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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  October 14, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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after a 26 year-old nurse in dallas catches ebola on the job health care workers in our job want hospitals to go above and beyond the minimum safety protocols and new measures they are asking for, chris. sabina, thank you. we have breaking news a double shooting left one man dead and woman injured, what police know so far. sue serio tracking warmer weather out there. kind of tropical, sue. >> a little bit, a little warmth, humidity, a little will remine their summer just passed and then the big change, through the middle of the week, we have all that for you in the weather authority forecast, kerry. sue, thank you. then some unbelievable, a story this morning. who would do something like this it all started when a
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woman realized her car was stolen right out of the local parking lot but cars can be replaced, all this woman wants back is her dog who was inside at the car at the the time. her dog with the stranger could be a very bad combination. good day, it is 4:00 he clock on this tuesday, october 14th, 2014. >> we will get to that dog story to just a minute a rescue talk that needs to be rescued yet again. lets do weather at 4:01, hi sue. >> we have a different weather pattern then we had yesterday, as advertised we had cloudy skies, we had dreariness throughout the the day. well, today, it does look like we will not get rain, we will get warmth, ahead of a really nasty cold front with severe weather as it moved through arkansas, yesterday and another place that saw tornadoes. for us severe weather is potential but not until tomorrow night into thursday. so lets get to today and deal with today. we don't have any rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar
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and not even a whole lot of cloud cover with you we will be watching this morning are visibility. because fog could be an issue with all that moisture in the air, .3 of a mile in mount pocono, 2 miles in reading, reduced visibility in allentown. that is what we have so far. this is expect to get worse before it gets better throughout the morning. so we have 66 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-four in trenton thanks to the clouds we had overnight. sixty-seven in millville. 66 degrees in wildwood. it was damp and dreary yesterday. we made it to 66 degrees, affirming high being 68, just a pretty seasonal day but well above average today with fog in the morning, sun in the afternoon, breezy and warm, and a high of 78 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast, lets get to the roads, starting off your tuesday morning with a look at i-95 northbound between route 58 ape 141, down in delaware and they have construction on that part of the i-95 with the left lane block until 5:00 a
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a.m. on the turnpike, pennsylvania turnpike that is eastbound between fort washington and bensalem construction there has two left lanes blocked, kerry. >> sue, thank you. we are beginning with breaking news on this tuesday morning a 24 year-old man is dead, a 46 year-old woman in the hospital after a shooting in north philadelphia it happened late last night on the 21 hundred block of north uber street. police say the the man appears to have been targeted. they are looking for two shooters. they fled in the dark column offer car. turning to the growing ebola a crisis, police in california are looking through surveillance video after a passenger on the bus told a driver that he had ebola a. >> this happened in los angeles. man was wearing a surgical mask and told the bus driver you better not mess with me because i've bowl a. he then walk off that bus along with the other passenger were he could be identified. officials a say bus driver was taken in the hospital and at his own request, although did he not appear to have any
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symptoms at least not yet. the authorities in los angeles are treating this as a terrorist threat. emergency crewness protective gear removed passengers from a plane at boston's logan airport yesterday, officials say the passengers of the emirates flight 237 came down with flu-like symptoms. none of them been to west africa. crews wore protective suits to be extra cautious. a after a texas nurse becomes infected with ebola questions are raised about what is being done to try to contain that disease. >> will any u.s. hospital be able to treat it, and safely. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live outside penn hospital in university city. good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys n a check of five area hospitals including here at hup, most hospitals are following cdc recommended guidelines to protect workers and patients but groups like pennsylvania nurse's so, don't think that goes far enough. they say cdc guidelines are minimum protocol, group wants things like a single
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designated treatment center fore bowl, dedicated staff to work in the ebola unit and better training. >> cdc dropped the ball for potential consequences of have this disease are, and i think what we need is regional preparation... >> reporter: all of this coming off nina sam a nurse at texas health presbyterian hospital became sick after treating a patient who died last week. she's in stable condition. cdc says it is reviewing safety protocols but say they do work. the chris and kerry back to you. >> sabina, thank you. we will have complete coverage of the ebola out break and response to the it on my fox you'll find it all right there on the home page. a judge in new jersey ruled that video captured by traffic cameras are public record this means authorities cannot withhold videos even if they say video is a part of
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criminal or internal investigations. ocean county prosecutor's office says it plans to appeal this ruling. they say they do in the oppose release of the videos saying there is more of a question when they should be released. today is deadline for new jersey residents to register to vote in the november 4th general election. voters will choose between democratic senator corry booker and republican challenger jeff bell with two ballot questions. one to eliminate right to bail as a step in the broader plan to overhaul the the state's bail system. second question would dedicate some business tax revenues to preserving open space. election for all 12 of the states's congressional districts are also being held. former philadelphia eagle irving fryar is glue court. we will learn when will accept a play deal in connection with the mortgage fraud scheme with his mom. if fryar accepts the deal wow serve five years in prison otherwise wow go to trial and could get double that time, if he is found guilty.
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at 4:06 new details emerging after a new jersey high school football team is accused of hazing. how a star player on that team may have just been outed as one the of the accused players. and then fox 29's jennifer joyce is following the story of a young woman pleading for her pup. jenny? >> reporter: well, kerry a woman who was in philadelphia had her car stolen from this south philadelphia shopping center with her dog inside. coming up we w
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this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose.
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aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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before we get to our weather this morning an update on the tropics as we look at hurricane, yes, it is a hurricane gonezalo a category two hurricane pounding virgin islands with the 105 miles an hour wind moving toward the northwest and it is expected to grace puerto rico and then, as we see in the projection of the path of this storm, move more towards the north and eventually, as we said yesterday, it looks like it is almost on a beeline to bermuda. it will briefly strengthen to a category three hurricane, very powerful, and then back down to a two. bermuda which just got hit by fey over the weekend will have a much stronger storm potentially to deal with in a couple of days. back to our weather where we have .3 of a mile visibility in mount pocono. reduced visibility in allentown and reading. visibility going down in
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lancaster and pottstown right now. we will watch those numbers but you need to know there is potential for dense fog in spots out there this morning. not enough for an advisory to be issued at least not yet but we will keep an eye on that situation as well. we will keep an eye on the cold front very strong thunderstorms moving in the atlanta, georgia area right now. that is a frontal system that will affect us, tomorrow night into thursday. and potentially give us some severe weather. things are calm right now. we're expecting temperatures to rise rather dramatically i guess for this time of the year, we're in the 60's right now starting off mild, 66 in philadelphia, and by the even of the day we should be in the upper 70's, that is roller coaster ride because yesterday we only got to 66 degrees, back on saturday, the high was only 57, today we expect, ready for it, 78 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. it will be a warm day breezes will be picking up as well, 62 degrees tonight with some clouds, and that is your weather authority forecast. the lets check traffic at
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4:12, in ewing, new jersey, route 29, southbound, west upper ferry road we have construction there that has the left lane blocked. also, 42 freeway north bound between 534 and 544 there is construction that has two left lanes blocked, until will about 5:00 a.m. finally on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, approaching the the northeast extension there is construction that has two left lanes blocked, kerry. sue, thank you. 4:12. a philadelphia woman has her car stolen and it has something irreplaceable inside, her dog. >> now she's test celebrate to get that dog back. the lets go live to south philadelphia at the home depot at columbus boulevard where this thief evidently got away, jennifer. >> reporter: yes, chris and the owner jj pierce said she don't care about her dog she want her dog back. her black lab mix who is friendly after he knows he can
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trust you which why is she says he is worried about him. he has been missing for seven days now. jj pierce is new to philadelphia, talk about a warm welcome. she moved here from colorado and was at home depot here on columbus boulevard making an extra set of keys, when five minutes later she walk outside and her car, a 2001 red honda crv with her dog inside was in where to be found. >> when i came out, i thought i lost my mind or my car was stolen. i lost my car with my dog and panicked. i expect him to be there, you know. it is amazing, the kind of hold that can leave in your life. >> jj create aid facebook page created bring louie home. she said she has words of support but few leads. there have been a couple possible sightings but still louie remains missing. woman is offering a reward, if you can help bring her dog home, safely, call police if
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you happen to see louie or her red honda crv, chris and kerry. >> jennifer gist live in south philadelphia, thanks. a six hour standoff in burlington county, new jersey end with the arrest of this man, jeffery douglas. police were called to the home on jackson road in medford after 11:30 sunday night for reports of a man behaving violently in the home. police say during the standoff douglass tried to escape. he threw things from the house at police. douglas has been charged with ago saided assault, resisting arrest and criminal mischief. what could have been another shut down of septa was just averted. engineers reached a tentative contract deal with the transit agency. the brotherhood of locomotive engineers and train man announced deal late yesterday. union says deal gives engineers a raise of more than 13 percent dating back to when their last contract ended which was in 2010. it ends, next july, which means the next round of contract negotiations will begin, almost immediately. bus drivers and subway trolley
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operators are in these ongoing negotiation was septa as we have been reporting here on fox 29. engineers and electricians staged a one day walk out in june before the white house got involved and sent them back to the bargaining table. some new jersey high school football players now facing more consequences, in connection with the hazing allegation that is involved alleged sexual assault. >> at least one senior committed to penn state had his scholarship pulled, according to blue/white seven players from sayreville war memorial have been arrested. we have told you before they could be charged as adults. school district superintendent canceled the entire football season after learning about this alleged abuse. despite some backlash, for those who say it isn't fair that all of the players need to be punished, other community members and showing support for the alleged victims. >> i would definitely want to see where they are at emotionally, spiritually, and there is wounded emotions and appealing that needs to had happen. i would want them to know there is healing to be had.
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>> if the seven students arrested are charged, as an adult, they could face five other more years behind bars. hundreds of protesters took to the streets of ferguson, missouri yesterday demanding justice for shooting death of 18 year-old michael brown. a march on ferguson police headquarters was filled by a loud rally inside the city hall and disruptions at two wal-mart stores and a democratic fundraiser. more than 50 people were arrested including civil rights activist cornell west. others claimed to be ready to go to jail as well. >> unaudible this is what need to be done. >> it is time for me to take a stand and stand up. >> ferguson has been center of these protesters since brown's death in august. rallying point. tensions escalated last week
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when police shot and killed another teen 18 year-old von rick myers junior who say they shot at them first. scary moments aboard a flight when the can inn's wall panels and came loose. passengers shot video. passengers call flight attendant toss check it out. wow, captain decided to turnaround, and about an hour after the plane took off from san francisco. the flight landed safely back in that city, yesterday afternoon. it had been headed to dallas. catholic church signaling a shift in tone as vatican offers words of acceptance to the gay community. >> bishops meeting say that morally problematic, gay men and women have have gifts to offer the church, and gay unions have merit. it does not change church doctrine gay rights groups are hailing what they call a seismic shift in the church's attitude but some say it is still not enough and, officials are town playing the report as quote insignificant.
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scary scene in new york city, caught on cameras nypd releasing security camera footage showing a man throwing a smoke bomb in the restaurant in greenwich village on friday evening. video shows a man's merging from an emergency subway hatch on the sidewalk and then throwing the smoking canister into the restaurant and ducking back underneath the the great. >> the concept there, playing around with it, this is strange because only people that play around work for nta. so that was strange. that is weird. >> i saw a couple celebrities tweeting about this, nobody was hurt. police are looking for a man in his 20's with wavey blonde hair wearing a black baseball cap and a multi colored t-shirt. 4:18 the time. the lets turn our attention overseas. one of the top military commanders say u.s. is making progress in getting turning toy play a bigger role in a
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fight against is is. chuck hagel says from the central command and european command have been meeting with turkish officials, however, turkey has said it will not join the fight begins is is unless the coalition go after syria's president. meanwhile in iraqisis seized a military base near baghdad. this means militants are edging closer to taking full control of the anbar province despite u.s. led air strikes. that is why some are calling for ground forces. we will keep you posted on that. he is back, kim jong unhas made his first public appearance after nearly six weeks of absence. state media reported he resumed his duties. as you can see not here, but he was walking with a cain to get around mostly but his health was not addressed during the appearance. international speculation had been building about his whereabouts since he had not been out in public in more than a month.
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>> maybe decoy. one incredibly cute boy after receiving a liver transplant at chop. doctors say anna lease is among most tiny babe toys undergo an operation at this hospital. she was three months old when her liver fail. she was born with the rare disease and ended up desperately needing a transplant. with the help of the gift of life donor program her family found a match quickly. doctors at chop say that match was perfect and so far the outcome has been as well. anna lease is a totally different baby, rolling over and beginning to sit up. >> as soon as they did the transplant the doctor say she was no longer yellow. >> now she's going through the regular milestones. she has to catch up, both in motor and cognitive skills because during the time she was sick she fell a little will behind but she's really doing great now. >> so amazing what they can do. >> you don't even think about how small these little organs and how delicate a process it is to do a surgery on a little
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one. >> to put a baby under, all of that, the the work that they to in chop and we can understand why people come from all over the world to have their children looked at there. anna lease will have to take medication for the the rest of her life, but she's okay with that and so are her parents. she has three big brothers very protective of her little will sister. her parents believe she will be rough housing and winning in no time. >> she's tough. she has been through this already. >> she's very tough. >> this is why fox 29 is very proud partner with the children's miracle network. so we wish you the very best. let's do weather on the one's with sue, hi sue. >> hi, good morning. this is a morning where fog may slow you down. so if you live in an area that kind of gets foggy whenever we tell you there will be fog leave a few minutes early, cloudy skies, patchy skies out there that will get worse before it gets better. the mostly sunny skies today though 75 degrees by lunchtime
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and 78, by the end of the day, breezes will pick up a bit, it will be much milder then yesterday when we got to 66 degrees. much milder then october 14th usually are. lets get to the roads, and start off with 295, northbound, in new jersey sloan avenue and route one, construction there has two left lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning, chris. do you think makes more money, dads or guys with no kids? why having kids could make a difference in how much you make at work. allergies is on the risefod
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what you eat is no laughing matter [female announcer] a public service from faan: the food allergy and anaphylaxis network.
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all right. so the the eagles and their fans, really large, yes this week, they are five-one going in the bye week and that is with all of the injuries. darren sproles now, he is out at least two weeks with a mcl sprain. some question the five and one record but chip kelly head coach, he doesn't care. >> we're five and one. that is it. you don't to have explain anybody. your record is what it is. you look at standings and that is your record. we don't pay attention to it. there is noise when you spend time on it, you are wasting time that you should be devoted towards developing a game plan for arizona cardinals. >> chip kelly is happy for many reasons and it is not just his team is five-one heading in the bye week.
4:26 am
we know chip likes to do things quickly. >> i am not joking it was most efficient photo i have ever seen. it was like they were dressed in full uniform. we had our meeting at 9:30. we knew what we wanted to get down. we start add the 10:00. we were done at 10:04 which was a awesome. >> team photo, right. >> team photo, yesterday. this is a well oiled machine. >> it is. >> kelly should run for president who would have this whole country, figured out in three weeks. >> we need him here. >> at fox 29. >> well, we could use him here but with the eagles. >> not that what he want to get rid of anybody else. 4:26. cost to raise a child could be expensive but new research shows that dads, made more money then their single childless friends. >> so get this, fathers actually out earn their childless count are parts by
4:27 am
40 percent. 2010 dads had a mean yan salary of 49, compared to $29,000 for men without kids. overall 92 percent have of dads are employed full-time, compared to 77 percent of non-dads who are more likely to be part-time workers. researchers found fathers are more likely to be in management and professional jobs. and the study comes from the city university of new york. >> all right. >> giving up all you are cool points for stability. >> yes, difficult years ago. universal is opening its latest theme park in china that park will be popping up in beijing spanning 300 acres and it will include a university themed hoe tell. chinese tourism officials say they are confident about bring the franchise to the east, 200 million tourist, 200 million tourist, visit beijing every year. holy cow n word when the construction will begin. my goodness. philadelphia's favorite little leaguer, tops the national list you remember her. what top honor mo'ne davis is
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getting this
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we're following breaking news for you of an overnight double shooting, one person killed, another injured what police know so far. then health officials telling hospitals to be ready in an event of the ebola patient coming to them and how our local hospitals are getting prepared but how prepared are they. >> we will look at that. in the meantime good morning, it is tuesday, october 14,
4:31 am
2014. thanks for being with us. >> it is a lot warmer this morning. >> you can feel it. >> humid. >> you can feel it when you walk outside. wet roads i noticed on the way into work. >> we had had sprinkles throughout the day yesterday and there is a lot of fog or just a lot of moisture in the air. that sometimes leaves enough coating on the car, maybe on the ground you'll notice walking out the door this morning. what you will notice is heavy rain. that we're saving for wednesday night into thursday with some thunderstorms. looking at the satellite and radar nothing to look at, at the the moment but visibility is our issue today. it looks like it is foggy up in the mountains already reduced visibility in reading, and so far, so good every where else. it doesn't mean you won't run into fog riding around near airport or wilmington but it is just patchy. so that is the deal with that. thanks to the clouds we have got 60 degrees in mount pocono. sixty-six in philadelphia, which was also our high temperature by the way, yesterday and 65 degrees in
4:32 am
wilmington. we didn't lose a lot in temperature because of that blanket of clouds, preventing the cool down of the atmosphere. so damp, dreary yesterday, told you high was 66 degrees, 78, how about that for a high today, with the fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, breezes will pick up as well but you that is in the bad for october 14th. we have got big weather changes coming up in the seven day forecast, we will have that coming up. right now traffic time and we will start off in norristown, west main street at barbados street there are reports of an accident there and 95 northbound between route 58 and 141 in delaware construction has left lane block until 5:00 a.m. on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between fort washington and bensalem construction there two lanes are block, chris. we have breaking news, police investigating a double shooting in north philadelphia, authorities say two people were shot late last night, this is on the 2100 block of north uber street, a
4:33 am
24 year-old man was pronounced dead at temple hospital. forty-six year-old woman was shot in the leg but is expected to survive. they are looking for two shooters who took off in a dark colored car, they believe the man was targeted. and we have more breaking news and this is on the ebola front, we have just learn that the u.n. medical worker infect with the deadly virus in liberia has now died. we are bringing you live updates on the ebola crisis all morning long and what the u.s. is now doing to curb an out break here, on fox 29 morning news. in the meantime police in california are looking through surveillance video after passenger on a bus told a driver he had ebola. >> it happened in l.a. guy was wearing surgical mask and told bus driver quote you better not miss with me because i've bowl a he walk off the bus with other passengers before he could be identified. officials say bus driver was taken to the hospital at his own request, although he didn't appear to have symptoms. authorities in los angeles are treating this as a terror
4:34 am
threat. after a texas nurse becomes infect with ebola there are some questions being raised about what is being done to try to contain this disease. >> big question is will any u.s. hospital be able to treat it and safely. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live outside penn hospital in university city, sabina, good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> reporter: nurses and er staff are on the front lines in case we get ebola case in our area. but many are questioning their safety saying cdc guidelines just don't go far enough. thinks 26 year-old nina sam, dallas area nurse now battlinge bowl a she provided constant care to the extremely i'll bowl a patient, he died last week. now you hospitals every where want to make sure hospitals are ready to treaty bowl patients. pennsylvania nurse's so, want a single hospital designated to be the region wide treatment center fore bowl, dedicated staff to focus on ebola cases and better training. right now hospital workers say they still have a a lot of
4:35 am
questions. >> while i'm hoping to get something treated and fast, if it do hit here we could be prepare. >> do you isolate the person after they have been through security, and have after they have been through a register or do you ice them before they get past front door, there are all kinds of processes that hospitals are trying to figure out and they should in the figure that out on their own. that should have been clarified and determined by the cdc. >> we spoke to several hospitals in our area and they tell us they are following cdc recommended protocol. here at hup they tell us we are in daily contact with the cdc, chris and kerry. >> sabina, thank you. at 4:35, a fire quickly spread damaging three homes sending three people to the hospital, one of those hurt is a fire fighter. it broke out yesterday afternoon in clifton heights in delaware county. they arrived to the springfield road area to find these homes on fire.
4:36 am
we're told one person jumped from this second floor. >> i came downstairs. i saw orange colors on my windows. i went out and my next door neighbor's house was in flames. >> an investigation into a causes ongoing, three people are under observation at the hospital. there is in word on their condition. state troopers in delaware arrest two brothers in connection with the theft of several pieces of building materials from one of their new construction sites. police say three two-year old bruce logan and 34 year-old carlton logan are charged with two counts of theft, conspiracy, and selling stolen property. they are accused of breaking in the site and stealing cast iron piping large enough and galvanized steel plate in the middle of the night last week. police say items are worth more than $5,000.
4:37 am
officials called out lord in the recent episode but she doesn't take that lying down how she proves she can take a joke and dish it back out well. nancy snyderman under a mandatory quarantine after returning from west africa. her cameraman came down with the ebola virus while there and snyderman is accused of voluntary a voluntary quarantine in new jersey. what she has to say bit. this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose
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backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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a powerful storm system ripped through a town southwest of little rock arkansas. authorities say the storm ripped down a tree killing a man and injuring his wife and children in their home. >> we feel at the this point this was a tornado that came through and did damage to it. we have large trees broken and like i said, the damage done to the residential home, that a fatality was in, that it had to have been hit by a tornado. >> these storms tore through several states along the mississippi river. officials estimate more than 36 million people were in its path. lets look live outside, olde city, pennsylvania, i should say philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> it is pennsylvania. >> that is true. >> yeah. >> hi sue serio. >> be all inclusive. >> that is right. that storm that you were talking about yesterday or
4:41 am
those storms because there were plenty of them, this is pretty long cold front that stretches from the great lakes down to the gulf of mexico, so down by atlanta where we're seeing pretty strong storms moving through that area right now. our turn is wednesday night basically into thursday, but the weather, it is not, i wouldn't call it dry because there is a lot have of moisture in the air but there is in precipitation to show you on radar. we're checking visability and they are pretty poor up in the mountain area it is worse. in berks county and lancaster county. 78 degrees is our high today with breezes kicking up to ten to 15 miles an hour later on in the day but pretty unusual for this time in october to be this warm, enjoy it. that is your weather authority forecast at 4:41. lets get to the road. the route 202 between 401 and 525, we have construction out there in chester county this morning, kerry. sue, here's a one for the ages, question for the ages if you will, if you ever wondered
4:42 am
why pizza tastes so good? we have got the answer. >> is there crust and cheese. >> hello. >> and sauce. >> you don't need any more knowledge than that but there is some science involved so we will tell you how well those flavors combined to make it, you know. >> gastronomically speaking we will
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4:44 am
police are looking for a
4:45 am
gunman who shot and killed a 24 year-old man in northeast philadelphia it happened on the 2100 block of north uber street, a 46 year-old woman also shot in the leg. she's expected to survive. detectives say that the gunman took off in a dark colored vehicle will, they believe the man was targeted. and more breaking news on the ebola afront we have just learn of the u.n. medical worker infect with the deadly virus in liberia has died, we're bringing you live updates on the ebola crisis throughout the morning and we will have a live report coming up from sabina kuriakose. 4:45 excuse me, 4:45, gas prices continuing to fall and it looks like the drop is not over in new jersey. a gallon of regular now averaging 2.99, in pennsylvania pennsylvania 3.32. in delaware it is 3.06. global oil prices are sliding as the supplies out paced demand. experts say refineries have have produced very strong slide. >> did you see that sign at that hess station for regular unleaded, under three
4:46 am
bucks. >> very long time. >> so long since we have seen that. first pot shop in aurora colorado is opened for business. >> yes. >> and customers say it is not exactly what they expect. >> unlike many others in that state it uses sophisticated technology to sell recreational marijuana tablets which replace the tables. >> yes. >> okay. >> like you can buy it from an ipad is what they are saying. >> got it. >> not a pill. >> and customers say it looks and feels more like a cell phone or computer store. the tablets helped customer decide what they want before placing their order. >> i can understand how that got tricky. >> for me. >> yes. >> in the hard to do especially at this hour. new jersey trying to get more people to hunt bears as a way to deal with the growing bear population. hunters bring a bear to be weighed in new jersey will receive a cookbook, once the season begins, according to
4:47 am
the new york times. the state reintroduced bear hunt nothing 2010 but number of bears killed has dropped significantly and there has been a rise in bear even counters with humans. >> here what he go. >> you heard it a pumpkin weighing 2058-pound has taken first prize in the pumpkin weighing competition in northern california. the extra large pumpkin also set a new record for heaviest pumpkin. >> we never thought anything like this was going to happen. it just did. >> winning pumpkin was grown in napa valley by a farmer there he credited some of his success to the warm weather. his other pumpkins also wade 2,000-pound. that farmer says he will use money he won to repair his home which was damage in that
4:48 am
napa earth quake. >> there has go the to be something special in his soil where he has two pumpkins, to thousand pound a piece. entertainment news this morning, because that wasn't entertaining enough, walking dead season five premiered shattering cable records over weekend. amc show pulled in more than 17 million viewers sunday. that is the biggest audience ever, for a single non-sports program on cable. that is according to neilson. viewer ship was up 7 percent from last year. iggy a sale were in the lead nominee for american music awards this year, fancy singer is up for six awards including nominations for new artist and single of the year for fancy. other nominated artists include lord, beyonce and eminem. they will air november 13th. yo, yo.
4:49 am
>> i love south park. >> do you. >> these guys nail it. >> she's a kid. >> royal. >> i like that song. >> it is a recent episode of south park poking fun at lord, the royal singer, she was asked bit in an interview and she did an impression of the south park clip. >> that is hilarious. >> just as funny a as this. seventeen year-old said she watched the episode in a hotel room and did the impression for an her because she thought it was funny. she's a good singer. >> okay you don't think so. reese whither spoon opening up but her 2013 dui arrest at a press conference for her latest film, wild. she thinks that was a moment where people realized that she wasn't exactly the person that she thought she was. she added that she did make a mistake and it is part of the human nature.
4:50 am
time magazine's list of 25 most influential teens is out, and a young philadelphian who shot to fame this year makes the grade. mo'ne davis, 13 year-old star pitcher for taney dragons little league team of philadelphia has made the list. her rise to fame, well, it was so quick, right? really captivated all of us over spring and summer. mo'ne made history after pitching a shut out in the little league world series and she made the national cover of that, you know, magazine you may have heard of sports illustrated. >> little publication. >> she's in good condition. also mallea and sascha obama made the list. family of the 26 year-old dallas nurse who contracted ebola has managed to spare the life of her beloved dog. while nina sam is quarantined her adorable dog bentley remains under watch. her parents begged county judge to spare the dog's life because of her daughter's love for her pet. they were going to put the talk dunn because they were worried that the dog with spread the virus.
4:51 am
judge agreed and new bentley is at a secret location where he is being machine toward. health officials aren't sure if dogs can transmit the virus, all they cdc said they can certainly contract the disease and in the show any symptoms. >> k-9 quarantine. >> keep you posted on that as well. >> all those cute animal videos we have shown you before, they are nothing compared to this video, take a look. >> you sold it, right. you made a big statement there, the funniest, best cutest dog video we have ever seen. >> did i over sell. >> you didn't. >> you didn't. >> it is. >> sue serio? >> the dog matches the blanket. >> i want to hear more of this. >> let's listen. >> it is much more interesting then the weather. >> he is trying so hard.
4:52 am
>> he has a little tremor there. >> his vocal cord aren't ready for a big time howell but he is getting there. we are watching for visibility in the area. the fog that is starting to form and if thing thicker but not every where. we are seeing mountains. we anticipate the arrival of the coal front but not until tomorrow night, and it is in advance of that we have warm temperatures ahead but lets look at the future cast as far as precipitation is concern. nothing throughout the day-to-day, tonight, maybe late tonight, into tomorrow, we will see a few scattered showers north and west of the city and then we will move further in the day on wednesday and then we will get some showers out to the west by 10:00 a.m. they will start to roll role in at 1:00 p.m. and then we will get thunderstorms late in the day into the overnight
4:53 am
hours into the early part of thursday and then that cold front is out of here, but it could be dramatic during that time. we will keep you posted on that situation as well. here's your seven day forecast, with temperature close to 80 to he day, 77 tomorrow with those thunderstorms and then cooling off in time for the weekend. that is your weather authority forecast, 4:53 is the time. norristown is where we will start this traffic report, main street at barbados we have an accident that could slow you down there, chris. sue, a kid and his friend spending a day with dolphins but what happens next is a much see moment, we will have it for you next.
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4:56 am
if you need a pick me up, you want to take a look at this. this is a new boy and his new dolphin pal playing catch. a lot of give and take between the two of them. that boy is very excited. >> 4:56. scientists figured out why pizza tastes so good. >> this is fascinating so it all comes down to the final, and most important step in making pizza. >> right. >> baking it in the oven. scientists say something called the mallard reaction occurs when pizza starts to
4:57 am
cook and temperatures go above 140 degrees celsius. sugars react with the amino acids, following me on this sugars, mean owe acids and create a flavor compound. >> i didn't need to necessity any of that. >> you just knew from the nose and taste budd. straight ahead fat ball players from the new jersey high school accused in that brutal, hazing, situation, haven't been identified but one of them may have just been outed after a recent report on what he lost, shortly after these allegations came to light. did you hear about this, nbc doctor nancy snyderman is under a mandatory quarantine after returning from west africa. her cameraman came down with ebola while there and snyderman is accused of
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning, breaking right now u.n. medical worker infect with ebola in liberia has died in a german hospital. what local health care workers are doing to prepare in our area. woman waiting to get her pooch back, it started when she realized her car was stolen right out of the local parking lot but cars can replaced but a dog cannot. why she says it is particularly bad her puppies in the had hand now of the