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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  October 20, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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welshing we will start week here in south jersey where it is hard enough being the new kids in school but chris, a couple of kids at the this school in this south jersey district get the a taste of what it is like to be part of the worldwide fear, misfur and miscommunication going around. meantime horrifying surveillance video of a local hot spot thrown in the freezer by robbers. we're waking up to really cold temperatures this morning. sue, did my car actually read 30 some degrees. >> it sure d we have frost advisories and freeze warnings out there this morning. the it is going to be a chilly wait the at the bus stop. we will have details coming up. all right sue, thank you. look at this adorable little
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girl. you will never believe, there he she is. she's actually a dog. where police found her. we will give you a hint. she was found while an a allege drug dealer was ago arrested. we will tell you how she is he doing this morning. >> she's cute. >> good day, it is monday october 20th, 2014. >> how are you feeling. >> i'm all right, this morning. >> yes. >> we had our anniversary over the weekend so i'm in a bit of a recovery. >> you know what i mean. >> you're recovering from this great big extravagant walk through wilmington, yes. >> yes. >> we had a great time, on saturday, at the the river front in wilmington for the wilmington walk to end alzheimer's. we have two more coming up including one in atlantic city think weekend. if you didn't get a chance to make it the to this one we will have details on the next one coming up. this is our big head line. how cold it is. coldest a air of the season so far with frost advisories in effect for sale em, gloucester, camden and burlington counties in new
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jersey, bucks, montgomery, chester, berks and lancaster in pennsylvania but that is not all. we have freeze warnings in effect for these counties in south jersey, the other half of burlington county plus ocean, atlantic and cumberland and lehigh, northampton, carbon, monroe, freeze warnings and hopefully you heard about this and brought the plants in, if not, yes, you have some tender plants out there bring them in right now. we have just a few clouds on ultimate doppler radar but clear skies enable to us get chillier and it was a chilly change over the weekend. look at the difference between saturday and sunday. 72 degrees on saturday. fifty-six on sunday. we will get to a high of 62 degrees later on to take. we have a is in recovery after those of these temperatures in the 30's this morning. the that is your weather authority forecast, it is monday, lets start off, with this traffic report in white marsh, church road at germantown pike. we have reports of an accident there. s on the turnpike northeast extension, north bound approaching quakertown, we have construction there.
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and the left lane is block. on i-95 northbound at 202, construction has the the left lane blocked, until about 5:00 o'clock, kerry. >> all right sue, thank you. 4:03. now to the the very latest on the ebola situation the the pentagon says it is forming a team to help medical staffs in the united states, if needed. this is the the 30 person support teams that come from across the country. military services. the it will help medical professionals as well. cdc also announced new guidelines for health care workers treating ebola patients which includes using protective gear with absolutely no skin showing. the world health organization is expected to officially declare an end to the ebola out break in nigeria. to be declarede bowl free that country had to make it 42 days of no cases. they declared senegal ebola he free last week but it remains out of control in sierra leon, and lie beer y the 21 day
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quarantine period for family of thomas duncan is over, none of them contracted ebola and dallas health care worker being monitored aboard a cruise ship has tested negative as well. a little bit closer to homey bowl a concerns created controversy a at the a school in south jersey. >> and here's is what going on, two children from africa who were supposed to start classes today will instead stay home despite being symptom free and not in the area affect by the the virus. fox 29's steve keeley is live from maple shade with this story, steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, that is calmed things down considerably now that these kids will stay home at least for a while. outside the awful situation in parts of the africa the the trouble in our country bee he again with along of wrong information, diagnosis and communication from the the centers for disease control. so when parents here in maple shade learned of a letter from the school nurse here at this howard yoke um school just sent to the staff and teachers and not to the parents about
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these two kids the parents all here understandably thought something was being hidden from them so they started to talk among themselves and whole community started to talk to the administrators who then decided, with the parents and we don't know if they forced the parents or just volunteered to keep kids home and then parents were told over the the weekend that the kids will not becoming today after all. >> i don't like it at all. you know, i feel like anybody from that area should just stay there until this stuff is resolved. there is nobody affect here. let's just keep it that way. >> it just seems isolated, doesn't it? it would be the best thing for them to stay home. the it just might be the best thing. >> it is a lot of disbelief that they with jeopardize safety of the children regardless if they are not contaminated or whatever. it is still, you know, it is a little bit of disbelief. >> reporter: in the original will letter sent to the staff and to the teachers, the will school nurse said she would
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take kids temperatures three times a day at start, lunchtime and at the end of the day. however, parents watching the the news quickly learned that 13 percent of people withe bowl don't even have a a temperature so they had great concern, and some of the staff here of even said that some workers, and some of the parents were going to keep their kids home. so when they heard that the staff was going to stay home an maybe some of the kids would stay home the will school administration smartly adjusted and then started to tell people the the story and not just keeping ate monk the staff and teachers. >> good point. all right steve, thank you. meantime man spotted in the poconos with mud covering his face was likely eric frein. that is according to officials in charge of the manhunt for the the accused cop killer, a woman, now taking a walk near pocono mountain east high school, came within 20 feet of the man friday night. she says he was carrying a rifle, frein was once a student at that high school. the search is now shifted to shift water area of paradise
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and pocono townships. investigators say he killed one state trooper and wounded another during an ambush in the state the police barracks more than five weeks ago. he has been on the run ever since. schools in the the pocono mountain school district will be opened with increased security measures. school district's web site says additional police officers will be near the swiftwater campus. police have captured the man they say fatal willly stabbed another man inside of an upper darby bar. >> twenty-three year-old nickal ascalon was arrested yesterday. he is accused of a murder last week, at la canteena bar. surveillance camera caught what happened. the police say he pulled out a knife, stab the the victim in the neck and took off running. he is an illegal immigrant from honduras which made it horder for investigators to track him down. a preliminary hearing set today for a man accuse odd running down a seven year-old girl in west philadelphia this is 25 year-old jamar banks, who is accused in the
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september hit and run, in other forty-second and girard. he took off from the scene but turned himself into authorities a few days later. rick tim suffered a fractured skull and fractured ankle and is expect to make a full recovery. in west philadelphia a ground breaking ceremony will be held for a new police headquarters today. >> the headquarters is being moved to the old prudential life building at forty-sixth and market streets. the the city morgue and offices of the the health center also will be located a that the new location. mayor michael nutter will deliver remarks at ground breaking ceremony this afternoon. very good. and a riot at, a pumpkin festival facing the heat are a lot of college students. how a nearby school is now planning to catch being par test pated. jennifer joyce following a cold hearted robbery at a local hot spot, jenny. >> reporter: kerry, surveillance video have released video of the robbery in chickie and pete's
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you heard about the the chilly change, we were going to have over the weekend. it happened. now we have a frost advisory in effect for counties you see highlighted in blue here that includes bucks, chester, montgomery, berks and lancaster and in south jersey salem, gloucester, camden counties as well. the freeze warning in effect, that is even worse, cumberland, at the plant i can and ocean counties. the it is that time of the year for frost on the pumpkin and carbon, monroe,
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northampton and lehigh valley under that freeze warning as well. lets see what the temperatures actually are, 34 degrees in the poconos in, mount pocono, 34 in pottstown, and we're 42 here in philadelphia we are warm spot this morning but most of our suburbs are in the 30's, including millville with 34. 38 degrees in wilmington delaware and 39 in wildwood. as far as precipitation we don't have any, we hardly have any clouds out there as well. we have got this system coming at us from the northwest. that will not be a as big a deal as one we cannot even see yet. we are expecting a coastal storm to form and give us rain in the middle of the week. we will have more on that as time develops, but again, future temperatures today should get the in the 60's, and then, tomorrow, it is better because we will have some clouds overnight and won't get quite as cold as night. this is your machine fox cast. 62 degrees. a chilly start to the day but plenty of sunshine during the afternoon and then tonight it
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is down to 50 degrees and kind of on the cool side. that is your weather authority forecast. 4:12 is the time. 202 north bound at i-76 that would be the schuylkill eastbound devon park drive, we have got construction on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, also some construction there. this is right around quakertown and it has left lane blocked. 202 southbound between chesterbrook boulevard and 401 construction there has the left lane block, kerry. 4:13. armed robbers steel $16,000 from chickie and pete's in drexel hill this is as workers get ready to start their day this morning police are hoping surveillance video will help catch these thieves. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at the the scene with the very latest on this, jen, good morning. >> reporter: certainly a terrifying morning yesterday at this chickie and pete's in upper darby. on a positive net is there surveillance video so hopefully police can catch these guys. here it is, police say it was
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just after 9:30 sunday morning when two maskedded men entered chickie and pete's on township line road in upper darby. they went to the office to find a female manager and mike chitwood. one of the roners held a gun to her head, demanded she open a safe and forced her inn three other employees in the freezer. >> you know, everybody gets shook up by this they are evil people. they need to be caught. people take a look at these video, somebody will see something they will recognize. >> reporter: police say two robbers ran out of the door and hopped this to another car with a getaway driver. it is believe the guys got away with thousands on have dollars. hope lease are hoping somebody will come forward with information. kerry and chris. >> jennifer joyce, live for us, thank you. >> it his 15:00. five people recovering after rushing out of the burning row home in olney. the the victims, three adults and two children were treated for possible smoke inhalation.
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fire happened early yesterday morning along the 5800 block of north seventh street. officials say that home is now unlivable n word on how it started. lets take a look at some stories making headlines around the world on this monday morning. australia is offering military support in the fight against isis. the country a announcing yesterday it will deployed, 200 of the special forces to assist iraqi troops in their fight against the militants but the pledge of support from australia comes as u.s. led coalition continues to strike iceis in iraq and syria but military experts say isis isn't the only problem impacting iraq right now. weakness of the iraqi military is also a concern. >> it is a being done by strap. is there no iraqi national guard. these units have to be built up before we see the iraqis go on counter offensive against isil. >> in the meantime pentagon says u.s. dropped weapons ammunition and medical supplies to kurdish forces on the ground trying to hold the syrian border town of cabani
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against is is. swedish military said it made three sight goes of foreign, activity in its waters. officials dispatched russian intrusion in the coastal area but russian government says it had has no emergencies or act with its vessels and its submarines and ships have been fulfilling their tasks in the world's oceans. air pollution in china's capitol did not the stop tens of thousands of runners from competing in the beijing marathon over the weekend but a lot of the runners wore masks along the 26-mile route. the event's organizing commit thee gave out sponges to runners to clean their skin that was ex-speaksed to the air, it is that bad. according to beijing's environmental center the the air on the race day, was at the most serious level on the china's air quality index. that enough in fact to prompt advisory from participants who were elderly or had
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respiratory diseases. >> i remember going in to los angeles and smog that bad. >> that is so thick you can swim through it. >> we used to play soccer and hurt our lungs as little kids. meeting of catholic bishops to debate family issues in the church is over. >> but they did not reach a consensus on one of the most divisive issues welcoming gayness to the church. vatican document released last week said homosexuals should be accepted in the church but that lack wage was later scrapped. the issue will be discussed again at another meeting of bishops next year. 4:17. in national headlines investigators are trying to determine whether human remains found on an abandoned property are those of missing university of virginia student hanna graham. that discovery was made saturday south of charlottesville, investigators called this a significant discovery because the a area is familiar to their suspect jesse matthew. >> the the other thing that is very significant here is the
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fact that jesse matthew's mother owned a home actually about a block away from where the remains were found yesterday, and this is an area that jesse math the yous grew up in and very familiar with. >> graham disappeared september 13th. police will spend the next couple days searching this rural area for clues that they might be able to find. 200 students joined in the clean up efforts this morning following a chaotic pumpkin festival near king state college in new hampshire. riots erupted a saturday night with party goers throwing bottles and police used tear gas to get things under control. several people were hurt while others were arrested. college officials say they are reviewing pictures, video and social media to identify the students involved. in kansas police in kansas city, in missouri are looking for the person who shot and killed a young girl. authorities say six year-old angel cooper was shot outside
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a 7-eleven after buying bubble gum with her dad. police are interviewing witnesses, reviewing surveillance video hoping for some answers. meanwhile her family is pleading for her kill ter come for. 4:19. a man from north carolina is a freeman for the first time in 37 years. special judicial board recently cleared this 60 year-old willie wumbell of first degree murder. he was convicted in 1976 for a shooting death of another man. he said police beat him, forced him to sign a fake confession. the his family is overjoyed with his release. >> since i have been a grown man, this is first time i'm able to walk the streets side by side with my brothers. >> i'm glad it is over with. >> he is convicted accomplice joseph perry admitted he committed the crime with another man has since died. and an unusual discovery by police in massachusetts. >> three week old puppy was
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found inside pocket of the alleged drug dealer during his arrest. new the puppy is in intensive care at a pet hospital. officials found the pit bull terrier wednesday night. he had diarrhea and vomiting, both life threatening symptoms for the little guy. veterinarians hope she will make a full recovery. >> whether she first came in she was dehydrated, lethargic, we have been giving her iv fluids and medications for parasites so shees doing well. just in the past couple of hours she has taken a turn for the better. >> rescue group name the puppy pocket. they say she should be ready for a adoption in about five weeks. >> at least eight weeks old, she's lucky she made it. look at how cute she is. >> pocket, so sweet. >> it is a day when the for warned is forearmed, you will have a warm coat on because you paid attention to this forecast.
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we've got frost advisories for our outlining area. the city isn't quite included in that but it is still cold. it is in the lower 40's here in philadelphia, 30's just about every where else. purple counties they are the freeze warning counties and that includes lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. so, what we have for today, it is 41 in the the city to get started but again, 30's in the suburbs. plenty of sunshine. 60 degrees by lunchtime and 26 is our high temperature today. decent recovery after the frosty start this morning. coldest air of the season so far. that is your forecast, it is now time to check traffic, about 4:22, still shocking, an accident in white marsh church road at germantown pike, that has cleared up now, chris. >> thank you very much. nfl star payton manning breaks a huge record playing for broncos and meanwhile his brother eli gives it all he got for giant/cowboys game but
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was it enough. we will break down week seven of the nfl straight ahead.
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good morning, i'm tom sredenschek, eagles with sunday off and they knew by end of the giants/cowboy game that they would be first place or second place in the nfc. cowboys and giants playing in arlington, texas. tony romo with three touchdown passes, dimarco murray over a
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hundred yards again. cowboys in first place best record in football they beat giants 31-21. how about the eagles, best opponent arizona in the raiders. the carson palmer up top, 33 yards for michael floyd. cardinals are five and one. they hold off raiders 24-13. play of the day in the rams/sea hawks game. rams about to punt the the ball away, no, the punter, the pass to bennie cunningham. gutsy call but it works. the rams pulled a shocker, sea hawks two straight, 28-26, rams over the seattle seahawks. the that is sports in a minute, i'm tom sredenschek, have a great day, everybody. >> gutsy call there. let's talk more football here. payton manning set an nfl record after making his 500 and ninth touchdown pass last night. that beats the previous record set by brett favre at 508. broncos went on to beat 49ers,
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by the way, 42-17. eagles may have been off this weekend but they were still plenty of action going on at link. >> yes, there was a spooktacular event, the annual eagles kids halloween parties. more than 3,000 ghosts and goblins were in attendance with interactive games, painting and real live eagle on hand for all of the fun. >> yes, i know. >> loving it. okay. should all police officers bewaring body cameras? how the camera could make a difference in major crimes such as a shooting of an unarmed teen in ferguson, missouri wayne local towns are doing to take them on full will time. then a mystery man hailed as a hero, he ran inside of a burning building to rescue somebody that he didn't even know. watch the the incredible moment that the two of them make it out alive. we need your help this morning. we are teaming up with septa holding a a canned food drive
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to benefit philabundance. please stop by our studio between 6:30 this morning, to drop off any canned good.
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two kids who were supposed to start class in the school in maple shade this morning are being kept home. why? fears they could have ebola virus. why did they not have anything for parents to worry about in the live report.
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then a father in immense grief, his daughter killed in a hit and run. the his message for coward or cowards that got off. then a hero -- a house fire hero, mystery man runs in the burning building that he thinks someone he doesn't even know. watch incredible moment when the the mystery rescuer comes out. running in the burning building. good day, it is monday october 20th, 2014. >> we're glad you are with us on this chilly, chilly monday morning i think probably coldest morning we have had so far this season, correct sue. >> you are correct. >> thank you very much. >> kerry barrett. the it is kind of a shock to the system when you walk outside this morning if you had in the been outside this early in the morning, over the weekend because it was chilly then too. so these are your frost advisories, all of the counties in light blue and then purple counties are the
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freeze warnings and that includes cumberland, at the plant i can county, the lower half of burlington, ocean and lehigh valley and pocono mountains. so lets see what those temperatures actually are. 34 degrees in mount pocono. pretty close to freezing. thirty-seven in allentown. thirty-four in pottstown. there will be the scattered frost around hopefully you brought in any plants you needed to bring in. because of these low temperatures. thirty-four in millville. we have seen widely scattered clouds and no precipitation in the entire northeast. we have got some up towards the great lakes but that is not expected to get here, until maybe late tomorrow. but we will check that future cast in a little while. so it was a chilly change over the the weekend. what a difference between saturday 72 and yesterday's 56 degrees high temperature. today, we're right in the middle will at 62 degrees. it is a nice recovery with the sunshine but we will have a frosty start remember that when selecting your outer wear
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this morning. so 4:31. just now you 4:32. lets get to traffic the on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between fort washington and bensalem, construction there has two left lanes block. on 202 northbound between route 401 and 252 we have construction there that also has the the two left lanes blocked. on the turnpike, northeast extension, just southbound past quakertown there is construction there and left lane is block, kerry. >> sue, thank you. 4:32. breaking news, police investigating a deadly shooting in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. a man fund lying in the 1800 block of east ontario street with two gunshot wounds. that was around 2:30, two hours ago. police say his girlfriend found him after she said he didn't return home from the store. police say homes in that area were also hit in the middle will of the gunfire but nobody else was hurt. police are looking for the shooter but they have little information to go on. also this morning a major
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relief on the cruise ship docked in gallon vest continue, texas. >> first person off the shop was a lab technician who handled specimens from the victim who died from ebola in texas. the passengers got video of the woman leaving the ship. coastguard helicopter landed on the ship saturday while still at sea to take a blood sample from that woman. she tested negative for ebola. lab tech drove herself home under no restrictions. twenty-one day quarantine for people came into contact with thomas eric duncan in the the days before he died is now over. twenty-one daises the maximum incubation period for ebola. group includes duncan's girlfriend who has had to mourn his death in isolation. now as of today the group has a clean bill of health. back here at home two students from africa who were supposed to start at one south jersey school today are being told to stay home due to ebola concerns did not spite not being from that area from the center on have the virus.
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>> fox 29's steve keeley live with maple shade with more on this story, so what is going on. >> reporter: probably the biggest reason of all for all of the nationwide fear of this is lack of information and communication from the start from the government, and the the centers for disease control. you can say same could be said here in maple shade where parents at howard yokem elementary school became concerned when they saw this letter sent only to the teachers and staff last week but not to them saying two students from africa were going to start school will here today and as a precaution the the school nurse would take the the two kids temperatures three times a day for 21 days even though the kids are not sick, have no symptoms and lived in row wand a about 3,000 miles away from where the virus has been found. >> you didn't get a phone call. >> no. >> no e-mail. >> no, i a had my mom, a contact at the the school, secondary contact as well as my brother, okay. we had three eyes on one
4:35 am
child, in one got anything. >> you know don't smile and have a secret like that. >> a lot of disbelief that they would even jeopardize safety of the children regardless of if they're not contaminated or whatever. it is still kind of a little bit of disbelief. i dent like it at all. i feel like anybody from that area should just stay there until all this stuff is resolved. there is nobody affect here. the let's just keep it that way. >> reporter: owe one school administrators heard the concern like you heard from those two parent and once parents learned that staff only letter and felt information was being hidden from them, the concern and criticism spread to the school administration, was not telling them everything and some parents, and even some staff here were going to stay away from school, custodian here said. suddenly maple shade school district put up this alert on the web site telling everybody that the parents of these new students decided to keep the two kids a weak past the 21
4:36 am
day quarantine, at home and away from the school. hopefully by then, chris and kerry everyone will feel safe, welcome these two new kids to their new school already a tough time for any kid making new friends in a new place without any of this, hard enough as it the is. >> yes, kids can be so mean sometimes. >> they really can. >> steve, thank you. >> 4:36. a murder victim found in bucks county police believe he was beaten and stabbed with the the screwdriver. police found the map's body yesterday morning at post road and pennsylvania avenue in morrisville. they believe he died from lacerations to his head. two men are in custody, investigators are questioning a third, in word yet on a motive or on the victim's identity. six victims of the pittsburgh area fire died of smoke inhalation. twenty-seven year-old mom and her kids age two through seven and her disable father-in-law were all killed in the saturday morning fire. women's husband was able to escape the fire with pretty serious burns.
4:37 am
he is still in the hospital as a matter of fact. family members say the couple initially managed to escape but then returned to try to save the others. a heart broken father pleading for your help in finding a hit and run driver who killed his daughter in south injuries think past weekend. >> twenty-five year-old kelce burns was hit late friday night in pilesgrove salem county, memorial marks spot by intersection of woodstown allaway and east lake roads where chelsea was walking home after arguing with her boyfriend. chelsea's family said she was struck by a mustang where she just kept going. a second driver hit her but then stopped. she died at the the scene. >> your conscious, how can you do that. you know you hit the a person. >> chelsea leaves behind a three-year old son, state police continue to investigate. running to stop the the violence, a woman killed in northern liberties, the
4:38 am
robbers wanted her purse but stole her life. how her friend and family are keeping her memory alive with an even bigger message. and then talk about buried treasure would you believe that this violin was once underground. take a guess at the how old it is. we will tell you, next.
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welcome back. our fox 29 team put on their walking shoes this week toned
4:41 am
end alzheimer's. >> there is sue, obviously with shawnette wilson, chris o'connell and bruce gordon. this weekend businessness wilmington at tubman garrett park in the river front. this weekend was a fantastic event but it is not over quite yet. we ask you to join as you weeze continue to walk alzheimer's. >> join team fox 29 for two other walks coming up, we're in atlantic city think coming sunday october 26th, then we will be at citizens bank park, november 9th, more information on our web site at my fox in the family focus section. >> there will be so much fun, you know what i mean. >> nice weather for that walk, sue. >> saturday morning was perfect, and everybody was in a good mood and that is a walk where people bring their dogs and it was just so much fun to see dogs with their alzheimer's scarves on. it was great. everybody was in the spirit. if you didn't make it we will see you this sunday perhaps at the the atlantic city walk. here is our first look at the the seven day forecast, we're still working on it but we will get to 62 degrees today but then get some rain moving
4:42 am
in tomorrow and wednesday and possibly thursday as well, if the coastal storm that hasn't even formed yet. it is iffy but we may get some mid week rain but it looks like it will clear up in time for the week went seasonal temperatures in the 60's, both days. that is your weather authority forecast, 4:42 is your time. ninety-five northbound, at route 202, there is construction that has the left lane blocked until about 5:00 o'clock this morning. >> daddies still this there. your daddies in there. i told 911. >> look at that, a daughter's frantic cry for her father trapped inside of that burning building, running inside to save him is not a firemen, who is that mystery
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:49. friend and family working to keep the memory alive of a woman killed ten months ago in philadelphia during a mugging. there was a 5k race held in northern liberties in honor of amber long. it also of course to raise awareness about violence begins women. that race was held in conjunction with the organization handbags for peace. that organization rewards people for coming forward with tips about violent crimes, long's murder though remains unsolved. it is not too late. it is not too late to come forward if you know something,
4:46 am
if you suspect something, you can make a difference. >> organizers eventually hope to raise $30,000, for their cause. police in one new jersey town have started wearing body cameras. >> evesham township police now require officers to wear a camera, every time that they put on the uniform. now with body cameras, authorities say there is very little rebate about debate about what happens between a officer and a suspect in a situation. >> a citizen may come in and complain and say an officer acted inappropriately or demeanor was improper or unlawful use of force. we have the ability the to play back the entire incident as it the unfolded in the officer's eyes and the citizens eyes. >> some critics have been raising concerns about privacy and protecting the videos from hackers but police say the system is well protect from hackers, and while it cost more than $60,000 to equip those department with those cameras police say they are saving hundreds of thousands
4:47 am
of dollars in legal fees. dozens of suspect nazi war criminals and guards have collect millions of dollars in social security, after being forced out of the u.s. according to a associated press investigation they were part of the loop hole that gave justice department leverage to persuade nazi suspects to leave before being deported. many suspected nazi war criminals, lied about their past to u.s. citizenship have after world war two. unidentified man is being hailed a hero after he ran into a burning buildings to save another man. >> that rescue all caught on camera. >> daddies still in there. your daddies in there? i told 911. >> flames engulfing a duplex on saturday in fresno, california, the the scene became frantic as a woman tries to find her father. she thinks he is trapped in the house. a minute later a man comes running out, with her dad, over his shoulder.
4:48 am
>> is everybody out? >> oh, thank god. thank god. >> everybody is out. >> wow. fire police say rescuer had to be treated for smoke inhalation. >> but what a hero. >> lets look at entertainment news, bonof the's trademark sunglasses are not just a fashion statement. revealed on bbc's graham north on show that he wears them to combat glaucoma he has been suffering from for nearly 20 years now. it cast cause sensitivity to light but he is receiving treatment ape says he will be just fine. the his only concern is people will now refer to him as, poor blind bono. >> i don't think so. some hottest acts in music kicked off the ford's 30 under 30 summit. concert goers rocking out, in the northern liberties. they included dj jack, wi z cleve a and others. thirty under 30 summit takes place this week the at the pennsylvania convention
4:49 am
center. fury at the box office, knocking gone girl from the number one spot. >> i started this war killing germanness africa and now i'm killing germans in germany. i have been with these fine gentlemen for years. >> world war two film ended its weekend debut with an estimated $23.5 million that brings gone girl to the number two spot the after spending two weeks at the top. animated flick book of life comes in at number three, alexander and the the the terrible no good very bad day and best of me round out top five. >> very good. congratulations to matthew morrison, he married long time girlfriend ren p >> how about renee. >> let's do that. >> over the weekend. >> they had a small ceremony in hawaii. >> renee, nice name. kevin hart asked a rental company to have a heart, when
4:50 am
a fan returned to work. >> his video plea does the job. according to the show inside addition, douglass is back with the national car rental. she drives a shuttle bus at the company at los angeles airport. she saw the philadelphia native. she stopped her bus and got the out to take a selfie. that didn't fair too well with national and according to tmz she was suspended without pay. hart took to social media to see if he could help. >> hey, members at national rent a car it is brought to my attention that she has been suspended for taking a selfie. i'm asking national to give this woman a past. i love national. if i had seen me i would have stopped me too. come on, of passion. >> awesome. >> she told inside addition she was overwhelmed by video and very thankful hart took the time out to make it. >> he has a heart. >> get it. >> hi sue serio. >> and a ego. >> yes. >> which is adorable, yes. i thought that was really cute. >> we've got frost advisories
4:51 am
and freeze warnings out this morning. there are your frost advisories, bucks, montgomery, and chester. do you see how cold it is, berks and lancaster counties and gloucester, salem, camden, other half of burlington county under a freeze warnings. so is cumberland, atlantic and ocean counties, so are they, in new jersey, and then lehigh valley in the pocono mountains also under freeze warnings this morning. temperatures are still above freezing but barely, in mount pocono and pottstown where it is 34 degrees. lancaster has 38. forty-two here in philadelphia only 38 in wilmington delaware. 34 degrees, it is cold. down in millville. only 33 in atlantic city. even split is just barely a above freezing. clear skies, out there for the the most part, and the future cast though we will jump ahead to tomorrow morning, and when we will have some light showers moving through and that is the the cold front that is up to the northwest, plus we're expecting a coastal storm that has not even formed yet.
4:52 am
even though we will have a lot of clouds on tuesday and not a lot have rain it is tuesday night into wednesday that will probably get some of the rain from that coastal storm, you see, some of it is off shore but it is still iffy right new because the the storm has not even formed yet but we have indications that it will happen. we will keep you posted on. that after many days in the 70's, we are plumet go to 56 degrees as our high temperature, yesterday. today as we mentioned we will get to 62. it is a little bit bet are. possible rain in the middle of the week but we should clear out by the the weekend. there it is your seven day forecast. 4:52 is your time and that condition trucks on 202 north bound between route 401 and 252, it has now been cleared. >> ♪ >> during that beautiful song would you never believe this violin spent hundreds of years underground, where it was found and now its new owner
4:53 am
discovered its rich history. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
4:54 am
in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest.
4:55 am
for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. right there, she's flying home on a 8:00 o'clock flight. >> yes. >> that is the platt bridge. >> to the airport. >> she's taking septa train because for seniors it is a buck. >> really. >> is that the best deal in
4:56 am
the plan the it. >> yes. >> we heard about october fest but what about dog october fest. pet owners dress up their pups for fun and charity. >> annual event raises money to help dogs rescue organizationness austin. this years proceeds will go towards the austin boxer rescue, gold ribbon rescue and pug rescue. last year more than 8,000 people and their pets attended getting bigger each year. >> austin texas but i hear such great things. >> cute dogs. >> she's a renowned violin player captivating audiences all over the world. >> even more startling is the the history of her 345 year-old instrument. >> ♪ >> hey, they made a discovery of a life time about her violin. she bought tonight chicago 23 years ago. she said she immediately fell in love with it. she says that while playing in israel she met a man who knew the history of that italian
4:57 am
made vial lynn. >> i wanted to let you know the previous owner loved it so much that it was his wish to be buried when he passed away. >> it turns out violin spent 200 years buried in that casket in norway, with one of its previous owners. nobody necessary when it was unearthed who did the grave digging. >> this story has a lot of, how is that even verified. >> do you think the italian man was hidden or maybe hitting on her. >> maybe. >> it doesn't bother her, the the violin player here. she said one of a violin inspires her to be a better musician. 4:57. cold hearted robbery, workers at chickie and pete's forced in the freezer by armed robbers but police have another clue besides this surveillance video that could help them catch the criminals. is soda as bad as smoking what the sugary drinks can do to you that maybe affecting your health as much as
4:58 am
4:59 am
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at robbers in broad daylight armed and ready to storm a popular restaurant just before they opened for football sunday what happened next. good news on the ebola front, one country in west africa may now bee bowl free. family of the man died from the virus in texas also now, free of the