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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  October 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new right now another possible, ebola case where people are so worried. >> local hospital workers are going through training, how health care workers right in our area preparing for a possible, ebola case. >> i came out, i thought i either lost my mind or my car was stolen and it hit me that my car with my dog was missing. >> she was just going out to run errands when she decided to take her dog for the ride. new she's regret ago this five minute trip, how you can help fine louie. >> louie, help us fine louie thanks for being with us, it is 6:00 o'clock as you can see
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right there. it is feeling like summer. it is kind of humid out there. >> highs in the the mid 80's, sue says later today. >> mid 80's. >> no, around 80. >> oh, okay. >> mid 80's, that is wish full thinking. we're in the in orlando. >> you don't have to be so militant about it. we're reaching the 80's, sue. >> hi, sue. >> this number is a nine, today for weather by the numbers. it is early, summer but summer mid 80's would be normal so temperatures approaching 80 degrees. do you see how smooth that was over there patchy fog with bus stop buddy, flyers jersey, lets get that first win tonight. ducks are coming to town at the wells fargo center. sixty's our temperature to get started. we have a strong cold front. we have enough sunshine to take us close to 80 degrees. pretty mild right now,
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satellite radar not showing a whole bunch of clouds, it is that cloud on the ground with the fog. mostly a problem in the mountains at the moment but we will keep an eye on it. look at the this 66 degrees, that is our high temperature yesterday. it is still 66 degrees with calm wind and 7:10 is our sunrise time. 78 degrees is our high later on today approaching 80, mostly sunny skies and breezes will pick up this afternoon and tonight. sixty-seven is the the overnight low maybe a stray shower. so that takes care of tuesday from the weather authority 6:02 is the the time. that is time to check traffic. we will start off on i-95 north bound, we have an accident on the on ramp from cottman avenue. so that will slow you down, cannot really get through there. other problem this morning we have had is that fire in the northeast, vista street near torresdale avenue avoid that neighborhood if you can, chris. >> lets stay right there our reporter jennifer joyce is on this fire and she just got to
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the scene. jennifer what do you know so far. >> according to public information officer on the scene here we do know two fire fighters were transported one here to aria torresdale hospital for minor injuries. both are in stable condition. this fire broke out at a home here on the 4700 block of vista street in tacony around 4:15. fire crews saw flames shooting out, of the first and second floor which were on fire. two adults a man a a woman got out safely and fire was income down just after 5:00 a.m. fire fighters haded to deal with heavy smoke in bat telling operation. the cause of the fire remains under investigation, the structure sustain major damage. we are toll that the red cross is now assisting a total of nine people, the two people who live in the home where the fire occurred and both neighboring structures, chris and kerry. >> we will stay on that story, jennifer, quick work, thank you. 6:03. breaking news a german
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hospital says an international member of the u.n. medical team who was infected with ebola while in liberia has died despite very intensive medical procedures. we know this man was 56 years old, name has not been released. we don't know which country he is from. hospital officials say he tested positive for ebola on october 6th. 's arrived in germany for treatment three days later. he was put into a specialize lacing unit. so that story will be developing all morning licensing and we will bring you very latest as we get more on that. >> from germany to kansas a man in kansas you is the latest person to be monitored for ebola. he has flu-like symptoms after coming bank from west africa. man had been working as a medic on a commercial vessel on the boat until five days ago when he returned here to the u.s. doctors say the patient is at a moderate risk of having virus but for now he remains in isolation penning test
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results. >> ebola crisis raising questions about hospital safety here at home, how are we doing are we prepared as much as we should be, but hospitals even know what to look for when patients come in with this disease. head of the pennsylvania nurses union this morning is saying no. >> so, sabina kuriakose is following this for us as well, a is a bean, what are you hearing about this and how hospitals are preparing. >> reporter: well, right now in a check of five areas hospitals, chris and kerry, including here at hup, most of them tell us they are following cdc recommended guidelines to protect workers and patients but groups like the pennsylvania nurses association as we mentioned don't think that all goes far enough. they say cdc guidelines are at a minimum protocol, they want single designated regional treatment center for ebola, dedicated staff and better
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training. >> i think cdc really dropped the ball in terms of preparing everybody for what they potential consequences of this disease were. i think what we need is regional preparation. i don't think the preparation because it vice expensive, difficult and requires a lot of equipment and a lot of personnel and a lot of danger. i don't think it should be up to each hospital to figure out whether or not they should provide plastic goggles or a complete hazmat suit or just simply plastic impervious to water and fluids gowns. they shouldn't all have to be figuring that out. >> so, of course, also saying that they are ready but groups like the nurses association saying that they need to do more. cdc says it is reviewing safety protocols but they say they do work. chris and kerry. 6:06. also new from overnight police looking for gunman who shot
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and killed a 23 year-old man in north philadelphia it happened on the 2100 block of north uber street late last night. forty-six year-old woman also shot in the leg but she's expect to survive. detectives say gunman took off in a dark colored vehicle they believe the man was targeted. a philadelphia woman has had her car and dog stoler. >> thinks louie, a black lab mix, rescue dog, and the owner, jj pierce said somebody swiped him and her s is uv while she was inside making an extra set of keys at the home depot on columbus boulevard last week. she searched with police and found nothing so she went to facebook looking for clues. >> i came out, i thought i had either lost my mind or my car was stolen. then it hit me that my car with my dog and then panic kind offset in. my come home and i expect
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him to be here. it is a nation the kind of hole that can leave in your life. >> pierce is offering a reward for information leading to her dog's return. >> we get so attached to our pets. >> of course. >> louie is found. how about this, it is being called a seismic shift within the catholic church is the the vatican accepting same sex couples? what top members of the catholic church have to say about gay unions. to cook bear?ever wondered how um, no. state in our area that is offering free cookbooks for anybody who is hunting this offering free cookbooks for anybody who is hunting this bear seaso
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at we have a hurricane down in the caribbean that is pretty powerful. it has been upgraded to a category two, yesterday it was a tropical storm, it is gonzalo pounding virgin island. 110 miles an hour winds moving northwest but then takes a track toward the north and then northeast which puts it on a path right for island of bermuda and by that time according to the computer models it could be a category three hurricane. so they are really to use the cliche battening down hatches there. now visibility, .3 of a mile up in the mountains, reduced
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visibility in reading and other area that may see some fog this morning especially around a body of water. could slow you down. cold front coming our way bringing severe thunderstorms to the atlanta georgia right now but stretches up to the great lakes, not here yet, not expected until tomorrow, probably late in the day tomorrow. nothing to show you on radar. future cast shows a lot of sunshine, you probably heard we will get close to 80 degrees. some places will make it to 80 degrees. and tomorrow early in the morning a few showers north and west of the city, rain, serious rain, does ant live until later in the day, maybe sometime after lunchtime we will start to get rain and then are storms roll through at night lasting in the early part of thursday, so some of those storms as we have been telling you could be strong to severe. but today nine out of ten. 79 degrees. tomorrow then are storms come late we will get to 76 degrees and then cool down in time for
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the weekend. we will continue to follow this pretty big hurricane as the day go by. 6:12 is the time. lets check traffic. we will start off this report back to that accident that happened cottman avenue near northeast, near roosevelt boulevard, this is a new one for us, other one happened on i-95 near cottman but this one is in the northeast, it is an accident right there so that one will slow you down, chris. >> thanks so much. north korea leader kim jong unfinally seen in public after a month in hiding but you is there something different about it. what you see holding that the g refuses to comment on. look at his gate there. >> yes. look at his gate there. >> yes. he is o
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good morning. quarter after 6:00. today president obama and his military commanders are meeting with defense official from his 20 countries helping in the fight against isis. meeting will focus on military strategy to counter the extremist. among countries represented are saudi arabia and united arab emirates as well as britain and france. also participating is turkey a key alley that neighbors of both syria and iraq. >> they have said that their facilities in inside turkey can be used by coalition forces, american and otherwise to engage in activities inside of iraq and syria. that is a new commitment and one that we very much welcome. >> meanwhile white house says u.s. led coalition air strikes are making progress and preventing isis from gaining ground. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with russian foreign minister in paris and they are hoping to find way to settle tensions stemming from ukraine's civil war, and although this is easier said
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then done there is some cause for concern, most russian troops appear to have left ukraine and with economic penalties looming russia said vladamire putin is headed to milan this week to talk to ukraine's president, and european union leaders. catholic church signals radical lift in tone as vatican offers words of acceptance to the gay community. bishops meeting in the vatican say while morally problematic gay men and women have have gay unions have merit. while it doesn't change church doctrine gay rights group says this is a seismic shift in the church's attitude but some say it is still not enough. conservative cardinals at the vatican are down playing the report as insignificant. final document on the issue is expect saturday. owe say, after weeks of not being out in the spotlight, north korean leader kim jong un, has made his first public appearance in six weeks. state media reported that kim resumed his tours while walking with a cain at certain
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points but his health was not a dressed during the at appearance. there is speculation that had been building since he has been obscenity without explanation. you can see, he labors while walking at this point. he is only 31 years old. a young guy. 6:18. more protestness ferguson missouri hundreds of people rallying against police shootings. more than 50 demonstrators led by clergy were arrested including civil rights activist cornell west. protesters marched on ferguson police, to city hall, wart mart and a political fundraiser. >> we want the attention to this issue to grow wider and wider so that real change can happen. real change has to happen in the policing, way policing is done here in ferguson but, throughout the st. louis region good ferguson has been centers of protest since 18 year-old michael brown was killed by a police officer back in august. tensions escalated last week when a police officer shot and killed another teen 18
6:19 am
year-old von derek myers, junior whom police say shot at them first. 6:18. oklahoma's attorney jennies seeking to delay three upcoming executions says the state needs more time to obtain drugs and trained staff. the request comes five months after a botched execution in that state. inmate clayton locket did not die until 43 minutes after receiving that lethal injection, witnesses say he ground in pain before his death indicating that the drugs were not working as intended. executions in the state were put on hold after that mistake. if you air frayed to fly cover are ears and don't look at this a passenger on a american airlines flight caught this scene cabin wall panels crack loose. captain decided to turn the plane around. it the departed from san francisco and heading to dallas and went back to san francisco and then they fix the plane. pennsylvania state police arrested a ten year-old boy
6:20 am
and charged him as an adult in the beating death of a 90 year-old woman in wayne county. according to the pocono record, the boy was visiting the grandfather, and was the woman's caretaker on saturday when would the man shouted at the child for entering her room. authorities say he he then punched her in the throat and several times. boy will be back in court for a preliminary hearing next week. 6:20. you know what that means. >> good day philadelphia is moment away. >> lets go to alex holley up in the news room. >> so guys do you like to dance. >> i can't dance. >> i'm not surprise by that, chris. >> there is a new dance studio in west philadelphia teaching kid and adults how you to dance. maybe you should go. they have zoomba, caribbean dancing and circus art. so of course we will send quincy down this to check it out. do you think he can juggle. we will see. we will have assumeba dance off verse kid that go to the
6:21 am
school. check that out. it will be hilarious. q is like a clown. >> one thing about q i know he cannot hit a baseball but he can dance. >> he can dance good yeah. >> can he juggle though. that is another level. >> true. >> we will see. >> yes, you guys are so talented. >> yes. >> we also wanted to introduce you to these two kids, tyler and rocco, they are the best of friends. they look pretty active, right. but when they were babies doctors told their moms they would never be able to walk or even talk. well, they are certainly beating those odds with the help of the innovative treatment to help millions of other kids and we will have jen fred into talk about that. great story. they are some great kids. new we will go to sue, it is wet but i hear it will warm up. i know i like that. >> compared to yesterday it lab lot, 10 degrees warmer with that high of 78. we got to 66 degrees.
6:22 am
it will be around that. anyway, fog this morning, and temperatures, even up in the mountains in the 60's, mild start with cloudy skies and a few areas of fog out there. nothing extreme mostly sunny skies today and yes we are well in the 70's by the end of the afternoon, yeah. 6:22 is the time. lets go to northeast philadelphia, cottman avenue you near the boulevard, there is an accident there and it is slowing things down for you a lot, that is what is going on with traffic guys, back to you. we will keep an eye on the detours and everything else and take a quick break and be right back.
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6:25. good morning eagles and their fans living kind of large this week after that five-one, record that we have right new going in the bye week and that is with all of the injuries. >> darren sproles is out for at least two weeks. he has an mcl sprain to his left knee some question the
6:26 am
five and one record but chip kelly does not care. >> we're five and one. that is it. it doesn't matter you don't of explain it to anybody. lou the at the record. we don't pay attention to it. the there is noise out there, when you spend time on it, you are wasting time that you should be devoted towards developing a game plan for arizona cardinals. >> he is so direct and straightforward. >> heading in the bye week we know chip likes to do things, quickly. >> i'm not joking it was most efficient photo i have ever seen. our guys, they were dressed there, were guys dressed in full uniform. we had a meeting at 9:30. they knew what we wanted to get done. we started at ten. at 10:04:40 we were done everything. >> he is talk about the team pictures which they take each and every year. they schedule these things right around the bye week. >> of course. >> they don't need make up. >> it just goes to the point that the eagles are a well oiled machine. they work out the hardest. their training is most rigorous. so they are winning.
6:27 am
>> they are fit. >> yes. >> they will win the whole thing this year. colorado could be opening sooner then expect. >> did you just jinks us. >> i know. >> lets go to colorado, mother nature here's is what going on. >> even though it is middle of october, there is a couple resorts that could get a jump on the ski season because several inches already fell over the slopes over the weekend. snow is accelerating process of getting these resorts open. all they need is 18 inches at the base, to stay put, past noon. so it can't melt off. employees say warmer days are hurting operation but cold nights are helping. >> have you ever wondered what beer -- >> bear. >> i don't wonder what beer taste like i have tasted some this morning. >> do you wonder what bear taste like. apparently some people have. where you can get a cookbook on how to cook bear this hunting season. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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hospitals across the the country are preparing for something that they hope they never have to deal work and our hospitals are no different how health care workers here are getting ready to deal with ebola. call her a miracle, baby anna lisa is one of the youngest babies to undergo a organ transplant. milestone she reaches today. and a live look outside the atlantic city, the weather, they trick new to
6:31 am
thinking it is summer. we want to see highs in the high 70's, and perhaps the 80's sue serio before this week is over. >> a few places will make 80 degrees today but we will be close enough, it will be a delightful afternoon. that is my prediction. lets go to a more precise information like bus stop buddy, you know him, 60's are our temperatures. every place in the 60's this morning. in some cases it is as high as we got for a high temperature yesterday and there are a few areas of patchy fog as well. 78 degrees is our high temperature later on today once the fog goes away and we will have plenty of sunshine, breezy and warm. that is your weather authority forecast. the lets get to traffic, i-95 northbound on ramp from cottman avenue on to i-95 there is an accident right there so that may slow you down a lot. in northeast philadelphia vista street near torresdale that building fire we have been telling you about still avoid that area if you can, chris. >> good heads up there. a german hospital says
6:32 am
that an international member of the u.n. medical team had been infect with ebola in liberia has now died despite intensive medical procedures. >> this man was 56 years old. they have not released his name just yet. hospital officials say he tested positive for ebola october 6th. he was put into a specialize lacing unit. so a lot more on that story as morning develops. also a man in kansas, is latest person to be monitored for ebola. he has flu like symptoms after coming back from west africa. hospital officials say he had been working as a medic on the commercial vessel. he was on the boat until about five days ago when he return to the united states. doctors say patient is at low to moderate risk but for now he remains in isolation pending test results. as we talk about these stories and every day it seems like is there a new death and a new concern and area, of course, everyone is thinking about what about hospital safety here in the
6:33 am
philadelphia area. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose live outside university of pennsylvania, in university city, sabina. >> reporter: nurses and er staff are on the front lines, if there is a ebola case in the area. but now they are questioning their safety saying cdc guidelines are just in the good enough. take a look, this is 26 year-old nina sam, the dallas nurse now battling ebola. she provided constant care to the extremely ill ebola patient died last week. now health workers want to make sure hospitals are ready to treat an ebola patient. pennsylvania nurse's association wants a single hospital designated in our area a treatment center for ebola. dedicated staff are focused on those ebola cases and better training. hospital workers tell us many of their questions go unanswered. >> well, i'm hoping that they are getting ready to try to get something going, you know, if it do hit here we can be prepared.
6:34 am
>> do you isolate the person after they have been through security and after they have been through a register or do you isolate them before they get past the front door? all kind of process that he is hospitals are trying to figure out and they should not have to figure that out on their own. that should have been cleared filed and determined by the cdc. >> reporter: hospitals say they are following cdc's recommended protocols. here at hup they say they are in constant almost daily contact with the cdc. back to you guys. >> okay, is a bean a meantime new overnight a 24 year-old man is dead and a 46 year-old woman is in the hospital, after a shooting in north philadelphia. it happened late last night on the 2100 block of north ub er street. police say the the man appears to have been targeted. detectives are looking for two shooters who took off in a dark colored car. all right. 6:34. what could have been another shut down on septa may have just been averted. >> engineer on the regional rails have reached a tentative contract to deal with the transit agency, the brotherhood of locomotive
6:35 am
engineers and train men announced the deal late yesterday. now union says that the deal gives the engineers a raise of more than 13 percent dating back to when their last contract ended, which was in 2010 and it end next july 2015 which means the next round of contract negotiations will begin, almost immediately. bus driver and subway, trolley operators are in this ongoing negotiation with septa the engineers and electricians staged a one day walk out in june you may remember before the white house got involved and sent them back to the bargaining table, so, this issue is far from over but at least they have a tentative deal in place. 6:35 right now. crews are on the scene putting out hot spots in the house fire in northeast philadelphia fox 29's jennifer joyce raced to that scene on vista street, and we got word of this. what is the latest so far, jennifer? >> reporter: chris, we do know two fire fighters are being treated for some minor injuries, they were transported to aria torresdale hospital. house is heavily damaged.
6:36 am
it is unclear if any neighboring homes were affect. the fire broke out at a home here in the 4700 block of vista street the in tacony around 4:15 this morning. upon arrival fire crews saw flames on both the first and second floors of this row home. two adults a man and a woman got out safely and fire was income down just after 5:00 a.m. fire fighters had to deal with heavy smoke in battling this operation, structures sustained major damage. >> they said they had fire on the first and second floor that it was going through the the roof. they had a full service. >> we are told red cross is assisting nine people from the damaged home and two neighboring home. the the cause of the fire remains under investigation. jennifer gist live, thanks very much. new ruling when it comes to dash cam video new jersey judge said video police record is now public record, what that will mean for you if you
6:37 am
are pulled over. demi l ovato off the market how this little boy popped the big question right on stage. >> he is brave. >> also of course we still like to see your halloween decorations, tweet them using hash tag fox 29 good day, this one is from colleen, we will show your decorations, all morning long on good day with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
6:38 am
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my one word to describe ac would relaxing getaway fun unique beautiful serenity shenanigans refreshing shopping surprising happy place you know what i mean? i want to say friendly. exhilarating adventure the boardwalk #nosleep it's a great weekend. there is so much to do here. it's so great to have it so close. it's just a great location, a great place to be. we love atlantic city.
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now that we have summertime temperatures in the offing, at least early summer or late summer, if you will, we will also have a lot of moisture in the air. it will be kind of mug toy day and humid with some fog in the mountains this morning. that is really the only place we see it, if you see it. tweet us a picture that would be nice because sunrise is happening very soon, about ten after 7:00. is there cold front that we have been talking about and that cold front has caused a tornado watch in parts of georgia, because of how strong the frontal system is and how strong thunderstorms are. for us we don't have anything going on just yet. it will be a taste of summer, in advance of that front, and then, with two days of temperatures approaching 80 degrees, things will change dramatically after that, and here's wednesday about 1:00 in the afternoon when we start to see heavier rain and thunderstorms moving through, so about three or 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon we do have
6:41 am
heavy rain and then, in the overnight hours the last gasp of that thunderstorm activity, until about 10:00 o'clock. 1:00 in the morning left over showers, 4:00 in the morning on thursday, it is starting to look better. so that is a look at your future cast, we will take a look at temperatures, these are your current temperatures, they are all in the 60's as we said this morning. 66 degrees was our high in philadelphia and still 66 right now. these are future temperatures at 2:00 this afternoon we can be up to 79 degrees by then and then we are close to 80 just about every where, somebody will make it to 80, is there wednesday at 1:00 in the afternoon 79 degrees again, so this is i two day special for these really warm temperatures, because by thursday we may not even make it to 70 degrees. so, lets get to the temperature trend for the past couple of days, and show you just how cool it has been because we're going to day to
6:42 am
about 79 and 76 on wednesday. lower 07's for thursday. seventy gorgeous day on friday, saturday's high, close to 07 degrees and then look at how crisp and cool it is on sunday, staying crisp in the autumn time. it is because of the apples and everything but 59 degrees by then. the that is your weather authority forecast, 6:42 is the time in west pikeland route 401 near letter pine creek road an accident for you there, and also in west norriton main street at school lane an accident as well. i-95 northbound near walt whitman bridge, there is a disable vehicle on the right-hand shoulder, and finally on the roosevelt boulevard southbound at broad street an accident that has the left lane blocked and slow go around there, kerry. we have some breaking news just coming into the fox 29 news room out of indiana. several people hurt early this morning when a double decker bus overturned just south of indianapolis. this is in fact a live picture
6:43 am
although i know it is difficult to see. still very dark obviously. it happened on interstate 65 slightly before 5:00 o'clock this morning. fifty people were on board that bus when it crashed. we know there are some injuries. in fact we are listening right now to their chopper pilot talking about their traffic agencies backing up. as this develops we will bring you latest. scary scene in new york city, and here it is, nypd released security camera footage showing a man throwing a smoke bomb into a restaurant, in green whim village. it shows the man's merging from an emergency subway hatch on the sidewalk and throwing that smoking canister into a restaurant and ducking back under the grates. >> the concept there, playing around witt, i'm thinking this is strange because only people that play around that work for mta, so that was a little strange. that is weird. >> no one was hurt. police are looking for a man in his 20's with wavey blon
6:44 am
hair wearing a black baseball cap and multi colored t-shirt. in word on why this nut job did this. >> more on that. >> some new jersey high school football players facing more consequences in connection to hazing allegations that have involved alleged sexual assault. we know that at least one senior committed to penn state, had his scholarship pulled according to blue right several players from sayreville war memorial have been arrested. as we told you before they could be charged as adults. school district superintendent caps eld the football season after learning about this alleged abuse. despite backlash for those who say it isn't fair for all of the players to be punish. other community members are showing support for these victims. >> would i want toe where they're motionly and spiritually. there is a lot of feeling that needs to happening. would i want to know that there is healing, to be had. >> if the seven students arrested are charged as adults
6:45 am
they could face five other more years behind bars. judge in new jersey has ruled that video captured by cameras mounted on police cars during traffic stops are public record this means authorities cannot withhold the video even if they have think the the video is par of the criminal or internal investigation. oaks county prosecutor office say they plan to appeal this reeling. they say they do not oppose the the release of the video saying it is more of a question of when they should be rehe leased. new jersey is trying to deal with the growing bear population, by getting more people to hunt. they are offering a new incentive. any hunter, who brings a bear to be weighed, will receive a bear meat cookbook. >> um-hmm. >> once the season starts. that is according to the new york times. state reintroduced bear hunting in 2010 but the number of bears killed has dropped significantly since the the first year and there has been a rise in bear even counters with humans this year. >> it is dense in texture and smells when you cook it.
6:46 am
>> um-hmm. >> a pet parrot with a british accent, is reunited with its owner after it went missing four years ago. now the birdies found in california by a local dog group shore said the bird kept saying aim free panama. when asked what happened in spanish. thankfully the bird was micro chipped and own lived in mere by. he is a british man. he said he had been searching for nigel for years. >> nigel. >> hello nigel. hold on. >> reese weatherspoon opens up about her 2013 dui arrest. at a press conference for her later film called wild. >> she told report their she thinks that is kind of the moment that people realized that she wasn't exactly the person that they thought she was. you know, she was kind of america's sweetheart. she said it is a mistake and part of the human nature. this is not the first time she has talk about her arrest. >> robert downey junior has captain america three. actor is in final negotiation
6:47 am
toss play tony starks, someone scheduled to start production next spring and released in 2016. downey has already suited up as a comic book character in the iron man series. >> they are all related. they are part of the adventure series. tony starks, right, yeah. chris brown tweeting his way into trouble, again. he shared his thoughts on the ebola out break saying quote that i think this ebola epidemic is a form of population control. >> seriously, chris. few minutes later he change his mind saying he would be quiet and keep his thoughts to himself. >> demi, found her prince charming. >> so this is really cute. singer accepted a proposal from a fan during a show this past weekend. here it is. >> unaudible. >> will you marry me. >> unaudible.
6:48 am
>> ahh. >> not a real proposal. that goes without saying, don't you think. >> it wasn't real. his parents didn't ship him off to marry the singer but she did -- >> that would be illegal. >> of course it would, yes. >> we like to state the obvious. his name is grant. he is five years old. during their conversation his nerves got the best of him and he forgot the ring but luckily i guess he recovered and sealed the deal, if you will, as they say. >> okay. >> one incredibly cute baby is on the road to recovery after receiving a liver transplant in chop. >> she's among the most tiny babe toys undergo the operation at this hospital. she was only three months old when her liver failed. she was born with the rare disease and ended up desperately needing a transplant. with the help have the gift of life donor program, her family found a match, rather quickly. doctors at chop say, that the match was perfect, and as so far the outcome, has been as
6:49 am
well. anna lisa is a totally different baby. she's growing, bobbling, playing with her siblings, sitting up. >> as soon as they did the transplant the doctor said how she was in longer yellow. >> now she's going through regular milestones a babe would i go through. she has to catch up a little bit both in motor, cognitive skills because during the time that she was sick, she fell a lit the will witt behind but she's really doing great now. >> so going forward she will have to take medication for the rest of her life but she and her three brothers are thrilled, that she is going to be around, and they will be protective of their baby sister. perfect parents believe she will be rough housing with them in no time at all. thinks all yet another reason fox 29 is a proud partner of the children's's miracle network. >> indeed we are. they do amazing things over there at chop. >> mike jerrick what amazing things you have in store for us later today. >> i have been up all night working on this we're covering the latest on that ebola case out of texas that claim the
6:50 am
life of that liberian man last week, who traveled here to the united states. it turns out, 70 health care workers now came in contact with him, including the nurse who is now fighting the the illness herself, just 26 years old what kind of protection do these doctors and nurses have. weirdly, doctors and nurses wear different equipment. so doctor mike is coming in with one of those azamat suits to he show us how these works and why doctors wear different outfits then nurses, why would they do that. and somehow could, well, why is ebola still getting through all this protection. >> were you just on a airplane did you see anything different on board the flight. >> no, but i was just in kansas city over weekend, and they think they have a case in kansas city now. >> um-hmm. >> they had two weeks ago they had 500 kids that had to go to the hospital with enterovirus and ebola scare at one of their top medical centers.
6:51 am
>> you were happy to get out of there. >> but are you happy to have me back. >> i have mixed feelings. >> in hugging. >> no kissing. >> well, maybe a little will. >> sue. >> just so hard to resist we will start off with a look at the days ahead because there will be a lot of weather changes and we want to keep track of it with you. we have patchy fog, not too bad here in the city, it is a mild start today all temperatures are in the 60's, today and tomorrow temperatures will sore to mere 80 degrees, so rain arrives, on wednesday, tomorrow, but even with the rain, we do expect to get near 80 degrees tomorrow. now wednesday night into thursday, it is when we will get strong to severe thunderstorms, cooler temperatures, follow after that. and that is your weather authority forecast, checking traffic, tuesday morning starts out on i-95 northbound near walt whitman bridge. we have a disable vehicle on the right shoulder, not vogue things down too much. roosevelt boulevard southbound
6:52 am
on the broad street it is slow there an accident has the left lane block. bad time have of the day for that. on i-95 north bound the on ramp from cottman avenue is there an accident there as well, we will be right back after this.
6:53 am
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poconos mountains in the frenchmanor. do you see overcast skies. speaking of pumpkin smashing it is in high swing at least pumpkin fever is. it doesens of kids took part in the giant pumpkin drop in minnesota. >> three, two, one... >> that is cool. now thinks the 2014, harvest fest, this years organizers tried a new stunt, stacking up three pumpkins, to make the big fall. i'll bet next year they will try four. this will draw a large crowd of several thousand people, each and every year. >> here we go. they squash the competition at pumpkin weighing competition just south of san francisco. the his name is john hockley and his pumpkin weighed 2058-pound, gigantic gored set a new you record for heaviest
6:56 am
pumpkin. >> we never thought anything like this was going to happen, it just, it just did. >> he credits part of the success to the warm weather. he had another pumpkin that weighed more than 2,000 pounds. childlessly says he will use his wings to pay for repairs to the house, he is from the napa area and his home was damaged in the earthquake. "good day philadelphia" starts next and we are following breaking news about the the ebola out break, this morning there may be more people in the u.s., infect with the virus, steps hospitals right here in our area are taking to make sure this is not spreading. take a look at these two, they look like your every day kids running around having fun only doctors told their mom they would never be able to walk or even talk, the the treatment that they got that could change millions of lives.
6:57 am
6:59 am
a u.n. worker is code in germany, plus more cases here in the united states, possibility of somebody having ebola in the kansas city missouri area. that patient was working, people on edge in kansas city for sure but working in the health care industry. also meanwhile local hospitals are gearing up for a call that they hope they will never get, how doctors and
7:00 am
nurses in our area getting ready for ebola. it is a deadly disease that comes here. doctor mike will show us one of those has math suits and how it is supposed to protect health care workers. and tyler and rocco are the best of friend, they share a common bond but not too many kids can relate to, doctors told their moms that they would never be able to walk but look at them running around right there, um, um, um, we will tell but these two special kids. the hit keep on coming for mo'ne davis, pitch er from the taney dragons, the title that she's earning new from time magazine, wait go mo'ne. straight up 7:00 o'clock. hi alex. good to see you again. >> welcome back. >> good to be back. i got in just after midnight from kansas city, oh, boy. lets get to weather and traffic. we will get you this big news. >> did you see the number yet. >> difficult not. >> of course, you haven't se