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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  October 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> why the university says this may not be a random attack. >> plus, children lost in a street brawl. adults just standing by watching after this video made its way to facebook. police are getting involved. >> right now at 5:00 the search for two brutal criminals who targeted college students. shock and fear near temple university campus less than 24 hours after two men forced their way into a home and robbed several students. >> and that is not the worst of it. police say the robbers tied up the students and pistol whipped one of them until knocking him out g evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. those attackers are still on the loose tonight. let's get straight out to fox 29's dave schratwieser. he is live at central detectives to night. dave? >> reporter: iain, that victim who was pistol whipped and knocked unconscious was released from the hospital this morning. his roommates tell us he has returned home as police try to identify the suspects in this case and figure out why they pick this house to rob.
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>> two men with a gun pushed into the door. >> those chilling words from one terrified temple students whose off campus home was invaded by a pair of gun toting robbers sunday night. the student still so shaken he asked to us conceal his identity as he described the robber's violent attack on his roommate. >> then proceeded to pistol whip him and hit him until he was unconscious. get down on the floor and sip tied us. >> reporter: student says there were half a dozen people at home in the 1900 block of north 18th street when the bandits burst in. tied everyone up and proceeded to loot the place. >> they stole two laptops, seven cell phones, everyone's wallet, anything of value they found. >> reporter: two students who live here remain barricaded in their rooms locking themselves in when they heard the terrifying ordeal downstairs. roommate billy denim was at wo
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work. >> i think my one roommate was targeted because they were asking him where his money was at. >> reporter: temple says this does not appear to be a random attack. >> and that's something that central detectives will look 92 to see if there's any connection in terms of previous interaction between the resident there and these individuals. >> it seems like it's just isolated incident. it doesn't seem like any sort of violence against students. >> reporter: meanwhile this 20 year old sophomore at temple was just thankful no one got shot. >> the fact that two guys with bandanas could walk just down the street and up into our house i don't want to live here any more. >> reporter: now police say the suspects may have also taken a safe or a lock box. one of those suspects was wearing a buck county community college sweatshirt. they may have escaped in a white car. coming up at six what this investigation goes next as police try to track down those suspects. iain. >> dave, thank you. happening now, philadelphia police looking for the people behind an armed robbery. it all started with a hold up
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sunoco on 18th build too much cops spotted suspects while trying to stop them they took off. crashing into the officer's vehicle. one of the suspects was later arrested ogontz and olney. the other remains on the loose. >> children get into an all-you will out brawl in wilmington a camera you can see it caught the whole thing it ended up online and that caught the attention of wilmington police who are actively investigating what exactly happened. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in wilmington. dave i got to tell you those children look so young. >> reporter: yeah it's awful. wilmington police believe the kids are between four and seven years old. this video shaking up the hilltop section of wilmington, delaware. police say the video was posted on facebook also seen on youtube. let's go to that video right n now. police say they're investigating this as possible case of tried d
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abuse. kids between four and seven fighting on the sidewalk at encouragement of adults. the adults can be heard cheering and the kids at times can be heard crying. to boys an girl pushing and slapping each other and kicking as well. it's unclear if the children are related. police say they're still trying trying to identify them. we spoke with the new castle county councilman about it he represents the hilltop neighborhood much this is what he had to say. >> it's outrageous. the fact of the matter is, teaching kids the wrong thing at the wrong time. they're not giving them proper resolution skills, and in this climate when kids are growing up in violent communities and at the end of the day when you end up outrageous number of shootings and the level of crime that we have, it's just inn pro epp yet and to put those children on display and to have that got out on youtube like that it's actually a form a of child abuse. >> reporter: it's that -- not clear when the video was record. police tell us they are working with child protective services
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in the investigation. they are trying to identify the children and the adults as well. if you have any information, give wilmington police a call. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. all right. we rebounding from our coldest weather in several months. here's a live look outside from philadelphia international airport. things are a little more comfortable out there now but still pretty chilly and rain could make it a wet week but meteorologist caitlin roth standing by to tell us what we can expect and caitlin, it was very cold this morning. >> the coldest in almost six months iain. april 21st that was the last time we saw low temperature of 39 degrees here in philadelphia. so almost sick months the date and we were all starting the day in the 30s. 32 in allentown. 32 in mount pocono. hard freeze up in the lehigh valley parts of northern, montgomery county with a low of 31. 33 in lancaster. 32 in wrightstown. always all of us besides the city bottoming out to at least frost conditions. frosty conditions if not freeze conditions. 30 degrees all we started at in atlantic city. so a very cold morning. we rebounded pretty nicely, though. 62 in philadelphia.
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62 in wilmington. um per 50s north and west. low 60s down to our south and east. clouds and warmer air moving in. we've also got some clouds that are bringing some showers. mainly back towards our west right now you see these areas of rain moving into western pa central pa down through west virginia. that will eventually push through late tonight bring us a chance to see some showers. everything looks pretty minor right now. by the overnight hours we'll see a little bit of rain and then as we head into midday tuesday we'll see a little bit more rain, too. but the worst day of the week is going to bring some soaking conditions i'll let you know what that is still ahead. lucy and iain. >> talk to you then, caitlin. schoolbus crash in lancaster county sent six people to the hospital. four of them are children. skyfox over the scene paradise township it happened right around 8:30 this morning involved a bus and a dump truck. the impact of the crash left the skid marks that you can see right there on the roadway. cops say the bus was carrying special needs students. medics took four children and two adults to the hospital but they are all expected to be just fine. >> to a developing story in
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indiana involving a suspected serial killer. man who police say confessed to the murder of a 19 year old woman in gary and then led officers to six other bodies now says that he may have killed people going back 20 years. 43 year old darrin van a convicted sex offender. police say after confessing to the weekend murder at a motel, he told police where to look for his other victims. they found the bodies in abandoned homes around gary. three on the same block. investigators believe those victims were killed more recently and say there could be more victims out there. >> to the fight against ebola and finally we're hearing some progress out of west africa. health officials have now declared more countries ebola free. and we are also learning more about the us government's response to the deadly virus including what's happening to stop infected passengers from traveling to the united states. fox's john roberts is at the cdc in atlanta. >> reporter: health officials continuing their efforts to contain the ebola outbreak. here at the centers for disease
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control they're tightening recommendations for health workers who treat infected patients. and defending guidance they gave to a dallas hospital after a patient there tested positive. >> the cdc had sent out health alert networks which are han's continually alerting people that when someone comes in with symptoms compatible with ebola get a travel history. >> reporter: they say of the 36,000 people who traveled from the area over the past month, only 77 were removed from flights as a precaution. >> of those 77, none had ebola. 91. duncan got through, he did, nothing is 100%. but that just at least tells that you there's not a major influx of people. >> reporter: in west africa the international aid effort ramping up as the un announces the disease has been eliminated in all but three countries. >> international response was slow. we all realize that. but happy with my assess many it
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is kicking now report roar the number of case social security still rising. prompting tighter screening procedures at airports throughout the region. >> they're asking if they've been to africa in the last 30 days every passenger. if you is a it yes you'll be taken aside and taken care of. >> reporter: two american patients being treated here nina pham and amber vincent are both said to be in stable condition. at the centers for disease control in at land tax john roberts, fox news. >> stay on top of this ever evolving ebola situation, head to 24/7. a pennsylvania high school increases security after the fugitive at last in's state police ambush was believed to have been seen in the area. eric frein alluded capture more than a month despite a massive manhunt in the poconos. woman out for a walk spot add rifle toting man with mud covered near pocono mountain east high school over the weekend. state police believe the man was free suspected of killing one
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trooper and wounding another outside their barrack. >> judge issued an ink junction preventing the scc to move forward canceling teachers contracts. src canceled those contracts two weeks ago which meant among other things teachers had to start contributing to the cost of their own health insurance. school officials say that saves more than $40 million a year. much needed money which goes directly to students. union launched several protests since then include wagon you're looking at right there a massive gathering in center city last week. today's ruling is just preliminary, the teachers union says it is confident things will work out in favor of the teach teachers. no response yet from the src. >> a lengthy and prolific robbery spree comes to an end in philadelphia. >> we have shown you video, surveillance video from some of the crimes here on fox 29. how police say they tracked down the robbers. plus viral video of a man
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rescuing someone from a house fire and we don't even know the hero's name much hisself less actions still ahead. >> and a chimney, a special delivery of sorts, but this has nothing to do with santa. how police say online relationship ende ended with ths woman stuck in the chimney. >> howard? >> what was she doing in the chimney? (laughter). >> i want to know the eagles didn't play yesterday. that doesn't mean this is not a good football monday. lots of wild things happening in the inform fl this week and connor bore win dropped by our studios. that's coming up in sports. >> in weather such a chilly start but a little bit of sunshine helped warm us up today. rain is on the move. i'll have your next chance for showers. how long it lasts with the work week coming up next.
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♪ >> a leak is now contained after a chemical release at a refinery in linden, new jersey. union county hazmat teams and firefighters responded to a chemical leak this morning. it sent a thick smoke cloud into the air. refinery workers sheltered in place for almost two hours until they were finally given the all clear. authorities say there's no threat to the immediate area and no one was hurt. >> surveillance cameras capture burglary at a roxborough deli. police say this guy forced open the front door of t and s farmers pride deli on ridge avenue early friday. now he actually managed to break open an atm and got away with more than $6,000. so if you recognize him, call police.
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scenes like this playing out over and over again in northeast philadelphia in recent weeks but business owners can breathe a little easier tonight. police believe they have caught a trio of serial robbers a traffic stop on friday broke this whole case wide open. fox 29's jeff cole live in the newsroom tonight. jeff. >> iain, here we go. kind of crime spree that quickly grabs the attention of police and puts a community on edge. 14 pizza shops, bars, a 7eleven and restaurants robbed in less than two months in northeast philly. tonight, it looks in fact like it's over. here the pictures many of the stick ups were caught on surveillance video. the robbers appear to be the same guys following the same mo. early friday a heads up 15 district cops did an investigation of a mitsubishi eclipse and came up big. cop thought the front passenger matched the description of one of the alleged robbers. also, in the car police say they found a 45 caliber handgun and a black beebee gun. under arrest are gin chen and patrick row 29 and cory lockhart
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25 both of al guard. police spoke about the big break in the case this morning. >> any store that was open late, including the convenience stores i have been on the phone with a lot of regional managers they were terrorized. they were looking the doors on some of these stores at night. they were instructed to lock the doors and anybody that's open late was on guard. >> reporter: who could blame them? police say the ringleader is patrick row he's being held on a $5.5 million bail. the trio is charged with 11 of the 14 robberies. police are working to link them to those others. hear from the police at 6:00 o'clock tonight. folks? >> all right. we'll talk to you then, jeff. philadelphia police are looking for the armed robber who held up a port richmond 7eleven. it happened overnight on aramingo avenue. the gunman forced the clerk to hand over money and he took off. no reports of any injuries. >> philadelphia's finest will get a new state of the police headquarters. you'll find it at 46th and
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market on the side of the landmark provident live insurance building. the new public safety services campus replaced the round house at eighth and race. it will also house the city morgue and health department lab. it's slated to open in 218. >> parents return to a philadelphia charter school with questions today after a lottery has them scrambling to find new schools. walter palmer charter school in northern liberties and hundreds, more students allowed by its charter the school held a lottery last week to trim enrollment and students not selected can no longer stay at the school. parents say that led to a little chaos this morning. crystal boyd had two kids at palmer. one can stay. the other needs to find a new school. >> basically told me to come pick up my daughter. she can't stay and we'll have her school records waiting. >> if you still have questions about the lottery, dr. palmer will be on good day tomorrow. you can tweet him your questions or concerns by using the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> it is a really big problem and it has to do with air bags
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and millions upon millions of vehicle. all kinds of makes pond dells much the federal government issued a plea today to drivers saying to check in your vehicle is involved in this massive recall and if so get it fixed right away. faulty air bags can rupture during a crash and metal fragments will explode out. at least four people have died from this problem. the recall impacts vehicles from several manufacturers dating to 2002. to see if your vehicle is involved, visit and click on seen on tv. >> one of the first non-criminal citations for possession of marijuana is handed out at city hall. activists mike dwyer received a ticket this morning. he described himself as an underground medical cannabis patient. he wanted to be one of the first to get a citation. he says to demonstrate the proper procedure for both police and people caught with pot. the law allowing a ticket rather than arrest for small amount of marijuana went into effect tod today. big day for many veterans in our area.
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today the union league of philadelphia headed -- had a job fair held a big one, too, and it was quite the opportunity for vets and their familiar to meet with and get guidance from local business leader who's are looking for a few good men and women. the program is part of the union league veterans initiative. >> little bit of a warmup but don't get too used it to things are about to get chilly again and rain is on the horizon. here's meteorologist caitlin roth. >> it is, iain. we'll at least be warmer into tonight and tomorrow afternoon you'll notice the big difference when you get ready for work and school tomorrow. right now clouds have been streaming in. we saw decent amount of sunshine today but that will be replaced pretty quickly with some clouds and some rain we've got a cold front back towards our west bringing showers from about ohio back through western and central pennsylvania. that will bring us pretty scattered showers late tonight and into tomorrow. once this front moves offshore instead of just moving out to sea, it will redevelop or phase with another storm system and bring us a continued chance of rain. here's how it plays out. by 1:00 a.m. a little bit of light green scattered overnight
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showers. tuesday morning it's cloudy but we start off with decent amount of sunshine. showers return later on in the afternoon. so for tonight, what you need to know, it's not going to be as cold. no frost or freeze conditions early tomorrow morning. 52 degrees in the city, 45 in the suburb. with a few showers late. tomorrow, 68 for the high temperature partly sunny. with a scattered afternoon shower. more rain on the way. we'll have the full break down ahead in your seven day foreca forecast. lucy and iain. >> see you and that, caitlin. we would love for to you join fox 29 as we walk to end alzheimer's. you can join team fox 29 during three walks. we'll be in atlantic city this sunday and at citizens bank park on november 9th and you will find even more information on and the family -- in the family focus section. >> 10 year old girl gets a new cute short haircut because she donated her long locks to a cancer charity but her classmates are making sure no good deed goes unpunish. why her mom says the school is to blame as well. >> and eating at your desk at work making you gain weight?
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aren't his to make.
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>> a patient being treated by paramedic steals an ambulance in los angeles. what a crazy story. police say this guy suddenly pulled out his iv and ran out of the ambulance. he quickly came back, hopped in and began driving away. paramedic jumped out. the ambulance eventually crashed into a mini van. the man was taken into custody. two people in that van suffered minor injuries. >> the man charged with abduction avenue university of virginia student has been char charged with 2005 rape abduction an itemed murder in suburban washington. jesse matthew indicted in the 2009 case today. he is being held last month's abduction of university of virginia student hannah graham. police searching for graham found human remains over the weekend but the medical examiner has not made positive id. remains were found about 6 miles from where the body of the 2009
5:25 pm
victim was found. >> a little girl who did something kind and loving and selfless says other children have bullied her so badly because of it she's no longer attending her ohio school. 10 year old jed today forsberg cut off 14-inches of her hair to donate it to children with cancer and other hair loss issues. her haircut is very cute. that was an mazing thing she did. but when she went back to school, her mother says the other students bomb barred her with terrible insults. her mom reached out to the principal but says nothing changed. >> i'm disappointed that it wasn't taken seriously. and i don't really know who to trust any more. but i'm also really happy because how many people have been supporting me. >> look how cute she looks. thousands are rallying behind jenna through a facebook page. after the insults did not stop the school did launch an
5:26 pm
investigation. jed today is my new hero. >> right? >> yup. >> the story of another hero. a man runs into a burning building to save stranger the drama is all caught on tape. >> we got to get her -- the dad out there! >> a crowd gathering around a burning home in fresno, california. a woman was shouting her dad was inside. so then suddenly a guy comes running from the smoke and flames with her father over his shoulder. then the rescue left. there's no word on his identity. the man he saved is being treated for smoke inhale laying. >> great job by him. >> well we already drinking sugary drinks is really bad for you. okay. but tonight we have an even better how bad. >> the other really bad habit that downing those drinks may actually be worse than. >> and crews pull a woman out of a chimney. but she's not playing santa claus. no chris cringle here. how this became the culmination of an online relationship gone very, very wrong. >> but first, parents of one local school worried two
5:27 pm
students may expose their children to the e boat la virus. the last minute change that
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>> now to the latest on ebola. people who shared an apartment with the first ebola patient are out of quarantine and are healthy. his fee san sane her son left the dallas home. experts say the fact that the woman and others close to duncan did not crack the virus shows
5:30 pm
it's not easily spread. >> the fear, panic and ignorance surrounding the virus hit home right in our area. >> especially when parents at a south jersey school learned about new classmates or children going to meet today. and as fox 29's steve keeley reports there's now a sudden change of plans. >> reporter: off the bus and all bundled up it looked like big attendance at the howard yokum elementary school likely because of the two kids absent from the classrooms here today. letter last week center staff and teachers only not to parents said two new students from africa would be starting school today. the school nurse said she'd be taking the kids temperatures three times day for 21 days. despite the facts that the kids were not sick and not from anywhere near the african countries were ebola cases but from rwanda near 3,000 miles away. the letter leaked out to parents who immediately felt some of the same fears seen around the world right now in their hometown right here in maple shade. >> is it startling y.
5:31 pm
>> the letter makes you afraid. >> when people say, oh, well, it's not in the area that's affected, you know, in libya it's on the east coast of of a forty three a the only thing i have to say about that is, that is a lot closer than maple shade, new jersey. >> reporter: hearing from worried parents suddenly on saturday this notice on the school district website. and phone calls directly to the parents at home. telling them that the two kids from africa would not be starting school today after all. saying, their parents decided to keep them home. and not just for the three weeks they were going to have their temperatures taken by the school nurse but for an extra week beyond that, too. >> if those two kids came to school here today, would you have kept your kid home? >> yes. >> reporter: relieve on the parents who put their kids on school buses for the ride to school and on their shoulders for the walk to school. relieve for now at least. >> what about when these kids eventually do show up for school? do you think they'll be welcomed here? do you think there still be a lot of fear. >> i hope they are. i don't wish harm on anybody, you know, and they're kids. it would be nice more
5:32 pm
communication. i understand that there are 3,000 miles away. do they have relatives in that area? were they -- they flown close to that area? vacation? who knows? >> reporter: hopefully the failing grade in the subject of communication that lots of parents gave the district last week for not telling them originally will improve to an a plus by the time those two students do come for their first day. after all it's hard enough being a new kid in a new school in a new country. >> maybe a nicetown haul meeti meeting, yokum can organize something and give us all the facts and details in black and white. no smoking mirrors. >> reporter: in mape pill shady, steve keeley fox 29 news. >> hopefully those children will be welcomed with open arms, iain. we hope so. >> like steve said it's tough to be a new kid. >> if you don't know what a selfie is you're my mom or my dad or from pluto not that there's anything wrong with
5:33 pm
that. what happens had one people become obsessed with a selfie in the wrong way. joyce evans is here with that request that fame that may lead to felony. >> or something worse. as you know the selfie started out as a quick and easy way to bring friends and followers along to share in the moment while you're doing something cool and still means that for most people the moments these images portray are disturbing. people either in the act of committing a crime or pretending they're up to no good and posting it just to look cool or tough. some even taunt police. but there's one thing they may not be counting on. >> everybody is watching, and that's whose bringing it to our attention. >> at least i know what they're going to say about me. >> people will remember me. >> they'll remember me. like the song said. >> reporter: he means it. that's -- what's even worse about this innocent people get caught up in these acts. real or fake and police say young people are ruining their lives and many parents have no
5:34 pm
idea what they've been up to before they're bailing their kids out of jail so to tonight at 10:00 we look deeper at his obsession and you guys won't believe some of the stories behind some of these selfies. >> i'm guessing you had a large pool to draw from? we couldn't even begin to put all of them out there. we can only pick a few, but it's amazing. >> all right. >> joyce, thanks. see you tonight at 10:00. >> well many of us do it, you know, you're busy at work and rather than stop what you're doing and head outside you have lunch at your desk. >> that's our entire newsroom, right, joyce. >> oh, yeah. >> it saves time, right? >> absolutely. >> but is that making you pack on the pounds? why the answer may be oh, yeah. plus online shopping is about to hit a whole new level. same day delivery could soon become no big deal. very soon you'll get to decide exactly when your purchases arrive at your door. coming apartment 6:00 it may not be hard to imagine this swimsuit calendar would get a lot of fans. don't count the national guard among them.
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some these women do in the video has sparked an official investigation. caitlin. >> thanks, iain. we were off to a very cold start this morning. but the chill starts to ease as early as tonight. however, rain on the way. we pay a price for that. however, rain on the way. we pay a price for that. i'll have your
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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>> after more than a decade of silence mon in a kalu win ski is talking and taking on social media at the same time. she was in the city at the forbes 30 under 30 summit talking about how her live played out instantly on computers after the president clinton scandal and her mission to take on cyber bullying much she also launched her twitter account today one of her first tweets was about philly saying she was excited and nervous to speak at the summit. >> she's got 25,000 followers already like that. amazing. >> action figures on sale in a florida toy store has one mom so mad she's taking action. definitely not your traditional toys. they are characters from the cable tv show breaking bad. if you're not familiar with it a show about a drug kingpin had makes methamphetamine.
5:39 pm
the dolls feature the lead character in a lab coat with accompanying gas mask and two beak kearse. his accomplice has chilly peppers his own mask and hazmat suit. the mom says you know what, this isn't at all suitable in a children's toy store. >> kids mimic their action figures if you will. do you want your child in an orange jumpsuit. >> what do you hope accomplish? >> get those taken off the shelves and put them in an appropriate store. put them in an adult store. >> the florida mom started a petition that has dozens of signatures so far shushes she has nothing against the show but believes the meth inspired toys aren't suitable for children. >> a look at your health news now. sugary sodas not only increase your risk of diabetes and heart attacks they speed up your aging process like smoking. researchers at the university of california say san francisco look at how soda intake affects the cell aging of more than
5:40 pm
5,000 people. people who drank 20-ounces of soda a day had dna similar to people about 4.5 years older than them. no link found between cellular aging and diet soda consumption. >> it's not like it's most desirable thing but sometimes you just have to do it. now it turns out eat your lunch at your desk could cause serious health problems. researchers say people who regularly eat in the office have a greater chance of being obese and it's not because they're eating junk food. workers who made healthy choices had the same obesity risk as those who didn't. why? well the british study doesn't answer that question. iain, i'm just thinking that life should come with a warning label that fur if you're alive there's a great risk of death. it's just -- something we all have to do. >> right? >> imagine this. shopping online and getting what you buy the same day you ordered it. >> it could happen sooner than you think and we will show you
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how. also, ahead, you've heard that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, how police say an online relationship push this woman to cover herself in dish soap and try to slide down a chimney. >> howard. >> what did she use to help her slide? even with the eagles off yesterday, it is a good football monday with connor barwin who stopped by our studios
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>> here we go. the talker of the day. firefighters are rescuing a california woman from a chimney
5:45 pm
they say she had lubed herself up with dish soap and tried to slide into the home of a man she had met online. the man in the home says that he had heard somebody crying. called police. police got there. they called in the firefighters. found the woman trapped inside the guy's chimney. firefighters had to dismantle the whole thing to get her out. the man who lives there says, well, we kind of met online but we broke off the relationship after a few tapes and this wasn't the first time she tried to break in. as you can imagine she's now under arrest tonight. >> talk about an expensive date. >> how much it will cost to fix the chimney. i might move actually at this point. you know what i mean. >> she knows where you live. >> her thought process i'm sure if you use dish soap to get stuck rink off your finger i'll lube myself and slide -- it doesn't happen like that. santa claus does not use dish soap. he has magic. all right. when you order something online, behind the scenes army springs to action to get you your stuff. >> fox's chris chmura gives us a
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sneak peek into big time benefits for ants see consumers. ♪ >> reporter: millions of times every day people place orders online and like magic, millions of boxes appear on our doorstep. but the trick isn't magic. it's manpower. ♪ >> reporter: you are entering -- >> it's non-stop. >> reporter: the supply chain. >> the under belly of e commerce. >> reporter: this dizzying warehouse. >> it's almost mesmerizing watching all the parts move. >> reporter: is the business end of the online shopping business. albeit under the radar. >> behind the scenes. >> reporter: almost as soon as you click buy -- >> we're receiving the order in as little as seven seconds. >> reporter: people and machines here swing into action. >> that machine there can actually process about 100 orders an hour. >> reporter: where is this?
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jagged peak probably the the most important company you've never heard of. >> jag peak is a third party logistics company. >> reporter: combining computer software and hard core warehouses. we have jagged peak to thank for making modern shopping more convenient than ever. 24 hours day, it's shipping and receiving little recognition. >> kind of sometimes view ourselves almost like plumbers. >> you know what i guess you could say that. at the end of the did he we are that hidden element. >> reporter: a till a santo is one of hundreds here. >> it's very fast paced. >> reporter: filling boxes and racing to meet a constant crush of consumerism. >> multi tasking to an unbelievable level. >> reporter: at 24 distribution centers coast to coast, jagged peak strategically houses popular goods. >> this is bulk storage. >> reporter: close to your home. it's truly here and now. the time from customer order to warehouse fulfillment to courier
5:48 pm
delivery can take less than an hour. >> it's as close to real time as you're going to get. >> reporter: same day delivery isn't the end of the line. jagged peak is convinced the next step is schedule link deliveries so packages arrive when it's most convenient for you. >> exactly when the customer wants it on a particular day in a particular time of day. >> reporter: thus he takes to us jag peak's newest warehouse. it's approximately 170,000 square feet. >> reporter: forget two day, next day or same day delivery. blueprint for this new fulfillment center specifically address the growing crop of consumers. >> it's moving that fast. >> reporter: eager for purchases to arrive on their schedule. he insists it's more than a vision. it's the future. >> when i say future, i'm talking this year. >> reporter: you can call them duty driven. >> we're on a mission 100%. >> reporter: and like the boss you can compare them to
5:49 pm
plumbers. >> it's not inaccurate, right? >> reporter: stuffing thousands of boxes -- >> e commerce market is exploding. >> reporter: and thinking -- >> it's exciting every day. >> reporter: outside of them. >> we're still scratching just the surface. >> reporter: chris chmura, fox news. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. and i had frost on my lawn this morning. >> i'm really sorry pow that. >> i know you are. >> i wasn't expecting it. you know what i mean. >> caitlin told you it was going to happen. >> he's in constant denial with the cold weather. >> i know. >> anything resembling winter. it's been a hard morning for y you. >> it was. it was. >> the afternoon wasn't so bad. it wasn't. we saw really nice afternoon. >> beautiful. and tomorrow should be really nice, too. >> great. >> see, iain. there's hope. one little day. >> small bump. >> it starts out pretty far and few between -- >> before it gets -- i know. >> take these nice afternoons while we have them. let's start out with ultimate doppler right now.
5:50 pm
we had decent amount of sunshine out ahead of a cold front which is spreading in some rain across eastern ohio, western pennsylvania. upstate new york. west virginia and then snaking up app playing mountains there. this is our next rain maker as we head to into tonight and tuesday. not a lot of rain but what happens this will cross bring us showers late tonight midday on tuesday. and then it will kind of stall offshore and give us another chance for rain phasing with another system a couple of clouds around right now. 63 was the high earlier this afternoon. that's pretty good considering we started the morning in philadelphia at 39. normal low temperature is 47. a little bit below where we should be. elsewhere we saw 30s as low as 30 degrees in atlantic city. i would not have bet last night on that being the coldest spot but it was. 31 in millville notoriously very chilly low 30s hard freeze up into mountains and 35 in reading. there unin pottstown. almost everyone in the suburbs waking up with some frost with the exceptions being delaware and down into the city.
5:51 pm
again benefit of some sun and it's still being mid fall it turned into nice day. fox future cast showing the chance for a couple of showers late tonight. hit or miss and it looks minor. we should start off with some clouds. see a decent amount of sunshine again tomorrow. but then those showers will approach mid afternoon. so not talking about a lot of rain tomorrow. just the chance for some showers mixed in with partly cloudy skies. wednesday we've got the increased chance for rain cold front has now passed but there's a system down towards our south these two will merge and continue to feed in some rain offshore moving on through the day wednesday. so the highest amounts of rainfall look to be along the coast and should make it as far into philadelphia at least amounts to be north and west of the city. so for tonight, 52 here. 45 in the suburbs. cloudy and not as cold with a couple of showers arriving late. for tomorrow, 68 degrees so even warmer. it will feel really nice partly sunny with that chance for some afternoon showers. 68 tomorrow but then once we see the increased chance for rain which looks to last through thursday, on and off, with those gray skies it will be pretty cool.
5:52 pm
59 on wednesday. 57 on thursday. so a not so pleasant couple of days but we clear out friday. 64 and then the weekend itself look like an absolutely beautiful october weekend highs 60 sunshine looks great for the eagles game. >> beautiful. >> it's all okay. >> thank you, caitlin. >> eagles game looking good, howard. >> eagles game is in arizona. >> arizona always has good weather. >> they have a roof. (laughter). >> because of the roof. >> are they really not home. >> they're really not home. that's all right. >> i was trying to cover for you caitlin. >> i was trying to cover. >> i'll think about you guys with the good weather here while i'm under a roof. very well. >> i'm couldn't -- you confused me there for second. the bye week during the season is good for the players. i'm not sure it's good for the fans. what did happen this weekend was a dallas cowboys within which actually put them in first place because they played one more game than the eagles now the eagles get back this week and get ready for the cardinals in
5:53 pm
arizona. connor barwin was in our good day studios this morning with alex holly and mike jerrick and discussed the excitement of a sack. >> it's the best part of the game obviously for us, you know, it's like scoring a touchdown on offense. >> yes. >> but for me, i mean i've had some success rushing the passer early on this year. my job is to do everything on defense. i don't always just rush the passer. i drop in coverage. it's called for me to rush than i did these last three weeks and that's why i've had the product i've had. >> another record broken in the nfl and it was inevitable and now the all-time leader in touchdown passes is your quarterback peyton manning. most of his td passes were with the colts but he broke brett favre's record with the broncos in denver. let's go to denver. this is it. he had to get to 509 and that was 509. san francisco is not a good team it doesn't matter he still through 509 touchdown passes. breaking this record puts him with elite quarterbacks in nfl
5:54 pm
history. >> i've always been a fan of quarterbacks, you know, whether it's brett favre or dan marino or john elway, and so i'm very honored and humbled to join, you know, a pretty unique club and then when you throw in guys like johnny unita season and fran tar kenton my dad's heroes growing up as well, i can put it in some perspective. and i have great appreciation for it. >> he's not in that list joe month mon i think the best quarterback in my lifetime in the nfl. teams in the nfl that are better than many thought and some that are not as good as we thought. chicago bears by many experts they thought to be a contender. they stink. they're brutal. let's go to chicago. they're zero-three at home this year, and it's the quarterback. jay cutler is awful. interception there. would you believe the bears are zero-three at home and the wide receiver for the bears brandon marshall did not name cut there are by name but was not too happy after the game yesterday.
5:55 pm
>> were you in this locker room yes? >> no. this has nothing to do with you. this is a team matter. there's a lot of guys. we're three and four we need to play better. that's unacceptable. it's unacceptable. unacceptable. shouldn't have lost today. shouldn't be three and four. offense got to play better. it's as simple as that. >> how about the quarterback? all right. when is the laugh time you saw a quarterback throw a touchdown pass to himself? >> here it comes. let's go to tigerville, south carolina. it's the division two football. it's greensville university now the pass was deflected by nelson hughes. deflected. it was still a pass. it's still considered a pass. he caught his own pass and ran 47 yards for his touchdown. so it can happen. you can actually throw a touchdown pass to yours. it's not something you want to happen but it does happen.
5:56 pm
>> but it work. there you go. that might be a special teams play from here on out. >> yeah. >> maybe. (laughter). >> except it's on the offense. >> well, i know. i know. still they can have fun with it i'm sure. >> we're terrible. >> between arizona and special teams, that's why we have howa howard. >> all right. >> take look at this. >> i know what i'm talking about here straight ahead at 6:00 children who look old enough to go to school involved in street brawl. adults are there are not doing a thing. when this video hit the web police brang into act. >> girls, bikinis and guns part of a new swimsuit calendar and video getting a whole lot of attention. national guard is watching who and it's not happy.
5:57 pm
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♪ >> right now at 6:00 facebook video launch as police investigation in delaware. it shows children who look barely older than say, six or seven brawling in the streets what looks to be a wilmington neighborhood. >> video hard to watch and raises tough questions tonight police want some answers. >> evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. let's head straight to fox 29's dave kinchen live in wilmington tonight. it's still so hard to believe how young these children look. >> reporter: it really is. police think they're between four and seven years old. let me say that again. between four and seven years old. in fact, you can even hear some of the kids crying in the video. children captured on video punching and kicking each other in wilmington delaware hilltop