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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 14, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> no, yeah you are. >> use the hash tag fox 29, good day we are seeing great decorations here, people are tweeting them. >> look at that one, a nice mask and a skull. >> yes, that is neat. >> yes, that is the sun. >> it looks like a jack lantern. >> best way to get your pictures on is to use the hash tag fox 29 good day, okay. >> yes. >> so straight up 9:00 o'clock, she may be a little leaguer but mo'ne davis has made it to the big league now. how this local young woman is in the same company now as mallea and sascha obama, um-hmm. here comes jen. oh, we will not have jen. >> no. >> a new study claims longer couples are together the less likely they are to say, i love you. all love lost. so we will talk about why feelings, they fade with time. maybe that is why jen didn't show up. she doesn't love you any more.
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>> i don't love you anymore. >> here is some news for the kids, philadelphia has been named one of the best places in the entire united states of america to trick or treat. >> according to zillow, philadelphia rang fourth at trick or treating, that is six spots up from last year. >> how did we get better site says best neighborhoods, really about handing out the candy. some of the best neighborhoods are fairmount, cedar park, mt. airy, and chestnut hill. so here are top five trick or treating cities. number five san jose, california. four, philly. three chicago. number two los angeles and number one, san francisco. >> they go all out in san francisco, no question bit. >> hard core. >> hard core. >> hard core halloween. >> a lot of adults trick or treating through the streets. >> yes. >> it is if you get those king sized candy bars, it will be out of candy by end of the night. >> are you one of the people that gives out apples. >> no? raisins. >> sometimes it is raisins.
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>> and penny. >> we love them. >> really, my gosh. >> no. >> well, some people gave out bags and mixture of canned is in there and that was cool. >> that was cool. >> i like milk duds. >> i do too. >> they don't sell them. >> they do sell them. we have them up in the news room there was an article posted on line saying they don't know who the people are that like milk duds because we are. >> minorities. >> yes. >> it used to be you could only get them in movie theaters. >> they are hard to eat. >> they stick in your teeth. every dentist worst nightmare. >> i'm a recess cups kind of girls. cups, not pieces, that you have been telling everyone. i like cups. i eat around the edge and peanut butter filling. >> i'm a guy that likes the milky way guy. i eat it, all of the nugent first. >> do you split tonight half. >> no, just like corn on the could be, just the nuget and then left with the carmel and
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chocolate on top. >> real party. >> no, milky way, about a year ago they make no nuget, it is just carmel. >> yes. >> i believe i'm responsible for that new trend. >> does anybody likal machine joy. >> i'm not a fan of thalmont joy. >> i have yet to find a single person. >> their slogan. >> on times you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't, with the mound. you have to be a nut to like it. >> speaking of halloween when are you too old to go dress up and run around the neighborhood. i would saying if you are in high school, that should be it, right. >> cut off is like 14, 15. >> would i say 14. >> except in san francisco apparently. >> how do you handle kids who come to the door, and not even in the costumes. >> no. >> they just walk up and they want candy. >> the nerve. >> do you give it to them. >> don't they ask you still trick or treat. >> then you give them a trick
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depending what it is, truth or dare kind of in my house we had kids came they were in basketball short and t-shirt. we said what are you. i said really, that is not a costume. >> yes. >> bye feel bad sending them away. >> give them one piece instead of two. >> how about the houses, i have done this where you have to leave the house and do something, just leave a huge basket of candy. >> you can't trust kids, they will dumb the whole thing. >> i have done that. i have seen that though, little sign please take one per child. >> really do you trust kids. >> no, no. >> it is hard if you have a kid that you need to take trick or treating and there is nobody home. it is a conundrum. >> you lock your door and turn off the lights. >> i don't have have to worry about it, i live in the high rise building. i haven't had trick or treaters in years. >> i went to kansas city over weekend, friday after the
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show, i went to kansas city because my daughter jill is pregnant. they had two baby showers. one saturday night and one sunday. >> lucky girl. >> so friday night, about a week ago, i get a text from kacie mcdonnell our old traffic reporter, from her mom, saying that aaron murray, football player guy that plays the kansas city chiefs, third string quarterback will propose friday night in kansas city. i cannot believe this. i will be in kansas city. so i went to the restaurant where he did it, all of the families were around. >> how nice. >> i go in the restaurant. i borrowed a jacket from one of the waiters and got a tray and walk in the room where they are having this dinner and said does anybody need anymore water, cocktails or whatever. >> what did she do. >> she about pied her pants. >> that is a great surprise. >> she got up, and wept.
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>> she cried. >> because she didn't want you there. >> she said i ruin the whole thing. >> so look at that ring. >> wow. >> that is gorgeous. >> yes. >> have they set a date. >> no, they don't have a date. >> he did it to milk a couple more years. >> probably. >> keep her hooked. >> what did she say, she can't cry when she sees you and in the cry when she sees the ring. >> he did it at a church, very religious kind of thing. i think she did cry he had already proposed you weren't the one there delivering the ring. >> no. >> but she is so happy. >> that is good. >> good for them. >> she hates the job but she's happeny she probably misses us. >> yes. >> it is a very straight normal program that she's on in kansas city. >> that sound horrifying. >> but they love her. >> so that was a cool moment, good to see her again, and then baby showers start.
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>> so that was saturday when. >> that was friday. saturday night is the the baby shower. do we have any babies. now is a good time to do it. >> i met this baby at one of the baby showers. chunky is the the new hunky. >> that is so cute. >> adorable. >> whose baby is that. >> one of jill's friend. >> gotcha. >> there is my granddaughter, teddy, that little girl name is maz y she became friend with her. >> my goodness. >> and then shopping for candy and stuff and there was this thing, this kind of frightening looking clown, standing there so teddy was ant frayed. >> look at her she's smiling. >> she know what she will be for halloween yet. >> elsa, like everybody else in this country. >> i know. >> so to get to kansas city, he go out to the airport, i get on the plane and sitting next to me is a woman, who
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takes her shoes and socks off, and puts her feet up on the bulkhead wall. that is what i looked at for three hours, dit smell. >> it wasn't so bad. >> you took an on the sly photo. >> on the way home last night this guy has his socks on at least but doing the bulkhead thing. >> that is wrong, you can't do that. >> it is there people might as well use it. >> you make feel feel very comfortable. >> yeah, too comfortable. >> hey, time magazine has come out with this, they do this every year, 25 most influential teenagers. and guess who made the cut, our little mo'ne davis. >> of course she did. >> thirteen year-old star pitcher for taney dragons little league team made that list. her rise to fame was almost as fast as her pitch . mo'ne made history as her pitching aced shut out game in the little league world series
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and she made the national coverage in the sports illustrated. >> she's in good company, sascha and mallea obama are on that list. twenty-five most influential teens. >> well, next up 16 year-old jayden smith you remember her. >> yes. >> she's the, or he, excuse me, he is will and jada son's what is her name, willow. >> yes. >> i flip my hair back and forth for the. >> this is where the list goes off the rails. >> of course, a few in members of the kardashian clan. >> puke. >> seventeen year-old kylie and 18 year-old kendell jener are on the list as well. >> they are influential aren't they. >> yes, they are in the fashion doing runways. >> it doesn't mean it is a good thing. >> they are influential. >> it is kind of like times person of the year. >> are you okay. >> i'm just getting organized. >> i whip my chair back and forth. >> you are sweating. >> i am sweaty.
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>> you are dripping down from your chin. >> i need a napkin. >> i don't know i'm sweating today. >> it smells like vodka. >> that is exactly what it is. >> well, last night, i fly the connecting, from kansas city, and nick cannon is on good day, from tv to movies, he does it all, what he is working on right now. he wants to set a world record, and it is not for the size of his back tattoo. >> no. >> he had to cover up mariah's name on his back. >> he will answer all kind of personal questions. >> he has demanded that we not even ask about mariah. >> throw me to the wolves it is the new girl. >> he will just cut off the interview. >> we have got to try. >> yes. hey parents. >> i think we are going to break. >> yes. >> hey parents we're going to
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well, what happened? >> what. >> okay. i don't know. >> it is nick cannon, hello. >> i cannot believe we're so familiar with him. >> i only know nick from hosting shows. >> a gt, he is like america's got talent. >> yes. like ryan seacrest. >> yes. >> you ever watch those shows where they do paternity test, maury. >> yes you are not the father. >> yes. >> just like that. >> wouldn't it be cool though if you you had a lie detector at your house, you know, to test your teenage kids. >> now you can get one for 400 bucks though. parent can purchase their own personal at home, lie detector test but professionals say they are in the very accurate unless you have been trained on a polygraph machine, chances of getting someone to tell the truth well, they are pretty low. >> i think it is a horrible idea because you will have
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false positives and negatives because there is no scientific basis for what you are doing. >> polygraph examiners say better off flipping a coin then using one of these at home test. save your money. >> well, i guess that would be perfect advice, alex would you like to spend $400 on something that doesn't work. >> i guess you can take a shot at it. you can freak out the kids like i got this lie detector test. >> where are you last night, you didn't come in for curfew. >> i was in bed. >> or rig up some crayons to danza cross a piece of paper and make 15 bucks. >> thinks a real lie detector test. >> okay. >> you're watching at home right now. look over at your partner, your husband or your wife and say i love you. we will wait for to you do it. >> wait a second. >> i can feel the resistance. >> say it. >> say it now.
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>> say it. >> have you said to it day. >> apparently we have found a study that says that couples who say i love you, they say it less and less and less as they -- the relationship gets longer age longer. >> more than 50 percent of couples who have have been together two to five years say it every day. >> okay. >> other 50 percent say it more than once a day or not at all. however here's where it changes. by the ten year mark only 33 percent of couples say it every day and percentage drops from there. it is not about the words. it is not just about i love you. researchers found that the love, that these couples felt has changed itself. only 11 percent describe themselves as head over heels in love with their partner. after how long aim not sure. >> well, after ten years. >> you cannot be head over heels anymore you will never get anything done. >> no, what does head over heels mean, where does that term come from. >> you are all.
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>> your head is all over your heels. >> you are going around and around. >> you it doesn't make sense all of your feelings. >> this it is the way love has been described to me. >> um-hmm. >> it is flames, you know, you start a fire, it is flames, in the beginning. and then what you want to accomplish by the end of your life together is warm emmers about. >> i was expecting something more -- but that can make sense. >> that way it lasts. >> it lasts. >> hot fire burns quickly and then it is out. >> but if you have warm embers. >> yes. >> every once in a while you have to stir up those embers. >> that is why they invented the poker. >> what is that thing called. >> they have all different sizes and everything.
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>> now we have lost sue now. >> sue, the poke. >> we are going to weather. >> i don't think we can do it. >> what is the temperature in philly. >> it is 69 degrees. >> okay, here we go. 9:18. >> iggy azalea is lead nominee for american muse ache ward, i guess nominations came out. >> fancy singer is up for six awards that includes nominations for new artists and single of the year for fancy. other artists include lord, beyonce, of course and eminem. american music awards will air on november 13th. >> lord. >> she's just taking over. >> yes, she is. >> iggy was married. >> she was. >> she's married. >> no. >> she's the one, she is the one that had the ex threatening to release the the sex tape. >> i don't think they will marry. >> we will do weather now.
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>> yes. >> she's back. >> i'm back, baby. >> every once in a while. >> this is why i wake up in the morning because every day is there a possibility that could happen. we have 69 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 63 in mount pocono. 67 degrees in trenton, it is turning out to be a lovely morning with all of that sunshine. the look at wildwood, it is already 72 degrees. we're getting close to 8o maybe wildwood will make it, at looks quite likely actually. 78 degrees for most of us. we are saying approaching 80 for a high today. late thunderstorms tomorrow but before that happens we will be well in the 70's once again. so two days that feels a lot like summertime but those afternoon thunderstorms, some of the rain coming first and then thunderstorms at night, rain tapers off thursday morning and cooler trend into the weekend. by saturday we are at six have degrees, beautiful day very
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autumnal. 60 degrees on sunday. from the weather authority is there your seven day forecast. >> nick, are you able to take off that ridiculously expensive watch. >> yeah, all right, just take it off, be very careful witt, very care full. >> i got it. >> sure. >> here we go. >> man, look at that bling. >> yes. >> people magazine calls nick cannon one of the top ten most successful young people in hollywood and sure looks like it there. >> he is every where. he is on tv, movies and even on stage doing some stand up. >> and, not long ago he was in philly, right around the corner at a beautiful hotel picking up an award and now he is involved in trying to set a world's record for the longest selfie, nick, welcome back to philly. >> thank you for having me. >> heck yes. lets get right to it the because i can tell samsung is playing for your little
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satellite over here, so what is the longest, the longest selfie, you talk number of people. >> well, yeah what we're trying to do myself and samsung, we have the new samsung nx and we are trying to take as many selfies in an hour. it is all for a good cause. we are doing it for habitat for humanity where we will donate $50,000 at the end, once we accomplish the world record. >> so everybody just line up and to it one after the other. i'm a big fan in the my will of hollywood and there has to be one every four seconds to beat the world record. >> so it is not a longer line just do as many as you can, in an hour did you say. >> yes, in an hour. >> what day will you do it. >> we're doing it today, it is
9:22 am
going down in a few hours. >> are you ready, are you practicing yourselfe on there. >> i have been practicing, absolutely, practicing myselfe all the time. >> do you have a selfie stick, you know, that is a real thing. >> really. >> i'm not up on the selfie stick. >> it is a long stick that you attach your camera to the end of and hold it up and get wide angle and you can get a whole bunch of people behind you which technically these days is called a ussie. >> you need to get one of those. >> or a group i. >> i like that. >> a group i. >> yes, speaking of group he is, i saw you about it must have been about three months ago do you remember being in philly getting that award. >> yeah, absolutely. >> i think that was over at hotel monaco i think. that was a nice night. >> yes, that was an event for the youth of philadelphia, i was really cool there.
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>> okay. >> go ahead, kerry,. >> i wanted to meet you that night, because i'm new here to fox. mike was get it out there. but you lost. i didn't get to meet you. >> she says you have celebrities all the time in philadelphia. >> i said it is kind of a special occasion with nick here. >> i was so excited. >> there is celebrity all the time, every time i get a chance to get down there, i'm there. it is a couple hour drive from the city in new york. >> speaking of, philly, you know, we have great tattoo parlors here, how badly does it hurt to get a back tattoo. >> what a using way. >> that was an amazing segway. >> how long did that one take, was that hours. >> yeah, it is still in the finished. i probably still got about another four sessions on my
9:24 am
back, seven hours each. >> everybody knows why you had to do it because you had had mariah across your back. it is a big cross. what is up on top. >> you have to wait to see it, it is a work of art, you will see it when it is all done. >> where will you be debuting it. >> right here in philadelphia. >> i will come to philly and be name right here. >> show you the whole thing. >> by the whole thing, what do you mean. >> it is a lot. >> it is huge. >> what are we talking about here. >> to to. >> unaudible. >> this is morning television. >> well, good luck today. >> i can't see you guys but i feel like you are blushing. >> we don't blush. >> i do. >> yes. >> a little bit. >> nick, good luck today. >> thank you, i appreciate it.
9:25 am
>> see you later my gosh. >> you ever listen and take selfie out on the street and running around philadelphia, and like in picture ever taken on the first attempt. >> never. >> no i don't know how he will get this done. >> he needs a selfie stick. >> one every 42nd. >> yes. >> is that even possible, just trying to switch out people, every 42nd. >> unless you have a blind up like a thousand people down will shire boulevard and go down and keep moving down the line. >> yes. >> we don't know how many he has to get to break the world record. >> no, because it has never been done. >> yes. >> it has been tried but they could not get it what show. >> that show blows. >> nevada boy took his chance in front of the live news camera to make a memorable moment. this is funny. >> keep your eyes on the left of your screen, the boy, eyes the camera and then let go never breaking his stride as the camera pans over and then comes back to him. it was at a shopping mall and
9:26 am
apparently he is really excited about it. >> he is doing vogue and stuff. >> he is totally vogueing. >> i over sold that. >> yes. >> we can only see him nodding his head. >> yes. >> he turns to the side. >> i heard the guy was not happen bye sharing the lime light. >> i work with that guy before. >> you have. >> yes good is he pleasant. >> no. >> lets get to jen, she's drinking. >> you know i like beer. look at what they have here. it is a little bit i cake to go, it is conshohocken brewery, bike riding, hey, it is conshohocken beer week. can you believe i have neff been here. we will talk about what is special about this place. little bit i baby cakes. here she goes. bye. .
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9:30 on the dot, getting red foyer halloween, give us some tweets. >> indeed, a lot of us oohs g the tweets fox 29 good day, sharing it with our viewers. from c, got little ghost peaking out of heroin dough, never too old to dress up for halloween. >> see that mike? >> well into your 50's. how old do you think is too old to go trick-or-treating? tweet us. >> really getting a taste of the area. >> jen live in conshohocken morning, consy brewing company for a look at what's live on
9:31 am
tap. >> i have to be honest, i sort of live near here. i told these guys off camera, i've sent people here, but i've never actually been here, good morning. >> good morning. >> you guys have been open since? >> april 1st. >> yes, and if people don't know where you are, you you are basically on the ends every elm street? >> before quaker chemical. >> okay, and by the way, you couldn't be in a better spot. you say on the weekends, if it was cents a day like this on a saturday? >> runners, bicyclists cents, yes, whole place people basically wearing spandex, really good time. >> i would like to drink my beer in spandex, nothing wrong with that. >> nothing at all. >> you guys got to be pumped, conshohocken beer week, a week just for you. >> definitely, pretty exciting, few different take-overs at bars around the area this week. >> pretty cool. so, you guys don't have bun beer. no. >> no. >> you don't have two, or three, you got like 42 beers here. >> ten on tap. >> okay. >> and they change pretty often. >> you are kind of in charge of that. so first of all, you guys a lot of brew masters have worked at like bigger houses cents cents, right?
9:32 am
but you've come here, come back to conshohocken to kind of like do very fancy beer in a small specific way? >> yes, craft filled beer, charlie my sister ann worked at some other places kind of try to take the big picture square, quality, take it down to smaller place in your backyard. >> so point these out. i know you can't have your favorite child, but of all of the beers do you have a favorite? >> one of the things my photographer mike, known to be, you know, very wealthy, spends money everywhere, likes the idea that you can try these for like a buck 25. so you're not -- it is just a really affordable way to do it. >> by the way i like the fact that you have pretzels and stuff. you say i can bring me kids in here? >> kid friendly, very family open, yes. >> i saw you have toys, you're being g me to bring my children? >> definitely please do. always welcome. >> he hasn't met my children clearly. what's this line up?
9:33 am
these look all different. >> they are all different. so we are our pair all, little lighter, not as aggressive as is other beers, i have to look at the other side. like up and coming style, last one there, is our ipa. that's our flag ship. that's what we sell the most of. >> so people don't know what ipa, india pail all. >> what's that mean in terms of the taste? like say you're a lady. say you like to drink hine kin light. not that i do. but i casino of do. what casino of beer do you think like a woman would like? >> i would go toward the conshy blondes, light nerve flavor, light nerve color, the one all the way on the ends there, but still kraft beer, gets you the flavors some of the other beers will have, but not quite as strong, good gateway beer. >> beer nerd cred, the conshy
9:34 am
blondes? >> i'm all -- okay, so, these beers, you can't just have them in conshohocken, all over? >> definately located in 50 different restaurants and bars, all around philadelphia, most of the restaurants and bars in conshohocken, few downtown, standard tap, dandy lion, role l that farer. >> if we like one of the beers, we should like one of the top three, because you change up the bottom ones. >> bottom ones change up frequently. >> i know when we find a craft beer we like we want to keep the beer we like. >> just because they change doesn't mean i won't bring them back. >> so good lipstick color, you will bring it back. >> exactly like lipstick colors. >> i know what people compare your beer to lipstick all the time. don't pretend they don't. >> common thing in the industry. >> then how long doses it take for you guys to make a beer? >> about three week process, from grain to glass. >> i love it. thank you so much. and again, let's just say i bring my mommy crowd down here and we want some -- you're okay with the rotten children
9:35 am
coming? >> definitely, bring the rot inch children coming, we'll keep them in line. >> okay, i'll dry one. >> which one is that? >> that is very good. this is the one you said i would like. you're like a beer -- >> i've done this before. >> this is the conshy blondes all? good. look, it looks like the type of beer i'm used to drinking, just kidding, i love all of the beer. it is con smoke hone -- conshohocken beer week. tip your waiters. >> beer and lipsticks. love it. okay, so local woman getting a taste of a national competition. and she wants you to try her winning recipe. so we will tell you where you can eat free passes that today. look at it, looks goodment on your lunch break.
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i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
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>> people are tweeting me. >> about in. >> saying i love to you their husbands cents and wives. >> oh, what? good day. good change in the worlds. >> spreading the love. do you want to see something just really precious? >> yes. >> it is my granddaughter teddie, holding a kit. >> i where is this? >> pumpkin patch. >> pumpkin picking? >> that's what it is called, yes. >> oh, look. oh, my gosh. is that her cat? >> no. >> no? >> just a cat there at the petting zoo. >> so cute. how old is she now, three? >> three and a half. okay, let's eat some pasta. >> al next. >> you guys talking about saying i love you, well, i love pasta. and what better way to talk about it than having this food truck here. this is 100 anniversary. >> angel hair passes that. >> very nice the and we have contest winner here, hey, there andy?
9:40 am
>> go ahead. say something real quick. so tell us about this pasta. how do you say it first? >> this is my nona grill passes that. >> say it again? >> passes that alam mattreesiana. >> so what's in it? it is very traditional italian dish that's basically just onions, tomatoes, and bacon or pan chet a she did not prepare it on the grill. this is sort of my modern interpretation on the dish she used to make for us when we were kids. >> what makes it modern then? >> well, you cook it all in one pot. you actually put the pasta dry into the sauce, and you let it cook in the sauce, then it absorbs all of the flavors. >> let's see it, so while put that together, we will talk to the chef here. >> yes. >> jimmy. >> how are you involved? >> san george yo is celebrating 100 anniversary, and they were going to come to philadelphia as one of the cities on the tour that they were doing, and they contacted ralph's, which is the oldest italian restaurant in the
9:41 am
united states, we figured my god, this is great idea. they're like are you guys interested? i said are you kidding me? one of the oldest pasta companies in the country and the oldest italian restaurant in the country? >> makes sense. >> makes perfect sense. >> we were hon orders that they had asked us to do that. >> so this food truck here, the 100 anniversary food truck, will be going all over the their. >> pittsburgh, baltimore and philadelphia. >> how long is it in philly never. >> couple every days. >> just for couple every days. are you going all over? >> now today after today, after this today, going to rittenhouse square, and we're going to be serving abby's award winning dish, abby was pick from hundreds of entries, on san george yo's website, and came down to three finalists cents, and those three finalists hads the cook off couple of weeks ago at ralph's, abby was the winner in abby came out on top. >> yes, she did. >> i like that, it was cents about the bold flavors that you have? >> yes. so there is a lot of spice, and then there is that richness from the pancheta that really kicks it home. >> really works great.
9:42 am
funny because and did i something little different than we're used to, she takes the pa cents that dry, and cooks it right in the sauce, and what happens is the starch from the pasta that would typically end up drained off from the water you boil it in, ends up in the sauce itself and gives this real creamy velvet texture. we thought that was really cool. >> sounds really good. so i'll try it. >> please do. >> what duding? >> i won $5,000 courtesy of san george yo passes that. >> what are you going do with $5,000? >> i'm still deciding, but i think i will ' take a trip somewhere. >> oh, yes, you should take a trip to italy or something. >> and i think i should go on that trip, too. >> i want to go. >> of course you're invited. >> thank you. >> so this will be free pasta, right? >> all today? >> from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at rittenhouse square. >> now to quincy. because i'll try this pasta and my mouth will be full. >> save me some. i've been here all morning long, here this is your signature dance right here.
9:43 am
>> i'll be doing this, coming up next, right on good day philadelphia.
9:45 am
rittenhouse square? >> headed to rittenhouse square right now. free passes that today, 10:00 to 2:00.
9:46 am
>> no forks? that's brilliant. >> just feed your face. >> because then no one else can eat it. >> feed bag. >> oh. >> probably wondering how doses she stay so small, stuffing something in her face. every time i see this woman she is eating. >> i love eating. >> made me eat it, a ramen burger. >> it was huge. >> he said why don't go eat it, alex. >> of course. >> why don't you see if you can get your mouth around this giant burger, then lays dollars. >> part every my hazing for being the new girl. when doses it end? >> oh, it never ends. >> okay, like i'm here now. >> what normally happens, you work with me long enough, you will runoff to other cities, and other jobs. >> anything to get a which from you? >> just to save yourself. it has happened, five women in my life. >> are you scared? >> little bit. by the way, spreeing of scars,
9:47 am
we both had flu shots on friday. and -- >> can you see the one of her giant head? on my twitter account. someone took screen shot of me mack ago face while giving me -- >> how do you feel? >> feels good. sore for couple of days when he touched it, but i had my band dade on. someone ripped it off, i mean, how do you feel with the band aid on, then ripped off, okay. ah. just ripped the bands adolph. >> find some forks. stuff our face while quincy works all of this off. is that possible? >> i don't think so. >> i have 22 year old phenom, started whole thing, darnell richardson, you say this is your signature dance this they're doing in the background? >> yes. >> apple caribbean?
9:48 am
>> we have dance company, students had trained with us, they go onto become members of our dance company. we specialize in african caribbean dance. with that we have numerous fest he is vales throughout the tri-state area, rep philadelphia and south jersey caribbean festival. tons of other events throughout the area, as well. >> okay, so, darnell, if i want to do, you know, real dow this, the kids seem pretty young. what are the ages of the class? >> well, our classes, all start at age 26789 we believe when you start young, you grasp moran teaching culture, team them the beauty of the art of dance, things like. that will so if you start young, it will, you know it, will help you even more. >> older people as well can join in the class. >> can i jump in? >> take the lead. >> what are we doing? i'm getting back.
9:49 am
>> okay? >> right hand. >> right there. there you go. >> okay. >> all right. >> clash your hands in the air. all right. >> ♪ >> nice. >> how did i do? >> okay. >> i was good? >> yes. >> you don't have to lie to me. okay. did i it. dance forever studios, yes. the website, if they want to? >> again, not only do we do dance, we specialize in live theater, anything with entertainment we do for the community. we're here for the community. >> fifty-fourth and market. do some more dance moves.
9:50 am
>> you got it. >> back to you guys in the studio. >> look at those moves. >> oh, ya. >> we see you, q. >> 9:45, you all know about the real house wives of new jersey, real housewife of at lan tax real housewives of orange county, right? >> orange count. >> i did you know that there is going to be a real housewives of philadelphia? >> oh? >> yes. so do you know any women who live, you know, in our area that would be good, you know, good, local women for new reality show real housewives of philadelphia? >> i think i know a few. we will talk about it, could be some possibilities for the show coming up. >> you know jenn fred would be great. what's possible today?
9:51 am
9:52 am
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
9:54 am
i'm full already. >> that was a big bowl of passes that right there. ugh. >> great stuff. >> in a is more than you've eaten in probably two weeks combined. >> up agree to do when you have him over? eat. >> i'm not hung over. >> okay. >> just saying. >> it will help. >> okay, look at the front page of the paper here today. real housewives of atlanta, orange county, new jersey, there may be real housewives of philadelphia coming. >> we know this would be good. so this is the article. if the philadelphia daily news today. says producers associated with bravo has been in philadelphia interviewing women for possible season. producers names is principal sense ann bitten license loster creator of real house wives of at lan tax most popular of all of the series, also credited when discovering housewives mimi leaks. wouldn't talk specifics about
9:55 am
what is happening if philly but found one woman that she says will be a star. >> and i believe -- >> who do you think it is cents? >> i think i know who it is. >> can you say? >> but i can't say. >> of course you can't say. you don't want to spoil it. >> i'm reading on line. >> is she there? >> is that one every them? >> yes. >> yes. oh. don't say it, though. >> super secret place on the web. >> because you have to believe everything you see on the internet. >> the internet that amanda bynes isn't going anywhere apparently. >> recently placed back under pschiatric evaluation, and now, according to these latest reports, she going to be in the hospital for another two weeks. she was placed under a 72-hour hold on friday, that was after she spent a week in new york exhibiting really bizarre behavior, accused her dad of sexually abuse her, put a microchip in her brain. i don't know e her parents
9:56 am
reportedly trick her into thinking she was returning to la to meet with a lawyer, instead took her to a hospital for treatment. and coming out with a line of wigs. >> good, good. >> she is not. is that true? >> no. >> oh, my gosh. >> i like the green one. >> very natural looking. >> ya. >> very smooth and silky. >> we shouldn't make fun because she ash ill. >> down the wrong path. >> you went there with me. >> true. >> you go up to the edge of the cliff, then you say why don't you guys jump over. tell me what's on the other side. >> meanwhile he's hanging there while we're over the cliff. >> do you really think she has -- god, okay. never mind. >> let's move on. >> so glad this happened by the way. you want to see that again? george clooney's wife has decided to take his last name because no one can pronounce her real last name. >> no, we cannot, so happy about this. the human rights attorney change her last name even included on her firm's the website it now reads amal clooney. she was quick with it.
9:57 am
>> smart. >> but i like that she returned back to work. i mean, shear is married to george clooney, of course lots of money. look, already back to work. go girl. >> she has cents a ton of money herself. parents paid for that stinking wedding. >> they did? why didn't he? >> talk about that on the show. >> why should very to do it? >> i thought -- oh, okay. >> it is true. it is true. he has cents the honeymoon. >> if i have to do it, awe you will -- you all have to do it. >> calling barbados singer raunchy? >> okay, who is this? >> from sport i spice from spice girls, yes, said rihanna too much for her five year old, she said the female stars need to show dignity, stop being overtly sexual, she said the spice girls sending messages. >> oh, they wore short skirts. >> rihanna has said i'm not trying to be a role model,
9:58 am
guys. >> that is just -- that's like pasta back wash at this
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! today, iggy azalea's paparazzi blowup. find out what set the fancy singer off. and she's out of prison and speaking out. real-life "hot topic," rapper remy ma is here. plus, celebrity chef mario batali is here heating up the "wendy" kitchen. now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you! yeah! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah! ta da!