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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ >> right now at 6:00 facebook video launch as police investigation in delaware. it shows children who look barely older than say, six or seven brawling in the streets what looks to be a wilmington neighborhood. >> video hard to watch and raises tough questions tonight police want some answers. >> evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. let's head straight to fox 29's dave kinchen live in wilmington tonight. it's still so hard to believe how young these children look. >> reporter: it really is. police think they're between four and seven years old. let me say that again. between four and seven years old. in fact, you can even hear some of the kids crying in the video. children captured on video punching and kicking each other in wilmington delaware hilltop neighborhood.
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shockingly adults can be heard cheering on the two boys and girl involved in the brawl. it's not clear if the kids are related but wilmington police believe they are between just four and seven years old. >> going pretty viral and nobody is pleased with itly nobody thinks it's appropriate. to allow children to engage in that kind of conduct is simply outrageous. >> reporter: new castle county councilman jay street represents hilltop neighborhood and the video alarmed many people in the community after it was posted on facebook and youtube. he welcomes the on-going investigation by wilmington police who are trying to identify the children and adults involved. >> put that is children on display and have that go out on youtube like that it's absolutely a form of child abu abuse. >> reporter: and that's exactly how police are investigating this. authorities tell us they are looking at this as a case of child abuse. they are working with child protective services in the investigation trying to find out who the kids are and who the parents are. if you have any information give wilmington police a call.
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iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. happening now, philadelphia police looking for the last suspect wanted in armed robbery. it started with a hold up of the sunoco on 18th and bell field. cops say they spotted the suspects and while trying to stop them they took off crashing into the officer's vehicle. one of the suspects was later arrested at ogontz and olney. the other remains on the loose. >> robbed, tied up even pistol whipped that is what police say happened at students near temple university's campus. they say two men forked their way into the off campus residence last night. dave schratwieser is live outside central detectives. dave? >> reporter: lucy, tonight police are reinterviewing the victims in this home inn vague robbery and they're looking over surveillance video from cameras on the 1900 block of 18th street where this happened. they're hoping to spot the get away car and identify the suss specs. >> they had us get down on the floor and sip tide. >> reporter: chilling words from one of the terrified temple students who off campus home was
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invade beside a pair of gun toting robbers sunday. still shaken by the robbery he asked us to conceal his identity. hsays the robbers forced his roommate off the street and into their home. >> two black males came up with a gun and pushed into the door and proceeded to pistol whip him and hit him until he was unconscious. >> reporter: the student says there were sick people at home on the 1900 block of north 18th street when the bandits burst in. threatened everyone and then proceeded to loot the place. >> they stole two laptops, seven cell phones, everyone's wallet, anything of value they found. >> reporter: two students barricaded themselves in their room after they heard the terrifying commotion downstairs. junior billy denim lives here but was at work during the robbery. >> i think my one roommate was targeted because they were asking him where his money was at. >> reporter: temple says this does not appear to be a random attack. >> that's something that central detectives will look into to see
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if there's any connection in items of previous interaction between the residents there and these individuals. >> my stuff can be replaced but i don't want to be shot while i'm at school. >> i'm here for school, and i'm here with friends. i thought it would be okay but little did i know. >> reporter: now police say the suspects also took a safe and several x boxes. the one student who was pistol whipped knocked unconscious and hospitalized has been released from the hospital. his roommates say he's resting at home. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. let's hop outside right now take live look at center city. see how it looks. okay. it looks like it's been looking for will now. some clouds rolling on in but i have to say this was the defendant weather that we've had i think caitlin you said since april or something? >> yes. >> now maybe rain is on the way as well. throw that into mix lucy. april 21 the last time philadelphia saw a temperatures as low as 39 degrees and almost
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six months to the date we started this morning. low temperatures today across the area you can see why we had freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect last night. growing season ended for almost all of us north and west where we started at 31 in pottstown. 32 in allentown including 31 in millville and 30 in atlantic city that was thedefendant spot interestingly. nice rebound with the help of sunshine earlier. 60 in philly now we saw a high temperature of 63 degrees. so cloudy and not nearly as cold tonight those clouds are streaming in with some warmer air attached it to so we're not going to be as chilly. 52 in the city. 45 in the suburbs. 68 tomorrow afternoon. so the warming trend continues for at least one more day. a couple of showers are possible tomorrow. but the real rain looks like wednesday, thursday time frame all of that coming up in the seven day forecast next. >> all right, caitlin, thank you to the latest in the fight against ebola. progress is reported in west africa with more countries being declared ebola free. the un says the disease has been eliminated in all but these three countries. here in the us president obama is still not considering a travel ban from west africa.
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the administration says of the 36,000 people who travel from the area over the past month, only 77 were removed from planes as precaution. >> of those 77, none had ebola. none. now duncan got through. he did. nothing is 100% but that just at least tells you there's not a major influx of people. >> you just heard thomas eric done dan mentioned he was the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. he died of the disease. his fiance' and dozens of others he came into contact with are no longer under quarantine and all of them are healthy. for the latest on the ebola any time of dat head to and look under as seen on tv. >> heightened security at a pennsylvania high school after a woman thought she spotted fugitive in last in's state police ambush. eric frein escaped capture for more than a month despite a massive manhunt in the poconos. a woman out for walk spot add rifle toting man with a mud
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covered face near pocono mountain east high school over the weekend. state police believe the man was eric frein who they say killed one trooper and wounded another outside their barrack. to a developing story now. a traffic stop leads police to three suspected serial robbers. more than a dozen businesses were hit over the past few weeks in northeast philadelphia. surveillance cameras catching plenty of them. the spree was making business owners really nervous ton night police believe they have the men behind the spree. fox 29's jeff cole live in the newsroom tonight to explain how this case was cracked wide open. jeff. >> it look like an impressive take down by city police. three alleged robbers behind a string of heist of northeast philly businesses kicked off by an officer with a sharp eye. they're the type of stick up jobs that put a community on edge and police on the prowl. 14 robberies in less than two months in northeast philly and the startling images are caught on surveillance video. a pizza hut red robin dine are in, even a 7eleven all being knocked over by guys with guns.
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>> they were here to announce this morning the arrest of serial robber which turned out to be robbers that were terrorizing northeast part of the city. roar report philadelphia police called in the press monday to trumpet the break in the case. a heads up cop from the 15th district spot as car fitting a vehicle used in the stick ups and pulse it over early morning last friday. he comes up big. >> a gun was recovered. a silver handgun which matched also the robberies consistent with the robberies. >> reporter: police banged out search warrants for city residents and appear to have broken the robbery ring. arrested, gin chen 27 of al dine stroke and patrick row 29 and cory lockhart 25 both of al guard street. police believe row is the ringleader. he's sitting in jail on a multi million dollar bail. more charges are expected. >> charged with 11, three of the jobs are still under
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investigation. we have follow up. one of them were don't have video. that's the one main reason. we have to interview some peop people. and try to get them identified. >> reporter: so they can likely charge him with the full 14. some merchants were terrified say police. locking up at night to keep the bandits out. it look like -- looks like that's over for now. jeff cole in the newsroom, fox 29 news. folks? >> all right, thank you very much, jeff. a robber hits this holmesburg 7eleven this morning shortly after 4:00 on the 9,000 block of frankford avenue. employees say the masked gunman walked in, demanded the cash then took off. if you know anything about it, give police a call. and philadelphia police headquarters is moving out of center city. the new state of the art building broke ground today at 46th and market on the side of the landmark provident life insurance building. the new public safety services campus is replacing the out grown round house at eighth and race. the campus will also house city
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morgue and the health department lab. mayor nutter says new campus will bring the police and health depths into the 21st century. >> small victory today for teachers in philadelphia. a judge has just issued an injunction preventing the school reform commission from moving forward with a plan to cancel teachers cracks. that's according to the philadelphia federation of teachers tonight. those contracts were canceled two weeks ago so the district could start making teachers contribute to the cost of their health insurance. school officials say that would have saved more than $40 million a year which would then go directly to the students. there have been several protests since then including this massive gathering in center city last week. while todays ruling is just preliminary, the teachers union says it is confident things will work out in favor of the teachers. no response yet from the src. >> a dozen students face charges of delaware high school after a brawl in the cafeteria. why social media may have been part toll blame and why police had to call for backup when they got to the scene. it may not be hard to imagine
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that this swimsuit calendar would get a lot of fans but don't count the national guard among them. something these women do in the video has sparked an official investigation. >> howard? >> can i investigate, too? >> all right. some wild plays in the nfl yesterday clear al rope a dope. and the nfl they're just trying to take away some of the fans fun in new jersey. i will explain coming up in sports. >> and from morning freeze and frost to an afternoon thaw. high temperatures here in philadelphia hit 63 close to the normal of 65. roller coaster ride continues an lot of rain expected later this week much that's all coming up next in your seven day forecast. >> better put out that zig row. south jersey city bans smoking even on the streets. why some local shops are questioning the new ordinance. we've got the story tonight on fox 29
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♪ >> hot shots 2016.
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yeah baby! >> i fine it annoying. however, other people don't. this is lighting up social med media. the utah national guard is investigatinginvestigating thise swimsuit calendar and video. what you're lookin looking at authorized use of military equipment or personnel. we're told these are models. surprise, surprise but the video also appears to show some members of the national guard, and the national guard says it did not approve its this project. it's now determine wagon action if any to take from here. at least a dozen students are facing charges after several fights broke out at a local high school. police were called to newark high school around 7:00 this morning to break up a fight in the cafeteria. officers had to call in backup when they discovered several fights happening at the same time. as many as 15 students could now be charged. investigators believe social media posts declaring it quote riot day at the school are
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behind the fights. >> parents are desperately searching to find new schools for their children after their children missed out in a lottery walter palmer charter school in northern liberties had hundreds more students ronald than allowed by charter. we brought this to you when it happened. so the school held a lottery last week to cut enroll many. parents say that led to quite a bit of chaos this morning. crystal boyd says the new school location offer just doesn't work for her family. >> the school that they're recommending is way out in chester. i live in philadelphia. you know, that's inconvenience for me not just for them but for my job. >> if you still have questions about the lottery well dr. palmer will be on good day tomorrow tweet him your questi questions or concerns by using the hash tag fox 29 good day. one of most important bridge replace many project projects in montgomery county in decades began today. officials began the demolition and row placement of the arcola road bridge which connects lower and upper providence townships over the perkiomen creek. the bridge was built back in
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1869. then rebuilt in 1931. it was ordered closed by penndot last year for safety reasons. >> and county government, local government came together and said this is important. we need to get it done and do interim things on traffic routes right now. while we're getting this construction done. but we can get there and get there quickly. >> the project will cost more than $7.5 million and it's scheduled to take 30 months. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. man, let me just see -- have you tested iain because he is finally thawed out. he's thawed out this morning, man -- >> it was frosty this morning a little frosty. >> it wasn't so bad think afternoon but yeah. >> he just stepped outside. you didn't sleep outside or anything. >> no. >> he wasn't camping. >> he's a delicate flower. >> i know. >> he is. but he survived last winter. i give him credit for that. >> that's true. i don't know how i did that. i don't either. here we go again right, iain. >> i know. at least it's only octobe
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october 20th and nice rye bound this afternoon it was the first frost or hard freeze for many of our suburban spots think morning, and it was the first time philadelphia seen temperature in the theirs since last april. so seasons they do change every year. that's example right l ultimate doppler showing some clouds streaming in over the past couple of hours. decent amount of sunshine but these clouds are all out of a cold front back towards our west and associated low pressure that's still back in ohio. still bringing some rain across western and central sections of pennsylvania. that will eventually bring some showers into our area. now, normally, a front would pass by bring little bit of rain and pass out to sea but this one is going to get wrapped up in an offshore system and stall out eventually retrograde back in new england over the next few days and that's going to bring prolonged chans for rain for our area. more specifically up into new york and new england they look to see the front of this storm. we'll show that you in a minute. right now 60 degrees in philly upper 50s north and west. low 60s in south jersey. so a nice afternoon despite the cold start. fox future cast shows mainly clouds around tonight there could be a shower or two but this is all pretty minor.
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and our shower chance even for tuesday is minor. overall it looks like pretty decent day. sun and, yes, some clouds. by 5:00 o'clock you see scattered showers mainly north and west. that front sweeps through as we go through tuesday. and then it will start to stall offshore you'll notice some rain beginning early wednesday morning we'll start to move on shore kind of in the opposite direction of what we usually see. low pressure out to sea is moving northwest ward retrograding that will bring more rain spilling in from the ocean into our area. here we are very early thursday morning you can see pocks of heavy rain. the timing of course not exact but this could be a pretty decent soaker through midday thursday and possibly into thursday evening i think by friday we're okay. but that's wednesday and thursday the best chance for some decent rain. preliminary rain amounts models are spitting out over an inch for everyone. highest amounts along the coast specifically the further north into new jersey you go. up towards new york city. back to tonight not too much rain yet maybe a shower or two. 52 in the city. 45 in the suburbs. now for tomorrow, again pretty
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decent day and even warmer. 68 will be the high temperature. closing on 70 degrees not too bad scattered afternoon shower. seven day forecast temperatures take a hit once the showers come in with those gray skies we'll see high temperatures wednesday and thursday in the upper 50s. we clear out there on friday, 64 degrees. the weekend itself still saying we'll make up for this midweek messiness and it's going to be beautiful temperatures in the upper 60s with sunshine into next monday. >> terrific timing. >> right. >> get it out of the way during the week. >> all about the weekend. >> it is. >> good late objection weekend. >> i start thinking about the weekend end on monday. i'm already thinking about it. >> i start thinking about this weekend a year ago. >> all right. >> it's been called the no fun league in the nfl is trying to take away the fun for fans in new jersey. and eagles get ready for the last 10 games of the regular season. connor barwin stopped by our studios and there was some talk about chip kelly.
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>> among morning quarterback sponsored by xfinity your home for the most life sports. ♪ >> all right. eagles after a week of rest get back to last 10 games of the regular season but this team played one great game and that was actually last game to win again the new york giants before the bye week. players are the ones you need to win but the head coach is really a part of the mentality of this team. one of his better players on the defense stopped by our fox 29
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studios for good day with mike jerrick and alex holly. well it's only been six games. we're off to a good start. i think it's a second year in chip kelly's system. >> yeah. everybody is a little bit more comfortable. there's more leaders on the team, so we have a long way to go but the first six weeks have gone well so far. >> long way. how many fans thought the new orleans saints were a contender they are not any longer. to detroit they played the lio lions. they played in the dome but drew brees is half the quarterback he used to be. makes terrible decisions. interceptions, throws into coverage and then the saints defense even with rex ryan or rob ryan whatever ryan it is can't stop a team at the end of the game. they lost by a point in detroit. not a good day. all right. looked like sports betting was finally going to happen in new jersey. new jersey governor chris christie friday had written in the legislation that new jersey be permitted to have sports betting. it is scheduled to begin at monmouth race track this weekend with the casinos sometime to
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follow. the nfl the first to try and stop it. hypocrites, you're hypocrites! why nfl ratings are so high. fans watch blow outs because it usually affects the betting line, you morons! and yesterday a wild game to bet. two st. louis. watch this special teams this is special teams. now, this punt was on the upper -- on your upper part of your screen but the punt returner drew everybody to the bottom part of your screen that's where the players from seattle thought the punt was going to go. the guy who was up at the top the punt went the other way but they rope a dope the player to go to the other side. and this is a fake punt at the game of the game. great play. they have a guy coming out behind the -- the gun are in to go down for the punt. catches the pass for a first down. st. louis ends up winning the game. great job by jeff fisher their head coach. world series starts her tomorr tomorrow. >> here. >> exciting stuff. >> it is. it's too bad it's not an east coast team budka can city and
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san francisco. >> all right. how war that. does it for us here at 6:00. >> h
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there's a man inside! >> fire hero mystery. >> oh, thank god! >> just who is the hero in the blue baseball cap? >> he is a mystery man. >> we found him. >> then. >> ladies and gentlemen our cue card boy. >> dave's cue card guy fired. exclusive, what he's saying today. >> best boss in the world. >> and one hot date. she climbed down his chimney. >> this chick does not get the hint. >> then decontaminating the ebola bridal shop. >> plus the mom 17 years behind bars for a murder she didn't commit.