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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  October 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good morning 5:00 o'clock. breaking news overnight a tractor trailer found riddled with bullet holes as an inn votesgation is underway. where this is and what you need to know as you head out this morning. >> i was in the middle of a highway having contraction was guns pointed at me. >> can you imagine? trip to the hospital turns
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into a standoff with police, why these new parents nearly ended up behind bars. crazy. yes. good day everybody. it is friday, october 17th, 2014. >> it is. 5:01. time for weather on the one's. >> thought we would get thaw number of the day since it is so darn high, highest we go for numbers of the day. ten of the ten. pleasant sunshine. i can't think of anything on the negative side. a few clouds around, all of the rain from yesterday has moved up to the northeast. the so there is nothing much to show you on ultimate doppler radar. let's talk visibility, reduced visibility in lancaster county. we have moisture in the air. you may run into some fog this morning. shouldn't be a big deal or slow you down too much. temperatures are cooler then they were yesterday, five to 10 degrees in some cases cooler. sixty in the city. just about everybody else sees temperatures in the 50's as we get started this morning.
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enough sunshine to take to us 27 degrees, a lovely afternoon. that is your forecast at 5:02. already have some problems on the roadways this morning, this one is on the roosevelt boulevard at ninth street, there is an accident there. that will probably be okay, probably get by it okay because it is so early. norristown markly street southbound and northbound between ten and danenhour bridge, road closed due to the investigation of the story you where to hear. finally on the turnpike, northeast extension approaching lansdale construction has right lane block, kerry. 5:02. more on the incident that has shut off parts of the 202 in norristown, a truck driver, rush to the hospital after shots were fired at his truck. >> so sue just showed us on the map, lets go to the scene with jennifer gist with the very latest, jennifer, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: good news as far as traffic is concern here. at least south bun lanes of this stretch of route 202 have
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reopen, as you can see, the the tractor trailer is gone, just minutes ago, within the last ten minutes. our cameras were rolling as that tractor trailer was towed from route 202 in the area have the on danenher bridge here in norristown. if we take a closer look at that trailer you will notice bullet held through the windshield. driver is being treated for injuries. he was flown to hahnemann hospital. according to sources it appears that police shot at this vehicle to get the driver to stop in his tracks. this happened at main and markly streets, again, here in norristown apparently the driver was all over the road hitting parked cars, driving erratically. this was all before midnight last night. the circumstances related to what caused the driver to be all over the place are unclear at this point in time. so again back out here live at the scene you can see traffic is moving, once again at this intersection. we see our first car coming northbound on this stretch of route 202. so we can now say route 202
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north and southbound lanes in the area of the danenher bridge in norristown have, once again reopened, i also have a call into the are in is town police and was toll that the police chief could not talk at this point in time. they are not making any comments of what occurred except to say it is all under investigation. as soon as we get more information we will bring it the to you. >> good news is traffic will start to flow smoothly right before the morning rush. 5:04. first nurse diagnosed with ebola nina pham was flown overnight to dallas to maryland where she's now being treated at national institutes of health center. >> texas health presbyterian released this video of pham before she left. she could be heard thanking those caring for her. meanwhile cdc is saying second infect nurse amber vinson may have had symptoms as early as last friday, remember, it was monday that she got in that plane from dallas up to
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cleveland. health officials are reaching out to passengers on that initial flight from dallas to cleveland. vinson visited a brightal shop but owner says that she shows no signs of being sick. >> i would have never known that she was ill, there was in coughing, sneezing, nothing like. >> president obama says he is considering appointing a person to lead the ebola response here in the u.s., so-called ebola czar, and while he says he has in fill have solve california objection to imposing a travel ban on west africa but he said ban could result in people trying to hide where they come from and therefore being less likely to be screened. right now our chris o'connell is in maryland with a live report in the next hour. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter is holding a briefing detailing how this city is dealing with infectious diseases likee bowl. fox 29's sabina kuriakose picks up the story live from city hall, good morning.
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>> reporter: philadelphia health and emergency officials claim they are fully prepared in the case of an ebola out break. that is a very bold statement, one we hope they never have to live up to but when you consider all of the hospitals, health care workers, people in charge of getting rid of infectious waste, public transport workers including at the airport and first responders, all people in the agency the city has to coordinate with yesterday at a public health and safety committee hearing the office of emergency management says city has tools to managee bowl, fire commissioner says a new system allows dispatch tours screen medical calls for ebola cases. >> traveling to the affect west african countries, or have been in contact with anyone who has traveled there. there are no follow-up questions, if yes, the caller is asked if they have a fever and other related signs and symptoms. responses are provided to emergency responders positive travel history.
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supplies, right new we have a control kits which contain gloves, gowns, masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, disinfecttent and all of these are cdc compliant. >> reporter: you heard there just the fire commissioner talking about how the the city was ready. head of the fire fighters and paramedics unit of local 22 says he is concerned for his members. he said the department need more training and says that hundreds of protective suits newly ordered by the city for first responders are quote the bare minimum protective suits, and now back here live today at noon mayor holding a press briefing. he is expect to address those concerns, back to you. sabina, thank you. a judge says that the dozens of hospital employees who had contact with the man died of ebola are being asked to sign legal document
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agreeing in the to go to publish places or use mass transit. texas health care workers involve in the care of thomas eric duncan after he was hospitalized. >> children's hospital of philadelphia is one of several american hospitals, federal officials may call pneumonia to provide care for any child gets ebola. chop says likelihood of an out break is extremely low but if a child catches ebola here it has agreed to provide care. a lot of people are glued to the developing ebola story as this continues to unfold. click thee bowl virus lincoln my fox for our coverage 24/7. hundreds of students are without a school after philadelphia charter toll parents they just don't have room for the students. >> can you imagine? last night charter school held a lottery to decide who will get to stay. parents gathered at walter palmer in northern liberties last night. the school district of philadelphia said charter had 1200 students enrolled but only supposed to have 675 students based on the charter assigned. now hundreds of parents will to have find a new school for
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their kids just two months into the the school year. >> you sit there when you start and praying you are hearing your child's name. i could have dealt with this lottery in january, fine i had options. i have no options. there are no option options so i have to figure out what i will do. >> school district claims that an audit found that the school was allegedly collecting money for students not even attending. the the schools founder denies any misuse of fund and says it ace begins the law to put a cap on charter school enrollment. take a look at this, sky fox over a massive teachers rally in spring garden. thinks on north broad street where teachers, students, parents hit the streets to voice their concerns diverting traffic for hours last week. the cities school reform commission voided teacher contract a move that the union calls quote cowardly. the commission says action frees up millions of dollars
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that can go into classrooms. that rally was right before a big commission meeting, by the way, src's first gathering since last weeks decision canceling contract. educators have to start contributing to the cost of their own health care and meeting lasted for hours and with many challenging src and controversial decision, you can see it right there. their decision about the teacher contract will save the cash strapped district more than 40 million-dollar. judgment joe biden's son hunter says he is embarrassed about his discharge from the navy. wall street journal says hunter biden tested positive for cocaine, failing a drug test last year. in a statement he says he respects the navy's decision to discharge him last february, but the four two-year old is the vice-president's youngest son. all right, it is just about 5:11 right now. good morning, sue we have a ten today, um. >> i think tomorrow we will be just a tenish, it is the rest
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of the weekend and early next week that we better get our layers out because of chilly changes coming up. let talk about today, it is a cooler start then we have had most mornings this week because we have experienced above average temperatures but very pleasant afternoon. tomorrow seasonal temperatures upper 60's but much more chilly at night, so sunday and monday morning as this colder air moves in we will have the possibility of yes, i'm saying it for the first time this season frost on the pumpkin, that is your weather authority forecast, lets get to traffic, in franconia telford pike at bergie road we have an accident there. more details on that, coming up, chris. >> okay sue serio, thank you. at 5:11. a couple racing to the hospital while mom was in labor gets pulled over by police but it is what happened next that really put mom over the edge. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv?
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it is 5:15. we will continue to follow breaking news out of norristown, north and southbound lanes of route 202 have reopen after a violent incident involving a truck driver late last night. the trucker had reportly been driving erratically and hitting cars, according to sources, it appears police shot at the vehicle to get the driver to stop in his track. driver was air lifted to the
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hospital and his condition is unknown but jenny joyce has been following this story for you and she's live on the scene. she will have details in just a few minutes. tennessee woman is jailed for not cleaning up her messy yard. in the city it is deeven ifing her decision to will be her up. thinks karen hall away, she spent six hours in jail after citing for failing or maintaining her property. family struggles kept her away from the property that the family owns. inspectors say it is a safety has air. public safety director says he cannot recall anybody being jailed before for not taking care of their yard. five there 15. happening today former arizona congress woman gabriel gifford is bringing her tore promoting tougher gun laws right to our area she will be in bucks county to discuss protecting woman from gun violence. giffords who was shot in the face during a political event in 2011 has become a inadequacies advocate for gun reform and started the group
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americans for responsible solutions. i think we are all amazed with her recovery. also today philadelphia's first poker tables arrive at sugar house casino, 24 state of the art poker tables will be brought in the casino interim poker room. when you asked why atlantic city has seen four casinos shut down, and in large part it is to right to this, it is not going to be any gambling not just yet, that poker room will in the open until next month. national transportation safety board is investigating a train accident in north western arkansas. freight train collided with the sight seeing passenger train injuring more than a dozen. passenger train was carrying 50 tourist on a fall foliage tour in the mountains 56789 people were hurt including the conductor. it is unclear whether the trains crashed head honor whether they were using the the same track. national transportation safety board is investigating. meanwhile two thieves burglarized a home in arizona and getaway with thousands of
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dollars of valuable but evidence was priceless. their surveillance cameras captured the two suspects breaking in the home through a rear door. camera inside shows them walking around apparently looking for things to steel. they took electronics, jewelry, cash and they took something else. they stole one of the actual security cameras but now police have a very clear view of the face of one of the sus pecks. fbi director is urging data accompanies against encrypting smart phones. james comey says doing so could stall criminal investigations and the suspects would walk free as a result. the privacy advocates called the claim an exaggeration. technology expert say that data keeps information safe but comey says new legislation is needed to allow law enforcement to use suspect communications. 5:17, new for you right now, burlington county west hampton school district officials, they confirm a middle school student has been diagnosed with enterovirus
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d68. the the student was sent to the hospital but no additional fur was released on that child's condition. he is a four year-old in mercer count that i died last month from that same illness, we understand, and arizona health officials are waiting on tests to determine if the phoenix area six year-old died as a result of enterovirus d68. that boy had a severe illness that worsened over the weekend. enterovirus has sickened nearly 700 people in 46 states. chris, thanks. 5:18. turning to the health headlines working night shift has been link to the increased risk of obesity, heart attack and breast cancer. now they he know y microbes may be affect by disrupted our bodies inner clocks. scientists tested theory by putting nocturnal mice on a day side shift equivalent to the eight hour jet lag in humans and study found these mice became lessee physician at cell growth, dna repair and detoxification and in the end they were more susceptible to
5:19 am
obesity. researchers say fine goes highlighted potential new tarring to see if there is a way to normal ice that function in frequent flyers or in shift workers. this report appears in the journal cell. also scientists say there is a natural way to ease the pains of child birth. make sure you you take enough vitamin d. researchers in l.a. measured vitamin d levels in pregnant women and followed their pain levels during labor. the study found women with low level of vitamin d experienced a higher level of pain. scientists say while vitamin d deficiency has been long associated with depression and pain, this is the first study to link to it pain levels in child birth. where can i stock up. vitamin d cap be found in fortified milk, juice, fish oil and diet try supplements. >> there would be no child labor pain. >> that is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard in my life. >> thank you for weighing in. >> i thought you you were going to say that. >> one new born baby just
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didn't want to wait to come into the the world and it almost land heard parents in jail. ben and rachel cohen were racing from their home to the hospital when they passed a police officer. they were going 85 miles an her in the 55 miles an hour zone a frayed that the baby was going to be born in that car, ben hit the gas hoping to make it to the hospital on time. police in iowa tried to pull over her parents as they raced to their hospital, the officer on their tail called for backup while the couple had called 911. but by then it was too late because they had thrown out the the tire spikes. >> i was in the middle of a highway having contraction was guns pointed at me. >> i'm kind of caught between these police officers to tell me get on my knees and thinking a baby will be born in the street. >> after all that rachel got a police escort to the hospital, where an hour later, nearly 10-pound baby girl named hazel was born. >> 10-pound.
5:21 am
>> i hope mom took her vitamin d. >> it didn't hurt at all. >> popped right out. >> today 72 degrees. it is a ten. tomorrow sunny and breezy. i will change that nine to a ten for tomorrow as well. i hepp to see you at walk to end always highamers in wilmington delaware if you can't make to it that one we have two more. find out more at my fox chilly change on sunday. 55 degrees. monday morning we have lieutenant of frost on the pumpkin, possible and then crisp and cool for -- that is tuesday of next week and a chance of rain by middle will of the week but the big weather drama a this weekend will be the chilly change on sunday. that is your forecast at 5:21, roosevelt boulevard southbound at ninth street, there is an accident there, we now know it is in the inner drive, so take the outer drive at that point of the boulevard to get around it, kerry. >> sue, thank you.
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5:21. bill murray running on the streets of new york city but he is supposed to be doing an interview. what is going on? coming up in the trend.
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a fall in u. unemployment applications and federal reserve comment eases nerves about the economy and leads to a better take at the stock exchange. the nasdaq finish up two
5:25 am
closing at 4217. s and p500 was up, fraction nally closing at 1862. the not such good news for dow jones it closed 24 points down, landing at 16,100. >> it was down 180. star bucks making big changes. first off by next year the company will start letting customers place their orders and pay in advance, on their smart phone, and on top of that, it is letting employees show their tattoos at work. only catch is that toes must be tasteful and in the on a workers throat or face. so, you know, you could have like a mike tie somebody tattoo and work at star bucks. >> i was thinking of getting one. >> that policy go into place october 20th. >> making a career shift. wal-mart markers higher wages might be on the the way. >> company reportedly planning to pay employees higher then
5:26 am
federal minimum wage. the it is in the clear exactly hutch more or when that change may happen. spokesperson says about 6,000 employees make minimum wage and less than 1 percent of the work force at wal-mart. announcement comes as hundreds of wal-mart workers and other le wage workers protested in four cities over past week demanding a 15-dollar wage, federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. halloween may really be a fright night for some parents in colorado. >> police are warning parent to be on the look out for marijuana laced candy, this is the first halloween in the state since the recreational use of of pot has been legal and police want to warn parents that you cannot tell difference between most marijuana edibles ranging from lolly-pops to cookies and check late and cakes. there are 200 of them now opened in just denver. police are urging parents to closely look through their candy and throw out anything that just doesn't look right or come from manufacturers such as hershey or mars.
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>> all right. 5:26. we are following breaking news all morning long, a tractor trailer driver in the hospital, a tractor trail are riddled with bullets, what police believe happened. and then is the catholic church backtracking on what seemed like a ground breaking statement about gays. vatican explains why there was a big change what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights
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they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone
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report scene is clear but was wassed a tractor trailer driver to be shot at traveling along route 202, chris. latest patient with ebola is transferred to a hospital in maryland and she's well enough to speak from her hospital bed, what she had to say. plus this pooch is too adorable three months old why would someone want to harm him. what happened to him that makes it a miracle he is still alive. good day, everybody. it is finally friday october 17th, 2014. the last day of school for this week for the kid in the delaware valley. school, what is bus stop buddy don go to day. >> we put his sweat shirt on him today because it is a little cooler then it was yesterday. temperatures will be in the 70's later on so that sweat shirt may get left in the lost and found box in school. you know how that goes. area of fog again this morning. temperatures in the 50's. a few in the 60's but it is a
5:31 am
ten out of ten today with very pleasant temperatures, this is your satellite and radar picture all from yesterday, in moving up from the north east. we will watch this area, of wrap around a in moisture from the low pressure system that just left us to see if any of it makes it here, doubt it, probably will have a beautiful day. we have visibility issues, some fog forming in lancaster county so that could slow you down a little bit. reduced visibility in many other place that he is included on the ground, there are your temperatures, mostly in the 50's but at 60 here in philadelphia, heading to a high of 72 later on. a lovely day. that is your weather 5:31. if only it could last. lovely park will last but it will get chilly n traffic roosevelt boulevard southbound at ninth street, an accident, that is in the inner drive, so take the outer drive instead around that area. in norristown markly street between penn and danenhour bridge that road has been
5:32 am
reopen. jenny will have have more details on that story. in berlin white horse pike eastbound approaching route 73 a house fire that has the right lane block, kerry. sue, thank you. 5:32. more on that incident that has parts of 02 shut down in are in is town overnight. there was a truck driver rushed to the hospital after shots were fired at his truck. >> sue serio has been showing us details via the maps and jennifer joyce is live on the scene. the there has been positive developments in the last half an hour, jennifer. >> reporter: that is right, probably over last 40 minutes or so we can tell you that route 202 north and southbound lanes here in the area have the danen hour bridge have reopen. that tractor trailer that we were talking about all morning long was towed from this scene, we have video we shot at that trailer being removed here from route 202 again in the area have the on bridge, in norristown. here as we look closer at that tractor trailer you will notice bullet holes. the driver is being treated
5:33 am
for injuries and flown to hahnemann hospital according to sources it a appears that police shot at this trailer to get the driver to stop in hits tracks, thinks at intersection of main and markly streets here, apparently the driver was all over the road hitting park cars, driving erratically before midnight last night, circumstances related to what caused the driver to be all over the place are unclear. gap a live look here, traffic is moving just fine at main and markly streets in norristown near danenhour bridge. i have a call into the police chief of norristown police but i was told he cannot talk at this time. all they are saying is this innes investigation is ongoing. they have not said anything official about this police incident. chris and kerry when they do, check back. thanks, jen. first nurse infect with ebola nina pham is being treated at the specialize lacing room at national institutes of health in maryland. >> we got a look at pham in
5:34 am
aid video. she is in her hospital room here sitting upright. she can be her thanking the staff that cared for her. president obama is considering appointing a person to lead the fight begins that disease. while the president has no philosophical objection to imposing a travel ban to west africa he said people will hide where they are coming from and airport will be even harder to track. >> if we institute a travel ban, instead of the protocols we put in place now, history shows a likelihood of up creased avoidance, people to not readily disclose their information it. also the cdc is saying that the spending nurse infect withe bowl, amber vinson may have had symptoms as early as last friday. she was diagnosed on tuesday. health officials are reaching out to passengers on her flight from dallas to cleveland as well as anyone who visited the same bridal
5:35 am
store as vinson on saturday but there is still no answers how both nursees were infect with ebola from the man who died from ebola. chris o'connell will be live in maryland with the report in the 6:00 o'clock hour. new concerns over ebola this time in connecticut. one of two yale grad student who just return from liberia on a research study is being tested for that virus. students felt feverish after coming home to the u.s. while officials say student did in the come in contact with ebola patients while in liberia they did interact with someone who was later diagnosis. the patient has been in isolation inside yale new have up hospital where designated health care workers are providing care. officials say a sam from that patient was sent to massachusetts for further testing. another student out of southern california community college had to be quarantined yesterday because of a made up ebola scare. it happened after people at campus heard about a female student who might have been
5:36 am
exposed after hours of uncertainty, dozens of people were kept in quarantine and were released after a officials difficulties missed a threat. now a college spokesperson says the student made the whole thing up. so she wouldn't be dropped from class for an absence. >> unbelievable. >> yes. >> ridiculous. >> yes. >> what is she thinking. >> 5:36. this is kind of horrifying if you air frayed of heights, i know it is hard but there you get what those guys were doing up there. what are they doing. then bill murray is up to no good, he is making a run for it, wait until you see what he he does along the way coming up in the trend.
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i like the base. >> yeah. >> we're talking about her bum. >> oh, that is the base. >> shake it, shake it like i'm supposed to do. anyhow, 5:39, this is not a judge for somebody with a fear of heights. take a look at this, workers repelling down the iconic gateway arch in st. louis, they are on a mission trying to find stains on the 630-foot arch. luckily the repair work will not interfere. >> have you ever been up. >> i have been in it, really cool, probably coolest thing
5:40 am
in st. louis. trying to find stains. >> i guess rust or hard water stains, i don't know. >> but why, most of the time you are looking up at it, unless you you are flying over it. >> this is true. >> wow. >> maybe we will delve into that later. >> let's hope the not. >> three month-old puppy recovering from pretty terrible wound. >> dawn timmeney was sent out and that is an unenviable task. that little puppy was used as bait dog for dog fighting. his injuries are too graphic to even show. home at last dog rescue saved him from a high kill shelter in philadelphia last weekend where someone had just dropped him off. puppy was barely alive and rushed to norristown veterinary hospital where doctors were worried he were not make it. >> he was attacked by a talk that could open his mouth up that wide because it looks to be one major bite if in the two. it is a big dog with a lot of
5:41 am
jaw power. >> little will dog name max is staying with the foster family until he is well enough to be adopted. so they bring him to the vet every day to have his bandages changed so his wound can heel presently. >> his little eyes, he looks happy but boy he has already experience add lot the in his short. >> there is a special place in hell that torture animal. >> i'm sorry, sue to lead in with that. >> well, thing is he has been rescued and he is on the mend. i believe is there a campaign on line to raise fund to pay for that vet care he needs. go to my fox to get more details on. that we have a look at this powerful storm, looking at satellite picture of hurricane gonzalo, it is just frightening. it is still a category four, wind have gone down, it is 240 miles from bermuda and will be a category three when it hits bermuda maybe in the a direct hit with the eye
5:42 am
wall of the storm but it doesn't matter because these wind are so strong it will cause a a lot have flooding, the wind will cause a lot of destruction as well as the storm surge. hurricane warning remains through wednesday in the morning and for bermuda and wind forecast is for the 74 miles an hour wind. hurricane force wind to go right over the island of bermuda over the next day or so. today is when we expect that hurricane to make land fall. i wanted to let you know is there half mile visibility in lancaster. there is fog around this morning so make sure you leave in plenty of time. 5:42 is your time. lets go to the roads for your friday morning. berlin, new jersey white horse pike eastbound approaching route 73 a house fire has the right lane blocked, chris. lost in translation the vatican explains why it is changing its latest report that seemed ground breaking for the gay community.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
cowboys in dallas right here on fox. giants coming off embarrassment to the eagles and cliches are flowing. >> first two games, we're behind in this division. we have to do something to move forward. this is a huge game for us. >> as far as us we understand the the importance of this game, and you just have got to recommit like you did a week before and we have to do it again next week and get out and give your best effort. >> kick off 4:25 on sunday. that is sports in a minute. have a great day. lets talk about a different giants team in the eli's giants but san francisco giants heading to the world series. >> um-hmm. >> yes, travis, tie breaking three run home run in the bottom of the ninth, to lift san francisco, past the st. louis cardinals six-three. the giants, traveling to kansas city for game one against the royals.
5:47 am
>> unaudible. >> yes. sports betting in new jersey got one step close tore reality, the new jersey state assembly did not take licensing to pass a measure which would allow it yesterday. goal to help casino and race track industry but fill stayses legal challenges from professional sports leagues and ncaa. spokeswoman for or spokesmen for governor christie declined to comment on the legislation. 5:47. the the vatican has issued a new english language translation of the draft report by bishops debating family issues. >> so a section of a report that was initially titled welcoming homosexuals is now titled providing for homosexual person. the initial report which was released monday was criticize by conservatives for its tone towards gays. vatican spokesmen says english speaking bishops asked for the changes airing a ewing that the first translation was filled with errors, however he
5:48 am
says the original italian version remains the church's official one. iran's nuclear program continues but time is running out. negotiators on both sides now facing a deadline of november 24th to leach a final agreement. west is still pushing iran for greater transparency and access to the nuclear facilities and sites but tehran is focusing on its own security needs saying lasting agreement has to acknowledge iran's right to have a nuclear program as long as it is not used to create nuclear weapons. 5:48. search continues in nepal in the northern mountains there for hikers, stranded during a series of blizzards and avalanchees. rescue crews say they are improving and they are hoping to wide then search. twenty-nine people were killed this week. meanwhile government is forming a committee to monitor rescue efforts following criticism that officials were not doing enough to help. 5:48. italian clothing company for teenagers only sells, one
5:49 am
size, company is called brandy millville and one of the most popular brand right the new for teenage girls. however, the clothing doesn't fit most teenage girls. sizes are close to a zero or a two. in regular clothing. so, some image experts are worried that the brandies encouraging girls to be thin rather than healthy. it is time right new for the trend, earlier this week on the late show with david letterman, bill murray, there is bill, and david, yes, well, bell realized he was running out of time to train for the the the new york city marathon, so he interrupted the show to get in a quick run. >> i certainly made a commitment to myself, to enter this year and i can't, i got, can you, you know, i just got, i really should get a run in.
5:50 am
>> bill. >> yes, dave. >> can you hear me. >> yes, i can hear you. >> okay. >> i'm having a conversation while you are running. >> bill, where exactly are you going. >> i don't know. i'm starting to shut down a little bit. >> that is what happens when you get farther and farther away, you lose your radio signal. >> it is pretty impressive, how far he got. >> can you imagine running in tuxedo. >> great thing about the the show they just do things spur of the moment like that. >> that is probably first time he has run in years. >> that marathon in new york city is in second. we want to see your halloween decorations just tweet with us pictures of your decorations using the hash tag fox 29 good day.
5:51 am
the don't forget to use that hash tag so we can show your decorations on live television. >> very, very good. >> 5:51. hi, sue. >> that was fun watching bill murray. it is fun today if you go outside. weather will be cooperating, tomorrow is pretty much the same but it will be cooler. is there your seven day forecast, don't for get the to join news wilmington delaware for the walk to end alzheimer's tomorrow morning. today is a lovely day of 72 degrees. 68 degrees tomorrow and then bottom drops out of our temperatures for a little while, 55-degree high on sunday. we could have frost in the morning on machine maybe even sunday morning as well, crisp and cool on tuesday, rain coming on wednesday and thursday. that takes you through the weekend and beyond that in the weather authority forecast. finally friday. so lets check traffic that accident the on the roosevelt boulevard at ninth street has now been cleared up, so hopefully smooth sailing for you there, kerry.
5:52 am
>> sue, thanks. famed guitar player slash, guns and roses, cry, he is from britain, right. >> so he is in a halloween spirit, see how he is enjoying the the festivities
5:53 am
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halloween horror night, at universal studios. the rocker slash says that the collaboration was perfect, because he loves, horror and he loves making more money. >> yes. >> i'm just so honored to have been part of it, you know, and it is a fun time. >> you know, slash's latest album world on fire just hit the charts last month. he has an interesting musical pedigree. his mother made costumes for people such as david bowie and his father did art work for albums such as neil young's albums and joan i mitchell. pretty cool, right.
5:56 am
>> yeah. >> he can down right play. a major spelling error in colorado. when you think of colorado these days, you think of recreational pot. >> i do too. >> take a close look. >> on the left. >> how do you spell stop. >> sotp. >> this incorrect spelling i mean they do have to look to the right for reference. >> sotp. >> how do we spell stop. >> s-o-t-p that mistake was left there for that crew for hours before it was noticed and cleaned up and fixed. >> it happens every once in a while. >> it is quite funny technically these cars are not sotping because is there no law against that. >> okay, report. >> it is five credit 56 right now. >> of course, we're following latest on the ebola crisis. a nurse is recovering at the
5:57 am
the hospital right now, in maryland, we will have a live report at 6:00 o'clock hour straight ahead. first nurse affect with the ebola virus spend her first night in the maryland hospital, how she is being cared for and what is next for nina pham, coming up we will bring you a live report
5:58 am
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good morning at 6:00 o'clock right now, developing news a truck driver rush to the hospital in montgomery county after he was shot by police, bullet holes in the windshield why police say they have had to shoot. first nurse to be diagnosed with ebola is transferred to a hospital in maryland, she seems to be in good spirits and you tube video posted just before she left texas, why she asked these doctors to come with her. joe biden's son kicked out of the navy, a decision he calls embarrassing, what he did that forced the navy to discharge him. >> i have no options. there are no options. >> this morning hundreds of students don't have a school to go to, their charter school forced to cut their enrollment by half, by 600 kids, can't get to class this morning and what their parents are now doing, can you imagine, they are at home scrambling to figure this out.