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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  October 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at how long could he spend in jail for murder of his girl friend. new developments in the search for eric freak accounts another sighting in the pocono mountains probably how schools are keeping kids safe there. she's known throughout the world as a messenger of peace, and love, what mal a yousafzai is doing in philadelphia today. watch your step you could get a ticket in one south jersey city depending on where you light up, and the new rule has people, really fired up, you could say.
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what they say the city should focus on instead of where they are smoking. good day everyone it is tuesday october 21st, 2014. >> so much news this morning. little bit warmer. we will get to sue in a moment. but our reporters are working on top store thinks morning. steve keeley is live in trenton where lawyers for all four major sports leagues are expect to argue against sports betting in the garden state. and then jennifer joyce is live at philadelphia school district headquarters with the small victory for the teachers union. a lot more on both of those stories but first sue serio has your weather on the one's and your traffic. >> yes, you will notice a big difference when you walk out the door this morning if you are just joining us, temperatures air lot milder then they were yesterday at this time. we will start off with the number of the day, we are giving you a seven, much milder temperatures as we said, a bit of sunshine this afternoon, at times, but generally mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers around. bus stop buddy has the umbrella but not the winter coat like what he haddon yesterday when temperatures
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were in the 30's and 40's. they are in the 50's, and that stray shower or two, there you can see those temperatures it may be 48 degrees in mount pocono but it was around freezing this time yesterday. fifty-three in philadelphia mid 50's just about every where else. these are temperatures that are anywhere from 11 to 20 degrees warmer then they were yesterday at this time. trade off is a look at a few showers around this morning but they are very light, widely the scattered up in the poconos mountains. we are seeing a few showers and a few isolated downpours here and there, maybe out towards montgomery county, chester county a as well. so, just be on the alert for that, it is not a big deal but showers will be around and 68 degrees is our high temperature with mostly cloudy skies. that is your weather authority forecast lets get back to delaware, and we will tell you what is going on in wilmington, route 13, north bound, an accident, in which a vehicle struck a guardrail, and, a little bit slower this
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morning around there. in east nor it town, germantown and colonial drive, police activity, and apartment buildings, and you need to avoid that area by taking swede road or new hope street to get by. and, in chester, 322 eastbound near highland avenue we have a tractor trailer fire there. chris? >> okay, sue 6:03. we have breaking news out of south africa. oscar pistorius has been sentenced to five years in prison for shooting death of his girlfriend reeva stein scam seven. the judge gave the the runner a three-year suspend ed sentence for weapons charge. he will start serving that sentence immediately. we have just showed you live pistorius being taken away in the police van, last month, pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide for shooting, steenkamp through a bathroom door. he could have faced 15 years in prison. pistorius argued that he thought she was an intruder. police searching for two gunman who shot a man in north philadelphia overnight.
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shooting happened in the 300 block of east indian, but a man was hit the in the stomach and taken to the hospital in stable condition. it is no the clear what led to that shooting. also new this morning a fire breaks out at a frankford row home, crews call to the 2,000 block of granite street at 12:30, the the fire was backup ten minutes later n reports of any injuries. 6:04, possible break in the search for a suspected cop killer eric frein. >> police report seeing frein, near the the swift water post office in the pocono mountains yesterday, that is not far from where, a woman, spotted a man, with a mud covered face carrying a rifle, on friday, police believed that also was frein. schools in the the area still opened today, but with extra security. lawyers are expected in court as early as today to fight a plan that would allow legal sports bet nothing new jersey, in fact, governor chris christie signed a bill last week that would allow to it move forward. >> but major sports leagues and the ncaa do not like this idea, fox 29's steve keeley live in trenton for us this morning, is this now going to be the the center of this
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fight, in the capitol of new jersey. >> reporter: yes, it is, you know, you can bet local book is in trenton taking odds on whether or not anybody thinks, putting money on the leagues or new jersey is the smart bet this week about who will win this fight but las vegas only other place taking bets on games in the u.s. legally but london also has sports betting and monmouth park race track just north of toms river, that plans to be new jersey's first and only place to legally bet on games, starting this sunday has brought in a british bookmaking company to run its sports betting operation. so it is ready to go unless a judge here in federal court in trenton grants nfl and all of the other leagues, in new jersey from having legal sports betting and an injunction n a too convoluted legal fight, sunday at machine mouth park may resolve itself
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this week and that is what the casinos and other race tracks in new jersey, are waiting for. and, those companies do not, and, licenses, all around the country, and, federal government, and hold off on sports betting until new jersey clears its last legal hurdle. new jersey state senator ray lesniak says the leagues aring to go lose since they have to make legal argument that legal betting will do irreparable harm to the sports leagues and he says this legal betting is allowed in vegas how can it do any harm when leagues are doing phenomenal. coincidently game one on sunday is the 9:30 in the morning new jersey time because it is in london this week, atlanta and detroit right here in fox 29. we could see first bets on the first game sunday morning, so, unless you go to monmouth park you can place your bets there and have your friend bet on the game legally and then
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watch it am home on fox 29 sunday morning. >> make interesting point about vegas and how precedent has been set so steve, thanks very much. 6:06. malala you salve sigh will sieve the the liberty medal. >> she will be presented for her efforts. that ceremony will take place tonight at the national constitution center, you fast a a survived being shot in the head by the taliban two years ago after she publicly advocated for education of girls in pakistan. the the award comes two weeks after she became youngest person in history to win the noble peace prize. a small victory for teachers in philadelphia indeed, a judge issued an injunction preventing school reform commission from forcing teach tours pay into their health care. fox 29's jennifer joyce live at district headquarters in springed garden with the details, jenny. >> well that temporary injunction, blocks the school reform commission from canceling teachers contracts
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and as you mentioned, forcing them to contribute to their health care coverage. the school reform commission was hoping the judge would allow the group to issue changes to their health care plans. src says if teachers started paying for health benefits it would save school district 200 million-dollar over the next four years. the src says money is critical and with pay for resources like textbooks, advanced placement sources and extracurricular programs. the teachers union offered to pay in 2013 but src chose to walk away from negotiations. pft thinks such a major issue should be decided at the bargaining table not as a directive to teachers. the school district is disappointed by all this but their fight will continue and it plans to appeal, the the judge's order. chris and kerry.
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>> okay, jennifer joyce, live. at 6:08. one of the world's most legendary fashion designer oscar delaurenta has dieded. >> he passed away last night in connecticut. he was designer of choice for countless hollywood actresses and addressed every single first lady since jackie kennedy. most recently he designed amal clooney a's wedding dress. he was diagnosis with cancer in 2006 but an official cause of death has in the been announced. he was 82 years old. act of love turns ugly when a girl gets bull fred her haircut, what a principal told her that will leave you, really upset this morning. speaking of getting angry and getting upset, two young kids duking it out in our area, for, seven years old maybe. the they are encouraged by adults who are watching, and laughing. what happened when a girl got involved and tried to break that fight
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as we mentioned earlier, it is how warm it is when you walk out the door, compared to yesterday. these are more like temperatures that we saw in the morning last week, mostly in the 50's. fifty-three in the city. forty-nine in atlantic city and wrightstown but 52 in wilmington. a little shower activity, it is all circulating around a low pressure system, and there it is, so, this low, is going to kind of come down here to
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our area and stall for a little bit and give us more rain tomorrow and possibly, thursday. your joy is still out whether this will hang around on thursday but we will get a break in the action around middle of the the day-to-day looking at the fox future cast and then more showers move in for the evening rush. keep that in mind if you you are out all day, a few pockets of heavy downpours throughout the day on wednesday, including tomorrow morning where we could even see a thunderstorm. that is deal with precipitation. as far as seven day is concerned as we get rid of the rain on wednesday and possibly thursday then we will have clear skies all the way through weekend and it the looks like a excellent weather weekend coming up. that is your weather at 6:30. lets start traffic in allentown where i78 eastbound at 45, we have an accident there, and the road is closed. that parties closed so your alternate is route 22, kerry.
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>> without you, we could not get around. 6:13. disturbing scene, two young kids fist fighting on a local sidewalk and is what worse is there are adults recording this whole thing and then egging them on. what happens, when the little egging them on. what happens, when the little will girl stepped into the there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education.
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and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. some shocking video showing young boys, fighting and there are adults, you could hear cheering them on. wilmington police are trying to id those involved. they believe they could be anywhere from four to seven years old. video was shot in the hill top section and it shows a girl about their age trying break i it up. she gets in the middle but gets stuck there instead. >> nobody is pleased with
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this. be in thinks it is appropriate. and, to allow children to engage in that conduct is simply outrageous. >> police believe an adult recorded video and posted to it facebook. they are working with child protective services in their investigation. new guidelines protect hospital workers, from ebola, that includes protecting the neck from exposure. new rules were set for removal of equipment and disinfecting gloved hands and using a site manager to supervise health workers putting on and removing gear. two nurse necessary dallas were infect withe bell a have a working with the patient sick with that virus. hospital workers have since priced cdc for new guidelines saying old advice was inadequate. president obama is focused on building a coalition to fight ebola in west africa. >> disease ebola has killed some 4500 people there according to the world health organization. >> last week president named azar to oversee u.s. response
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to that disease and that czar will oversee how funds are allocated as well. ron klain, former chief of staff after two vice presidents will begin his duties, tomorrow. but republicans are criticizing that choice because klain has in public health experience. meanwhile the pentagon has also put together a response team to handle out breaks in the united states. time right now 6:18. lets take a look the at your national headlines two fighter jets collided over south east kansas during a training exercise yesterday afternoon. fortunate thely, neither pilot it was seriously injured. the pilots are from the the oklahoma air national guard. authorities in indiana say a man charged with strangling a with man whose body was found last week in a motel may be a a serial killer. four three-year old darren van had been charge with killing 19 year-old africa hardy. police say van is also a suspect in the the deaths of six other women whose bodies were found in northwest, indiana over the weekend. and they say that he has indicated that there could be more victims going back at
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least 20 years. the man charged with the abduction of the the university of virginia student facing a whole list of new charges including a 2005 rape, abduction, and attempted murder in suburban washington. a grand jury indicted jesse matthew in his nine year-old case. he is already in jail for last months abduction of university of virginia student hanna graham. police searching for graham found human remains over the the weekend but medical examiner has not yet made a positive id. those remains were found about 6 miles from the body of a student from virginia tech, in 2009, and police believe matthew is linked to her death as well. 6:20. "good day philadelphia" is 40 minutes away. >> mr. mike jerrick in the news room looking at the charter school controversy, mike. >> yeah, what happened to those kids. this was the the scene we are about to put up last week at walter palmer charter school when hundreds i mean hundreds, almost 600 kids, were told they could not come back to
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class. parents now scrambling to try to put their kids in another school. most of them will be home again today. how could something like this happen. we will talk to the school's founder walter palmer himself in our studio. if you have questions and still reeling burr kids not having a school to go to today get on twitter, and give us a question and we pass it the on to walter palmer. it is almost 6:20. >> it is indeed. >> hi mike. >> it will feel different when you walk outside in a good way because it is not as cold. yesterday we had frost advisories and freeze warnings out there, today it is just okay, comfortable. temperatures in the 50's, for most of us. in the 52, 53 degrees when you walk out the door. milder start a lot have of cloud around and a few scattered showers and generally throughout the day we will see mostly cloudy skies, probably a break in the shower activity midday and
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then showers return for the evening drive time. 68 degrees is our high temperature today and sunset at 6:13. so there it is, your tuesday, from the weather authority. now on the new jersey turnpike northbound after i195, a car fire there has the left lane blocked so it has gone up towards new york, watch out for that. also in allentown i78 eastbound just after 145 an accident there has that part of the road closed on i78, your alternative is route 422. in fairfield south burlington road at lake view drive an accident there as well, chris. parents in column rag owed are worried about the treats that their kids could get on halloween night. will people be handing out pot infused canned that i looks exactly like regular candy? how lawmakers want to make sure people can tell whether their treats in fact have had a trick played on them.
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i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries
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and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone the the sixers preseason, is almost over.
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sixers, not many people, gets the the nets. too brick lynn, arenet is there, hits the shot but watch him, he admires it, right as his player, runs down the the floor, and scores a field goal and lay up. that is sixers defense. ninety-nine-88. they lose to the the nets. tonight world series begins right here on fox, san francisco and kansas city royals, and, they are going for the ring, hunt er pence. >> it is a perspective thing of opinion. you never can be true, what can be true thinks team can win this year. we have made it this far. we focus on. that i don't think we're playing right new for an opinion of a dynasty. >> all right. and the san francisco giants are the underdogs in this series, although they are favorite in game within and that game one is at kansas city right here tonight on fox. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. 6:25. we'd like to you join us as we continue to walk to end
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alzheimer's. >> when we say join us, kerry and i will be there. welshing not now, november 9th. let's show you is what coming up. first in the atlantic city this coming sunday october 26th, and you can join alex holley, jenny joyce and chief meteorologist scott williams at citizens bank park on november 9th. kerry and i will be there with other people. that november 9th 1 put you on the spot. >> yes. >> sue serio coming too. >> my fox, family focus section. young girls, chops off her hair to donate to people with cancer but her act of love and courage is getting her pick on, what the principal told her when her mother confronted her. also steve keeley is live in trenton where there could be a stop to sports betting before it even begins, steve. >> kerry, were you paying attention to eskin sports in the minute he used the under dog and favorite, two words you may hear a lot around here should new jersey win in federal court here today, with this sports betting thing.
6:27 am
you may hear a lawyer sounding like andy reid afterwards saying we have to do a better job of fighting new jersey in court. >> all right, steve. >> we want to see your halloween decorations, here's one from kim, boo at soot in philly, she loves it. first time face painting. tweet us with the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will show them all morning long. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed
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medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®.
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we have breaking news former olympian and quick killer oz caespitose your learns his fate. how long he could spend in jail for murder on have his girl friend. push for sports bet nothing new jersey is get something push, back. lawyers for all four major sports leagues, could be in court as early a as today, sports betting stand a chance in the garden state. we will take a look at that. small victory for a teachers union in philadelphia, judge says school reform commission cannot cancel their contract and how they are fighting back. watch where you light up in gloucester city they are enforcing a smoking ban but it is only for certain blocks where people say about this and what the city should focus on instead of the smoking ban. >> little bit of controversy. >> good day, it is tuesday, october 21st, 2014. >> coming up at 6:31. doing weather on the one's with sue serio where it is warmer. she stepped outside, later today. >> indeed it is.
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>> what do i wear, buddy. it is not the winter coat. now temperatures are in the 50's, because it is 20 degrees, 15 to 20 degrees milder then it it was, yesterday. but, you will need umbrella at some point especially later on. the flyers are in chicago. we have flyers cap and sweat shirt should be enough today. seven out of ten. we will have milder temperatures and sunshine but we will have more clouds then sun, and chance of a shower. especially later on. those are your temperatures. we have 49 degrees in trenton 567893 in philadelphia 49 atlantic city. fifty-four in dover. through can see the big difference from yesterday, as much as 20 degrees, milder, it makes a huge difference. satellite and radar showing scattered showers around, not much in our area, maybe a little bit of rain, in montgomery county, parts of bucks county, but it is
6:32 am
53 degrees here in the city with calm wind and sunrise happening at 7:18 this morning. 68 degrees our high temperature, that is milder then yesterday, even with the mostly cloudy skies and then tonight, rain returns, and we will see a low of 52 degrees. so not as bright but certainly bearable today, that is your fox cast for tuesday, lets check traffic now at 63:00 two. we have an accident jersey turnpike northbound just after 195 a vehicle fire there has the the right lane block. so that will slow your trip northbound this morning, chris. >> okay sue, thank you. we have breaking news out of south africa. oscar pistorius has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. judge gave the olympic runner three-year suspended sentence for a weapons charge. he will begin serving that immediately. pistorius was fun guilty last in of culpable homicide which is basically manslaughter
6:33 am
charges for shooting, reeva steenkamp his girlfriend through a bathroom door. the pistorius argued he thought she was an intrude their night. he could have been sentenced to 15 years in prison. 6:33 is your time. small victory for teachers here in philadelphia. >> judge issued an injunction preventing the school reform commission from forcing teach tours pay into their health care. fox 29's jennifer joyce live at district headquarters in spring garden with the details this morning, jenny. >> reporter: small win for teachers, however, school district of philadelphia says this battle is not over just yet. school reform commission was hoping that a judge would allow the group to issue changes to teachers health care plans. the src says if teachers started paying for their health benefits it would save the school district 200 million-dollar over the next four years. src says money is critical and with pay for educational resources like textbooks and advanced placement sources and
6:34 am
extracurricular programs. the teachers union offered to pay in 2013 but src walk away from these negotiations. pft thinks such a major issue should be issued at a bargaining table and not as a directive. pft argued teachers have gone without raises and pay out of pocket to supply their students with basic resources. so the school district of philadelphia says it is disappointed, however again, battle will win continue. they do plan to appeal the the judge's court order, kerry and chris. jenny, thank you. 6:34. happening today pennsylvania governor tom corbett is expect to sign a bill into law supporting victim rights. bill will allow prosecutors or victim to stop convicted felons from doing anything that would cause temporary or permanent mental anguish. now this comes after quick cop killer, mumia you abu-jamal, delivered a taped commencement address, at his alma pennsylvania matter vermont's goddard college.
6:35 am
abu-jamal is serving life in prison for killing, philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. governor corbett will sign that bill at the site of officer faulkner's murder. pennsylvania supreme court justice shamus mccaffery is now suspended, with pay. >> supreme court says he admitted to end ising pornographic e-mails but is there more to this coming to light. the court order says mccaffery will in longer have any judicial or administrative duties a at least temporarily. he is already under the the microscope for those e-mails but now a new court order reveals some other possible issues, as well. document say mccaffery may have had a ticket fixed for his wife, and while she worked as his administrative assistant, owe may have let her accept thousands have dollars in referral fees from law firms. he can a appeal that decision. mccaffery is a former police officer who also served as the judge of the former eagles court in the basement of the old veterans stadium. lawyers expect in court as early as today to fight a plan
6:36 am
to allow legal sports bet nothing new jersey. in fact, governor chris christie signed a bill last week that would allow to it move forward. >> but major sports lesion and ncaa did the not like this idea at all. fox 29 a's steve he keeley is live with how they plan to fight this, steve. >> reporter: you remember governor christie and roger goodell, nfl commissioner just eight months ago hanging out the at the super bowl together. now their lawyers will be hanging out here in federal court in trenton today, against each other, fighting each other to try to prevent the first day of legal sports betting here in new jersey, that is all set for sunday, and for now, only monmouth park race track in the jersey shore above toms river is ready to take bets and has their big betting room ready, the casinos in atlantic city and other race tracks waiting to see the the final legal resolution here in court before they will chance getting sued or getting in trouble with the federal government. ray lesniak state senator and
6:37 am
lawyer from north jersey has been leading fighter for sports betting. he found a loop hole that will give new jersey the okay. he said casinos and other race tracks will follow real quick as soon as they see the thousands of people up there, placing legal bets and all of the millions of dollars, in profits, that could potentially be made, by the casinos who are suffering and looking for ways to start making a new profit, in new ways. so lesniak is a lawyer and again he says league cannot really make a winning legal argument here in court because he says they have to prove that irreparable harm will be done to the league if legal sports bets are placed here in new jersey. how can they make that argument when it is already being done legally in vegas and leagues are more profitable than ever. he is confident that new jersey will win, and we will see the first betting, sunday morning on that game here on fox 29 from london, 9:30. so it could be a pack house up in monmouth park, real early
6:38 am
sunday morning, maybe people pushing off going to church on sunday morning and instead going to monmouth park. maybe they will do mass saturday night instead. >> a judge in trenton is expect to take this up later this afternoon, stay tuned, thanks steve. an ago of love and courage, met with a very ugly response, young girl donates her hair and then gets pick on at school because she d what her principal says that will really upset the you. and after a decade of silence, monica lewinsky speaks out saying she was first victim of cyber bullying and she did it right here in philadelphia. the the other big announceme
6:40 am
6:41 am
all schools are closed a as police search for eric frein. >> police reported seeing frein near swift the water post office in the poconos mountains just yet the not far from where a with man the spotted a man with mud on his face, carrying a rifle on friday. police have been looking for frein, at 5:30, as frein as you well necessity shot and killed a state trooper accuse of doing such last month and injuring another, we're not convicting frein of anything, of course, that has to go through court of law. >> police say they might be break nothing to vacant cabins or vacation homes up in the area looking for shelter, and
6:42 am
perhaps for food because it is getting quite a bit colder overnight especially in the poconos. >> and, of course, we have been talking about how leave will fall off the trees and easier to see him in the pocono mountains. >> we did have a taste of the cold weather yet with frost advisories and freeze warnings, but you that seems as fit was a one day special for a while because we are back in the 50's with our temperatures this morning. in mount pocono it is 47 degrees but we have, 51 pots up to, lancaster and trenton and wrightstown. fifty-two in wilmington. 52 degrees in wildwood. these temperatures are 20 degrees warmer then they why yesterday at this time. we will look at ultimate doppler radar. most of the showers dried up for now, so we are expecting more, later on in the day. what is happening? this low pressure system, sticking around for at least another day, and maybe a little bit after that, bringing us more rain,
6:43 am
chillier temperatures, future rainfall totals by tomorrow morning because we do expect some thunderstorms, in the morning on wednesday, we could get more than a inch of rain under our belt in the philadelphia area, hard to tell where heavier rain will fall but these will be the computer models are saying so between today and tomorrow we could end up with an inch and a half of rain. temperature trend, certainly was nice last week when we had temperatures in the 70's that lingered through saturday. sunday's high only 56 but we have recovered to 63 even with the cold morning that we had, yesterday. today, 68 degrees but then a big chill and wind pick up, very raw, rainy on wednesday and maybe thursday, we could see, rain lingering into thursday, we will see what happens with that le pressure system but we will clear out very nicely for the weekend including our walk to end alzheimer's on sunday in atlantic city, excellent wet information that. that is your weather authority
6:44 am
forecast, time is 6:43. our first traffic incident is on the new jersey turnpike north bound after 195 we have a vehicle fire in the right lane is blocked. things slowing down there. also, east norriton dekalb pike between colonial drive we have police activity at east norriton apartment buildings, reports of shots being fired in that area. avoid that ape take swede road or new hope road and finally in pennsauken cove road at river road we have an accident there, chris. sue, speaking of travel millions of cars being recalled for an air bag defect, four deaths are blame on this defect. honda, toy yet, mazda, bmw, knees a and yes, general motors are among 5 million vehicles being recalled, just go to my fox to see the cars perhaps on this list. is yours on this list? you need to take your car in immediately if so. colorado health authorities retract a suggestion ban animal forms of
6:45 am
pot after idea went public yesterday. state has told state regulators they should limit edible pot on shelves but that spark backlash from the marijuana industry after reviewing the the agency's suggestions. health officials now say that edible ban was just one proposal under review by pot regulators. retail potties legal in all forms, in colorado. smoking ban in downtown gloucester city is sparking controversy, the city passed an ordinance banning smoking in downtown business district. you cannot light up on monmouth street, from atlantic city to railroad avenue. got. that ban includes all street sidewalks, stoops, curbs, steps. city hopes it will attract more businesses to the the area and reduce tobacco related litter such as cigarette butts all over the the street. >> in the on the doors, it is kind of stupid. i don't really see he how they can tell us we can mountain smoke on two specific streets but rest of the town is fine. that doesn't make much sense.
6:46 am
>> sign doesn't stay much. i wouldn't have seen it if you didn't tell me. >> owner of one business, express mini mart says smoking is not really the issue but the lit their comes witt. anyone who violates new ordinance faces signs of 100 to $1,000. there is a gloucester city police department phase buys page that states officers will begin issuing warnings for the first few weeks and then, issue tickets. the those who have been warned will be issued a ticket if they are caught a second time. a mother in ohio is speaking out after she says her ten year-old daughter was bullied at school because she cut her hair to donate to it charity. jena decided on her own to cut 14 inches off of her hair and donate to it a charity that makes wigs for kids with cancer and other hair loss issues but ever since she cut her hair, she has been bullied at school. so the mom says my goodness what do i do. i will go to the principal and teachers and tell them what is
6:47 am
going on with their poor daughter, jena. she was not happy with what the principal said. >> very friendly words, we were told to tough it out, he doesn't know anyone that has ever died from word being said. >> oh, really. meanwhile, jena has received a ton of support on line. her mother set up a facebook page to encourage her. so far it has received thousands of likes. >> we like her a lot. monica lewinsky on a mission to stop cyber bullying, last night she addressed the fall out from her affair with former the president bill clinton with the forbes 30 under 30 in philadelphia she was patient, and when that scandal broke in the 90's. lewinsky then just an intern said she fell in love with her boss. she said she went from being a private person to gaining worldwide infamy overnight. >> within 24 hours i became a public figure. in the just in the united
6:48 am
states but around the entire world and globe. as far as major news store writes concerned, this was the very first time that the traditional media was topped by the internet. >> lewinsky says that she was publicly shamed for years, following that affair and she now would like to give purpose to her past. part of her in mission to stop cyber bullying she joined twitter in one of her first tweets mentioned philadelphia she also said that she was excited and nervous to speak at the summit, by the way, if you are interested, she already has 51,000 followers. >> that is quick work. >> um-hmm. >> lets turn to entertainment news, on this tuesday, google having a hard time removing links to show leak photos of the naked celebrities. >> that is because sites posting these pictures are finding ways around being block. google was able to remove two links for its search engine site but web site hosting the
6:49 am
photos, changed its domain name and successfully found its way back on the google search just a couple hours after being removed. lawrence's jennifer i should say, jennifer lawrence legal team filed requested to have the pictures removed last month citing copy right infringement. lawrence they was just one of 100 celebrities who hackers targeted, for their nude, private photos. drake recently got to suit up with his favorite college basketball team the kentucky wildcats, but this did not go so well. the rapper missed two jump shots during warm ups a lieutenant of people having fun with the air ball over the internet, creating videos as well as on twitter. ♪ royal >> yes, lordes hit song royal, causing a little bit of friction on among baseball fans. of course, game one of the world series gets underway tonight when kansas city
6:50 am
royals take on the san francisco giants. they say they are bank the song throughout the entire series and in response, a kansas city radio station will play it every single hour, from 7:00 to 7:00 tonight. of course, you can catch all of the action, game one of the world series tonight right here on fox. >> interesting mike, because kansas city royals, it is a perfect paring, right. >> yes. >> george brett. they don't want any part of this because of the lyrics of the song, never be royals. >> well, they are the buzz in kansas city in, question bit, after 29 years of not being in the world series. i'm kind of rooting for the royals. plus i'm just sick of the giants being in the world series. is halloween the new christmas? i'm telling you we're out of control this year. people are spending more and more money on halloween decorations then ever before costumes, candy. it is fastest greg holiday
6:51 am
when it comes to spending. there are only three holidays where we spend more money, can you guess what they are, jump on twitter, some may surprise you, while we're spending billion of dollars on right now. lets get over to weather at 6:51. i will see new nine minutes. >> it is warmer out there mike noticed walking into work today. you will too you won't have to be as bunled up as you were yesterday. that is a good thing. really cloudy. there are scattered showers around. there will be later on in the day as well. probably get a break in the action in the middle of the day but milder temperature is the headlines today. for the rest of the middle of the week it looks like rain is around wednesday, possibly thursday, and winds will be picking up both days gusting up to 25 miles an hour, at times, so tomorrow, hold on to your hat. weekend looks good so far, sunny and cool both days, very seasonal temperatures in the 60's, saturday and sunday,
6:52 am
make those pumpkin picking plans if you have in the done it already. i got the that within out. >> now lets look at traffic. we start off at south burlington road and lake view drive. we have an accident with the road close there had. take your alternate which is clarks pond road. east norriton dekalb pike between germantown pike and colonial drive where east norriton apartment buildings are. police activity there a void that area, take sweet road or new hope street to get by. finally in allentown i78 eastbound and 145 an accident, still has that part of i78, closed, so don't get near it take route 22 instead, kerry. >> okay, thank you. these kids have never been so excited to hear that they could fail their tests, how sir iain mckill an make sure these kids are studying.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at welcome back, a live look at philadelphia international airport where it is warmer there. lord of the rings star sir iain mckill an gives students a good advice as only only he could. >> examinations if you do not do your division properly do you know what will happen?
6:56 am
>> what? >> unaudible. >> he went on to say if you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding how dawn have any pudding if you can't eat your meet. the thinks chew valley school. doctor mike like that pink floyd reference. big story we are following all morning long, former olympian oscar pistorius sentenced to five years in prison. coming up on "good day philadelphia" we will have a lawyer, mr. ken rottweiler weigh in and how he feels about this sentence, do you think it was fair? more breaking news, pocono mountains schools closed because of the search for this man eric frein, much more coming up on good day. i'm sheldon yellin,
6:57 am
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all pocono schools are closed, after another sighting of cop killer, eric frein. one last friday near his former high school and another one yesterday afternoon, in the same area school district officials say we will close these schools today. also more breaking news actually, oscar pistorius sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girl friend, reeva steenkamp. five years. too much, not enough, tweet us your verdict. heavyweight wait fight in atlantic city, chris christie has to do with hockey and major sports. chris christie takes on roger goodell of the nfl, also the
7:00 am
commissioner of the hockey league also involved. lawyers expect today to fight a plan that would allow sports betting in new jersey. will it be all chips in. a light weight wait fight in delaware, children, fighting, parents, watching. video, disgusting. it is straight up at 7:00 on this tuesday now. >> it is tuesday. >> good morning to you. >> thank you for keeping me on track. >> somebody has to do it. >> that is for sure you are doing a nice job. >> thank you before we get to this breaking news lets get to weather and traffic with sue. >> undoubted you noticed when you came in this morning it was milder. it wasn't as freezing cold as it was yesterday and no frost advisories in, freeze warnings, seven out of ten though. same number as yesterday but for different reasons. today we have milder temperatures. we might see a bit of sunshine but it will be mostly cloudy skies, more clouds then sun with the