members of the football team ages 15 to 17 have been charge work sexually assaulting four freshman last month, all of them, have been suspended, but, investigators are still uncertain how many other victims may be out there the the entire town is still in shock. >> it is so weird to talk bit. but at least they have the opportunity now to get some therapy, to begin the the healing, instead of, you know, being 40 or 50 years old and their life has come off the rails and they do not understand why. >> the seven student could be tried as adults whiz means more prison time and they would be required to register
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as sex offenders, all seven, remain in custody pending their first court hearing which is later this week. all right. the the weather was just perfect for the final leg of the ride to conquer cancer. we say the final leg. saturday was a little wet. >> the ride riped up yesterday in belmont grove. two day, 150-mile trek, supports cancer research. our own jeff cole was on the fox 29 team and fox 29 is a proud sponsor of that event. >> yes. >> beautiful day. >> beautiful day. when you sees jeff cole come into work. he proves he is in shape. he is wearing the tight t-shirt he is showing off, man. >> well, wouldn't you. >> yes, if you have got it, flaunt it. >> that is what they're saying. >> exactly. >> so, congratulations, 150 miles, that is a lot of bike riding. so, kudos to everybody, most importantly raised the money for the abramson cancer center at hup. the that is the most important part. so, anyway, we're tracking the tropics. we have had a couple of names
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that we have used over the the weekend. fey, briefly became a hurricane. the one that we're watching pretty closely which is gonzales, that is i a tropical storm that is near and an a teak was and headed towards virgin island and maybe puerto rico. as we look at track of the storm it looks like it will probably slam the virgin island and strength men to a category two hurricane. we will see how west this track gets. as it goes up towards bermuda thinks where we have to worry with this cone of uncertainty around there, possibly as a category two hurricane, by the the time it the gets close to the island of per mood a. they may need to baton down hatches. there is tropical storm fey which did hit bermuda but it is pretty far away. for us we're looking at some rain down to the south of us, the light showers, really and, really a couple of areas in new jersey. a stray shower is what we're calling it and they could pop up at anytime but we will see
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cloudy skies around see seatford delaware and eastern sore of maryland as well and future cast shows a lot have clouds, lit built of sun. pop up showers by the even of the day. lets get to that seven day forecast. we have promised to show you the temperature for tomorrow. today 68 degrees. that is a little milder then yesterday for your columbus day holiday but look at tomorrow, 79 and then maybe 80, on wednesday. by thursday, we do calm down and we could have have some spring-like thunderstorms in the area wednesday ape thursday, morning, but we will dry out by friday. it is cooler with a high of 70 degrees but still quite pleasant. sat take autumn temperatures on sunday when we're down to 62 degrees for a high temperature. is there your seven day forecast. let's get back to that accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound right around 322, in swedesboro. the accident is involving an overturn tractor trailer. thinks a live look, from sky fox, and this is a live look at sky fox at a look at
7:19 am
traffic that is being diverted at route 37 to southbound 295, so as you can see right here the road is still closed, and it is not a look just yet. it looks like something is off to the side there maybe cab of the tractor trailer. well, we will keep an eye on that situation. but the point is don't take the turnpike. take 295 instead. now in bensalem street road near nights night road is there a building fire, and that is something you are advised to avoid that area take byberry road in that area between tuckerton road police have that road closed. your alternate is taunton road. now we will go up to flourtown bethlehem pike at east mill road a report of an accident there, alex. >> thanks, sue. a florida family is safe after being rescued from their sin king boat. >> ordeal all caught on camera. take a look at this dramatic footage showing six boaters being rescued. they said their vessel started to take on water. a good samaritan heard their cries and helped save the day.
7:20 am
>> they were in the middle of in where in the ocean on their way to miami. we saw a boat that tipped over and three kids and three adults begging for help waving with their hands. >> the boaters made to it shore and their boat was towed to a marina. let's talk eagles. i mean is everyone just excited. did you watch the game. >> the first half and then we have to go to bed. >> i know, giants shut out by our birds. this is the first shut out win for the eagles in nearly 20 years. the defense played a huge part in this game. jon and sean from the 7.5 will be here to break this all down. we will talk about the only down side to yesterday, the injury, to darren sproles. and what that could mean. and later, i mean you cannot resist, candy corn. you are probably a independent thinker if you cannot. how about pumpkin spies lattes, we will tell what you your favorite fall foods say about you. your favorite fall foods say about you.
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maxx style. maxx savings. keep you standards high and your spending low. fashion, family, home. maxx what matters most to you. maxx life at t.j.maxx. second and four, rolling right, buying time, wide open, touchdown, james casey. >> look at that fans are
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waiting for eagles to play a complete game and a team, took six weeks to do it. bird rolled over the giants, 27 to nothing at the the link. >> jon marks and sean brace from 97.59 fanatic here to talk about the game. i slept through the whole thing. >> you missed the whole game. >> how neat to hear al michaels voice to embarras the giant. >> i cannot say i was expecting it. were you expect to go see that kind of game. >> in, not at all. >> it is one of those games where a division rival, sunday night football, you figure it would be a battle to a even, and the defense, who expect the defense to play like that you can laugh and say what you want. i don't think it had anything to to with the black pants and black jerseys, but the giants want nod parts of the eagles last night. right from the jump. this was a different team. eagles went out there and smacked them in the face. giants had no answers. they should have kick field gel to get on the board.
7:25 am
>> but then cruz went down. >> victor cruisings down. >> what about shady mccoy, he came out and he showed up, didn't he. >> he to, he had big lanes to run through. these guys are actually playing together. they got their right tackle back in lane johnson there were big held to run through. shady had confidence. shady had a chip on his shoulder. he heard people talking including me and sean, all week, what is going on with lesean. what is he doing. you saw it. he is getting through those holes. it really sets up what the eagles do when shady mccoy is running the ball. >> fact is, we love offense and chip kelly but it comes down to the defense. this is third straight game. you are talking 16 sacks in three straight games, or three totallal combined games. it is amazing right now. you you can bank on the defense showing you up, and giving you that, who knows what will happen. we're all knowing what the owe even if will bring to the table but you defensively that is a surprise. >> second in the nfl in sacks the eagles and who would have thought that would happen.
7:26 am
so, this defense is stepping up, and they need it right now. >> i got to take to you task on that, they did all a of the scoring. they didn't score any points yesterday the the defense. >> but, you know what over the course of the season, you will see, teams that one week the defense is off. another week it is offense. another week it is special teams. >> the guys step up all year is darren sproles. you saw him go down. >> should we be worried. >> definitely but they have a bye week. you have an extra week to rehab there. >> he walk off too. >> he was smiling in the locker room saying that he is all right. but we have heard that before. michael kendricks was saying the same exact thing after the colts game and he had has been out for four straight games. >> hopefully it will turnout. >> thanks so much. we appreciate you coming on. >> go eagles. >> a lot of fun. you will have good calls today. >> oh, yeah. >> dear white people. >> yes. >> but it is actually a film that is create ago lot of
7:27 am
buzz, find out, we have the film maker on set for us. the message that he is trying to get across with this. could more cases of ebola pop up across the u.s., well, the cdc seems to think so. the the steps they are taking to try to prevent this deadly virus from have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax.
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but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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didn't buy an iphone six. how the new samsung note stacks up and which smart phonies best. and if you think that snap chat picture disappears after a few second. well, think again. thousands of pictures were hacked and put out there for the entire world to see, we're going to tell you warning from snap chat for using any other apps. >> is there anything safe on line, my goodness. and do you prefer dark meat this thanksgiving. you may be, well, a pretty patient person. sound like you you? how about some pumpkin pie for dessert. what your favorite snack food says burr personality. >> i like candy corn. >> my uncle fred would get within of the turkey legs. >> yes. >> what do you like. >> i like dark meat. >> yes. >> fit is white meat it gets dry. >> that is how i feel about turkey. >> yes. >> new concerns this morning at cdc confirms a dallas
7:31 am
health work shore treated thomas duncan has tested positive for the ebola virus. >> her case marks first known transmission here on u.s. soil. so how did this happen? brett bear joins us live from washington here. brett, good morning to you. the cdc. >> chris and alex, good morning. >> good morning. head of the cdc says there was a break down here in protocol. >> reporter: break down in protocol. they are looking into exactly what happened. but you have, obviously, a number of different health care work hours dealt with mr. duncan, in various stages of his hospitalization, and obviously the protocol would suggest that they would have to be completely covered and healed, if you will, to be able to deal with him because of the contagious of the ebola virus. so at some point that did not happen it appears and now the question is, how much did she contact other people, and is
7:32 am
there anybody in her circles who they need to then quarantine. >> well, they are saying the cdc and of course this is likely going to spread. do you think this means there needs ton more training in hospitals all across the country. >> yes, that is happening actually. it is, the cdc, and other groups, trying to get their hot up to speed this whole thing happens in dallas where mr. duncan walks n he says he fridays liberia. he has a fever. he is sent home with two tylenol and essentially call me in the morning. it became this thing that hospitals really need to step up the training. >> and what about treating us, that ruled out this past weekend screening at airports. is it possibly they will expand that too besides just five major airports. >> reporter: well, remember the screening is only good to a point, because the ebola virus can be in the body for 21 days, in this period so
7:33 am
they could than a symptomatic or not showing any signs. but the it consists of 94 percent of the pass evening their come from that end of the world. they think that is the best screening, short of stopping the flights. >> and brett, of course, other big story internationally you will be focusing on later on on the "fox news" channel is christ business isis if we can call it. that one thing that caught my eye, is is in a new publication is justifying the kidnapping of women and making them sex slaves. >> yes, and some of those things that are coming out officeis or isil as the administration is calling it, they are pretty astonishing. the u.n. even said that if this town, along the turkish syrian border cabani falls they expect thousands and thousands to be killed, and in horrific ways.
7:34 am
this organization is pretty amazing. it is more virulent ordaining rust than al qaeda a. we will see if groups troops go in. brett fair, thanks very much. now lets get to sue with the weather for this morning, hey there, sue. >> let check out what bus stop buddy is wearing. a lot of, and new jersey, a lot of celebrating going on. we have some kid off school for the columbus day holiday. some don't. it depend where you go to school. regardless everybody is smiling like buddy is about the eagles win. cloudy and cool as we get started. fifty's for the in most part for your temperatures. in your weather by the numbers we will go with a seven out of ten today. it won't be perfect. there is a lot of clouds on your satellite and radar picture and a few showers down to the south. we had a few areas of green popping up in radar on new jersey. not necessarily raining, but, definitely cloudier then yesterday. we have 58 degrees right now heading to a a high of 68, and
7:35 am
then tonight with all that moisture in the air we will have a a low of 58 degrees and fog overnight. that is your weather authority forecast. the lets get to traffic. we still have this problem on the new jersey turnpike southbound, just past 322, and it is down in swedesboro, and thinks video that was taken about an hour or so ago. the the tractor trailer we here overturned it but sky fox is showing that the road was closed, it is still closed, so, 295 is your alternate. now, in bensalem, street road, near knights road is there a building fire there. avoid that. byberry road is a good alternate. in medford, new jersey jackson road between stokes and tuckerton, police activity has that road closed and your alternate is taunton road. on i-95 northbound just past cottman avenue we have an accident there. the right lane is block. traffic is already, slowing
7:36 am
down, chris. >> thanks, sue. 7:35. it was a shocking incident that took the life of a three-year old. she's gone but definitely not forgotten. very special project started by another young girl that hopes to light where there was once darkness. a girl makes an upsing observation, parentally there aren't any women in the catalogue. ceo's response to this girls letter. and did you put up your halloween decorations? if so we want to see them. you hear that music. that is setting the mood. >> that is john carpenter's mood music. >> so tweet us with the hash tag fox 29 good day. use our hash tag so we can see tag fox 29 good day. use our hash tag so we can see thosewhat's possible today?
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at welcome back at 7:39. take a look at this sunrise. it is beautiful. >> that is rising over atlantic city. smashing pumpkins for you.
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how a pope use is that. do you have your decorations yet. >> no. >> we will get to that but we want you see your decorations. we need inspiration. use that hash tag fox 29 good day. >> a young cheltenham singing work to go save lives through song n a touching tribute to a three-year he will girl murdered this past summer. >> ♪ >> fourteen year-old amani bradford recorded a video for i can feel it from the park not far from grays ferry where three-year old tynirah borum was shot and killed get herring hair braided on a porch in august. amani wants the song to inspire young people to take care of each other. >> i am real excited, because i am really hoping that this will make people stop the violence against kids. >> tynirah's mother was on hand for the taping and she says that she was deeply
7:41 am
touched. >> it is a beautiful song. i love it. it is really nice. it has a whole lot of meaning to it. they are keeping it in the family. her uncle wrote i can feel it and the video is expect to be done in a week. >> such a sad story over the summer they are trying to put a positive spin on it. can you guess the billboard women of the year. >> alex holley in fox 29 and philadelphia pennsylvania. >> it is not beyonce which is surprising for me. the top pop singer taking the top spot, and they beat beyonce, that is saying a lot. are you looking for a new phone, samsung note four comes out this friday. is this worth the hype. we will tell you who it it tax
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7:44 am
and, the leaves are starting to change, color atwoodlock resort in the poconos mountains. it is starting to look very pretty up there and as it is around here as well. when we have sunshine yesterday, probably not today. we will have a little bit of rain on ultimate doppler radar. it is more like showers, and most of them are quite, a bit south of us, and down there in delaware. very light showers. not a big deal.
7:45 am
future cast real quick we will show you mostly cloudy. stray shower popping up later on this afternoon, as more of that moist air moves in from the south east and then we will head to tuesday, and a little bit more sunshine and probably getting up close to 80 degrees on tuesday. tomorrow looks like a good day. wednesday, night is when we will get some thunderstorms rolling through here, and into thursday morning. that could be pretty nasty with some cooler air moving in. 58 degrees, from philadelphia, and, 49, and 54 in lancaster. fifty-five in millville. it is 63 degrees, pretty mild for this time of the year in wildwood. we will get a taste of that milder air, that is down around houston, and, at the moment, 76 in new orleans. some of that air moving in over the next few days. so we have a bit of the roller coaster ride in our weather authority, seven day, forecast. so is there columbus day. holiday is today. so we have 68 degrees. so 79 tomorrow. yep, 79 degrees, tomorrow. 80 degrees on wednesday.
7:46 am
late day then are storms lasting into thursday. and then drying out on friday. it is a little bit cooler but still pretty nice. saturday's high 72 degrees. back to autumn temperatures, and 62 on sunday. that takes us back to the seven day forecast. now we will go back to this accident we have been telling but it all morning. new jersey turnpike southbound, on 322, the major accident involving a overturn tractor trailer and another vehicle. this is video from earlier this morning. unfortunately we have just confirmed there was a fatality in that accident. and, sky fox, was over, earlier and you are seeing while it is still dark out, the road is still closed at this hour. traffic is being diverted to route 73, at route 73, to 295, that is your alternate. now we will go to the northeast, extension and quakertown, and, in upper dublin fitzwater town road, past susquehanna road. we have a report of an accident there it has been a busy traffic morning,
7:47 am
unfortunately, chris. my samsung is crack. samsung gearing up for big release of the galaxy note four, this coming friday, and, we have in our studio right now just compare with the i phone six plus. alexes is here with tech expert an tone toy find out. so i'm really interested. i'm all ears on this one. >> my iphone 4s is crack. hey there, anthony. we have both here, getting a sneak peak. >> what i did was i brought iphone six, verse the samsung because the iphone six plus is just a tad smaller, so i wanted you to see the actual difference between the physical sizes of the device. what do you think. >> it is huge, that is why they call i had a tablet, it is size of my face. it is huge. >> remember the security code here. >> i'm learning things. >> but guess what. >> long code. >> i do have a long code. >> but, we have a lock screen there. >> you can see the time here
7:48 am
7:47. >> but let's talk about the life here and the battery life. we know with the iphone, if you have one, you know, i have to have a portable charger and it is always dying on me. >> i got up earlier this morning but my phonies at 69 percent while samsung is hanging strong. one important thing about these samsung devices here if you use the samsung charger, it will charge from zero to 30, or 50 percent in 30 minutes. >> wow. >> thirty minutes. >> thirty minutes. >> all it takes. >> yes, indeed. >> and, we have to make it complicated for security and we're back on. >> we're back on. >> this is what it looks like, when you get the phone. >> let show another cool feature. ultimate was wide selfie. looking up at the the monitor. we will try to keep a steady hand. but, you move the phone from side to side, and it will process a selfie. it is jittery there. >> yes. >> samsung did it for us. >> look at that. >> like a wide selfie. >> all of the kids on line it
7:49 am
will crop picture down for instance gram. >> i was just saying that for kids. >> yes, better smile. lou good. >> thank you. >> when you take pictures at least i have the samsung, i don't know which one it is, what is that one. >> you have got the the s4, the s5 and s3. >> i have to crop it down for instance gram. the this is more social media friendly. >> more social media friendly and more fun to get to the core question, both of these phones are excellent devices. now, if you are a mom and dad looking for an easy seem less experience you will wanting to to the iphone. more of a tech geek that wants latest greatest little more innovation and power and when i say innovation i'm givinged in to samsung. >> yes. >> because of the things like the selfie campaign things like that. >> selfie cam, the charging, it is the screen. i mean this apple product, apple pay will be awesome, it is still feels like the same a old iphone just a little bit bigger good when you say more tech savvy, my parents are
7:50 am
watching they mean it is complicated. i don't know anything about that. does that mean it is more complicated. >> it is not the more complicated. if you have a technical background is there more features and things you can do. it is more opened. you can put a memory chip in here to do different things. apple a's technology seems to be a little bit more locked down. >> so mom and dad for this one and younger tech savvy kids for this one. >> or the techy mom and dads too. bring them on board. >> are they go to go exchange them for the samsung this one feels better in the pocket. i can tell you net three i ripped two pair of suit pockets. they have change a design while it is still bigot does fit better in the pock. that was my major complaint with the note three. >> will it bend like the i phones six plus. >> it will bend. iphone six getting in trouble. there was less than ten reported instances. we have to give apple a little love there. there is no bend gate. >> this comes out friday.
7:51 am
are we expecting, preordering or is that only with apple products. >> you can preother it now. samsung has released the preorder site. >> well, thank you so much. >> that is cool. >> we can swipe across. >> you can swipe, move, shake. >> but when it comes to the general operating system if you have an android now it is the same when it comes to that. >> it is still the same. they will release updates. but it looks good sharing across the big screen with the videos. >> i can only imagine panoramic pictures you can take with this. >> iphone i have trouble. i know i can do it. >> it is coming at you. >> i necessity you can do it but i have to hold it, and slowly. is this the same way with this one. >> it is better with this. taking selfies. >> yes. >> you were shaking all over the place, they came out well. >> but it work. we did it. >> which one do you have, because i necessity you have two which do you use the most. >> i have the iphone six right new but that is because i broke my finger and dictation was much bigger than this.
7:52 am
>> yes. >> okay. >> yes, anthony, we appreciate that. so, anthony take that suit to the tailoring south philly, they will take care of you. hackers, i'm sure anthony is all ears on this one as well, leak more than hundred thousand photos and videos from snap chat. they were collect through a third party app that a allows to you save messages despite snap chat delete them after 52nd. users tell the business insider that the collection posted in an event called the snap happening, includes child pornography, that is because half of the snap chat users are teens as you know between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. let's stay with the tech theme here. another data breach, this time at k-mart. sears holding says credit and debit card accounts of credit customers have may have been hack. they cannot say how many cards were affect but they believe no personal information such as pins, eat mail address and social security numbers.
7:53 am
there is no evidence that shoppers were affected. the it is latest in the the string of incidents. you will remember target last holiday season and more recently home depot customers, were hack. as everyone has an opinion about this, is what the best breakfast sandwich in philadelphia. well, this will cause a a lot of fights. where you should stop for breakfast, according to za got. did you put up your halloween decorations f so, show them to us, tweet them to us with the hash tags fox 29 good day. iowa than the to see big once like lights, pumpkins, and, figurines. i want to see it all. use that hash tag fox 29 good day. we want to see them. we will show them on air. i'm sheldon yellin,
7:54 am
and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people
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7:56 am
welcome back. it is 7:56. we are taking a look at the philadelphia a international airport. it is a little windy there a lot have of activity going on.
7:57 am
>> yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. so we talked about this earlier. what do your favorite fall foods say but. >> so, a writer with the huffing ton post has come up with a list of fall specific goods and satisfaction though offer a glimpse into our lives if you love candy corn. >> do i. >> so you are an independent their. >> but i also lack self control. >> that true. >> yes. >> when it comes to candy corn. >> you cannot resist. >> if it is out, i have to grab it. >> pumpkin spice latte. >> i don't know if i'm pumpkin train. i like tonight some things but not everything. if you do like it, you understand value of appreciating a good thing while you have it even fit is only for a limited time. >> you fall in love with those things and they take ate wase if you. >> do you love pumpkin pie. >> i only eat hit this time the the of the year. i'm a tradition list. >> finally if you look forward to the dark meat. >> do i. >> as you said earlier. >> you are a patient
7:58 am
opportunity seeker, when you see an opportunity, you are brave enough to make the mess of it. >> that true. >> yes. >> aren't we all. >> yes. >> good opportunity right here in front of you. >> are you patient first. >> no, i'm not patient at all especially when it comes to pumpkin pie and turkey dinner. >> i don't like to wait. let's hurry up and eat this. >> like, when i met my wife. >> um-hmm. >> i was than the patient at all. >> no. >> i kept on hearing everything else. some guys wait in the wings and they get together and go on their first date. i have been in love with you for six years. >> you didn't waste anytime. >> did she like that at first. >> she thought it was creepy. >> i wonder why. >> no. >> but, nevada rated best breakfast sandwich necessary philly and winner is. >> metropolitan bakery. bakery serves up a mouth watering egg and cheese
7:59 am
business kit, fried egg with cheddar cheese and bacon onion jam. >> i haven't heard of that. >> yes. >> writ even house square area. >> so writ even house. >> bacon onion jam. it. >> it is served all day basically and it cost just six bucks which is not so rittenhouse. other sandwich estimated the cut, the egg and cheese, at hirsch he will's east side deli. how about this sausage and egg burrito on the miles table. >> that is all fancy. >> when i think breakfast sandwich i think eggs, sauce able, cheese, biscuit. >> food in philly is off the chart. >> we have to try this in the 9:00 o'clock hour. the ramem burger. >> ramen burger. >> that is in the bun. i can't wait to try that. that within good. >> so, we will to have see how that goes. but you eat breakfast sandwiches. >> i eat everything. >> everything. >> and anything breakfast. >> left overs, pizza, dark turkey. >> it is monday, october 13th,
8:00 am
2014. >> reporter: eagles fans say his prosthetic leg was stolen during tailgating festivities. we will talk to him with his story coming up next, alex. a little girl has a big problem with the major sporting company but instead of complaining she's taking action. what she noticed in a popular catalogue that has a powerful ceo issuing a big apology. plus, listen to this. >> dear white people: the the minimum requirement of black friends needed to not seem racist has been just raised to two. but sorry, but your white man tie ren does not count. >> this got your attention, dear white people, this is the film grabbing everybody attention. it examines race relations in the age of president obama. the director will be in studio on good day this morning, and it should be good. >> yes. >> and billboard shakes things
8:01 am
up, the music magazine names its most powerful woman of the year. why this might surprise you. any guesses. >> there might be some people that might be possibilities and we will do reveal later. >> good morning, sue. >> we will reveal sue serio. >> yes. >> i have the the power every day to pick a number. >> that is true. >> and then people tell me when they disagree with it, but i wimp out and then i change it. >> yes. >> so i haven't change it, nobody is complaining. the it is a seven out of ten. >> they won't complain about that. >> mostly dry, milder temperatures. the thing is we will see more clouds then sunshine today and you cannot rule out a stray shower, so bus stop buddy, it is eagles redal use for kids who are the not going to school today. some have off for the columbus day holiday. temperatures mostly in the the 50's this morning. and, a look at the satellite radar picture a lot of clouds, a little bit of rain, just a little bit in southern delaware. so, it is not a big deal. but you if you see a sprinkle or two don't be surprised.
8:02 am
the those are the clouds you see here in olde city, it is 58 degrees, relative humidity at 78 percent, southeasterly breeze at 8 miles an hour. high temperature 68, mostly cloudy, as we said, stray showers, possible, tonight down to 58 degrees, fog after midnight. and there it is, your fox cast. so monday morning our big problem all morning has been a problem on the new jersey turnpike, right around 322 in swedesboro. a major accident. overturn tractor trailer and another vehicle. we do have confirmation now that this was a fatal accident. sky fox is over the accident scene earlier, showing us, what was going on. now, the right lane is now opened to traffic, on that part of the turnpike but it is still may be a good idea to take 295 instead. now, blue route, southbound just past the lima springfield exit there is an accident there on the right shoulder, and finally in upper dublin fitzwater town road past
8:03 am
susquehanna road reports of an accident there, alex. >> thanks, sue. >> eagles have a bye week this week after a huge win in new york. they deserve a little rest. bird jumped on the giants earlier last night and never looked back. nick foles threw two touchdowns and lesean mccoy had 149 yards, running and the bird 27 to nothing win. the eagles defense harassed eli manning all night long, and this was eagles first shut out win, since 1996. we like it. >> yes, zach ertz celebrating. how fun was that. so speaking of the game, file this next story under, only in philly. >> police are searching for a thief who stole a man's prosthetic leg outside the link last night. we are going to get to jenny joyce live from south philadelphia with all of the details here. >> reporter: we caught up with the victims this morning at south detectives. he told thaws police are pulling surveillance video to see if they can track down this woman who apparently stole his prosthetic leg during tailgating festivities yesterday.
8:04 am
lets take a look at this video. sonny is still in his eagles jersey overnight, and, he made his way to south detectives hopping in on one leg. he tells us last night he was performing on the the street in the area have of xfinity live. he was entertaining crowd. quickly the sun, turned to trouble. he said girl broke his mike and stole his prosthetic leg and then ran off. other women, changed, his feet but did not catch her. and made it to watch the eagles pull off a shut out win. they later found the prosthetic near the olney transportation center. so the night turned around and while he says he thinks this woman was just having drunk fun, she needs to learn from this. his leg could have been seriously altered if he did not get the prosthetic back. >> you need to get down on your knees and pray to god that that doesn't happen to her or she doesn't get sick, or become disabled, and she should go ahead, and use her brain for more than just a beer bottle or liquor bottle. you know, i drink but i don't
8:05 am
get stupid like that. >> reporter: sonny forest, junior was all smiles as he left south detectives, with his prosthetic back in place. he is a pretty laid bachmann but still obviously bothered by what happened to him and up is working with the police on this investigation. alex and chris. >> we don't know a lot about that women, do we, the suspect in this case do we at this point, jennifer. >> reporter: we know nothing about her. again, there there was a group that tried to chase after her but they did not reach her. sonny forest says hopefully this surveillance video will find out who she is. >> she was likely a giants fan. >> probably. >> had to be. >> she was angry. >> well, there is a lot going on at the link last night but there was a little love in the air, during the eagles game. >> here it is, getting down on one knee a couple celebrating a victory with the eagles, and a night they will never forget. this fan pops a question, yes, the bride to be said yes.
8:06 am
>> congratulations to the couple. look at her. is that a tailgate. it looks like outside. >> strictly from champagne. >> yes. >> what do you think. >> when you are proposed to do you want it to be in the public place like this or do you want it to be private, intimate. >> i think i want both. >> you want both? >> not that i'm trying to plan it out. would i like for him to do it with me and him in private and then after it, go in the room and see family and friend. >> let me ask you this question, so mize uncle married later in life. he was 50 when he got married. we found out after they got back after getting married in vegas. they are married after all these years. then they decided to have a wedding party later. then it never happened. >> i kind of like that idea. >> i want to see them get married. >> for the the wedding, i do want it to be with my family and everything. >> yes. >> so are than knows. >> we will get our top stories out of the morning.
8:07 am
oscar pistorius is back in the south african courtroom to face sentencing. psychologist testified on behalf of the defense, she said olympic runner is a broken man after killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. sentencing is expect to take a week. the is tore just was found guilty of culpable homicide last month and punishment could be a suspended sentence to as much as 15 years in prison. health officialness texas are monitoring some 50 people may have had close contact with the dallas nurse, who contacted ebola from thomas duncan the man died from the virus this past week. head of the cdc says a breach in protocol, led to that worker becoming infect but officials have not been able to pinpoint what went wrong. there are questions over dialysis that were given. hospital says the the nurse wore full protective gear while caring for duncan. a philadelphia developer plans to buy pier shops at caesars in atlantic city. bart blatstein told the press of atlantic city said he has an agreement to buy the shopping center.
8:08 am
investment group owns the pier shops. the mall cost 200 million-dollar to develop, before it was sold at a foreclosure auction in 2011. no comment yet from officials with the pier shops. 8:08. the massive show of support for victims of the sex related hazing scandal that rocked a central new jersey high school and its football program. >> this is serious stuff. hundreds of people as you can see turnout for anti bullying rally with a cross the street from sayreville war memorial high school. seven members of that football team, ages 15 to 17 have been charged, with sexually assaulting four freshman last movement all of them have been suspended, but investigators are still uncertain how many others victims might be out there the entire town is just in shock. >> it is so rare to talk about it that way but at least they have the opportunity now to get some therapy, to begin the healing process instead of being 40 or 50 years old and their life has come off the rails and they do not understand why. >> the seven students could be
8:09 am
tried as adults, which means, more prison time, and they would be required to register as sex offenders. all seven remain in custody pending their first court hearing which thinks week. >> that whole thing is so sad. it will affect them for the rest on have their lives. >> and to be registered as a sex offender so young, serious implications. 8:09. forget seven year itch, new research shows toughest year of marriage is even sooner then. that just how quickly your relationship can take a turn for the worst. but first a little girl calls out a major sporting company. what she's taking action. why he's apologizing to her and all women out there this morning. also did you put up your halloween decorations up? we're two weeks away. if so we want to see them. tweet us, use the hash tag fox 29 good day. use that hash tag so we can see that those pictures. we want to see them on air this morning.
8:10 am
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well. all right. we will start off with a look at action we had in the tropics over the weekend. we have the formation of fey and gonzales. fey became a hurricane, gonzales still a tropical storm. we will start by looking at that one. it is, kind of near the island of an teeing, 60 miles an hour winds so we have to get to 74 to be a hurricane. the as we look at the projection of the track of this storm, it looks like it will move close to puerto rico, probably hit virgin island still as a tropical storm but strength men to a category two hurricane out over open waters of the atlantic. that is what the computer models are saying is the track but it puts it on a beeline to the island of ber mute a as a category two. this will be bearing close watching throughout the week. so fey, hit bermuda already as a tropical storm with 60, 65 miles an hour wind. now it is out to sea, still a tropical storm. a little bit of action in the the tropics for this
8:14 am
mid-october time. ultimate doppler is showing some rain out to our southwest, starting to move in our direction. it is in the really very impressive. it is just light showers. barely making it to the ground. if you see a sprinkle or two in southern delaware, that is what is going on there 49 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-three in allentown and pottstown. 58 degrees in fill and will hinge in ton. sixty-three in wildwood. 61 degrees in dover. it is not a bad morning at all just a lot of clouds but warmer air is coming down from the southwest, where it is already, 76 degrees in new orleans at this time of the day. it is very brief, flirtation with summertime as we get to 79 degrees tomorrow, and then 80, possibly, on wednesday. so, that is before the thunderstorms hit. and they will probably be with us wednesday into thursday, and, dry and cooler on friday, and then saturday, it looks pretty nice. sunday is nice too but a lot cooler then saturday when autumn temperatures return. that is your weather thorough
8:15 am
forecast. the lets get started with a look at the schuylkill expressway right around belmont avenue exit. it looks like a lot of traffic but it is moving around a all fine. a fatal accident involving overturn tractor trailer and another vehicle. we know sky fox was over the accident. we really saw a big mess there with the tractor trailer on its side. well, as they continue to, try clean up that accident, the right lane is opened but 295 is a better idea to get by. on the blue route southbound past lima springfield an accident there, it has been moved to the shoulder, chris. >> sue serio, thank you. 8:00 is a is the time. a young girl is changing the way a major retailer does business after she noticed something missing from their catalogue. >> our kerry berry joins us live with her story. >> here's our hero. this is 12 year-old mckenna peterson. she notice there had was not a single woman in the dick's
8:16 am
sporting goods catalogue. she spoke up. she wrote a letter to the company. dick's ceo admitted they made a mistake. mcken ace a daughter of az central on line web site, sportswriter chris peterson. very proud to be a female athlete. she wondered why women were miss ing from the company's new basketball catalogue. but instead of simply complaining bit she decided to do something. she took action. she wrote a letter. she explained exactly why she was upset. so in the letter to dick's which her dad by the way posted on twitter she wrote it is hard enough for girls to break through in the sport as it is without you guys excluding us from your catalogue. oh, wait, sorry, there is a girl in the cat looking on page six, sitting until the stands, thousands of people retweeted her letter and caught at tension of dick's c. eo. he responded with a public apology saying quote we clearly messed up and i can personally guarantee that next year basketball catalogue will
8:17 am
prominently feature female athletes as it should have this year. her dad, is there a picture of the letter right there, her dad say that they spoke to dick's sporting goods. they actually thank her for the letter. she said her word left the the company to reevaluate as you gist heard their next catalogue when it comes out next year. the the fact that you would have to do this, at the this stage. >> yeah. >> it is a little disheartening, but kudos to her for actually doing something about this. and look here we are talking about it this morning. >> she's getting results. >> exactly. >> letter from the ceo, that is saying something. >> they are paying attention and taking notes. >> as well they should. such a young age and so clear mind to effect change. that is so cool. >> twelve years old, yeah. >> thanks, kerry. >> 8:17. a philadelphia restaurant was mentioned on saturday night live but it wasn't for the food. >> a new you restaurant is opening up in philadelphia that will pay its waiters $13 an hour but will not allow customers to tip them. no tipping policy has been in
8:18 am
effect for years among its black customers. i'm kidding, i say black tip tip. i tip like 65 percent, of the time. >> of the time, right. >> we told but the restaurant he is referring to called girard's in fishtown and made headlines for its no tipping policy. in addition to the server salary girard owners say they provide workers with health insurance, paid sick days and profit sharing. >> i don't want to make headlines for that. what a joke though, racist joke, but it is a good thing that they are paying their waiters that much. it is good that is happening. you don't want to depend on. we have shady mccoy here. we criticize these sexy halloween costumes for adults but some say halloween is too sexy for kids. the costumes getting parents really fired up this morning. but first billboard shakes things up, music magazines
8:19 am
names its women of the year, but we will tell you why this is probably going to surprise you. and you have the decorations out just yet, we want to see them, use the hash tag fox 29 good day and here is some, it will look even better at nighttime on october 31st, keep sending them. >> look at that huge pumpkin. >> there is a big pumpkin.
8:21 am
8:22 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at we're taking a live look at olde city at 8:22 this morning. it is cloud on it there so far. >> it is something really beautiful. >> what. >> billboard names taylor swift women of the year. >> this marks first time an artist has been given that honor, twice. >> ♪ >> now we are showing weird part of the video but it is a good one, i like it. last month swift scored a number one hit, hot 100 song
8:23 am
on the charity, it was her most pop oriented song to date. she was named women of the year in 2011. she's doing a lot and she is still young. >> born intpennsylvania, yes moved on to tennessee. >> so we're proud of her. there it is, twice. >> do you like her work. >> yeah, yeah. i like shake it off. some of the other songs but i like shake it off. >> they play it every where. >> shake it off like a will polaroid picture. >> yes, that is outcast. look at you. >> yes, i will get there. >> a little q. >> he has been helping you out >> yes. >> well, queen elizabeth honor actress angelina jolie in the buckingham palace ceremony. >> queen made jolie an honorary dame for her work against sexual violence in war zones and her services to british foreign policy. she received at ward friday during a private meeting with the queen. both she and her husband brad
8:24 am
pitt have done so much off screen to help people. >> yes. >> it is a nation. >> they are a powerful couple and they are doing a lot. don't they have like seven kid. >> yes. >> they have a lot of kids. >> they are darn good looking, aren't they. >> yes. >> they don't eat junk food. >> they don't to anything wrong. >> when it comes to america's favorite foods, yes, we are eat ago lot of protein evidently. >> and, stake ranks as number one favorite food to eat in america. chicken, beef, bacon and corned beef are protein rich foods that made the list. >> i love corn beef. >> i just never eat it. >> yes. >> and pizza and waffles also appear in the top ten. research comes from davidson's pasteurized eggs. >> yes. >> i can see why stake, i want a stake, yeah. >> you know what i mean. >> is there so much that says protein, more protein, and high carbs diet and it has been inverted from what we learned in the 80's as a kids
8:25 am
essentially. it is swapping bread for ramon. we will tell you where you can pick up this ridiculous meal or maybe it is ridiculously good, maybe you want to have it on your lunch break. it looks like a bun. ramon noodles. >> where is the beef. >> but first, it is a film grabbing everyone's attention, dear white people, race relations in the age of president obama. the the director is here in the studio, we will have him on good day,
8:27 am
- ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours.
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here and only here. ♪ come and get it. sky fox is over breaking news in mount laurel, new jersey. another accident on a different part of the new jersey turnpike. this accident is southbound, on the turnpike approaching route 73 as you can see a
8:29 am
overturn truck and right lane is block. that will be cause ago lot of difficult through this part of the morning rush hour, and again, southbound, on the new jersey turnpike, approaching route 73, traffic is jammed in that area. and then is there the other problem on the turnpike, a little further south around route 322 in swedesboro that major accident, that fatal accident that involved an overturn tractor trailer. traffic is divert todd 295, to get by. now, in willow grove, we have cedar avenue at easton road, and a accident to tell but there. that is a look at your traffic this morning. the let's give you a preview what the week will be like in weather, temperatures are really taking kind of a roller coaster ride, today is cloudy and cool with the stray shower. you can see clouds here in olde city but rest of the week we have a couple of days of summery temperatures, kind of around 80 degrees tomorrow and wednesday and then back to fall, temps by the weekend but bus stop buddy, so excited about the eagles win last night.
8:30 am
eagles gear should be enough with temperatures in the 50's. we will give you a seven out of ten with all of those clouds right now. expect to see more clouds then sunshine the rest of the day. maybe a peak of sun here and there but a stray shower isn't out of the question with a high of 68. tonight we will get down to 58 degrees. that is your monday morning fox cast from the weather authority. dear white people: the minimum requirement of black friends needed to not seem racist has just been raised to two. sorry, but your wing man tyrone does not count. >> dear white people, please stop touching my hair, does this look like a petting zoo to you. >> dating a black person to pis off your parent is a form of racism. >> we are looking at clip from his a film that is cause ago lot have of buzz. dear white people is a movie for our time.
8:31 am
>> it is calling us out. >> yes. >> up close look at racial relations in the age of obama but not in the way many would think. here to tell us about his film, what a film that is going to be big. we have justin simon, director and producer of this film. >> yes, producer and director. i'm glad to be here. >> thanks for coming on. >> absolutely. >> is this a psa for white people. >> not exactly. it is a provocative title. i want people to come and be prepared to think and be challenge by the film but it is a about these four black kids who are struggling with their own identities in a mostly white college. they are learning how to sort of go between the different culture, one character is white who has a radio show that is called dear white people that sets off controversy that i spirals the the film for it. >> lets look at those images we saw right there. bee friending two african-americans, for the white guy.
8:32 am
>> yes. >> we have two right now. >> thank you very much. >> we are your friends. >> yes. >> i mean you could turn the tables. you have white friend you hang around with. >> i have plenty of white friend. >> i have friends of all races. it was more so a kind of take down tokenism, idea i cannot be racist because i have one black friend. >> i have have have heard that before. my best friend is black. >> so you upped the anti a little bit. >> what about the dating thing, in the hallway in the college of the high school and not to get your parents upset by dating an have african-american. >> no one likes to be dated because it is getting the other parents upset. it is a fin line between being satisfied and celebrated for how are. >> now i know this is supposed to spark dialogue but are you having any feedback. >> especially the on the internet. we were worn and raised on the internet. this started as a concept trailer to raise money and get
8:33 am
people excited before we were able to make the film. i'm used to people just off the the title loan, leaving all sorts of crazy comments but the greatest thing is once people actually see the film we have been able to screen the philadelphia cross the country, all of the young, black, white, everybody else, they are able to see themselves in these characters. >> you saw yourself in some of of these characters right. >> yes. >> they are based on your own experiences. >> you know what it is sort of coming from my point of view, particularly in college and just different ways that people used their identity and the the way i have used my identity. >> where did you go to school. >> grad school chat man university. >> you grew up in houston texas. >> yes. >> did you see racial tension there. >> i always had a sense of racial tension just growing up, but for me, my upbringing was a grew up in an all black neighborhood but i was sort of bus stop with mostly white schools and that is playing with something which i wish i was very much aware of. >> what do you hope this movie will show white people and everybody else.
8:34 am
>> i would like everybody, regardless of race to walk out of the film thinking about who they really are and the the ways sometime we shortchanged who we are, to put on a identity that is to get ahead or make people think of news a certain way. >> in labels, right, trying to take away the label, that african americans might have. >> a movie will in the do that. but, i think there is something very powerful in people able to see themselves on the big screen, and for people to see themselves in characters that don't look like them. >> i was wondering if you are preaching to the inquire any person might already been resentive to that. >> do i authenticity a point of the movie is to be a message movie. i don't think of this as a psa or political ad. is there something so great tying to be able to see your experience articulate ad on the big screen. it has been so great to see college kids come up to and say thinks exact conversation we have been having with one another and we didn't know how to put it until this have movie happen. it is a comedy. safe space for people to kind
8:35 am
of laugh. the at sun dance i told all have the lovely white people in attendance you do have permission to laugh. >> it is okay, it is all good. >> someone say it might get so bigot might be a television. >> i lime that rumor a lot. >> is there any truth to it just yet. >> it is something would i love to see happen. i think these characters, they have a lot more to say and do and it would be great to do that on a weekly basis this movie will be here in philadelphia. >> that is right october 24th. >> looking forward to it. the director, writer, producer of dear white people. pleasure to meet you. >> chris, did you learn anything? >> just kidding. >> scarlet johann son was esquire magazine sexiest woman alive last year but magazine has crown a new winner, the the actress men are just drooling over this morning. but first the best hotelness each state, where do you say where you vacation down the shore, ocean city hot spot getting national recognition. did you put up your halloween decorations just
8:36 am
yet. coming up. >> no, i don't have any. >> you have, please use hash tag fox 29 good day. look at these copping in, pretty cool. >> that is a big one. pretty cool. >> that is a big one. >> is that a devil i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier
8:37 am
to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to
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8:39 am
it is 8:39 with a live look at the the pocono mountains have the we have fog out there. >> you have to have a roller coaster ride this whole week, tropical warmer temperatures, wet weather, just in time for my mom to come visit. >> what a great welcome for her. >> you can now shop without your wallet thanks to apple and walgreens. than line memo to wall green managers was leak over the weekend and said apple pay will go live this saturday in wall green stores. customers need a new i phones with updatedded ios8 to use
8:40 am
pavement service. all you have to does tap your phone to the upper portion of the store's pen pass to pay for your purchase. >> yes. >> i don't want people knowing what i'm's spending, where abe all the time. >> yes. >> exactly. >> so we will see how that goes. >> web site, that is come out with the list of the coolest hotels in every state. we will go over the ones in our area so, pennsylvania, the red caboose motel and restaurant in rocks, pennsylvania. guests can sleep in railcars, and take buggy rides with the kids. that sound family friendly. >> do you remember that, riding the back. >> every time. >> it works. >> in new jersey atlantis inn in ocean city, big attraction, the rooftop sun deck. do you see it there, lounge chairs, everything else. >> i like that. >> and in delaware, help tell du pont in wilmington. now we saw that with our live shows my first week. it was beautiful. i just went through the lobby. it is an amazing hotel. >> i have family in delaware.
8:41 am
and, if you go in the lobby, especially when it is snowing outside you need to use the rest room. >> those are the best rest rooms. >> they are locked there in the hotel. iowa there is before you go here when we had all of our snow coverage. in between hit with mike and sue, and they wouldn't let me in. >> oh, yeah. >> that is funny, because i got in no problem, what is that all about. >> yes you are a lady, i'm a smelly man. >> you are in your snow gear. >> they have marble walls. >> yes. >> for your bathroom. >> thinks kind have nice. >> ornate beautiful hotel. just a worth to wilmington in and of itself. >> new we will get to quincy, hey there, q. >> how are you guys doing. we are at franklin institute. we are going to be a detective. i have fredrick berkley here and we will find out how to eliminate germs and all kind of stuff. >> your hand are number one carrier. we will show you how to get rid of that bay cleaning them
8:42 am
really well. rid of that bay cleaning them really well. >> coming up next on good
8:44 am
in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
8:45 am
♪ >> mike is back tomorrow and he is in kansas city, seeing his family for his daughter's what was it. >> bridal shower. >> yes. >> all right. moving on. >> so we did pretty good. >> it has been almost six hours straight on air. >> hold on now, we still have more to go. >> yes. >> i have to make mention of this, brian nash said hotel du pont theater is the best kept secret as we were talking about great hotels in the area. >> right next to it. >> yes. >> we will have have to check that out. >> 8:45. sadly we are living in the age where news of the ebola out break and enterovirus is a daily occurrence. >> the big question is how do we educate kids about these issues and that have just become too common pleas.
8:46 am
>> our friend at the franklin institute that is very kid friendly as our quincy harris is finding out, hi there, q. >> when i get my kids off the bus every day i implore them and require that they wash their hand at least twice. >> well, that is good. maybe you should, have them sing that within great singing you guys did just there. >> well, thank you. >> i don't know if i can top this. >> that was great. thank you for that. we have doctor here from the franklin institute. we're talking about a science card you guys have. >> one of the things we do well at franklin institute with our great exhibits is we have current find. when we take opportunities to recognize and discuss and bring educational bits around science to the pun. as you know ebolas has been scarring everybody, top of the news but it is very important as bad as that virus is, there are many other bacteria, virus that he is we need to pay attention to. with this does is we show how you can pass diseases or
8:47 am
bacteria viruses by your hands. your hands are number one conductors of pathways. what we have done is we use glow germs. it simulates germs. with our wonderful discovery here, we have covered their hand, and every where you see that purple glow, that is, a bacteria or a virus or some type of pathogen. okay. what we do to show the kids, okay, go wash your hand. washing are hand is one of the most important thing. >> how often should you wash your hand but how should you wash them. >> good 30 seconds if not to a minute. we should always use soap. >> i heard you are supposed to sing happy birthday twice. >> i'm not a great singer but that might work. >> so, we have two sets of kids. >> all of the kids have put them on. the these two wonderful kids have been washing their hands. >> we will see the difference. >> so do you see all this, and fluorescent purple. >> yes. >> if they washed their hands well we should see in of that.
8:48 am
lets look and see, we're detectives. we are zooming in. do you still see that glow. >> yes. >> and that is important, so while they tried to wash their hands they didn't wash them long enough and strong enough and that is one of the number one ways of transmitting diseases. simple exercise to demonstrate how to keep your hands. >> we can see the science cart every day here. >> every day, 10:15 and 2:00 p.m. every day. >> now next hour we will go deeper, you will get a little bit nasty. >> we will use something called a pro scope which is a microscope attached to an ii his pad and zoom in and see dirt particles in your hand as well as other neat things in my science cart. >> lou at my hand right there, they look clean. >> they look clean. >> i will surprise new a bit. >> we will see how dirty my hands can get. >> is there no way your hand are clean. >> that is what i need, would you scare the kids into washing their hand twice if you saw what was on them.
8:49 am
>> really cute. >> say hello, miss alex. >> hi miss alex. >> hi mrs. alex. >> say hi mom. >> hi mom. >> how cute. >> got to golf them. >> i want another kid. >> no, no, no. >> your wife is watching. >> okay, back to you guys. >> jordan and kobe might get a little sister or brother soon. >> he has two little boys. >> ben afflict gone girl tops the box office for the second week end in a row. >> as you all know, my wife, disappeared three days ago. >> film earned nearly 27 million-dollar over the weekend, dracula untold anal sander and terrible horrible no good very bad day round out the top three films. a lot of people, i saw a lot of status about gone girl. they are like go see it, it is so good. >> i didn't read the book.
8:50 am
>> i didn't read the book. >> when you read the book though the movie is never a as g turf pick one. i like reading books bring see the movie and it never works out. >> alexander no good horrible very bad day vice good too. >> did you see that. >> of course, i see kids movies good that is what happens when you have kid. >> okay. parenting, can we really trust our children when it comes to on line and on the phones? yes, there are three things you need to be watching out for the alarming activity that they may be hiding from you straight
8:51 am
♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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8:53 am
boy, it has been quite a morning for problems on the roadways. sky fox is live over this breaking news here, an overturned, tree trimming truck, this is in lower makefield, bucks county, and this is tailorsville road to be specific between wood side and mount ire.
8:54 am
that road is closed at the moment. we understand the truck driver suffered minor injuries. thinks a tree trimming truck that fell over basically, and minor injuries for the the driver of that truck there. so hopefully he will be okay. now on the new jersey turnpike southbound approaching route 73, we told but this last time an overturned truck there has the right lane blocked, and on the new jersey turnpike southbound, the road is still closed, between 73 and 322 from an earlier accident, so 295 is still your alternate there, a a lot of problems on the new jersey turnpike this morning. on the roosevelt boulevard southbound past broad street an accident there has two right lanes blocked, bad time of the day for that and a route one red lion road a disable vehicle in the left turn lane so a lot of problems this morning. we cannot blame the weather. we have seen a few drips and drabs on radar and it hasn't really been anything that is falling to the ground.
8:55 am
we have heavier showers toward d.c. right the now and we will keep and eye on though to see if they make it together by the time they make it here but that has not been the history of these light disturbances throughout the area rain in delaware has dried up. we have 56 in allentown. fifty-eight in the city. fifty-seven in millville. 63 degrees in wildwood. it went from glummy to getness and so she wanted to be 64 degrees yesterday. it was beautiful. today we expect to get to 68, even with the clouds, and temperatures, soaring, to 79 degrees, tomorrow, thunderstorms, and rate in the day on wednesday, and into thursday, we will change things from 80 degrees to 71. then we are back to fall temperatures by the time we get to sunday. the guys, that is your roller coaster seven day forecast. >> it will be arid. >> yes. >> it is just inevitable, coming up the the five things, coupled fight about the most.
8:56 am
>> money has to be top of the list. >> i can agree with that. well a reason why a lot of people come from philadelphia to atlantic city is because it's so close, it's like a quick getaway. the ocean is a big draw. you can come and get some exercise, get some ice cream. love to come to the casinos, get some good food, put your feet in the water, and of course fishing. i love to fish off the pier. i'm a great fisherman. flounder, sea bass, striped bass, you name it, i'll eat it.
8:57 am
and you can, like i say, be home within an hour. done it many times.
8:58 am
8:59 am
they came and they conquered the eagles at link. >> first shut out win in 18 years. >> eighteen years. >> ridiculous. >> we will take it. >> i like it. i like the the men in black. >> they should do that again. >> i think every game. >> and, will smith from philadelphia, too. >> how perfect is this.
9:00 am
>> yes. >> look at you, matching. >> yes. >> is that aid froid slip young lady. >> it is october 13th, 2014. kerry barrett joining us. >> good to be here. >> so do you want to talk parenting. >> let's do it. >> can we really trust our kids when it comes to what we do on line. there are three things you need to be watching out for, the the alarming activity they may be hiding from you. our kids are too young for this but this will be a good heads up. >> we have a little bit of time to think about it. >> new research shows toughest year of marriage is even sooner then that. we will tell you just how quickly your relationship can take a turn for the worst. >> very quickly. >> and we criticize these sexy costumes for adults but now, some say halloween is just too sexy for kids. the the costumes that are getting parents really fired up, this morning. >> yes, i mea